New firmware update v1.03 for Nikon D700?

Image credit: Tschaensky

A member of the German forum received his new Nikon D700 camera and noticed that the installed firmware version A was 1.03. The latest officially announced firmware update for the D700 was A/B 1.02. Maybe Nikon is about to release the new 1.03 version?

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  • Oh yeah – this is the one that adds 1080p video.

    • Nathan

      That would be awesome if it added video. The catch is there’s no record button and you can’t reprogram a button to do it.

      • Arthur

        Can’t reprogram? That’s what the firmware is for! 😉

        The D90 also uses the middle button of the multi-selector by the way.

      • +1

        I support you, bro!

      • And Godwin’s law rears its’s ugly head early!

        • JM

          You all are so screwed with the video you can’t even use Godwin’s Law in the right context idiot.

        • JM is a tool

          @JM You Mad Bro?

        • @ JM

          If you read the post I actually responded to (MrGabe), which is the very definition of the Godwin’s…

          And point of fact, MANY pros are interested in the dual capabilities of video and stills in a single camera, as the market for publishing photographers has changed – requiring many to bring back both still and video content for online use in addition to stills for print use.

          Kindly consider that your needs are not everyone’s – or even those of the majority.

          Calling people “idiot” is really unnecessary – is that the most effective way you can find to communicate?

      • Nikoniastu

        There’s much more better ways to say things I guess…..

    • i just want AUTO ISO selectable on front wheel as D800 have!
      thats all!

      • Very good point! This is the best new option of the new D800/D4.

      • Joe

        I have wanted this for a very long time. Fingers crossed.

        While we’re on the subject of Auto-ISO, I was able to play with a D4, and a brilliant thing I noticed was that the auto ISO changes automatically depending on the focal length. For example, at 24mm the auto ISO kicked in at 1/30, and at 50mm it kicked in at 1/50, and so on. This would be so great to have, as you can’t even add the auto ISO settings to the “my menu” on the D700, you can only turn auto ISO on and off in that menu. (If this is possible, please someone tell me.) You have to dig into the regular menu to adjust the shutter speed where it kicks in.

        Alas, Nikon has no motivation to upgrade this on the 700, especially with the new models out. Thing is, I don’t desire the 800. I still think the 700 is perfect for me.

        • MAL

          It is absolutely possible to add the auto iso menu to the My Menuon the D700 – I have it set up on mine.

          When adding items to the submenu, simply press OK while “ISO sensitivity settings” is highlighted, rather than going into that menu and selecting things within.

    • Jason

      Like D800 delivery, firmware upgrade for D700 is also “being shipped soon”.

      Nikon loves delays! It’s flat boring and iPhone like – to ship on time.

      • Tom

        Dork. They’ve been shipping thousands per week just to the US. High demand isn’t their fault. Nor can they open up factories just address a surge in demand.

        • iamlucky13

          High demand most certainly is their fault! They should have pretended the D800 was going to be crap and told nobody the truth but me, so I could get one first!

        • NisseHult

          That is their fault! The camera as a wrong price, a few 100$ more and everyone would be happy.

    • Jan

      Geez, even the 5D3 has more firmware fixes already!

      • inginerul

        Yeah, cause it needs them.

  • Ren Kockwell

    Yes, it turns your D700 into a D800….supply issue solved!

    • Hah. Forgive the nooby question, but how do you update the firmware on a D700? I’ve never had to do this before…

      • Weef

        Don’t you have Google over there?
        Here in Holland we have it…..

        • Goobar

          Glad to see your helpful answer in no way conforms to national stereotype… 😛

        • Steph

          He…..I’m an ass too…..and I’m also from Holland.

          • Yessss

            Hahaha, made my evening :)))))

          • Bart

            Another ass over here. Thanks a lot Weef…

          • hahaha. lol

            but seriously, writing the how-to here would be pretty much longer than just redirecting him to google

          • Banned

            Who gives a crap about asswipes from Holland when in France our new prez is called Hollande and is indeed an ass.

        • Weef

          I am so sorry…
          Let me be more helpful.
          Here is the link to Google:

        • Trolling JM

          Well it seems like jerks live in you country too

        • @JM, how about don’t be a jerk off yourself and practice what you preach. Tell us all how to update to the new firmware, and do it in your own words don’t copy and paste, otherwise your just as a ‘jerk’ as weef, and we might as well go to google as weef originally suggested.

          • GeoffK

            Why should he type out the how to when anyone can *gasps* look it up themselves because someone already typed it out ?

        • MarkH

          I’ve tried to stay away from this forum precisely because of the abuse I see against posters. Frankly, the childishness appears to be getting worse.

          Perhaps it is time this forum has some small degree of moderating by its owner.

          I for one will not be back again for a while.

          The answer on how to update to the current D700 version is found here:

          • U r a noobsh

            It’s not a forum. It’s a blog comments section.

            NR has a forum to go to if you wish.

            • Because it’s the comments section and not the forum that means people should act less mature?

              That’s a really sad view.

          • Shortsighted

            Yes, this site is for entertainment only.. 😉
            You want a good and respectfull answer? Go to
            You want a fight or flame? Go to (Ouch)

            • Rudi


          • ItsSad

            I agree with you. I’ve been reading the comments section less and less and also posting in the comments section less and less.

            Meaning that soon nikonrumors will be filled with only people who post bs comments.. only to ruin nikonrumors out into nothing.

            If i where you NR i would seriously start deleting bs comments or you’ll see a huge drop in quality visitors… but this isn’t my site so i wish you luck NR.

            • I just sent an email to the site owner with the very same sentiment.

              I used to love NikonRumors, but its getting to be a wasteland of trolls.

              When the pros and serious enthusiasts leave and all is left are trolls, the site will take a serious fall.

              If people want to be trolls, I invite them to go to the open /b/ forum at 4chan.

              See how their trolling skills hold up there. 🙂

      • andy

        Click on the ‘was A/B 1.02’ link in the article and read at the bottom.

      • Old Amsterdam

        Quick guide for download and installing this firmware update
        Power the camera from AC adapter unit or use a fully charged battery. Microdrives cannot be used to perform this firmware upgrade. If the downloaded firmware will be copied to a CompactFlash memory card, do not use the Lexar Media JumpShot USB Cable, the D700 firmware may not be updated correctly.

        1. Download F-D700-V10(?)M.dmg.
        2. Double-click F-D700-V102M.dmg to mount the disk image titled, F-D700-V102M. The folder titled D700Update, containing the following file, will be created inside the disk image: D7000102.bin. This is the new firmware.
        3. Use a card reader or similar device to copy the downloaded firmware, D7000102.bin, to a formatted memory card.
        4. Insert only the memory card containing the downloaded firmware into the camera and turn on the camera. Select Firmware version from the setup menu and follow instructions displayed to upgrade the camera’s firmware.
        5. After the upgrade is complete, turn the camera off and remove the memory card.
        6. Access the Firmware version item in the setup menu to confirm that the camera’s firmware has been upgraded.

        Apple users should look over here:

        B.T.W.: I’m Dutch -)
        Couldn’t find the v1.03 firmware at the Nikon site.

        • You’re awesome. Thank you!

          • U r rood

            A few seconds on google and you’d have the same answer. How rude expecting people to do all the work for you!

            • probably he is the boss type.
              he knows, that there will always come somebody wanting to show he knows more then average, and do the hard work for him.

      • D
        • Readitwithasmile


      • me

        step by step guide in Nikon website.

  • al

    do all nikons come with a hard cover for the screen? lookingatt the d5100. is it needed?


    • Shawn

      Hi Al,

      The D5100 does not come with a hard cover for the screen. I read one review of an aftermarket D5100 hard cover that said it fit loosely over the screen so that there is still friction and it will scratch. I don’t know if this is true for all samples, but rather than take the risk I simply use sticker style screen protectors. Works great so far (have to replace them every once in a while).


      • Nau

        D3200 didnt and as far as I can see there is no way to put it

      • BCnYa

        The D5100 doesn’t need a cover for the screen because you simply turn the articulating screen in toward the camera body. Problem solved. One of the best features on the camera aside from the fact that it has the same sensor as the D7000.

        • Calibrator

          Great solution: Protecting the screen by wearing down the swivel mechanism…

        • Shawn

          That is OK sometimes, but not all the time. I have kids and if they don’t damage it then me chasing them down or hauling them around means I will. I just don’t have time to baby my gear (or to constantly rotate the LCD). The adhesive style does it’s job well enough that I’m not worried.

      • Pierre

        There was one with my D700. A grain of sand found its way between it and the screen scrathing both. Will never use it again. I use a plastic film.

    • Speaking from experience, the D3100 didn’t…

      • d70

        My D4 didn’t come with one

        • jivee

          At least your D4 came…..

        • T.

          Starting with the D3, Nikon changed the specification of the glass used in the rear LCD of the top (“pro”) models. It is practically impervious to scratches and that’s why they did not even manufacture or supply LCD covers for the D3. The accessory does not exist because it is not needed. The glass in the lower-grade models will scratch and, unfortunately, the cover provides only partial protection since hard particles trapped between the plastic cover and the LCD will damage the LCD.

          • Alternatives rock

            Hoodman make them.

          • Sky

            Doesn’t need one?
            What a BS.

            The glass in the lower-grade models will scratch and, unfortunately, the cover provides only partial protection since hard particles trapped between the plastic cover and the LCD will damage the LCD.” – yes, cause I always roll my camera in sand before sticking the LCD cover.
            You think we are that dumb, or what?!

            • GeoffK

              I have never been to the beach with my D90. I do not take it anywhere that is dirty. I baby the darn thing, yet a small spot of something appeared under the plastic cover and did scratch my display.

              It happens, though I have had my D90 for just over 3 years and cannot say when this occurred.

    • FX DX

      My D800 came with a hard cover screen protector for back LCD scree, so did my D90.

  • The member did not note any special changes so I doubt there is anything exciting.

  • keith t

    since I dont like the d800, Id hope it wont turn in to one…

    • Art

      Don’t worry, you are safe. Just don’t install the update!


    • I have a D800

      Yours hasn’t come huh?!

  • Ren Kockwell

    Why did this blog entry get pulled?

  • Could it be possible that this update will let you use WiFi adapter WU-1a?

  • Gregory

    This is a small update that fixes the issue where all D700 cameras around the world stopped functioning when the D800 was announced.

    • Weef


      You’ve just made my day!

  • hi there! i’ve seen is out the new firmware 1.03 for d7000 not for d700, could it be a mistake of the member of germany forum?

    • bert

      But D7000’s don’t look like D700’s at the back.
      One thing would be welcome: focal length based auto iso limits.

      • +1000 bert!! Going from the D3/D700 models, I am loving the auto ISO functionality of the D4. This feature could very easily be implemented in ALL past DSLRs!! Something Nikon could do for next to nothing, but at the joy of numerous Nikon owners. It would be good PR and boost brand loyalty! Are you listening Nikon?

    • Jonas (from SWEDEN)

      In Sweden, the available updates for the D7000 is:
      Firmwareuppdatering A 1.02, B 1.03 för D7000

      Not A 1.03 like on the camera in the picture.

      • Same here in the US. And the D7000 has a third firmware, which the D700 lacks. It would have shown in the above shot if it was a D7000. Well that and the buttons are all wrong for a D7000.

  • derWalter

    just donated for

  • Tommy.73

    I hope that the new firmware enable the automatic minimum shutter speed for Auto ISO option, based on the focal length of the lens! Very simply to enable in D700.
    Secondly, enabling the depth of field control in LiveView mode would be a nice idea.
    And, just dreaming, a basic video mode, at least SD definition.

  • crazy_protog

    Maybe they scratched an extra zero off a D7000….

  • Hum…

    Maybe the could add to my D700 some stuff like :

    – Auto Lens distortion correction
    (to avoid me to add it later in Capture NX)

    -Correct the slight yellowish color cast of the D700 (and d3 also)

    – corredcct the slight “banding” seen on long exposures in low ISo( 200 -400) at night shots


    Best regards


    • …if you’re seeing banding with long shots at 200, you have something wrong with your camera. Have it serviced if it’s under warranty!

      And there’s nothing wrong with the LCD on the D700. The BS about the new ones being more “correct” is just FUD.

      • All the D700 I have tried (mine, friends, dealers ,… ) are producing a very slight banding on night shots à low iso. this is a real fact.


        • Michael

          Must be your monitor.

          • Mikycoud

            Nope. Well known issue on d700s. Banding occurs most when using high or moderetely hugh iso and vertical orientation of the camera… So portraits with poor vailable light is problematic.

            • Not Surprised

              Youre confusing the D700 with the Canon 5DMII — the “banding king.”

  • John

    The last D700 firmware update was in January, 2010. It would seem rather odd that they are updating to fix any software issues NOW. This must be for the new wireless adapter or something.

  • Wow, finally a firmware update to remove that horrible shadow banding that makes the camera essentially useless for commercial use. Thankyou Nikon!

    • I detect bullshit.

      What a load of bullshit

    • …yes, I have had trouble with horrible shadows banding together as well. They have ganged up on me several times. I’ve told the authorities, but they said there isn’t much they can do.

      • Not Surprised

        The D700 is much better than Canon’s terrible 5DMII, which had horrible banding. They are around the same generation sensor, so Nikon did quite good. If anything improves, even better, because even Canon’s latest camera, the 5DMIII produces intolerable banding… but that’s Canon’s technological limitations, I guess. In 3 more years, they might fix it.

        In the meantime, Nikon is improving upon what was already extremely good and the mainstream champion of the previous generation of cameras.

    • Michael

      That cannot be fixed without improving the sensor. It’s caused by the high read noise of the sensor, D800 and D7000 is the fix for it, D4 still have high read noise though.

    • Ex-5Dii owner

      You’d better check your camera. I suspect it says 5D Mark II on the front.

  • T.I.M

    firmwares are great, I just updated my D800e with the lastest firmware, and now I can take pictures with my camera ! (I don’t use it as a clock anymore)

    • Trolling T.I.M

      Do you want a cookie or something. Wait I think I have one in my pockets. Just keep rubbing that fact that you have your D800e in everyone else’s face.

      • T.I.M

        @Trolling T.I.M
        I love you too !

  • Samuel

    I wrote to Nikon Japan about some unresolved issues with D700.. may be the 1.03 firmware would has this issues solved.. hope they will release it soon 🙂

  • 123

    If only people had firmware updates too

    • T.I.M


    • jivee

      You mean viagra?

      • T.I.M

        Why would I need viagra, my 600mm f/4 do the job !

        • FX DX

          What kind of filter you use on your 600mm? Aren’t you glad that it is weather sealed?

          • T.I.M

            @FX DX
            for safety, I always put on the hood.

        • none

          No, you only *think* it is “doing the job.” Trust me, cuz I hear the ladies snickering behind your back.

        • It’s a penis joke

          23.6 inches huh?! Must make walking difficult.

  • Milamber

    Maybe the new firmware will let you swap the zoom in & out buttons to match the D800 & D4.

    • JED

      Of all the above suggestions this one makes the most sense to me if I try to think like a Nikon exec thinking like a user. I can’t see them adding the updated Auto ISO stuff (would be nice of course).

      • lefan

        Agree though I do expect Nikon to do that (in fact I wished for it since D90). Has Nikon ever added new features to their old products through firmware before?

    • Pierre

      Sounds great, you press + and it does -, just like some cars that accelerate when you hit the breaks.

  • Chimphappyhour

    Er, isn’t it rather odd for Nikon to do just one half? My updates have always come with an increase in A&B at the same time.

  • If you have recently purchased a Nikon D700 – which firmware version do you have?

    • rik

      I purchased a brand new D700 on 04/30/2012.
      Firmware A/B 1.02

    • Marco

      taken in Italy a week ago …
      A 1.02
      B 1.02

    • markus

      I got my new D700 last saturday. just checked the firmware version. it is: A 1.03; B 1.02.


    • Ooops

      As below an Italian supplied one from March has v1.02 for both A & B. Having now read the German thread though I see that the V1.03 was on a camera with serial no. 253xxxx, the serial number of the Italian one is 247xxxx whilst another on the other forum lists a 250xxxx as having v1.02 so it seems that if it can be linked to serial numbers the change happened somewhere between 250xxxx and 253xxx, do any of you have a s/n within that range

    • Cameron


      Purchased March 2012

  • Dweeb

    I’m sure it contains the badly needed repairs to the Pilipino language set.

    • That’s Racist!

      I doubt it. No one cares.

  • bob

    perhaps to add wifi compatibility for wu-1a

  • andy

    New features are definitely out of the question at such a late stage. It could be a memory cards compatibility update or some sort of accessory/lens compatibility fix, not that I could think of any really but who knows.

  • Don

    D700?? How about a firmware update for the D800 lockup. I got my new D800 yesterday and had two lockups within the first 50 shots. I only shoot RAW, and of course, I had Highlights and Histograms turned on. Who whouldn’t?

    • Who wouldn’t? Anyone who doesn’t want lockups until Nikon fixes the issue which they are aware of.

  • Ooops

    An Italian supplied D700 from March 2012 has both A & B v1.02. I wonder if this v1.03 change could be pinpointed to a serial number

  • peterw

    busted I guess

    • peterw

      🙂 no
      definitely true

      (took some time to land on the websites)

  • Right

    This patch will appear on June 1st and it is fixing D700 into a mirrorless camera, to compete with Leica M series. Also will enable Leica M lenses to autofocus on D700 body. Special edition, Germany limited only.

    • Leica joke

      Does it make it black and white only?

  • My version of firmware is 1.02 for A and B. I have no problems with it, so i do not see a need of any update on my d700. ps: Sorry for bad english

  • Jason

    D700 is perfect at firmware 1.02. So perfect that even D800 does not want to ship

  • I just upped a video of my first wedding I shot 2 years ago on my first D700 and primes only check it out:

    • Ken Hockwell

      Looks like you could have used firware 1.03. Apparently is corrects bad wedding photography in camera.

  • Anand

    Hmm…hey Admin, I just got my camera sent back yesterday from the LAX facility…I will check for this update. Maybe they applied it for me??

    • Anand

      Well I was not “lucky” enough I guess…still at old firmware.

    • let me know, thanks

  • BartyL

    Perhaphs this means the replacement for the D700 is …….the D700.

    • silmasan


    • JM

      Nothing wrong with the D700! I absolutely love mine…

    • peterw

      ah, that would make sense 🙂
      (it might loose some weight though)

  • Nikkor guy

    Similiar story about non-existing firmware.

    I owned a Nikon D200 couple of years back and the previous owner had it just serviced by local Nikon shop. The firmware had a newer revision than the one listed on the website as well.

    I don’t know whether the “newer” revision is just a custom tweaked pre-ceding version or what.

  • The only control-related issue that I am jealous of Canon over is the right-handed ISO control. Nikon, PLEASE add ISO to the options for the Func etc. buttons! Those customizations are so awesome, adding ISO (not just Auto-ISO enabling, but true ISO control) …would be GREAT.


  • Doug the Spider

    B&H shipped my D800 today. Ordered on Feb 7.

    • Jan

      What time on Feb 7 did you order your D800?

      • Doug the Spider

        12:00 noon. Not NPS member

        • Jan

          Thanks. That was after my order and i have not yet received a confirmation. Will be on the phone in the morning.

          • scottd800

            i have received my d800, and am non NPS member. Ordered Feb 7 noon, got it the same day as my local shop.

            On a side note: interesting to see the greenish tint for myself on d800 vs d700 in certain types of fluorescent lighting. I tried it in two areas of my home in Auto-WB and Fluorescent-WB modes. It is in-fact, quite greenish under “soft white” labled CFL bulbs, but fine under “cool white” CFL’s?? Skin-tone goes green too in these conditions…

            Hopefully will be corrected with a firmware update. 🙂 released with the new D700 update perhaps…

        • Jan

          Any chance you would post the B&H order number?
          I got the usual bs from the store but if i could stick an order number higher than mine in their face it might help.

  • HotDuckZ

    It’ll make D700 noise as D3s.

    • Mrs Fred

      Don’t want that.

      D3s is way too noisy.

  • Fred Fanboy

    Oh dear. People are still buying the D700??

    My dears, the D700 is so last season, so passé.

    • andy

      Stop talking out of your ass. Some people don’t buy cutting edge, and it’s a good entry alternative for those who want to enter full frame DSLR without paying major price. All in all, it’s still a very good camera, even after 4 or so years.

      • Winning FTW

        Recognising sarcasm fail.

    • T.I.M

      @Fred Fanboy
      The D800 is so next season, so future, so next year !

  • vesilvio

    Maybe the new D700 firmware will CORRECT the WRONG D700 LCD dominance to the correct D800 one !

  • – when it will be available
    – why
    – where

    • andy

      – nobody knows
      – because
      – on Nikon website

    • Karma Police

      – (not a question, so..)
      – “..the more important than why is when..”
      – ” The answer is out there Jeff; it’s looking for you. And it will find you, if you want it to.”

  • Funduro

    Hideous plastic LCD protector. Yet many do not use filters to protect $2K lenses glass.

    • Afgan Girl

      Funduro, nice avatar… is that you? Be more original…

      • Funduro

        Nope and NO !

    • I know many a Canon user who has scratched or shattered their LCD screen. Every time I hear the story, I wonder why I never hear that from Nikon users.

      That “hideous” LCD cover is brilliant. And who cares how it looks?

  • DanielD

    Anybody heard the rumors about 1DX has been reconfirmed? It will be present in any photographic shop before the London Olympics (as they promised). That’s will be a big punch for Nikon (if the rumors are true)

    • Calibrator

      > That’s will be a big punch for Nikon

      *What* exactly will be the punch?

  • T.I.M

    The Euro is now down to $1.26, guys get ready to pay soon 10-15% more for your Nikon !

  • How about a silent mode?

  • AYBT

    OMG, right when I am about to sell off my D700 in exchange for D800…

  • BigD

    I just got my D700 back from the Nikon shop in CA for various repairs and my firmware has not been updated.

    If they do come up with a new firmware, I hope it includes the Auto-ISO features of the D800. That’s the only thing I like about the D800. If I didn’t need the D800 for the occasional video I’d get rid of it in a heartbeat.

    • keith t

      thank you dude. I should buy you a beer…

  • T.I.M

    What about the D600, still at 80% or now better probability ?

  • Mathell

    Nikon has confirmed the new firmware!!
    It will be released soon on the website of Nikon.

    Posted in the german forum:

    • peterw

      wie stehts jetzt?

      there is no news yet – 22:30 19/5/2012 Paris-time on (or
      We should wait till monday?

  • Zolty

    This 1.03 firmware, causes all D700 to freeze at a date of first big shipment of D800s.
    Making the owners buy newer body. Latest firmware is for guys who missed that D700s stopped taking good photos at a date of D800s release.

  • Now Im starting to get really angry, WHERE ARE THE LEAKED IMAGES OF THE D600 AND WHEN WILL IT BE RELEASED??!!!

    • Not Surprised

      Your rage makes me want to watch the Avengers. But your name makes me suddenly want to order a pizza. Movie and a pizza night, it is!

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