Nikon releases firmware update 1.01 for D4 and D800, fixes lockup issue

Can you spot the problem?

Nikon released new firmware updates for their D4 and D800 full frame DSLR cameras. The major fix for the D800 is the lockup issue, other minor issues were also resolved:

Nikon D800 firmware update B1.01:

  • When a still image was captured while viewing existing images in playback mode, the monitor turned off, the memory card access lamp glowed steadily, and, in some rare cases, the camera ceased to respond to operations. This issue has been resolved.
  • When the Wireless Transmitter WT-4 was used with certain settings applied, RAW images were also transferred whenWireless transmitter>Transfer settings>Send file as was set to JPEG only. This issue has been resolved.
  • A dark shadow sometimes appeared at the bottom edge of images captured with Active D-Lighting set to any option other than Off with Image area set to 5:4 (30x24). This issue has been resolved.

Nikon D800E firmware update B1.01: (same list of fixes as the D800).

Nikon D4 firmware update 1.01:

  • When a still image was captured while viewing existing images in playback mode, the monitor turned off, the memory card access lamp glowed steadily, and, in some rare cases, the camera ceased to respond to operations. This issue has been resolved.
  • When network functions were used with certain settings applied, RAW images were also transferred whenNetwork>Send file as was set to JPEG only. This issue has been resolved.
  • When an option that utilized the main command dial was selected for Custom Setting f15: Playback zoom, and an image was zoomed in or out with playback with certain settings applied, shooting shutter speed, aperture, and exposure compensation settings were sometimes changed. This issue has been resolved.

Nikon USA now also have the new firmware updates on their website.

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  • Dormant

    Great, now I have the D800 grip AND a firmware update, but no camera as yet.

    I hope this thread doesn’t turn into yet another series of moans about deliveries.

    • Dave in NC

      I ordered my D800 early in the morning after it was announced around midnight, and it arrived (from B&H) a little more than a week ago. Now I am in Vienna shooting photos for a book I am writing. So far I have seen D800’s in two shops, and these are not fancy camera shops – just regular electronics stores with photo departments. They are 2,899 Euros (a little more than 3,600 USD.) That said, I love the D800 and am so glad it arrived THEY DAY BEFORE MY TRIP. How’s that for timing?

      • Foolishcfo

        I got my hands on a D800 the day before my daughter’s college graduation. I found it through a local dealer. I still want a second body and continue to wait on the big stores to deliver. I haven’t had any lockup problems though.

        • I have, but only once. I have however, had problems with the D800E commander mode not working properly with Auto FP in commander mode using SB800’s. Not good. Please fix this Nikon.
          It works ok at 1/320 but any faster and they dont respond at all.

      • Art

        That is how the D800/Es work. They won’t come until the day before your event. I had a week long trip involving a drive from Salt Lake City to Mountain View CA to do a presentation to Google. Then from there up the coast to Seattle and then back. Needless to say, there were going to be an enormous number of photo opportunities on the trip. It arrived at 10:00am the day before I was to leave. The only downside is that my RRS L plate hadn’t even been made yet ….

        • ollieb

          I’m leaving tomorrow afternoon to Greece, the time is 2:30pm where I live here in Sydney…… no D800 unfortunately haha

      • El Aura

        Just remember to subtract the 20% VAT in Austria if you want to compare the price to the U.S. one: €2899 in Austria thus corresponds to $3015 in the U.S..

        • Dave in NC

          Good point. Actually, I asked about the VAT and was told it was 12%, but that was not for a big ticket item like a D800. Still, one store has a SB-910 on sale for 399 Euros, which, after taking the exchange rate and the 12% VAT refund, turns out to be around $450, which is about $100 less than they list for in the US. I’ll be here for another two weeks…. so I am considering coming home with a big flash. We’ll see.

          • El Aura

            The 12% was likely a slip of the tongue (or somebody confusing the English word for 12 and 20). It really is 20% except for special classes of goods like food which has a rate of 10%.

            • Dave in NC

              No, it actually is 12% for photo gear in Austria. I had to buy a replacement monopod – the price was 94 Euros and the VAT refund will be 11 Euros. Believe me, I wish it was a 20% refund, but several different places confirmed it is 12%. Oh well…

    • GQT

      Not bad. I had to send back the XQD and replaced it with a CF card instead since I decided to stick with the D800 instead.

      You’ll get your camera once the D600 is announced.

    • Foolishcfo

      “I hope this thread doesn’t turn into yet another series of moans about deliveries.”

      Isn’t that what you just did?


      🙁 still waitting for D800, Maybe Admin should start a new disscusion , when did they get the D800 and where did they order it from where.

    • If you “hope this thread doesn’t turn into yet another series of moans about deliveries”, why mention it at all?

  • You’re right, Dormant. The “Nikon needs to fix their supply issue” posts are coming for sure.

    • Joe

      Yep, they certainly will be coming, so thanks for starting us off!

      Anyone in Switzerland received a D800/E in the past month? The store I ordered from have said they have’t had any deliveries since the tiny initial shipment at the end of March. Are they stockpiling D800s in Japan to meet all pre-orders in one fell swoop? Why not just trickle them through, so at least shops can get the customers who ordered their camera early, and keep the rest up to date with a rough ETA. So far, nobody but Nikon knows anything AFAIK.

      • CB

        Hi Joe,
        I contacted my online store today, asking for my position on the waiting list. After they were reluctant to count the number of cameras before me, they told me at least the number of cameras they received from Nikon since 30.4. – it was no more than 23 in the last month and the list is 227 cameras in total… Last week they got 14 cameras, but the two weeks before not a single on…

        • Joe

          Wow, that is indeed dire. At that rate, even the ludicrous ‘March 2013’ date that was accidentally quoted by Amazon would be better. Weren’t Nikon producing 30,000 cameras per month? By my math, that’s 60,000 they should have produced since the release date. Are the total pre-orders really something like 10x that amount? Seems a bit crazy, unless distribution is very uneven amongst countries.

          • Tiger1050Rider

            What you and many commentators seem to forget is that Nikon are selling their kit worldwide and not just in the USofA.
            The EU is a bigger market than the US so it might not be inconceiveable that they might be diverting more supplied to that market?
            I got my D800 yesterday. I ordered in at the beginning of the month.

            • Joe

              As indeed I hope they are! Last time I checked, Switzerland wasn’t a part of the USofA (at least yet) 🙂

            • Luis

              The EU GDP is only about 15% larger than the USA GDP. I wouldn’t think that would cause Nikon to divert a great deal more product to the EU. There may be other issues at play such as the number of NPS members in the USA versus the EU, or the number of NPS members versus non-NPS members, etc. NPS members in the USA have had their D800 bodies since March. I have had my D800E since the first shipment at end of April. I could have had a D800 at the end of March in that first shipment.

            • Foolishcfo

              I thought the EU was going bankrupt because of Greece! Do you still have money for D4’s and D800’s/D800E’s? 🙂

            • Mark

              Luckily we in Switzerland aren’t a part of the EU either, though I believe rumours of the EU’s demise are somewhat overstated by people keen to indulge in a little Schadenfreude (especially the media).

              It’s not all sunshine though, unluckily it seems we have few D800’s and even less D4’s. My store doesn’t know when they will get any more and I’ve been waiting and waiting…

      • TheGigi


        Had an order on digitec an cancelled it, they don’t know when they will recieve more or at least the wont tell you (ordered on Feb 22nd). Contacted Digifuchs yesterday and the have in stock for CHF 3150.- (don’t know how many but I will pick up mine today).

    • Wow, many people still have not the D800 yet. I was VERY lucky when I went to the shop, ask for D800 and seller ask me “I have one, do I safe it for you or do you wanna buy it?”
      Reading all problems with delivery, I couldn’t believe it… I still can’t.

      • Norbet


        • silmasan

          no, bury

  • Looks like the camera is off but the display isn’t? Not having used a D800/D4, on other models only the frames remaining shows when camera is off.

    • JB

      The D4 displays both shots remaining and taken as well showing what cards you have in when turned off. Nothing like what is shown in the picture of one locked on. Thankfully I never had this issue but will upgrade when possible.

  • simanta saikia

    I never have faced any of the mentioned issues in my D800 so should I update to the new firmware or should I not. I’ll be grateful if anyone advice me upon that.

    • I would say of course update. It can’t do any harm.


    • Discontinued

      Of course you should. How else could you be sure to never face “any of the mentioned issues”?

    • TnT

      I would wait for a few weeks to see if there is any other bugs in this Firmware.

  • Ryan

    Hmm, this requires a $120 AC adapter to install!?! I hope I can use one at the local camera shop because I’m not shelling out for this one time update.

    • Arthur

      “Power the camera from AC adapter unit or use a fully charged battery.”

      • Ryan

        Awesome, thank you. I had the battery grip installed (fully charged) and it kept erroring I couldn’t update with the battery. When I switched the menu to power from internal battery first it worked fine.

  • I, too, have never seen any of these issues from my D800. But, it’s nice to know Nikon’s on the ball with the fixes.


  • jonathan

    I haven’t had those issues. The only glitch I have encountered was when CS G4 is set to movie, the camera won’t let you measure a new custom white balance.

    On the D800.

  • Nikon’s current poor supply situation:

    • Foolishcfo

      Wow…that was made almost two months ago and still silence from Nikon. I have my popcorn ready for the sequel YouTube video.

  • zinzun

    I was waiting to read the “in some rare cases…” 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I am glad that Nikon issued this update. That was faster than what was expected.

    Also, I think Nikon does not have a supply problem… they just have a demand problem… much higher demand than they expected. Also, the problem is magnified by stores like B&H, Adorama etc. taking way too many pre-orders, and users like us who placed multiple pre-orders. I believe that the biggest problem lies with us… maybe, the stores should have asked for a non-refundable deposit with each pre-order. In that case, only the serious buyers would have placed the orders. The ones that wanted to flip or were just dithering, would have sat out and the serious users would have got their units faster. By the way, Canon’s so called flagship camera which was announced many months ago is still vaporware.

    • Muscovy

      If the retailers were awash in overstock, then multiple pre-orders were a problem. Since cancelled pre-orders go to the next customer in line, and there’s still a line, the pre-orders weren’t a problem.

      The problem is that this was an overdue release and everyone wanted it on day one. Nikon can’t tool a factory to handle a spike in demand like this knowing that those resources will idle 3 months later.

      • Ren Kockwell

        I don’t believe it. If orders are exceeding demand by this much, every exec can retire. As is typically the case in situations like this, there are likely myriad culprits.

        Customer frenzy is one. Nikon distribution/manufacturing issues are the second. Again, that is NEVER the point of frustration. The point of frustration arises when a company goes mum, keeps customers in the dark, and exhibits no transparency. This goes both for retailers not telling customers where they are in line, and to Nikon for not sharing their information with these retailers so they can better manage customer expectations.

        So people get pissed and frustrated not knowing what is really going on and when they are likely to see their camera. Nikon has always been pretty great at making great cameras, and pretty lousy at managing their customers’ expectations. This case is no different. And it can be harmful.

        • If Nikon were to actually tell people that it will take say, 6 months to deliver a camera they order today, three things will happen.

          1. New orders will plummet as people decide either purchase something else or decide to wait a few months to see if the supply situation eases up, or the price drops.

          2. They set themselves up for an even bigger loss of face if they don’t deliver on time.

          3. A lot of the exisiting orders will be cancelled as people lose any hope whatsoever, however forlorn that they will get their cameras in say 2-3 months.

          I agree that the waiting without word is very frustrating, but on the other hand, I think that Nikon knows they can get away with behaving the way they do until demand drops off markedly, which does not appear likely any time soon.

          • Ren Kockwell

            I totally disagree. I think that people will wait longer if they are told how long the wait is by an honest and seemingly transparent company.

            Case in point? In one week, I experienced two 4+ hour flight delays.

            The first, was United. No reps were at the gate, phone reps offered no information—people were left in the dark. Speculation grew into rumor, rumor grew into resentment and frustration grew into anger. Total furious mob scene. Boarding was a bile-infused, expletive-laced nightmare.

            The second, Southwest. Customers were told within 25 minutes of the boarding time the situation. Folks weren’t happy, but they understood. A few caught alternative flights. But the majority stayed. Some hit the bar. Some plugged in laptops. When the flight arrived, a pleasant, polite crowd boarded, and an appropriately apologetic and understanding Southwest sympathized. That’s respect for your consumer.

            Transparency works.

            • You can’t make a fair comparison using a airline/travel analogy. People who are traveling are on a deadline. They have someplace to get to and they need to know when they are going to get there. People buying D800’s are on no such deadlines. I’m sure that 99.8%, just like me, have already got functional cameras and the consequences of not getting your D800 in time for your family vacation to Yosemite are not the same as the consequences of not getting to a business meeting in another city on time or being stranded in a foreign city on your way home for a trip. Though I would LOVE to get my D800 tomorrow, I will not die or suffer loss of business if I don’t have it for a while.

              I’m not aware of any dealers refusing to take orders, at least locally in Montreal, though few are the least bit optimistic about delivery times. The smart ones, insist on taking a substantial cash deposit, which demonstrates a certain commitment to purchasing it from that dealer rather than simply placing orders with as many as possible and cancelling most of them as soon as any of them deliver. And if the backlog of orders is so bad that some dealers are not taking new orders, it demonstrates that Nikon’s poor communication is not dampening the enthusiasm.

              What it all boils down to is math. Nikon is capable of building 30,000 units per month. The demand far exceeds this at the present. But Canon is currently producing zero $3000 36MP cameras per month at the moment, and as long as folks believe that they can get one from Nikon faster than from Canon, they will continue to try to get them there. Nikon knows this.

              This being said, I would LOVE to know WHEN I’m getting the the one I ordered 2 months ago and I am as frustrated as everyone else who has one on order and is being kept in the dark. That’s why I’m on this site so often, trying to glean insights.

          • Ren Kockwell

            I might also add, that it would be hard to make orders plummet when most of the major retailers won’t even take your pre-order now because things are backed up so badly. Kind of blows your number 1 theory out of the water.

            Overall, I am not aware of ANY time a company has kept mum about a delayed release and it has HELPED company perception.

        • Foolishcfo

          Open the kimono Nikon and tell us when supply will deliver!

  • Paul Forrest

    This problem exists in the d7000 aswell. I thought i did something wrong

    • Grant

      Me too! Or that the camera was fried. Happened to me once.

  • Patrick

    Finally an update. I haven’t had glitches so far with my D4 and D800 but I will update anyway. Im a serious amateur ( amateur — because I dont make money off photography. I have a regular job) and any updates like this is highly appreciated.

  • You mean to tell me that my long, long, long wait for my D800 could be a blessing in disguise? The more they fix before I get my camera, the happier I’ll be, even if thoughts of just getting a 5DMIII have lately creeped into my subconscious.

    • Anonymous

      Have you tried your local brick and mortar camera store for a D800?

    • Andrew

      You should not allow your subconscious to play tricks on you; the minute you submit to it – the next minute you will walk by a store and see the D800 on a shelf. If I was forced to buy a camera today, I would pick up the D3200 until the D800 arrives. I wonder how the D3200 compares to the D3x, and if the D3200 will make a good emergency camera. Dynamic range and ISO comparisons will be interesting with both sporting a 24 MP sensor. The image quality (IQ) of the D3200 should be quite good.

  • elph

    I had a similar problem when occasionally I would take a picture and the loading symbol would appear on a black screen for a while… I pressed the play button to get out, go back in, still loading, take another picture and go back, still loading… Turn the camera off and go back, picture there! It’s only happened like 2 or 3 times in the past 1300 picture I took.

  • I got a phone call last Thursday from a shop in London telling me that one D4 had come in and did I want it. I took it. Then the next day I had another call from another dealer telling me that my D4 was in and did I want that! Two in two days. This second company said it would have no problem selling it as I didn’t want it.

    I’d ordered a D4 on the 6th April and placed an order with a few stores a couple of weeks after that. I agree with Anonymous that I don’t think Nikon realised how popular the D4 would be and that they were caught off guard. As for us being to blame, I’m not sure if I agree with that as I was a serious buyer but registered with several companies just to get one asap.

  • mouonline

    WTF… new firmware releases… but i don’t even get my D800E yet… i ordered from onecall, almost four months…

  • No official work yet, but my woes point to a possible DOA CF card slot.

    Would not recognize any CF card new or used regardless of make, size, or speed.

    Would hang for approx. 1 minute before turning off. If I yoinked the CF during that 1 minute power-off-lock-up, it would shut down like normal. Camera functioned fine with XQD card only. Sent into Factory Repair last Monday, no word yet.

    Me’thinks someone in Nikon QC may be receiving a thrashing, if they haven’t already.

    Can’t wait to have it back. ;_)

    • *word

      Patience is a gift.


    • Don

      Check for bent pin/s down in the slot. common problem with CF.

  • wanderer

    Has anyone had trouble with the Lexar Pro 32GB 600x SDHC cards in the D800? I’ve had one in my D800 for a couple months now, and just use it as overflow (which is to say that it doesn’t really get used much, photos are written to CF). Yesterday for the first time, the camera refused to shoot. There was a blinking “For” on the LCD. There was an error on the screen that said the SD card was not formatted. Formatting the SD card fixed it temporarily, but it keeps happening. I have not upgraded the firmware yet, but it doesn’t sound like this firmware update deals with this issue. Any ideas?

    • BMW

      Take your card back and get it replaced free. Lexar cards have been failing at an increased rate according to my camera shop. Had to take my own card in a couple of weeks ago. They have a lifetime warranty. Don’t assume it is the camera.

    • Foolishcfo

      I just ordered some of the very same cards. I even asked B&H to confirm there would be no problems. Have you tried it in a non-D800 camera? I bought a Delkin 700x CF 32GB card and it wouldn’t work in my D800. However, it worked fine in my D200. I’ve never had a problem as BMW states according to the local camera shop but then again I haven’t had the super fast cards yet either.

    • wanderer

      It looks like it’s a faulty card. It worked well for a couple months. Now it won’t format, and my Macbook Pro doesn’t recognize it in the built-in SD reader or an external Lexar SD/CF reader that works fine with CF. Lexar support has said they’ll replace it.

  • Chandra

    It looks like this link takes us to Nikon site in Europe for the firmware update. The USA site doesn’t show the update. The last post on the USA website is the D700 firmware update.

    Is it safe to update the US version of the camera with this firmware update from the European site?

  • ven

    Hi friends
    Followed all instructions and copied to formatted sandisk sd card and then when inserted to camera, it still shows firmware version A-1.0, B1.0 AND C -1.004
    UNABLE TO FORMAT.Please help!
    By the way i use Macbook pro with lion os x 10.7.4

    • Jon

      You need to copy just the .bin file to the card by opening the card on your screen then moving the .bin to the Nikon card that you opened. If you do it correctly, the camera will show you an update option. It has to be the primary card for the camera.

      • CE


      • Huggy

        Dear Jon,
        You’re a star. I was having trouble (as I’m a computer biff!) as I was trying to get the whole lot across, not just the .bin file.
        Hope you have a great day.

  • iSimba

    Did anyone recently receive D800 from Amazon, and when did you order?

    • jorg

      ordered 03/08 received 05/14

    • Foolishcfo

      Its good to hear March orders are now delivering. I ordered on 03/22 and they had told me it would deliver 04/30 to 05/30. They sent me a new email today saying they would let me know when they had a new date since today is 05/30 and they haven’t shipped.

  • DY

    Yeh! Pretty decent turnaround time for this fix. Funny that Nikon Canada has not officially confirmed my D4 lockup issue I reported to them despite there being a firmware release to fix it!! Gonna see how long it takes for them to contact me about it. 😉

    For those who question whether to upgrade…just upgrade. It took over 4700 frames for my D4 to lock up one time and it hasn’t since. Point is, Nikon has agreed there is a problem and issued a fix, so take it.

    • The Fez

      I do that in a week working for a daily newspaper. Seems like an issue to me is that problems are occurring more and more often with each new generation of digital cameras. Never had an issue when two decades ago using film out of an F4. Even a decade ago, I don’t recall such problems with the D1. (though not an FW issue, that battery sure has sucked. Thank Jebus for companies getting batteries right which is more than I can say for FW)

      • Andrew

        Firmware issues are the norm for advanced technology. Consider it a feature of advanced devices. No firmware issues, no progress! These cameras are getting so advanced, it is a marvel that they work at all. Yet we expect their functionality to be as simple as making a cup of tea. Soon they will be programming your personal robot to go and shoot that event for you whereby you could handle multiple jobs at once.

  • Mark J.

    Haven’t had any of the issues this fixes on my D800, and i’ve already got it near 5,000 actuation’s already. Still nice to know i don’t have to worry about it ever happening now.

    As for all you wondering where your D800’s are? There in the hands of people who didn’t order from B&H, Adorama, or Amazon!

    • LP

      True that…

  • GB

    I really wish Nikon taking care of the problem with 85 1.4g and D800 (focus shift), maybe in next camera?

    • LP

      Hi GB, I’m sorry would you care to explain a bit more the issue there is with the D800 + 85 1.4G. I got both and use it thoroughly with no noticable errors, problems or complaints at all. Please let me know about the issue, thanks.

  • MP_Photo

    I really hope this fixes it… Extremely frustrating to spend that kind of money and have this issue- within the first few shots it started and it happens too often. maybe this will fix the SD card error also which seems to happen the other 20% of the time. Aside from these 2 errors the camera is magnificent!!

    • MP_Photo

      Okay- Update. Did the firmware update and took it out for a spin. So far no lock up issues- BUT, I still got a couple SD card errors…. I’m thinking some new CF/SD cards are in my near future and hopefully that will take care of it…

  • Vin

    Drip,..D….Drip ….8….drip…0..0…, woosh,……D600?

  • I suppose the silver lining to the slow deliveries is that people who get their cameras later rather than sooner will have few problems with theirs when they get them. I ordered mine in early April and from what I can gather from the slow deliveries to date, I am not optimistic about getting mine any time before Labor Day. I am forcing myself to believe this is a good thing…

    • don

      Early adopters take the arrows, so yes, if you’re in no hurry to be on the bleeding edge, it is a good thing.

      • With these delays, Nikon is doing its best to do away withe the concept of early adopter. It seems to be working.

      • The Fez

        There is no such thing, nor has been with Nikon dSLR cameras as “early adopters” I really hate how hobbyists, pixel peepers and general computer nerds have coined or rather re-coined this computer/consumer electronics term to photography.

        • PC Police

          Take a valium.

        • Andrew

          Yeah, I bought a brand new HP inkjet color printer around 1995 and regretted my decision. It was a new design and it failed miserably. Looking at the reports I have heard on the D800, a firmware problem is not what I would consider as a major problem, unless one is using the camera for a mission critical task and does not have a backup which is never recommended. I have the impression that the guys at Nikon are perfectionists.

          I share your views, I have a very high regard for Nikon’s quality control – especially their hardware team. Sony is another company I hold in very high regard when it comes to hardware – though they tend to push the limits more often with regular product updates/redesigns. Software is an entirely different matter when it comes to any company’s ability to write error free code, and thus firmware issues/errors are as prevalent as broken glass.

  • I had to place the firmware on my CF card instead of the SD card maybe because I configured to use the CF slot as primary target.

    Maybe it helps somebody 😉

  • CrazyCatLady

    Yay! Now I can update all 7 of my D800s! I know what you are thinking, 7? Well I placed pre-orders with 7 different retailers the night of the announcement and got them all! I was only going to keep one, so that I could take portraits of Mr. Fluffykins. Mr. Fluffykins is my cat, by the way. Anywho, I figured out that I could keep one camera in each room, so that I never miss the opportunity to take 36MP worth of handsomeness.

    • don

      Good luck keeping track of all your memory cards.

      • CrazyCatLady

        What is a memory card? Do you get them at the Hallmark store? I can put pictures of Mr. Fluffykins in them before I send them out.

        • Foolishcfo

          Your love affair with your cat reminded me I have to try my “dead kitten” with my new Rode stereo video mic!

    • Vin

      I like the way you think, never have to worry about missing a shot. Or Having a camera wear out. With that kind of love and dedication to your cat, you are sure to get a Guggenheim show.

      • CrazyCatLady

        Oh my! The Guggenheim! Some nice man on The Internet told me that I would need 36MP just to have a portrait of Mr. Fluffykins hung on the wall of the local coffee shop. I just love their coffee. The girl behind the counter is so nice.

        • Vin

          let the coffee girl take a self portrait of herself and the kitty.

    • Anonymouse

      I have kittennapped your cat.
      Leave a D800 in a plain brown wrapper somewhere I can find it or you will never see your cat again.

      • silmasan

        a D800? Just one? Seriously, you need to reassess Mr. Fluffykins’ worth. If I were CrazyCatLady, I’d be insulted.

  • As of today, May 29, 2012; my order of Nikon D800E is still Pending from

    Status: Pending: Total: $3,299.95
    Order date: February 15, 2012

    • Louie

      After giving B&H $6500 in cash on Jan. 17, I got tired of waiting and put myself on a few waiting list. I got a call from 1 of them 2 weeks later. I would start doing the same if I were u.

      • Thomas

        @Dat and Louie
        I placed a order with Adorama within a couple of hours after the pre orders was available. I waited and waited and could not get a answer to when I would receive my D4 and D800. I went to my local NPD dealer and ordered them. I received both within 2 weeks. I went in the same store last Thursday and they had a D4 in their display case and 2 D800’s behind the counter. The owner said the Nikon tries to send the same number of cameras to their NPD dealers, so a company like Adorama may receive the same number that he would get since they are both NPD dealers. I do not regret for a minute having to pay the sales tax for the cameras and have enjoyed the cameras.
        The D800 to me is the best camera I have ever owned. When I was shooting my D3X I found myseld shooting 90-95 percent of my photo’s using the highest resolution. The D800 gives me a great deal more flexibility. If I am shooting things that I know I will not be blowing up for a large print I can shoot either low of medium resolution and if I see something that I know I want the extra resolution I can switch over to raw and use all 36.3 megapixels. Seems that the people that are trashing the D800 are using the high megapixels as the excuse but to me it provides me more flexibility than any camera I have ever owned.
        I still shoot medium and large format and the D800 comes close to the medium format but it’s not quite there (but really close). It has me thinking that I maybe able to do without the Medium format cameras.

    • peter2

      Same here @Louie.
      @Dat, If I were you, I’d go around town, adding your name on the waiting list of all local camera stores. After waiting for B&H for too long, that’s what I did. Got myself a D800 after a week of waiting on a local store.
      To my amusement, B&H sent me an email saying they didn’t have any clue when of if Nikon would send them any, Nikon just didn’t tell them. 🙂

  • Foolishcfo

    Can someone please educate me as to what the A, B and L reference in the firmware screen? Thanks.

    • Ben

      L is a lens database. It has info for fixing distortion fringing and other lens correction.

      • Richard

        So “L” is a Lens Database? Is this a new feature of the D800 or D4 or both? Neither D700 nor D3s know anything of it. Does it come pre-loaded in the camera, or is it the result of fine tuning Nikkor lenses and non-CPU lenses and generated by the body? I can’t find any mention of it skimming through the D800 manual. Given that it has already incremented to 1.004, how has it been hitherto updated?

        Intriguing that it, like the camera’s display of Flash firmware, runs to three decimal places, whereas the A & B firmwares only go to two!

        I sense a mystery!

  • Don

    Got my D800 about 2 weeks ago from a local small dealer. Two lockups within the first 50 shots. Then I shot a Track Meet over a 1000 shots. No lockup. Glad to see the new firmware.
    IF there was never a supply problem, you wouldn’t know how great the demand was!!!

  • 120-300 os for Nikon

    Nice one problem less now more rumors about D400 D600 please.

  • Frankest76

    Unfortunatly it doesn’t fix the NetWork “On” / Mirror Lock Up Problem for the D4…

  • Anonymous

    I am not sure if simply electronics is a bonafide Nikon dealer or not. If they are not bonafide, then you are at a risk of Nikon not honoring the warranty. Couple this with the price gouging, I say buyer beware.

  • Peter

    Speaking of Mirror Lock Up For Cleaning ….. You cannot even do the firmware update if the network connection is set to ON. Be sure to check that if you cannot perform the update.

  • Otto

    Alas, they did not fix the exposure preview oddity – I need Live View, not live exposure preview, with aperture always stopped down (even during contrast AF), and a nice, black-in-black monitor when exposure is set for studio flash.

  • Got my D800 this Saturday in Conns of Dublin, after 120k shutters on a D700 it was time. In case anyone has any doubts this new Nikon is utterly remarkable , it’s more accurate more responsive and the 45MB RAW files are astounding. My D800 will spend its life in a sound blimp for stills but already it’s been hired for a TV shoot. Well done Nikon for such a bold pioneering move


  • Eric

    How about giving people an additional link to the firmware update on the Nikon USA webpage?

    • When I wrote the post, Nikon USA did not have the firmware up, I will update the post.

  • burgerman

    Simply electronics are chinese importers, selling grey cameras, and have a UK adress which is a house. They also take orders, and supply eventually if and when theyt get the gear. DSo a search for problems and you will see… Scammers. Took me endless emails and repeated standard non related emails from them to get a teleconverter. And about 5 weeks. Supposed in stock at the time. Arrived in plain brown box like a refurb…

  • Tom

    Great! I have D800 and Grip on hand. Will update tonight!!

  • Seb

    I am still facing autofocus lock-up problems after the update… 🙁
    Just to clarify the issue: The camera works perfectly for some time and then suddenly stops to focus.
    During last weekend´s wedding, I realized that oftentimes even removing the battery did not fix the issue. Instead, I had to remount the lens…

    Directly after the firmware upgrade, the camera locked up again and I noticed that it actually sufficed to press the lens release button once or twice to regain autofocus capabilities.

    I´m pretty sure that I´m able to mount a lens and I´m confused where the problem lies. Since this happens with my 85mm 1.4g and the 70-200 vrII, could there be a problem with the D800´s lens mount?

    • Mic

      This happened to me too with my D7k – had an “-E-” in the shoulder display and nothing worked.
      Send it in for repair – there´s something wrong with your mount/lens-combo…
      They exchanged some circuitry… took 2 days.



  • Green Screen

    Good job Nikon.

    Now fix the “improved” screen so it doesn’t have a green cast all the time.

    Was on a job yesterday with a 1DsIII user. The client saw my screen and asked why my colors were so much worse!!!

  • Joaquim Prado

    What about fix the demand problem?

  • david distefano

    this past sunday(may 27) i just walked into horn camera store in fresno, california for the hell of it and they had the d800 in stock so down went the amex and out i walked with my new d800. they also had d4’s in stock. they told me they get stock on a regular basis. even though fresno has 3 fantastic national parks within 75 miles, it is not a center for art, which may be one reason i was able to find the d800 so easy. out my home office window in visalia ca. i see directly into sequioa national park.

    • Astrophotographer

      The problem is you’re in your home office and not in the Sequoias


  • Ian

    Have had the 800E for over a month now and haven’t really had any lock-up issues so far. On one occasion, start up time seemed to take 15 seconds or so rather than being essentially immediate – figured that it had something to do with a lens swap but who knows?

    Got one of the first cameras by dealing with a big specialty store and ordering reasonably early (couple of dozen names ahead of mine for the 800 but I was supposedly the first on their list for the 800E.) Later found out that the NPS members could cut in front of me in line so I had the camera store write up the deal deposit my check. They then sent me the first 800E that came in and it was delivered one to two weeks before any on-line reviews appeared.

    Great camera that can reveal any weakness in a lens or a user’s technique. Also generates files big enough that I refer to it as my “pixel-pig”. Sandisk Extreme Pro cards work perfectly as does the eye-cup from one of my old F3’s.

    Well worth the money and the wait! Did the 800E firmware update today – all went well and, aside from the firmware number, everything seems the same. (Had to wait much longer for a Fuji x100 last year and even longer for its recent – but stellar – firmware update.)

  • DY

    Modern dslr’s are packed with technology all driven by firmware, which is program code. So it’s not inappropriate use of those terms. Things that go wrong in these devices it seems is less about mechanical then it is about software; at least in the beginning

  • Don

    Updated the firmware in my loverly D800. Simple. Went on a shoot tnight. 400 shots. No issues, just stunning photos… but that’s all me, of course.

  • Richard

    The shot of the Firmware Versions screen interests me! What is the third, “L” version, of 1.004 ?

    That should be an attached Flashgun, surely? The SB900 goes only to 1.02, which displays on the camera as 1.002. Has the SB910 already gone to 1.04? Or is this the SB700?

    • rainer

      Mine shows an L 1.004, too and nothing is attatched…

  • Still waiting for my D800, but in the meantime, I really appreciate reading all the user feedback on this and other issues being posted by those who’ve gotten theirs. Keep posting your user experience guys!

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