Nikon D800 in stock at BestBuy right now

BestBuy appears to have Nikon D800 in stock right now. The estimate arrival time is 1 day. BestBuy have displayed wrong in-stock information in the past and have also canceled pre-orders. As aways, buyer beware.

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  • Nanda

    D800 sux ! Best Buy can keep it to themselves ! Bring on D600 please !

    • Anonymous

      I think D800 is great. Perhaps your photography techniques sux.

      • Foolishcfo

        I couldn’t have said it better myself!

        • HAHA SO TRUE. D800 is astounding 😉

          • zebrazebra

            i think the difference between d800 an d600 won’t be that big and both cameras are verry good at in the right hands… plus you can buy a d800 and you can’t buy a d600…

      • joeG58

        Great Response!!!!!! How can you compare them.

    • Henri108

      The D800 is the best camera ever made, you can find the fps are not high enought or that it’s too expensive for you. The D600 will just be cheaper, bit faster and +-24mp’s.
      Don’t give any more sucks comments!!!!!!

    • Am I the only one that thinks that 24MPix is still too much without S-RAW or M-RAW option?

      • Tom

        Probably since memory is dirt cheap, and computers that can handle the large files are <<$1000 right now.

        Upgrade your other gear, it won't seem as bad.

      • ShaoLynx

        Just use a crop fame mode, 1.2x or 1.5x: you’ll still shoot RAW, have more reach, smaller files due to less MP (but still more than enough res), and you’ll have the added bonuses of: AF points all over the resulting frame, and the ”Leica rangefinder” advantage, i.e. more than 100% view finder, so that you can more easily predict the frame and have less a need to machine gun the scene in order to ‘capture the right frame’.
        All of this works very well with my D800, although it does take some getting used to. Practice makes perfect. And it works: I have less the tendency to shoot CH with my D800 than with my D700 (I don’t crop with my D700 due to too much a drop in resolution). This way the lower fps is less of a constraint for me.

        • ShaoLynx

          Read: ”crop frame”, of(f) course…

    • RD

      should have said, “I sux coz I can’t afford the D800!”

    • PeterO

      Nanda is a troll. When the D600 comes out he/she/it will say it sucks too.

    • Vandyu

      Why is it that people who say that something “sux” are usually at a loss to explain why or how? I guess if they cannot explain their thinking in a 3-letter word, they simply cannot communicate.

  • Kaar Man

    I just bought one! I’ve been waiting since February on other sites and Best Buy comes through!

    • Tom

      I ordered one also, but I won’t count on it until I see it actually say “shipped”.

      • joeG58

        Same for me

  • Ok, I just bought, waiting to see if this is true. Delivery estimate is 6-13 through 6-14. Fingers crossed.

    • Chris Brown

      I have been waiting for B@H to deliver my D800 since the very first day you could order. I even ordered early in the day and still nothing from B@H. They keep the order list to themselves to protect their orders from cancelling- not to help the customer!

      I ordered today from BestBuy about 10:30 am pst, based on the news from Nikon Rumors and have a confirmation from BestBuy of my order and a tracking number from UPS that says it will be here tomorrow by 10:30AM.

      If I get it, I will be sure to cancel on B@H because they do not seem to care about the customer- why should I care about them? I would wait out more order from them, even a few more months, if they would just tell me where I stand in line and how long I have to wait! No news, no loyalty!

      Thanks to Nikon Rumors for the up-to-date info!

      • This isn’t a rip on you, so don’t take it that way, please!

        But I never understand why everyone flocks to B&H to order on announcement day of any product.

        They may get 10x the stock in that a local retailer will, but they will have an order list 100x the size of a local retailer.

        The local retailer that I ordered from(in a different state) had the same challenges as any other retailer (including B&H) – NPS members received theirs first, then they shipped to general population.

        However, SO MANY NPS members order from B&H that their first couple of allotments went to NPS members, whereas the smaller stores had a short list of NPS orders and were often able to get some of their stock out to the general public first round.

        B&H is dealing with the NPS orders of most NY locals, PLUS all the requests from around the country, so that list of NPS shipments is HUGE. A smaller retailer is only getting a couple handfuls of NPS customers. So while they may get less stock, you are more likely to get your order quicker. And you can support a smaller community store!

        • Chris Brown

          No offense taken. I learned my lesson. Got my D800 in 22 hours after my on-line buy yesterday from BB.

          Nikon Rumors informed me of the BB opportunity- so thanks! It worked for me!

  • nick

    do i purchase now from BB, or wait for amazon to delivery w/ their est. of 6/11-7/22? Ugh!

    • Foolishcfo

      I wouldn’t cancel anywhere until you know it has shipped!

      • nick

        agreed… we’ll see if it ships now! 🙂

      • I would say don’t cancel anything until you receive it and it’s in your hands.

    • joeG58

      I would order it and if it shows? cancel the other. They say to will be here in 2 days.

  • just ordered from and cancelled from B&H. I also bought their 3 year service plan, but they charged sales tax, which I don’t mind after almost 5 months waiting from B&H!

    • Just did the same. B&H was very polite and remorseful each and every time I called them up throughout the entire 3 month wait, but Best Buy came through in the end. I did store pickup so I don’t miss the delivery!

      • B!

        Just cancelled my D4 order with BH and they didnt even apologize for delays. Ordered from Amazon a month after BH and it came last week. Overnight delivery was cheaper too from Amazon.

        BestBuy had the D4 in stock 2 weeks ago and I was told to come and order and that I would have it in 5 days. Went the next day and it was sold out again.

        In the end, I think Amazon delivered because I dont think they honored NPS. Besides, most NPS members probably ordered from BH

        • Dan

          I’ve ordered my D4 in March with Jessops (when the price was £4800 and now is £5300) – still waiting – very frustrating. I ‘ll not receive the free XQD card and the card reader – even, some retailers are still supply together (

        • Amazon probably DID honor the NPS orders, as all of the NPS allotments (except recent ones) have already been delivered.

          They are also listed as a Nikon Professional Dealer (NPD), so they risk losing that status if they don’t fulfill NPS orders first.

          If you ever find yourself in NYC on a Sunday, go into B&H – the ridiculously long checkout line will make you never go back on a Sunday – this is a very very small indication of the number of online orders they deal with online daily. its a mess.

    • Rdy

      B&H suck and I’ll never buy from them again. I’ve had such a bad experience with them both online and in their NYC store.

      I’d rather go for Adorama.

      • rs

        Funny I feel the same only in reverse. Never order from Adorama again.

        • Jorge

          That’s too bad you had a bad Adorama experience. I bought my first camera kit (A Minolta SR-T101 and three lenses) from them in 1974 and they are number two on my list after Amazon.
          And BTW: I received my D800 from Roberts on Monday the 25th. I’ve taken 22 shots so far! Have had no time to play… Hoping to dial it in this weekend with the same settings as my D700.
          Also good to report: NO GREEN LCD. Latest Firmware installed, AND the latest Lens Calibration 1.006 installed.
          I haven’t tested yet for the left focus point issue. Hopefully my body doesn’t have it.

    • Don’t cancel any pre-orders until you receive your D800, BestBuy did cancel orders in the past without explanation. Even if a second D800 ships to you – you can always return it or sell it.

  • The Cool Bean

    I ordered a D800E when Best Buy first put it up 3 weeks ago. They canceled the order saying that they were not going to have any and wouldnt have any anytime soon. They sent an email saying I could get the D800 instead. After having to be a bit of an a$$ on the phone I was able to get them to switch the order last week (Tuesday 6/5) and it arrived last Friday. This was when the site stated ‘In Store Only’ (which was grayed out). Maybe they have filled there back orders.

    • The Cool Bean


  • Jorge

    Just placed my BB order and it is being delivered 6/14!!! Holy Smokes Batman!!!

  • Stephen White

    Am I correct that there are no ways to have Best Buy automatically notify you, perhaps by email, when a product like the D800E becomes (temporarily) available? My routine checks of this site and others more or less guarantees that I’ll hear about it when it happens, but I’d prefer to go straight to the source.

    • Foolishcfo

      As Admin stated, Best Buy’s inventory system is shaky at best. One minute they say Store Only” and the next you can order online. Yet the cameras are never there.

      • Stephen White

        What I think you’re missing here is that “shaky at best” is exactly what I and thousands of others are actively looking for. Ha. So I’d still like a way of being notified as soon as they think they have inventory. Mind you my obsessive checking of sites like this likely gives me a slight edge over the masses who would sign up for an automated notification, so maybe it’s best that they don’t offer it, but if it’s available I’d like to know about it, that’s all.

        • Andrew


          Makes sense. BestBuy should continue their current lottery system. That is how I purchased my PS 3 from the now defunct CircuitCity (or was it BestBuy? Don’t remember!). This gives people hope that they can pickup a D800 camera even though they were late to get on the many back-order lists.

          • Stephen White

            It’s also giving hope to people who *weren’t* late to get on the backorder lists. I ordered my D800E about an hour after it went live, and I had to pass on the first Best Buy D800E availability alert because I was traveling at the time.

  • Craig

    Holy Mega Pixels Batman!!! Ordered from Adorama on 2/7 with nothing. Nikon Rumors give us the juice and mine is on the way from BB with delivery on 6/13 – 6/14.

    • JLK

      I also ordered from Adorama on 2/7. They just shipped it on Friday so it seems they are just getting caught up with the initial day’s orders. =/

      Glad BB worked out for you.

      • Sean

        You must be one of the lucky ones. I ordered afternoon/evening of 2/7 from adorama and nothing yet. I can only imagine how may orders are between mine and yours… =/

        • JLK

          Mine was from 5:08PM PST so I definitely wasn’t an early order. Sounds like you should be close!

          UPS says it will get here tomorrow but I still don’t believe it. 😉

      • Gino

        I ordered my D800 from Adorama on 2/7 around 9:00 CST, and I received my camera about a month ago!

  • Anthony

    I ordered mine with express…which was $.18…weird, but I ordered over phone and lady was super nice. Scheduled to come in on 14th. Ritz camera order has been cancelled…please come thru BB!

    • B!

      Why would you cancel your old pre-order before having a camera from BB in hand?

  • Mikey

    Hey, great. Nice to hear (or assume) that vendors are meeting their pre-orders and shipping units to new orders. Any news on technical issues as Nikon keeps cranking out new units, ie camera lockups? I did Bill Me Later with BH so I’ll probably stick with that, but great to see people getting their hands on these elusive bodies!

  • Frank

    I went through this with Best Buy when the D4 was “in stock.” It wasn’t. They didn’t ship the next day as promised. Rather, they sent two different back order emails. I ultimately canceled my order and they gave me a $100.00 gift card for the trouble of telling me conflicting information over the course of a couple of weeks.

    • Andrew

      +1 Good job BestBuy!

  • jeff

    Order mine just now (after two cards declined it since they thought it fraud). Cleared that up and it should be here in a day or two. Stay tuned!

  • Jetfire

    B&H has SanDisk 32GB Extreme Pro CompactFlash Card ($138.95) & SD ($77.95) cards on sale. Great for the D800. Just bought another set.

    • Jomzz

      last week they had the 16gb on sale and now 32gb.. Considering the Sandisk Extreme 60mb but end up getting this fast cards. perfect for redundancy.

  • tooma

    D800 in stock at the North Bay Future Shop

    In Stock
    40. North Bay – North Bay

    Northgate Plaza
    1500 Fisher Street
    Phone: (705) 472-2126

  • Congrats on those of you who just ordered! I can only imagine the excitement you all must be feeling right now! I do hope Best Buy pulls through for you. I myself have my credit card in hand contemplating but will probably just wait for the D600 announcement. I just don’t think I need 36mp.

    Please update us once your awesome cameras get in….

    • Daniel

      Yes agree…

    • Tom

      It’s not going to be a D800 with a lower MP count.

      I know the Admin here says weather sealed. Doubt it, probably something resistant like the D7000 (as I recall).

      Inferior AF is likely. I know it’s going to have a penta mirror instead of a penta prism viewfinder based on the rumors.

      It’s not going to be a full on “pro” camera. It may suit your tastes, but if I’m going to spend $1500-2k I might as well spend 3k on something with what makes the camera actually pro level.

      • Gadget

        “I know it’s going to have a penta mirror instead of a penta prism viewfinder based on the rumors”

        Can you please explain this?


        • Tom

          Bleh, I’ll take that back. At one point I could have swore it was only 95% coverage in FX, but it’s listed as 100%. Sorry.

          • Gadget

            Uff, that’s a relief, hope they don’t screw things with some (less) bright idea like that.

            Thanks for answering!

        • Recent Convert

          A Pentaprism is a solid hunk of glass that – through three reflections – turns the picture “right side up” for you to observe through the viewfinder. Thanks to the laws of physics, when a certain angle is exceeded, 100% of the light gets reflected in such a prism without any losses.
          A Pentamirror does exactly the same thing, but uses three surface-coated mirrors to achieve the three reflections (each time losing 4% of the light. Dust may settle on the mirrors. A penta-mirror can never be put together to achieve the same accuracy a a single hunk a optical glass with polished faces can deliver. It is also impossible for dust to penetrate into the glass.
          The penalty for the pentaprism: it weighs more, and it costs more, but it has zero distortions and no light loss and will not be marred by dust.

          • Gadget

            Thanks for the explanation, I knew it, but it will be enlightening for someone else, I’m sure!


      • Yeah, I’m not expecting it to be a D800. There is no doubt the D800 is an awesome camera. But I figured I’d wait, see what the final released specs are, watch some reviews, and go from there. If it proves that buying a D800 makes more sense then I’ll go that route . Either way I’m sure the D600 won’t disappoint especially for it’s rumored price point. Until then my F100 will stay my trusty full frame. LOL!

        • Andrew

          Agreed. Nikon has been coming out with some solid hardware gears and of late they have upped the anti. I believe the D600 is going to be solid. It is quite possible that the difference with the D800 will be mostly the megapixel count, the size, and the build quality; and that Nikon may consider that as requiring the premium pricing. But as far as image quality (IQ), low light performance (high ISO), and speed (greater than 6 fps), the D600 make excel in all of these areas – even beyond the D800. I don’t see Nikon crippling the overall characteristics/image quality/ISO/performance of the D600 to artificially give the D800 a significant edge since both cameras are targeted at two different audience.

    • Chris Brown

      Order from BB yessterday 6/12 @ 10:30 pst. Got a confirmation right away. 6 hours laters had a UPS tracking number and 22 hours later the D800 was in my hands! Best Buy came through when B@H could not for almost 5 months!

      Thanks to information recieved from Nikon Rumors!

      • Chris Brown

        BTW – I cancelled my B@H order and will remember this screw up for a long time.

  • Collins

    Wow…. I preordered mine at B&H a week after day 1
    (so most likely i was never going to see my D800)

    This is awesome news for me to hear. >__<
    Hope Best Buy sends me my tracking notice soon

    (So glad i wake up to check NikonRumors every morning ^__^)

    • Paul

      Collins- I ordered @ 8:30AM February 7. Like you, I read Nikon Rumors every morning. I did order from Best Buy but I am keeping my B&H order open until (if) I receive the body from Best Buy.

      THANK YOU Nikon Rumors for the tip!

      • Collins

        I haven’t received my Tracking notice as of yet (ordered at around 9am PST)

        But yah like you i’ll be keeping my B&H pre-order until i actually get it
        I’m really hoping BB comes through ^__^

      • Collins

        Just got my Tracking Notice today

        Looks like BB is gonna pull through ^__^

        Woohoo !!!

  • tooma

    BJPhoto in Waterloo Ontario is expecting a shipment of D800 & D800E’s this week.

    468 Phillip Waterloo, ON N2L 5J2
    (519) 886-6630

    • phil

      I called them – they are still fulfilling their pre-order list.

  • I hope you guys did not cancel your orders elsewhere. I was able to put in my BB order before but did not go through, even if transaction pulled through during my online order. Good luck guys!

  • Joaquim Prado

    cancelled from ritz and ordered from BB!

    Tomorow the D800 in my hands will be.

    • Marko

      I bet you that your order is cancelled. Mine was, and I ordered about 7:00 set this morning.

      • Tom

        In what timezone? Are you in the US?

      • Iceman

        I placed my order at BB around 11 AM EDT. I called at 4:30 PM and spoke with customer service and was told my order was still being processed but should still ship. I mentioned that some had their orders cancelled and she didn’t that was correct. According to her if the item was out of stock the order should have been placed on backorder. If the order was cancelled it was due to a problem with the order not the availability of the item.

        • Joaquim Prado

          Damn! For some reason my order was cancelled!!! But I have called my credit card to accept this specific order. I am 100% sure that wasn´t because my credit card and something happended over there because right after I hang up with my bank my order was approved at best buy website.

          And now my order at ritz is cancelled and this means I missed place in line! I am really frustrated.

  • focusinhaler11

    Bought one, express delivery for less than a dollar should get it here tomorrow (fingers crossed!) Bought one from BB a month ago but it had focus problems. Fingers double crossed this time.

  • I’m surprised everyone is having trouble finding the D800. That’s all I can find! Still no D800e…

  • joeG58

    I just talked with Bestbuy and they said they have the 800 in stock let’s hope they have enough.

  • T.I.M

    Still at Best Buy:
    Sandisk extreme Pro 8GB SD card (1600+ HQ JPEG pictures on Fuji X100)
    SKU: 2300223
    $26.73 taxes includes (free shipping)

    • T.I.M

      speed: 95mb/s

    • B!

      Who needs SD cards

      • Duh!

        D800 owners.

  • Bony

    Ordered mine from Adorama and B & H on 02/07/12 and NOTHING! THEY SUCK!

    • Jetfire

      I wish people would quit saying the B&H, Adorama, or whoever suck, because they haven’t gotten their camera from them yet. It’s not not their fault total. By totally they could have stopped taking pre-orders after 100. As it’s been said here many time Nikon can not favor one store over another to a certain level. Nikon can’t send an unequal amount Cameras to B&H than is does other retailers. B&B is most likely benefiting from the total number of stores. That’s also probably why sometime it says store pick-up only.

      • Blah

        They do suck!!! they wont even tell you what place ur in on the pre order. ordered mine Jan 14… I want my D4

  • David K

    It looks like they are sold out again now,

    • Ivana D. A. Hunndrud

      I put my order in 15 mins before it’s sold out, but I wouldn’t believe BB would deliver until the camera is in my hands.

      I was originally on the Onecall list for the D4. I didn’t quite have the dough so I passed up the D4 when they called last month. Dang! Should have taken delivery and flipped it on eBay. Easy $300 profit.

  • anon

    Well i was just told by best buy that they had plenty left when i called. so i tried to order and my debit card wouldn’t go through. Must be a limit on amount per day or transaction or something. Anyway a minute later i looked online and it said “sold out online”. They certainly didn’t have plenty left…

  • got it, thanks for the heads up. 🙂

    • it seems that they got few D800 in stock – several readers received shipping confirmations

      • Foolishcfo

        I ordered mine early this morning and no shipping notification yet. However, their site won’t let me cancel my order. This will be body #2 for me so I’m not stressing like others.

      • Iceman

        It was a little odd that my order stayed in a “processing” status from yesterday until a few minutes ago (26+ hours) but i did receive the shipment notification today. Arrives tomorrow. No complaints on this issue.

        Someone just moved up in the queue on Adorama : )

  • I ordered this morning from Best Buy, and at 1:00 pm, got an e-mail that it was shipped w/ups tracking number!!

    • Tom

      What time did you order?

  • DPC


  • Order in process of being fulfilled. Estimated arrival date: 06/13/2012 – 06/14/2012

  • Robert

    I have been waiting for B&H to fill my D800 order for months. Based on your article, I ordered from BestBuy today and my D800 will be delivered tomorrow. Thank you for the useful and timely information!

    • Robert, did they send you a tracking number yet? Mine says processing still. May be too good to be true.

  • NNinAZ

    I ordered D800 from BB this morning before I even saw the report here that it was in stock. Got an order confirmation email shortly after. Then about 2 hours later I got another email saying my order was cancelled because they “couldn’t verify my information”. I called them and they couldn’t tell me what that meant. They had my correct email address because they sent me confirmation and cancellation emails and when the csr read back my phone number and address they had it right. Nobody called me or tried to contact me to verify anything, they just canceled the order. I smell bullshit! Has anyone else experienced this with BestBuy?

    • Joaquim Prado

      I did and contacted. Now I am waiting for a e-mail from them

  • Geoff_K

    Did anyone see the guy selling the D800 on Amazon for … $2200 ? A little voice in my head yelled scam even though it was listed via the Amazon site.

    I noticed it was not listed a couple days later. Either someone got one heck of a deal/scammed/amazon busted him.

    • brent

      obviously thats a fake.. anything listed for drastically lower then the selling price cant be legit.

    • Tom

      Most likely a scam. I’ve seen the same thing pop up on and off and it’s some “company” that operates out of Hong Kong. The best you could hope for is gray market. More likely: scam, which is why Amazon shuts them down so fast.

      What’s funny is one of the business names early on was “Wide Eye Supply” .

      So you tell me.

  • Ok, I just received email from Best Buy that my order has shipped. I got a tracking number too with this comment “Please allow 24 hours for tracking data to appear on the shipper’s Web site. ” hmmm, will know once it arrives at my doorstep.

  • Big Al

    I just received notification that my D800 has shipped (with tracking number) from Best Buy. I ordered at 10:30 am CST.

    • George

      Grrr… I ordered at 11:04 EDT and have yet to receive a shipping confirm. They better not play a fast one on me!!!

      • Johnny

        I just called Best Buy why mine says processing for two days now and basically they say to wait till tomorrow and call back if I don’t receive the camera. I ordered at 10:30 am EST right when I saw it on NR Rumors. Some that ordered after me have received tracking so I think maybe a fast one was pulled.

  • Ben

    The d800 mark II is in testing by now

  • bricah

    For what’s its worth, ordered the D800E when I saw it was available (on this website) at BB 3 weeks ago and got delivery to store as promised last Friday.

  • jeff

    I got my tracking number from Best Buy as well. Now I have to cancel the other three (one local, Amazon and B&H).

    B&H certainly deserves it! I feel bad (only a little) for the local guy.

  • PixelBrine

    I didn’t have the money to order in February so I had to wait until a month after the release to place my order at B&H. (I should have known better but I bought my D300 with them the day after release and got it by the end of the week so I had high hopes. I’ll go small store next time) I must Be sooooooooooooooooooooo far back on the list.

    I hope everyone who got their BB camera today goes directly to B&H after receiving tracking number and cancels orders. Bump some of us up a little 🙂

  • D800E for me

    That’s nice, but the D800 isn’t that hard to find now if you really want it. The D800E is what I’m waiting for.

    • Kaar man

      Aww C’mon.. I vacillated for months on a D800 vs. the “E.” I’m trying to convince myself that the difference will be so minimal that I won’t have buyers remorse.. I was lucky enough to stumble across this post this morning and will pick up my D800 from BB. I’ve had an order in from another online competitor since February to no avail.

      • D800E for me

        D800 is a good camera for sure. I actually own one already. I just need a second body so I’m getting the D800E instead. 🙂

    • Vin

      yes, in deed, would be nice to get one before 2013, & then a D600, and D400 in 2013, forget about the 20% mark down on cameras 90 days after avalibility is good. these will be hard to get for the next 2 years!

      • D800E for me

        My local shop says they MAY have one in this week. They’ll call me if it gets in.

        Hope it happens.

        Also waiting on the 28 1.8G.

        • NNinAZ

          28mm f/1.8 is a nice little lens! Took mine out for startrails last week . Try Tempe Camera in Tempe AZ. They had 3 on the shelf last time I was in.

        • Vin

          Nice! would love to see the E with the new 28mm 1.8, that is what i am going for, can’t wait to see some images in raw at 36mp, I saw some good E images from someone shooting vollyball, 8oo vs 800E

  • Mr. Lucky

    Somewhere in the USA heartland….

    I was going to wait a year before getting the D800. I recently decided
    to go on a landscape photo shoot in September. I saw this notice about
    BB and gave my local BB store a call at 5:00 p.m. CDT. They had one,
    set it aside for me, and I am now the proud owner. I have a couple months
    to play with it, now. That’s my story and I am sticking to it.

    Thanks, Admin., for the timely notice.

    • Maji

      Congratulations… you will enjoy that great camera.

      Thanks to Admin for this and many other timely updates.

    • Welcome to the club

      Great – finally a positive message here. I must admit, that pre-orders placed here and there and everywhere lead to terrible problems in deciding: “who shall receive the next batch of cams” – believe it or not.

      Anyone having a D800/D800E should start using it and share their experiences, so that all others, who still wait, obtain useful hints i.e. steepen their learning curve.

      @Admin – what about a section about sharing experience here?

  • Gino

    Admin, are you hearing anything about Nikon coming out with more high quality lenses for the D800 anytime soon? Is there a 24-70 f/2.8 with VRII in the works???

  • pinjo

    B&H sucks. I ordered today from Bestbuy. Got $0.18 next day shipping. Track my order and my camera is being delivered by 10:30am tomorrow.

    • jeff

      Mine just arrived. Love the $0.18 next day (by 10:30 AM no less) shipping. I expressed my displeasure when I called B&H to cancel the order they have had since a week after the announcement.

      Thanks for giving us the heads up on this one.

      In a couple weeks I’m off to the Canadian Rockies with my new D800 and D4. Should be an interesting trip.

  • Iceman

    Oh yeah…I forgot to pay the piper!

    Hey admin! Thanks so much for this tip. It’s worth every rant and rave I’ve endured to get this tasty morsel. Much appreciated.

  • derWalter

    what would you pay for a instant delivered D800?

  • Mine’s arrived too. wow, that was fast!

  • Chris Brown

    Thank you Nikon Rumors!

    Yesterday I saw your Best Buy posting about the D800 being in stock. I ordered from them on line 10am pst, got an immediate confirmation of my order being processed! 24 hours later, UPS put the D800 in my hands! Real and confirmed! Battery charging as I write!

    Best Buy did something that B@H could not do in almost 5months. I was a first day order with them- early in the day and NOTHING from them but excuses. I would have been willing to wait another month or two if they had been loyal and told where in line my order stood. Their desire to keep their list private so orders would not cancel will cost them in the long run.

    My order with them is now canceled!

    Again Thanks the Nikon Rumors!

  • Tim

    So I ordered my d800 back in the beginning of march through B&H. Being backordered with little hope for seeing it anytime soon, I jumped at the chance of getting one from Best Buy. I called yesterday morning at 10:30 & ordered mine. I made sure to have the lady on the phone confirm that they were definitely “In Stock” before I made my move. She said they had “plenty still, but it looked like people were really excited about it & that they’d probably go fast.” So by the time I got off the phone I had an email with my confirmation # & that my order was processing. That is the last correspondence they have sent. I watched everyone post on here that they ordered one up until noon when it seems BB ran out of their stock. Then later in the afternoon, after no progress (yes, i’m impatient), I called the customer service line & talked with a lady about my “processing status.” She said its normal & that I shouldn’t worry. I asked her specifically if this “processing” effected my reservation that I had purchased (and that they had already withdrawn from my bank account). She said “no, you still have one reserved. Its nothing to worry about.” I decided to harass them a few more times the rest of the day to check the different responses from their representatives. They all said the same thing. “We’re still processing your order, making sure you are actually you & that you have the money to purchase this, after its finished we will clear you & send the camera” (ever mind that they had all of my information and had taken the money from my account already, what more “processing” do they need from me???). So I called this morning to see how their story might have changed & now they’re saying that I may have been placed on back order status. They are still processing my request, but they are currently sold out & I will have to wait. GAAAAHHHH! I ordered yesterday morning at 10:30 am (EST). Is anyone else having this sort of problem?

    • jeff

      I ordered at 11:36 AM yesterday (that was the time of the email confirmation they sent). I received the D800 this morning at around 10 AM (thanks to the $0.18 overnight shipping).

  • Eleming

    To my the same Shit

    I am waiting :
    yesterday morning at 11:30

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