More Nikon D600 rumors

Here are few more details about the rumored full frame Nikon D600 DSLR camera. As I already mentioned, any information so far in future cannot be considered as reliable:

  • The price of the D600 is rumored to be very low - maybe as low as $1500.
  • The sensor inside the D600 will probably be 24MP (made by Sony, modified by Nikon).
  • The D600 will probably not have an internal AF motor, which means it will work only with AF-S lenses (just like the D3200 and D5100).
  • The D600 will have HD video.
  • Announcement before Photokina (September 2012).
  • One or more low-priced f/4 lenses will be announced with the D600. For example, Nikon recently filed a patent for a 24-70mm f/3.5-4.5 full frame lens which seems to be designed for a cheaper FX DSLR body.

The above image was published earlier on the Chinese photography forum - it could be fake, I don't know. Update: the strap is fake, here is the original image.

For some reason Google has captured several appearances of the phrase "Nikon D600" on the main website:

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  • D300s body with FX

    Why can’t there be a mid-range FX camera?

    • EnPassant

      You know the answer to your name is D800, don’t you?

      • D300s body with FX

        You don’t say. But the D800 isn’t a mid-range camera in my book 😉

        • EnPassant

          Nor do I! It is a semi-pro camera.

          Please read my reply again!
          It was a comment on your NAME, not what you wrote!
          D600 could be that mid-range FX camera.
          For now we don’t know yet.

  • Alfredo

    for all the people who want a MA-body with weather sealling, and 8fps and internal focusing.. i see youre not reading right. The D600 is supposed to be a ENTRY-LEVEL FX camera, just put a new FX sensor (or modified one) in a D3200 or D5200 kinda body and thats it.
    On the other hand, i dont see this as a D700 replacement. It cant be both, it must me a entrylevel or a D700 replacement.
    I still wish for a DX D400, with the same pixel density and ISO capabilities of the D800, more FPS and CF! I shoot birds most of the time, and i cant afford a 500f4 or anything like that, so DX is for me. If it doesnt come, ill end up buying a D800.

    • WoutK89

      But why would an entry level have 2 sd-slots, seems more like semi-pro to me.

      Regarding also the neck-strap, I can not see an entry level camera having the name on the strap, unless it is semi-pro. The D90 and lower didn’t have it, and if I am correct the D7000 didn’t as well.

      • Tiger1050Rider

        Strange that my D70 came with a strap that said…. D70.
        That very same strap is now on my D700 🙂

        • Not Surprised

          People want a D7000 style “entry-level” FX — not a D3100!!

          Not having an internal motor drive would be terrible. That’s too entry-level!! Is it only going to have 1 focus point as well??

          • ThisIsCool

            One focus point is cool — you won’t be confused by all the non-working ones, especially on the left side.

          • Noooo

            Yes, we all want to be able to shoot perfect shots in pitch blak situations with no noise at high shutter speeds. Doesn’t mean Nikon is obligated to serve this to us on a silver platter (let alone the part where this is not possible).

            There needs to be some sort of perspective control here. Everyone wants the full package at an entry level price point. It doesn’t make sense.

          • Jake

            I honestly don’t see why people get so upset about the lack of an AF motor. I mean, It’s convenient to use super cheap AF-D lenses, but most lenses created in the last 10 years are AF-S anyway, and that covers the majority of the focal length-F/stop spectrum. It seems to me like the lack of a motor is just something for people to bitch about.

            • GeofFx

              Are you new to photography?
              The lack of an AF motor is not something to bitch about. It is an essential feature for a lot of people.

            • Slinky

              And those people are not the people this D600 would be targeting.

              Entry level bodies aren’t aimed at people who have been at it long enough to collect older glass. Be that right or wrong.

            • GeofFx

              So, for those people, if you want a full frame Nikon camera, you have to spend $3000 on a 36 mp camera or $6000 on a 16mp camera?

              Unless there is something offered for prosumers in full frame under $2500, I can see a lot of people looking at brands other than Nikon.

            • WoutK89

              So people will be looking at ALL the other brands with an FX/FullFrame camera… Sony’s are discontinued and Canon is the only other brand that is not so much cheaper than buying a Nikon (D700 compared to mII or D800 to mIII).

    • I’m with you on the D400 coming in as a DX. Most of my shooting is event related candid portrait stuff and I use the full frame cameras for that, but out in the field where you need to bring in an image from some distance (and packing a weight at my age that makes any sense) a DX camera with a better ISO range and higher pixel count would be much appreciated.

      • Jimusan

        The D80/90/7000 is due to be replaced in November (2 year cycle) so that D7100 will be the top of the line DX. I have been hoping for a “cheap” FX for the D300s replacement and now it looks like this is it 🙂

        • JoeyG 58

          I’m with you, I think this is more of a replacement for the D300s. Another thing is all my straps had there model on them. Really? I think this is a great price for this style camera. Lets see how the images compare to the D3x 24 mp

    • Bob

      D300/s owners with good DX glass want a D400: with comparable build quality, a newer sensor and bigger buffer. They don’t want a full FX sized body and the bigger lenses that go with it.

      • Tom

        D300/s can go for D7000 😀

        • Rob

          They want to UPGRADE, not downgrade.

        • Hhom Togan

          There’s a big difference in peformance between the D300/D300s AF system vs the D7000, the D7000 is really rudimentary when compared to the D300s one.

          So having a D7000 is a downgrade not an upgrade

      • Bob

        Perhaps I should have spelt it out what I meant by ‘a newer sensor ’more precisely. I meant a D800 generation of chip but DX size, (making it perhaps 16-24MPs?)
        A DX format camera, that has all the benefits of the Expeed-3 engine and the newer focusing system. The best ISO for pitch that’s can be achieved (100-64,00+?) and all in a proper pro’ weatherproof body. Sure it will never match the latest FX body for image quality but it should be smaller, lighter and require less costly glass than a D4/800. It could well match the image quality of the aging D700 and sell for something around the same price.

    • vitamin_s

      The D400 will come, not doubt about it. But instead of September 2012 its gonna come in December 2012 and hopefully the delivery will start from January 2013. A D300S is still good for shooting birds.

      • Alfredo

        I know is still good for shooting birds..
        those are wth a D300s and a 300 F4.. but i wish i could have more reach (bought a TC last week) and better ISO.

  • Tom

    Yep. Told ya. I’ve been writing this on forums for the last YEAR and no one has been paying attention. A full frame dslr priced like a mid range dslr.

    • I’m with you Tom, nobody wanted to believe me too…

      This is the perfect oportunity for Nikon to create a bigger market for FX glass, great marketing 🙂

    • ShooterMcGavin

      Yup, I’m right there with you. I just thought it would be the D400 that they did it with rather than introducing another model. With FX sensors having been out in the wild for a good few years now, manufacturing costs per unit performance have to have come down to the point that they can build a profitable <$2k FX body.

    • Rob

      Nobody believes you because you’re probably still wrong. Even admin predicts this with less than 50% probability (more likely to NOT happen than happen). Will you be posting in a year about how you’ve been clamoring on for two years about something that never materialized?

    • Nikonnut

      Agreed! The future of DSLR’s is full frame! Thats how you differentiate dslrs to csc’s and ilc’s. Natural progression of tech.

      I do feel however, the D400 is coming as well.

  • Bill

    I wish somehow Nikon could be prevented from announcing new products until they could actually deliver products they’ve already announced (first the D7000, now the D800/D800E.)

    • norbs

      I don’t think Nikon made any announcement about D600, you’re currently on WikiNikonLeaks and the government is tracking you via cookies and donuts.

      • Not Surprised

        People need to stop worrying about supply-and-demand problems. How is it logical to say: Don’t release a new product until you fill all current. Or: Don’t sell products until you can fill ALL demand.

        Its ridiculous. Nikon would have to collect 1 years worth of supply and just hold it in a warehouse without selling it. Or theyd never be able to use their other factories which don’t deal with that particular product.

        Use logic people — Nikon makes one and then it sells one. Nikons other factory makes something else, because it has different equipment and different setups. Why should Nikon duplicate its factories when within 6 months sales are going to drop dramatically?

        Use logic.

    • Ben

      if nikon comes out with a d600 some people may leave the waiting list for the d800. the d600 would be made at a different factory then the d800 so they will not impact production.

      The more FX cameras the better.

    • Yeah!! Nikon should deliver the new D4 and D800 cameras before announce new ones that maybe not even them must know when it will be launched.

  • M

    no af-motor? i doubt it…
    IF some kind of lower level FX Body would be coming it would also be targeted at older hobby photographer who have a large lense range from back in the days.

    also, for amateurs, there arent that many affordable AF-S lenses out there…

    • R!

      Not so many AFD lenses can follow 24 or 36 mpx anyway so …

      • That statement makes no sense. It’s just glass and has nothing to do with megapixels.

        • Hhom Togan

          It makes sense, why do you think Canon, Nikon and Sony have been rushing to update kit lenses and legacy zoom lenses all these years? as cameras gained more megapickles they gained the ability to extract more detail from a scene and the problem is that older lenses needed to be replaced simply because they could only resolve a certain quantity of resolution.

          The amount of megapixels also requires glass that can match the resolving power of these sensors, why do you think we have a new 50mm f/1.8, f/1.4 G, 85mm f/1.4, 24-70mm, 70-200mm, f/2.8 etc?

          • geecen

            megapickes? Sounds delicious.

          • dchino

            Lol, megapickles.

          • No offense, but I don’t buy it. Your example of all the new lens replacement coming out (we’ll use the 50 ƒ/1.8G) is so that it can be used on cameras without the ability to autofocus with the original version, i.e. the D3000. So many people buying this camera cause it’s inexpensive, then find out the lens they want (which is also inexpensive) won’t work properly.

            Of course they make other adjustment and improvement, but that pretty much sums it up.

            Other lenses that are made specifically for the DX body are made in such a way that the DX sensor can fully “enjoy” the lens as a whole. When using any of the 50’s out today you lose a significant part of the lens that FX users get. When I stepped up to a full frame sensor I was in awe of what I was missing. NEVER LOOKED BACK!

            What improvements, specifics please, were made that can match this resolving power you speak of? This is a sincere question. I may be wrong, which I’m ok with. I’m always looking to learn 🙂

      • !R

        Sure there are. 24 mpix on FX is not even 12 on DX in density. Older 85 1.4, 180 2.8, 50 1.8, 80-200 2.8 won’t have any trouble resolving it, and then some. Heck, a whole bunch of 30 year old AIS lenses won’t have any trouble either. And don’t forget some good third party lenses too.

        • tifkat

          Exactly. 24MP FX sensor is about equivalent to 10MP DX sensor. I don’t believe anyone would claim a D80 or D200 was too high MP for those lenses?

      • Sahaja

        Yes they can. A photo taken with an AF-D lens would have more resolution taken with 24mp sensor than with a 12 mp one.

        If there is no focus drive then with this camera it looks like Nikon are just planing on making more profit from lens sales and maybe a little less from each camera body.

        Every time they upgrade an AFD lens to AFS, the newer version will cost a lot more than the older version.

  • T.I.M

    For the price of the D800/D800e you could get a D600+D3200+SB-910+24-70mm f/2.8 !
    Cancel your D800/D800e pre-order before it’s too late !

    • none


      The above post is written by someone who is trying to move up in the D800 order queue!


    • Calibrator

      Good idea!
      D600 + D3200 = 48 megapixels!


    • Jonathan

      That math doesn’t add up.

    • Hom Thogan

      :│ I wouldn’t dare to buy a D3200, sorry but have you used one? they are utterly horrible in terms of ergonomics and the red one seems like someone painted it with nail polish 😛

    • correct, if the D600 rumor turns out to be true

      • GeofFx

        Correct? I don’t know how the 24-70 fits in

  • Mazzy

    No AF motor on a $1,500 body ? What the f____ are Nikon smoking these days ?
    The typical consumer don’t buy $1,500 cameras… a lot don’t even know what the DX is for…
    Nikon We’re awaiting for a D700 with the 24Mpx Sony FF sensors 6-8 fps and the new editon of 51p-AF at $2,000-2,200, HD Video. In the year 2013 it’s doable easy…Take the D700, swap the sensor, throw-in the expeed 3 card, swap AF sensors and you’re done.
    Ramp up the production and flood the market with this toy that will sell like a ice-cream in july…
    a D3100 FX edition will be a deep let down.
    a D7100 body Dx Vs a plastic, no weather sealed, FX body with no AF motor, cheap AF.. even for more ? Very bad deal… maybe in 10 years when the FX will rule the word of DSRL again, but at $600-700, just not now.

    • norbs


      Whilst it’s great to get a cheapo FX, I don’t see the point in a motorless body. It will work as most lenses out there are AFS. This just proved to me that Nikon is phasing out the motor altogether. I feared they would do this prior to D7000 but they didn’t. It would make more sense to have motorless D7000 yes?

      So all this camera is going to do is offer FX and make f.o.v wider and d.o.f narrower. As an educated person and so
      eone who can’t just get justify the au$3700 for D800, I now can only see one benefit over my D7000 and D700: video at wider f.o.v, probably at average SNR. I hope this cam works for someone as for still images this may be a poor return on investment.

      • Ken Elliott

        Removing the motor means lower weight, and lower cost. Not a bad combination. And it’s not like you couldn’t see this coming. Didn’t you notice all the new lenses are AF-S? We’ve had about 10 years to figure this out.

        • Fred

          Yup, leave out the motor to save weight and buy a more expensive and heavier AF-S lens to compensate.
          Nikon should then have a full range of AF-S lenses before dropping the AF motor – and they don’t.

    • Martin

      if you want it all, why not get the d800?

      i totally happy without af motor, saves weight, space and bucks

    • AF

      -1 — can leave the old AF system, no problem there.

    • Hhom Togan

      They want you to drop money either on a higher end body with AF motor or in AF-S lenses, this BS is kind of tyring because they are the only brand who do this.

      • And

        + 1000

  • Phil

    Guys, if this rumor is true you’ll be getting a full frame for next to nothing; Nikon will be cutting features to tempt DX users to full frame. If you need a AF motor, too build quality, etc etc go buy a D800 and stop your crying.


    • T.I.M


    • Art


      Been there done that. Already bought an 800E (as in Easter Bunny). All paid for and everything. The thing is — buying a camera doesn’t do any good unless Nikon actually delivers it! And just like the Easter Bunny, I’ll believe in it when I see it!

    • Calibrator

      “you’ll be getting a full frame for next to nothing”

      Nope — you’ll get a full frame for the price of 1.5 D800-WLAN units!

      • Calibrator

        “D4-WLAN units” (doh!)

    • by removing the AF motor in the body, Nikon can push their new AF-S lenses, makes sense – otherwise you can still go with the D800/D4

  • Art

    Useless for me, better leave out the video then the AFmotor.
    Most of us wait for a D400 and when it will not come quick I sell my D300 and buy myself the new Olympus I`ve had it with Nikon, I am not interrested in more plastic cheapo`s…..

    • Jonathan


      I am looking at some other manufacturers too. Nikon had great cameras but if I don’t hear word of a D400 this year, I am out.

    • Joe in L.A.

      I would also be disappointed if they left out the AF motor. I have some great non-AFS lenses I would like to use, but do not otherwise feel I need to go up to a D800.

      I’m with you. Leave out the video on this one to bring down the cost. Make this a Nikon classic still camera.

  • D600 + a prime lens sounds be pretty sweet.

  • whathefstop

    not having an internal focus motor makes no sense. The D3200 is going to have a motor and that’s supposed to be the bottom of the barrel of Nikon’s Expeed3 cameras.

    unless the 50mm 1.8 Get is the new entry level Fx lens it would make no sense as an entry level fx camera when the entry level fx lens is the 50mm 1.8 afd

    In any case nikon has has to flex their muscle right now because there is a big gap between d7000 and d800. And canons 5dmk2 stands alone in the $2099 price bracket for an fx cam with excellent HD video. I know Im not the only the one that wants Nikons answer to that.

    • what?

      Where did you read that the D3200 is going to have an AF motor???

    • Jake

      The entry level FX lens is the 50mm 1.8G, which has an AF-S motor. Get learned.

  • JK

    This is awesome! Ideal travel cam with some lovely primes and light zooms for landscape etc.
    This camera is going to sell like hot cakes fore sure. Bye Bye canon 😉

    • Anonymous Maximus

      Sorry, but which light af-s FX zoom?

      • JK

        24-70mm f3.5-4.5, 16-30mm f4.5-5-6 70-300mm…
        I don´t know how light and if they are going to be released at all, but they are probably going to be light for FX zooms.. 😉 don´t need fast glass for landscape anyway 😉

  • Mike

    Well, I guess they need to get rid of the AF motor in order to put a bigger prism and finder into the D7k’s body. This would mean:
    – an enthusiast, light FF body with some weather sealing and enough buttons to avoid menu diving for the basics
    – a viewfinder on par with the D700
    – a brand new 24 MP sensor with, judging by Sony’s current tech as exhibited by their 16 MP APSC (D7k, Pentax K5, NEX 5N) and the 36 MP FF (D800), more than adequate high ISO performance, as good as or better than the D700
    – and all that for $1500 or the same price as the D800 but with AF-S 28/1.8, 50/1.8 and 85/1.8 already included

    Yeah, that is really awful for us customers. The whining and bitching is absolutely reasonable…

    But on the other hand, please go on and dismiss it, so I can get my brand ne D600 right at launch with no preorder lists and months of waiting 😉

    I so hope this turns out to be true!!!

    • bdeckert

      I would actually go for this. I could live without the AF motor if the rest of the interface was similar to the D7K setup. I still have hope…

  • jabilson007

    I am not sure anyone wants an FX body crippled down to D3xxx level. Maybe at D7xxx level?

    • jsfoster

      The D800 is the FX version of the D7000 .

  • Joel

    This looks real to me. By removing the body focus motor, this machine wouldn’t jeopardize D800 sale. D600 is targeting to people who wanna take advantage of FF sensor and own a few entry-level G lenses. This is clearly a well-thought marketing strategy. I think Nikon is doing great this year. Awesome!

  • MB

    For you people “wishing” D400 I have a question.
    How many of you would give 2000$ for a DX body when you have more or less the same thing in D7000 (and soon D7200) for 1000$?
    Nikon thinks not enough to justify the development costs…

    • john

      MB …I certainly would and according to a number of frequented photo-forums, there seems to be quite a number like myself who have a D300 and a D7000 and have come to a vivid conclusion. That conclusion is that the D7000 – the camera that we prosumer DX shooters hoped for – does not match the D300 in really important areas irrespective of the sensor itself. I.E ..Super fast and reliable AF, Full mag alloy body, positioning of controls, the feel in the hand.

      Personally I feel that if the D400 were to come out, it would sell exceptionally well. Who would not wish for a mythological D400 at 8fps 16-24 MP, same iso as D700, AF from D800, 200,000 shutter reliability rating, full mag alloy body etc etc.

      The damn thing would SELL, Nikon cannot be blind to this.

  • Remedy

    “The D600 will probably not have an internal AF motor” – no, thanks.

  • jorg

    Nikon listened to the customers- in 2010. Back then They wanted a high res fx. They wanted a smallish fx. Now -with a year delay after tsunami- they/ we get it. I just remembered telling nikon exactly that in a survey two years ago.had my d700 back then and was a happy camper. Since nikon developed those cameras market them now. Afterwards come next steps like new d700 and new d300.
    Btw- that smallish supercheap d600 is genius. Nikon does it again. Gamechanger. Hats off to nikon. Maybe enthusiasts and pro/semipro souls will hate it, but loooads of people will be perfectly happy with the D600. After all there will be something like a new d700 coming up….

  • jorg

    Nikon listened to the customers- in 2010. Back then we wanted a high res fx. They wanted a smallish fx. Now -with a year delay after tsunami- they/ we get it. I just remembered telling nikon exactly that in a survey two years ago.had my d700 back then and was a happy camper. Since nikon developed those cameras market them now. Afterwards come next steps like new d700 and new d300.
    Btw- that smallish supercheap d600 is genius. Nikon does it again. Gamechanger. Hats off to nikon. Maybe enthusiasts and pro/semipro souls will hate it, but loooads of people will be perfectly happy with the D600. After all there will be something like a new d700 coming up….

    • Anonymous Maximus

      Ultra small FX does not have much meaning unless they have compact FX zooms, especially with a non-AF motor design which excludes the few smaller available ones.

      Small Body + Big Lens disease must be contagiuous. Nex-7 from Sony, pointing downwards shamefully since the paperweight body can’t balance.

      I wish the new compact 24-70mm (or whatever) zoom will have VR. Then I may have this for (to-be-my) D800.

  • Zodar

    As already said by other here…
    NO AF Motor???
    1500$ and no AF motor?!?!?

    Something didn’t work in their brain…. for sure.
    What about AF ED 80-200 D f/2.8?
    Or AF 85 1D f/1.8????

    Please… don’t bring me to Canon….

    • Jens

      same opinion….

      • The Man from Mandrem

        I can’t see them abandoning the likeliest upgrade market (D300, D7000, D300S, D90 and D700 owners) by selling something that doesn’t take AF-D lenses. I would expect it to take AI/AIS lenses as well if it’s priced above D7000. What I would expect is a very slow (entry level) AF speed for FX (maybe with a much better AF speed for DX). If it has a double-0 number, it should have a screw. If it’s a D9000 I can imagine no screw, plastic body; but that would target a different market and different price point.

    • Most Nikkor lenses made in the past decade have been of AF-S variety. Unless you intend to photograph with old lenses (most people in this market segment do not), then there is no need for an AF motor. It’s a smart move to keep the price of the body low, while catering to majority of the needs this camera is intended for.

      • Canuck

        There are many people in the market for something smaller and lighter and can make good use of the mechanical and metal “older” prime Nikkor A1S lenses, many of which are still optically superior to later models, even if they are slower to use (the late model 180mm f2.8ED being a good example). Those people are currently called Zeiss customers.

        • MichaelK

          I understand what you’re saying, but they represent a small percentage of Nikon’s target audience for this model. They can’t make everyone happy and still remain profitable.

      • GeofFx

        I don’t see how you can say that most people in the prosumer market don’t use non AFS lenses. These are exactly the people who DO use non AFS lenses.

        I have 7 lenses and not a single one of them is AF-s

    • bp

      Full Frame???
      1500$ and Full Frame?!?!?

      Something didn’t work in their brain…. for sure.
      What about AF-S 18-55 f/3.5-5.6?

      Please… don’t drag me from Canon….

  • PAG

    I have a question for those of you who truly understand the mechanics of DSLRs. Would it be reasonably possible to create a camera body without an AF motor but then create one that would work as an attachment, kind of like a 1X TC with an AF motor?

    If that’s a reasonable approach from a mechanical standpoint, it seems like it would deliver the best of both worlds. It would keep the base price (and weight!) down but still allow people who have older lenses to use them. Everybody gets what they want.

    • norbs

      Probably not. you’d be moving the lens out too far from the sensor to fit an external motor. novel idea tho

    • Eric

      It could work, but you’d get a macro lens and you’d lose the ability to focus at infinity.

    • Canuck


      good idea in principle. It would need optics inside (the 1x teleconverter) to compensate for the lens being too far forwards and to collimate the light rays back onto the sensor at the correct angles. It could have one of the modern lens motors putting it’s drive onto the focusing screw instead of an internal focusing helix in a lens.

      Some thoughts.
      a) Could be a challenge to preserve the optical quality, especially with super-wide angle lenses.
      b) The amount of travel needed by a super-telephoto is much greater than that needed by a wide angle, so it would need to know which lens it had in front (but that must be already part of the AF-S spec so it’s solvable).
      c) It appears that modern lenses focus the typically small light glass elements in the middle of the lens and the newer motors are probably quite weedy compared to the meaty torque wound out of the body focusing screw. They might not be up to the task.
      d) it might be hard to optimise the optics for all focal lengths, meaning different versions may be needed.

      Hey, while we’re about it, let’s add tilt and shift to it and have an autofocus perpective control lens too! There was a Hasselblad gadget that let you shift and swivel your other lenses, but as ever, it looked weird and was ferociously expensive.

      I like it when people put ideas to improve cameras into these forums and we can bounce them around, much better to do this where Nikon can read it than to only discuss $$ and delivery dates on “their” D800…

  • rhlpetrus

    Well, maybe, who knows. So the body is likely small, maybe D7000’s size. Very interesting.

  • If Nikon releases a full-frame 24mp body for $1500, 5D III’s fate will be sealed

  • Mr Kiek

    I had hoped for an upgrade for my D90 like a < $2000,- DX pro body with AF motor, while skipping the D7000. Now, if theses rumors (no D400 DX and instead a D600 with no AF motor) turn out to be correct it seems like me and my D90 will be together for quite a while longer than I had anticipated. Good thing that I'm still very happy with my D90 🙂

  • Sven

    Guys, why are so many of you complaining? The D600 isn’t here yet. And if it is really going to retail around 1500 USD/EUR – that’s pretty much half price compared to the D800. Sure Nikon is going to leave out some D800 features not only to cut costs but also to differentiate both models. Would you pay another 1500 USD/EUR if the difference was jumping from 24 to 36 MP? I am very happy with D800 but I could use another FX body as a backup. The D600 would be a bargain…

    • norbs

      stop complaining about people complaining….. 🙂

      • Tony B

        Stop telling them what to do! Who left you in charge? ….oh, I’m complaining about the complaining. My head hurts.

  • Please charge $200 more and add AF motor to it , else this camera is useless for many who has AF-D lenses 😐

  • nebus

    personally I can’t see any advantage in an FX camera with only AF-S lens compatibility.

    • Neutronman


    • Jake

      I don’t know, maybe the fact that people buy new lenses? Most FX lenses have an AF-S version…

  • SNRatio

    1. A D600 will _either_ have an AF motor _or_ cost substantially less than $1500. The D50, entry level in its time, has an AF motor, and AF lenses like the AF 80-200/2.8D will be interesting for buyers of $1500 bodies. But Nikon may choose to place this around $1000, then the AF motor may be stripped. I would rather expect something more D7000-like, though.

    2. Simpler AF, 95% VF, worse ergonomics – it’s simple for Nikon to keep this body from competing too well with the D800 without giving up too much.

    3. This may fit very well in actual purchase patterns. Lots of people don’t really want to DX-upgrade D7000, D5100, maybe even D300 yet: The camera they use still serves them too well. But something different, that could provide them with superior IQ when they want it could be interesting. Think of it as the FX-upgrade for those who haven’t really intended to FX-upgrade.

    4. Nikon could concentrate very much on the video in this body, not having to cater that much for still shooters in such a less sophisticated model. That could also make it more attractive as a backup body for pros occasionally shooting video footage.

    5. Maybe we could think of the D600 as the FX companion to the D7000, and a D400 as the DX companion to D800? Nikon needs to offer a pro/semi-pro DX body. I think few of the D300 shooters have abandoned DX completely, and the D7000 is no adequate D300 substitute. With the improved sensors, I myself would actually like to shoot _more_ DX, but there is currently no sensor/body combination that fits the bill.

    6. And between the lines on D600, one message is repeated over and over again: “5D III, 5D III, 5D III…” Look at the likely price/IQ balance.

  • EnPassant

    These D600 rumors are all over the place, and make no sense.
    It’s almost as if they are about two different cameras.
    Dual SD card slot like D7000 and expected in its replacement as well.
    Only AF-S support like in D5100 and D3200.

    It only make sense if the D7000 also will only have AF-S support.
    That will make a lot of nikon users angry as there are a lot of FX- and DX-lenses having screwdrive AF, not he least in Nikons own lens program that not yet have been replaced with AF-S lenses.

    Not that I am against a D3200 (or better D5100) body with a fx-sensor. It would be great for times one want the best quality in the smallest and lightest package.

    I am however against it being instead of a FX-camera in a D7000 type body with all its function today, like AF with older AF-lenses and metering with older manual Ai-lenses. (Both very important! I have a lot of older lenses and for most time don’t want to use a big body like D800.) Also mirror-lock-up, AF fine-tuning, additional grip, more external control buttons and other things are good to have and things I would gladly pay more for.

    If Nikon release both types of FX-bodies I described I propably buy both, as well as a D800!
    But if we only will see the cheaper alternative with a crippled functions I might only buy a D800 for mostly tripod work, test all my lenses, keep the best and sell the rest and buy a Fuji X-pro2(! replacement of X-pro1 with better AF) and a few good lenses.

    A cheaper FX body now with no support for older AF-lenses and metering with manual Ai-lenses would be Nikon repeating their mistake from the AF-film era when the only bodies having mirror-lock-up were the Pro F4 and F5. It kept me from buying any new AF-cameras as it then was an essential feature more important than AF-for me.

    With todays bright focus screens not good for manual focus AF-functionality is an essential feature. Cripple that for photo enthusiasts having older AF-lenses and camera sales will be lost!

    • FineTune

      AF Fine Tune would be a good feature to have for sure. No! — it would be an all important feature to have, — with the current record of D7000 and, I hear, D800 too.

  • Zen

    I think that skipping the motor in think kind of camera would be a good plan for Nikon.

    When newcomers will buy their D600, they will have to buy a motored lens for it.
    They’ll play with it some time, then think about getting additional glass.

    All those lenses can not be old screw lenses, so it will often be new lenses directly from Nikon instead of old ones from random people. Which means more sells for Nikon.

    Not a bad move actually. And it can still interest full-frame users who owns at least some G-lenses. And even D-lenses will work, only without autofocus (which is fine for video).

    So in the end it’s still a cheap and interesting camera, even without the autofocus motor, for both Nikon (profit $$$) or us (cheap full-frame camera!).

    (It’s still a rumor, so let’s see what Nikon will be really doing)

  • Martin

    it’s stoopid to buy FX cam and then a lens with 3.5-4.something aperture. might as well get DX with 2.8 aperture lenses…. more compact and lots cheaper.

    going fx only makes sense with 2.8 and larger apertures

    • Mike

      So between a DX camera with an f/2.8 lens, and an FX camera with an f/4 lens…. does the FX set up have any significant benefits?

      • catinhat

        The benefit would be that you would get roughly the same DOF, but you could use your f2.8 lens at f4 where it would be undoubtedly sharper than wide open. The drawback: it would still be nice to have an f2.8 lens in either case.

  • D400

    So an FX D3200 then, not an FX D7000. This will not render the d400 obselete. Hooray!

  • Serious Shooter

    What? No AF-S? I have a couple of 19th century Nikkors laying around. And who would want to go with AF-S anyway? There are only like 300 AF-S lenses available… no enough for me. I want my 1902 57mm f1.7 Nippon Nikkor to work on this D600, or I will switch to Canon and get something that works with my old Nikkors.

    • Silly Shooter

      Hey, — a great idea. A Canon would accept your AF-D lens with an adapter, kinda like the mythical D600. Here is an upgrade path for a Nikon user wanting to go Canon! 🙂

    • tifkat

      19th Century huh? So, it was made in the year 1800 and what?

  • Mariusz

    The D600 as a backup and travel Fx body with these specs will be awersome.

    Those who want in-body motor, you have plenty of other models to choose from, so stop whining and choose the model you want depending of your needs. I want the lightest Fx body possible, period!

  • Yusuf Yudhistira

    No internal AF motor???
    Nah… I stick to D800 then….

  • AM

    [NR], this rumor had a 40% probability yesterday. Has the probability changed due to new info coming in?

  • Megafolie

    Those who are crying like babies about the No AF motor rumor are probably the same people who were crying like babies when the legendary D40 came to life. The D40 proved to be a pretty successful camera in a pretty small body and now almost everyone agree that this was one of the most successful consumer body released by Nikon.

    Those who don’t get it are probably not the ones which the D600 market is aimed at.

    • anon

      d40 is a crap camera for soccer moms who only ever use the kit lens.

      • Megafolie

        Define what is a crap camera?
        I guess you did not even try the D40.
        Or you probably define it as a crap camera because it is not a camera YOU wanted to try?

      • Jorge

        Tru ‘Dat!

  • mix

    Why are we discussing D600, when we should be addressing the serious issue on D800 and its problem. Lack of transparency and customer service ! !

    • Jake

      Lack of transparency? I think they’re being as transparent as possible. Everyone and their mother wants a D800, and Nikon making them as fast as they can, which just isn’t fast enough.

  • D700 Prices?

    What do you think will happen to D700 prices? They seem to be holding steady between $1500-$2000 depending on shutter count. Do you think that the D600 will lower the value of good used D700’s? The D700 still seems like a good option for FX users stuck in the middle of the new FX line-up. I guess if you don’t need video, it’s still a great camera.

    • BartyL

      The prices might fall a bit further once the D800 is less scarce than it currently is. I’m tempted to buy a 2nd-hand D700 at the moment, but I’m waiting for prices to drop another AU$300 or so at which point I think they will be good value for money.

      • FrankieB

        BartyL, I would tend to agree that they might fall a bit when the D800 is readily available. Judging by the new FX line up, many D700 users are upgrading to the D800, and if the D600 is eventually released, it seems more of a lure for DX users to get their feet wet with FX. This to me, explains some of the sub $1000 US dollar lenses that are coming out for FX. I would imagine that Nikon will have an entry level FX platform with the D600 and the lower cost FX lenses. A pro-sumer FX line if you will.

  • Vin

    Nikon has been planing these cameras for years,. They don’t just get thrown together in the kitchen over night. They are reconstructing all the DSLR’s and then some. There was word they were going to do 85% in 2011. Well we all know what happened. So now we will get 200% DSLR’s for 2012 & 2013, this is FUN FUN FUN! I like it!

    From my wife, “It is what it is”
    From my son 5,
    “you get what you get, and don’t throw a fit!”
    Not sure what all the problem is?
    Sign me up,

  • Ryan

    So, looking at the current line up and the sensors Sony is producing or rumored to be producing, I think we can expect the D3200 (24mp), a D5200 (24mp) and a D7100 also with the 24mp Sony sensor currently in the NEX camera. I believe the D7100 will be a major upgrade from the current D7000, and it will be the direct replacement for the D300’s. Then we get into the FX line, D600 FX which is basically a D7100 with a 24mp FX sensor, then you have the D800 and D4. You cover everything with 4 different sensor types, but handicap them with lesser AF and weather sealing, etc… I can’t see them fit in another pro DX, I mean the D7000 was terrific except for its AF was somewhat weak compared to the D300s.

    Just my two cents.

    • Jake

      I don’t expect three cameras with the same 24MP sensor from Sony at the same time. Too much overlap.

  • bnjo

    Give me full frame and the video of the d800 for $1,500 and I’m in. I don’t care about fps or any of that other stuff.

  • T.I.M
  • Ted

    Nice upgrade for my F/N 80 QD

  • Andy

    I hope they introduce the 70-200 f/4 VRII lens with Nano coat soon…

    • Jason

      Yeah, sure, me too. I just broke down and bought the 2.8 VR II on Saturday. It is terrific.

  • Vin

    I still think we will see a all weather DX. -ie. New D300s. D400 DX. Seems like vid. Uses smaller frame more like DX. Some vid. People will want this in a DSLR. New D600 FX will not be this. For vid. I use Canon HD, not DSLR. But it seems like its getting better in this arena.

  • Iclick

    Enough variations on a theme Nikon.

    Give us a D400 and a 80-400 upgrade !!!


    ok. i’ll take it.

    take away the AF-mount, i don’t care, i shoot all manual and mostly videos anyway. give me robust body. weather-sealed, not too important. just give me 1080/30 and 720/60. 5-6 fps and a bigger buffer than D7000 and i’ll pay $2000 for it.

    i say have it match the D800 for video

  • Ads

    What a lousy cheappo camera. Please don’t buy. This is not for everyone, it is for budget-constraint consumer like myself, who does mind getting used AF-S lenses and cheappo FX camera.

    • Ads

      I mean “doesn’t” mind getting used AF-S lenses….

  • James

    I just want a D700 with 1080p video. Why is it so hard to get nikon to make the camera i want?

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