New/updated Nikon D600 specifications

I have an update to the previously reported Nikon D600 specifications (new/updated specs are on top, marked in bold).

I also have two corrections to make - the D600 will have a built-in AF motor and it will not have built-in GPS.

There are also rumors that Nikon has invited some European resellers for a meeting in Casablanca on 28 May, 2012. I am not sure if this is related to the D600.

New/updated Nikon D600 specifications:

  • 24.7MP full frame sensor
  • Weight: 760g (850g with battery and memory cards), the D800 weights 900g
  • 3.2" LCD with 921K dot with ambient sensor control
  • HDMI output
  • Video compression: H264/MPEG-4
  • Full HD with 30p, 25p, 24p, HD with 60p, 50p, 30p, 25p
  • Viewfinder coverage: 100% for FX , 97% for Dx
  • The Nikon D600 will have built-in AF motor
  • The body most probably will be weather sealed
  • The D600 may not have built-in GPS as initially reported
  • ISO range: 100-6400 (with Lo-1 ISO 50 and Hi-2 ISO 25,600)
  • 39 AF points (with an option of 11 AF points), 9 cross-type AF points
  • AF face detection
  • Exposure compensation: ±5 EV (same as the D800)
  • The D600 will probably use the EN-EL15 rechargeable Li-ion battery

Previously reported Nikon D600 specs:

  • 5 fps (same as the D700, the D800 has 4fps)
  • 2 SD card slots with Eye-fi support
  • Build-in retouching images functionality
  • Built-in flash with sync speed of 1/250s
  • Two user settings: U1 and U2
  • Fn button
  • Auto DX crop mode
  • In-camera RAW editor
  • Built in time-lapse functionality
  • Possibly with build-in HDR
  • New external battery grip
  • To be released this summer
  • The D600 will probably not have an internal AF motor, which means it will work only with AF-S lenses (just like the D3200 and D5100)
  • The price of the D600 is rumored to be very low - maybe as low as $1500
  • Announcement before Photokina (September 2012)
  • One or more low-priced f/4 lenses will be announced with the D600. For example, Nikon recently filed a patent for a 24-70mm f/3.5-4.5 full frame lens which seems to be designed for a cheaper FX DSLR body
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  • AM

    Will it have embedded Angry Birds?

    • peter2

      wait until D600t comes out (t is for touch screen 🙂 ), it will enable you download any kind of birds.

  • D600 =$1499

    Where is the pre-order link??

    Okay, I know it’s not announced yet. – To all those frustrated D700 owners! 😉

    • Levi h

      Man, I just truly don’t understand everyone right now: “for the frustrated d700 owners??” how is this for us?! It’s obviously a cheaper camera than the D700, less focusing points, and the same ISO.

      I completely understand this camera for those wanting to move up to a cheaper FF, and video people wanting a cheaper alternative, but what about this camera replaces the D700 besides video?! Some one please enlighten me, I would love to be happy about this camera!

      • das zebra

        higher resolution and a nice dx-mode…

        i think für some people thats verry importand… but u are verry lucky if u have a d700!

      • U.

        I don’t know why it is but I get the impression that D700 owners are not willing to recognize that the days of the D700 are over. They purchased the very expensive D700 bodies as the equivalent of a “working class” equivalent to the D3 (often adding the “grip” to make them look like the “real thing”) and they seem to be uncomfortable seeing that an even better camera is just around the corner. Get used to it since that’s they way it is with digital bodies. ISO capabilities are only one factor in a camera’s profile and the breakthrough we saw in the D3/D700 set is now barely holding its own with the new releases. Once we get to try the replacements for the D5100 and D7000 the D700 will be history. And that’s the optimistic view. If the D600 is indeed a low-cost FX body its image quality will far surpass that of the D700.

        • Axel

          Hehe I’d never thought about troling frustrated D700’s owners …

          There are no frustrated D700’s owner .. Just happy ones … They made a really good deal (compared to a D3), their camera is fantastic, well-built, rock solid and still retains a lot of value on the second hand market …

          But for videographers, I would say there can not be frustrated D700 owners …

        • Levi H

          U. – I guess that’s just it. I AM comfortable with a replacement camera coming around the corner. In fact I WANT that to happen. I just havn’t seen it yet.

          I guess I’m not “most” people w/ the D700, I feel like the wedding shooter crowd is oriented strongly towards Canon shooters, and the Mark III is a great well rounded camera, granted Nikon bests it in certain aspects w/ the D800, I just wish they would come out with a well rounded camera too, because that’s really what I need, and would pay money for. (just not 6K for the D4) haha, but 3-4K would be pretty acceptable.

          • I would still ge t a d800. You can always shoot it at 22 mp 1.2 crop for most things. This should be no trouble for a wedding photogrpher and when and if you need exeteeme wide angle just flick it ba I to full frame for a couple shots. D800 offers truly extreme flexibility I think you are getting hung up on 36 mp

            • luke

              you cannot have 1.2 crop if you shoot raw. And I do shoot raw during weddings!

            • trent grasse

              Your mistaken you absolutley can

            • owen

              that’s one hell of a wedding. haha

            • Richard M

              trent Grasse is right that the crops do work in raw. Don’t confuse image area with image size (raw is always L). The 1.2 crop is nearly 25Mp not 22. The 1.2 crop is pretty useful and usable. The viewfinder size is about the same as a D300. The focus points cover more of the frame than for full FX and you can have 5fps.

          • Jonathan Keller

            Personally, I find everything about my D800 better than the D700. There is something about the images, more than just the extremely high resolution, that jumps off the page (printed page) of my images.

            Plus, being able to crop uncontrollable elements out of a frame and still have more resolution than anything else short of MF is wonderful.

            I shot the Blue Angels yesterday, as they streaked by Lower Manhattan, and since I was panning, caught some foliage in the last image of the sequence. I cropped down to 18MP, and it’s still chock full of image data:


        • Jorge

          The days of the D700 ARE NOT OVER. Not until it’s pried from my cold, dead fingers after I have the big one at a dark, unlit wedding venue!

        • Your comment is truly ignorant. For me an excellent camera has good build quality, a nice display, LV, weather seals, good ISO performance (at least d3 like performance), a good AF module, decent fast FPS, at least 12mp and has a 24×36 sensor.

          A d600 with better ISO performance than the d700 won’t make me significantly better pictures nor will it have a big impact in my shooting style, since you can allready see in the dark with a d700 and a proper lens. (not to mention that it will propably focus worse in low light and thus give me less sharp pictures)

          Since the d3 all FF-professional cameras released (canon and nikon) have more than excellent image quality, build and ergonomics to meet the needs of amateurs. I can see people staying with theyr cameras longer now, (like in the film days) since the benefits of leaps in FF-camera technology get smaller for amateurs. (see the difference in image quality between the d3s and d4)

          It was never so easy to take amazing pictures as it is in our time and still so many people are bitching like 12 year olds.

      • Rory

        It’s the absolute perfect camera for D700 owners who regret not having a video mode and don’t want to crossgrade to the now-getting-very-outdated-5d mkII. Also, it would be wonderful to be able to print larger than A3, finally.

        • Christopher

          If you bought a D700, you we’re looking for video…

          I think this is simply online camera wars which doesn’t make sense. If you have a good D700, you’re probably either very happy with it, or simply ready to move onto something different. Not because you’re frustrated.

      • AdamD

        The frustrated part is probably just trolling. As far as same ISO, while the same, the noise is probably going to be less. I tended to keep at 1600 and below when shooting if at all possible. I just hope this rumor is true. I sold the D700 for more than I bought it for with hopes of upgrading but took another year for the D800 to come and at almost 1k more. So the D600 possibly coming in for 1500 with an AF motor (yes, I have a bunch of AF-D lenses) sounds great (I miss the big bright view finder, my D200 just seems so small and dark)

  • quintana

    I wish Nikon would build a black and white variant of the D600. 24 MP with the flexibility of a DSLR instead of a rangefinder Leica would be stunning for me! And to be honest: I just can’t afford the Leica although I love the M Monochrom!

  • Simon

    This is absolutely the camera I have been waiting for. In every single way, if the specs and price are right.

    Wish they would shut up and take my money already.

    • Peter


    • SDiggity


      • Mr. McNamara

        I didn’t know you were looking! Interesting…

    • Me

      You could shut up and donate your money to charity.

    • Roberto


  • Dogbert

    This tool is sounding better and better..
    Admin.. I am hoping for MUP and D7k IR wireless.. Any tidbits??


    • LeGO

      Same here in wanting MUP and IR in front and at the rear just like the D7000. If the D600 is based on a D7000 frame, I expect it would have MUP and dual-IR port. It’s a shame that the D800 does not have the dual IR port of the D7000 as this makes wireless MUP shooting so much more convenient, specially when working in the dark.

  • neversink

    What a bore!! Sounds like a low-end D800. Maybe it is worth it at half the price…. Not for me though…

    • Levi h

      Finally, some one who gets how I feel about this camera!

      • das zebra

        the camery isn’t right for everyone ?

        u don’t say!!!!!!

    • SDiggity


  • glu

    I would buy this in a heartbeat.

  • Apollo


    Okey, that’s a deal breaker for me. Do I have to pay the price of D4 to get a DSLR which can shoot fast enough (over 6Fps)

    • Vertigo

      buy a used D3s for less than a D800. Some go as low as 2500 neurones.
      That’s what I was going to do to replace my D300, but now I need to wait and see what comes out of these 24 MP in the D600…

      • don

        A used D3s for 2500? (I’m assuming “neurones” means “USD.”) I’d like to see that.

        $2500 for a used D3, yes. But not for a D3s — unless it’s broken or stolen.

        • Jonathan

          Working at a place that sells used cameras, D3s’s are not $2500 yet. 3500-4000.

      • JJ

        If a neurone is worth 1.5 USD, then you’re right. Otherwise you’re misinformed.

        • a4

          Have you guys ever heard of a land called Europe? Maybe this is where (n)Euro(nes) come from…? 😉

      • Sahaja

        He probably meant € Euros

    • neversink

      If you have to ask, then you don’t need more than 4fps… Hey, I have a D4 that I use professionally…. I rarely use it at 10fps, but glad it is there for when I need it. I love the D800 also and rarely use it a 4fps. Most of the time I compose and shoot when the shot is right. I don’t always need rapid fire, even in action — although I use it.

      If you need it, you don’t have to ask whether or not you should buy it… you just buy it…

    • joe

      As someone who owns a D4 for portraits/weddings, I have to say that anything over 5 fps is way more than I ever need. Your mileage may vary; I can totally see the need with very fast moving objects/people, but I’m not a sports shooter. I think a lot of the FPS stuff is just hype.

      Sports shooters used to only have 4 frames/second, and they did okay…

      • kyoshinikon

        I do sports and journalism and there ARE times I need more than the 5fps I currently have… On a good note however it isnt too common that I need it…

        • GeoffK

          There have been times with my D90 that I got the shot just before the player was hit and after the ball was knocked well away. If I had more than ~4 FPS I would have caught the ball as it popped out. I’d like to be able to do 7-9 and no, I do not want a D3s as I am not going to invest in a 120-300 or 200-400 lens to try and make up the difference I get with my DX sensor.

          • Hey Geoff, I don’t know where you come from, but here in Germany you can buy a used d300 in really good condition for 560 Euros, while you can sell your d90 for at least 350€. So if you only need more fps you can easily upgrade and it won’t even cost you more money since you can still sell the d300 when a sucessor comes out.

            And btw I actually prefered the (skin) colours I got out of my d90 (and get out of the d700) comperad to the d7000 files.

            It’s not all gold that’s new and the older d300 will also get the job perfectly done, especially if it’s sports photography.

      • a4

        Based on experience with my current body (D7000/6fps) I’ll pray for 5fps with a BIGGER buffer :).

  • CE

    Re: D800 NEF files. I have this issue with my D800. When i select the CF card as the primary slot selection and subsequently transfer the raw file to either Capture NX2 or View NX2, I am unable to perform most of the editing options msuch as adjusting exposure, white balance, noise reduction etc, can only perform some simple adjustments such as saturation under quick adjust. I initially assumed that capture nx2 had not been updated for the D800 but after downloading the lastet version 2.3.2, the problem still exists. TO MY SURPRISE, when i select the SD card as tne primary slot, i have no such problems when i transfer the raw file to either Capture NX2 or View NX2.. White balance, exposure, noice reduction, etc are all working as expected. In reformatted the CF card and even replaced with another card but the problem with the CF card still remains. It is a sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB card. Has any D800 user exprienced any such issue please?

    • I have not experienced this at all.. However I import all my images directly into Lightroom 4. Images work as they are supposed to from both the SD and CF cards.

      • CE

        Thank you Dave…. i dont use lightroom…would propbably download a trial version….

        • Brian

          Do yourself a favor and go for lightroom… NX2 is so outdated/slow ..I was using it when I switched to LR2…then upgraded to LR3 at which point I never looked back…and now LR4 which refines things a bit. learning lightroom is a bit different than NX2.. but once you do you’ll wonder how the heck you lived without it.

          • Very true. Also, Adobe reduced the price, so now Lightroom 4 and Capture NX2 cost about the same.

            The one persistent problem (for me, anyway) with Lightroom is that Lightroom re-renders your raw files so when you import them they won’t look like your camera LCD or like Capture NX2, Lightroom changes the colors and exposure. Other raw processors do as well, but some do a better job.

            So if you want ‘back of your camera’ color you’ll be disappointed but its strengths are overall good enough for most people to live with the color shifts. I use DxO Optics Pro for really important images before importing into Lightroom.

            • Brian

              you can set up defaults specific to camera serial number and / or ISO so that when you import photos they will look the way they do on your nikon software.

    • redirector

      No such issues importing into Aperture with either CF or SD.

      • Steven Georges

        . . . or XQD

    • Intrance

      @CE, I had this issue before. I read somewhere that you have to use the transfer NX link from capture NX itself. You can find it at the drop down window at the main menu of Capture NX.

      • CE

        wld try that…..thanks!

      • CE

        Sorted! Apparently I have been using the older version of Nikon Transfer to pull the pictures from the camera….once I initiated transfer from Capture NX2 it automatically loaded Nikon Tranfer 2, i transfered the pictures and can now fully edit in NX2. Thanks!

    • I experienced much the same thing when I uploaded my first 400 shots of RAW + jpeg from my D800. I uploaded using Transfer 2 (last time I do that). The RAW files behaved like simple jpegs when opened using View NX2 or Capture NX2. It wasn’t until I realized that TRANSFER 2 needed to be updated to the latest and greatest update, or else the RAW files were not being uploaded properly. I was able to rescue about half the shots from the reformatted cards and reload them. Problem solved, but the other shots are sentenced to a lifetime of being a simple jpeg. :{(

      From here on out, I’m using other software. Why can’t Nikon warn you about these issues or at least not allow an upload without an update?

    • deedee thomas

      yes happened today 🙁

  • Dancook

    An FX Body for 1500$ would be nice, but with fast quality FX lenses the package will be still way over my budget.

    I will probably stick with a good DX.

    • U.

      And it is not only an issue of budget. I have been a DX user for a number of years although I have not yet given up on my manual focus F series bodies (F, F2, F3). There are real advantages to the DX format and the hype with FX is often linked to people’s desire to climb the social hierarchy of prestige. The DX/FX divisions are simply reproducing the social and class structures we see elsewhere in society.

      Any serious, experienced photographer understand that there is no “perfect” camera body, just as there is no “perfect” lens. However, many of the discussions we see online reflect occupational or psychological insecurities and a tremendous desire for social prestige and status. That’s what FX turned into; a desirable status symbol. FX, and to some extent Nikon equipment and “Nikon knowledge” in general was appropriated by a small group of people to define membership in an elite.

      For background purposes I should add that one of my research specialties is the psycho-sociology of communication and we see evidence of the role of social prestige needs in any discussion of Nikon equipment. For example, questions by amateurs in often result in responses directing the amateur to non-brand lenses (e.g., Sigma, Tokina) and not because those lenses have particularly desirable optical properties. It is because membership in the Nikon club is by invitation only. Outsiders are not welcome. The Thom Hogan site is another example of this phenomenon and a detailed analysis would not even be necessary to establish that there is enough material in there for a doctoral dissertation on this topic.

      I could go on at length with a discussion of the linkage between the use of the terms “pro” or “professional” and conditions of insecurity but that would be a separate conversation.

      • Pete

        True, true…and well said.

      • Ms U or Mr U. — You sound like an insecure wanna-be professional who just couldn’t make the grade. The only elitism I notice is yours, crying that you’re above all of us folks who have made a living from photography for years. I shoot Nikon, but I also shoot Leica, Hasselblad, Mamiya and view cameras. I love the Nikon cameras, but I don’t hate Canon photographers — some of my closest colleagues shoot with Canon. I just grew up and learned on Nikon since the late 1960s. And so I stuck with what has worked for me. Does that make me elitist, because I choose one system over another?? There is no Nikon club for me that is of interest, except maybe NPS. However, I see no harm in organizations forming that focus discussion and interest around one brand or another. Why does it really bother you, Mr Wanna-Be Pro Photographer???

        I own both DX and FX and never shoot DX on an FX body. FX is the way to go for better IQ. DX offers little advantage over FX and many disadvantages.

        It sounds to me that not only are you probably a failed photographer, but also a fake. You say you are a research specialist in the psycho-sociology of communication. Sounds like a bunch of bunk to me, but I assume you would consider yourself a professional in that field. I guess it’s ok to be a professional in your fake little field, but not ok for me to be a professional photographer. Gee, what have I been doing for the last 30 years. I make money from photography. I feed my family from photography. But I guess I am elitist because I call myself a professional. Maybe I ought to see a shrink. Mybe I should throw all my Nikon gear in the Hudson River and take up psycho-babble for a living and write condescending diatribes debasing professional photographers who happen to use Nikon cameras.

        By the way, I have worked in the communications fields, not just in still photography but on newspapers, in radio and in film. I have written and photographed, and I know a charlatan and a con-man when I see one. Yes Mr.U or Ms. U — I am talking about you. All your elitist psycho-babble and jealous posturing won’t change the fact that we professional photographers have a legitimate role to play in society.

        • RM!

          Spot on!!!

        • don

          Dude. Take a deep, deep breath. Hold. Now exhale.

          U. raised some valid points. And I don’t think he was attacking professionals like you. If anything, his criticisms were aimed precisely at those who aren’t professionals — those who treat cameras and lenses not as tools of a trade but as symbols of prestige.

          • blink


          • Andrew


            U’s diatribe is a perfect example of people who assess others based upon theory and academic meanderings, and not reality; unless his intent is to stir the pot to get valuable feedback to complete his research.

        • Mike

          This is the most childish post I’ve yet to see on this site. I’ve never even posted before but just I had to, I was actually shocked your response. 30 years of experience probably puts you at what… 50-60 years old? But this is the kind of attacking that comes out of 10 year old children.

          I truly, truly hope you don’t talk to people in every day life like that.

          • hunt

            If couse not because he’ll stomped into the ground in a minute. he is hiding behind his computer screen

        • U.

          A clarification. I am not a photographer and the desirable characterization “pro” is not in my wishlist. I am a professor and I happen to have enough time and resources to enjoy photography. I have no problems with the label “amateur” since I have economic freedom to choose the concentration of my photography.

          And just to further clarify since a lot of people claim to have professorial functions when they are, in fact, adjuncts. I am tenured.

          But, the point is not what I do, but how a model derived from psycho-sociology can be used to *explain* why the debates we see in electronic fora are what they are. These are two separate issues.

          • Sahaja

            What’s so desirable about “pro”? – The majority of “professional” drivers are taxi drivers, delivery van drivers, and truck drivers – not F1 drivers. The situation in photography (and many other so-called “professions”) is fairly analogous .

            At least “amateurs” can photograph what they want, where they want and how they want – few “professionals” have that luxury.

        • U.

          By the way, the long post (above) represents exactly what I was referring to earlier. It makes rational discourse an impossibility.

          • redirector

            Obviously you are a tenured professor.
            Obviously you are not a photographer.
            And obviously, you did not post with an interest in “rational discourse”. You ask no questions. You make flat declarations. Boring, even. And you cast sweeping aspersions with impunity.
            You speak of prestige, and outsiders not being welcome to clubs. And then you make a point of referencing your own tiny exclusive membership. Tenure.
            So. What. Who. Cares.
            That is an elitist club to which many never aspire.
            It’s as if you are the one demonstrating this “tremendous desire for social prestige and status”.
            You’re just a rich researcher living in a closed society, a protected class. You may return to your research tower. Don’t deign to speak to the masses who disappoint you when they fail to understand your brilliance.
            It is not their discourse that is impossible.
            Your hypocrisy is most obvious.

            • Sports

              I disagree with U.
              But I have to say I dislike redirector’s writing. I hope you just disagree with U. but it sounds like you hate him/her, just because he/she thinks in a different way than yourself.
              @U. Sure, you’ll experience some “we/they” talking and some Nikon/Canon/Tamron/etc. bs, but you take this much too seriously. In the “camera community”, FX can be a status symbol, but it’s still just 1% of “common people” that actually know what FX is.

        • Andrew

          Interesting response, very interesting. I am sure many will support you on this one.

      • Jorge

        Here! Here!

      • Jorge

        Here! Here!!
        Well said my good man.

      • redirector

        “I could go on at length with a discussion of the linkage between the use of the terms “pro” or “professional” and conditions of insecurity but that would be a separate conversation”

        Thank God. Please don’t. Nobody cares.

        and +100 to Neversink! Sounds like my screen was not the only one dripping with condescension from U’s post! What next, FX is the 1%, and DX is the 99%? Will “U.” start OccupyFX?

        Give me a break.

        • Andrew


          Lots of laughs!

      • 103david

        I am truly amazed! Usually one has to travel great distances to find such a great, towering, steaming, liquefying pile of horse poop as this. Dear U., thanks for the entertainment. Psychoanalysis of an FX format? Even trying to politicize the poor thing?
        Get a grip, buddy.

      • Sahaja

        Mr U. If as you say you “have not yet given up” on your “manual focus F series bodies (F, F2, F3)” you presumably have some Nikon AI lenses. To me this camera (or a D700) looks like a body that will make good use of those lenses in the digital era. A DX body may be fine for extending the reach of normal and tele lenses (if that’s what you want) – but with wide angle lenses the crop DX format kind of cuts out the part you bought the lenses for.

        In their time weren’t the F, F2, F3 as much status symbols as an F700 or D3s is today? A Nikkormat FTn would have given you pictures just as good as an F or F2 but didn’t have quite the status.

        • Sahaja4

          If you can get a decent focusing screen for the camera or use live view, some of those old manual focus lenses stand up very well on modern digital cameras.

          • Trent Grasse

            you cant get a focusing screen for a 100 percent viewfinder and using live view sounds like a nightmare to me

            • Well I definitely enjoyed studying it. This tip offered by you is very practical for proper planning.

          • Richard M

            Trent Grasse, why can’t you get a focusing screen for a 100% viewfinder? I have a number of different screens for my F5. I assumed the lack of screen options was to do with the complexity of current screens with active markings. Pity though because for some uses (such as extreme macro) special screens do give considerable advantages.

            Come to that I have three different viewfinders for my F5 including the 60mm eyepoint action finder and the 6X high magnification finder. A great pity that Nikon dropped interchangeable finders after the F5. I guess they were too complex (need to incorporate metering), expensive, sold in small quantities and difficult to dust seal (more important for digital). Finders for sophisticated digital cameras must be more difficult to engineer which may account for why my D800 (or a D4) does not have as long an eyepoint as even the standard F5 finder. Every mm counts when you are a spectacle wearer.

          • its a specific issue with 100 percent viewfinders and i dont know why exactly only that the manufacturer say they cant do it

      • MikeV

        a quote from U: “The DX/FX divisions are simply reproducing the social and class structures we see elsewhere in society.”
        LOL to some people having the latest and greatest is a status symbol. However to the majority of photographers that need the best product to produce the best photo for their client is a necessity to stay in business.. not a status symbol. When I started doing payed jobs I didn’t want to upgrade my d90 to a d700 to brag and be a status symbol. I did it because I needed better low light performance and a more accurate focusing system so I had less missed shots. It sounded like a good psychoanalysis.. however their are many flaws in your logic.

        • Booyah

          And there are many flaws in your logic.

      • DX2FX

        One advantage of FX over DX is the big and bright viewfinder. That surely is not about psychological insecurities nor is related any social prestige and status.

        • Zuck

          “One advantage age of FX over DX is the big and bright viewfinder”


      • jorg

        I find to be quite the contrary to your asessment.

        • Jonathan


      • As a film photographer for many years, I know exactly what we all lost when we were all forced to switch to the DX format.
        Now that I can shoot with the full frame format again I feel like I am in heaven!
        One of my biggest long time pet peeves was with ignorant or dishonest sales people that told many of us that DX was an advantage in that it was just like getting a supper telephoto!!!

        Calm . . . calm . . . I’ll never have to shoot with the D2h again . . . happy thoughts . . . cute puppies . . . happy children . . . FX cameras . . .

        • Trent Grasse

          Yep me too I refused to even buy One dx lens and I was sick the first time a rep explained to me the “advantages” of digital lenses. I am so happy to bury my d200 with a d800 this year but I am still having dx nightmares

          • Richard M

            I was forced to buy DX lenses as I needed extreme wideangle. I am now in bliss, back using my old favourite AF-S 17-35 and 16FE on my D800. Might even add a 14-24. Happy to ditch those inferior DX wideangles except perhaps the Tokina 10-17 FE . It would be great to have a close focussing FX FE zoom but I have found I can use the Tokina with a 1.4X converter for FX.

          • Hey Trent, nice photos.
            Cute puppies AND happy children. I’m impressed! 😉

      • Greg

        OMG. Usually people that talk like a phychologist are ones that need them the most. Sad really.
        I have a D3S. I am NOT a professional photographer but I spend about 4-6 hours a day on my hobby as a retired person. Many people will spend $10,000 to $30,000 or more on a boat, motorhome, trailer or whatever to provide them with some form of pleasure and no one seems to think twice about that. I bought a great camera and some great glass for less than any boat or motorhome and I can assure you, I spend a lot more hours with my hobby then others do with their boat. I bought the D3S because the D800/D700 did not give me the fps or low light flexibility.
        Besides, I like it and I can afford it. If anyone thinks I bought it because I want to say I have a FF camera or mine is bigger or better than yours, then you are nuts and likely have some inferiority complex. See a shrink and get over it. I only care what I have and it does what I want it to do. I really don’t give a damn what anyone else has or thinks. It is my money and I can spend it however I want and I do not need any phyco babble telling me I have a phallic complex where I am concerned about mine being bigger than yours.
        Get a life

        • Booyah

          Wait, you are a hobbyist that needs the fps of a pro photojournalism camera. Bwahhahahaha.

          • ls69

            So what?
            I’m not a professional carpenter, but I have high end woodworking equipment; because 1) It makes my hobby that much more enjoyable, and 2) Because I can.

            Maybe Greg enjoys photographing indoor sports as a hobby. Besides, he mentioned that he spends 4 hours a day shooting. At that point, you need equipment that is built to last.

      • BartyL

        Nice analysis U, although it isn’t necessary to have studied this at tertiary level to draw the same conclusions. The constant Canon bashing, absolute drivel about ‘Pro’ this and ‘Pro’ that, and the defensive responses to your post all serve to support your perspective.

        • Andrew

          You only missed one little thing before coming to your conclusion, you failed to read the responses – or maybe you had a problem understanding them, or worst yet, you are a Canon fanboy.

          • BartyL

            Hmmm, parental neglect is usually a factor in this sort of personality issue. Why don’t you sit there on the couch and tell us all about your mother?

      • Gary

        Congratulations “U”. Your trolling hooked a lot!

        • hunt


  • Canon Hunter

    Can’t wait to see this…
    Canon needs competition and if this is priced around 2200-2400 Canon needs to move their lazy ass too. I got too much C glass already but seriously thinking to move to Nikon… If Nikon gets their glass selection and prices sorted out that would be a huge blow to the copy machine maker.
    When the 600 comes out Nikon will have 2 D800 around 2800-3000 and a capable full frame body with Working-AF (TM) while Canon will still pushing the 5d3 at 3500 to the fanboys and a 4+yrs old af impaired body at 2200… plus the 24-70 for $2200 because the sticker says Canon on it….. Hahaha…

    • Scurvyhesh

      “If Nikon gets their glass selection and prices sorted out”

      I hear this a lot from Canon users. Other than a few prosumer telephotos I fail to see this as a concern. I guess if you are an amateur Birder or shooting Sports on a budget then EOS would would be a better option if I was shopping for new lenses. With the outstanding 5.6 L telephotos they make, I get that.

      On the other hand I see Nikon continually surprising me with the breadth and quality of glass they make. One could argue that Nikon has some of the best in wide, mid range zoom and prime. Also the backwards compatibility opens you up to even more lenses. I have an ancient Nikkor 400mm f5,6 ED that mounts directly to my D7000 with full metering, focus confirmation and automatic aperture. May not be up to today’s standards (chromatic aberration) when its while open, but one stop down… Wow.

    • Jonathan

      There are really very few lenses one company makes that the other doesn’t. I’ll grant you inventory issues, though i have managed to get every Nikon lens I wanted. I didn’t even really have to wait. I just planned ahead and bought my glass before the new bodies dropped.

  • “Viewfinder coverage: 100% for FX , 97% for Dx”

    So.. An FX camera that has 100% FX coverage, which is larger that the FoV for DX..
    The entire DX frame fits within the FX frame.. so how can you have only 97% DX coverage?

    • Benjo

      Indeed, must be backwards. I wouldn’t expect 100% FX coverage in a <$2k body, so it makes perfect sense.

      • Richard M

        Let’s clear this up once and for all. The spec for the D800 viewfinder is the ame and states 97% for DX. I have a D800. What you get in DX crop is a full FX viewfinder with a frame inside it. I guess the frame is slightly undersize to allow for framing errors due to how accurately you align your eye. The actual viewfinder in DX mode is 150% horizontal and vertical coverage – in other words you see what is outside the DX frame. There is no mask in the viewfinder obscuring the unused part of the FX viewfinder.

        • Well actually, there probably is a mask function. I have the D700, if you turn of a6 AF point illumination (a5 on D800) it actually masks the unused frame instead of just the line.

  • rogger

    Well, I’m still waiting (and I’m sure it will arrive…) for a D400. The market for a successor of D300 is still existing, and it’s not small; and Nikon knows it! And no, D7000 ISN’T the D300 successor! (before you tell it to me… ;-))

  • Rikard

    Now, I’m confused.

    Should I wait and buy this the D800? I need built in Af motor, but I really like the 51 focus points I have in my D300…

    • Shawn

      I’ve only ever had cameras with 5 & 11 AF points. Having never used 51 or even 39 points, I’m not sure how they would benefit me. Can you explain a little on how you use them and what AF mode makes them the most usable? Thanks!

      • redirector

        I’ve got the D800… and the 51 points are useful in a couple ways.

        Nikon designed the AF, per the manual, so that the 51 points provide “focus information” so that it can do some predictive focus tracking (I take it this is not necessarily an innovation, just done with more precision and smaller AF points). The active focus point is shown in the viewfinder among the 51, and when AF is achieved, the surrounding points “provide information to assist focus operation” which I take to mean they allow the camera to make continuous adjustments if needed to maintain focus to a more critical area. This can be selected among 9 points, 21, or the full team of 51. The 51 also allow face detection over a fairly wide part of the Viewfinder.

        Two examples of use:

        – AF-C 3D setting. I like to start with the central focus point as Active, and use that to acquire the target. Then, as you hold down the AF or shutter, the subject will be tracked around the 51 points as it moves, or as you reposition. When you release the shutter, the square “resets” to the center square and you can start again. If you manually select another square, the AF will reset to that position when you release. I find this to be useful. You get to use about 2/3 of the viewfinder — there are no squares around the perimeter. And keep in mind that, in DX, there is a square imposed to define DX boundaries, so your framing is done within this boundary, and the 51 squares operate within that perimeter.

        – Tripod, when doing critical focus in studio or when you have ample time, using AF-S, 51 points subdivides the available area thru the viewfinder with more precision so you can get on top of your target.

        That said, I prefer another option — Live View can be even more precise for critical focus because the Live View focus box can be moved around 100% of the visible frame, the entire LCD, in very small increments, then zoomed in to verify critical focus.

        So basically the 51 offers more precision, better target-follow in 3D, improved face recognition all through the center 2/3 of the viewfinder. And Live View offers 100% critical focus across the entire LCD Frame, with zooming.

        And with 36mp, you will need every bit of focus precision to get the most out of your lens and that potential resolution!

        • Richard M

          It isn’t just the AF that does the face recognition and focus tracking. The colour metering sensor is a crucial part of this focus system as it is able to provide colour information for face recognition and tracking. The D800 (and I presume the D4) do this very well indeed.

        • Shawn

          Thanks redirector, this information is very enlightening. I do have a family member who has a D300 and I think next time he and I are at the same function I will ask if I can give his camera a whirl for a bit. I would like to see if those extra points help or hurt my family photography.

          On my D5100, for action, I gave up on 3D and Dynamic Area pretty quickly. It seemed to me that wasn’t able to maintain focus on the eyes of rapidly moving kids. This may just be because there aren’t enough focus points to really lock and track specific features of people on the D5100. Once I settled on single point focus, I found my success rate was as high as my own ability to keep that focus point on the eyes.

          Hopefully I’ll get a chance to try out 49 or 51 AF points and see how it goes.

    • NikonCoupleSoFlo

      What people don’t understand is it’s not the the amount of focus points – yes more focus points enables you to sometimes nail your composition in one (since you have access to 51 vs 11, 5) without recomposing your shot. Though the real advantage is the actual FOCUSING SYSTEM CAM3500 (D300s/D700/D3/D3S) all share which is even more accurate than the lesser focus points “SYSTEMS” – The D800/D4 have even better/faster/more accurate and -2 EV (focusing barely moonlight conditions) CAM3900. What I personally am not sure is this 39 Focus Point System the SAME as on the D7000? IF SO – I would not buy this camera as the D7000 tends to miss focus more than I like compared to my D700/D800.

  • Shawn

    This one is getting more and more interesting every time it gets posted. I enjoy the extra DOF I get from DX framing, but am beginning to think I could still have that in crop modes. At such a low price point I could see myself reaching above the D7K series to get this one instead. Maybe this will push prices of the D7K line lower though.

    Unfortunately it sounds like it has the D7000 AF system, where all 9 cross point sensors will be in the middle. I’ve never had a camera with more than one cross point sensor in it, but if I had 8 extra ones, I sure as heck wouldn’t want them all in the center.

    Can anyone tell me how “auto crop” modes work? I ask because I have the 35mm f/1.8 DX and have heard it works very well on full frame cameras. I’m wondering if I would be able to use this lens in full frame on a D600 or if I would be forced to shoot in “DX” mode.

    • Anonymous

      Auto Crop mode means if you have a DX lens mounted on the camera, it will only take images in the DX format ie. only the central part of the sensor area equivalent to a DX sensor will record the image. As for the 35/2.8G DX on FX, there is considerable amount of vignetting. It maybe usable sometimes, but was unacceptable to me. I don’t know how the rumored D600 works, but in D800 you can turn the auto DX off and force the FX mode and all the related vignetting.

      • Shawn

        Thanks for the info. That’s cool, would be nice to try it out as a FF lens.

    • Rick

      My understanding is that you can use Dx lenses on FX cameras, but that the camera will detect the DX lens and automatically set to crop mode.

      • jorg

        not on D700. I had fun with a tokina 12-24 dx and a huge round vignette. Dx lenses on fx are fun…

      • umesh

        On 8OO/D4 you can turn off auto dx crop.

    • redirector

      Shawn — I’ve used the D800 with FX and DX… on a practical level, a good DX lens is still highly useful with D800. I have the Nikkor 12-24mm F4 AF-S ED G lens which has been a workhorse for years on my D90. Applying it to the D800, first the optical quality is still good enough to get very nice contrast and sharpness, and for the record it does not magically cure distortion, that’s still up to you in Post!

      The camera, as you know, automatically imposes a DX crop frame in the center 2/3 of the viewfinder. Since the viewfinder shows the scene as if the lens were a 12mm FX, the imposed boundary crop can be a touch tricky — you have to be the one to ensure your subject is contained by the square perimeter of the DX crop. All focus points are within that cropped perimeter. And, the lens creates output as an 18-36mm lens, offering you F4 DOF and the requisite ° width field of view within that cropped perimeter.

      I do not have an ultra-wide FX lens — I have a used Nikkor 20mm F2.8D which works great on the D800… so this 12-24 zoom gives me a slightly greater working width. To beat it on FX, I would be obliged to pick up that 16-35mm VR, or the 14-24mm 2.8.

      • Richard M

        Get yourself a AF-S 17-35mm f/2.8, used if you have to. It is a fantastic lens and performs better at 20mm than the 20mm prime. I sold my 20mm when I realised that. I don’t know how it compares to the quality of the 14-24 (where they overlap) but before the 14-24 was released the 17-35 was widely considered to be the best wideangle zoom ever from any manufacturer. It takes filters too! Nikon seemed to take the 17-35 out of production a couple of years ago but it is now listed as a current lens. That may be because most pros use it. In the UK the 17-35 has a higher RRP (£1877.99) than the 14-24 (£1669.99) but you can find new ones much cheaper.

        • redirector

          I forgot about that option. It’s on the list now.
          Much as I like the idea of that 14-24 at 2.8, and the superb optics, I do value the use of ND and Polarizer filter options.

          You’re set on the 17-35mm 2.8 vs the 16-35 F4 VR? Either way, I could probably trade in the 20mm, and maybe even the 12-24 DX which still has some good value, and get it for a decent net, and give me great FX glass for the D800 from 17-70 at 2.8, and with primes at 50, 180mm, and 300mm (the old manual 4.5 ED).

          That would leave the D90 with a couple Nikkor DX lenses in my kit — an 18-200mm VR which suits the all-around requirement for a second shooter on events, a 55-300mm VR which at $250 was an offer I couldn’t refuse and generates picture quality and range that I can use on the job.

          Thanks for the suggestion!

          Clarifies and eliminates duplication, too.

  • Sam

    wow, autofocus system is worse than D300S! That’s disappointing.

    • Jack

      Don’t think you can make that statement..

    • Brian

      Yes the D300 needs a replacement and would love to see it as an FX body, but not with a diminished autofocus system. It would also need the same build quality, have a professional level of external (not menu driven) controls and use compact flash cards. What is it with Nikon and their card choices?? three card choices to cover their DSLR cameras? What where they thinking with XQD??? It’s looking like a proprietary Sony format since no one else is making them… Lets keep it simple: Compact flash for the DSLR’s and SD’s for the point and shoots

  • David K

    It isn’t like the old film days folks. All of these digital cameras will become obsolete in about five years, just like computers and cell phones. They are all glorified, disposable purchases and will ultimately have little residual value. Furthermore, the performance gaps among all the better digital SLR cameras continues to shrink. With that in mind, I would be perfectly happy with a relatively inexpensive, light weight (even all plastic!), camera body as long as it has a good, full frame sensor and built in focus motor so that I can fully use all my glass. This D600 sounds pretty good for my purposes (I’m not a pro though). Then, in five years, I’ll throw it away and buy the new D600 equivalent.

    • Shawn

      I agree with most of what you’re saying. The gap between the previous models and new models are getting much smaller. It used to be a huge difference.

      What I’m starting to notice is more usability added to these cameras that makes me want to continue upgrading. Nikon took a page from Canon’s book with the U1 & U2 modes (took them long enough), and that makes these cameras so much more flexible. Then there are the new Auto ISO options present in the D4, D800, and now the D3200. I sure wish I had that on my D5100.

      I’m also seeing that as we get such better technology we’re pushing ourselves as photographers further. What was unthought of 10 years ago, like regularly shooting at ISO 6400 or the speed/accuracy of the focusing systems has us wanting more.

      All these camera companies have a long way to go with their interfaces and built-in software, I’m surprised not a single player has thought to revolutionize the whole industry instead of just making small iterative improvements. If I was losing in the market I would be trying to revolutionize it to steal market share.

      • PeterO

        “I’m surprised not a single player has thought to revolutionize the whole industry instead of just making small iterative improvements”

        Consider for a moment if a camera company were to create the perfect affordable camera, using only its premium parts bin to assemble it. Why would anyone buy another camera? The camera companies would be cutting their own throats. Their plan is to keep us wanting that perfect camera for our price point. Thus, after a while we’re not satisfied with what we have, and begin considering an upgrade. In fact, I believe that Nikon is thinking out of the box now and offering brilliance in every model, but not incrementally. The D800 is a perfect example – who would have thought of this just a year ago?

        This is why I don’t think that we will be seeing the kind of incremental upgrade to the D700 that some are asking for. Keep them guessing is Nikon’s new motto. Look at the Canon 5DMkiii. It’s a good camera but only an upgrade to the mkii. Even the Canon fanboys are poo-pooing it.

        What ever happened to doing the best you can with what you have? As for revolutionizing the market, this will happen. The pace of change in the digital age is lighting fast. Before you know it, we’ll be looking back quaintly at CCD and CMOS sensors.

        • Shawn

          Just to clarify, I’m not suggesting any company create a single perfect camera to satisfy all market segments. I’m suggesting we use some of the great computing power we now have in our every-day cell phones to enable us to really program and customize our cameras.

          It surprises me that even brand new camera systems are just copies of what we’ve seen a million times before (and frequently get dinged on their difficult and archaic interfaces).

          Nikon’s interfaces are finally starting to get cleaned up and it is quite refreshing.

      • Jabs

        What many people forget or fail to realize is that Pro digital cameras have Pro cameras that predated them (film cameras) and thus if you change the interface and its usability too much then you will alienate your user base, as these are the very same people who buy the bulk of your Pro gear.

        Take Microsoft for instance – they bombed on Vista and succeeded admirably on Win 7, but do you think that they learned this lesson – NO??? Look at Win8 and I have been using it since last year (Win 8 Developer Pro 64bit) and that idiotic Metro Interface is an example of people out of touch with the reality of how USERS actually use their equipment daily. They theme the new Metro Interface for Tablet and Smartphone users while alienating the bulk of their own Corporate users – dumb as heck too! HOW many people have a touch screen computer???

        Win 8 after you get past the idiotic Metro Interface and use the desktop – is indeed fast and better than Win 7, BUT that ‘Bozo’ Interface makes it now too steep a learning curve or people having to relearn things that they learned over the years and now do instinctively without much thought.

        Apply that to the Nikon Interface, a now classic both in software and especially hardware that has successfully lasted from the original F’s to F6 in film and then D1’s to now D4 in digital. That is the real genius of Nikon and why people love them, as you can easily pick up a new or even an older Nikon Pro body and within a few minutes use it. No one has that including Canon, as the Canon FD users of old are lost on the newer EOS based film and digital lines.

        Nikon thus is wise to use evolutionary Interface changes instead of following the current trends or we will end up like Micro 4/3rds which probably will be shark bait for the smartphone buyers Market with up to now 41 megapixel cameras on them. The differences between real DSLR’s and smartphones or Micro 4/3rds is the interface. Smartphones are the future of some photographers, Micro 4/3rds are the bridge bodies that are supposed to replace DSLR’s (not happening to me, as they are not good enough YET) and real DSLR’s are getting better plus faster. The Micro 4/3rds bodies then are the hunted bait with smartphones eventually killing them in my opinion, as they have no consistency from brand to brand like DSLR’s and thus small but not good enough nor consistent enough.

        How are you going to replace something when you don’t have the same capabilities or even better them in ANY area? New ideas will probably be tried by Nikon like how they did in the D7000, but the basic layout of a Nikon Pro body has to stay true to form or people will refuse to buy them and thus many don’t understand that as they have never used on a daily basis, a Nikon Pro body.

        Why buy new gear when you now have to not only familiarize yourself with its capabilities BUT also the way in which you interact with it through some new and odd to you, INTERFACE? Slows you down as what is supposed to be intrinsic or almost innate now becomes something you have to relearn and then concentrate on the Interface instead of your photograph or Video acquisition. Might as well keep your old gear!

        Then Nikon would have forgotten the purpose of people buying their gear!!!

    • Booyah

      +100000000. There is only so much technology that you can pack into an SLR body, and only so much that is photography related. All of that technology is starting to plateau in terms of actually making real photos equivalent to 35mm

  • Cab

    At 760g, it’s lighter than not only the D800 and D700, but also the D300. I hope it doesn’t mean they’re going to wrap this in a D90/7k size body. (Maybe they’re dropping the pop-up flash to save weight? )I can happily live with fewer AF points than my D300 in exchange for the FX sensor, but my large-ish hands don’t want a physically smaller body.

    Otherwise, I’m happy to see it will retain the in-body AF motor, and most of the other specs are very appealing to me. I am confused about how it has 100% FX coverage but 97% DX. That seems backwards to me.

    • EnPassant

      If you want and need D800 build and size you have to buy D800!
      D600 will be cheaper mainly because it use the D7k body type and is not made in Japan (propably Thailand).

      Have you thought about customizing the grip yourself to make it bigger?

    • flesix

      I hope they do wrap this in a D90 size body (not D7k, the grip is too small and to close to the lens mount), it would fit my hand perfectly.

  • Kona Homebrew

    All this is fine. Excellent. Awesome. Awe inspiring. Stupendous. But where the heck is my D800 that I ordered back in February??? Ha, Nikon?

    • Anonymous

      Give your local brick and mortar camera store a call. You should be able to get one soon then. If you wait for B&H, Adorama or Amazon to deliver, then you will be waiting for a while.

    • Jonathan

      Where did you order from? Everything I’ve been reading says that people who ordered as late as March 25th have finally gotten deliveries. But it’s totally dependent on where you ordered from.

  • James

    Am I the only person that thinks this rumor was leaked to curtail insatiable d800 demand? Even if announced in September, when would you expect to see full-rate production? 12 months from now? Also, how does it fit with Nikon’s product portfolio? From a peice point of view, would this be the d7000 replacement?

    • James

      Et, price, not peice. Spell check fail.

    • Edubya

      I don’t think this is a D7000 replacement. I think the D600 and the D800 are both a continuation of the line the D700 started.

  • Big J

    What you guys prefer if “this” were a scenario presented for an entry-level:

    The D3X sensor for $1499 and more unit production


    A “new” 24mpx sensor for $1899-$1999 (or more) and low-stock despite demand?

    I ask since if people who have used a D3X and liked it probably would like the reuse of such a sensor as an entry-level FX. I guess the phrase that would best describe what I’m trying to state is, “Why try to fix something if it isn’t broken?” And even if it’s priced at $1499 it would still generate huge profits. Am I alone in this thought?

    • Sahaja

      I doubt this will have the D3x sensor – which is probably out of production.

      The D600 is rumored to have a Sony sensor and it seems Sony are coming out with a new full frame camera that has a new 24mp sensor at about the same time. Reminds me of when the D7000, K5, and a couple of Sony cameras were all released at about the same time with basically the same sensor.

  • Rich in TX

    my D800 arrives tomorrow! Finally. Ordered it about 3 weeks ago from PC Nation. ask for Pearl.

    • Anonymous

      Another vote for PC Nation and Ms. Pearl. When you compare her services to that of Adorama or B&H, you will feel that you are comparing between a Mercedez and a Yugo!! This is not put down B&H and Adorama (well yes, put down because the way they handled the D800 preorders) but to show how great customer service can be. Ms. Pearl will make a world of difference and I am glad that there are CS reps like that out there even today!

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, had to add… I do not work for PC Nation or related to Ms. Pearl in any way. Just so happy that I dealt with her.

    • hunt

      what does your d800 have to do with this article? nothing at all.

  • MP_Photo

    I’d say that I would like to preorder a D600, but I’m still waiting to get more solid info on the D400 in order to see what will pair better for me and my D800… I’m guessing that the D400 has about the same specs on a DX sensor body with faster FPS rate…

    • Dimitrii1130

      and maybe it will not be called D400.. but d7100.

      • MP_Photo

        Yea! No kidding. I have a D7000 now and it is a great camera, but does have some autofocus flaws. I wouldn’t expect this camera to be $1500, but probably closer to $2k. I bet the D400/D7100 will be priced at $1500…

  • Janis

    So that’s gonna be my new camera. FX, hell yeah!

  • Brian

    Very Happy to see the update to have an Auto focus motor built into the camera…this alone means I might consider this camera. But why would you put SD cards in a $1500 body? Please stick with compact flash Nikon and leave the SD cards for the point and shoot cameras. Compact flash is faster and easier to handle.

    Hopefully the build quality will be a solid metal chassis with good weather sealing…still waiting for the D300 replacement in an FX version…(dreaming???)

    • peter2

      space requirement I guess.

      But perhaps you’ve been in the CF land for too long; SD card speed has caught up with CF, and it’s much easier to use. I have them both on my D800, and I got to admit that I like the push-in push-out on the SD card more than the side ejection button on the CF. Other than that, I don’t mind either 🙂

      • ImperiousJG

        +1 and SD cards are much more compatible with other devices (i.e. MacBook Pros). SD is the better over all choice now that there speeds have caught up.

        • Brian

          its just that I have so many CF cards and would hate to re-invest.

  • redirector

    “HDMI Output”
    Are you able to clarify? Is this like the D800, offering uncompressed video monitoring/recording via HDMI? Or is this just to drive an HDMI screen for playback?

    • Stephen Bodi

      That’s kind of a key piece of information for me too. I work as both a photographer and videographer . I sometimes do both on the same assignment or job. I have been doing a lot of video work with my D7000. I have been shooting run and gun ENG work, location interviews, short segments for broadcast television, and shorts. The main thing that sucks is not being able to have clean HDMI out from the camera. I would break the piggy bank and be the first kid on my block to preorder a D600 if it does clean HDMI out. I am already bidding on a job to DP an independent feature and was going to rent a D800 and atomos samurai for that job. 8 would much rather own a D600 and atomos for the same job.

  • Bernard

    Where’s my V2 ??? :/

  • 3,2″ display… including the same yellow-green cast as the D800’s? 🙁 For God’s sake, why??

  • D600 FTW! This seems to be a real D800 killer. Especially at that price point. Take 2 D600’s or just one D800? Hmm…

    • Anonymous

      How you going to get those 36MPix? How you going to get that killer AF system?

      You should say that the D600 is the Canon 5d3 killer.

    • D800 killer?

      Where? Not in this world.

      • Is that extra 12MP and slightly better AF system going to be worth 2X + the amount you’ll have to shell out for D800?

        I guess only the reviews will tell…

        • Richard M

          If you’ve used a D800 then you will know that it is incredible value at the price. No other DSLR comes close for image quality. If IQ is not your primary concern then other cameras will be more attractive. Nikon clearly underestimated how many photographers put IQ above everything else. I don’t need high fps or super high ISO, just the best IQ possible. The D800 is a serious rival to MF.

  • This sounds like the perfect upgrade for a D7000 user like myself.
    Finally something comparable to the 5Dmkii.
    The best part is it’ll be less than $3000!

    • CalculatorMachine

      “The best part is it’ll be less than $3000!”
      Surprised? Of course it had to be much cheaper than the D800, it was almost the price of the D800, All crowd will buy D800 without looking back.

  • Big J

    Wonder if it’ll come in a different color like the D3200. It’ll up resale value of it in the future for sure. Not that I’m thiking of doing that (unlike many asses that got a D800 JUST to take a “couple of hundred pics and/or to sell it for a much higher price), but I like the fact that you can have something other than black ya get me? Was almost gonna get a used D7000 and have my close friend dismantle it and paint it Hulk-green.

    • Tinico

      No with other color. This camera is not for Fisher-Price client. Be there for entry-level FX does not mean that is to be “Fashion colorfull” and be the entry-level DX. 😉

  • Poch

    How would the manual controls of this camera be? Would it be the same with the D7000, or would it be like the D5000?

  • Nikkor guy

    Do you guys seriously want a plastic FX body with dual SD cards ??

    What the hell is Nikon thinking …

    • Edubya

      YES, because we are AMATEURS who value low cost and light weight. I don’t think most people want it too cheap, but a D7000-type body would make a lot of people happy.

      And what is wrong with dual SD cards? Automatic back up, and they’re plenty fast, once again, for amateurs.

      • Gjim

        Right. Not all of us are pros or aspire to be pros. But we do aspire to have a full frame camera and all that entails. I’m fine with Nikon cutting out whatever they need to to bring it in at $1,500.

        • Booyah

          Here, here. Just because they make money from photography and label themselves as pros doesn’t mean they have any authority or can take decent photographs either.

      • Nikkor guy

        I hope you have some quality glass to put on that shiny new D600 other than a 50 1.8D !

        Because the weight of the good stuff will rip your mount off !

        I know my 70-200 will !

        • Edubya

          That’s silly. I use an 80-200mm 2.8D on my D7000 and haven’t had a single problem.

  • 10/4

    ***Admin – ****

    Care to speculate as to whether this D600 will allow for 8fps FX with the battery grip?

    If so, I think it would be good enough for wildlife and sports at 1/4 the price of the D4.

    Yes the AF is not as good, yes the low light won’t be quite as good, but it would be a great value if it’s under $2k

    • Sports

      No way.
      It’ll be 5 fps, or 6 at most.
      A DSLR becomes more expensive to build with higher fps, and the D600 will be the budget FX, so there’s no way they’ll spend resources adding “exstra” speed beyond standard prosumer speed.
      (Sony can do this because they don’t have the moving mirror.)

    • I am not sure about the optional battery grip fps, I just know the fps rate will be lower than the D4.

  • Doug Sala

    I would love to see the AF f/8 the same as the D800 built into the D600 also.

    • John

      I fear that this is one of the features that will set it apart from the D800 – that is it will have the D7000 AF system good to f/5.6 – ugh!

      One of the top reasons I bought a D700 was for the AF system – it was way better than my D300 and the D7000 – more accurate, faster, and more sensitive even at f/5.6. It would be a potential deal breaker for me if they did a straight transplant of the D7000 AF system into the D600 as it likely would not be as good as even the D700 is now.

  • Elizabeth Bruders

    Now this is a camera to get excited about…worth the wait! Full frame, AF motor, 2SD cards with Eye-Fi support, and more. Looking forward to upgrading!

  • Mr. Me

    But…will it blend ?

  • Sekundogenitur

    Hope the D600 will come soon!
    Too many bloody amateurs are currently ordering D800(E)’s only to take photos of yardsticks and to flame Canon owners taking photos of yardsticks. 🙁

    • Vin

      Where are these Canon & Nikon D800E yardstick photo’s. They sound interesting?

    • PAG

      But to be fair, either D800 should be able to produce a sharp life-sized printout of a yardstick.

  • Gary

    Why is Nikon thinking about another camera. They cannot deliver the ones they already released (D800e for example)

    • Richard M

      Completely different production facility. Different country.

  • PAG

    If the number of comments is at all indicative of potential sales, Nikon may end up with a runaway train when this gets released. They better have a s***load of them built before the release date or crowds of angry photographers will show up at their offices with torches and tripods.

    • PeterO

      “with torches and tripods”, now that’s funny!

      But to your point, although FF, there’s no more capacity at Sendai so they must be building them somewhere else. After the flooding in Thailand there was all kinds of speculation about new factories in Thailand, Malaysia and China. I imagine the demand for the current DX models must have leveled off or is waning at this point and production of the D3200 is being ramped up. I would think (hope) that the D600 is being made in one of the new facilities???

      The demand for this is going to be bigger than the D800. Let’s hope Nikon figured that out. Also, lesson learned: don’t pre-order from the usual suspects that still haven’t filled the back orders.

  • I new the ad motor thing had to be mistake. There are to many food lenses that need it

    • Gramps

      ++1….ALL of my food lenses need an ad motor, otherwise I’m
      just floating in duck water.

      • RM!

        but do you know if they need the new one

  • $1500 sounds too good to be true.

    • Agreed. I would rather pay $2500 and get a quality camera rather than cheesy half hearted specs.

    • Leroy

      So, if the D7000 is $1200 and assuming the D400 will be about $1900, then the D600 should fit in at $2200 to $2500 which would be just below the D800 at $3000.

      • PeterO

        The D7000 can be had in Toronto for less than $1K now.

    • peter

      $1500 will never happen.

  • Niktard

    I guess Nikon has abandoned high ISO performance. Way to go guys. Thanks, for nothing! Canon has won this game.

    • You really feel that way?

      How many photos do you really shoot over ISO 6400? 5%? The 6400 limit will likely be a software limit for market positioning (unless they use the D3X sensor but not likely) and not a hardware limitation.

    • hunt

      Are you a vampire photographer or something. Must suck to only take pictures in the dark

    • D400

      Really? The D700 is a hi iso camera. It does 100-6400-25000.
      So why is the D600 not a hi iso camera when it has the same range?

  • nuno santacana

    Dear Almighty NRAdmin, do you regard now D600 as being the long, long awaited D700 replacement? I don’t.

  • Ajit Menon

    @Admin : in terms of size, do you think the D600 possibly might be in the d300s/ d700 range?
    I am asking mainly coz the Nikon Tilt-Shift lenses don’t work completely on a smaller body. The Vertical shift in particular is reduced because the onboard flash protrudes out too much.
    It would be a downer to have a great T/S lens at full frame focal lengths but be limited by the body.

    • Anonymous

      I think it will be in the range of a D7000 in size. However, I don’t see too many people using T/S glass on this body. The photogs who will be using T/S glass mostly will be using the D4/D800. That is not to say that some will not use or try to use T/S on the D600, but the number will be very small.

    • yes, probably closer to the D700 than the D300

  • Vin

    will D600 have the pop up flash?
    Mirror lock up?
    any idea?

    • BartyL

      It will very probably have a pop-up flash, because everything from the D800 down does.

      It will probably have a mirror lock-up shooting mode, because the two cameras either side of it in terms of price and features – the D7000 and the D300s – do.

  • iamnomad

    Wait, the numbers are going backwards and forewords; I’m very confused.

  • chris

    touching screen for picking any focus point on the lcd would be great.

  • brain

    i just bought a nikon 85mm 1.4g from jessops uk and i ve notice my image at 1.4 is not in focus but at 2.8 its very sharp . do i have front focusing?

  • anon99

    Well I’m concerned with the weight. Something is definitely missing or downgraded…

    IMHO “weather-sealed” doesn’t imply outer alloy body shell. And, is there a possibility the finder prism may be downgraded (to pentamirror type)?

    • D600 =$1499

      Yes, no CF cards.
      No, it ( no pentaprism) would beat the purpose.
      May be a weather sealed-no- alloy-body.

    • The Hatter

      Maybe no flash?
      Wouldn’t be a problem.

      Also, no meter, no programs, no motor drive (you’ll have a small wind up spring motor, good for 36 exposures, if it’s not raining), no conventional battery (instead a small dynamo system like flashlights to improve your state of mind when you are feeling sad cause you’ve missed that photo), no LCD (small CRT filled with helium, hence the apparent weight loss), and most importantly, a life expectancy somewhere between 1 day and forever. Forgot it has a backup system for shooting film when the card is full!

      And instead of “Nikon” written on the top, it says only “kon”…

      • D600 =$1499

        Indeed that’s a better reply.

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