More Nikon D600 specs

Some new Nikon D600 specs in addition to what I reported two week ago (new specs are on top, marked in bold):

  • 39 AF points (with an option of 11 AF points)
  • 5 fps (same as the D700, the D800 has 4fps)
  • 2 SD card slots with Eye-fi support
  • Build-in retouching images functionality
  • Built-in flash with sync speed of 1/250s
  • Two user settings: U1 and U2
  • Fn button

  • GPS
  • HD video
  • The sensor inside the D600 will probably be 24MP (made by Sony, modified by Nikon)
  • The new camera will be marketed as an entry level full frame camera
  • Auto DX crop mode
  • In-camera RAW editor
  • Built in time-lapse functionality
  • Possibly with build-in HDR
  • Possibly with integrated GPS
  • New external battery grip
  • To be released this summer
  • The D600 will probably not have an internal AF motor, which means it will work only with AF-S lenses (just like the D3200 and D5100)
  • The price of the D600 is rumored to be very low - maybe as low as $1500
  • Announcement before Photokina (September 2012)
  • One or more low-priced f/4 lenses will be announced with the D600. For example, Nikon recently filed a patent for a 24-70mm f/3.5-4.5 full frame lens which seems to be designed for a cheaper FX DSLR body

At that point I feel comfortable to raise the [NR] probability for the Nikon D600 to 60%. Some of the listed specs may still be inaccurate, but I think I got the most part correct.

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  • Lo Crux

    help me out because I am dumb…

    Will the following lenses autofocus on the D600 (or anything with out the Focus motor)

    24-70mm 2..8

    70-200mm 2.8 vr1

    50mm 1.4

    85mm 1.8

    Tokina 11-17mm 2.8

    Any help would be great

    • 24-70 & 70-200 YES
      50 & 85 both if D version (old) NO, if G (new) YES

      tokina NO and this is DX lens

    • None of my favorite lenses would AF on the D600
      85mm f1.8 AFD
      60mm f2.8 AFD micro
      50mm f1.4 AFD

  • Trialcritic

    It looks everyone wants a D800 having 24MP at $1500. Hey, if they release that, I will sell my D800 and buy the D600.

    • Hhom Togan

      Not happy with the D800? (not being Ironic) I returned mine because of the silly problems (lock ups, AF-S weird behavior, etc.) and got instead a low mileage D3X, but I’m really interested in the honest opinion of people past the hype.

      • Trialcritic

        I love my D800, that was a joke

  • Chris

    Now I am laughing at all the guys that pre-ordered a D800 and that won’t even know what to do with a 36.3MP sensor… The D800 is a landscape and studio camera. Most people don’t need one. That reminds me of a comment I read once on a blog about a guy that bought a D3s and was asking how to set the aperture on it. Buy what you need guys. On my side I am still waiting cause this D600 announcement looks interesting. Let’s not forget the Canon 5D Mark III either which is pretty good too (and I am a Nikon user!).

  • Michael

    The ONLY thing that would prevent me from getting this is if it does not have a built in AF motor for my old glass.

    • NikonMikon

      same here. I NEED that motor! All of my lenses are screw-type autofocus 🙁

      18-35mm f3.5-5.6
      35mm f2
      50mm f1.4
      85mm f1.8
      75-300mm f4.5-5.6

      How do they expect me to replace all of those 🙁

      • Anthony

        I would say it’s time for you to move on to better lenses…

        • Carlos Viana

          And since when no motor means worse lens??

          • never.

            but AF-S 50 1.4 & 85 1.8 much better than AF

          • Adam Maas

            The 75-300 is a dog and neither the 35/2 nor the 18-35 are really up to the demands of a 24MP FX sensor. The other two (50 & 85) are good glass, but outmatched by the newer AF-S versions. The OP would benefit more from upgrading lenses than their body, especially the zooms.

            • umesh

              Have you checked dxomark rating for these lenses.?

        • NikonMikon

          Are you seriously implying those lenses are bad? You must be a retard. REGARDLESS of whether or not they are good, it’s the photographer not the equipment in this case. Let’s see some pics you’ve taken with your superior AF-S lenses.

          • Kotozafy

            Another crutial question -as for me- is whether it will meter with AI-S lenses.

          • Adam Maas

            You’d benefit more from upgrading your lenses than your body. Your primes are alright, none are exceptional but they range from good to quite good. The zooms range from mediocre (18-35) to not worth mounting (75-300).

            With your lens lineup you’d do a lot better buying a used D700, which will be a LOT easier on those lenses than a D600 with a sensor which will stress far better glass than what you have. The D600’s high-res sensor will be a far larger limitation than any lack of screwdriver AF support with your lens lineup.

      • Martinsssss

        You dont need a motor to focus.

        • NikonMikon

          You do if you’re shooting moving things…

          • mcd

            Yes, it wans’t until the invention of auto focus that any moving thing could be photographed…….

            • sictransit

              Hahaha. On a related note, will the 50 f1.2 auto focus even if the camera has an AF motor?

            • peter

              is that true? How did the old film cameras do it?

            • umeshrw

              On the same note ,
              people used to travel in a buggy before cars were invented
              used abacus before calculators were invented and
              better still , used to paint before cameras were invented.
              too much ? How about ‘ external meter before slr AE was invented?

      • Sahaja

        If there is no AF motor in this camera, the resale value of AF-D lenses will drop as well – making it even more expensive to replace them.

    • biko

      That is one point. But also I am afraid that “entry level” means D5100-like body and/or interface. In that case I’ll choose a D700. Motor will not be an issue in the near future because whenever Nikon releases a new/upgraded lens, it is an AF-S lens which is always superior to the old ones.

  • Fred

    no focus motor means no good for me – really a shame – Nikon playing hardball with i’ts customer base

  • Gil

    I prefer to wait for the D400 instead the D600. Fail for Nikon to built the D600 without internal focus motor in the body.

    • ZoetMB

      This has been discussed constantly over the years. Do you know how many lenses Nikon sells for each body? In 2011 it was 1.48. Across the entire industry it’s only 1.65. So very few people actually ever buy even a second lens and the lens they buy with the camera is AF-S.

      With the lower level DSLRs, Nikon strategized that the vast majority of buyers were new to SLRs and didn’t have any old lenses without motors. The newest AF lens (without motor) is 10 years old and most of them are around 18 years old.

      I think the idea on the D600 is to keep the price down and also to distinguish it enough from the D800 and an upcoming D400, which I still think is coming and which I think will have a motor. If you want to be a pessimist you can say that Nikon wants people buying the higher-priced (and probably higher margin) AF-S lenses, although on the other hand, all of the development costs on the AF lenses have long ago been amortized.

      So I don’t think it’s a “fail”. I think it’s a strategy. The question is whether you would have wanted to pay $200 more to include the motor. It also would have made the body larger and heavier.

      • Victor Hassleblood

        >> Do you know how many … <<

        Sales do not equal use. And this is exactly why some people want AIS- or old AF-lenses to be supported. I bought two Nikon bodies within the last 12 month. And I did not buy 2.96 lenses. I am even worse. I bought none in the last 12 month. I already have ten.

        Still I agree with you. I think it is a smart move to sell (cheaper) bodies without the support of non AF-S. If photography was relatively new to me I would happily buy this rumored D600 and upgrade from DX to FX without hesitation. This camera will sell like hot cake. It will be anything but a fail.

      • Adam Maas

        It’s a strategy that makes sense with $5-800 bodies sold to consumers, not with $1500+ bodies sold to serious amateurs (and the occasional consumer with more money than sense). Either this body is going to be cheaper than we think, the rumour is wrong or Nikon is making a mistake.

        Personally I could care less about screwdriver AF support. My interest is AI support since I shoot with AI lenses and don’t much like most screwdriver AF lenses (and the ones I like I’d rather focus manually anyways). If I was going to buy AF lenses, I’d just be getting the new f1.8 trio at 28, 50 and 85mm.

    • Nikon shooter

      Even thought D600 will be full frame this camera should have built in motor. This feature can distinguish between DX and FX. Big mistake if no built in motor…

  • bdeckert

    The AF motor isn’t my main concern. If this turn out to be the FX D7000 I don’t want it to have the same viewfinder. 80% of the reason I want to move to FX is the larger viewfinder.

    • Victor Hassleblood

      You do not presume the D600 will come with a DX viewfinder for real, do you?

  • I wish they would just slap a D3S sensor in a D300S body and price it at $2000. That would be a great camera. I want to upgrade to FX as cheap as I can so a D600 is a strong possibility. Currently I own a D7000, D300S, and a D3100. My lenses include Nikkor 70-200, 50 1.4, 35 1.8, 18-200, Tamron 17-50 2.8, Tokina 11-16 2.8, and Sigma 50-500 OS. I think I’m in “ok” shape to make the FX jump. Just have one or maybe two lenses to buy yet(24-70 and 14-24). Either way, I’m anxious for Nikon to release the D600.

    • ImageX

      …. and a Tamron 90mm 2.8 (FX)!

    • Nirun Dowlath

      Exactly! I am sure that that set up costs and machinery costs for this sensor is already ammortized/paid for, why don’t they just carry on producing that sensor at a reduced price. This will make such a brilliant replacement for the D700.

  • Anthony

    I see the D600 as a step up from the D7000, something that I always wish for on a D700 replacement. Since I do not need that 36mp from the D800, but 25mp is exactly just perfect. Also without the motor drive the D600 will be a good travel cam for lightness and versatility. with video and FX or DX option, just put the right lens on. Nikon have listen to real prosummer and advance hobbyiest to part time pros. The D700 is still my trusted cam, I use my D7000 exclusively for the 1.5 crop factor with a 70-200 VRII f2.8, this gives me a nice 300mm 2.8 whenever I need it.

  • J.O.

    What does not make sense is the effect this will have on the current backlog of D800’s out there, if there really is one. 80% of any backordered units would be cancelled immediately. That means Nikon cannot announce a D600 until the D800 backorders are all filled.

    I bought a D800 (love it) but I have to admit if Nikon puts this out less than 1 year after the D800 I will be mighty pissed. Many of these features should have been in the D800 and could have been if this is all true.

    Fool me once, shame on you Nikon, fool me twice – Canon.

  • Lex

    No doubt the images will be fantastic. But shooting weddings, sports or anything that requires fast auto focus, you’ll be pulling your hair and will be frustrated with the camera when u have that money shot but miss it because the auto focus was hunting. Trust me, at first you’ll be amazed with image quality, but later your soon crave for that instant run and gun style of photography. Its embarrassing when you have a client and you have to tell them “sorry my camera is having a hard time focusing”.

    D800 is what I want and will be using for wedding pbotography. Hit me up if someone is trying get rid of their d800. Like everyone else, Im currently on the waiting list for a d800 at a local . camera shop and will be selling all of my dx stuff(d300s,d7000, Nikon 17-55 2.8. tokina,12-24 f4, and my 35mm 1.8 lens.

    • Nirun Dowlath

      Is that 39 point AF system (slike the D7000) so bad?

      • catinhat

        Even leaving aside various reported backfocus issues that I also occasionally struggled with, the D7000 AF is just not terribly reliable. It is not bad-bad, just not quite in the same class as what you find in D700 or D300.

        D7000 has another issue though. Being 16P it is quite susceptible to lens shake blur. I found that on a reasonably long tele, say 300mm and up, one needs to use at least double shutter speed over focal lens, i.e. at least 1/640s for 300mm, and better 1/800 or even 1/1000. I’m sure D800 is subject to the very same constraint, while the rumored D600 at 24MP will be far more forgiving.

        BTW, this D3200 at 24MP DX better have an absolutely awesome high ISO performance because it will need probably at least three times shutter speed over focal length to get reasonably sharp shots. For the same reason, I always wonder about people craving 24Mp D400 for wildlife and such, since this wildlife will likely not always be in the sunniest spot and will require pretty high ISO to start with. Add to this a really long tele and a 24MP sensor, and those guys will have to lug around a really sturdy tripod…

        • wublili

          More megapixels does not mean that you automaticly shake the camera more. You can do that if you wish, of course, but that would be just stupid.

          Only difference is that the possible blur becomes slightly more visible when the resolution is higher. But taht’s only when you pixel peep. When you print it to same size, lets say 8 by 12 inches, the blur is equal in 16MP and 36MP photos. Only difference is that the latter one might be sharper since it has more information to start with. (and no, I’m not even comparing any 16MP DX to 36MP FX, but both FX for example… Or both DX if you wish.)

          So, to say it short, low resolution sensor doesn’t show your handshaking because it can’t resolve it. It’s blurry all around compared to high resolution sensor.

        • Adam Maas

          Actually 24MP FX is less susceptible to camera shake than 16MP DX. The D600 will have a pixel pitch larger than the D300 or D90, and will be similarly less sensitive to shake. The D800 on the other hand will be about as sensitive to shake as the D7000 (and the D3200 even more sensitive).

  • nawab

    the greatest success for Nikon was its F-mount with more than 65 million lenses sold and most still in use.
    The greatest let down for Nikon would be introducing FX cameras without the internal AF motor.
    advantage Canon- learn form Nikon’s mistake.

  • diah

    I’d rather live without video than a full frame without AF motor for AF-D lenses. Yes I own fast FF AF-S lenses too but doesn’t mean I stop using the old ones..

  • Srini

    Would it be priced at $2000 and £1500? I would buy that instead of D800 then.

  • Srini

    I am curious how the video function is going to be…would it be a restricted funcationality or giving a full control? A full control would be nice. I hope they have worked to improve the AF-S in video mode. A reasonbly priced full frame D600 (around £1200 – £1500) with a couple of FX lens kit would suddenly become affordable.

  • Hi!

    “The D600 will probably not have an internal AF motor, which means it will work only with AF-S lenses (just like the D3200 and D5100)”


    And it’s not good for SIGMA Lens with x1.4 or x2.0 AF…

  • CraigL

    Nikon would have one hell of a line of FF cameras if they decide to bring the D600 out. I will get one to go along with my (hopefully shipping someday soon D800E) and use the D800E for the purpose I bought it for–landscape and still-life; and the D600 for everything else.

    Now if they introduced a D7100 and a D400 with the 24MP DX sensor, they’d have the APS line pretty well covered too.

  • Andrew

    Personally if it has GPS and can tell apperture were the picture was taken I’d chop in my D70.

  • Dawg89

    24 megapixel FX equates to about 10.5 megapixels in DX-crop mode. Pretty close to the D300s. I expect better ISO/noise on the D600, so I expect it will be a great replacement for my D300s…let’s use my DX lenses at similar resolution and better overall performance, and I get FX to boot!

  • I hope the D600 will come with an integrated AF-Motor!!!

  • Mike M

    If the specs are right, which selfishly I hope they are, this leaves a gapping “D400” or 7D fighter hole in the lineup, which would almost assuredly be filled. I can’t imagine Nikon not bringing something out with a top flight AF system and more FPS than the specs for this camera indicate. There’s a huge amateur sports camera buying group that right now isn’t seeing a lot of camera aimed at them, the D7k just doesn’t cut it for many of us. I’m still hoping for a 16mp 8+fps D400… I picked up a cheap 2nd hand D300, the AF performance upgrade over my D200 is awesome, but the low light noise performance is only an incremental improvement. I really just need D300 focus and speed coupled with D7000 low noise and extra resolution.

    • Cameron

      Could not agree more!

  • Benjo

    Besides the obvious AF motor, my concern would be for the AI coupling for metering with older manual focus lenses and the compatibility with PC-E lenses. The D7000 is essentially useless with the 24mm PC-E due to the flash overhang. You can shift it up in portrait orientation, but not much at all in landscape, and just getting it on is pretty rough. The D300/D700/D800 are all pretty good, only limited in easily-overcome ways.

    Then again, if someone needs a backup FX body, a D600 with good ISO and FPS at $1500 would drive D700 prices down towards the $1k mark.

  • xb900

    Almost everybody who would buy a full frame SLR owns one or several older lenses without SW motor. I think D600 will have an AF motor. If not, what about exposure metering? Until today no AF motor means also no metering with Ai-S lenses AND older teleconverters.

  • brain .

    … surprises…

    i had the privilege of meeting a major, established British photographer on the way to a Nikon D800 event earlier this year and i didn’t quite believe him when he told me, laughing i might add, that Nikon have no respect, time or interest for Professional photographers. he told me that Nikon only care about the ‘enthusiast’ market as that’s where the money is and he didn’t expect to see the D800 in shops until October.
    as i said, i didn’t believe him at the time . i do now…and Canon aren’t any better.

    Ken .

    • Arkasai

      That’s pretty much true of any company that caters to both professionals and everyday consumers. Very few companies can get away with selling exclusively to professionals, to do that their products are best in class, the industry standard, and wildly expensive to sustain a business like that. Not to mention pros are the least gullible and hardest to please of any consumer. Nikon and Canon could stop selling pro gear tomorrow and they’d still retain over 90% of their actual camera business.

  • Steve Clarke

    Just like everyone else it seems I have my own opinion on Nikon’s commercial direction….

    1. APS-C /”DX” format is ultimatly a dead duck format, like Kodac disk and APS film.

    It only existed because making big sensors was expensive (due to the failure rate in manufacturing), and this is no longer the case anymore. All the FF sensors will crop to what ever frame size you want.
    This is why Nikon are anounceing so many new FF models- and I have not bought any DX lenses since the anouncement of the original D3 in preparation for this.

    2. The current 24/36 MP models will look “micky mouse” in a few years time, just like my old 6MP D50 looks now. I expect the D5(x) will probably be 50-60MP. However I will still be happy then with my “new” D800, just like I have been happy with my D50 up until this year.

    3. AF is not the be all and end all….I don’t care if my lenses AF or not, as I have been using several Ai/AiS lenses on my D50 in manual mode for years- I Learnt to use MF lenses in M/A/S modes. There again I would prefer if Nikon gave us split screen focus, rather than the stupid green dot! (I have both “P” and “E” screens for my F4, which are far more preferable to use than it’s original “B” screen).

    Mind you after saying all that I might be anoyed too if I had a pile of good solid old AF lenses, which may no longer work on their new cameras (-like Canon did when they dumped the FD mount!)
    Nikon seem to want us all to dump our good old lenses, so we can buy more of their new “plasticy” AF-S lenses, which seem so cheep in their build quality by comparison.

    • Mike M

      I think you’re grossly overestimating how much FX sensor production costs have dropped. Every time a new smaller photosite process is introduced you have to start all over on QC, and ultimately FX sensors use a big chunk of a wafer of the same silicon microprocessors are made from even at 100% success rate. I don’t feel like looking up the numbers, but a single wafer can produce something like 5x the DX sensors it can FX sensors. And frankly, the volume sellers in Nikons lineup that win the bread are all DX cams. Nikon isn’t winning their fortune on D# or D### cameras, they’re doing it on D#### cameras and coolpix. Everyone seems to think that because a digital camera sensor is made like a microprocessor it can continue to get cheaper as it gets “better” but the fact is CPUs get cheaper and faster because they get smaller and smaller. The physics of light gathering and the size of the sensor are fixed constants. Basically the mindset that makes people think this is possible was generated by an industry that did the exact opposite of what camera makers have to do.

    • Vin

      I agree, only if one of the Sony fabs, or some fabs in China, or Korea have upgraded to the new 12″ wafers will we see a large price drop in the FF FX sensor cost go down over time. That was the talk a few years ago. If the size of the Chip or sensor dose not change then the price will not. So what can change. The wafer, but that would take a huge industrial change. Not a minor shift but a fairly large change in industry standards.

    • Vin

      APS-C, if we see the cost of FF FX go down due to a change in the fundamental fab tool production like with 12″ or 16″ wafers then we would see the cost of DX go down too. We would just see much better digital video HD cameras and more mirror-less cameras using APS-C sensors. I do not think it is anywhere close to seeing this size abandoned any time soon. It is a great money maker and a really high quality sensor for many applications. I am sure we will see more DX in say phone/cameras, that is the market that is growing in leaps, the camera sales are pretty much the same from year to year.

    • Dawg89

      Totally disagree about DX being “dead duck.” The cost of FX bodies can certainly come down, but the real expense is in the glass. Most consumers and amuteurs aren’t willing to pay for FX glass.

  • jeth

    There are millions of AF-D and Ais lenses around just waiting for a reasonably priced Full Frame. I have 11 of them. It will be a pity if Nikon ignores them all.

  • Nikondude

    I do not understand what Nikon is doing here. I’m not excited about any of these new cameras and I don’t see why I would need to upgrade from a d3s. D600 lacking in a bunch of things? No thanks. D800 with noise issues? No thanks. D4 which is not much different from a d3s? Why? Are they adapting the apple upgrade strategy where each model comes out with something new that no one really needs? I’m pretty disappointed with this line up and I’ll just wait to see what the d4s or d5 brings to the table.

  • Anders

    Wow, $1500 for a Nikon FF. Sounds great to me.

  • pbb

    Why does everyone think that autofocus is the be all and end all of photography. I grew up with manual focus cameras. There are a lot of tricks that can be used to garantee a correctly focused photograph. Namely prefocus and par focus. You did not even have to look through the view finder most of the time, just press the shutter and there was your picture. I know quite a few people who have broken autofocus lenses sitting around which are to expensive to repair. They can still be used in manual focus mode. Stop trying to run when you only have to walk. create your photographs, not take high street snaps.

    • ImageX

      A top tier AF system is extremely important for low light and action shots. Not to mention aggressive modeling posing. What good is a camera for those shots if it can’t keep up?? The AF system ranks as one of the most important features overall.

      • Martin

        “aggressive posing” wow that sounds like a dangerous sport. i’m glad i just like to take pics of landscape and people 🙂

        • ImageX

          lol I like models that can go from pose to pose quickly. One right after another. Bang bang bang! Things just flow well that way!

  • Martin


    • ActionJunky

      Say again… I couldn’t hear you.

    • Steve Clarke

      Let me see….All good lenses are AF-S are they…..

      AF-D 35 f/2…..NO
      AF-D 85 F/1.4 …NO
      AF 200 f/4 micro….NO
      AF-D 105 f/2 DC and AD-D 135 f/2 DC …NO, NO and NO
      24 f/3.5 PC-E, 45 f/2.8 PC-E, 85 f/2.8 PC-E…. Not even AF Lenses

      Yes pro AF-S Lenses (14-24, 24-70, 70-200 zooms, 105 f/2.8 micro etc) are good, most of the AF-S lenses have the same optical formula as their forebears. so these are just as good- AND MADE WITH BETTER QUALITY MATERIALS- THEY DONT FEEL LIKE CHEEP PLASTIC.

  • NICK

    If they do not put an AF motor I guess a lot of those AFS freaks will sell us for cheap the d3 and d700 to go to 20mpx and we’ll get our entry level FX… Long life to my AFD and Ai lenses!!!!

    If they want to diferenciate: TAKE AWAY FKND VIDEO. I record videos with my Iphone but love Photos with my D300… If the d600 is not what we expect we can always go to d700 replacement for a little less money the same 24mpx and full compatibility with our lenses…

  • Christian O.Petersen

    Every time I read something on this site, someone is complaining about the high resolution of the D800. It makes me wonder if no one has noticed where Apple is taking photo resolution. It started with the iPhone 4, then the iPad 3 and rumor has it that we are 12-18 months away from retina MacBooks and desktop displays. A 30″ Apple Retina Display would be 7680×4320 – perfect size for the photos from my D800 that Amazon finally delivered last week.

  • downhillschrott

    Nice. But I would like to have AF motor to use the old lenses. Ok.. it’s an entry level FX so it makes sense to cut this feature?

    I think FX and CX are the future formats and DX will die. If I would be Nikon I would not develop new DX lenses. I see no advantage of DX except the price, which will be no argument any more when sensor costs will go down.
    Ok, maybe for Video DX may be the more practical format.

    We will see.

  • CotswoldPhoto

    I do NOT want video. For no other reason but that Nikon disable the shutter pressed signal on the 10 pin port when they implement video. I have a device that uses that signal and it won’t work on my D300s either. Works fine on a D300 or D200. Not too bothered about lack of AF motor OR GPS for that matter.

  • pogodrummer

    Dear Nikon, that would be VERY stupid.
    they should make a d300/d700 all-in-one replacement with the same sensor as in the d4, 6fps with the option of 9fps w/ a battery grip burst shooting and some kind of 4mp pixel binning option for low noise photography.
    This is just plain stupid… i mean… no AF motor? come on…

  • Edubya

    People keep posting sarcastic comments about how expecting an AF motor is unreasonable if we expect low weight and cost. Hasn’t it already been made clear that the body motor is LIGHT and CHEAP?

    • GeofFx

      A lot of the people saying that the AF motor doesn’t matter are also the people who don’t understand that an FX viewfinder is bigger, who are telling people that they’re too old, and who think AF-D = not good. Can you really expect them to understand that?

    • georg

      I simply don’t know if the body motor is light and cheap. If yes, Nikon should include it. I have a lot of AF-D lenses and i like it. I like especially my 80-200 AF-D 2.8 more than the new 70-200 even the AF-D is maybe 5-10% slower than AF-S because it has straight blades and no rounded ones. Makes funnier stars. 😉

      But my biggest wish would be a FX Nikon1 or whatever such a FX Evil would be named – and I want fully support of the features a professional/semi-prof should have. No Nikon1 eunuch.

      • Monk

        For all those that think that an AF body motor is big and heavy, take a look and the now forgotten Nikon F75/N75/U2. Incredible light and small full frame body with a replaceable film based sensor.

        Alas, the F75 had a motor, yes, but couldn’t meter with AI lenses. So both things are possible.

        So what Nikon really wants is to sell more lenses. They want the new users of a D600 to buy only new lenses, so they will cripple old lenses (AF and AI) functionality on the D600. They make most of their money on lenses only, not on bodies.

        And forget about that FM2 digital we all wanted.

  • Steve

    Im really stoked about this new camera I only have AFS lenses and like primes so this camera might be the next one I buy now only if it had a Swivil LCD screen it would be perfact.

  • georg

    AF motor: I would never buy a Nikon which has no body motor. I have two AF (D) lenses which I like very much and are important for me:
    1. The 80-200 1:2.8 AF-D because it has straight blades which I like more than the new rounded ones of the 70-200AF-S
    2. Most important: The 135mm 1:2.0 DC AF-D this is one of the lenses why some people buy Nikon at all. A FX body which do not support this lens must be a real cheap starter body or special for sports photography or whatever.
    I simply would NEVER buy a Nikon body without AF motor for the whole lifetime of this 2 lenses.

    Sensor pixel count: Some time ago I had the opinion the 12MP of my D700 bodies are enough. (D3/D4 is much to heavy and to big for me.)
    With the new models I changed that. Now my opinion is the following: If the quality (light sensitivity AND dynamic range) is the same or better than my D700, I want as much pixels as possible. 35MP? Good. 50MP? Yeah, give it to me. It simply gives you more possibilities. If you don’t want it (smaller file size) you can always choose a smaller size (You know it: Even before storing it to the card).

    If you stay with the mirror and an optical viewfinder it must have folloiwng features:
    1. 100% coverage (the D700 is a great camera but quite annoying in this point)
    2. Must have a split sreen for focus. (I love my F3 but I want a digital F3)

    By the way, did I mention I want a FX evil body? Get rid of the mirror, now!

    (If Nikon build a digital F3 AND a FX evil I would have a real problem which camera to buy.. but sadly I do not belive that I will have to make that decision in near future 🙁 )

    • Adam Maas

      The 80-200 AF-S is superior in all regards to your AF-D version (and IIRC has straight blades) It’s also optically better than the other options except the new 70-200 VRII.

      The 135/2 DC has never been a reason why people buy Nikon. It’s been second-fiddle in terms of performance to the 135L since they were introduced and the ZA 135/1.8 Sonnar is better than either. And the 135DC’s AF is so slow you’re probably better off focusing it manually. Thankfully a superior fast 135 is on its way from Zeiss sometime this year (the ZF version of the already announced CP.2 135/2 Sonnar).

      • georg

        1.) I’m sorry but I simply don’t remember there is a 80-200 AF-S 2.8??? The 70-200mm AF-S 2.8 has rounded blades??
        So maybe there is such a lens, but I don’t know it. Please link.

        2.) 135mm: That’s your opinion. It’s not my one. This is one of the best lenses ever made for that purpose. There are other ones which may provide other features which may be more important for you, but this lens has the best package. AF of the 135mm DC is quite fast (1 turn of the screw brings you from 5m to infinity) and precise enough for portrait/landscape shooting. A D700 will focus very fast with it but nevertheless you may want to correct or even focus manually which is quite common in slow photography. Of course this is not an action lens. If you shoot action with that lens, you just take the wrong tool. Maybe there will be a new lens sometimes which outperforms this one – but this one is made since I think 1990 (as AF-D 1995).

        • Vin

          I remember the original 80-200mm 2.8 was a very nice lens, they usually only changed them to make them lighter faster AF, or internal AF. But there are some differences from generation to generation. Scpecially the ones with VR, take it or leave it. The 135mmDC, that is one I think I would still like to have.

      • georg

        ad 80-200mm AF-S: Found it. But rounded blades. So, no advantage over the new 70-200 AF-S VR.. and not comparable to the old 80-200 AF-D.

  • Rens

    Posted May 12, 2012 at 12:10 pm | Permalink

    >Im really stoked about this new camera I only have AFS lenses and like primes so this >camera might be the next one I buy now only if it had a Swivil LCD screen it would be >perfact.

    Spelling aside, I feel the same. If it has a swivel screen I’ll trade my D700 in. Otherwise I’m more than happy with the D700


  • Fred

    Great idea Nikon. Make a 24 MP FX body that ‘requires’ AF-S lenses.
    The majority of the ‘pro’ FX AF-S lenses are already in tight supply so forget the decent glass (as required by high MP count) and not all the primes are available in AF-S anyway.
    Add to this the sales of D800’s will already be putting strain on the ‘better glass’ production facilities.
    Where-as the D600 can be made in their external plants (e.g. Thailand) where/how would they cater for the growth in AF-S glass requirements?
    So one would have to use the mass produced ‘El Cheapo’ AF-S lenses with inferior quality on a ‘top quality’ sensor.
    Otherwise get your camera in 6 months and the lens(es) 12 months later (if you’re lucky).
    Great marketing ploy.
    So, keep the in-camera AF motor and let customers enjoy the product with existing lenses then wait for the natural migration to newer lenses at a pace that can be handled.

    • Mike M

      Except that 24mpix on FX is a lower pixel density than cameras already in existence like the D7000…

  • Tommy

    I am so going to get this.

    upgrading from D5000 so motor is not a concern 😀

  • KnightPhoto

    Thinking like Nikon Corp for a moment, an aggressively priced FX D600 means less profit per unit sold. So Nikon needs to drive costs on the camera down and in order to increase profit in other areas by encouraging AF-S lens sales, omitting the screwdriver motor makes perfect business sense! It will encourage you to actually add the odd AF-S lens into your kit. And the new G primes are all great and many are very decently priced.

    Let’s see, if you truly had a strategy of amassing a kit FULL OF non-AF-S autofocus lenses, as opposed to just one or two, by all means get a D800 that’s the camera for you (or at least get a used D700, great camera). The D800 is already very aggressively priced at $3K, and comes with many other upgraded features over the D600 that will make it well worth your while.

    Plus if you have a kit-full of non-AFS autofocus lenses, I wonder why haven’t you been shooting a D700 already? Let me see if I understand your strategy, you have been amassing and shooting a kit full of screwdriver focus FX lenses and you’ve been shooting them on DX cameras up until now – what the heck have you been doing that for? I’ve been shooting FX for 4 years already, so I don’t get what all the “deal breaker fuss” here about screwdriver focus is for this cheap FX D600 option. There have been many occasions in the last 4 years where the venerable D700 could be had NEW for the low 2 thousands and used prices are now less that $2K. What exactly were/are you waiting for all this time? Time has been a wasting guys while you dithered and amassed screwdriver FX lenses.

    Anyhow now we have the D600 option, which sounds like a great new choice offered by Nikon, very exciting, but is is a choice and it also involves choosing AF-S lenses to go with it. You could start small, with any of the excellent new bargain-priced f1.8 G primes and sounds like some cheaper “G” zooms with f3.5-f4.5 in the offing which should be quite decent. Choices are good.

  • friedrich

    The specs for a D600 look impressive and interesting – BUT a FX without a focus motor, does that really make sense? The FX is interesting reusing all the lenses in the market (think about all the great long lenses). Without the motor that possibility is lost. The answer to the question will show whether Nikon is interested to keep the “50M lenses shipped into the market are reusable” story alive. And why should it add a motor to the D800 and subsequently not to the D600 with the less stringent lens requirements (24Mpix sensor as in the D3x).


  • Max from Ukraine

    I know this sounds little unprofessional, but i have a question on your opinion, what camera will be better FX d600 or DX d400?

  • Christophe

    Very interesting this D600 if it comes out with most of those specs. But the none presence of an in-AF motor is a bit annoying. Tought not all my lenses would suffer this. (my 105mm macro already cheers a future new body ^^).
    Well as they say we just have to sit and wait !

  • gcoz76

    I can’t imagine that Nikon would NOT put a screw drive motor in the D600. It makes no sense that this camera won’t be at least a D7000.

    I hope they will release a good 24-70mm & 70-200mm f4 lense along with it.

    The 28-105 AF D would be nice if it has the screw-drive motor.

  • niisfktn

    Can’t wait to get one. Are there any chance to get one by August?

  • boris

    If it has an AF motor I’d be in for sure.
    No AF motor = no sale.

  • LK

    This is what I have been waiting for. Can’t wait for the price point announcement and my wallet to feel less heavy.

  • Brad

    Entry level probably means that it won’t be able to trigger off camera flash. That’s a big downside. I’d still probably go for a d800, unless they bring out something to replace the d700.

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