Nikon D800 locks up?

Can you spot the problem?

I have noticed that the Nikon D800 locks up and the only way to reset it is to take the battery out. This happened to me several times while shooting with different lenses. Has anyone experienced this issue? I have not seen this problem being mentioned anywhere online.

On the above picture you see that the camera is turned off, while the LCD screen is still on.

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  • Happened to me twice with D800 during MotoGP Qatar shooting. Taken pictures, and suddenly no more response from the camera. Switching off restore all the functions. But need to investigate more on tho behavior. The CF was the original CF Lexar included 8Gb 400X.

    • I have had the same probleme with my D300, and it was the CF the probleme. It was a Sand Disck that disfonctioned. When I have change the card, another Sand Disck, it was ok.

      May be it’s the same probleme ?

      • wublili

        I also had this problem with D300. don’t knwo the cause because it happened only once.

        Also my D5000 did the same thign at least once.

        • I’ve had it happen with grips, but never on my camera by itself.

    • jodjac

      I’ve had the same problem with my D7000, I think it happened three times in the time span of one year and 14,000 frames. Removing and replacing the battery did solve the problem, but it was unnerving and disruptive.
      One time was a little more difficult. Replacing the battery did not restore the LCD to live view. It was stuck and read card err(or). I had two SD cards in the camera, one for NEF, the other jpeg. Only when I removed the Sandisk Extreme 32 g card and replace it, then remove and replace the battery did it come back to life. The disturbing part- my NEF would not show on the other card in camera playback. When I got home the images showed on the computer from all cards, no problems. But for a while I was concerned that I had lost images. I could not see them in camera. I’m not sure, but since the cards were looking empty, I think I replaced them both to secure whatever was on them.
      So to sum up, I’ve had three instances where my camera froze up and read – card err. Ejecting and reinserting the cards doesnt help. The camera won’t power down. The green light stays on. Removing the battery and replacing the card works. The card can be read by a computer. I’m still using the cards without problem (after reformatting in camera). It has happened to different cards from different manufactures, so I would hesitate to blame the cards. It’s something else. Static electricity sounds reasonable. But where does it come from and how does it get into the camera? A menu change while the card is being written?
      Sorry for the long post. No problems with my D800 to date. Love it. Haven’t touched the D7000 since I got the D800.

      • ilinx

        I had similar issues with the D7000 but it seems to be restricted to 2 Sandisk cards I had. Generally I keep to 8GB cards and swap out but these were 16GB.

        On 2 seperate occasions I had them read card error and not allow shooting. Playback would not show either. Removing the cards and restarting the camera worked everytime and I continued shooting to test and the issue repeated several times. All pictures were fine with no corruption and I had used the cards on many occasions before and between these times.

        Interestingly though both occasions were in cold weather and left me with a distinct feeling that this was a factor.

      • F64Photo

        Would it help to ALWAYS format the cards in the camera?

        • ilinx

          It’s good practise for sure but I always do and still had those issues.

      • Johann

        I had the same problems with my D7000, when changing the lens the camera would not turn off, especially with non Nikon lenses, this happened approx. 2 months ago. Since then – really i do not know what happened (took the batteries out, the cards a few time) it works again. But i am prepared for the future….

        Anyway it is really annoying.

  • Jeff

    After ready all the flakiness with the D800 and D4 I’m thinking wedding and other photographers who must get the shot might be regretting purchasing these so early. I mean these are there top of the line and they have lockup issues? Not to mention the $3k and $5k price tags!

    • Jeff

      man, I really need to remember to proof my notes before hitting post. Spelling, grammer, and wrong prices!

      • SparkCreative

        That’s ‘Grammar.’


    • MichalK

      I’m a wedding pro and shot about 10k on D4 and about 1.5 on D800 so far – no issues (except green tint on LCD which drives me mad)

      • Clintphoto

        10k pics already? Do you hold the shutter alot? Lol

        • cam

          That’s a wedding photographer for you.. just film it! 10k photos? I hope there are little drones sifting through that amount of photos!

          • MichalK

            Love these comments made all those amateur that never shot a wedding…

            I did 6 weddings since my D4 arrived 3 weeks ago.

            Each wedding takes a minimum of 12 hours. Groom and bride preps, ceremony, formals, location shoot, reception and night shoot afterwards.

            But i guess you guys can get away with just handfull of shots, hence you still shoot on D90 and drool over the things you can not afford 🙂


            • MichalK

              BTW, yes I do have 3 retouchers working for me 🙂

            • stop being arrogant

              Go back to film for a bit so you can remember how to shoot things right the first time.10k for a wedding mean you’re doing something wrong. Either that or you only shoot weddings with absurdly large families.

            • Darin

              I have shot 17 weddings since getting my two D4’s five days ago. I rigged them together so everything is taken in 3D. Throughout each wedding I take 100 perfect shots and do not need to sort anything out after. My weddings last 22 hours. I start with the bride and groom sleeping and finish with a few shots of their steamy wedding night. I have 9 people who work for me, but mostly they fetch me coffee and wedding cake.

              I don’t have a D800 though. For the high resolution shots, I fall back on my IQ180 and use the Brenizer method for a 30-shot stitch. I do this for the engagement photos and use them to erect the most detailed billboards possible.

              Everything I do makes it into GQ, National Geographic, or Vogue.

            • Everlast66

              MichalK needs three more weddings and will qualify for a priest with all that ‘spraying and preying’.

            • stop being IGNORANT

              Hmmm… Maybe you didn’t comprehend what MichalK said, señor “stop”. Let a high school dropout (that’s me) assist. He said he has shot 6 weddings so far, and between his D4 and his D800 he has produced a total of 11,500 shots (10,000 on the D4 and 1,500 on the D800). Assuming for a moment that he shot the exact same number of shots for each wedding, and didn’t shoot any other shots for non-weddings (personal, test, portrait sessions, etc) then he shot:

              6/x + 6/y = z

              Where x, y, and z are the number of D4 shots taken per wedding, the number of D800 shots taken per wedding, and the total cumulative number of shots taken from both cameras per wedding, respectively.

              6/x + 6/y = z

              6/10,000 = 1,666.66667 (1,666ℤ)
              6/1,500 = 250

              1,666 + 250 = 1,916/wedding

              z = 1,916

              If I were hiring a photographer and he told me he would take that number if shots, I wouldn’t bat an eye. If he said he were taking no more than 60 shots like the old film photographers from times past, I’d likely laugh him out of the room.

            • Nice…

              And after all those shots, you still felt it necessary within yourself to belittle those with a smaller camera, even using a smiley face for it.

              The evidence then is that it’s you who has no D4, who has never shot a wedding, and who measurebates daily. You’re the one obsessed with others’ cameras, after all.

              No reputable single wedding shooter does six weddings in three weeks. The only people who do that have teams of people around them.

            • Eric Duminil

              I agree with what you’ve said, and also shoot between 1500 & 3000 pictures for every wedding. I wouldn’t do two weddings in a week-end though. I’m way too exhausted after one!

              Note that the D90 is perfectly fine for weddings.
              D4 would be nice, but the right lenses, a good backup body and some flashes are more important to me.

            • MichalK

              First I’d like to apologise for coming across arrogant on the previous post.

              The smiley face was meant to ease the tone – no success obviously.

              I get really frustrated and irate reading comments such as those posted by Clintphoto, Cam and the rest… They are made by those, who has never shot a wedding (professionally that is) and hence should not comment. I take my job seriously and pride myself in what i do.

              @stop being IGNORANT – thank you for the detailed mathematic explanations of the number of shot I take per wedding 🙂

              @Nice… – you are not correct in your assumption that No reputable single wedding shooter does six weddings in three weeks. Every single one I know, that is considered in the industry as reputable shoots 2-3 a week, personally.

              @Eric Duminil – I hear you and understand your position. It is very exhausting. I am lucky however that I am healthy and fit an the moment and I am able to do that, hence why there are retouchers so I can sleep it of in the next 2 days after 🙂


            • can i see your website?

              it’s always interesting to see if people can back up what they say around here.

            • MichalK


              Sure, it’s


            • That is some beautiful work! Congratulations.

            • thank you for the detailed mathematic explanations of the number of shot I take per wedding”

              for dramatic purposes only 😉

            • Ron Adair

              P.S. nice to see you’re keeping busy and putting out good work!

            • Andrew

              Your work reminds me of Jerry Ghionis, anyway great portfolio, love the dramatic lighting.

            • MichalK

              Thank you

            • your wedding work is nice, good job.

            • @Darin, can I see your folio? You’re work sounds interesting…

            • Chuck

              “But i guess you guys can get away with just handfull of shots, hence you still shoot on D90 and drool over the things you can not afford”

              A professional photographer bragging about wealth. This is rich.

            • Pascal

              Just a heads up, your math/algebra is incorrect and invalid (although you finally arrive at the correct answer).

              Very Simply put:

              TotalNumShotsTaken / TotalNumOfWeddings = ShotsPerWedding

              11500 / 6 = 1917

              Dimensional Analysis proves ShotsPerWedding

              Your initial equation is invalid and from there the math is also.

      • Mandrake

        Your live view screen displays what the jpeg version of your shot would look like. Go to Shooting Menu > Set Picture Control, select one of the presets, then turn town your Saturation and/or Hue until you get the desired look. Heck, you can have it display monochrome if you wanted to.

      • Honestly

        MK, if you honestly take your job seriously, answer the following question:
        Would you really feel comfortable to give “all” the 10,000 photos you’ve taken to your customers? Or would you be concerned that they might see unwanted errors and results?. Mate, you might take your job seriously, but some of us take “photography” seriously. You are simply trigger happy in order to guarantee results. I completely agree with those who are recommending you to go back to basics. The problem is that you cannot go back where you never were. A D4 does not make a good photographer. You can be a brilliant photographer with just the simplest of tools.

        • For goodness sake LOOK AT HIS WEBSITE. When you can do one tenth of what he is capable of come back and show us and then maybe we will listen to you!

  • Mikycoud

    Yep, happens to me too. Also happens with no card, and while in the menu, or a combination. Never experienced this issue before on many different Nikon cameras, and this one exhibits it quite often. Oh well…

  • Brad

    Several years ago when I had a Nikon D70, it would intermittently lock up in the same manner that you have described. The only way to restart the D70 was to remove the battery, wait a few seconds, and then reinsert it.

    A while after the manufacturer’s warranty had expired, the D70 totally failed. Nothing would restart it. I had the D70 repaired through a third-party extended warranty. They told me that the electronics had failed. They replaced the electronic component, and the D70 never locked up again. I replaced the D70 about four years ago with the D700, and that camera has never locked up.

  • Claudio Cantadori

    I acknowledge fault for my English bad one. My D800 locks up when I format the card with the 2 buttons

  • Focusing issue? Have you in the United States experienced the problem with the focusing issue when using the left focus points? If you have or have not what serial number batch was your camera from? I am contemplating cancelling my orders for the D800 until the bugs are worked out. Any information would be helpful.

    • CB

      From the blog by Ming Thein and the comments therein it seems to be a bad batch with serial numbers 8000xxx… Apparently mainly Asian customers are affected. Would be interesting to hear if other SN blocks were also affected and where those were sold/bought…

    • FocusPocus
  • nikon cameras remind me of yamaha xt electrical issues

  • Adrian

    Happened to me several times. I wrote to Nikon and they told me to only use one card and see if it’s happening again. I did and it didn’t happened again. I shot about 2700 shots, the first 1000, the D800 locked 3-4 times and after that it never locked before. (The solution was always to remove the battery).

    When it locked I was using Sandisk Extreme 32 (CF) + Sandisk Extreme Pro 8 Gb (SD). I think it’s some sort of card incompatibility or SD slot problem. Never tried using only the SD slot.

    • Adrian

      One more detail: I always shot NEF 14 bit (on CF) + JPG fine (on SD)

  • burgerman

    Using a cheap 32gb CF card, and eye-fi card together, on D800 and never happened to me but I am still just under 1k shots. Tested lots of lenses, settings, etc. And all fine.

    So I suspect a card compatibility issue? Its writing a lot of data fast.

    Although the D700 used to do it now and again, and that was either the lens contacts I think being less than clean. Or the card? That was the same, release battery, and all fixed again.

    • burgerman

      This card. Works great, no problems and cheap. Tested to full capacity 6 times just in case… And the other is Eye-fi pro 8gb.

      • Martin

        How do You find Your Eye-fi in D800?
        There were reports about problems with Eye-fi and D800 (on dpr).

        • burgerman

          Invaluable, lazy, works like a charm! It connects and starts transfering as I enter the street on the way home. By the time I have parked, unloaded, gone to my PC its all say in dated folders on my desktop!

          Slower on raw, but a damned site easier than removing cards or plugging in wires…

  • Juan

    Same problem I had in the D200 some years ago. I send to nikon service and the problem still there. Reinstalling the firmware and the problem was fixed.

  • Some friends of mine tested multiple D800 cameras and there seems to be a “white dots” issue on long exposures. Looks rather bad:

    • burgerman

      Well like most cameras with long exposure noise reduction (subtraction) turned OFF then it would wouldnt it… Thats why its there.

  • galebars

    Had the same problem with the D3x ,it used to drive me crazy. Only the use of high speed cards dedicated to the D3x controlled the problem.
    Have had a D800 on order since the 7th Feb. (UK) and hope that it does not have the same problems, assuming it ever arrives of course!

  • Yep – happens to me about 6-7 times during a full wedding day … tried both SanDisk SD and Lexar SD

    Interestingly using the Lexar it only did it 3 times yesterday

    Camera will be going back Tuesday

  • I had the same problem regularly with a D200
    it was a noname battery at issue

  • mandrake

    Does not happened to me. I have seen the LCD stay on after turning it off ony because it was still writing to the flash memory. Once completed it turns off.

  • Most likely the case in the card. For example, in Russia, shortage of quality cards, with the result obtained is often broken files. In addition, the D800 increased file size, which will result in substandard and counterfeit cards for recording

  • NikonUndercover

    Yellow LCD: Many early users of the iPad 1, 2, & 3 complain about yellow screens. They report that the yellow cast fades in about 30 days after the LCD bonding adhesive finally cures.

  • Smudger

    Lock up?

    It’s a design feature: – it allows the user an opportunity to re-visit the guidance in the Technical Guide.

  • Frank

    Wait for one min or so paitently and it will disappear! It can bother some people but has no effect on your images.

  • Working with D90.
    The crash has occurred twice in two years with different lenses.
    One time in the transition from video to photo and another changing from multiple to single frame.
    The solution is taking off the battery grip quickly, but lost several sequences.

  • Zero_Equals_Infinity

    My D800 hung yesterday with the same symptoms. One thought about my variation on the problem is that I have the camera set to use lossless compression (raw 14-bit), and the card was about 85% full, and I had been deleting bad images as I went throughout the day. The reason this may be relevant is that file sizes vary for compressed images, and my delete and re-shoot practice may have led to enough memory fragmentation that the CPU has to spend time hunting for space that it could not readily find.

    Even if the above is true, and contributed to the hang-up, an error message would be useful. For the time being I will be clearing and reformatting more frequently to see if that causes the issue to disappear.

  • BenArt1

    It has happened lately with my D3. I thought it was the battery. It looks that it is not a D800 issue but a Nikon issue.

  • mark london

    I’m about 2000 images in on my D800 and no lockup issue. However, I only shoot stills to one card.

    10k for a big wedding sounds ok to me by the way. Whoever said the shooting ratio isn’t right probably isn’t shooting professionally in 2012. A small 1 model fashion gig is 500+ shots easy at about 300 per hour. Only on magazine profile shoots am I restricted to about 20-30 shots purely because of time.

    Steven Meisel shoots 300 frames a second on his current Epic stills shoots. 🙂

  • PetertT

    I had three lockups in the first two studiomshootings. Changed the CF Card and now it seems to work fine. No more lockup today in a shooting with roughly 350 shots.
    Some guys in Germany are reporting a back focus issue while using the left focus field with lenses <20mm. Didn't find the time to test it by myself…


  • I am glad I do not have the money to buy the D800 right now, I’ll wait until these kind of problems are solved !

  • Doctor_EVIL (Russia)

    typical bug for Nikon

  • teo

    I think it’s a memory card issue…
    I didn’t have this on my D800 🙂
    but I had it on my D90 just before my memory card died (well it died 1 day after)
    Replaced it and it’s now all good again

  • Lomeli Images

    Hopefully they cab resolve the green tint on the LCD screen with a firmware update, Also I have noticed that at times when you are shooting it takes long for the image to show up, even thought I am using Sandisk Extreme Pro 95mbs SD cards. Anyone else has experienced this issue?

  • Christophe R

    A few years ago, I had the same problem with the D3 and D300 … I thought it was a lens problem, because it came with a non-Nikon … In reality it was only CF cards …

  • Pixelhunter

    No issues at all so far with my D800 except a bit of Moiré in the video mode on typically sensitive textures.

  • B0rg

    Had the same issue when shooting a firework with the D800 . The setup:
    Nikkor 24-70 AFS, focus set to MANUAL on camera body
    2 cards parallel
    Primary: Lexar 1000x CF 32GB, 14 bit NEF Lossless Compression
    Secondary: Sandisk Extreme SD 30MBit Edition 16GB, JPEG fine and video
    Environment temperature about 12 degr. celsius
    About 40 to 50 shots with the fully charged battery
    Exposure mode set to Manual, shutter open time set to 6 seconds
    Mirror Pre-Lock-Up set to 1 second

    I took about 30-40 pictures in short succession and suddenly I could not take pictures any more.

    – Camera not responding
    – Top LCD lit up
    – Green Card Activity LED always on
    – Last shot lost

    I left the camera on for about 30 minutes to give card controller enough time to write files. After that amount of time I tried to switch off the camera via power button without success. Pressing play button or pressing any other button or moving any switch would not resolve the hanging state. Trying to power off the camera did not work, as this is an expexted behaviour as stated in the manaul that the camera will remain in the “ON” State as long as it is writing data to the cards. Removing the battery solved the issue. No more issues since then, but shot only about 300 pictures after that.

    Hoping to narrow the cause of the failure by sharing this information. In my opinion a rarely occuring timing issue of the in-camera controller. This will make troubleshooting more difficult for Nikon firmware developers to fix it, assuming that it is fixable by firmware upgrade.

  • bpb

    My F90x did the same back in the 90’s… Normal Nikon behavior!

  • Leon

    Same issue for a D7000 and 8gb sandisk extreme pro err message and “no card” message right out of the box change for an old 4gb panasonic card and no problem, after that exchanged the card with Amazon and no problem with the same exchanged card, last week had an error message again with this card and an eye-fi x pro in slot 2, seems like new Nikons have serious issues with cards. I have read some guys around here commenting on same issues with D700, had no issues with mine and Sandisk, Kingston cards. Just guessing, but i think the latest SD XC, and CF high speed cards in general could be causing these lock ups. My 2 cents…I am having second thoughts about my D800 order… Well Hopefully Nikon is fixing all this bugs with our cameras (keep dreamin’boy)before making thousands of angry customers, Still waiting for mine….

  • TO_Snaps

    This happened to me consistently with the D7000 when I put my Sandisk Extreme 16GB in Slot 2. The problem went away with the Sandisk in Slot 1. Upgrading the firmware fixed this once and for all.

  • Tom

    Mansurov also noted a memory read/write issue in his review of the D800:

  • Photonut

    My D700 locks up regularly, but not as bad as your D800. Switching Off and on again does the trick for Mae

  • Casper

    This problems seems to appear when having two cards in the camera. I would just wait for the software update, and stick to one card in the camera for the time being.

    • burgerman

      Had 2 cards in the d800 since I got it about 1k pictures ago. No lockup here? Its not dual card use but a card incompatibility issue I would expect.

  • Facazoga

    @ admin: exactly the same problem with my D4.
    5 or 6 times. It’s happened during a “strong” usage.
    I made a video about this.

  • Erick

    I have two D7K’s and the larger cards caused the same error. After the firmware update to both the issues have stopped, just as TO_Snaps had stated.

    Nikon needs those firmware updates a bit faster ehh?

  • Michelle

    My d800 has done the lock up every session I have had since I’ve had it (three thus far) in the last two weeks. I shut it off, take the battery out, and pop it back in and it’s fine. It worries me… is this a memory card issue then? I use a sandisk 16gb SD card to hold the RAW files and an 8gb sandisk CF to hold the jpg copies. I had the D700 since release and NEVER had a problem in the 3 years I’ve had it… now I get the d800 on release date and it has lock up issues and I think my screen has a green tint also (which I found you can fix) but… yeah. What to do? I don’t need this to freeze up on me for the bride and groom’s first kiss.

  • I just encountered the lock up issue for the first time last weekend. About 200 into a 500 shot session- flipped my display light on and noticed it didn’t auto-shut off. Then i realized everything was frozen – even toggling power had no effect. Like everyone else, I was able to resume only after removing and reinstalling the battery.

    I was running a SanDisk Extreme 32 CF and a SanDisk Extreme 32SD.

    Also had an error when importing – around shot 200, Aperture would freeze and quit. I was unable to make an import based on selection – it would freeze every time. Only way I could import was to drag to desktop and manually select 1-199 and 201-500. No coincidence here – the corrupt image created during the lock up was giving serious errors.

    Never had this issue with my D7000.

  • Leon

    Hard for me and now a really happy wife, will go and cancel my order with Adorama, one step less for you guys. Just cannot have this kind of software issues with a $3000 camera and clients in front of me, never had any problems with the D700, i did with the D7000 as i said above. NO thank you Nikon, i’ll wait for this thing to be solved then probably will exchange my trusty D700, i hate to do it ’cause i was really excited about this new body, but i think we can all just wait isn’t it?

    • burgerman

      You are waiting for nikon to fix your cards??

      Get a USB 3 reader. And a USB 3 computer. Write 32gb of data, photos etc to the cards at high speeds, and drag them all off again to a folder on your desktop.

      MANY large cards fail at high speed read/write or fail when you write over x amount of data. It is very likely nothing to do with the camera. Or if it is it may be a card memory controller that doesent get on well with the cameras hardware/software.

      I tested many cards and found flaky ones. And not just cheap ones either.

  • Jose

    Eu fiz uma encomenda da nikon d800 na bh e ate hoje nao tem data de entrega sera porque a nikon ta com plobema com a nikon d800…

  • Cancelled my two D800s until the kinks are worked out.

    There seem to be several:
    LCD color cast.
    Focusing issues when shooting wide at open apertures using left focus points.
    Focusing issues for lenses needing a great deal of adjustment for forward and backward focusing.
    Locking up during use.

    Hope Nikon can get these worked out. I will take either a D4 or D800 or both when the kinks are worked out.

    Sent a note to Nikon requesting information on these issues. The email back said I would hear from them in 24 hrs or less. It has now been 27 hrs without a peep from their support people.

    • Bill

      I got an email reply from Nikon.
      To paraphrase:

      This is no reported problems with the D800.
      Some people may just not know how to use the camera.
      There is no firmware fix since no problems exist.
      Maybe I should wait until it is in a store so I can check it before buying it.

      The email was in English but clearly not the person’s first language as it was full of grammatical mistakes.

      Just so you all know.. There is no problem with the D800. It is the user.

      I am waiting a few months before re-ordering.

  • Honestly…

    MK, if you honestly take your job seriously, answer the following question:
    Would you really feel comfortable to give “all” the 10,000 photos you’ve taken to your customers? Or would you be concerned that they might see unwanted errors and results?. Mate, you might take your job seriously, but some of us take “photography” seriously. You are simply trigger happy in order to guarantee results. I completely agree with those who are recommending you to go back to basics. The problem is that you cannot go back where you never were. A D4 does not make a good photographer. You can be a brilliant photographer with just the simplest of tools.

  • MichalK

    Hi All

    Thank you Pixyst & o.b.1ne – you are very kind.


    I’d like to answer your questions:

    Yes I give all those images to my clients. It’s a common requirements amongst couples here in australia to be given all the pics from the wedding and they expect couple of thousand (and all retouched!). I don’t understand what unwanted errors and results you speak of? Please clarify?

    I do agree that 99% of people here take photography seriously, hence why we read these sites and forums.

    Being trigger happy will not guarantee results… But you already knew that right?

    To go back to basics. I wish I could. Seriously. Imagine the images taken with like collodion wet plate technique, posing the couple to absolute perfection, waiting some hours for the perfect light and condition… and taking THAT one shot… Unfortunately, in my industry, in these days, I have no chance to be able to do that…

    I agree that D4 does not make a good photographer.
    I agree you can be a brilliant photographer with just the simplest of tools, AS LONG AS those tools allows you to capture those images you desire in the quality that is expected from you.


    I dont know how this became about ME?

    All I wanted to say is that despite the number of images I took w D4/D800, I have not experience any lock ups…

    All my comments here on NR was always attempts to assist others, present my personal, “hands on” opinions about equipment, image quality etc…

    I’m not here to present myself or my work or talk or justify myself to those, whose opinions/practices differ from mine…

    So this is my last comment/reply to this thread.

    Have a good day all.

  • Wes

    It isn’t just Nikon- there have been reports of similar occasional misbehavior in the Pentax K5. I don’t know for sure, but I think they fixed that with firmware updates. I haven’t ever experienced lockup on my Nikon or Pentax cameras.

  • Same Problem with 2 D300s and one D700!!!
    Seems to be a Nikon problem. REALLY BAD. Happened a few times on Weddings! Bad Timing

  • Chris

    Yes i had the same problem with the D300s while using the MB-d10 with Eneloops AA – Using a Nikon-Accu removed the problem.


  • JosK

    My D800 suffered a major lock-up yesterday! At first it looked like the lock-up described in the post. Display stayed on even with “off” selected. After taking out the battery and reinserting it, the D800’s display showed “ERR”. Battery in and out again, then nothing. display stayed off. After several hours, I tried powering it up again, but the viewfinder was very dark and the guidelines and af points were not visible. AF seemed to work in liveview. While focussing with the viewfinder, a red light on the left and right side in the viewfinder blinked (probably the red that usually lits up the focus point).

    Anyway, this D800 can not be used for a professional assignment with these issues, as I noticed yesterday. Luckily I still had my D700 as backup.

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