More Nikon D600 rumors

Here are few more details about the rumored full frame Nikon D600 DSLR camera. As I already mentioned, any information so far in future cannot be considered as reliable:

  • The price of the D600 is rumored to be very low - maybe as low as $1500.
  • The sensor inside the D600 will probably be 24MP (made by Sony, modified by Nikon).
  • The D600 will probably not have an internal AF motor, which means it will work only with AF-S lenses (just like the D3200 and D5100).
  • The D600 will have HD video.
  • Announcement before Photokina (September 2012).
  • One or more low-priced f/4 lenses will be announced with the D600. For example, Nikon recently filed a patent for a 24-70mm f/3.5-4.5 full frame lens which seems to be designed for a cheaper FX DSLR body.

The above image was published earlier on the Chinese photography forum - it could be fake, I don't know. Update: the strap is fake, here is the original image.

For some reason Google has captured several appearances of the phrase "Nikon D600" on the main website:

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  • Wes

    I’m shooting on a D7000 now and did not have any plans of upgrading to the new model that should be announced this fall (2 year cycle), but this D600 rumour definitely has my interest and if it plays out, I will without a doubt be moving to FX. Hope this is true.

    • Porkchop

      Have you set yourself up with good FX glass with your D7000?

      • Wes

        Yes I have, good observation and point to those others who may be thinking the same. I’ve always planned on moving up and thus only have gotten/been interested in FX glass, even though I was unsure of when I would make the change. With this though, like I mentioned, will be a lot sooner.

        • Porkchop

          Good to hear I also have the D7000 and invested in FX glass from the start except for 10-24. To often for some reason alot decide to get new DSLRs while they only have the kit lenses.

          • So what? You can also move to FX with kitlenses and a nifty fifty for 200 bucks. This is the format that people were using in the film days for ages, and the pictures looked a lot better especially when they were shot with prime lenses.

            You don’t need constant 2,8 zooms and 1,4 primes to shoot FX with good results. Especially since the new nikon 1,8 primes.
            I also don’t see a lot of logic in shooting FX zooms on DX, espcially the 14-24 and 24-70. Rather buy the DX lenses you need used and resell them when moving to FX. That way I didn’t loose any money when I sold my DX stuff and moved to FX.

            • Porkchop

              You are either a IDIOT or suffer from a mild case of mental retardation. My coment was based on people who upgrade to the “latest and greatest” DSLR without investing any $ into better lenses. You cant move to FX with “kit lenses” if they are dx lenses. Although you claim to own fx lenses you seem to sound like some old fart that migrated from film to digital and made the mistake of investing in dx lenses. Im pretty sure you suffered a loss when you sold your dx lenses as well.

              I see plenty of logic in buying fx 24-70, and 70-200 2.8 for dx, (1) the quality of the glass is better(2) construction/build quality is better and (3) no $ loss when the choice is made to upgrade to fx.

              One more thing mate your $200 “nifty fifty” may be a good walk around lense but its not that good for sports/wildlife.

            • @Porkchop

  • HDR

    Why are some people so vocally advocating a motor that is completely useless?!

    • PHB

      Because we last bought full frame lenses back in the film days which was before AFS was available.

      I don’t much care about the focusing motor on a DX body now. But I couldn’t use an FX body without replacing a lot of my lenses.

      • John M

        Some of which have no replacement, such as the 105 mm DC and 135 mm DC, the 16mm fisheye, and the wide angle primes.

        • Fred

          180 F2.8,
          80-200 F2.8,

          • TheInconvenientRuth

            Nope, there’s the mighty AF-S 80-200/2.8 which I still use daily and actually prefer over the 70-200/2.8 versions on FX.

            Mainly because it literally is bulletproof compared to the 70-200.
            Mine looks like it’s been chewed up by a pitbull that had been eaten by an alligator that had been swallowed by a killer whale and then regurgitated into the cargo hold of the Titanic and retrieved by James Cameron and just had a quick hose-down after that. But still works flawlessly. Just squeaks a bit when focussing… There are litteraly chunks of casing missing 🙂
            <3 that lens!

            An AF-S 2.8/180 VRII prime would be lovely though…

            • Stefan

              Hi Ruth
              After a Sigma 70-200 gave up on me I always wanted a Nikon in this range. But I really dislike the fact, that the Focal length of the actual 70-200 VRII arguably goes down to 140mm at closest focus distance. Now someone is offering me a 80-200 saying this would keep the focal length. But I wonder if the IQ and the focus speed can keep up with the actual version. As you apparently shoot both what would be your advice?

        • Tom

          The 105mm DC was updated with a better lens. Got a point on the others. They don’t really have updates as of yet.

          And before you try to tell me how great the 105mm DC is over the 105mm VR AFS… quit dreaming.

          • does the 105 vr do f/2.0?? ^^v

            but seriously, horses for courses. the 105 dc is designed as a portrait lens and does, actually give better rendition for skintones and portraits.. there’s no need to down play either.. they re just different

          • Jake

            Does that 105 vr afs have DEfocus control? What about the 135 f2 dc.

            Either way I’ll be happy if it will meter older ai, ais lens.

            The dream list…..
            35mm f1.4 ais
            50mm f1.2 ais
            85mm f1.4 ais
            135mm f2 ais
            200mm f2 ais
            300mm f2 ais

            • Y.

              Your list is interesting in that most of those lenses are in my cabinet and for some of them I have multiple samples or variants (e.g., three copies of the 35mm f/1.4). It’s insanity! I have some AF- AF-S lenses but they just don’t have the same feel.

          • TheInconvenientRuth

            If you honestly think that a 2.8/105 Micro is a replacement for the 105/2.0DC, you need to stop sniffing glue/get a clue.

            I’ll happily admit the Micro is sharper and has better contrast, but is also exceedingly good at making skin look reddish and ugly.
            Not saying you can’t take really good portraits with it, but the 105/DC is far superior at rendering skintones, becuase that’s what it was buitl for.

          • John M

            The Micro 105 mm VR f/2.8 is not a replacement for the 105 mm DC f/2. Aside from the 2.8 vs 2 difference, there is no substitute for the defocus control function.

      • HDR

        Your may buy a D800 or D4.

        New users without any legacy lens shouldn’t be forced to by a motor. 🙂

        • Remedy

          What an utterly idiotic statement. It’s like a car with aircon, don’t wanna use it? Be my guest, but if You do wanna use it for some reason it’s there. The only difference is that compared to an aircon this screw drive motor costs as much as nothing. The true reason to ditch the motor is to FORCE people to buy brand new AF-S lenses. Wake up princess.

    • You all can help yourself to the newest plastic. It keeps the price of the good, used legacy glass down for the rest of us!

      • Steve

        Once again, a blind obsession for metal…

        • tianle

          i see you want to stick with plastic lenses instead of metal lenses. good choice

        • Victor Hassleblood

          You would be surprised what some of the blind metal is capable of. I am not entirely done with properly testing all my glass on my D800E yet. But I already know that some of my AIS is definitely going to stay.

      • PhilK

        I agree. When Nikon introduced the D3 and D700, it really screwed up the used market prices for the old lenses.

        As for another 24-70? Yawn. I look at that range as a wide-angle zoom, and for that my little 18-35 AF-D is way more useful to me, is 1/2 the size and 1/4 the price of the current 24-70.

        Had high hopes for the 24-120 f/4 but the reviews are lukewarm and it’s got that crappy “DX style” ergonomics.

        Now a 24-120 f/2.8 with really superlative image quality? That would catch my eye for sure.

    • catinhat

      Last time I checked Nikon was still selling brand new pro AF-D lenses on Amazon and elsewhere.

    • J

      What an ignorant statement. Just because you don’t see any use for something doesn’t mean it’s useless. I have no need for a car, so they’re useless right?

  • jack

    why would they use a new 24mpx sensor on a chip body while they have the 16 mpx of the D4?for the rest why not!

    • Remedy

      I bet all my money thata this “new” 24 Mpix sensor is the same one as in D3X or slightly pimped up.

  • George

    If the D800 is not the official successor to the D700, then the D600 might be it.

    I hope it has the same sensor as the D4, as the D700 had the same sensor as the D3.

    The D600 being compact high-speed and the D800 being compact high resolution.

    • AL

      No way they are going to make that mistake again..

      I am just hoping it is the D3s sensor… but sounds like it is A99 sensor instead…

  • Luis

    The google search is flawed. You need to search for:

    +nikon +D600

    to make both keywords required. At that point you get no hits.

    • wublili

      Why would anyone search “Nikon” from Nikon’s site in the first place ? I’m pretty sure it has it written many times there…

      You either have to search “Nikon D600” (in quotes, so it’s a search phrase) or simply D600 !

      Saerching simply D600 will do actually give 4 resutls but they are false results. In fact those are the 4 mentioned by admin.

      First one of the the results for some reason catches a phrase with D300 mentioned in D90 article in Spanish, that is over 3 years old arcticle. (can be seen in page preview in google)

      All the other 3 results has no hit at all but they are shown anyways.

  • Jason

    What I’d really like to see is a small Nikon FX rangefinder/EVF camera–fully compatible with all AF-S lenses including VR, etc. via an adapter. It would allow Nikon to make some small wide angle lenses that aren’t retrofocus designs, and allow us to use M mount glass if we didn’t need autofocus. It would be especially great as a backup camera for travel, for street photography, and for situations where SLRs are too loud. If they could figure out how to do phase-detect autofocus without a flipping mirror they’d sell a bunch of them.

  • William

    I myself thinks this is a great move by Nikon.
    See, I can’t afford 2 D800. So, instead of buying a 4 years old tech D700, its be great to have a half priced D800; a D600 as a 2nd body.
    IQ wise, hoping its as good as D700. No motor…no sweat…planning to invest on 35Gf1.4 soon.
    Cheers Nikon !!

  • RRRoger

    Another Canon Killer?
    Can’t wait for PhotoKina!

    Why 24MP?
    I would rather have High ISO unless that sensor can do clean 25,600.

    Don’t need no stinkin focus motor.
    Nearly every new Nikkor is AF-S anyway.

    I hope it has a multiselector lock.
    That lack of is why I sold my D5100 instead of the D7000.

    • Al

      24MP because it is a readily available Sony sensor.. and that will reduce overall costs compared to developing and manufacturing a brand new sensor.

      September because it needs to let the dust settle on D4, D800 AND Sony A99…

    • Bryan

      Because you’re shooting what at ISO 25,600?

    • DX2FX

      If it’s true that D600 will be using that Sony 24MP sensor, indeed it has a useable ISO of 100- 25,600.

  • Steve

    If the price really is 1500 dollars… No, even 2000, then I’m saying bye bye to DX.

    • I think this is the whole idea behind that camera – to make DX users upgrade, and it seems that it work 🙂

      • Dragos

        … and upgrade to FX lenses too 😉 Very smart move indeed, especially if it will not have (as I suspect) the same high-end AF, so that would-be D800 byers do not go the D600 route instead.

      • VJ

        Well, I could use my 17-55 f/2.8 in crop mode, but my FX lenses unfortunately are not AFS…
        So for my, the ideal “transition camera” would be a pro-like DX body, or an FX body with good enough crop mode and AF motor… So I’m holding out for the D400… (but may decide on either D300s or D7000 if it fails to materialize…)

      • Simon

        Sorry but this concept doesn’t convince me! I’ve chosen the D300s over the D7000 and I’d choose a semi-pro body D400 DX any time over a D600 according to what we’ve heard so far. My lenses are all FX right from the beginning so that is not the issue. But the AF of the D300s is way better than in the D7000 and if you handhold a 70-200 on a D300s and then on the D7000 you know what I’m talking about.
        I sure get myself a FX body next to a DX one but this sure won’t be the D600!

    • Roberto


    • Sahaja

      With the D800, this D600 at that kind of price, the 24mp D3200, and whatever else they have up their sleeve, one thing is certain – Nikon will soon be selling more DSLRs than Canon.

  • Paranoia

    Naah … just a rumor made up by Nikon to push people to upgrade to AF-S lenses, by scaring them to see the value of their af-d and ai-s going down if this camera comes on the FX market.

    I am not convinced that a 24mpix FX would come out anytime soon. More likely to be DX to me.

  • John

    Well, well, the plot thickens. I only have one screw-drive AF lens left – 28-105/3.5-4.5 – so loosing the AF motor would not hurt my feelings much as long as Nikon makes a 28-105 AFS that’s even better. My 24-85AFS is pretty darned good on my D700, though at 24MP it will really start to show it’s age.

    I’d get a D600 IF:
    – It had at least the D700 quality OVF
    – Had excellent AF sensitivity (i.e., f/8)
    – Same number of AF points as the D700
    – Decent build quality – semi weather proof would be OK, though I’d prefer D700/D800 level of waterproofing
    – Doesn’t have to have a full magnesium body
    – At least 4 or 5 FPS
    – DR at any ISO better than the D700
    – Built-in flash (probably a given)

    • Gotter

      Nikon makes a nice 28-105 f/3.5-5.3 AF-S. It’s also a 300mm f/5.6. The lens is tack sharp anywhere between it’s end ranges.

      • PhilK


        What makes the 28-105 AF-D so nice (I have 2 of them)

        Almost NO linear distortion whatsoever (NO Nikon zoom today can do that)

        1:2 Macro (NO Nikon non-micro zoom today can do that either)
        Relatively small
        Large focus/zoom rings

        The 24-120 f/4 seems “OK” but for $1200 I would expect not just good but outstanding image quality, better distortion characteristics and ergonomics more like the 24-70 instead of the 18-70 DX lens. (have one of those too)

    • David

      John, not a chance of those specs. It would cost MORE than a d700

      I would expect an ENTRY LEVEL full frame to have
      Basic 11pt AF system
      Single card slot
      Non-weather sealed

      Imagine a d90 full frame, and there you go.

  • june

    i read chinese n this is fake. Is a joke. The strap is psed n they joke about the fx word is not there should ps in it. This is a 100% joke

  • Daniel

    I don’t understand why so many making a big fuss on the absent of AF motor, it is targeting at the entry level customers. Nikon is making business decisions on how to increase both profit and market share, entry level cameras are their most sold cameras and by selling cheap they can attract new buyers into building a Nikon system. I also think removing certain features makes a lot of sense for Nikon in order to avoid the D700 eating into D3 sales from happening again.

    True that a lot already have plenty of AF/AF-D lens but there also are the D800 and D4 to fit our older lens, IMHO those who really need to use their lens on both DSLR or the old FMs are the only one affected by the lack of AF motor.

    Personally, I am reluctant to invest heavily on bodies but willing to do so on lens as lens last much longer, my older lens collection are mainly manual leans which AF motor or not make no different at all, to me, a better live view will be of great importance.

    If this rumor turns out to be true, I bet the D600 will be selling crazy and be a game changer.

    • John M

      A $1500 camera is not something I’d call “entry-level”.

      • elph

        An FX body at that price, I’d say that’s pretty *entry* enough. It’ll be aimed at the demographic who want the extra wideness, good expansion idea!

        • Remedy

          Well, a 10 meter yacht is an entry level yacht, but is it really entry level when it costs 1mln+ $ ? Go figure.

      • Daniel

        a 1500 price point is pretty “entry” level for a FX camera nowadays, it is also the compact design that makes it a entry level FX. How much did the D50 D70 cost when they first came out, tech is always advancing and price on bodies keep going down, afterall they are mainly electronic unlike lens.

        1500 will be very tempting for a lot of DX owners to upgrade, for IQ or just for FX

        • Remedy

          Define what do You mean by image quality (IQ), because as far as I know D7000 (apart from the noise performance) beats the crap out of all Canon FF cameras and also D700 and D3 as well. So again, what makes You assume that FF equals better quality?

    • EnPassant

      Entry level cameras are all DX! FX cameras are more likely to be bought by photo enthusiasts and professionals. Many of those have old AF lenses from the film days which was only ten years ago.

      Its a big step between a FX camera in a entry level D3200/D5100 size body to a semi-pro D800.

      DX-users who wanted use old AF-lenses all the time had the choice to buy D80, D90 and D7000 cameras, all having AF motor.

      To skip this possibility by not having an enthusiast FX camera with AF motor where all the old full frame AF lenses really would be usefull would make many old users sour.

      Besides Nikon still have about fifteen old lenses in their catalogue that will take several years to replace. Until then it doesen’t seem logical to completely skip the FX enthusiast class of cameras in favour of a lower spec. “entry level” FX camera. Because many photo enthusiasts would rather pay more for a better camera with AF-motor and other useful features than a low price for a crippled body.

      Also you talk as if everybody are rich and can afford to upgrade their old AF-lenses to AF-S lenses like the new 1.4 primes at $ 2000 each.
      Other people may have different wishes than yours.

      • stepper

        “Entry level cameras are all DX! FX cameras are more likely to be bought by photo enthusiasts and professionals. Many of those have old AF lenses from the film days which was only ten years ago.”

        This is assuming that these pros and enthusiasts already shoot Nikon.

        • EnPassant

          There are of course new customers and a few switching from other brands but the majority of those considering a full frame camera from Nikon already shoot Nikon because changing from one camera brand to the other is expensive and not easy for those who already have a lot of parts in one system.

      • jorg

        Nikon is calling it “FX”-entry. Not dslr entry.
        Concerning af-d lenses: whoever already owns all these old lenses is not the
        Target of this camera and will be perfectly able to help themself. Btw i sold an af-d 85/1.4 after using it for a week on my new d800. The af-s 85/1.8 replacement looks way more capable….

        • EnPassant

          Nikon is not calling it anything because D600 is just a rumor!

          Entry level cameras in my vocabulary is about build, not if it is DX or FX.

          D3x00 and D5x00 are entry level or (ordinary) consumer DSLR cameras.
          D7000 is what I call enthusiast camera.
          D800 (and D700, D300s) are semi-pro cameras.
          D4 is a pro camera.

  • julesberry

    What I want is a digital version of the N80…

  • WHAT!?

    The D600 will probably not have an internal AF motor, which means it will work only with AF-S lenses??????????????????????? cya, bye bye, au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye D600!!… 🙁 next…

    The price It’s what I expected.

    • spock


  • No internal AF motor

    For the photographers that started in photography at the half dozen of years, don’t come with the conversation that the motor in the body is not useful. Photography and cameras exist more than a half dozen of years. And there are millions of photographers before you.

    • +1

      and with F-Mount!

  • pooh

    I personally would no believe anything from that board, which was originally made to relief other discussion boards of Xitek from many of the phantasies members wishfully made up.

    For example, within months you’ll be finding rumors of the 50MP D900 flooding that board.

    • NoFunBen

      55MP D4X

  • Bob

    This is getting a bit silly! All these “possible” new Nikons! What will be will be when they actually are released. Only interested in the D4 anyway.

  • lol

    The D600 just because it is the basis for the FX, laughed myself comparing who want to instill with the D3200 and D5100. Not have any comparison, but continue to insist…

  • Smith L.

    Just like BMW, and Apple Now, To many Announcements and Release Dates. Now I am Really Frustrated on what too get and What too Wait for! ARGH!!! LoL…

    • Herege

      Marketing tricks…

  • ChrisLilley

    This might make a nice second camera to my D7000, giving new options for my wide-angle AIS glass. Assuming it has a mechanical aperture follower.

    (Yes I shoot DX and yes, all but one of my lenses are FX)

  • stepper

    I seriously don’t understand all the whining about the lack an internal focus motor. What do you guys expect? This is a $1500, full frame camera we’re talking about here!
    (if true) Nikon is obviously trying to get the FX admission fee down to as low as it can so more people can enter. So stop acting like spoiled brats and either accept the fact that this is the best – and only FX camera that $1500 will get you or save up some more money and get on the list for a D800 (which is still a bargain at twice the price of the D600!)

    • You are wrong

      I do not believe that Nikon does not put internal motor, however it will compromise the possible sales of the D600, normally anyone buying this camera has a collection of lenses before of AF-S, Nikon don’t want you lose these customers. And nikon still sell NON AF-S lens. Do not have internal motor dont make any sense!

      I am sure that this news does not represent reality. For more on the level of camera.

      And from 1500$ to 3000$ is to much to pay for a internal motor, no? Double price. Not everybody is rich like you. Stop being pedantic please.

      • Sarge

        Of course it makes sense. If you’ve got a large complement of older lenses and are already heavily invested in Nikon then you get a D800. (Nikon’s got you, you have no other choice.)

        But for people new to full frame and/or new to Nikon the low price gains people entry and helps Nikon with sales of new lenses.

        So of course it makes sense, you just don’t like it.

        • stepper

          On the nose my friend… On the nose.

        • DX2FX

          Agree. The internal AF motor is not necessary for this model, in order to reduce the cost. The D600 is targeting those new & young entries to FX, plus those moving purely from the DX system. Majority of these people don’t own any non-AF-S lenses.

          For those who own the older Nikkors, they would already have taken the D700, D3, D800, D4 routes. They won’t be interested in a low end FX body anyway.

          • Jake

            For those moving from DX systems? Really? So they would have to upgrade all the DX lens as well, lol.

            Yes many DX users own FX lens, but many have been swayed to buy DX lens to save some money.

            If this is true I would bet it will have an internal motor.

          • GeofFx

            “For those who own the older Nikkors, they would already have taken the D700, D3, D800, D4 routes”

            Just because you think/say so doesn’t make it true.

        • Rich

          Ive shot Nikon for over 15 years and the one thing I’ve always respected about them; they dont skimp on the details, I don’t think they would alienate all of the photographers that would jump all over this cheaper full framer, by not including a motor in the camera. That’s something Canon would do. Kinda like the crap focusing system on the first two 5d’s.

      • I’m not sure that old lenses will be good with 24MP.

        • GeofFx

          Where does this myth come from!? Some “old” lenses blow away a lot of “new” lenses.

    • Texas Ed

      D600 ($1,500) + used 70-200mm 2.8 VR II ($2,100) = $3,600

      D600 with an AF motor + used 80-200mm 2.8D or 180mm 2.8D ($800) = $2,300

      I have a D7000 and the 80-200. I would consider the move to FX if the D600 has a focus motor.

      I’m also fond of some of the older AI and AI-S glass. I would really hope that a D600 would meter through those lenses.

      By the way, I’m only 36, so it’s not like I’m yearning for some better old days. I just like using quality older lenses, in addition to my newer AF-S glass.

      • Rob

        Buying a lens used for $100 (<5%) less than what you can get it for new is just silly.

  • Ben

    OOH I HOPE ITS REAL!!! Hopefully its a d7000 with a full frame sensor! I will most probably buy it!

    • D400

      The D7000 w/ fx sensor is called d800

      • NoFunBen

        a d300 with a fx sensor is a d700 or d800
        metal body

        a d7000 has plastic body and is only 500$ less then a d300. so it would be 500$ less as an fx too. 2999$ for a d800 2499$ for fx d7000.

        this could be a d3200 fx.

        but don’t fear, if nikon makes a fx of the d3200 they will have an fx of the d5100 and d7000 coming sometime.

        • Spock

          “a d7000 has plastic body” ???? get your facts straight! have you even read anything on the D7000 before you hit the keyboard?

  • kai hayashi

    d600 and my d7000 would make an excellent combination, gonna save up for this one.
    also with everyone here talking about upgrading lenses, what about the fact this has a DX crop ability in it? thoughts?

  • Tom

    So basically, I will potentially be able to (eventually) get a D800 and a D600 for less than a D4, so will be able to use the D800 as my main camera, backed up with the D600 &/or my D7000 bringing in both of those as the main cameras when I have a need for speed (hey, I’ve shot pro sports with the D7000 with no problem whatsoever). And also use all three of these cameras for video shoots. (No more borrowing Canons – quality is great but I hate the layout of the controls!)

    Sounds good to me.

  • TGIF

    That sounds it’s not a successor of D700.

    Do you guys wanna have the camera, which has 20MP+ and 6+fps?

    A Cheap FF camera dose NOT make any sense for me.
    Cheap body, Cheap AF system, without AF motor.. What’s that for? ONLY sensor size matter?

    • Dragos

      Yes, basically the Canon 5d (the original), probably with better AF and other features (like HD video), all at half the price of when the 5D was introduced. There is a market for that I am sure.

      I do wanna see a mutant between the D4 and D800 (a true D700 successor), but it’s not gonna happen, at least for a while until lots of D4s are sold.

      • amadora

        «I do wanna see a mutant between the D4 and D800 (a true D700 successor), but it’s not gonna happen, at least for a while until lots of D4s are sold».

        That’s the point. Bingo!

  • Joaquim Prado

    now thats a wierd camera. sounds like they want to get rid off the small sensor!

  • edhikaru

    Put it the other way around, besides zooms and a few exotic f/1.4 primes, Nikon basically does NOT have anything AF-S on the wide-end side for either FX or DX; and not much choices on the mid-tele either, period.

    This is why Nikon itself still keeps the AF-motor in all but the lowest-end bodies (the 5×00 and 3×00).

    Taking away the AF-motor on a US$1500 body (price wise, not an entry level) at current stage is not a wise choice.

  • Hmm… Something tells me they’re not going to take the $8,000 D3X sensor and pop it into a $1500 body. Nor is the world ready for an FX camera that doesn’t even work with AF-D lenses. (Which implies that it probably doesn’t meter etc. with AIS lenses…)

    I’m sorry, I just don’t see this happening. Digital technology is all about smaller sizes. I hate to say it but it makes so much more sense for camera companies to invest in developing better sensor technology in smaller sizes, rather than larger.

    Yes, larger sensors will always be better. I get that. And I love FX for my professional work. However as everyone has witnessed, the latest crop sensors are already surpassing the early full-frame sensors, in fact by quite a bit nowadays.

    From a prosumer / pro perspective, a D600 makes a lot of sense indeed. A cheap backup / walk-around camera for you to get so you don’t have to lug your D800 / D4 on vacation. Or, as a prosumer who is truly passionate about photography but on a serious budget, an affordable FX camera does make sense. Heck, I’d buy a $1500 D600, but I really wish it’d designed more like a “D-FM2” instead…

    As a consumer product however, DX is still the way to go. The D3200 sensor is amazing, as is the D7000 sensor. Great DR, plenty of ISO, and with the right lenses, FOV and DOF are not deal-breakers. Again, for the masses at least. The D600 just doesn’t make sense.

    Leave it to Nikon to drop such a bomb on us, though. From the D70 to the D700, Nikon has never hesitated to break new ground…


  • Flo

    Oh man, been buying cheap old AF-D primes to go with my d7000. Thought they would be nice if a cheap FF ever came out! All my AF-S lenses are DX! Doh!

  • DX2FX

    Thanks admin,
    You gave us hope.
    You gave us something to look forward to.
    And you made us wait.. 🙂

  • ThatAsianGuy

    I have read the comments section thoroughly and it seems most of the complaints are due to Nikon releasing a cheap FF earlier and rather than upgrades for the beloved D300/s and D700. If they only announced the upgrade then the outlook for this new tier (market segment) would be better.

    As a D7000 user and enthusiast for the last 2-3 years, I only have DX lenses. With or without a motor, I will still have to sell my lenses (a 35 and 17-55) to get the benefit of FF. If the rumored cost is true, a 4.5K USD budget will net me a package of D600, 50mm, 85mm, 24-120 and 28mm rather than just a D700, 50, 85 and 28. It would certainly depend if the performance is better than D700 (esp. fps, ISO, dynamic range), specially in a smaller, DX-like body (MP count doesn’t matter to me).

    Market segment for D600: 2-4 years DX users who haven’t invested on older (ais to af-d) lenses and crippled-body users wanting to skip pro-DX body. And perhaps Canon users (churn?). I just don’t know if the market segment is big to warrant this product. Someone help me here. 🙂

    Note: My favorite genres are portrait and landscape. That’s my drive for planning to go FF.

  • Flo

    Jokes on me, I have been buying cheap AF-D primes for my D7000 thinking I could use them with a entry level FX!

    The only AF-S lenses I have are DX lol!

  • haha

    Looking at this specs, it ain’t D700 successor either. Sign……

  • RobJons

    Still would like 2-shot HDR function…

    I continue to be surprised at how little this matters to everyone. It’s a great time saver for those not into time-consuming PP. D5100 has produced some exciting images with this feature.

    • Scott M

      I think because it is unavailable in NEF or Raw

  • CB

    recently I’ve heard tell of nikon field testing a retro-looking FX camera. Supposedly looks a little like a slightly larger modern F2.

    I’d buy one of those at $1500. And it’d probably get here before my D800 does.

    • GeofFx

      Leaving out the focus motor at this stage in an FX camera is one thing, leaving it out of a camera that looks like an F2?!? A retro camera that will only work with new lenses? That would be crazy.

  • B2

    Such a body makes perfect sense as a “try FX format”. For less money you get less features but can check what FX is capable of, fair trade. 24MP seems reliable in the light of latest rumors about Sony’s entry FX model with 24MP sensor. Looking forward to it but probably will go for D800/e anyway..

  • kimaze

    i if you read chinese about in the site you will know this is a joke, prank and fake which created by the forumn owner.

    They have been laughing at the poor photoshop strap and ask the owner to add in the FX print on the strap.

    The chinese forumn does not take this post seriously.

  • Simon

    I would expect a FX camera with d7000 level features. I think enthusiasts who spend $1500+ for an FX camera are mostly upgrading from an advanced DX camera, so they would miss a lot of features if they get a d5100 with FX.

    The specs I would like:
    5 FPS
    D7000 case + buttons

    • Kim A.

      Exactly! That’s why I GUARANTEE you all, that an “entry level” FX-body would include a AF-motor! Ai-metering also, but not as sure about that… But even that seems likely, given the fact that D7000 has both!

  • javaone

    As a D300 user and big fan of DX. I started reading this thinking maybe.
    Then I hit the no motor and it just a No.

    I have a 60MM macro, a 50mm and a 85 F1.8 all FX lenses with no motor.
    The 85 I got 1 year ago.

    I guess I will go back to waiting for the D400.

    As a new kit there it has a lot to recommend but one of the big reasons I
    recommend Nikon over Cannon was the large amount of used glass out there.

    Maybe it will compete well in the rich first time buyer market.

    • Donz

      me too, damn!

  • Vin

    I think Nikon has redesigned 2 new 24mp FX sensors to be built in the Sony Fab.s. Maybe a deal with Sony that Nikon will release a entry level FX D600 first, $1500-$1800, then Sony will bring out there new 24mp DSLR next Summer. Nikon may also then add the true D700 replacement, a new Pro/prosumer 24mp D7XX, , for $2200-$2400. Fall/winter 2013. This might also be why the Sony 24mp DX and Nikon’s new 24mp DX might also be similar but both not exactly the same. A 2 for 2 for deal between Nikon & Sony. In wake of all the natural disasters they have also been able to rebuild and add to existing plants. One of the hardest things about remodeling fabs is they never want to shut them down long enough to do the rebuild, so when they are forced to, that’s when the upgrades happen. Other wise it would be the usual 24/7, I am guessing both Nikon and Sony are up for new FX build facility lines. Separate from the D4/D800’s current facility. Another reason I think this could be, is few years ago there was a push to change to a larger wafer size in some fabs. This would allow for faster more efficient production of FX, the high cost was due to amount of wasted damaged sensors, contaminants and dust.

  • Donz

    ahhh, Nikon, at least give us the AF motor

  • Gab

    Now this is interesting. No focus motor, possibly only one command dial, possibly no AF fine tune, possible small and awkward body for 1500usd 🙂

    • Sahaja

      But all this would make it lower featured – except in sensor size and mp – to the D7000

  • Rikard

    No internal AF motor, well I better go for the D800 instead…

  • Ivanaker

    I just cant belive how spoiled Americans are. You gave the world so many things, and yet you are bitching about every single thing:

    -Get d600.
    -No AF motor.

    -Get D800.
    -Too many megapixels, slow frame rate.

    -Get D4
    -Too big, too expensive.

    -Get 5dmk3
    -Too expensive

    -Get 5dmk2
    -Too bad AF sistem

    -Get d700
    -I need more megapixels

    -Get d7000
    -Its not full frame

    -Ok, what do you want?
    -I want it to have megapixels as d4, fps as 1dx, iso performance as d3s, lightness and size as d7000, direct controls as 5dmk2, sensor performance as D800, af system od d3s….

    -Ok, and how much are you willing to pay?
    -1600$ with lens included – and i want that lens to be 8-300 f/1.4 with a size of 50 1.8.

    • Ian

      You can’t believe it? Continue doing so. This is an international forum.

    • enesunkie

      $1600 too low? How about $1999!

  • jorg

    What an exciting new camera!!!
    Stop whining ppl! You dont have to buy this camera.from nikons pov it makes a lot of sense. The d700 successor will drill your afd lenses alright….

  • BBhaswaran

    One thing seems everybody has missed.

    If D600 is priced at around $1500, then probably no Dx replacement like D400 for the D300s will be coming out. What will be the point in investing in a D400 Dx when you get a D600 Fx ??

    … D7000 replacement and the series may be the last line on Dx cameras.

    D300s might be replaced with a low cost Fx, which will also have a Dx crop mode – the D600

    • Janis

      The D400 would have an internal motor, that’s the point.

    • VJ

      The point is other features that come with pro cameras: better AF, weather sealing, … The format FX vs DX is not the the most important thing for some, just like megapixels are not the most important thing.

  • Janis

    Pure moneymaking. Nikon wants people to buy new AF-S full frame lenses, so they make an entry level FX camera without internal AF motor. With a motor it would definitely be my new camera, but without the option to use good old Nikkor lenses which cost a fraction of the equivalent new AF-S ones, that won’t make any sense to me.

    • Michael

      Dude, this is just a rumor.

  • Wouter J

    Well, I shoot DX with mostly FX glass, except for my 17-55.
    I am curious how the auto crop mode will work.

    That said, this makes an awesome combo with the fresh line of 1.8G primes. Personally I don’t need the screwdriver AF, so I might consider this camera over the anticipated DX flagship (call it D400, whatever).

    Good move Nikon. Looking forward to seeing the D7100 specs (call it D

  • Fuzz

    I think it’s important to note that cameras without AF motors has nothing to do with price or size. I have an F75 which is a similar size to a D40 but has an AF motor. Nikon also made the prolinea s which shot APS film. That was tiny but had a full size F mount with a focus motor.

    The focus motors are left out of the cheap cameras for product differentiation. It worked fine with the D40 because most people buying a £350 camera will use the 18-55 it came with and nothing else. People spending $1500 on an FX camera are going to want a wide angle that costs less than the 16-35. They’re going to want to use the 50/1.8D and 85/1.8D they already own.

    However I can see this rumour being true. If you look at it from Nikon’s perspective they may well be saying they have 28,50,85 primes a 24-120 and the 70-300 and the 28-300 maybe they believe they can sell enough cameras to people who just want to use the new lenses.

    • jorg

      let me point out, that you can not compare film-bodies to digital bodies in this situation. digital bodies are cramped with electronics + the usual mechanics. filmbodies carry “only” the mechanics. the two filmcontainers together may make up to a single DSRL-battery in cubic measure.

      i agree, that with this camera, the 28-300 starts to make a lot of sense, it is the FX 18-200 and it will fit okay on a smaller than D700/800/300 body, which the D600 will be (see new grip).

      there are quite a few af-s lenses for really small money btw

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