Nikon acknowledges the D4/D800 lockup issue, offers temporary fix

Can you spot the problem?

In a statement to PDN Online, Nikon USA acknowledged the D4/D800 lockup issue that I reported a month ago (several readers and other websites have reported similar issues). Nikon is currently working on a permanent solution, in the mean time you can turn off both the 'Highlights' and 'RGB Histogram' display options in order to avoid this problem:

"Nikon has received reports of a small number of D4/D800 users who are experiencing 'locking up' issues, where the camera becomes unresponsive until the battery is removed and reinserted. Nikon is investigating a permanent solution to this issue and will update users accordingly. To immediately resolve this issue, users can turn off both the 'Highlights' and 'RGB Histogram' display options in the 'Playback Display Options' sub-menu found in the 'Playback' menu. Nikon apologizes for any inconvenience this may have caused users."

There is another D800 focus/viewfinder issue that was also confirmed by Nikon. Here is an example sent in by a reader:

In addition to this blog post, there is an entire thread on the [NR] forum for all D4/D800 related issues.

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  • peter2

    Nikon could learn some trick from its rival.


    • Matthew

      Duct tape does fix everything, you know.

      • PeterO

        Except ducts.

        • vertigo

          It’s called Duck Tape. Get it right. The military designed it as a tape that could make waterproof seals.

          • Andre

            vertigo, you are such a mental genius, you could almost be in charge of the marketing dept at Kodak with that amount of knowledge.

            Why don’t you get your facts right before you type crap.


            • ha!

              I see your sarcasm receptor was made my Nikon, Andre. It failed, and you were trolled. Welcome to the internets.

      • @Matthew,

        Quite true 🙂 but Gaffer’s Tape works better. It’s less sticky and less destructive of surfaces (e.g. painted walls):

        • More to the point here, though, is that neither duct tape nor gaffer’s tape will help with the D800 lockup or focus problems 🙂 although they might help with the Canon Mark III light leaks until you can ship it to a service center 🙂

  • Hhom Togan

    Sincerely is kind of effed up that the buyer has to do the beta testing for both Canon and Nikon… By the way NR admin you aren’t going to post F-stoppers article about the AF and Viewfinder problems in the D800?

    • Andrew

      The customers are not doing the beta testing, the customers are adding to the beta testing process. Only a few customers are experiencing this problem as reported by Nikon.

      • Andrew,

        Andrew here. Just wanted to wish everyone a happy Star Wars day. “May the fourth be with you” and your new nikon D800 or D4.

      • Hhom Togan

        So you are perfectly fine buying a 3,000 bucks camera that has:
        -AF problems (AF-S) the reason I sent mine back and bought another D3X
        -Viewfinder problems (As reported by F-stoppers)
        -Locks up when you check the histogram (which is something that EVERY photographer does).

        Nikon, Canon and Sony can’t keep doing this kind of crap because there’s a way to counter measure it: Don’t rush the camera and put better QC both in manufacturing and testing.

        We aren’t talking about a 20 bucks toaster, we are talking about a 3,000 bucks camera aimed to professionals who earn their money through photographe (and a few wannabe’s who want to impress people).

        Adding? eergh… I don’t remember being paid to do this kind of stuff, nor I have received any discount because of this beta testing “adding”, so tell my why would I have to pay 3,000 bucks and do beta testing for Nikon for free?

        • Andrew

          If you are unlucky to be one of the 4% of consumers that get a defective product, sure – return it if you want, that is your business. Just don’t paint the world in your color, not everyone has had your bad experience with the D800. If you can do a better job, then go ahead and manufacture a better camera for us. I promise you, if your camera meets my requirement, I will be first in line to purchase it.

          If Sony, Nikon, and Canon experience manufacturing problems from time to time, then maybe manufacturing is a very complex business. If you want these companies to perform more extensive and prolonged tests to meet your special requirements, are you willing to pay $4,000 for a more perfect camera? I purchased a Mercedes Benz ten years ago that was extensively tested. The car has been extremely reliable. But the air conditioning systems had a problem and had to be serviced twice. It was under warranty and so I did not pay anything. Even with that problem, I rate the car an A+. The reason why I can give it such a high rating is because I am looking at the bigger picture – the engineering, construction, reliability, and comfort are exceptional. I am blessed to be driving such a technologically advanced car. It is easy to complain and point fingers. Now in the case of the D800, Nikon has pushed the limits, and manufactured a solid camera. And for that I am thankful.

          • Sahaja

            Yeah but the problem air conditioning in your Benz probably didn’t cause the engine to seize up or the brakes to lock.

            If they apply proper software engineering principles and proper testing procedures to the firmware in a camera there should be no fault occurring which can disable key functions in the camera. A camera is a closed system where you are not running third party applications – it is possible to make the software operating something like a camera bulletproof.

            If they are adding extra functions to cameras that can cause faults like this, then they should just leave out these features on pro-grade cameras until they can implement them properly without the potential to cause the camera to seize up or some critical function to fail.

            Probably the marketing department told the engineers “we must have feature xxx, yyy and zzz” – without giving them sufficient time or resources to design, implement and test those things properly.

        • jorg

          my camera is fine. serial 6xx2xxx. the majority of happy users do not come here to hear you crying.

    • Sahaja

      Just lucky Nikon is not making cars – they’d probably have brakes that failed.

  • Jens Hansen has some rather interesting thoughts on the subject: Production Issues or Not?
    I would especially like to qoute one central phrase from his article: “This last week I’ve had to write the following many times to people who’ve emailed me: if you decide to live on the bleeding edge of technology, you’ll sometimes get cut. That’s why they call it the bleeding edge. If over 40 years you buy 10 new camera bodies right at introduction, the law of statistics say that probably one of those will have a real manufacturing problem. Likewise, complex software (e.g. camera firmware) never ships with no defects at version 1.0. If you don’t like those odds, don’t buy the first product that comes off the assembly line, simple as that.”
    Of course this doesn’t mean that it’s not a pain in the butt, of course it is. But it does IMHO help to put the problems in a perspective.
    And I still wish I could afford the Nikon D800 – maybe I’ll be able to afford a secondhand D800, when the D900 comes out…. maybe 🙂
    In the meantime, I am still shooting happily but also rather enviously with my secondhand D200. 🙂

    • Andrew


    • Hhom Togan

      While it is true that you get burned if you are one of the first buyers, it doesn’t means it is something we should expect, maybe Nikon can spend 6 months more with the tests until they iron out the bugs (Same for Canon)

      I for one don’t expect bugs, hardware problems, poor LCD color calibration, etc. after paying 3,000 bucks for a camera, much less for a camera that is the core of my business and the tool to earn my bread.

      You would think that after 10 years some ways to counter measure these bugs could have been implemented.

      So I don’t agree with Thom’s points while it is widely know the first in line are going to beta testing for the rest it doesn’t means we should expect defective products to come out of the line of manufacturing. If not then I would say they could help the customer beta testing by reducing 20% of the price of the product right of the bat (I have no reason to do beta testing for free for anyone).

      • Andrew

        Hhom Togan, I do not agree, your analysis is flawed – you really do not understand manufacturing!

        Nikon has stated that there are only a few cameras that are affected. And besides, you cannot test manufacturing at a small scale and project the performance at a large scale. You can produce a few hundred cameras and everything is fine, but the minute you start producing 30,000 cameras a month, then you might experience small misalignment in the manufacturing that needs adjusting. The key is noticing the misalignment in the first place and re-calibrating the system before the problem occurs. So you are just wrong to say that Nikon should have learned from previous experience. Do you want them to keep producing the same cameras they did over 10 years ago? Progress means new design, new technology, and new manufacturing. What you are suggesting is “impossible” in the real world. So please abandon this line of thinking, it just does not work!

        The problem is not widespread, and that is why companies provide factory trained technicians. If you are one of the unlucky customers out of a 100 or 200 happy customers, then send your camera in to be serviced, or exchange it at the store where you purchased it.

        The launch of the D800 is quite successful. But remember, the industry standard is that about 4% of every manufactured products are defective. Defects have nothing to do with price. The D800 is priced at $3,000, it essentially replaces the D3x that was priced at $8,000 (and that was soon discontinued after the release of the D800), so Nikon has already given you a massive discount for this new and awesome technology. You have nothing to complain about, the experience with the D800 is how technological innovation works. Sorry if you see things differently.

        • Sahaja

          If they are likely to get problems like these when they ramp up production – then perhaps they need to do more thorough QC for 2-3 months after a major product like this is launched.

          • Andrew

            I hear you, but I think you have missed my main point. I am sure Nikon has already done QC for about 2 to 3 months or more. But at some point they have to crank up production to a much higher volume, and that is thousands per month. If a company is manufacturing 35,000 cameras per month which was Nikon’s goal for the D800 and they get a few hundred defects, that is a very good Quality Control (QC) record. Zero defect in manufacturing is practically impossible – it does not exist in the real world!

      • J Duffy

        I with you Hhom. My D800 has the infamous left AF issue. I could accept this far better if Nikon would simply acknowledge the issue. The silence is deafening. Must say I’m a bit disappointed that NR hasn’t taken a role on this topic as well.

    • Sahaja

      Camera firmware is only moderately complex by today’s standards. In a closed system like this something they call Version 1 of the firmware should be pretty well bulletproof – otherwise they should admit that the software is really some kind of beta version.

      If their software engineers are adding new features in such a way that they can seriously affect other critical functions of the camera – like causing it to lock up – then they are doing something wrong. Perhaps they should just leave out those new “features” until they can implement them in a manner that such a possibility is eliminated.

  • d3c

    I can easily see how a hard to reproduce software issue would take five or six weeks to travel from reports in the field to official response on the issue. Given only six weeks since the start of distribution it depends on the subtlety of the software issue whether Nikon responded as urgency dictates for the severity of the issue.

  • Fred Fanboy

    WHAAAT! Is Nikon crazy?

    The D800 & D800e work just great. Don’t have either, but I just KNOW. They’re Nikon’s latest & greatest right?

    Supposed lock up must be down to idiots not knowing how to turn the things on/off.

  • Firmware update coming up! Not what I would call a serious problem.

    • R!

      Yup ,this is a minor issue ,I had this on my D7000 ,fixed a week later by next firmwareCanons problem is bigger the 5D mrk III needs tape inside to fix the problem duhhhh!!!!!!
      Even the 1DX is delayed duhhhh I smell 1Dmrk IV for the olympics no world record for canon this year.
      The D800 just broke the DSLR pxls world record.(period)

      • Sam

        Maybe Nikon has the FX MP record but nowhere near the DSLR record. Hasselblad has that tied up. H4D-60 has 60MP not to mention the H4D-200, that’s right, 200MP!

        • It’s an awesome camera indeed but it’s not really 200 MP native. What the H4D200 does is superimpose 4 successive 50MP images slightly offset to provide increased resolution. Sort of like built-in HDR does except no variance in exposure. So you can’t use the H4D to get a 200MP image of a swooping jet, a fast bird or really fast-moving clouds or blowing trees/grass on a windy day. But for a still life, a portrait or a landscape on a windless day the resolution can be amazing.

  • Crazy people

    Why are the customers who have faults with D800 still happy to purchase and keep the camera, when Nikon have major problems with D800 and d4. I had both cameras as a full-time pro but was not happy with receiving two cameras that need more testing / updates. Some customers must be desperate to own a camera thats needs more quality control. I will look at purchasing both cameras in a number of months when Nikon have fixed problems, as I do not want to get stuck with a camera that really sounds like a prototype. I know canon have problems, but, I will never purchase a new camera thats still not on full realise, will get them in six months when the new camera works fully.

    • Anonymous

      Canon Troll alert!!!

      • R!

        Canons trolls needs some tape on theyr mouth!!!!!
        LOL I love that one trollolol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Weird how you had both cameras as a pro but then say a little further down that ” I will look at purchasing both.” You just told me your a troll. Go sob in your canon world where the 5D3 is being called in for a light leak. Go Canon.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Cool. Then order your D800 in 6 months so your turn on the waiting list will come around some time in 2013.

      If the hardware is busted, there will be a recall. If the firmware is busted, there will be an update. Price of early adoption. Get over it.

      • R!

        ??????5D mrk IIIs are invisible!!!!!!!!!!!

      • R!

        5D MRK III are invisible!!!!!!!!1Dx are transparent!!!!!Digic 5 is blurry!!!!

    • Art

      Of course, there is a way to solve the early adopter issues. Buy a D4/D800 early. Really enjoy it because they are great cameras. Take good care of them then in 6 months to a year sell it and buy your “real” camera.

      There you go. The best of both worlds!

  • My D7000 does the same thing. Nikon serviced it once but it still happens. Guess I need to get back on that horse.

    • KenTi

      I guess I’m lucky because my D7000 has never given me any trouble except for some lost pictures / connectivity in tether mode with LR3. (And that could be blamed on LR3)

  • I have the D800E. I can confirm the lockup issue.

    I’ve set “Assign shutter button” (g4) to “Record movies” and when I encounter this lockup issue I just press the shutter button halfway and it unlocks and the back screen goes into live view. After this, the problem is gone. I have the MB-D12 grip so it will be harder to get out both batteries. (I didn’t use the camera to make any pictures until this moment so I don’t know it it also works in camera mode).

    I’m waiting for Nikon to fix this issue.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Why did you get the D800E for fashion shoots? Aren’t you afraid of the moire?

      • First of all you should note that this is my own opinion so you should not make decisions in any way regarding these issues. Please understand that my opinions are more theoretical and I didn’t had time to test all these in real life.

        – D800E should have better micro-contrast so it should simplify the post processing workflow.

        – Achieving better sharpness may allow usage of cheaper lens with result similar to expensive lens mounted on D800.

        – Pentax lenses can’t achieve infinity focus without an adapter with correction lens. These adapters with correction lens have low quality glass witch tend to soften the image. D800E may compensate for that.

        – Using ND or other kind of filters filters soften the image. With D800E + filters you get better sharpen results then D800 + filters.

        – I never liked the result of USM in post processing. It’s also unnatural in large prints.

        – Not only photos but also video should be sharper on D800E vs D800.

        – You can avoid moire by changing the focal length or by changing the distance between the camera and the subject that causes moire.
        Moire may be also reduced by closing the aperture until you encounter diffraction witch softens the image and removes moire.

        – etc.

        • Mock Kenwell

          Let us know how it goes. There is a considerable degree of flawed logic in your rationale, like a high-megapixel body allowing you to use crappy lenses (the opposite is true actually), but in the end, if you’re willing to do the workarounds, God bless you. In studio is one thing, I’m just not sure you can make a model walk back down the catwalk again after moire has blown the shot.

          • Discontinued

            >>(the opposite is true actually)<<

            No, it is not.

            You are both right. You need to see it as a chain, where all the flaws add up (filter, lens, AA-filter, sensor). In other words you still get more detail with D800E even with a relatively bad lens, as the D800E adds less additional softening to the image than a D800 or a lower RES camera with AA-Filter would add to it.

            On the other hand you would need a lens with infinite RES to use the full potential of any sensor. Also true.

            It all depends from which end of the chain you look at it. Using a lens to its full potential always means to have a very high RES sensor on the other end. Using the sensor to its full potential (or at least close to it) always means to have the very best lens you can possibly get in front of it.

            Shake hands now and use your own potential.

            Not all fashion shots happen on a catwalk (as you say yourself). The ones that does are mainly done as a series of shots. In other words the model does you the favor to change the distance and to walk out of the moiré zone. No problem there.

            P.S. II.
            Believe me, Mock Kenwell, most people who ordered a D800E probably know why they did it, and what to do with it.

      • R!

        Middle format dont have no AA filter either, so dont be Afraid only the Filmmaker might be disturbed by moiré problems,but a good one will work thru.

  • William Almon

    I experienced this very lockup problem with my D800 earlier this week. At the time, I was shooting a rapid sequence of images in RAW in a very bright out doors setting and attributed this to simply overloading the capacity of the capacity of the camera to buffer and process the photos. I had to pull and reinstall the battery several times to get the camera to “unlock” and allow me to continue. Neither the Highlights nor the RGB Histogram displays were activated at the time. Never had the problem before that time, and haven’t had it since.

    • T.I.M


      I heard that the D800 lock because of a battery, bad bach, check the letters on the back, if you have:

      6th letter from the right is F
      7th letter from the right is U
      8th letter from the right is C
      9th letter from the right is K
      then it shoud be a space
      10th letter from the right is N
      11th letter from the right is I
      12th letter from the right is K
      13th letter from the right is O
      14th letter from the right is N

      if it’s the case then it’s your battery that make your D800 lock up !

      • William Almon

        Actually, I did have one of the batteries in the lots anounced in the recall. However, I had already set it aside and was not using it at the time my camera locked up. Until now, I had assumed that I had simply exceeded the speed of the card and the capacity of the buffer. But given the number of people who have the problem and Nikon’s acknowledgement, I am not so sure.
        PS Cute spelling with the battery lot numbers.

      • Joe

        Add some value to the discussion you POS!

      • jorg

        t.i.m. you can do better!

        • T.I.M

          no, I don’t want to be rude.

  • Jolna

    So – Adorama can’t ship one single damn D800 for non-NPS until now. But they can do this:

    What an idiotic thing!!

    • Jonathan

      Adorama has them listed for rental too.

      Amazon finally shipped mine. Ordered Feb 7th. No matter which big guy you went to, you got screwed.

  • Garry Carter

    Regarding the D4/D800 lockup issue…

    My D700 has always done this. Camera will be working fine then it quits responding while viewing histograms. I have to open the battery compartment (remove the battery) and all is fine again when the battery reconnects.

    I have never heard of any other D700 doing this but it sounds like the same problem as the D4/D800.

  • D4/D800. Has anyone else had problems with the Live View exposures and the actual exposure. I find what I see it not what I get – always over exposed compared to Live View. I own Canon T2i too and it is dead on – what I see IS what I get. Is this a Nikon issues…

  • Baraldi

    I am very disappointed with the Nikon.

    I saved money to buy a D800 and a 24-70 2.8 lens, but I am very discouraged because of the comments about the issues. If a firmware problem is relatively easy to solve, but if it is hardware problem …

    Canon launched his camera later and yet is already available worldwide. Already recognized the issue with the 5D MKIII, pointed out the serial numbers affected and has solved the problem on the assembly line and already have an updated firmware.

    The D800 has not yet become reality and there are several issues …

    There are many pre-orders that were not delivered. No store has the camera in stock!
    In my opinion, the lack of camera on the market is due to bugs in the product.
    If there were no problems with the camera, surely would have units for sale in major stores.

    Theoretically, with a monthly production of 30,000 units, after two months should have been produced 60,000 units. If it were true that the lack of product is due to high demand, we can conclude that there is a number near 60,000 cameras in the hands of consumers. Ok?!

    How many photos taken with the D800 are found on Flickr?

    How many Flickr members who have posted using the D800?

    • D800E owner

      @Baraldi: “The D800 has not yet become reality and there are several issues …” ?

      What are you talking about? There are a lot of D800 bodies out there already. The fact that you don’t have one doesn’t mean it “hasn’t become reality” (self-centered much?).

      I’ve shot a couple of thousand images on my D800E, and had zero problems, apart from learning the Nikon way to do things (coming from another brand). My camera’s AF works very well, it has never locked up (although I have RGB Highlights and histograms included).

      I’m more than happy.

      • T.I.M

        @D800E owner
        do you for for Nikon and your wife at B&H ?

        • Happy D800-owner

          We understand you’re upset about your D800E.
          But it *IS* possible that people have good functioning D800E’s.
          I myself have a regular D800 I ordered only by the end of March and it works really fine, next to my D700 and 1V1. No issues whatsoever.

          • T.I.M

            The reason why I’m upset about my D800e is because it was a returned camera, the box have been open and the manual’s pages a little bent (the camera’s clock was already setup) .

            Problaby a return from a “NPS” member who were the first to receive the D800/D800e (they must be God’s relatives).

            I thought I had mine very quickly because I spent $$$$$$$ at B&H, sure……keep dreaming T.I.M

            • ShaoLynx

              Well, that makes it obvious, doesn’t it?
              The problem is distribution, not so much production.
              That particular camera should have been returned to Nikon and be corrected, and not be sold to a customer as if brand new. Nikon would never do that, certainly not with a ‘used’ manual, etc.
              If I received a box like that I would return it STAT regardless of the camera. When I order a brand new camera I require exactly that, no less.
              I would have a serious talk (in person) with B&H if I were you. Just make sure you wear a suit and gloves, put some make up on your face and wear sun glasses, in order to appear completely visible. Otherwise they may not take you seriously. (T.I.M joke of course).
              J’ai l’impression que Bé et Hache c’est de la merde.

  • D700guy

    Nikon just flat out has its head up its ass.
    What a joke. They are an embarrassment to us all.
    I almost think a class action lawsuit is in order.

  • JR

    I haven’t had the lockup issue. Instead, my D800 has a problem with the intervalometer, I set it up to shoot one set of 5 shots (for bracketing) and it does it twice, so I end up with 10 photos instead of 5, also when I try to start shooting the interval shots using the “now” option, it doesn’t respond and I have to use the on-off option instead. Has anyone noticed these issues too?

  • burgerman

    What are you guys doing to make it lock up? After over 1500 varied shots, much focus testing, (mostly all some – settings) with and without lived view I cant get it to do it.

    Digital is all cloned ones and zeros, so if its a camera problem they would all do it.

    If its a card compatibility issue then it will be some of us only. I use a cheap 32gb card, and eye-fi 8gb card together. And never an issue.

    • burgerman

      I have to add, that it APPEARS to lock up when buffer is full and if you turn it off and it stays “on” for a while as it writes the huge files from the buffer to my slow cards… But it shuts down correctly after its completed.

      Anyone have a bunch of settings or sequence that causes it? Because if so I can then try it. At which point we can see if its camera, firmware, or card compatibility. Which I think it is.

  • Wilt

    This has happened to me on numerous occasions on my D7000.

  • T.I.M

    Where is your D800 ? here:

    “So, I’m not going to lie….I bought this to sell on eBay. Sorry. With that said, you can rest assured that it is completely brand new and unopened…I haven’t even cracked the box to smell the newness.”

    • tonyc


    • Wenger

      Could at least have checked to see if its one of the duds??

      • T.I.M

        What do you mean ?

        • Wenger

          Sorry, regional colloquial slang. Means “a malfunctioning or failed idea, object or instance. a unfulfilled expectation”
          See also : crap, wonky etc.

  • Sam Camilli

    WOOOHOOOOO FINALLLLY GOT MY D800!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • T.I.M

      Great !
      I hope you receive a good sample one !
      Don’t forget the SB-910 to go with it !
      (and of course the AF-s 200mm f/2.0+TC20-EIII)

  • T.I.M

    There is about 90 D800/D800 for sale right now on Ebay, where do they come from ?

    This is ridiculous, on one side, real photographers have been waiting 3 months the camera they already paid, while some Ebay hass holes are making easy money.

    Well done NIKON, you really sucks.

    • burgerman

      They (as I did) simply ordered from a reliable place as soon as it was announced. I am not a Nikon “pro” or anything else. I just called up and ordered. You can do the same, and order 3 or 4. Thats how the world works. It was pretty obvious this was going to happen. Thats why I was 7th in the que at one of the UK biggest retailers.. Mine has been here for 1550 shots and is perfect! I doubt I will need another body for a very long time.

  • vin

    It seems like there is no NEW Nikon DSLR’s anywhere? At least none on shelves, is this true? Everything is. preorder or back ordered?

    • vin

      In USA, only some D3100, or D5100,? Not including ebay,

      • T.I.M

        It’s always like that right before christmas, next time don’t wait the last minutes to do your shopping.

        • vin

          Ha ha ha, I do have a D800E on the pre list from B&H they said for me maybe end of May, talked to them this week, still no real good info. I don’t mind waiting a little longer. With all the battery issues and others maybe they will figure a few things out before I get mine. Avoid having to send it back. I have told a few people about the D3200 also, so I just find it interesting no DSLR’s other then some older ones. Not even any D7000, for a long time. I would have recomended that one to my Uncle who is going to Croatia, & Asia this Summer. It might be hard to find a good Nikon DSLR before then if you are not on the preorder list. He might have to get a Fuji?

          • T.I.M

            I got a D3200 last week for friends, they now have twins babies and wanted better camera than a cell phone.

            They were lucky, the one and only one available at Best Buy !

            Now they are waiting for the AF-s 50mm f/1.8 to be in stock somewhere (the zoom lens that come with the D3200 is only good for trash or Ebay).

  • burgerman

    Better camera and sensor by a large margin than the D3X or any other camera ever, for half the price?
    Medium format performance with better high iso etc in a lighter massively cheaper package?Broadcast quality movies?

    And about the same price as the old D700.

    And you are surprized they are all pre ordered or sold out?

  • PaulJ

    Got my 800E last Wednesday, May 2nd, from Lighthaus cameras, Hawaii. No issues I can see, though it doesn’t have a lot of captures on it yet. I got it with the MB-D12 cause I’m gonna want a lot of battery life. Tonight I’m after the “super moon” from a beach with a palm tree. Your’s is coming.

  • vin

    Must be new, & you could actually buy it, ie, avalable, waranty, and all.
    hat would you all buy, if you needed a camera right now! $500-$2000, leaving for where ever, no other equiptment, just one, camera, 1-2 lenses. What do you think would do the job for you?

    • burgerman

      >>> hat would you all buy, if you needed a camera right now!

      ANY they are all good.

      Ebay later, buy D800.

  • burgerman

    D800 and I actually DID buy it. Had it since first ones were delivered. Your only problem is you were too cautious. You didnt ring on day 1 and order it. I did, many freinds did, we all have cameras a month ago.

    Now you dont have one. Which is no surprise at all. Best sensor ever tested by DXO, medium format quality, fast accurate focus, pro build quality, best dynamic range of any camera ever tested, and it really is amazing. Nikon dont bring out worse cameras. What did you expect? I ordered early. Its the main reason I come to this site. So I can see in advance what will be happening. If you didnt and didnt order on day 1 then you are one of those that are complaining. But its your own fault.

    • Happy D800-owner

      That is not necessarily true.
      I ordered my D800 on the day that the DXO-score was published – march 23.
      I got it on april 20th. And it works fine – no issues. No bad batteries either.

  • Seems like these sorts of things becoming m,ore and more problematic lately with all makes. Too much rush to market and trying to be lean. First thing taught in lean manufacturing: QC is wasteful, if production processes are performed correctly to engineering specs, then there is no need to perform quality control at the end of the cycle. Seems like everyone is running a manufacturing line so lean these days that QC is an ever increasing issue.

  • vin

    Thank you, , about the what? Hat?… But I was wondering what people might buy if they were to spend $500-$2000, right now? Scene Nikon does not seem to have anything? Maybe a Nikon 1J? Or something else? A P7100?..

    & I did order 1st day. 7am pst, a D800E, but I new then it would be at least May-June or July? Even if I was in the top 100, or something,

    I realize you are excited about your new D800, I often get asked what camera, someone should buy for X price, I just was throwing out the question to all of you, see what you guys & ladies thought?

  • Radek996

    Anyone can help!!!!! :(((
    Amazon UK send me an email about my nikon d800 pre-order on 20th of March:

    “Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available. This
    item has now been cancelled from your order #203-3184534-4473936 and we can
    confirm that you have not been charged for it.

    We apologise for the length of time it has taken us to reach this
    conclusion. Until recently, we had still hoped to obtain this item for

    You may visit the product detail page(s) above to see if these item(s) are
    available from other sellers.”

    I was waiting for this camera so long, I even get a 24-70mm lens for this camera which is still in box!! Why!! :(((((

    Help!!! 🙁

  • fl60

    I too received the same email from this morning.
    I phoned them up immediately to enquire why they cancelled my order and got no where with them. I too have ordered a 24-70 lens and still in the box. However I have registerd it with Nikon. I may return this product to even though it is registered.
    I am intending in pursueing this matter further with my lawyer. As far as I am concerned they have broken some law here as amazon are still delivering the product to other amazon customers. You can see them in any Nikon D800 blog.
    If there are other customers out there who has ordered the nikon d800 on 20th March 2012 at the discounted price of £2099, only to have it cancelled, voice your concern here. That way we may form a clearer picture as to the real truth of why they decided to cancel our order and I dont think its the lack of supply excuse they offered in the email.

  • Radek996

    Ohh God how angry I am!!!!!!
    We all known that it is a long waiting list and I can wait!!! But why they canceled my order!? They will get more stock in the future for sure!!
    No way is this no longer available it is just not currently available in stock – very different!
    You know what we will see in the next few weeks? Amazon Uk will have it back in stock but for 2599!!!
    What they should do?- they should leave our orders as they are till they can get nore stock! in the nex month, 2-3 month time, I don`t care!!! I want my camera!!!
    We cannot give up because something is not right !!! :(((((((
    After I have pre-ordered with amazon I should get one in poland for 2150 uk pounds but I tryst amazon and was waiting for my order to be delivered some day! and now?? No camera and even in Poland and other EU countries the prices went up!

    • Tony

      Same situation. After having a D800 on order from Amazon UK for 7 weeks, I have been told that the camera is no longer available. What?? Has Nikon discontinued the D800 already? Or are Nikon UK just saying that they will no longer supply it to Amazon UK (presumably due to the fact that Amazon UK took a large number of orders by offering a £300 discount)? So much for (both Nikon’s and Amazon’s) promise that they will honour pre-order prices.

  • Radek996

    Ohh God how angry I am!!!!!!
    We all known that it is a long waiting list and I can wait!!! But why they canceled my order!? They will get more stock in the future for sure!!
    No way is this no longer available it is just not currently available in stock – very different!
    You know what we will see in the next few weeks? Amazon Uk will have it back in stock but for 2599!!!
    What they should do?- they should leave our orders as they are till they can get more stock! in the nex month, 2-3 month time I don`t care!!! I want my camera!!!
    We cannot give it up! something is not right out there !!! 🙁 ((((((
    After I have pre-ordered with amazon I should get one in poland for 2150 uk pounds but I trust amazon and was waiting for my order to be delivered some day! and now?? No camera and even in Poland and other EU countries the prices went up!

  • Radek996

    Hi Tony!
    Agree with you!! We all shold start sending emails etc,. to Nikon and!
    What a stupid explanation by amazon!

  • Gary

    From the above I assume that this has happened to a lot of people.

    If those affected ALL write to Nikon via their UK website THIS WEEKEND then when they come back to work after the Bank Holiday, the Nikon staff will see a mountain of complaints about one of their “recommended online dealers”. NB from Nikon decribes recommended online dealers as follows:

    “Online dealers – We’ve recommended a number of online Nikon dealers who offer the best service, ease of use and security. You can browse their websites and read more about Nikon’s range of equipment, and they will deliver safely to your door”

    Remember, this approach will probably work better if you focus the complaint on Amazon. If you start to complain about the long delays, and the reported D800 problems, then you’re more likely to get a bland non-commital response. If, however, you’re asking for help with a wayward dealer then Nikon might be more inclined to act. Just a thought.

    • FL60

      You will probably find the bulk of affected people who ordered from will be themarch 20th 2012 discounted price before Nikon decided to hike their UK price up too. Now amazon is no longer making huge amounts they have pulled the plug on this bunch of expectant customers only. Whatever happened to thier pledge of offering the best price possible with all pre-orders even if the price drops dramatically???? Amazon must not be allowed to get away with this!! If you check other blogs you will see folks saying they have confirmation from amazon that they will be receiving their d800 on 7th May.

  • Nikon is faulty

    I received my D4 last week, it has a focus fault so I returned it for refund. Why are so many people with happy to continue buying a D800/D4 when some of the them have faults ??? I is hard to understand why people are aware of these faults now but continue to purchase it. I will purchase the D4 again when its had a bit more testing, but why are people happy to continue keeping a faulty camera, does it mean that much having a faulty camera makes you special ?!? Nikon must be laughing do hard, they are selling cameras with problems, but people are going mad to own a camera that might have a hardware fault. Wow. I am not a canon user, I am a genuine nikon user but find it strange that people are still wanting a d800 /d4, maybe people should stop complaining about the faults and just return then, I forgot…people seem happy to own a faulty camera

  • Just shot yesterday a whole wedding with the D800 and it worked flawless. Had fun even shooting at iso H2 – 25600 same frames at 200 2.8 in a very bad lighting situation at a karaoke moment, but the results are very interesting. Can’t wait to process them through Light Room 4.

    I know that the large number of people who are in photography (amateur or pro), do not have the education and the knowledge from an engineering point of view (I am official an automation/electronic engineer), but everybody should chill out regarding bugs and issues, especially for NEW launched products.

    In every field, for every piece of device, machinery, no matter how NASA – military grade like, or something commercial cheep, it is known that from a sufficient large number of series products, there is a % that has something below standards or some flaws. You can see for example on tv all kinds of documentaries with aviation problems, when some piece of mechanics or electronics that should of worked for decades, failed to operate properly. And those are far more superior in design and construction of robustness and MTBF, than any photo camera in the world.

    Nikon and Canon maybe hurried a bit with getting the new models in the market. I was sure they will have bugs. And I am sure firmware upgrades will arrive soon. Why do you think 1Dx is not here yet ?

    As like for an OS (see the beloved Windows), all the debugging in the world before release is not enough. When you launch the product to millions of user, with millions of ideas (many stupid ones), than you discover a whole bunch of new situation. Like OMG, I press simultaneously 10 keys and the OS freezes. No shit ? 10 KEYS ? What combination ? SHIT ! We didn’t think of thaaaat… We had other 10 Key combinations in mind…Ha ha !

    Ok this is the stupid people example, of course there are serious issues, that the manufacturer is to be blamed for, and are there no matter of the users abilities and knowledge of using the product.

    I was saving money for a new Nikon body, but with the idea not to buy it, until 6 months after first wave of products in stores, but hey, the trill got me so I bought the D800 fast, assuming my chances of having problems with it.

    But it didn’t let me down. Maybe today it will freeze. Ok. I will accept it. Take out the battery calmly, put it back and wait for the firmware update, while using it with the same pleasure.

    The ones that are on the jobs with their camera, just like I was last night for example, you always must have a back up. It is the pro way. Sometimes, some, shoot with more then on body, to avoid lens swap etc…so please STOP complaining that you lost moments and photos.

    It is your fault, not being cautious.

    And the everlasting stupid “war” Nikon-Canon is absurd. Ferrari – Lamborghini. Both are great machines. It’s up to you to drive them like a F1 pilot. Just having the great machine doesn’t make you a great driver. And these are so old and common sense ideas, but there are always new stupid people :).

    Just go out there and make your best photographs.

  • Gary

    @ Nikon is faulty

    As a D800 owner who has not *yet* encountered the problem(s) on my D800, I guess that it’s a “numbers game”. On this and other websites, how manyactual instances of these problems have been reported? Assuming that Nikon have produced many thousands of D800s (and I admit that’s an assumption based only on their original projected production rates) then the chances of getting a bad one is relatively low.

    Add to that, the fact that Nikon WILL fix these problems on shipments sometime in the future, there is a risk that to cancel an order now and to re-order when the bugs are fixed could mean even longer delays before receiving one.

    If I earned my living with a camera, would I order a D800 today? If it would be my only source of photographic income then no. The risk would be to great. But if I had a second camera and appropriate lenses as a backup, then I might.

    But I’m an amateur. I take pictures solely for my own pleasure. If/when my D800 develops a fault, then I’ll send it back to Nikon and use my trusty D200 in the meantime. I would NOT be “happy to own a faulty camera”.

    I’m not trying to defend Nikon’s position in any way. I’m just giving my answer to the question “Why are so many people happy to continue buying the a D800?”

  • skelly

    Anyone else received an email from saying that they cannot obtain stock from he supplier for the D800 and have cancelle the order

    • fl60

      I suggest you mention the date and price you made the order. I am curious as to whether a pattern will emerge from all the responses.

  • skelly

    Anyone else received an email from saying that they cannot obtain stock from he supplier for the D800 and have cancelled the order

    • Tony

      Yes. More specifically, Amazon UK state that the supplier (Nikon UK) have told them that the item (the Nikon D800 body) is “no longer available”. I have contacted Amazon UK for confirmation that this is really what they have been told by Nikon UK.

    • Gary

      @skelly – suggest that you look at the posts a dozen or so before yours. Several people have highlighted this already today.

      Like others, I’m wondering whether they have cancelled ALL outstanding D800 orders, or just those made at a discounted price (e.g. £2099) and/or the original price ( of £2399)

      I’ve also suggested (above) that people who have had their orders cancelled, ought to write TODAY to Nikon via their website, and complain about the poor practise by one of their recommended online dealers.

  • LOL

    Mmmmm. The people who are saying Nikon is great must of got a free camera. It’s sad that Nikon treats its customers like this, and all those customers that defend Nikon should get a grip. We live in 2012 not 1986, no excuses.

    • Gary


  • LOL

    Maybe you should stop sleeping with men and get that limp penis sorted. Buy buy lots of love xxx

  • Adrian88

    Got this this morning, ordered on the 20th. March.

    We regret to inform you that we have been unable to source the following item:

    “Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”

    Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available. This item has now been cancelled from your order #203-1644716-0xxxxxx and we can confirm that you have not been charged for it.

    We apologise for the length of time it has taken us to reach this conclusion. Until recently, we had still hoped to obtain this item for you.

    You may visit the product detail page(s) above to see if these item(s) are available from other sellers.

    To view the current status and the costs associated with your order, please visit Your Account (

    Warmest regards,

    Customer Service Department

    • fl60

      We have 5 people so far.
      Any others?????

  • Rocket

    Wooooo woooooo. Let’s see how many of these sad perthetic Nikon fans still defend them. Nikon is a joke just like some very odd people who defend Nikon, I use nikon pro gear, nikon want shot.

  • I’ve had both the D800 and D4 for a couple of weeks. The D800 got no geen cast on lcd, focus is ok both on left and right side for distant subjects. And the viewfinder is alignet correct. Othet minor details will be fixed in firmware. DSLR gets more and more complex, hence bugs will show up when a new camera is released.

  • Radek996

    I spoke with people from amazon and I told them taht they should keep existing pre-orders and start deliver when become available, because that`s what they should do! instead of canceling them :-\
    I get a reply:

    “I will pass your feedback on to the appropriate department who will review
    your suggestion. Customer feedback such as yours helps us to continue
    improving the selection and service we provide”

    Am I satisfied? No!!
    I want my nikon d800 for 2099 UK pounds!!

    • fl60

      I have just completed a complaints email to Nikon via their website
      We should all do this as suggested by @gary
      The link is

    • Adrian88

      Read my post below about Amazon honouring prices.

  • Skelly


    Only noticed the above posts after I had posted

    I ordered mine on 20th for 2099 and I’ve not heard of anyone who ordered before or after at the higher price receiving cancelations

    • fl60

      The pattern is emerging.

    • Tony

      I also ordered at £2099.99 on 20th March. In their initial e-mail to me Amazon UK stated:
      “Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available. “.
      This suggests that ‘the item’ (D800) has been discontinued (total nonsense, of course).

      On querying whether Amazon UK had really been told this by Nikon UK, they changed the wording to:
      “they informed us that they won’t be able to source this item.”

      What I suspect is the real truth is that Nikon UK have made the decision not to deliver specifically to Amazon UK, due to a combination of:
      (a) the fact that Amazon UK offered a £300 discount and so got a large number of pre-orders,
      (b) Nikon UK have stated that they would honour “pre system error” prices.
      Nikon UK obviously don’t want to have to honour “pre system error” prices on such a large number of orders.

      Why has it taken them so many weeks to decide this?

      • Viktor

        Just for information: I also ordered at £2099.99 + shipping costs on 20th March. And here is the mail from Amazon:

        ———- Forwarded message ———-
        Date: Sun, May 6, 2012 at 6:43 AM
        Subject: Your order (#202-9069948-7094727)


        We regret to inform you that we have been unable to source the following item:

          “Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”

        Our supplier has informed us that this item is no longer available.  This item has now been cancelled from your order #202-9069948-7094727 and we can confirm that you have not been charged for it.

        We apologise for the length of time it has taken us to reach this conclusion.  Until recently, we had still hoped to obtain this item for you.

        You may visit the product detail page(s) above to see if these item(s) are available from other sellers.

        To view the current status and the costs associated with your order, please visit Your Account (

        Warmest regards,

        Customer Service Department

        Please note: This e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail. Please do not reply to this message.

  • Alwyn

    I am yet to see a picture taken with the d800 that actually shows why this camera was brought out by Nikon. The ones I have seen has been nothing special as the same can be achieved with the 22mp Canon 5d mk 3 with less noise it seems. Not bashing Nikon and glorifying Canon here, but I’m sure they could have made do with a lower mp count

    • burgerman

      Its got LESS noise. Visibly so. At least in equal sized prints, or viewed same size on screen etc. LESS… Want proof? Test. Or see DXO. You will find the best canon sensor in 13th place!

      Biggest advantage though to me is unbelievable dynamic range, and the ability to pull mountains of noise free shadow detail out of seemingly nowhere in raws! HDRs? Forget it. No need.

      Canon? Forget it. If you dont “need” the pixels, shoot at 20mp instead. At which point its SHARPER as well as better dynamic range, and less noise. than any canon or native 20-mp camera.

      • Alwyn

        Sorry, but I don’t look to DXO mark for guidance. Also, I am certainly no Canon ambassador and believe I have said that in my post. All I’m saying is that of the pics I’ve seen taken with the D800 I haven’t seen anything special.

  • Adrian 88

    I have just got this update from Amazon uk.

    If the item is available and if you would still like to receive the item, we would request you to place a new order for the same item directly with using Standard Delivery method and contact us once you’ve placed the new order, so that we’ll be happy to waive or refund the delivery charges and honour the pricing of the item 2,099.99 GBP included in your original order on your new order if the item price increases.

    So as I understand it, when the D800 becomes available on the Amazon site I can order one and the original offer price will be honoured.
    Somehow I am not suprised that this has happend. With the difference between original/offer and post increase prices, short supply and asking prices of £2999+ on sites why would Nikon subsidise early orders to help fuel speculative purchases? I’m sure some people who have preordered from multiple suppliers have taken all their orders with the intention of selling on the extras.
    There have been screwups by Nikon and suppliers. But;
    In the long run I will get my D800 at a price I am happy with (thank you Amazon)
    Hopefully in a month or two I will get a fully debugged D800 (thank you Nikon)
    Meanwhile I will carry on shooting with my D700 (which I will not be selling as sometimes I just don’t need 36mp) and get on with life, it’s not as if my photographic abilities are going to take a quantum leap the second my D800 arrives.

    • burgerman

      Your abilities wont change. Your photos will be better than the D700.

      Dont need the pixels? Shoot at 9 or 20mp instead. That gives way less noise than a d700, sharper image than any native low pixel camera as the in camera downsample loses the bayer/low pass filter blurryness mostly, and it further reduces noise too. And about a stop and a half extra dynamic range over a d700…

      Will it make a difference to your photos? No idea. It certainly does in mine!

      • Adrian88

        Obviously you are not taking into account subject matter, workflow practice and volume of work/time available for proccesing.
        Why would I create 40+ mb files when even the 11mb ones from my D700 are more than I need do I really want to down sample 1200-2000 photos from an evenings work just for the pleasure of carrying a D800 around.
        The right tool for the job springs to mind, you don’t use a club hammer for hammering in pin nails and a pin hammer is not much good for demolition.
        There are times when the 36mp will be needed and then the D800 will be used and I don’t find that D700 noise is a problem if you get the exposure right !.

        • Gary

          I think @burgerman’s point is that with the D800 you don’t HAVE to shoot 40Mb files. Pick one of the other modes available in the D800 and shoot smaller files if you want to. For me the choice is easy – I have a D800 and a D200. I nearly always use the D800 now – but it’s good to have a backup.

          But I’m genuinely ignorant on this, are there occasions when you’d choose the 700 over the 800? If so, please help me understand and let me know: when and why?


          • burgerman

            I have both here. Theres never an occasion the D800 does everything better. Unless 1 fps extra speed in important. But then the focus and exposure improvements probably outweigh that. Much faster focus in darker conditions. And because shadow detail can easily be pulled out, and ISO performance is better you can get faster shutter speeds in darker conditions too.

          • Adrian88

            If you shoot smaller files in the D800 then you have to have in camera compression this takes time and proccessing power which will also impact on battery life and buffer clearing . In the end you also lose information as this is how the file sizes are reduced. You cannot get as much adjustment out of a JPEG/12bit compressed RAW file as from a 14 bitRAW file.
            When would I use D700 over D800: if I know that all the shots are going not going to need much cropping/will probably end up as black and white/prints larger than 8×10 are unlikley etc.
            For studio still shots I still use a Fuji S5 Pro (6mp ) and as I control all the light/conditions and very little post proccessing is needed I’m happy to shoot JPEG.
            Why do I need a D800 because I will be able to crop & crop, because I can’t afford a 400f2.8.

  • SparkyD4

    I’m sorry but what was that AF problem on D4?

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