Another full frame DSLR on the horizon: Nikon D600

On several occasions in the past, Nikon representatives mentioned that the D800 is not the replacement of the D700 but “a whole new category of camera”. There are rumors of a new, cheaper full frame DSLR camera from Nikon that will be called D600. Here are the preliminary specs:

  • Unknown MP count at that point
  • The new camera will be marketed as an entry level full frame camera
  • Auto DX crop mode
  • Dual SD card slots
  • In-camera RAW editor
  • Built in time-lapse functionality
  • There will be no build-in HDR feature
  • Possible integrated GPS
  • New external battery grip
  • To be released this summer

As usual, information about products that will be released several months in the future are not very reliable, so I would rate this rumors at 40% probability for now. If this turns out to be true, it will change the whole dynamic in the Nikon product line - maybe we will end up with three DX models D3x00, D5x00 and a high end D7x00 (all with 4 digits names) and the rest will be full frame cameras - D600, D800, D4 (with 1 and 3 digits names). I still believe that Nikon will release two more DSLR cameras in 2012.

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  • To be honest, this is the most confusing rumor from the first day I added [NR] to my bookmarks. :/

    • Josh

      D600 without video? Sign me UP!

      I’ll cancel my D800E pre-order!!!

      • Mike Lowery

        I just want everyone to know that I just (7:00 P.M. on 4/25/12) walked into my local Best Buy here in St. Petersburg, Florida and paid for a D800 that they said will be here for pickup this Saturday 4/28! You have to get a competent employee to get into their computer system and find it. Thanks NR!

  • Volo

    Yap it is confusing, but i hope its true ;]

  • bob2

    I cancelled my D3s order when I heard the D4 was coming out, and then cancelled my D4 preorder when I heard the D800 was coming out, and then I cancelled my D800 preorder when I heard the D800e was coming out. Now I think I’m going to cancel my D800e preorder because the new D600 is coming out, but then I might cancel the D600 preorder if the D4X or D400 come out.

    Oh, I give up, I’ll get a Canon instead, I hear they are perfect cameras….

    • Tom

      Hhahahah!!! Nice.

    • I think you just don´t know what you want! Do you want a fast cam with low noise or a perfect studio/commercial cam?

      Maybe you just got too much money and that confuses you…

      • Technology moving too fast for the suppliers to ship in time 🙂

        P.S. He has too much money because he never gets a chance to spend it 😉

    • +1 for

    • Foolishcfo

      Before you said Canon I was sure you were headed towards a pink Coolpix piece of crap.

    • LeGO

      … until Nikon announces its newest and latest FX D4s to replace the D4 … and once again, the pre-order for the D4, D800E, and D600 are all canceled. 🙂

      Until Nikon is able to deliver enough stocks, this will become common enough.

  • samer R.

    And is that the summer of northern or southern hemisphere?

    • D400

      Admin is in the US

  • somehow i’d imagine the D700 successor to be as ‘pro’ as the d800 but being more speed oriented as opposed to resolution. a D800H if you will.. i dont doubt the market for an ‘entry level FX’ camera, but i do believe theres a market for a camera with as much speed and versatility as the D700

    • B!

      They could do that; a D800S at say 16-22 MP @ 8FPS for 3300-3600

      • Geoff_K

        I’d hope for 22

        and i love the dual SD cards as i have several of them for my D90

      • That exists. It costs $6000, has a few more FPS, is right there at the 16MP mark, and is called the D4. Nope, I think Nikon learned from its hiccup when the little D700 swallowed hard and satisfyingly around the D3… And at that price point, Nikon would certainly be repeating the same mistake (for shareholders, that is).

        • B!

          You’re right and I have one on order but….. I was thinking of lower ISO, higher MP, lower FPS, less features in non-pro body type of thing that wouldn’t canibalise sales of neither the high MP D800 nor high ISO, high FPS D4

          • Alfredo


            • B!

              Close, but higher MP from newer sensor :D, much like what everybody expected the D800 to originally be.

      • R!

        I would say ok , for a D600E also,don’t you think ?

  • Well… the nikon naming scheme is messed but, at least this might be the D700 replacement that everyone was waiting for?

    • andy

      Don’t hold your breath. I still think D700 was and will remain one of a kind, as in D3 in smaller body. Since D7000, D800 and lack of a direct D300s successor it seems like Nikon is taking a different direction. At least I see it as follows, D7000 supersedes D300 and D300 and D700 merge into an entry FX. Neither replace any but simply create a different segmentation leaving the rest behind.

    • jason

      D600, is D700 in d800 ergonomic body.

      And like D800, it won’t be shipped.

  • vFunct

    I hope it’s more compact. I could really use a more subtle camera for street photography, while maintaining the full frame format.

    Coupled this with the excellent Nikon 28mm F1.4 and i’d have the absolute perfect street/journalism camera.

    • Yes, exactly my opinion.. It would also be nice to put the small Nikkor-E 50mm/1.8 pancake on a small FX camera in the size of the Nikon FM2.. Now that would fit in your normal jacket pocket, and dissapear in your winter coat pocket.. :).. Nice.. *drool*

      • FM3A

        +1 My FM needs a digital companion 🙂

  • Let’s…

    …start to buy some good glass until the D600 and D800 reach our hands. I want the new 28mm 1.8 now!

  • Exact

    It’s may make sense, combined with the 24-70 f3.5-4.5 lens they just patented. Small, lightweight, full frame.

  • Philx1979

    If they could somehow release a statement saying there will be no ‘pro’ dx as in D400 then maybe some DX owners may look to moving to full frame or the D600, but until then we’re always gonna hold out in hope of one

    • JG

      I think this means that the D400 will be DX. Thom Hogan was commenting this week that he thought the upcoming D400 would be FX. Or he could be right and the new D600 is the new D400 and there won’t actually be a D400.

      • Lance

        I believe that you are correct. This means NO D400 is coming.

        That is why the D600 will have the AUTO DX lens support feature built into it.

        • Dud

          Obviously you are a Canon user. ALL Nikon FX have AUTO DX lens support.

          • AlexV

            yes FX body support DX, but not very usefull with their viewfinder too small with a crop DX format,not usefull in practice for many shots.

            • D400


            • That was my concern moving to d800 but the DK-17 magnifying eyepiece completely solved it for me.

        • OverExposed

          I think there still might be a chance of a D400 release. There are too many pre-order books for the D400 to suggest otherwise.

          It even makes more sense to me if the D400 and the D600 is one of the same. That would mean the D400 will be a full frame w/ auto DX. This would “force” DX users looking for a D300s replacement to the next level $$$$$.

          If I’m wrong about the above, the D400 will be DX and very watered down in comparison to the D300s. This will “force” D300/D300s users to upgrade to the D600 full frame. The D400 will be marketed towards upgrading D7000 users.

          Nikon’s marketing model has always been to get the end user to pay more money to upgrade to the next higher “caliber” model.

          This is to say that if you have a D700, your “normal” upgrade path is the D800 or higher but not the D600 assuming the speculation is true.

          One thing is for sure. There is a very high probability that there will be a new FX model as suggested by the 4 new full frame “dual aperture” lens patents recently filed by Nikon. Canon is also doing the same.

    • I agree. A road map would be helpful. I’m ready to buy, but want a DX D400. If a D7000 replacement becomes the flagship of the DX line, then I go D800. I need to order now if I want a D800 by Christmas. Maybe D600 if I like what I see, but I’d like to know what direction to go. I need a new lens and have been waiting to see what Nikon does before I pull the trigger. Come on Nikon.

      • Tom

        If there is in fact a D600 on the horizon I expect the demand for the D800 to drop. If I don’t see a D800 before the announcement of a D600 I’ll probably give up on the D800.

  • Brent

    Nikon…get it together!

    • Anjan

      or, just ship the D800

  • Andreas

    Here’s hoping this rumor has substance and is soon to be updated with more and convincing information. Maybe this will help me move up in line for the D800 I’ve pre-ordered from B&H when everyone cancel to wait for the D600 instead 🙂


  • John

    Who cares?

    Anyone who wants a highly functional, lower cost, more portable option than FX. The D700 with the 14-24 may have better image quality, but some people would prefer hauling around a DX version D400 with the 10-24 on their 10 mile hike. Or how about running around a soccer field with a D700 and the 300/2.8 versus a DX version D400 with an AFS 18o/2.8? A DX with the 17-55 or FX with 24-70? It is not just the price of the body, the DX lenses can be lighter, smaller, and less expensive. And auto crop your 24MP FX to DX and you have 10MP left. Hope you don’t need to crop much more.

    • jacob

      Your post is full of “crop”.
      You can’t compare FX to DX. There is not just “soccer players” to be photographed. Only if you need reach you may want to go with DX instead of FX, for anything else there is no reason. Reach may be important to you, not so much to many other photogs.

      • John

        I can compare DX and FX. I do it every day. Not sure how you got that “reach” was important to me, it is not. And soccer players would be called an example, and it wasn’t even my only one. My post was in response to the group here that says, “Who cares about DX? and/or “Just get FX and crop.”. Maybe you are part of this group. But not everyone is part of it. (And Nikon really wanted all of us to care about DX for a long time.)

        If I am shooting low light sports, my D700/grip and 70-200 VR II is my (only) choice. The 300s/2.8 is too heavy (and $6000) if you want to move around a lot. If it is daylight, I use the D300s with a 180/2.8 (< $6000!) or even a 70-300. Unless you are looking at big prints, in good light the DX images look much like the FX images. Nobody has complained about the image quality on screen or in normal sized prints.

        If I am biking up Mt Lemmon, I want to take the D7000 and a 10-24 instead of the D700 and 14-24. What does that have to do with "reach"? If I was worried about reach and never about size/weight, I would just get a D800 and take it everywhere a use DX now, as in DX mode it has the same "reach" as a D5100/D7000.

        Nikon could make a pro-tpye DX with pro-type lens that would make for a smaller lighter system than FX, while sacrificing little image quality, but the market has changed. A 36MP D800 for $2999. The D100 was $1999, ten years ago. DX is now priced at consumer price points. So how is Nikon going to price a magnesium alloy, weather-sealed, 8 fps, large buffer, 12-16 MP (if Sony would even make a new one with current technology), DX body? It would easily have to be over $2000, for "only" 12-16MP. Who will buy it at that price point? But, that does not mean that nobody cares. Some people have, and still want DX, as one of 2 or 3 tools to use for what they do. Most people now are not buying DX for that reason, and that is who Nikon is now making DX for.

        • Karen G.


        • s.dunn

          Hi John,

          With all do respect (and I really do mean that), I dont think Nikon designs Pro Bodies with the concept in mind of doing Ameture photography things with them. While I agree with you that I would rather carry the 10-24 on a Pro DX body than the 14-24 on a D700, Im not sure that Nikon does. If Nikon is going to go through the trouble of designing a Pro Camera there concern isn’t primarily going to be backpacking and mountain biking. Those are things they factor into consumer level cameras.

          Don’t misunderstand me, they are going to save size and weight where they can (everyone wants the same thing lighter), but when you consider the amount of gear that a pro carries to a shoot the size of the body is a very limited consideration.

          While you and I see the difference in the build quality of the D300s and the D7000 the average person doesn’t. Pros want that level of build quality and are willing to sacrifice for it. Consumers don’t care if their camera has a magnesium aloy sub frame they just want it light.

          I really believe, like it or not (and I dont like it), that the sun has set on a Pro DX body. I really beleive were going to see three proper lines emerge. DXXXX consumer, DXXX semi-pro and DX pro cameras. I dont see any advantages to a semi-pro DX (asp-c) build quality with the price dropping and pixel density increasing. Nikon just never committed enough to Pro DX lenses. I think they would rather produce newer F1.8 Primes and F4 zooms through out the range than produce DX dedicated lenses that can only be used on a select few cameras that are on their way out. We have begun to see the FX f/1.8 primes, maybe in time we will see more f/4.0 zooms?

          Maybe Im wrong, but I think DX is a dying breed in general and pro DX won’t ever rear its head again.

  • Ken Elliott

    I was expecting a “D750” and “D600” later in the year. Seems I’m wrong…. again.

    My guess was Nikon would produce a “D750” as a D700 replacement for sports and events. I expect a D800 body, but with a D4 sensor. This would appear 6-12 months after the D4 shipped. By doing this, Nikon could keep the production batches of D4 sensors high enough to reduce the D4 costs – thus offsetting the cannibalization of D4 sales by the D750. I don’t know if they’ll call it a D700S or D800H so I use “D750”. I’m guessing a sub-US$2500 price.

    I figured they’d move a low-cost 12MP+ FX sensor into a D7000-style body for prosumers next year, targeting a US$1500-$2000 price. If they do this within the next 6 months, it would be really aggressive.

    I think Nikon sees all-electronic cameras (mirror-less with EVF) coming and knows they have to be very aggressive to capture as much of the SLR market as they can. Once we have plenty of F-mount lenses, we’ll tend to wait for Nikon’s E1 electronic camera.

    An aggressive move to prosumer FX may be why we don’t see any DX wide angle primes.

    • FM2Fan

      well it sounds like a D702 – just two years late …

    • Geoff_K

      a 12MP sensor would be a waste of money for Nikon. NO consumer would purchase a 12MP camera, they want to be able to say “X” MP baby. If it is not more than 16 I would be surprised/disappointed.

      • St.

        See the Sonyalpha rumors site – they expect a full frame A99 in August – with 24MPx.
        Don’t you think that D600 will have the same sensor?????
        I DO!

  • erkki

    Is this Entry-Level as in consumer entry level, or does it just mean that it’ll be the most basic of their full-frame bodies and still have pro features?

  • anonymous

    Here ya go…

    D8000 high-end DX (no D400 coming)
    D600 low-end FX

    • andy


    • GeofFx

      I’d agree except that my guess is it will be called D9000. DX seems to be odd numbers and FX even numbers.

      Someone mentioned running out of numbers for the FX cameras. My guess would be that future generations will go like DX… D810, or D801, or something like that.

      • John

        How about D7100?

  • I just hope that it has about the same 14.4 steps of DR on base-iso as the D800. If so, then theres no question, IM BUYING THE D600!! If not, Im going for the D800 anyway 🙂

    • I FORGOT! I want it to be S M A L L like my D5000, and hopefully in the size of my Nikon FM2, that would be total camera-market meltdown I assure you. EVERYONE would want to buy one.

  • NickT

    I hope it has about 24 MP. To me that’s the sweet spot for FX. And smaller/lighter than the D800.

    • John

      I agree, this feels like a solid sweet spot for FX. Can get those crazy crops when you need them, but generally a great image/file size.

  • Just a bit excited! But I’m confused about comments about this being the D700 replacement ‘everybody’ wants. If that’s the case, how come I can’t get my paws on the D800 nobody apparently wanted?!

  • Looks like this could be right, the D3100, D7000, D5100 have rebates with the new 24mp D3200 replacing the D3200, this sensor probably will be used in the other two DX replacements D5200 & D7100 with features like AF, fps, video, etc distinguishing between the models.

    The rumoured Sony A-99 is reported to have a 24mp FF sensor (and other model FF 36mp) and this could be ideal for the D600 (10mp DX crop), 20mp 1.2 crop and faster fps – not sure on AF and why there is a need for different battery grip than the MB-~D12 unless it is really compact in a D7000 body.

    So we probably have : D600, D800 & D4 in FF models, wonder if Nikon is going to do a pro video D4, D4C similar specs to Canon 1D -C ?

    • Steve

      I would actually be disappointed if that were the case. Nikon has a tradition of not putting the same sensor inside its lowest-end body and the other consumer DX bodies. My guess is that there will be an improved 24MP sensor, going higher in MP count doesn’t make sense.

      • wublili

        I would guess taht D7100 will come witht about 20 MP sensor. Slighly less than in entry level models, but with much better noise control and better image quality in general.

        Those who shoot with D7000 knows that it’s not the megapixels that matters, so they won’t find it to be ackward to have less pixels than in entry level camera.

        D5200 will be just better D3200. Same sensor but “much” more features.

        D9000 is reserved for future (same as the D1000 line, for the lowest entry level), either to combine D400 and D7000 lines, or to introduce something really new. Maybe something like D800 but with DX sensor, with HUGE number of pixels (compared to other DX sensors. Of course 24mp D3200 is already much above D800 in pixel pitch). I’m thinking of DX sensor with 30 to 40MP and respectable noise level (especially at low ISO).

  • PattoDesu

    Does this mean there won’t be a D400?

  • didaskalos

    So what happens to the D400 pre-pub books?

    • BartyL

      They will become D600 books via the miracle of Find –>Replace.

  • Nikonnut

    I think its very likely. Makes sense to streamline and shift customers to fx as the future of dslr. Too many dx sensor based csc and Ilc around.

    I think that the D400 and D600 are the two remaining camera announcements this year. With the d7200 and d5100 to come next year.

    D600 I hope will be a 24 ish mps fx, 6-8fps, iso104k, price about the same as the d800.

    The d400 is coming too cause there are too many unreleased books out (multiple titles) for it not to be.

  • rumors have it that canon is also coming out with a cheaper ff camera in the future

    • if the D600 rumor is true, I am sure Canon will announce their version in +/- 2 weeks

      • Norbs

        Sorry, I gotta say it, you just said “I am sure Canon will announce their version in 2 weeks/2 weeks ago”?

        Hahahahahaha………………………….oops, I’ve just been banned………


  • Frank

    Dual SD card slots shows this is not going to be a D700 replacement. Dual SD shows its going to be less rugged than Nikons Pro-Full Framers. So its definitely going to be an entry level Full Frame with less rugged & less robust body than D700/D800 for sure.

    • Frank

      To ad to my last comment, Nikon would not release a camera that is supposed to succeed the D700 with a lower naming nomenclature. As well the camera would have to live up to the legendary build and robustness of the D700/800 and D3/4 to be the D700 “true” successor as many people now think the D600 will be (which it will not as I pointed out)

      • Frank

        I meant it would have to live up to the build quality and robustness but obviously is being aimed at cheaper quality FX because of its Dual SD slots.

        • NickT

          Very good point. Dual SD slots is a dead giveaway that it’s going to be a lower level body that the D700, without weather sealing etc. So it’s probably going to be similar in size and build to the D7k. A brilliant move that will bring the enthusiast photographer to the FX format. If it has about 24MP, great low light capability, 6-8 fps, low cost, it will sell like hot cakes. If it weighs the same as a D7k I’ll buy one. Then think of all the lenses Nikon will sell. But I feel bad for those patiently waiting for a D700 replacement because this won’t fit the bill for them. It’s probably not going to have the pro-level AF they are looking for. It will probably have something similar to the D7k AF. For a D700 replacement all they need to do is stick a D4 sensor in a D800 body, give it 6 fps, 7 with a grip and be done with it and start selling it already. Between that and the D800 the 5dmkiii would be out gunned.

  • Joe in L.A.

    This rumored D600 is just the camera I want. I have FX lenses, but the D800 makes me feel like Goldilocks — it just seems a bit too much for me. Please Nikon, though keep the AF high-end and the shutter lag low. OK with me if you keep the video out of this one entirely to keep the cost down. Oh, and would you please release it with a FX 70/80-200 AFS f=4.0 lens? If so, you will have a very happy enthusiast customer that may finally move to digital from his F100 camera.

  • Nikonnut

    I really doubt the d7000 replacement will use the 24mpx sensor found in the 3200. I think the d400 and the d7000 replacement will use A new high end dx Nikon designed sensor. There is too much of a price difference between the d7k and the d3k to justify.

  • Jesse

    I like that there’s an upgrade path from the d700 that isn’t 36mp but I’m less then thrilled about the SD card part of the rumor.

    • GeofFx

      I agree. However, all the comments about lower build quality, lack of weather sealing, and lack of a focus motor have me worried. Those seem like important features to an enthusiast. I know they are to me.

  • A.F. MacDonald

    I am going to return my D800. When I open the pictures on the computer they are too “big”.

    • hhm,

      why don’t you return your computer? 🙂

      • A.F. MacDonald

        I can’t figure out how to unhook it from the internet. Maybe I just need a “bigger” computer to fit the pictures on it?

        • BartyL

          I own a really big computer, but I only have a D50 and the pictures are too small on it. How ’bout we swap cameras?

    • Resolution?

      Adjust your monitor resolution?

  • Fishnose

    It’s totally logical.
    My guess as to how it will look 12-18 months from now:

    D3200 24MP DX no grip
    D5200 ?MP DX
    D400 24 MP DX w grip (probably called D7200)

    D600 24 MP FX no grip
    D800 36 MP FX w grip

    D4 16MP FX integrated grip
    D4x 36MP? integrated grip, 6-8 fps

    • NickT

      This my guess:

      D3200 24MP DX no grip
      D5200 24MP DX no grip (next year)
      D7100 24MP DX w grip (next year)
      D400 24 MP DX w grip, 8 fps (10 fps with grip), pro AF. (this year hopefully)

      D600 24 MP FX w grip, 4pfs (D7k AF, D7k like body)
      D710 16 MP FX w grip, 6fps (7fps with grip) (pro AF) (next year)
      D800 36 MP FX w grip

      D4 16MP FX integrated grip
      D4x 36MP FX integrated grip, 6-8 fps

  • Dennis

    I still think Nikon has room for a large body DX camera for the wildlife photographers.
    Maybe the D400 ?
    I have had my D800 for a month now ( yes I was lucky and got it March 22nd) and I am so happy with the performance DR and fine details, that at my age 67 I don’t think I will need to ever purchase another camera in my life time. It is that good, I honestly can’t think of any thing I would want in a camera that isn’t in the D800.
    If I were into birds or small wildlife a DX camera would be best but I do landscapes and portraits.
    I can’t even imagine what is going to come in the future, I started digital when the D3 was introduce but hung on shooting film. With the D800 all my film gear is for sale and I can now say digital surpasses film in the 35mm format.
    Sorry I got off subject

    • @Dennis, I am glad to hear that you are enjoying your D800 in all its glory! If you ask me, the D800 is also a very good wildlife camera. In DX crop mode, you still get 16MP with great ISO capabilities very similar to the D700, even exceeding that of the D700. The FPS is low, but 5 fps is still good enough to pull out some great shots. How fast is the AF on the D800 when compared to say the D700? If it is trully the same AF as in the D4, that is one hell of a camera. As I like to shoot low light scenes with no flash, I went with the Nikon D4. Not to mention, after selling my D3, I was REALLY missing the pro style DSLR body. My D700 sold on Monday, and now I only need to unload my barely used D300. Once the D300 is gone, I will be ordering a D800 to fill the places of my D700 and D300. I can hardly wait! A good friend of mine ordered the D800 and it should get here by the end of next month according to Nikon USA; I can’t wait to take his D800 for a spin to determine if it will become my backup/landscape/macro camera.

  • D600 sounds good, hopefully with the same sensor as D4.

    and maybe someone could alert Japan, that built in TimeLapse functionality (like with the D4) makes no sense, until there is also built in
    – deflicker filter
    – and the possibility to extract single frames larger than
    1920 x 1080.

    Otherwise a nice idea.
    And while I am at it, maybe they could do illuminated buttons with the D600 too, like with the D4. shouldn’t be that hard and be standard on all future Nikons.

  • Carlos

    LOL another rumour to be propelled for 10 months.
    After all that crappy D800 rumoreske I bought a D700 brandnew and I know, this is my last DSLR, because this camera is real freedom, excellent in any aspect.
    A D600 should have come before the D800, then I’d have touched it.

    But now, I do only expect Nikon to deliver a camera as excellent as the D7000 in a compact size – the real deal EVIL that kick’s sony’s NEX 7’s ass.

    • St.

      NEX-7 is SONY’s first REAL camera.
      their full frame bodies were based on Minolta’s technology.
      NEX-7 is pretty amazing little beast. I have both D800 and NEX-7 and I have to tell you that the Sony has more controls in your fingers, which makes it extremely easy to change settings on the fly. I had the D7100 and it was very good, speaking about the controls.
      V1 for me is a joke.
      So back to the point – Nikon has to put lots of efforts to “kick NEX-7’s ass”. And may be a full frame NEX-9 is coming…

      • GeofFx

        Good point. A NEX9 would definitely get the interest of many. This is about the only thing I can think of that would make me seriously consider options other than Nikon.

        • LeGO

          A D300s-replacement in the form of a D800-sized body with the Sony APS-C 24mp sensor is a given. This together with the Sony 24mp FF sensor on a D800-body will likely be Nikon’s next 2 dSLR after the D3200.

          Re a Sony FF NEX, I believe that this is unlikely. I have the NEX-7 with the 24mm f/1.8 and have nothing but praise for this combo. But other than this lens, Sony has no other native E-mount lens that renders well on the NEX-7. Sony is crippled by its lack of excellent E-mount APS-C sized lenses. This makes it unlikely that Sony will now produce a FF NEX as it would have to produce new lenses for this from the ground up.

      • I would love to see your amazing photography that makes the Nikon 1 look like a joke..

    • Carlos

      the NEX 7 or 9, call it 11, make it 10 I don’t care. I don’t like the messed up form-factors, it’s just a perfect expensive toy with a superb sensor, well made. Happy to see it distributing smiles through the gadgeteer szenes, but not for me.

      I want Nikon to build a System-1 camera with a classic compact format, like a Fuji x10 without the retro fuzz and a quality of a NEX 7 at a price below it.

      Ridiculous? no, just a matter of time. And I can wait a season for that.
      It’ll be my streetcam, substituting the excellent daylight Sigma DP2x, crappy in shadows, I use now.

  • I do not think it will be a d700 replacement. That is, a D700 body with tweaks and a new sensor. I doubt Nikon will make the D3/ D700 mistake again. They cannot have a D600 that would be nearly as capable as the D4 and lose the D4 sales. I suspect it will be much more consumer grade….the new “plastic fantastic”.

    • Frank

      That was a myth though, they still sold tons of D3’s and did fine with the D700 out. Not to mention they released the D3X and D3S anyways.

    • MikeV

      not necessarily… look at canon, the 5dm3 is pretty close to the 1dx in terms of focusing points, high iso ranges, and mega pixels. The 1dx can expand slightly higher in iso, has an integrated grip and shoots faster… So why can’t nikon make a 18-22 mp camera with higher iso capabilities similar to the d3s/d4 to compete against the high iso and mega pixel range that the canon 5dm3 is in. In my opionion the d800 is not a direct competitor against the 5dm3.. it is in a league of its own. Therefore it is quite possible that they will make an FX body that is a lower mp count with high iso performance and fast FPS. Even if they put a D4 sensor in a cheaper body.. pros will still buy a D4 because of other capabilities the smaller, cheaper body won’t have.

      • Dr SCSI

        @MV, very good points! I am certain Nikon has this camera in the pipeline now, it is just a matter of time before we start to hear leaked details. Nikon doesn’t just sell DSLR cameras, they also sell DSLR lenses. I am fairly certain that the strong FX lens sales were a direct result of the D700. Nikon needs a strong contender for the 5DMK3, as you pointed out. I doubt it will be the D600, it will most likely be a D710 model which will get a 24MP sensor with a high ISO ability/quality that is comparable to the D3S. The FPS will probably top out at 6, but 8 FPS will be possible with the MB-D12 battery grip. I could easily see the D710 and D800 sharing the same chasis, while the D600 will share the same form factor, but made of aluminum and plastics. That way the same MB-D12 grip can be used on three cameras, all of which would compete in their own price segments. So here is a question to everyone: based on the following models, D600, D710, D800, D900, do you think the price of the cameras would also follow that same order from low to high? Or is it possible that a D710 would cost more than a D800?
        Here is more fuel for thought…
        D600 – $1599
        D710 – $2499
        D800 – $2999
        D900 – $3999 (This could be the true replacement of the D700; almost identical to the D4 in every respect, just smaller. Same sensor, 6 FPS native, 9 FPS with MB-D12, top notch ISO, great video capabilities, minus the WT-5 and RJ45 ports, 100% viewfinder, 300K rated shutter)
        D4 – $5999

        If you can’t tell, I like to speculate. This lineup would give Nikon plenty of space in terms of marketing various cameras across the price spectrum, while not competing in its own line of FX DSLRs. Last thought…D710 is scratched from list, D600 goes up to $1999, D900 goes up to $3999. Thus you get…
        D600 – $1999
        D800 – $2999
        D900 – $3999
        D4 – $5999
        D4X – ?????
        The D900 will only fetch that kind of money if it can kick the pants off the 5DMK3!!!

  • kinga

    how much would a camera like this cost?

  • AC

    is a shame and a total lack of respect for consumers. the nikon has not even managed to put in the D4 and D800 markets and already devalued with the announcement of a D600.

    • MikeV

      what announcement? it is speculation and rumors…

  • T.I.M


    D4, D700, D800, D800e, D300s, D7000, D90, D5100, ….etc !

    AFS 50mm f/1.4, AFS 85mm f/1.4 , AFS 200mm f/2, AFS 500mm f/4, AFS 200-400mm f/4, AFS 300mm f/2.8, AFS 24mm f/1.4, AFS 17-55mm f/2.8……etc !

    Nikon, are you going out of business ?

    • St.

      I ordered 50mm 1.4 from Amazon on Monday. It’s arriving tomorrow.
      I had one with my D7000, but I sold it, being afraid it won’t have good resolution for D800.
      Now I think it will – so I ordered again.

  • fredo benjo
  • Nice ! I`m about to get the D800 but if this baby will be on the way I might wait I do not need the 36 MPx on the D800, if this D600 will be better on ISO definitely will be my choice.

  • biho

    in late 2006 Nikon released the D40 and brought many customers to the dslr camp because its price,size,features, and quality. After 6 years , it seems Nikon will do it again with ff. So I think it will be a sub 2000$ camera that is actually an upgrade as well as replacement to the D200/D300 series. This leaves room for D7000 series to improve and avoids clash with D300 series. This makes sense to have 3 levels of cameras for DX D3200/D5100/D7100 and another 3 for fx D600/D800&E/D4.
    Maybe in 5 years we see the 1st Nikon medium format !

  • kg

    A road map would be very helpful. I have a D300 and looking to move FX. A 24mp D700 would be just about right. If I knew there was no D700 replacement coming out this year then I would go for the D800. Looks like I may end up waiting till the end of the year to find out and purchase.

    • St.

      I was thinking the same thing, but I decided to order D800 (although I was skeptic about the resolution and the quality).
      I’m shooting with D800 about a month now – and I know for sure I wouldn’t buy D600.
      D800 is just so good. And I don’t “spray and pray”, so I don’t care about the fps.

  • ATK

    The price should be around $2500. And It will has the same sensor as D4…

    Nikon did it before..with D3 and D700…

    Why not this time ??

  • Some of you people are insane.

    D600=D4 sensor in a consumer body. Wrong. This is probably the most ridiculous assumption I’ve heard. If this is going to be a consumer-grade FX, it will NOT have the flagship sensor in it. That’s hogwash.

    Smaller, Smaller, Smaller! If anyone’s had a D800 in their hands, it’s already pretty small. And that’s coming from a previous D60, D90, and D300s owner. The D800 is small. A D600 in the form factor of the D3000 would be a slap in the face to the FX lineup.

    Personally, I think it would be stupid for Nikon to release a consumer-based FX camera with lower MP and good ISO before releasing a prosumer/pro-based FX camera with lower MP and great ISO (other than the D4). Or, the D600 sensor will have to be seriously hindered in the ISO and AF category in order to not cannibalize sales. Both of these areas are where Nikon shines. So, I doubt this will happen.


    • @Mark, put the D3S sensor in the D600, this makes perfect sense. The resolution is lower, but the ISO would be on par with what many would desire. The D600 would have lower FPS, smaller buffer, limited video, 200K shutter, fewer CLS groups, plastic/aluminum body. The D700 replacement could have a resolution between 16-18MP while having ISO abilities on par with the D3S/D4. This time around, Nikon would charge significantly more for the little brother to the D4, say $3999?! With only 60K D4’s being produced anually for world wide consumption, I doubt Nikon is worried the other models will canabalize the D4 sales.

  • It all make sense to me now.

    D3200 24mp $700
    D5200 24mp $900
    D7100 24mp $1200
    D8000 24mp $1600 (magical unannounced 36mp?)

    D600 16mp $2200 (D4 sensor, economy of scale)
    D800 36mp $3000
    D(je ne sais quoi) $4000
    D4 16mp $6000

    With this line up, Nikon will have every price point covered.

    • Alfredo

      You are kidding right?
      a D7100 and a D8000?
      my guess would be
      d3200, d5200, d400, d600, d800, D4..
      I am mainly a bird photographer and my ISO400-limited D300s needs to be replaced.. and i would really like either a D400 with good iso, or a FX with good iso (cheap) to be a second camera, and only use the d300s when reach is needed.

      • @Alfredo, if you can live with only 5 fps, the D800 is your camera. You will get both higher ISO and higher resolution in one camera. In DX mode, you will get the reach you want with 16MP (36MP / 2.25 = 16MP). I think that works out to a two stop ISO quality advantage over your D300S, a 33% resolution advantage, an FX advantage, an f/8 autofocus sensor advantage (great for TC’s), a video advantage, and a better viewfinder. If you shoot DX mode with the MB-D12 battery grip on the D800, your fps go up to 6, if I’m not mistaken. Yes, the D800 is still pricy, but in lieu of a D400 that doesn’t exist yet, it could be your next camera for little birdies.

  • Nat

    This makes me want the D800 even more. I have no use for an entry level camera. I’m hoping many of the D800 orders will be cancelled in anticipation of the D600. Maybe Nikon is betting on this too.

  • We all talk about how the market is dying for such a camera, but who on earth would actually buy it? The average consumer seems to be pretty dang happy with crop sensors. The average prosumer seems to absolutely demand more megapixels / FPS / whatever…

    I just don’t see the market as “ripe for affordable FX”, at least not nearly as much as all the other out-of-touch camera geeks seem to think.

    Maybe I’m wrong…

    • RC

      I have been shooting DX for over 6 years, and I long for the high ISO capabilities of FX. The ONLY reason I don’t have FX is price. But if they make a D3200 version of the D700, I don’t think I’d be interested. I want 6-8 fps AND their best AF module. I do not want slow consumer crap.

    • @Matthew Saville,
      I have often wondered the same thing having shot FX for the last two years; but having come from DX, I am reminded of why I went to FX in the first place, after reading RC’s comments. I also see many DX owners who don’t understand why they would want FX, but since it is better, they want it because they think it will help them make better images. I just sold my D700 to a guy this week, who OWNS a F100 and D100, but hasn’t seen either of his older cameras since he moved into his house 18 months ago. Then, there are DX owners who want that soft bokeh effect in the portraits, but they are disappointed with the results they get with fast DX glass. They hear the only way to get the cool bokeh is to go FF, so that is what they want. Now there are numerous DX shooters out there who run circles around my own work and know exactly why they want the FX stuff, they just can’t afford it. So there you have it, those who want FX but don’t know why, and those who want it and know exactly why. Either way for Nikon, their marketing research probably shows their is a demand for this type of camera and nobody has one on the market yet. If you haven’t noticed, Nikon recently submitted several patents for what I call consumer FX glass; most likely to go along with the soon to be announced D600.

  • Chris

    What I reckon is probably going to happen is that there will be a semi pro d400 with 24 mega pixels to be the top of the DX line seems very probable with the ever expanding line up of DX lenses. With regards to the full frame market I dont think this d600 will be a replacement to the d700. Seems more likely that it would be like a d7000 with a basic version of the D4 16 mega pixel sensor around Iso 100-6400 and a 6fps burst rate at a price point in between the d7000 and the d400. I do think they may release a d800h with the all the trimmings of the D4 current sensor but maybe not till next year once a sufficient amount of d4’s have been sold. But thats just me!

  • T.I.M

    LOL ! NEW RECORD !!!!!
    $7,000.00 for a D800e on Ebay (+$62.65 shipping !)

    The person who will buy it is a real ass hole !


  • WSY

    Everything was possible until I saw … Dual SD card slots.

  • sand

    Thats what I was guessing all along and my guess is AF motor will be gone in this camera…..Nikon want to sell AFS lenses….

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