Rumor: second Nikon D800 firmware update coming out soon

Nikon is expected to release a second D800 firmware update as early as this week (not sure about the exact date). Some of the potential fixes are:

  • Nikon Japan acknowledged the D800 wireless flash trigger problem and offered a work around - this usually means that a fix will be provided with the next firmware update.
  • There are some rumors that Nikon may also provide a fix for the green cast present in the D4/D800 LCD screen and will reset the color profile to look like the D700/D3s.
  • I keep getting reports on the Nikon D800/E focusing issue. As far as I know Nikon has not yet recognized this as a bug. Here is video with detailed testing describing the problem:

Firmware update 1.01 was released last month and included a fix for the D800 lockup issue.

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  • good for nikon

    • Ayon

      good for us to… wonder if shipments this week and after have these issues already fixed

    • Dud

      cmon, still a ways to go to catch up to 5D3’s firmware count!

      • wublili

        Hopefully there is _never_ need to catch up canon with the firmware fixes. Do it once right and be happy.

        • Nikon Fan ;)

          Difference is, Canon sometimes add features with firmware updates (extra frame rates for video for example).

          Nikon tend just to do fixes.

          I’m no Canon fan, this is just a fact.

          • pretty much .I ‘ve never seen Nikon doing that often .

          • Andrew

            Common, you can’t be serious? Firmware updates is a good thing. The advanced software functions in Nikon cameras means that there are certain instances where a fix is required.

            Maybe Canon is adding features that were missing when their camera was released in order to meet the release deadline. The fact that Nikon is able to fix an issue via a software update soon after the camera comes out is excellent customer service. That is one of the reasons why I buy Nikon products. And it is one of the reasons why Nikon is the #1 camera brand!

            • silmasan

              WARNING: nikon FAN!

              Oh wait um … wrong place.

            • Andrew

              silmasan, you are absolutely right. I am a Nikon fan and this is a Nikon blog. What about you, where are you from? I own a couple of Nikon cameras and a good number of Nikon lenses. I have also purchased Canon, Olympus, and Panasonic cameras in the past. Oh, and by the way, Nikon being the number #1 camera brand is an object fact… do your research and check the web; or maybe you just want to hide your fanboy identity.

            • Andrew

              correction… Oh, and by the way, Nikon being the #1 camera brand is an objective fact…

          • Ren Kockwell

            I’d like to see them fix the ugly video aliasing. Kind of defeats the purpose of a high-res camera if it can’t handle diagonals. Not sure if that can be fixed via firmware or if a 3rd party filter over the sensor is the only solve.

  • Patrick

    More hardware, less software!

  • I don’t get this whole “screen color cast” issue. People still talk about it. Freaking Ken Rockwell mentions it in EVERY statement regarding ANY camera still. “I love my D3200 because the screen color is accurate compared to the D800.”

    It’s accurate. It’s more accurate than any of the screens were before. I prefer it to my D700 rendering.

    • i find it also more accurate. I compared it to my calibrated NEC display and it looks with +2 brightness and disabled autoadjust and adobe color profile much closer to what “previewy” quality of D700 was.

      • Pierre

        I cannot agree with you, I find the green horrible especially with the shade WB. The screen colors are far too green compared with the subjects I just shoot and I always have to remind myself that it will not look like this on the final. I also find the shade WB green in raw.

        • Banned

          Who cares about color accuracy for a mini LCD screen on the back of a camera? The photo preview should only be used to check for framing and focus…

          Unless you’re Ken Rockwell but then you should use a P&S.

          • why not ? you’ve spend $3000 not $3 .

          • And the histograms for exposure. ETTR.

          • Madan

            What a ridiculous statement…an accurate preview of what you just shot is very important otherwise how else would you know if the Color is accurate and you have captured what you saw with your eyes.

            The Canon 5D Mark III has a far superior LCD screen resolution and displays the image as it was captured.

            So get over it…Nikon fan boy…it is not all about the pixel count…’yes’ for noobs but definitely not for people who take their photography seriously. To be fair, the Nikon D700 is still a fantastic camera even though it only has 12 mega pixels.

            I think as mature adults, we should give up this war of words on who is #1…and just go out and shoot images…let them tell a story for the world to see and admire.

            • I agree with Madan. I had a problem with focusing on D800 since day one, I was promised to have the camera back repaired within 48 hours as a priority / nikon guys told me D4 & D800 are served in VIP priority order if there is something wrong. Well it took them week not 2 days, and I had to really hard bug them with emails. I decided to return the camera for refund but the representative of Nikon called me and asked me at least to try it and if I am not happy then to return. They were sure I am going to be pleased with the result. Well, I did try it. And the autofocus is really better, but the green cast on the LCD is so bad, that after shooting a wedding today due to a bad green cast I have to fix so many color related problems which I never need to do in the last 3 years with D700.
              D700 is far more reliable camera system than D800 and I have already packed the body back to original box, and I am returning it to the seller. What a hassle for 3300$ !!! I need camera which works and perform 100%. The bride is there believing that I can deliver, but Nikon guys still do not want to admit that issues on D800 are far more serious. They consider your comments here on NR as not reliable source of info. Who can give them more info then we who use their cameras? Wake up Nikon, I have been with you for 15 years,and I still want to be with you so admit and fix it so we can shoot better images! Amen.

    • Yup. I don’t get it either. The D800/D4 screen is the most color accurate to-date. I can’t even look at the D700/D7000/D3s screens without noticing their terrible blue-cast. Nikon improves its products and people complain. Never understood this. I have yet to see ONE instance of a “green” cast D800/D4 screen. All I see is a properly calibrated screen in the D800/D4 and an improperly calibrated screen in the D700/D3s/D7000.

      I don’t want Nikon to fix MY D800 screen, it isn’t broke. I’m going to be pissed if they change something in the next firmware that I can’t easily “fix” to the previous calibration. If they’re going to give people the option to change the calibration, make it an optional set of settings.

      • I want a way to hook my Spyder3Elite up to it. 😉

      • Richard M

        Totally agree

      • D800 user

        To me it’s not the screen, it’s the camera adding a greenish cast to everything. I shoot with a Canon shooter and his shots (viewed on a computer screen, not the back of the camera) have a much better look (less green). Sure I can fix it (shoot RAW) but I’d rather it didn’t have this green cast to everything. Green makes people look sick.

        • D800 user

          I also notice this in comparison to my old D3s shots. It’s not the screen itself, it’s the auto white balance.

      • I also don’t think Nikon will offer a “fix” for the green cast issue. They already said that this is not a problem. This was just a rumor.

        • Tarepanda

          Maybe….we just think in the wrong way…..
          The LCD itself, is much more better quality than the one we had in D700/D3s
          But the software rendering maybe the problem why the green-cast appeared.
          Some of the LCD actually contains more green-led than red and blue, which may cause much more green color appeared to the client.

          So, they may need to adjust the display to suppress the green channel.

          (Just my guess)

    • Lee

      You lost me at “I listen to anything Ken Rockwell says”

      • jeff


      • Jöhan

        The same thing I was going to goat speak!

      • It’s worth hearing his comments. Just listen with a large grain of salt, keeping in mind that every page he writes, especially nowadays, is focused on selling whatever he’s writing about on that page.

        For example, look at how he disparages the D4 in the D800 review and disparages the D800 in the D4 review.

        • +1

          I do not listen to Ken Rockwell as an authority in the slightest, but I do go to his site every few weeks and take a quick look. His site is a goldmine of factual information on just about everything Nikon if you weed through his BS.

          He’s really just a danger to beginner photographers. He knows to take himself with a grain of salt, but how can you expect newbies to know that? He’s worse than the bible when it comes to self-aware contradictions.

      • Ron Cockwell

        Who ist Ken Rockwell?

    • Ren Kockwell

      I am not so sure it’s the screen, I think it’s actually in the images. Nikon has always been a bit cooler and Canon a bit warmer, but Nikon’s auto white balance, which used to blow Canon’s out of the water, is disappointing on this model. Erratic in burst shooting under identical lighting. Sad to say Canon seems to be handling it a bit better.

  • geeeya

    Second! Now bow to your second place leader.

    • You’re fourth.

      Getting rusty, I see.

  • I like how the video showing the flash problem is SO much better when the D800 is recording. Haha.

  • Green cast fix please!!! Its not only related with camera LCD, also RAW filea aswell 🙁 Especially when I use flash indoors and outdors with low ambient light with flash.

    • Can you show me an instance of green-cast in the RAW, please? Are you shooting in fluorescent or CFL lighting?

      • Of course I can, just tell me your e-mail address.
        The problem also happens outside. So its not related CFL light.

        • Z

          Could you upload an image to and shre its direct link here please.

    • Aaron

      If this is the case I don’t know why everyone complains about the screen.

      If it’s greenish on the raw file and the screen, then the screen is doing exactly what it should be doing (showing you that your raw file is going to look green). Surely the issue is a white balance setting not the screen. Calibration and accurate colour display aren’t supposed to make your pictures magically better, they are supposed to be showing you what is wrong so you can fix it later.

      The screen is not going to change the colour of your raw file, the raw file is going to change the colour on the screen.

      • Charlie Martin

        You’re actually viewing a JPEG image on the screen. You can’t actually see the NEF File until it’s been downloaded on the computer.

        • Ren Kockwell

          And that’s just it. The JPG engine of the Nikon is not as effective as the Canon JPG engine. That’s disappointing.

      • Dimitrii1130


    • D800 user

      Exactly what I experienced. It’s not the screen it’s the Auto WB itself. I shoot under studio lights with a Canon user (as I stated above) and the Canon (and other Nikon bodies) have a much better look.

      Not shooting under “green” fluorescent lights or anything like that.

      The LCD is fine IMHO.

  • Jonas

    I’ve been shooting a fair bit of video as of late with my D800 and noticed that when switching ISOs I intermittently see the LCD glitch quite randomly. I can’t repeat it consistently, but I have seen it at least 6-7 times during a shoot week. Seems to only happen when switching ISOs quickly and while not recording. Anyone else?

  • Hulk

    Well, I actually like the green cast.

  • peter2

    The banks will be gone and the mode button will have U1, U2. Wishful thinking, I know…

    • +1
      Please Nikon do it, give us U1 and U2 etc…
      Lack of those is the biggest issue I have with my D4 and D800

      • ericnl


  • I’d love the following in a firmware update:

    1) Ability to re-map the following buttons: record, flash exposure compensation, qual
    2) Additional re-mapping features: AF-S to AF-C “one touch” (e.g., hold down a button to activate AF-C, release to go back to AF-S), allow to map a different button to “show big histogram” in playback while still allowing for 1 touch zoom
    3) More than +1/-1 EV during bracketing…comon, Nikon, you have the best UWA zoom in the world, and you don’t allow for more bracketing options for landscape photogs?
    4) Option to show AF points at all times (Canon does this brilliantly on the 7D with the little “dot” in the middle of each AF point).
    5) Option to keep the VF illuminated for longer, or a way to keep illumination on when I am checking horizon lines through the VF at night.

    There are more, but I feel like these changes would make an amazing camera nearly perfect.

    • Liebowitz

      And three extra buttons for Adam –

      + ansel adam button — to automatically deliver world-famous scenery shots
      + mario testino button — to automatically deliver stunning fashion magazine covers
      + back to adam buttom — for photos the camera can actually take

      • Sergio

        I’m still waiting for a composition error indicator. Digital cameras are already point-n-shoot in terms of exposure and focus. Why can’t they tell you your compositions is all wrong or right?

      • I really can’t tell if you are being sarcastic or not. I think my suggestions are pretty useful for any serious photographer.

    • gosh

      I want D800A (for Adam – with his fixes).

      And fast shipment – this must become a spec as well.

    • Jan

      Good ideas. Nikon doesn’t read here, you should send on their FB page or sth.

      • Michael

        You could email them.

        • I just did. Thanks, for the suggestion!

    • derWalter

      donate more money on!

      those guys are working on those button remapping stuff,
      and they would unlock way more features in time, if they had enough money
      to live from hacking it.

      just my cents.

  • It’s a good thing it can be fixed with firmware.

  • Jack Imhoff

    Wonderful….TWO firmware updates for fucking camera that I STILL CAN’T GET!!!!

    They should have called it the Nikon DSnuffleupagus.

    • d400

      im going to order a D400 and see which one I get first… I ordered the D800 on 2/14

    • D800 and D800E

      Try harder. I got a D800 first day released and D800E one week after starting to try and find it.

      U Jelly?

  • What Up

    If you have this problem (not all do) it´s great news!!! Thanks Nikon

  • Vin

    as the left becomes right, the right will be left out

  • billouparis

    My D800 seems fine with the left area focus. But I have another issue. In the middle of a shooting session (concerts), suddenly the focus completely hangs. Turning off, or removing the battery does not solve the problem. Unmounting, remounting the lens, does. I have this problem around once per session (1 hour shooting), with teh 24-70 or the 70-200. The problem occured with both lenses. Has anyone else the same issue here?

    • Richard Nilsson

      I was going to post the exact same comment!

      I’m using my Tamron 70-200 2.8 and sometimes the camera just won’t autofocus. I try everything every time. Restarting camera, swap between menues, change modes, change sd cards, change from single to burst mode, eject battery and then insert it again… The only thing that helps is to remount the lens… Annoying to miss “that image”… Hope they can get this fixed due an firmware upgrade… 🙁

      • billouparis

        did you post on this issue on dpreview as well, and did you report it to nikon support as well?

      • huh, yea…

        had that happen once already, thought it was contact issue…?

        happened to me time to time on D700 too when i accidentally pressed the lens release button

        • Issue above people are talking is different to what you experienced due to accidental lens release button

    • rhlpetrus

      This sounds like contacts needing cleaning. Have you done it carefully?

      • billouparis

        D800 is brand new, do you really think I need to clean the contacts??? never had any problem with my D700 that i used just before switching to D800. Hardly believe it’s a contacts issue.

        • Am-Expat

          Yes, brand new, sitting in a box in a warehouse or shipping is the most likely condition for minor oxidation. It is not dirt but the insulting properties of an oxide of the surface metal. Cleaning with traditional cleaners like IPA or “Contact Cleaner” can make it worse. Apply a very small amount of a deoxidizing agent to the lens contacts and the mating contacts of the lens mount should protect it for 6-12 months. Oxidation is a normal chemical process when metals are exposed to atmospheric oxygen. A good de-oxidizer is made by Caig Laboratories called D-5 DeOxit.
          The same occurs with rotary volume or tone controls on stereos or jacks and plugs, the less they are used the more likely the “scratchy” sound shows up. This was a common and very minor issue with the D90 when it was released, when using the kit 18-15 because large numbers where made before they were released, some sat in warehouses for months. Just using the camera and mounting and unmounting lenses often is enough to clear the problem for a long time.
          Do not “clean” contacts with pencil erasers or course paper as some well-intentioned but misinformed posters have suggested, it will score the contact mating surfaces and make them less reliable permanently.

          Regarding green screens, AF left FP and lockups, I have never seen any of the problems and continue to shoot the best images of my life, with less effort. The D800 is surely the best camera I have ever touched. AWB, metering, AF, dr, freedom from artifacts and shadow detail loss, etc all better than anything I have used(D90, 7000, 700, 3s, 3x, 5dii, 1d3). It is also the easiest camera to use well. Maybe I am just lucky, (and all my friends with them) for not having these problems. But then again I did not have any problems with my very competent D7000 that was so often complained about on DPR. That one is still the best Dx camera available for IQ.

          • billouparis

            Thank you for your comments.

    • UA

      Have had this problem with pretty much every camera, and the reason has always been the lense: check your contacts (both lense and camera!), your lens fitment (especially 3rd parties have problems with this, reattaching typically helps.. my shitty sigma 70-300 used to need 3-4 attachment before it functioned) and remember that there is an AF/M switch on your lens (on some lenses, this is easy to switch by accident).

      If you have troubles only with 3rd party lenses, Nikon will not be interested about this problem (you do not specify your lenses.. there are several 24-70 and 70-200 out there, even from Nikon)

      • billouparis

        I was talking about Nikon lenses sorry. A friend of mine just bought a D800 too, and had the exact same problem with his lenses. Do you think we are two to have the exact same problem at the same moment, with the same new camera model with our own lenses? Weird.

  • Dweeb

    Hey, Nikon blinking green light of death D70 VICTIM here. Service contact couldn’t figure it out 2 weeks before the worldwide recall. That POS Nikon experimental digital camera cost me $1700 bucks. Cheaper than the thou D100. I did miss a tornado a mile away and lost my camera for three weeks for repair though. Happy Happy Happy. Nikon, our lord and saviour.

  • Looking forward to this firmware update. My D800 has no focusing or green-color issues, but it still freezes every now and then. Usually happens right when I turn it on — the green activity LED lights up but nothing appears on the screen after pressing “play”. That was supposedly fixed in the previous update, so I’m hoping that this fix will.

  • That’s a pretty big focus shift. Hopefully it’s just his camera.

    • Justin

      I wish it was just his camera. It’s definitely my camera. My 14-24 can’t focus to save it’s life using AF and the left focus points. However, it works fine with live view phase detect.

    • Carsten

      For me it just looks like the effect of field curvature…

      Very contrived “flaw”, why would I focus with a distant focus point?

      • twoomy

        Um… no. Two obvious comments:

        1. If you notice as he changes focus points to the left, the focus skips back and forth, front focusing once, back focusing next. If it was simple curvature, each shot would backfocus a bit more each shot. Clearly, that’s not what’s happening in his test.

        2. He’s not the only person reporting the focus issue. There have been several tests showing the shot on the focus point and focus was again clearly off. There really is something wrong with many of these cameras.

  • Brano

    I have Nikon, I hate Nikon, . IF somebody asking me which camera buy, answer is – everything, just no Nikon. 🙁

    • Andrew

      I have two Nikon cameras, I love Nikon. Reliable, sharp pictures, great ergonomics, and awesome lenses.

    • Andrew

      I have owned Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, and Canon – all good companies. But my favorite is Nikon.

      • Incredible

        Wow, you have owned all those companies? Wicked! What’s your name again?

        • I own Nikon, too

          > What’s your name again?

          “Andrew, The Nikon Rumors Clown”

          • Andrew

            trolls… you never sleep. Maybe it is time to return to school!

    • jöhan

      I have the nikon. Is greatest thing since the elephant dance in the 1993. Yes!

  • rhlpetrus

    @Admin: Totally OT.

    Any rumor or news on the Nikon 1 system updates for this year? There must be something coming, body updates, possibly a new body line with more controls, lenses (UWA zoom, primes), for which there are already patents out there.

    • poor everybody invested in that system…

    • I think there will be some new Nikon 1 products at Photokina, probably lenses and accessories.

  • MLN

    I’m going to install this in my Nikon D800U* as soon as it’s released!!!

    * The D800U is a special Nikon made out of, you guessed it… U N O B T A I N I U M 🙂

    • T.I.M

      are you related to T.I.M ?

      • MLN

        Actually… I’m related to Charles Caleb Colton, who once said:
        Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. 😛

  • jason

    wow — bad delivery and defective

    • Andrew

      I do not consider software as defective, only hardware. A software can have a bug, which is an easy fix via a firmware update.

  • Joaquim Prado


    Have you received you D800E from B&H ?

    • T.I.M

      @Joaquim Prado

      No, and with all the issues going on, I’m glad I did not keept the first one.
      Every 30 days B&H keep promiss me my D800e for the next month.

      Nikon says “we did not expect so many sales for the D800e”
      I guess I’m smarter than the Nikon marketing guys, I told everyone that the D800e would be a huge sucess, 6 months before it got released.

      Here is a D800e on Ebay with a B&H invoice ! Enjoy !

      • Joaquim Prado

        I agree. Just decided to get the E version. I gor pretty impressed with the shadow details and dynamic range from the examples I saw. But I still think this lack of cameras is on propos! The marketing guys are all laughting of us!

        • photo-Jack

          A marketing guy doing that would be out of mind! Marketing would have rather raised the price had they had any clue about how good the D800 is selling.
          But apparently they didn’t do their research properly cause otherwise they would have known how many people postponed their next buy over the last 2 years just waiting to hit the button. And on top of that the D800 gained additional demand offering the best resolution in a 35mm body worldwide. Despite all the high MP whiners, the 5DmkIII is sitting in the self while the shops don’t get a chance to unbox a D800 for display because its sold already.

      • D800E pwns.

        I just bought a D800E.

        Best camera I’ve ever owned, and I’ve owned a D800 for a few months (and a D3s too).

        I guess it could be too much camera for some people to handle. Don’t feel too bad.

      • Vin

        I am in shock that you have not received one back yet, I called B&H twice yesterday, there is this undertone laugh, from them, and me too, but they say ” you are very high up on the list being that you ordered on the first day in the am. I am sure you will get one as soon as we get a large shipment. but I have no way of knowing how many we have been receiving per month.” but I have not heard anything from the 2 local pro shops either in my area.
        I may have a D600, and D400 before my D800E,…. I am sure there laughing like mune is because they are in undated with calls asking about Nikon DSLRs with no inventory to sell.

  • I’ve tested two samples of the D800, two samples of the D800E, and three samples of the D4 with a variety of lesnses for the infamout Left AF Focus issue. My findings were that not all of the lenses produced this problems, but every sample had issues with the 24mm f/1.4G and the 85mm f/1.4G when shot at f/1.4, and sometimes with the 70-200mm at f/2.8. I thought it was the lens samples that I had, but after using different samples of the 24mm f/1.4G, the problems still persists. The problem is limited to using the view finder; in LiveView, the problems go away compeltely. If you are shooting at f/2.8 or higher, the problem is also barely noticeable.

    When I brought in one of the D800 samples to nikon USA in El Segundo, they at first refused to acknowledged the problem. I then demanded to see the supervisor in person and demosntrated the problem to him. He tried it himself with different samples of 24mm f/1.4G at their lab and confirmed this was an issue, and he didn’t have an explanation since the center AF of the camera was focusing within tolerance levels. He said he would send it in for careful caliberation. When I got the camera back, the left AF point got a bit better, but the right AF became off a little. I personally think this has to do with the zero-return position of the mirro being in on-linear alignment, which unforrunately a firmware cannot fix . . . I hope that I am wrong, but the left AF focal point issue, when using the fast wide lens, is very real . . .

    • Landscape Photo

      How about with 24mm f/2.8? Have you tried it not with the new version but with this lens?

  • elph

    Woo! I have experienced some wireless flash trigger problems with my D800, a few times. Im also glad to hear the green screen will go away; while not a huge problem when shooting photos since raw is easy to fix, video becomes a bit more tricky to get right.
    Glad to hear this!

  • Dennis

    I would be disappointed if I downloaded an update to my D800 and it changed the monitor colors. They are perfect as they are, absolutely the most life like colors I have seen in a camera monitor. There must be some differences in some cameras, I just can’t believe people would complain if there D800 monitors showed the colors as mine does.
    I am leery of doing any updates as my D800 has performed flawlessly. And it was a very early camera.

    • Name

      Not the LCD, it’s the AWB cast. It’s a bit too green.

      Maybe you like it, but I don’t like skin to have a green cast. Makes people look sick.

      (Shooting people under studio lights).

  • mike

    idk if its just some D800’s but not only on the screen but also in almost all my photos off the camera are horribly green. Not just a little but its defiantly not close to what the color actually is… also anyone else getting a horrible magenta??? its pissing me off… and photo with metallic or highlights in it turn completely magenta!… i never had this problem with any other camera… especially when photographing nature outdoors I continuously am getting a thick magenta line around all outline!!!

    • D800E pwns.

      THAT sounds weird. Perhaps you should post some images on a forum somewhere and make sure there’s nothing majorly wrong with your camera.

      I get a green cast on some shots (especially studio lights) it’s not too bad, but it’s defiantly not as good as other cameras.

      Easy enough to fix with RAW, but I’d rather something a bit less green.

  • Jay A.

    I received my D800E on April 26, serial number above 6001200. Looking at my D800E I just don’t understand the fuzz about a green cast. The automatic white balance of this camera is simply stunning, it’s SO good that most of the time I can’t even improve it in post production! Never seen anything like it, apart from the D4 of course. The LCD screen on this D800E has no green cast at all, and it looks certainly better than the D3 or D700 screen. Nikon apparently improved color accuracy and gamut of the D800/D800E screen!

    I was quite surprised by the autofocus system. Yes, it’s faster than the autofocus of the D3(s). But I was especially struck by the accuracy, this D800E works EXTREMELY accurate with my 70-200 f/2.8 VRII, doesn’t need any focus adjustment at all. No need for live view focusing with this lens… But not every lens is like this and as focusing accurately via the view finder for a 36MP sensor is not easy (the sensor resolves details that are too tiny for the naked eye to discern) I’m pretty happy with live view. Especially for the micro lenses.
    This D800E has no problem whatsoever with the left side focus points, a problem that was not exactly discovered by Ken the Raving Beggar (“we welcome donations to purchase a brain for the father of his growing children”) but by the excellent Ming Thein.
    Looks like Nikon fixed that problem pretty fast, my D800E that was produced in April and has none of the problems that some of the earliest adopters mentioned.

    • Hangman

      Actually, Thein’s D800 with the problem is still not fixed. I just had an email conversation with him on the status of his defective D800 and he replied that Nikon is still trying to fix it, they have not been able to yet.

    • I’m really glad to hear that!

    • Andrew

      Make your point, but don’t bash and mock other people – Ken or whoever else. Take a second and think, would you like someone bashing you or calling you names? I guess not! Ken expresses his opinion in an unreserved way, and apparently quite honestly too. He has every right to ask for donations from people who consistently read his articles – he writes to support himself and his family. He receives hundreds of emails each day and I once took the time to write him on an issue – to express a difference in opinion. He replied to my email in a thoughtful and respectful manner. Ken is a gentleman, and you should not waste ink to mock him in public.

    • Green cast

      Perhaps you just like photos with a slight green cast.

      I don’t.

    • T

      my d800e works nicely – the WB is no problem so far. The focussing with a wide angle at 1.4 is indeed not simple, but that was no different with the D700.

      I’m still amazed by the quality of the cam and very happy, that Nikon is able to deliver although 2011 has been a major challenge to them.

      Anyone waiting for his camera: it is worth while to wait. Don’t go away.

    • Les

      I think the AWB green lowlight problem is only in the D800 (have one at work with this problem). All the D800E photos I have seen on flickr have been excellent!

      Looks like the D800E is the one to buy.

    • Silvio

      Hi Jay
      how can you see, that your cam was produced in April? Would like to know to check at the dealers; don’t want ot buy online.

      • Jay A.

        Hi Silvio,

        There’s no date code on the camera, but it’s obvious that my D800E was produced in April and not earlier. My D800E was from the second batch that was distributed in Western Europe (24-25 April), the first batch was distributed about a fortnight earlier and my D800E was not produced yet at that moment. Frankly, I still feel a bit embarrassed that I received the D800E so much earlier than other (non pro) customers, but it looks like Nikon’s production is catching up soon. And believe me, this camera is certainly worth waiting for!
        When Ming Thein discovered the problem with the left side focus points and wrote about it by the beginning of April no other reviewer has mentioned that before, although many early D800’s (remember the D800E was not released until a few weeks later, in April) turned out to have been afflicted with that problem (which is one of the reasons why I value reviews by real photographers who actually use camera’s for good photography rather than artistically uninspiring wall or tree shots – and it doesn’t matter to me if a reviewer is a pro or an amateur, there’s many great non-pro photographers around these days, IMHO the only difference between good pro’s and the best amateurs is that the pro has to make his living with his camera!). As the focusing problem appeared to be endemic for the whole batch and as Nikon obviously had not noticed this before Ming contacted them (Ming unfortunately got a replacement camera with the same problem!), you can be pretty sure that Nikon stopped production of the AF-unit at that point, looked into and solved the production problems within days and continued production. I believe this explains why less D800E’s were delivered in the first batch than originally planned (and D800 production was delayed too) and why I didn’t receive my D800E until the 4th week of April. If you want to be sure that you have a ‘late’ D800E, ask for the serial number. If the serial number is > 6001200 you can be pretty sure that you won’t have any of the issues mentioned above!

        PS For those of you who can’t appreciate a bit of irony, don’t read Roger Cicala’s 1st of April Hammerforum:

        I still believe good Ken should have spent at least a bit of the money he reaps for taking a basic course on photography, maybe it would help him to understand a little bit more about the things that he likes to write about (yes, he writes about anything between hifi and refrigerators, but we’re talking photography here). Or even learn to make a decent photograph?

  • Schultzie

    I wouldn’t know if the screen is green or purple. I tried to buy a D800 from Best Buy when they ‘said’ they had one in stock. They took my money but claim they cannot find record of my order. It’s been days and they have some super secret department that you cannot speak with personally. Sounds to me like I’ve just been defrauded out of $3300.


    • Zoetmb

      I hate BB, but this sounds like complete B.S. You bought a camera from BB and paid in full up front without receiving the camera? You didn’t pay with a credit card? You paid in cash and didn’t get a receipt or a camera? This is either complete B.S. or you tried to buy your camera off the back of a truck.

    • jeff

      I ordered my D800 from BB after reading about their availability here on Nikonrumors. Paid the $0.18 for express shipping and had it at 10AM the following morning. That is better than B&H, Amazon and aocal place could do since none of them ever gave me anything but excuses!

    • Am-Expat

      Total BS about BB
      You did not pay for anything without ample proof of purchase and solid tracking on their part.
      I usually tried to shop at locally owned stores to help support the community(where my house is in California but I have been living in Russia for a bit over 8 years).
      My own dealings with Best Buy have been very positive. I was told by my local stores in central Ca. that there was no hope of getting a D800 during my 3 week stay there in May. I visited a the closest BB to get some SD cards for my D7000 and asked the salesgirl if they had a lot of requests for the D800, she never heard of it but was enthusiastic in claiming if one was available somewhere in the country she would find it. She spent an hour searching the inventory of individual stores and found 3. One agreed to a transfer from back east. 30 minutes later while I was still at the store, the manager of that eastern store called to say he would not release because he had a dozen local buyers for it. I left, somewhat let down but realizing she tried more than anyone else would have. Three days later she called me and said she found one if I still wanted it. It was in SoCal and that it could be at the store in 3 days on a Sunday morning.
      She called again Saturday night and said it arrived early and although it was her day off she would meet me at the store to make sure I got it OK. She was great, helpful, enthusiastic and energetic. I got the camera just in time to take it with me to Scotland on Tuesday morning.
      The camera is the best imaging system I have ever touched…more so than the D7000, 700, 3s and 3x. It is easier to get great consistently perfectly exposed and colored images, in focus with all my lenses, including the 24 1.4 everyone says can’t focus on the D800. Oh, sides being the best in color, metering and AWB, it has good res also;>)

  • Stephen Walcott

    Hey Nikon! How about more SHIPPING and less FIXING!!!!!

    • Geoff_K

      I would rather wait for a fixed camera, than have to deal with a qwirky one. /shrugs

  • Hawkeye

    Hopefully the new ones being shipped already have the update. Amazon emailed me today that the D800 that I ordered on April 12th has been shipped and will arrive on Wednesday via UPS. It looks like Nikon must have shipped over a lot of new cameras, so maybe those of you who are on a waiting list will get your camera fairly soon, too.

  • d800e owner

    I have to laugh at all the folks whining about not having cameras yet. Order them earlier guys! I ordered mine from B&H the night it was announced. I got it the first week of May!

    Whine and complain all you want, but it’s your own fault that you waited to order it.

    • T.I.M

      @d800e owner
      You don’t know what you are talking about, there is people here who ordered in the 15 first minutes and still don’t have the camera.

      I believe B&H does not follow the rule “first come, first serve” and curiously there is many over-priced D800/D800e on Ebay shipped from New-York.

      If B&H is honest, why they don’t give us our position in the waiting list ?
      It would not cost them anything.

      • Joaquim Prado

        I agree!

      • Jeff

        If they offer no transparency with their supposed list, I have no faith that they honor (or even have) an ordered list. I think customers they like (high volume, or any other reason you may think of ) get preference and the rest of us wait.

        • d800e owner

          Sorry, that’s just not true. My order was placed the minute it was available online. I have bought plenty of small stuff from B&H in the past but nothing over maybe $200, probably only a few thousand in several years. I do think they served the NPS customers first, which I don’t think is fair, but as soon as they got in the next shipment I guess I got my camera.

          I had it before Ken Rockwell. All I did was stay up till 1am and order the damn thing.

          • Ren Kockwell

            Listen dude, just because you had a different experience doesn’t mean it’s not happening to other people. I ordered the next day, because I actually have a life. And you should be able to assume if you order a product within 24 hours of its release that you will receive it WITHIN THE FIRST 4 MONTHS.

            B&H needs to develop some transparency and a better way of waiting in line. Their communication on the status of a $3K order is abysmal. In May, I ordered from Amazon as well. Whichever one gets here first is the winner. B&H has been on my last nerve with their myriad ridiculous holidays and other nonsense anyway, so I won’t be buying from them in the future.

            • d800e owner

              So you need to go to bed before 1am? You must be over 55.

            • Ren Kockwell

              You didn’t respond to my post but instead made an immature, douche-y comment. You must be under 21.

              And I’m sure you’re a mind-blowing photographer to boot.

        • T.I.M

          I bought more than $40,000.00 form B&H in the last 10 years, I did receive a D800e quickly, but it was an open box with issues, so what the point to be a good customer ?

          I don’t mind to wait, as long I know how much time, one week, one month, 6 months, maybe more ?

          I need a FX camera NOW, the D700 will fit but it’s still $2200, why Nikon is not droping the D700 price to $1500 ?

          I don’t want to pay $2200 for a camera that will loose all its value when the D800/D800 will be in stock.

          If B&H can’t give any estimate for delivery, why are they taking orders ?

          • Ren Kockwell


  • Funduro

    Tapes Talk video was very informative. I do not own a D800, but if I had purchased it and it had the problem I would see a need for Nikon to come clean and admit there is an issue. Plus say what they will do to resolve it so that no newly built unit will have the problem, plus fix the one that have it. My 2¢’s.

    • Andrew

      Why would you treat Nikon any differently than any other company. If you buy a product and have a problem with it, then return it. Apparently a lot of professionals are very pleased with their D800 – they do not need someone posting a video telling them that there is a problem with their cameras. Nikon has come clean with workarounds that they soon fixed with a firmware update. These people (i.e. professionals) are taking quality pictures with their D800 and making money from their paying customers. A lot of these theoretical posts do not translate to the practical business world. Soon someone will release a post that the camera is leaking water and get a lot of agreement from all those whose hands are sweating.

  • neversink

    Yeah – I see a green cast… It’s the remnant shadows of all money I spent on acquiring a D800, a D4, a 24 f1.4. and 24-70 f2.8, not to mention all sorts of peripheral equipment…. And the year is only half over.

  • Anonymus Maximus 1st

    Now I know why Nikon decides to hold back on the AFS 1.2 Lenses. They would not be able to focus them anyway!

    • Andrew

      Midnight joke, good one.

      It is amazing how these out of focus Nikon lenses are still taking incredibly sharp pictures. But I guess if I take a magnifying glass, I will be able to discover one or two out of focus pixels!

  • Don

    Maybe they will fix my new problem. In DX mode, spot focus, the focus spot in not where it appears to be in the viewfinder. This is pretty serious. I shot a bunch of shots in DX and most were blury, then I did a little test where I focused on something in the distance and then look at the shot in the LCD and the focus shot was above the place as it showed in the viewfinder. You may not notice this unless you are shooting thin DOF (I was) with a long focal length) and the thing you are focusing on is relatively small. If it were large the registration issue (as I call it) would not be noticable, because it is not off enough to miss a larger focus target.

    Please, some one of you other D800 lucky owners try this. It is also an issue in 5:4 mode.

    At first I thought I needed to spend some time with AF Fine Tune and I did, but not that much and it doesn’t solve the issue.


  • Don

    I’m also having to deal with serious morie issues even with the non-E version. Too much resolution. I shot a guy in a pin-point shirt and it moried all over the place. Also, NX2 does not really solve it. It does, but then it doesn’t stick and if you save a tiff and bring up the tiff in some other program like PP, there’s the morie back. Oh well, I guess I would have to deal with this if a shot a medium format camera.

    Is there any chance I really got a D800E with a D800 label?

    • D800E pwns.

      D800 has a weak AA filter.

    • Too much resolution?

      More resolution will make moiré less likely to happen.

    • Michael

      I sense a troll.

    • Z

      What aperture did you use? You may try stopping down past f/8 to avert moire issue.

      • Don

        I was using f11 most every time. I do have one shot in the bunch at f13, my finger must have slipped on the aper-ring. I don’t think the morie is any diff on f13 than f11.

  • gregorylent

    prediction … d800 will be seen as a lemon

    look at the recent tech guide from nikon on it … use tripod, don’t use over f11, use only live view, narrow dof … a finicky pos, will be the judgement a year or two from now

    mine’s for sale, if you are in shanghai

    • Andrew

      I heard you work for Olympus. OK, all jokes aside – but from your post I suspect that you do not own the D800; your tone tells it all! The D800 has been reviewed extensively and it is simply an awesome camera. I predict that in 3 years it will still outperform most of the competition just like the D300s and the D3x. Nikon builds cameras to last and their cameras usually retain their resale value until a new generation of Nikon cameras come out which usually takes at least 3 years.

      • gregorylent

        had it a month .. let’s just say it is too much camera for me .. and i have a very difficult time getting sharp shots, except in brightest daylight … can’t hold it still enough in any sort of indoor situation .. and also having a big learning curve regarding depth of field … will go for the d600, probably more within my skill range .. and in the meantime, back to the d7000, which to my eye is as sharp, more often, for what i shoot.

        • Michael

          You must be pixel peeping all day huh?

      • gregorylent

        read that tech advisory, even nikon is warning that the camera is very touchy .. blurring is a problem … asking users to compromise between dof and sharpness is an admission, i think …

        • Ivana D. A. Hunndrud

          “Compromise between DOF and sharpness…” isn’t this in the first chapter of every Photog 101 book out there?

          • T

            I don’t get this: initially everyone praises the D700 for usability, but wants more resolution. Then the D800 appears and perfect condition on the market and its wrong again?

            The expectation to continue working “as usual” is the key problem. You’ve got to use it slightly different than your previous camera.

            Paragraph 1: don’t go for 1/f exposure time but at least a factor two faster
            Paragraph 2: because of paragraph 1: increase ISO value
            Paragraph 3: take many shots in varying environments to become part of the camera – once you don’t need to think a lot and stopped being disappointed by details of the images taken: you’ve become part of the cam.
            Paragraph 4: If you deny any of the three paragraphs abovem then you put yourself at risk being demotivated using the cam. Thats purely your responsibility.

            • Calibrator

              The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence…

            • gregorylent

              that nikon had to come out with this warning >>>

              “Stopping aperture down increases depth of i eld, making the
              foreground and background sharper. Stop aperture down
              too far, however, and dif raction will actually cause the image
              to lose dei nition. The ef ects of dif raction are partly inl uenced by the size of the pixels in the camera image sensor,
              but with the D800/D800E’s high resolution the ef ects generally become noticeable around f/11. When you need more
              depth of i eld, don’t just immediately stop the lens all the way
              down; instead, look for the aperture that of ers the best balance between sharpness and depth of i eld. In the examples
              on this page, you can see the grid lose dei nition as aperture
              is stopped down past f/11 ”

              means they know they have some problems with their decision to go for 36mp

            • Am-Expat

              I think everyone is making too much of the high res and technique/lens requirements.
              I read all the warnings before it was released and knew it would be more challenging. But when it actually arrived discovered that it is the easiest camera I have ever used to get consistently sharp, well exposed images with beautiful color. All my lenses performed noticeably better from lowly DX kit lens to some of the best Nikon makes. The 85 1.4 and 24 1.4 shine on it. The 70-200 became even a better portrait lens than I thought possible. The color and contrast of the 24-70 looks noticeably better than on the D700, for example. My Canon friends are so envious….

    • treehaus

      You dont have one do you!

  • Marco

    Why do you even care about any of this? You’re just a web-guy with no real photographic interest.

    Admit you’re in this only for the money.

  • treehaus

    HMMM.. the auto focus on mine is perfect, the colour cast is fine, the camera easy to get very sharp shots out of, the high ISO is great. Its a machine… machines need oil… and mine has it all over the sensor! Nikon knows about this issue and mine is booked in on Monday for a clean.

  • Ugur

    Regarding the left side AF problem.

    I’m not saying there is no issue with AF but basic trigonometry says the distance is different between center and left ( or right/edge/corner ) points. The focus shift seems to be a mm or 2 and if the camera is close enough to the ruler, it can easily cause the shift – even more . ( Nearer the ruler, more the difference in distance )

    Wonder if anyone thinks the same…

    • Oscar

      Exactly!!! (Posted a comment before seeing yours)

  • Landscape Photo

    Where hell is the D800? I couldn’t yet see even a D800 box on any store 🙁

  • Z

    The green cast must be from the still-high radioactivity levels in Sendai. The materials D800 is made from may be emitting a slight amount of radiation.

    Remember the old light switches that have a greenish glow at night…

  • Just Saying
    Looks like a sales pitch for LensAlign… interesting how many times he says LensAlign.

  • RoyL

    The focus issue is not going to be a firmware fix, and the green screen might be a myth perpetrated by Canon shooters who like that funky red. I have noticed no such tint on my D800E LCD or the photos, and I use AWB almost exclusively. If someone really is getting green tint they should consider sending the camera to Nikon for repair.

    • Grant

      I have the D800 and do not have any tint as well. (received via BB – over the phone order a couple of weeks ago)

  • Oscar

    One thing about the tests accuracy, he kept the camera and the ruler at the same position and focused at points that are in a different angle from the camera lens on each shot, which means that the distance from the lens to the focus point (ruler) as you go further from the middle is longer (by a bit) if we also consider, from a quick estimation by looking, that the ruler is at least 30cm long.

    • Pat Fahey

      And he set the focus point at one place in the frame, and then examined focus accuracy in a very different place in the frame. He shouldn’t be surprised when those two match up.

      In fact, that “area of error” (the green box in the video) will probably change significantly from lens to lens with that the of test.

      One other thing about the lens align product. Just because a target looks good to the human eye, doesn’t mean it “looks good” to an AF sensor.


  • I’ll set up a studio test tonight or tomorrow. I had a lot of trouble with the focus points to the right today, they were off focus. I had no other option than to use the middle focus point or to use live view. Made me look like a fool in front of my client.
    (Oh, and the CLS bug was there too. I was glad to have a long pc cord in my case.)
    I’ll use a different setup than the guy in this video, that’s for sure. I thought exactly the same thing as Oscar. I’ll show the sharpness of the point that was focused on, not a different part of the frame.

  • Ajit Menon

    I wish the D700 could have a firmware update that would adjust the Auto ISO to be lens and ergo shutter speed sensitive as in the new models.

  • neversink

    I am failing to understand what the big complaints are really about.

    I have no problem focusing this baby. I have no problem with blurry images. (Hold the camera correctly. Shoot at an appropriate speed. Take your time, if you need to.) I haven’t had one image with moire patterns.

    No you can’t really fix moire with software. It doesn’t work.

    I am bewiledered. Anyone having problems with the D800 just doesn’t no how to shoot. Sell it while you can and get a P&S. Also – Why in the world would anyone use DX mode while shooting stills in the D800?????? You guys give me a headache!!!!

    • Geoff_K

      1 reason to use the DX setting … faster FPS (with grip)

    • Don

      Hey, idiot, …. uh…neversink…
      I didn’t use DX mode while shooting stills… the target was not still…. I shot sports and it’s the only way to get 6 fps. Why have this on the camera if you are not allowed to use it, or if you should expect poor focus when useing it. Most folks that I know who “no” how to shot, use spot focus.
      Why do you jump to conclusions and assume that anyone having an issue doesn’t “no” how to shoot.
      Hey, I bought this camera, I wanted it, I wanted it to work flawlessly. I “no” how to hold a camera still, beside, you don’t usually see camera shake when you are shooting at over a 1/500 of a sec, but you are an idiot and probably don’t “no” that!

  • Sahaja4

    Nikon never seem to acknowledge a problem until they have a fix.

    If they can’t find a fix they never acknowledge the problem.

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