More Nikon D600 rumors

Here are few more details about the rumored full frame Nikon D600 DSLR camera. As I already mentioned, any information so far in future cannot be considered as reliable:

  • The price of the D600 is rumored to be very low - maybe as low as $1500.
  • The sensor inside the D600 will probably be 24MP (made by Sony, modified by Nikon).
  • The D600 will probably not have an internal AF motor, which means it will work only with AF-S lenses (just like the D3200 and D5100).
  • The D600 will have HD video.
  • Announcement before Photokina (September 2012).
  • One or more low-priced f/4 lenses will be announced with the D600. For example, Nikon recently filed a patent for a 24-70mm f/3.5-4.5 full frame lens which seems to be designed for a cheaper FX DSLR body.

The above image was published earlier on the Chinese photography forum - it could be fake, I don't know. Update: the strap is fake, here is the original image.

For some reason Google has captured several appearances of the phrase "Nikon D600" on the main website:

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  • baked bananas



    • josh

      It’s got HD Video???

      Cross me OFF the list!!! I go with Fuji Xpro 1.

      • Good luck with that.

        • hew


        • Jason

          Good luck with anything Nikon. ‘Coz it ain’t shipping!

    • Jane

      This camera sounds downright awful. Cheap, nasty, merely an FX version of a D3200 or something.

      • The lack of a motor is the dealbreaker for us, and why we’re going to buy a second D700 for wedding work in the next week rather than wait all summer for a crippled body.

        • I have mixed feelings; I’m not sure I like the lack of a motor, either. I guess I’ll have to wait and see what the control layout it like. At anyrate, it sounds like this might a great camera for getting your feet wet with FX for the first time, but for a working pro? I dunno…may be purely as a backup camera…

        • Jorge

          Go D700! that’s my bread & butter for most of my wedding work. Still waiting on my D800 which WILL NOT replace my D700 BTW…

      • Pat Mann

        Sounds more like a digital F100 – what’s wrong with that?

    • none

      It’s not funny on reddit, and guess what: it’s not funny here, either.

      • scurvy hesh

        Watch out! We got a Redditor here.

    • bdeckert

      My first thought was to be angry at the lack of AF motor, but honestly as a DX user I will have to buy new lenses anyway… So I guess what really matters is that hopefully it doesn’t send you into menus for everything. I still can’t figure out why Nikon doesn’t seem to be making a direct competitor for the Mark III? The D800 is a completely different line of camera (although they are similarly priced). I don’t feel like budget conscious wedding photogs have a FF choice with Nikon. I would have preferred that they make a more serious 24MP FF that undercuts the price of the Mark III.

  • Gpereir4

    I wonder what build quality/body type we can expect if it is expected to be cheaper and lose the AF motor…any thoughts? I hope not a plastic body.

    • stepper

      If all this is true so far then I am willing to bet it will be very plasticy indeed.
      Won’t stop me though… I’m in.

    • I hope that they don’t go cheap on the body build either – definitely won’t be interested in this if it is comparable to the build quality of the D7000 (which I recently looked at as an upgrade and was under-impressed). Give us a good solid weather sealed option for us amateurs who don’t need/can’t afford a D800 but want a quality product. I’d be willing to pay a bit more for that…

      • D7000 is magnesium alloy body. Ss what is wrong with that? Unless you want to bang it on the wall repeatedly you have no point. I own a D7000 and D700. For me D7000 is still excelent camera.

        • @George – not sure what exactly it was about the D7000, can’t really put my finger on it.

          Since you have both, how would you compare the D700 and D7000 in terms of build – comparable or is one more robust? Would you rather see the D600 follow the D700 or D7000 build? I imagine that if the D600 is retailing just above the D7000 in price but below the D700 it’ll be closer to the D7000 in quality.

          • Gpereir4

            The D7000 is only partly magnesium alloy, with metal top and back plates. I however like the feel of the D7000, and would not mind it if the D600 had that type of body.

          • @Dave. D700 feels more robust in hand but i am not disappointed on D7000 either. I have D7000 for more than one year i took it everywhere with me: snowboarding, beach, mountain trips, you name it and i had it. It is as tight as in the first day. On the other hand i am very careful with my equipment. Never dropped it out of the backpack so far.

    • Jonathan

      It will be so cheaply built it will crumble in your hands. Or at least be built like the 3200.

    • Sarge

      I’d LOVE a lightweight FF camera. “Plastic” is used as a derogatory term, but a poly body can take a lot of pounding without denting (or cracking).

      Give me a D5100 equivalent with a FF sensor and decent AF and I’ll pick up one with a 28/1.8 and make it my new street shooter.

      • BartyL

        ‘Plastic’ is many things. It can mean something that isn’t durable, or something which is very durable. Pelican cases and the like are made from plastic, and they are very, very tough. The polycarbonate safety shields down at the bank will stop bullets. Squeamishness about plastic is mostly a knee-jerk reaction.

        Those who want GPS / WIFI incorporated into the body should be happy that this is possible with a plastic body.

  • Thaumazein

    “The D600 will probably not have an internal AF motor […]”


    • femq

      wat the f_ mount

      • Thaumazein

        After thinking about it – I don’t really need an AF-motor. All my lenses are AF-S lenses and everything else I need is a 70-200 and maybe the rumored 135mm f1.8.

        1500$ are 1135€. It’ll sell for 1200€ or 1300€ I think. Would be f*cking great.

        • hexx

          add our euroland tax on that dollar price 😉

          • Thaumazein


            Credits! Now! 😀

    • karl

      big F_ mount deal… most of the non AF-S lense are obsolete already..

      • You obviously dont know much about older nikkor lenes…….

        • Patrick


        • karl

          Most of the old lenses simply lack the resolution power to feed a 24mpix sensor, which will result in softer images.

          a list of CHEAP Nikon AF-S FX lenses:
          AF-S 16-35mm f/4G ED VR
          AF-S 24-120mm f/4G ED VR
          AF-S 28mm f/1.8G
          AF-S 50mm f/1.4G
          AF-S 50mm f/1.8G
          AF-S 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR
          AF-S 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6G VR IF-ED
          AF-S 85mm f/1.8G
          AF-S 300mm f/4D IF-ED
          AF-S Micro 60mm f/2.8G IF-ED
          AF-S Micro 105mm f/2.8G VR IF-ED

          ..and the 70-200mm f4 rumored

      • Patrick

        Lots of people still use some non af-s lense like Tokina. So in my opinion, it its a big f_mount deal.

      • Janis

        There are lots of great old Nikkor lenses which cost a fraction of equivalent newer lenses. No built-in AF motor is quite a big deal, I think I’m out. Too bad, I really looked forward to the D600 after reading about it yesterday.

        • GeofFx

          Yup.. I’m out if there is no AF motor too.

          I don’t see the lack of an AF motor in DX cameras as a big deal, but for an FX camera, I see it as important.

          Decisions like leaving out an AF motor really bug me. Come on Nikon, don’t totally cheap out on us.

          It’s starting to feel like if you can’t afford to pay over $3000 for a camera, you’re stuck with Nikon’s “cheap” stuff.

  • Even with 24 mp this does not look like an attractive buy for a D700 owner. The sony sensor needed extensive mods in the D3x to boost it’s low light performance.

    • Baked bananas

      @ the REAL Ron Scubadiver

      You are 100% correct. But that was almost four years ago with expeed 1. Or is it two? Anyway if it has even a little less than 1/4 stop iso better than a d700 with d7000 dynamic range EXPEED 3 then it’s an attractive buy for a D7000 owner like myself.

    • David

      Those Sony sensors seem to be doing just fine in the d7000 and d800

      And the a900/D3x sensor was actually amazing. Fantastic colour output. Just not typical Nikon where they wanted to suppress the noise.

    • Sahaja

      It may be a new Sony 24mp sensor. Sony are supposed to be coming out with a new 24mp full-frame camera at about the same time – I can’t imagine they are going to use a four of five year old sensor in that.

  • Ben Hipple

    Great news!
    fx view finders are so much nicer.
    This would be the start of many more fx cameras to come.

    • silmasan

      “fx view finders are so much nicer.”

      don’t be so sure until you see this one :/

      • FX finders are inherently brighter than the finders for DX (or smaller). More light gets in and the shallower DOF makes manual focusing easier.

        • Tom

          I think you’re pointing out the difference between pentamirror and pentaprism more so than DX vs FX.

          • silmasan

            Tom, can’t say for him, but that’s more or less what I was thinking about–an expensive FX sensor chip coupled with a N55-grade viewfinder… but for the sake of peace of mind, let’s hope I was thinking wrong.

    • Sahaja

      As long as it is a pentaprism not a pentamirror.

  • gbm

    interesting concept.

  • T.I.M

    That’s what I’ve been saying for a long time…..Nikon is giving up on “pro” DX DSLR.

    For now it will be:

    DX for Waltmart customers
    FX for “pro” and “prosumers” customers.
    Reason why you don’t see any pro (f/2.8 or better) DX lens.

    • 17-55 f2.8 is a pro dx lens.

      …just saying.

      but I dont disagree with everything you’re saying.

      • T.I.M

        @Manjit Riyat
        I meant recent f/2.8 lens, the 17-55mm is at least 5 years old (I think)

        • silmasan

          almost nine, since mid-2003 ^^

    • ffaabb

      But in which category falls filmmakers ? DX great for shooting video, depth of field is just right (i.e. the new bomb, the blackmagic design camera, is not full frame)

      Let’s not forget about this interview, last month :

      There has to be a market for advanced technology in DX
      Like the D4 tethering mode that I could make a great use in my personal work

      • ffaabb

        I mean tethering mode with Ipad or android tablet.

      • T.I.M

        For the price of a D800 you can have a professional camcorder.

        • @timmy

          @ T.I.M.

          you are 100% correct. But a professional camcorder would not be able to take medium format quality pictures. With a d800 you can film a good looking movie (see joyride)

      • ffaabb

        I did that before, for years. I don’t like camcorder anymore. DSLR way better. When I’ll have a d7000 with headphone monitor, histogram, and full HD @25fps. I’ll stop complaining on NR for good.

        But I do understand Photographer hate this.

        If I had a camcorder I would be mad at people saying the photo mode is crap… But it’s merging, not my fault ..

        • T.I.M

          Photo and video are not the same job, (and I think video is more difficult, more demanding) they request specific tools.

          To play a full HD 30fps video on a computer smoothly, you need a FAST computer (specialy video card).

          The other option is to burn on a blu-ray disk and play it back in a blu-ray player.

          • ffaabb

            Totally agree with you, not same job at all !

            I love learning photography, it really reeducated me in the way I shoot my footage, understanding really what is captured by the sensor, how it works..

            For my use, corporate and shorts, D7000 is almost perfect.
            Discreet, light, beautiful footage, great in low light, choose the perfect lens for one situation, play with graded nd filters… I do have to record sound externally.

            then my workflow is trancoding for editing in avid, titles and sfx in after effcts. works great. My clients love it as well.

            Anyway, we’re almost there. D400 now !!!!!

        • silmasan
          • ffaabb

            Thx Silmasan, yes it’s great. Canon and Zeiss mount though.
            Of course if nothing happens with Nikon this is what I’m getting 🙂

            • Nash

              Canon mount with adapter and use Nikon lenses. Easy.

              The black magic cam is a camera aimed at movie production so going full manual should not be a problem.

    • PHB

      The reason you won’t see pro DX lenses now is that there is really no advantage to a DX lens for normal to tele. It is only wide lenses that can be made cheaper in DX and that is where DX has performance problems over FX anyway.

      D300 still sells pretty well and a refresh would certainly make a lot of money. The D7000 is not quite in the same bracket.

      Real question though is whether the demand is for a lower priced pro camera or a DX pro camera. I think they could easily meet the needs of pro DX-ers with some minor mods to the D7000 to add in features it gives up to the D300.

  • Hugo First

    WOW! a toy FX camera! nikon will sell a million of ’em!

    • Anonymous Maximus

      What a pity along with monster sized FX lenses (excluding 50mm 1.8, 24mm 2.8, etc.)

  • No internal AF motor is a deal-breaker for me.

    • James Crosby

      Completely agree.

      • Fact Check

        The last new lens to not include an AF-S motor was the 28-200mm in 2003. Every new lens since then has included AF-S. That isn’t to say that some lenses have not be upgraded (80-400mm, 135mm, etc) but going forward every new lens WILL have AF-S. There are still good AF/AF-D lenses out there, and they will still mount and everything. Canon went through this quickly in 1987, with a changeover to a new, incompatible mount (FD to EF). Nikon chose to do it more slowly, but I think it will still happen. Nikon’s approach compromised many things (AF speed in the early years, semi-functionality in some cameras) for the advantage of backwards compatibility.

        • Anonymous

          I am not sure if the AF-D lens can fully resolve on the rumored 24 MP sensor. It is an entry level FX and these whiners seem to forget that. The entry level DX cameras don’t have the internal focus motors. I think D700 was just one of its kind and may not be repeated.

          • GeofFx

            You obviously haven’t used any of the good AF-D lenses. There are plenty of excellent AF-D lenses that would have no trouble resolving 24 MP. Some have even been proven to look great on the D800 (eg 35-70 2.8). I’m sure the 300 f4 would do just fine too on the D800.

    • it would make an otherwise great camera a useless piece of crap lets hope it isnt true

      • “it would make an otherwise great camera a useless piece of crap lets hope it isnt true”

        Unless it has the same video quality/features as the D800 or D4, or for those that have all AF-S lenses. In both of those cases, nixing the internal AF motor could be a non-issue, and if it’s really $1,500 that could be a game changer.

        Personally I doubt the price point. Just like early rumors pitted the D800 at $4k, I say these are wrong, only on the other side of the scale. No AF motor and a $1,500 price point also makes it sound like a D3100/D5100 style body, but with the Dxxx name it seems less likely.

        CAVEAT: this might hold water in the event that Nikon is planning to go all AF-S lens support, and get rid of the internal AF motor for all bodies in the future (with this camera being the test-subject). In that case, this really could make sense at the $1,500 price point, with the lack of AF motor AND in the D800-style body.

        Thanks for the fun opportunity to speculate once again, Admin!

        • Gpereir4

          Hey Ron,

          Do you think its inevitable that at some point the AF motor in body will be nixed? I understand that it is very important to some people. I’m not sure exactly why, except for the difference in price between the old and new lenses. Maybe this is how they are able to get the body lower in price. Does anyone how much a focus motor adds to the price of a body roughly?

          • I’m not sure how much cost the internal motor adds to the cost of a body, but it no doubt adds cost, weight and size. It makes sense that they’d go that route — eventually. After all, that internal motor does you zero good assuming all of your lenses are AF-S. that’s a big assumption, however.

            I currently own three lenses that are AF (no silent wave motor), though one of them is a redundant copy, the other is a backup to a lens in my bag that IS AF-S, and the third is a 50mm 1.4 that I hate, and would happily replace with a newer 1.4 AF-S or even a 1.8AF-S (if the new 1.4 sucks as bad wide-open as my current version).

            But I’m one example, an there are some shooters with a much bigger stake in non-AF-S lenses. There are still options for them at this point, so it’s premature to worry too much right now. That said, if this D600 comes to fruition and indeed it lacks the internal focus motor, I’d say the writing is on the wall and that’s an indication of a trend.

            Nikon has been firing warning shots across the bow for a few years now. None should be surprised if this becomes an official direction at some point.

        • Sahaja

          If that is the plan, the resale value of AF-D lenses is going to plummet.

      • David

        Except it doesn’t.

        There’s a new 85/1.8, new 28/1.8, both new designs, optically excellent and AF-S. They’re also both affordable.

        The screw drive stuff should be phased out.

        • catinhat

          Part of Nikon’s reputation has been built over decades by continuing to support superb Ai/Ais lenses that many people still very much enjoy (myself included). I hope they continue this tradition and do not prematurely disable a lot of fine AF lenses that rely on the motor in the body. If the don’t — this will really be a sad development (and a pretty outrageous one too for some of us). If they only do this for their lowest end bodies though — I personally can’t care less.

        • bob2

          “There’s a new 85/1.8, new 28/1.8, both new designs, optically excellent and AF-S. They’re also both affordable.”

          Only affordable if you don’t have any existing AF/AFD lenses and would have to duplicate everything, or as Nikon would like, sell everything and “upgrade”.

          The reality is Nikon makes more money selling AFS lenses to the unwashed masses, because the AFS lenses cost more than their AF/AFD counterparts (between 25%-125%), with marginal improvement (or in the case of the 50mm f/1.4, little discernable difference). The 50mm f/1.8 AFD is $110; the AFS is $220; the 80-200 AFD is $1100; the 70-200 AFS VR is $2500! AFD lenses are backwards compatible to film F3 or earlier; try using an AF-S lens on an FM.

          Adding acronyms, alphabet soup and bells and whistles impresses the novices and easily impressed, just like Canon’s red stripe. Plus, AFS is another (expensive) thing that breaks down–check out the cost of an AFS motor replacement–$300+–and they do break.

    • rkas

      Unless it has an EVF and focus peaking, then I would never have any need for an AF lens ever again. ;P

      • Yoan

        Could you please explain what’s the point of a dSLR with an EVF? I’m asking because I see none.

        • Pat Mann

          Quick zoom view for fine focus without removing eye from finder, exposure preview without moving eye from finder, highlight blowout in finder, histogram in finder, low light framing visibility, to name a few advantages.

          Look through the NEX-7 finder. It’s evidence to me that EVF even in its current early stages is very, very good.

          • Sahaja

            Very good?

            Horrible DR, smearing and lag.

          • Yoan

            If you put an EVF in a DSLR, what would be the point of the mirror and pentaprism? Nex-7 is a mirrorless camera which are quite different from DSLRs (digital single-lenx REFLEX cameras).

    • Andrei

      I only have 3 non AF-S lenses and they are not very expensive (Nikkor 50mm f1.8, Nikkor 35mm f2 and a great copy of the Tamron 28-75mm f2.8).
      Still, I might not be interested in a camera without an AF motor.
      I don’t think Nikon can sell a $1500 camera without it (not this year at least)

  • TnT

    Had always thought canon would be the first to release a new FF for under $1500! way to go Nikon!

    • Nathan

      Don’t worry, after seeing this rumor Canon will make sure they have a comparable camera by September…or they’ll announce at Photokina it’s coming out by May, 2013.

  • peterw

    anyone could make this up…
    as a matter of fact…

    however, who made up D800?

    Who made up D3 and D300?

    Who made up D2x and D200?

  • i wonder if it’ll match up to the D3x’s output. that would be really impressive, esp at the price point. i’d really need the aperture indexing tab though, to use aperture rings.

  • James Crosby

    No AF motor? Wow, how useless.

  • Anonymous

    $ 1500 FX body? no internal AF motor? What sort of body will it be? That won’t be again the anticipated D700 successor, but rather something different.

    Maybe no OVF but EVF-only to reduce size & price ! EVIL FX…

    • Pat Mann

      A digital Nikon SP, with TTL view, and HD video on demand – now there’s a concept I’m going for! 16, 28, 50, 85, 135 f/1.8 AF-S lenses, or option to use compact 24-70 and 70-200 zooms, Nikon pro (please?) user interface with direct controls for all key functions. A dream travel or PJ setup. Blows the NEX-7 away for IQ and low light with a little compactness disadvantage for full frame. What’s not to like here? Add a new small format SSD drive, GPS, budget wireless, the possibilities are endless.

  • no AF motor

    Lots of good primes dont have builtin af motors. this is very worrysome for a pro or semi pro camera. i sorta doubt that part but well see

    • hexx

      don’t all new lenses Nikon released in recent years have AF motor built in? – asking, i’m not sure but I thought that all AF-S lenses have AF motor built in

      • bob2

        try finding a full frame 35mm f/2 with built-in motor. Answer–you can’t. Not all lenses have been updated. Updates generally have doubled the price of the lens, for slightly better performance. IMO, the improvement often is not worth the increased price. For example, compare the 24-120mm, both AFD and AFS–both dogs, with different fleas.

        • hexx

          that’s true, hopefully Nikon will release updated versions. It was big let down for me when I had D40, couldn’t use lenses like AF-D 50 f/1.8, 28 f/2.8 and others. Personally I don’t believe that a body for this money won’t have AF motor but we don’t know what Nikon plans for the future, maybe they want to go this direction.

      • its insane to me to hear photographers speak about lenses being obsoleted as if this is ok. for entry level cameras it is one thing because the person probably has no lenses but a cameras that dont support older lenses with an expectation you will buy new ones. it used to be lenses rarely had to be replaced

    • stepper

      I dont think this camera (if true) will be targeted towards the Pro/Semi Pro market. More likely an enthusiasts camera. But then again, it would make for a perfect back-up camera!

    • Fred

      Excluding special purpose lenses, 14 out of 25 primes are AF-S.
      Not good enough for a non lens drive camera to be offered at this point and at this type of price point.

  • Prajyot

    No AF motor….damn…
    f4 lens…i hope its 300mm f4 VR….

    • PAG

      Oh, yeah. I’ve got a credit card when they’ve got “operators standing by.”

  • Richard

    Wow $1500 baby FX? without AF motor? r u serious? Why would nikon introduce a FX with such lacking features. So the D600 will come with only a few buttons like a D5100, and a full plastic body? that is bizarre
    it would be hilarious if I have to menu-dig a FX camera, only get AF-S lenses, shoots 4 fps and probably has 11 AF points….that kinds of put it below D700

    • David

      Yeah but it would be cheap. And for some types of photography, it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t have a 11948540 point 3D tracking AF system or tons of custom buttons.

      A lot of people might want the image quality, thin DOF and feel of full frame but without huge cost and features they don’t want.

      I think it sounds great. Put a FF sensor in a body with specs like a d90. Basic 11pt AF system, single card slot, non-sealed body. Imagine if it could sell for less than $1800.

      Very nice.

      • PHB

        $1500 is not ‘cheap’ it may be ‘inexpensive’ for the capabilities offered but that does not make it ‘cheap’.

        I can’t imagine Nikon delivering a $1000+ camera that was anything other than robust.

        The idea that the D600 would outperform the D300 by such a wide margin and be cheaper when Nikon prices have been jumping up makes me suspect that the rumor is bogus.

        First off, prices are almost always bogus. I can’t imagine Nikon themselves would know what the price would be yet, it is probably just a target range.

        I would expect that Nikon do have a lower cost FX camera planned. But I suggest that if the price is $1500 that it would be more likely to use the older 12MP sensor and be based on the D7000 frame than be a D800 derivative. D9000 seems a more likely product name for budget FX than D600.

        And $2000 looks more likely than $1500.

        • tifkat

          “The idea that the D600 would outperform the D300 by such a wide margin and be cheaper when Nikon prices have been jumping up makes me suspect that the rumor is bogus.”

          Yes, because the D800 vs D3x comparison matches this theory so well doesn’t it? Perhaps you need to reassess your conjecture?

          I like to think that an entry level FX body would be at least feature equal to the D7000, maybe with a couple of extras (like more steps in AE Braketing etc), and probably at least as well constructed. As for conjecture on pricing… who knows. They brought out a D3x killer for amateurs at half the price in the D800. Why not do it again in the D600?

    • Phil

      There’s no AF motor because they’ll be wanting to keep the costs down, numb nuts.


      • bob2

        No, numbnuts, Nikon is shifting the cost to the lens, where it can jack prices up as well. Compare the price of the 50mm AFS vs. AF-D, with very similar performance. You can go down the line where Nikon has upgraded lenses, with upgraded prices.

        Nikon’s last cheap dslr with in-body motor was the D50; the D40 uses the same sensor but eliminated the in-body motor. Since then, it’s been a clear distinction between the two.

        Simply put, if you want AF-D support, you’ll have to get a higher-priced body.

  • hexx

    if this turns to be true, i might reconsider X-Pro1 purchase. I’ve given away my old D40 with 3 lenses after I bought X100, but sometimes I need something a bit longer so am considering again some system and been thinking a lot about X-Pro1, but if this is true, then full frame is full frame 😉

    • cm

      I have the x pro and it is really nice. I haven’t had a chance to use it a ton yet, but next week on vacation and can really spend some time with it and my d800 🙂

      • hexx

        enjoy 😉

    • Porkchop

      Good luck with that one.

  • doug

    No one is allowed to have this thing until Amazon sends me the D800E I pre-ordered over a month ago.

    Just sayin’.

  • Derek

    All I want is a D700 that shoots video (need it for reporting). I’d rather pay $3k for a D800 with a D4 sensor in it (fewer cards, faster turnaround) and was hoping the D600 might fit that bill. No AF motor is an absolute killer though.

    • john

      Oh my lord. This camera sounds like a poly-plastic piece of **** It just doesn’t sound sexy enough. Sexy as in: 7fps, 16-18 mp, mag-alloy body, D800 Af, high iso etc etc.
      Looks like I will have to shell out after all and get myself a D800. Hmm.

      • David

        You might get that camera, but it won’t cost $2000.

        Once you add the magnesium alloy body, dual card slots etc it’s going to cost a lot more.

        And honestly, a “plastic POS” could be a backup to a d800.

      • I’m trying to keep an open mind…

        As I think about it, it doesn’t sound much different from a 5D Mkii…
        – single card slot (albeit the 5D uses CF)
        – no built in focus motor
        – high pixel count (21 vs 24, not really that big a diff)
        – crappy *ahem* I mean very basic AF
        – and no built in focus motor

        …pros of all photographic disciplines have been using this a camera like this for years; very successfully I might add. It won’t replace my D700, but it sure might just back it up in pinch…

  • Palomino

    If I’m not mistaken, Nikon uses different structure for camera straps…

  • Admin, is there any new rumor or something about d300s replacement? pleace give us some words to ease our thirst for, what i believe is the most expected camera of what’s left for 2012.

    • PAG

      Several people commenting here keep saying there will be no replacement for the D300s. They believe that the D400 will be FX which is a replacement for the D700, not the D300s. An FX camera is not a replacement for a semi-pro DX camera. It’s a different camera, one that’s useless to me for bird photography since I don’t own a 600mm lens. I think they’re wrong and Nikon will be coming out with a semi-pro DX, but I hope it’s sooner than later.

      • JB

        I agree there is still place for a high end DX body to pair with an FX body. I’d LOVE a D400 to go with my D4 and the D7000 just doesn’t cut it in my book.

    • nope

  • nuno santacana

    Any clues about High-ISO capabilities? Those are the main reason for wanting FX over DX. I hope they are at least a bit better than D700.

    • rkas

      Ofcourse it will have better ISO capabilities than D700.

      • nuno santacana

        Not so “of course”. D4 ISO is less than one stop better than D700 and obviously D600 will be worse than D4…

        • D700 isn’t perfect

          BS the D3s is about 1 stop better than the D700 and the D4 is a little better than the D3s (with higher resolution). The d800 equals the d700 at 100% pixel view and gives the D3s a run for its money when resized to 12MP.

          So of course the D600 will be better than the D700.

      • Jorge

        The D700 is a Kick butt camera at high ISO. Easily shoot at ISO 3200, and even at 6400. If you shoot higher than that either you know your images look like sh*t. Period. If possible, use a speed light. I don’t need to shoot in the dark. The D700 just does it for me.
        So, regardless of how high the ISO goes in the D4 or any new camera, IMHO anything over the 6400 threshold (for me) is crap regardless of how good you “think” you are in post.
        Just my two cents…..

    • none

      Yes I heard that you can shoot at ISO 99 gagillion and it looks great.

  • John Saint

    I expect that the new d600 WILL have internal auto focusing ability. Majority of Nikon’s older AF 33mm lenses require a focusing screw, including newer professional lenses. No one would buy an FX camera if you can’t use the best lenses Nikon has to offer. I imagine the market of full frame lenses are small compared to DX lenses. By releasing a cheap FX camera, Nikon can sell more full frame lenses.

  • JT

    Nikon, stop that bull new product strategy and bring a true higlight for professionals: a D4s with 12 frames per second with 24 MP and better autofocus and noise at ISO above 6400.

  • Mike

    The picture of the strap above is clearly faked. As you can see the pattern of the weave in the strap is not uniform. This can be seen most easily inside the “6” and in front of the “D”.

    • silmasan

      no sh*t, Sherlock?

    • Maybe it’s the strap from the yet to be released D900 with the 9 inverted?? 🙂

    • none

      No no that’s moire, proving that this photo was taken with a D800E w/o a tripod at an aperture other than f/8.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    Full-frame EVIL camera 😉

    • hexx

      i’d love that

    • that would be nice

    • BartyL

      I had a quick ‘play’ with a V1 in a camera store around a month ago. I did not like the EVF: the resolution seemed coarse by comparison to a pentaprism VF, and there was a distinct ‘lag’ while panning.

      Current EVFs are not the end of EVF evolution and improvements will surely come, but there will have to be considerable improvement to make me want to buy a camera with this feature.

      • hexx

        they could come up with a hybrid solution like on Fuji’s cameras – OVF on my X100 is what I use 90% of the time and I switch to EVF only for close-up shots, or shots where parallax might cause issues with framing a photo.

  • Jay

    I wonder how this would stack up against the D700? The MP count sounds tempting if everything else was the same as the D700, but if there was give and take, such as the ISO not being as good as the D700, I would stay with the D700. But, just like everyone thought the D800 with 36mp would have poor ISO performance, it has been proven otherwise.
    I honestly would hate to see a camera better than the D700 come out for a price close to $1000 less then what I paid for my D700 new.

    • nuno santacana

      Man, nowadays you can get a camera better than D2 for $3000 less than you’d have paid for it. And this is good. Very good!

  • peterw

    anyone could make this up…
    as a matter of fact…

    Nikon has shown more inventive powers than this, recently.

  • DC Cat

    Probably not selling my D700 after all. I doubt that this sensor will be a low-light wonder. And the lack of an AF motor makes me think this will be in a 5200-like body without even an LCD settings display on top (and probably not many buttons, in general). Next.

  • Chris

    No AF motor would kill it for me…Love my 35 F2 far too much….

    • jastereo

      Yeah, but there has to be a new AF-S version of that in the works to go w/ the new 50 1.8, 85 1.8, etc…

      • NotImpressed

        Please factor the cost of replacing lenses into the cost of that camera then. If I had to replace all my oldies but goodies with AFS, I would probably save money by just buying a D4.

        • Fred

          Add another AF-D ‘kit’ owner to this list.
          ‘No AF motor no sale’ as Marley would have put it.

  • Paul

    no internal AF motor…that explains naming it the D600
    not ‘built’ like the D700, but features more of the newer technology

  • Nathan

    If this camera is the size of a Nikon FE or FM, has a silent mode and is full-frame, sign me up! I won’t care if it doesn’t accept anything other than AF-S lenses.

    • Canuck


      If they make it small then excellent.

      I’ve got a bagful of interesting A1-S lenses with my old FE2 and FA. So long as it still mounts those and gives a decent focus indication and has a 100% optical pentaprism (not a mirror) then I’m in too.

      The the price difference from the D800 will go a long way towards a 70-200 VR II or something of that ilk.

  • For some reason Google has captured several appearances of the phrase “Nikon D600” on the main website:

    Those are results for *Nikon*, not D600.

    • silmasan

      no sh*t, Sherlock?

      hehe, can’t help it. just disappointed at the quality of today’s post

      • silmasan

        whoops, “Nikon D400” yields 7 results! Maybe he’s on to something… And 2 results each for D900 and D1000, hehe.

    • Dormant

      There would be a lot more results if it was for “Nikon”.

      Google, Bing and Yahoo! all return pages from for “Nikon D600”. But I can’t see why.

    • I don’t think so, the results for Nikon are probably few 1000s – this is for Nikon + D600

      • gt

        your test is unreliable. try googling the phrase: “ D900”, you’ll get a few results too

      • Rob

        Google doesn’t always require all your search terms to be found in hits. Even with quotes it sometimes ignores part of your search unless you put a + in front of everything.

        Try it with quotes:
        Information No results found for “nikon d600”

        This means the 4 results without quotes do not include the “D600” part of the search and are just the best matches for “nikon” (notice they are the main pages – very unlikely places to sneak references to an unannounced camera). Google’s new algorithms are pretty useless sometimes. They’re geared toward the average user (an idiot), so they don’t actually search for what you typed, since the average user usually doesn’t know what terms to search for.

  • T.I.M

    No internal AF motor ?
    What am I supose to do with my Ai-S lenses ?

    • well, you just returned your D800E…

    • Andrew

      T.I.M, everyone knows about your ordeal, you talk too much! Keep low for a few days and we might forget!

  • ActionJunky

    When is the D800 going to be announced?

    • T.I.M

      Nikon have to wait that NPS members are done selling them on Ebay.

  • Shane

    Not really bothered about this to be honest just got my d800 amazing camera 🙂 I know it’s expensive but it true what they say ” you get what u pay for’


  • Bill Magee

    That price-point leads me to believe it would either be the replacement for the D300 or possibly the D7000, both cameras HAVE the auto focus motor for older AF lenses.

    Here’s hoping, older lenses like the 28-105 and the first gen 24-120 should produce an acceptable number of lines of resolution to be great choices. Considering both are sub-$200 currently, they would be potentially great picks for this camera.

    • GeofFx

      I was thinking that the D300s replacement would be FX too. I don’t see this rumored camera as a replacement to the D300 though because even the D300 had an AF motor, and could meter with Ai-s lenses.
      This seems more like a D5100 with an FX sensor.. no thanks.

  • Photonut

    Make that 2k and better than D700 High ISO and I buy it instead of the D800

  • Brett

    No AF motor? Then no purchase for me….

  • Anonymous Maximus

    D600 will be made in these colors:

    * Snow White (for a cool look)
    * Gold (for enthusiasts)
    * Pink (for women)
    * Mud Patterned Brown (for street photography)
    * Patterned Camouflage Green (for wildlife)

    • T.I.M

      you better stay Anonymous……

      • Anonymous Maximus


        Forgot to say, only the colors above but no standard black !

        That’s the price to pay getting a $1500 FX 😉

  • phr3dly

    Lots of whining about the lack of internal AF motor, but I don’t see this as a problem for an introductory FX camera. The market for this camera is not users who have a collection of pre AF-S lenses they’re trying to use. The market is for those upgrading from DX to FX.

    I think Nikon is making an effort to encourage DX users to move up to FX, recognizing that by selling the cameras a bit cheaper, they can sell a lot more very expensive lenses. Certainly the markup on a $2K 14-24 is much higher than on an equivalent DX lens.

    That would explain why the D800 came out at such a great price that a month later we still can’t get them. Sell the razors cheap, and make up for that with some nice FX razor blade glass.

    • GeofFx

      “The market for this camera is not users who have a collection of pre AF-S lenses they’re trying to use”.

      That’s not true. I have a collection of AF-D lenses and an Ai-s lens (105 2.5) that I love. An affordable FX camera is exactly the camera that I am in the market for.

    • Sahaja

      But people on a budget are often the ones who buy used lenses.

  • Radek

    Amazon UK… where is my nikon d800???!!!!!!!! 🙁

  • Mix

    Admin ! Instead of focusing on D600, you should focus on D800 issue ! What is going on ?? Battery recall ? Green screen recall ? Production problems ?? There must be a bottle neck, I can’t imagine Nikon producing 50 units a week 😛

    Thank you!

    • D800 is shipping this week to existing pre-orders, I don’t consider the rest as major issues. If you remember, we had the same situation with the D3 and D700… nothing new really.

  • D600

    $1500 seems very agressive and you wonder what would have to be stripped out of the camera to hit that price

    but the $3000 D800 was a shock to everyone

    remove the motor? That makes sense. You could even remove the ais aperture coupling, and mount every F mount lens.

    you make up for the low price and margin with new lens sales.

    You have the 28mm f1.8 50mm f1.4/f1.8 and 85mm f1.8 all AFS now

    So that 80-400 or something like that needs to go AFS and you could produce some F4 ish zooms

    of course, Nikon needs to improve availability of lenses if they want to sell them

  • Jonathan

    Looks to me like I won’t be picking up this one. I want a pro body, this isn’t it. (where the heck is the D400?)

  • JG

    Rumors for now. Just have to wait and see.

  • Without internal AF motors I’m not interested. I’d love something with an FX sensor with similar specs to the 5D MkII since Nikon missed a cycle between the D700 & D800

  • Adonay

    “The D600 will probably not have an internal AF motor ”

    Egrrrr i do not like that

  • Pete

    I’ve been desperate to upgrade my D300, and need low light iso and fast responsive focusing. The the D600 doesn’t sound very Pro to me, the D700 is an option now but that is also overdue an update. More waiting…

    • Jorge

      The D700 is my bread & butter, go-to camera for events, and weddings. My (soon to be received) D800 will be my landscape, studio, and probably formals camera. I also have a D300 which I keep for the DX factor when using long lenses for auto sports. They are all awesome — My D300 which mine has over 100,000 actuations is an incredible camera. My D700 now has over 70,000 and it’s still going strong and as I’ve said before I can shoot easily at ISO 3200 and with some very minor tweaking to ISO 6400.
      Amazing camera!

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