Nikon D3200 coming in April with a 24MP sensor and many new features

Nikon will soon announce the D3200 DSLR camera which will replace the current D3100 ($549). The expected specs are:

  • 24 MP sensor
  • 11 AF points
  • 4 fps
  • ISO range: 100-6400, with hi-ISO of 12800
  • Improved video functionality
  • The Nikon D3200 will have some kind of a Wi-Fi connection that is supposed to offer few very interesting new features
  • Announcement in April, 2012

Those specs basically confirmed my initial D3200 report from last month.

In addition to the D4 and D800, Nikon is expected to announce 3 more DSLR cameras in 2012. I understand that most of you are interested in the D300s replacement - at that point I do not have any reliable information worth sharing. I think it's safe to assume that the D400 (or whatever the name might be) will have a 24MP DX-format sensor. There is also a possibility for two different models - one with an anti-aliasing (AA) filter and one without (just like the D800/D800E).

I am still not sure if some of the expected Nikkor lenses (18-300mm f/3.5-5.6, 16-85mm f/4 and the full frame 28mm f/1.8) will be announced together with the D3200 next month.

Stay tuned for more details.

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  • Schmuck

    Release all the cameras you want Nikon!!!!! But just try to buy one!!!! That is a whole other fucking story!!!!!!

    • Yakka


    • SnickErs

      Are you kidding me, the D4 is selling at WalMart …. Or was that BestBuy?.. Seriously, I don’t ever think mine will arrive, in Canada the ETA is June 30th!,,!

      • poizen22

        yea best buy/ futureshop doesnt even have the d4 in our system yet as a sku i dont think we will even have it. the d800 is expected in the next few weeks the easter district of canada has only 52 on order. i know this as i work at futureshop selling cameras.

        • Adam

          I picked up a D4 at best buy today in Massachusetts.

          • D700guy

            sure you did

            • Adam

              I am not NPS. I just got lucky. Some guy found it in thier oms system and was able to get it to the store in 5 days. They had 4 D800s available last friday as well.

          • Marek

            An then you woke up…

            • Chris Long

              When the admin pointed us to the Digital Rev site as still having cameras on sale at the origional price I ordered one – and have just got the shipping notification. So they are out there.

              Thanks Peter.

          • Adam

            Best Buy came through. This is for the doubters.

      • RE: In Canada: If you were a NPS member, it was possible to be put on the priority list. I got my D4 last Friday.

        As for proof, here you go. This was posted last Friday:

    • Srini


    • Tanduà

      LOL + 100

      D800 ETA June….(not 100% sure)

  • Dimitrii1130

    just a thought..

    D3200 and D5200 with this 24mp sensor – both this year
    and D400 (this year-summer/autumn) with a lower noise sensor and D7100 with the same sensor in 2013.

    i can’t believe that d5200, d7100 and d400 get the same sensor.. and nikon won’t develop a sensor only for the d400.

    • ben

      The d5000 d90 and d300 all had the 12MP sensor.
      Cost goes down when you make a lot of something.
      But other sensors will be coming if you dont like the 24MP one. some of the lower End cameras get changed every year now.
      And tec from the nikon 1 will make its way to dx and fx.

      • Dimitrii1130

        yeah, but d300 was released in aug 2007, d90 in oct 2008 and d5000 in mai 2009 and not in the same year. however, in a few months we will know it.

        • Worminator

          It’s trickle up rather than trickle down!

          • I believe this is the new way for Nikon. Trickle up seems to be the pattern for the last few years.

            • RC

              Maybe we’ll be treated with a lower megapixel sensor that has awesome low-light capabilities =)

      • timon

        Looks like a same 12MP, but is not a same sensor, in d90 the sensor is improved another.
        measurement charts with screen mode, with a 100% magnification, pixel-for-pixel:

        d300 /5.42μm, 12.48MP/Tonal Range: ISO200 (145) 8.0bits, ISO 400 (288) 7.491bits
        d90 /5.47μm, 12.40MP/Tonal Range: ISO200 (145) 8.32bits, ISO 400 (292) 7.861bits
        d7000 4.73μm 16MP/Tonal Range: ISO 100 (83) 8.5bits, ISO 400 (328) 7.54bits

        d300/DR: ISO200 (145) 11.72EV, ISO 400 (288) 10.76EV
        d90/DR: ISO200 (145) 12.21EV, ISO 400 (292) 11.58EV
        d7000/DR: ISO100 (83) 13.35EV, ISO 400 (328) 11.46EV

        d300/SNR18: ISO200 (145) 34.9dB, ISO 400 (288) 31.7dB
        d90/SNR18: ISO200 (145) 36.5dB, ISO 400 (292) 33.7dB
        d7000/SNR18: ISO100 (83) 38dB, ISO 400 (328) 32.2dB

        d7000 sensor is a better one in among the three, which is a 16MP sensor, 4.73μm.

        measurement charts with screen mode, with a 100% magnification, pixel-for-pixel,

    • Bisto

      If I was a Nikon owner, I would be a little worry about the future. Nikon is not producing the sensors it’s using. They come from Sony. It’s the same case here with the 24MP sensor, as it was also with this 36MP monster, that they are using in NIkon D800.

      • spike

        I’m not too worry about it. That’s how product are made in this modern time. It’s cheaper to buy parts from others than manufacture it in house. i don’t think Nikon can run the fab at full capacity just to supply sensor to their own camera.
        Besides, Sony and Nikon dependent on each other, it’s not an one way business. Can sony dump nikon or stop supplying them the sensor? No way, they are considered a big customer! Is Sony the sore decision maker on type of sensor/mp to make? No way, customer do have the say to drive the direction, if you intend to keep them in your account.

        • Aldo

          For Sony DSLR sensor division Nikon is the first client (before Sony himself). Nikon have the production tools and Sony the factorys. Nikon will stop using non-Sony sensor, they are too costly. So the 14Mp of D3100 and 12Mp of D3s won’t be produced any more. May be we will get an 24Mp FX DSLR who share the Sony A99 sensor, but if Nikon obtain one year of exclusive use for the D800 sensor, they could have signed for A99 exclusivity in FF24. So we’ll get DX 24 Mp in 2012 and an entry level FX 24 Mp in 2013.
          So what’s the best ? Order now a D800 and wait six month for delivery, or be the first to order the next Nikon FX.

      • Srini

        Look at Apple and Samsung! Both are fighting against each other but the latter is the biggest supplier of electronics to Apple, which is richer than some countries!

        • Marek

          It all depends on what you consider to be in the scope of, rather general, term rich.

          But we may say that Big A is even richer than the US, LOL.

      • Tao

        Nikon has been outsourcing their sensor designs 10 years. A few have been Sony designed but most are designed and/or tweaked by Nikon. This is nothing new or anything to be concerned about.

        Now if I were Leica who has used Kodak sensors, I would be concerned. That division was sold off to another holding company.

      • stormwatch

        Don’t think so. It is clear that for top models (D3, D3X, maybe D4) Nikon is making IT’S OWN sensors. Sony makes them for the lower level DSLR-s such as D3100, D5100 and D7000, BUT….Nikon’s pulling a lot more juice out of their sensors, so when you compare pictures from the Alpha with the same sensor as used in Nikon, you can clearly see that Nikon’s blowing out Sony in their own technology.

        • David

          Not really.. the a580 and d7000 were almost exactly the same image quality

          a900 vs D3X is the only example I can think of where they were significantly different

      • Sly Larive

        If I was an Apple user, I’d be worried. Our screens, processors, flash and ram memory are made by Samsung, the very company we’re currently suing in over 20 countries…

        This might not make g damn sense but that’s the way things works in this age. Companies understand that diversity of their customers, even competitors, is a good thing to keep their factories at full capacity instead of having skilled workers laid off. It helps them pay for their own R&D without actually investing their own money.

        They understand that its better to make 20% profit on part of a competitor product, increasing their market share than simply try to increase market share alone by living in your own shell.

      • Zeke

        It goes both ways.

        Nikon is free to shop around for the most competitive sensor supplier rather than devise ways to keep a multibillion-dollar chip fab busy. And they purchase in sufficient quantity that manufacturers will fight for their business and produce parts to their specifications. It’s a good position to be in.

      • Sahaja

        Does it bother you that the CPU in most PCs is made by Intel?

        Sony seem to be well on the way to becoming something like the Intel of camera sensor makers.

    • Marek

      I would risk saying that Nikon would present the successor to the D7000. While a very good camera per se, it has a design error in mirror mechanism which causes a lot of focusing errors.

      Just try searching the Google to see how many people have this problem, and YES, they really have fast lenses and they know how to make photos (some are even pros). And Nikon acts like everything is OK. They have never admitted to any mistakes, suckers…

  • chris

    … time to switch from DX to FX ….

    • +1. It seems that if you want less than 20mp, you have to go FX.

      • Or, you can change the quality size to M or S. At least in jpeg. 😉

  • Disiderio

    IF and big IF, a d400 emerges with good mp count, decent ISO performance and FPC count, I may consider it over a d800 to accompany my d700 for wedding duties. Anyway, the dx crop isn’t too bad with a big mp count and a 70 to 200 for that extra reach 😀

  • Visualiza

    Another poster brings up a good point; entry level DSLRs need to protect their market, so to speak, in light of the mirrorless offerings.

    At this point, I think mirrorless cams adequately fulfill the entry level enthusiast segment. With that being said, Nikon really ought to streamline the lineup a bit. Get rid of the 5000 series, bump the 3000 series up to that spec, and above that only have the 7000 and/or th D400 series.

    • Merv

      “Get rid of the 5000 series, bump the 3000 series up to that spec, and above that only have the 7000 and/or th D400 series.”

      Another way of what you are saying is to get rid of the 3000 series. But that would also mean there would be a very large price gap below the 5000 series.

      • Visualiza

        Indeed, although if you look to mirrorless offerings, the gap isn’t quite as large. The 1 cameras are a bit pricey for what they are at the moment, but I’m sure that being a new product lineup has a lot to do with that. In due time I would imagine that they will occupy the price bracket that entry level DSLRs once did.

        It is a pickle, no doubt about it, but I don’t see much point in Nikon having so much redundancy in their lineup.

    • Rob

      They sold more than twice as many D3100s in Japan than any other DSLR last year. If it was similar in other countries, that would make it the worst possible camera line they could get rid of, financially speaking.

      • Rob

        Sorry about the grammar. I should proofread next time.

  • The D3200’s specs look quite good for an entry-level DSLR. What I’m really hanging out for is the D7100 and D400. I think they will be announced sometime in the middle of the year for a late 2012 release. I’ve been looking to buy a D7000 for the past few months but I have to keep reminding myself that Nikon might/will announce a newer model this year. If only Nikon could announce the D7100 and D400 now (with prices).

  • comberdale

    I would love to see on the d3200:

    iso button,
    drive button with remote controll option,
    continious-single-manuel focus button,

    a bit like a d7000 but in small
    but not as ugly as the d5100

    that would be nice

  • Vangelis Feleris

    I really believe now that D400 will be a low cost full frame…

    • Neomovie

      It really need to be a semi-professional DX one to replace D300s, not a low cost FX one, if the market really need and Nikon have to introduce this FX DSLR, Please call it D90F, with full frame, but plastice body, low fps, same iso performance and AF system as D7000, it should be entry-lever camera, so the price should be higher than D7000 but lower than D400.

      • btdown

        No it doesnt….They need a direct replacement for the D700…..the D800 is not that camera.

        • Mike M

          They need a direct replacement for a camera they’re still selling? The whole “next D400 would be FX” thing had merit until they kept the D700 and lowered it’s price to the point it would have had to be to make sense. Just because a bunch of people want/need/whatever an FX camera doesn’t mean there isn’t a big group of us that want/need a semi pro level DX camera. I really doubt Nikon will abandon that market.

    • RC

      Let’s see what the resolution of ISO 6400 film is, LOL. As far as I’m concerned, film died a LONG time ago (around when 3MP cameras came out – 1.5MP for me). It would be AWESOME if the D400 came out with the D3s sensor =)


    If they’re going to continue the 3000-series, they need to push the 300s successor to full-frame around 16mp, 5+ fps, high ISO low noise and video to match the D800 at the $2000 price point, and it would NEVER be in stock. Then you could bump the 7000-series up to flagship DX and robustify the body to D300s standards.

    • tony5787

      This would make sense. If you think about it Nikon has been sort of “streamlining” their lineup with the D800 seemingly replacing the need for a D4x (although there may and probably will still be that model). By the D800 replacing the D3x more than the D700 and the D7000 seemingly replacing the D300s and D90 simultaneously, the D400 could replace the D700. Just a thought.

      • I have been thinking the same way. With maybe the D400 as a professional standard 24mp FX (11mp DX) high ISO, high fps, camera – replacing the D700 and providing a D300s upgrade (maybe not in mp, but DR, hi ISO, buffer, metering & auto focus system). This would also as a perfect bridge for users from DX to FX.

        But this D3200 throws a real spanner in the works…

    • King of Swaziland

      I want a bloody high end DX camera, not Nikon to dump that market segment for the FX robots.

  • MattC

    No one asked for it, but my suggestion to those screaming about a D300(s) replacement: Buy a D800! 15.3MP DX mode > 12MP and hey, you get the option of *gasp* shooting full frame with a 36mp sensor! If that is blasphemous, the D7000 is a proven bang for the buck and it’s replacement will be even better. D3200, yay!

    • Shokinen

      Problem with that setup is the fps.

      • Mike M

        I’d say the 3000 dollar price tag might be a wee bit of an issue too…

    • Foolishcfo

      I have a D800 on order. However, I prefer the cropped sensor for underwater macro photography and the big underwater housing manufacturers laugh at the lower end Nikon DSLR’s. They jumped all over the D300/D300s and will do so when the D400 finally comes out.

      • udo

        I’m in the same ship…. but still on D200 though… This week i ordered my copy of the D800 which is estimated to be available tomorrow, fingers crossed! I was waiting for the D400 since three years now, but i lost my patience… So i bought myself a Ferrari instead of a Mercedes…

        • MattC

          and you’ll never look back, I’m sure 🙂

    • Brian

      What about nature shooters who need high ISO for high shutter speeds?

      • MattC

        what more of a reason to buy a D800? Better high ISO than D300 or D700. Use the DX crop mode if you don’t want to invest in a teleconverter for the extra reach.

  • DVX

    What about the successor to the D7000? Is it not due for a refresh in the summer?

    • Srini

      They were scheduled to announce three DSLRs in 2012. I think D3200 may be the last one for this year.

      • Toecutter

        The rumour is 3 bodies in addition to the D4 and 800

  • The Man from Mandrem

    Any word on the screen resolution? The D3200 would be great for those with a limited budgets if the LCD resolution were improved over the D3100. On the sensor-side, anyone translate resolution test data into something that assesses compatibility of lenses with these new sensors?

  • rafael nuno

    24MP and a whole bunch of features? Wow! Nikon rocks!

  • Obviously you guys weren’t at the Nikon new years party:

    Q “Nikon officials, what are your new years resolutions for 2012?”
    A “Very very high.”

    • Anonimouse

      I see what you did there 🙂

    • +1

    • Dr Motmot

      pause…. oh now I get it!

  • Dweeb

    Is it cheap enough to have integrated GPS ?

  • zflee

    If D3200 , D400 and D7100 will be using same 24mp sensor and most likely too for the D5200. D4 will be the lowest MP count DSLR in nikon line soon.

  • Phill

    ARE YOU KIDDING!!! THIS IS SO STUPID!!!! WHERE IS MY D400? I might as well buy the D7000 at this point because aparently Nikon is only wanting to appeal to the entry level market. I NEED A NEW ‘PRO’ DX BODY FOR MY SPORTS AND BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY!

    • Is there something that the D300s or D7000 can’t offer you all of a sudden? Should you have had a D60 when the D300s came out, it would have been the pinnacle of DX. Now, all of a sudden, the cameras are inferior in every way.

      There’s some sad misconception that ANYONE practical looking for a DX STILL camera can’t find what they’re looking for in a D300s. EVERYONE could just 2 years ago. All of a sudden, the world has changed.


      • ik

        Cut the BS. This has nothing to do with the capabilities of the d300s (forget about the d7000, it’s not at the same level), it’s about spending money on a camera that, by all accounts and all evidence, should be superseded very soon. Anyone looking to buy into the pro DX segment would be a fool to pay the going rate of a new d300s right now. So those of us who are sitting on upgrade cash, want to know what’s coming. Plain and simple.

        • Rich in tx

          Lol… Did you just say “pro dx”?

          Hahahahahahahaha. Good one

          • Discontinued

            Mind you, it’s not long ago ALL Nikons have been DX, including the so called pro cameras.

          • KnightPhoto

            Yes he did say pro DX:
            – D400 Sports and Wildlife shooting cam, sharing D800 battery and grip, plus all the D800/D4 subsystem improvements.

            Anyone saying just use a D7000 (and I have one of those too) is clearly not a Sports or Wildlife tog 😉

            • Phill

              Yes absolutely I said “Pro DX”. I want the image quality of the D7000 with high ISO and frames per second etc but in a body that keeps all the controls like on the D300 and D300s. The D7000 is great but doesn’t allow me to change my metering etc on the fly like I can on a 300s and with the hazards of wildlife and sports I need more than a half magnesium allow frame like the 7000. I need a full one like the 300. Its not as crazy a thing to ask if you think about it.

            • Phill

              just P.S. to my last comment… If the D7000 upgrade has a body closer to a d300s I would be much happier. Its not the number on the camera I’m looking for, it’s the image quality of the d7000 if not better with the control level and robustness of a D300s. I would happily buy a 300s if nothing else was coming out similar to it, but I’m not going to fork out that cash just for them to announce an upgrade a month or so later.

            • Phill

              I shoot a D200… for clarification

      • Brian

        One major problem with D7000 is BUFFER. You get about 1 1/2 seconds before your buffer is full. Doesn’t quite lend itself to sports or nature shooting.

        • Yes, this is the only thing I hate about my D7000…< 2 seconds and the buffer is full. Other than that, it trumps the D300s in every way.

          • D90

            Except the autofocus and the ergonomics…

          • Fatty McGee

            Can the buffer rate be upgraded with firmware?

        • Dr Motmot

          Does anyone else find the D7000 grip really uncomfortable? I was shooting volleyball with the 24-70mm and my fingers were really aching after a while and you can’t really support the weight of the lens with your left hand because you need to use the zoom ring. Don’t know why they couldn’t have left it the same shape as the D80.

          • 2nd that. I find my 300s to be much more comfortable with my bigger 2.8 lenses than the D7000. Talking 24-70 2.8 and 70-200 VRII.

            D7000 is definitely a great camera, but IMHO there is definitely a big market for a new Pro Grade DX body.

  • It doesn’t seem logical to release this sensor in the base model camera. Why not release the D300s or D7000 replacement first? Seems like a more sound business decision is to get a customer to bite on a higher price point.


      most likely because it might persuade some away from going for the D800. I dont know of many companies that want to compete with themselves.

      • D90

        The D400 is supposed to be a wildlife/reportage/sports camera like a D4 in a smaller body similar to the D300(s). How would it compete with the D800?

    • Komalkumar

      Nikon strategy from D7000 launch has been to introduce new features and technology changes in the entry level first and then in the pro bodies with better features and with further refinement….like the AF button near the lens which was introduced in d7000…. by this Nikon got to see the acceptance of the market and further perfect it and introduce it in the high end bodies…and they discontinued the U1 and U2 dial in D7000 in the later bodies…..

      I feel this is a good one for nikon to drive the sales and to get new photo enthusiasts in to their fold by giving better features in the entry level models which canon followed and won lot of the market share before…..

  • wow

    suddenly every canon body is stuck in the 2008 resolution wise. not even their sweeheart canon 5dMKIII can match nikon’s entry level. and that’s saying a LOT.

    • FYI .. both nikon and canon are behind killer Nokia 808 41 mp Cam phone .

      • GeoffK

        That produces 5MP images from what I recall reading.

    • Marcus

      No, that is not saying anything at all actually. Both Canon and Nikon could go much higher on the resolution front than they are today if they wanted to. It’s all about image quality trade offs.

  • Al

    I love how everybody here “thinks” they have better business strategies than Nikon….LOL

    “wheres the 400???”

    “who cares about the 3200….”

    Please….if you were smarter you’d be working for Nikon, not surfing the web waiting for new post on NR.

    • joey


    • Bip

      I disagree. If they are THAT smart, they would come up with a brand that is a Nikon/Canon/SONY DSLR killer!

      • jorg

        that is not smart businesswise. all companies profit from competition, which makes even small technolical steps look larger.
        having nikon and canon competing in an “endless war” about the lead will help both sell new products and keep customers emotionally attached.

        mankind likes to see two teams and be in one of them. look at all the fanboys, that keep this canon-vs-nikon-thing aflame.

        this should be more about creating art, using intresting optical technology etc. and less camera-emo-kindergarten…


    This further boost my claim that the D300s line is gone for good.

    The D7100 will fill the high end of the DX line and possibly a D5200 in between.
    And as for the last camera to be announced, as of yesterday I believe it to be the next one in the Nikon 1 family as well. There is a considerable price cut on the J1 especially and also the V1 in Japan.

    so to put it simply…

    D3100 → D3200
    D7000/D300s → D7200
    Nikon J/V1 → Nikon S1/R1? (dont know about name, but upgraded)

    with the wild card being the D5200

    • Bryan

      I don’t think the 300s line is gone for good. $1000 to $3000 is a huge gap in the product line. I think we’ll see an FX D400 body. I think over the next few camera generations, we’ll see FX sensors trickle down the line until all DSLRs are FX. Even with a 16MP FX sensor, the DX crop size is larger than the D40 was, so Nikon won’t be sacrificing all the DX lenses they’ve sold. For those that will talk about how an FX D400 would cannibalize sales of the D4, it’s no different than the D700 was to the D3. Nikon knows they don’t sell many of their top end cameras. I’m sure they make a huge profit margin on them though. Given the popularity of the D700 (and now the D800), that’s where Nikon’s big bucks come from.


        I understand the thinking of 1000-3000 gap, and I like your idea of “until all DSLRs are FX”, but with that thinking alone, thats why I dont think we will see another FX this year.
        Theres a need for capable/affordable DX bodies to capture the attention of those who dont currently own a “camera” and to persuade them away from competing mirrorless comapanies.
        A new FX body now would hurt D800 sales and D7100 sales if it played out that way. And seeing as the D800 is barely a week old, and killing it around the world, EVEN IF they had a new FX body, would they release it this year? or even next?…

      • Liam

        There are huge numbers of people that want to move up from DX to FX and Nikon needs to come up with something for them, whatever they call it. D4 is way too expensive and big for most and the D800 has too many megapixels for the average person’s hard drive and processor. Most don’t want to buy something as long in the tooth as a D700. If they don’t offer SOMETHING to the hordes of folks that bought DX over the last decade and want to move up, some people are going to start abandoning the Nikon ship.

        • KnightPhoto


          The low-cost FX has to be in a D7000 style body not the D700/800 style body, prob will include the rumoured Sony 24mp FX sensor not the D4 sensor, and use D7000 AF and metering. Price-wise it will be similar to D400 DX though, probably a few hundred more due to FX sensor, so mid $2K-range say $2400. D400 DX at around $2000?

        • RC

          I am one of those people that want to move from DX to FX. I bought the D300 when it first came out, and I love it, but I would like several more stops of ISO improvement. 36MP is fine with me, but the D800 is just too slow at 4 fps. I don’t want an “old” D700 with no video mode. I’m not even considering leaving Nikon, but I’ve been waiting for an upgrade for at least 3 years now. What is taking so long!?!?!?!? How about recycling the D3s sensor in the D400? =) 9 fps and a 100 frame RAW buffer, and we’re good to go =)

        • Travone

          I don’t think it’ll make a difference as that price range has been consistent with most FX cameras. Especially with the 5D3 being $3500 the D800 is a reasonable price. I couldn’t imagine a new FX camera cheaper than that from either Nikon or Canon, at least not in 2012.

    • Yea, I’m surprised that more people are not complaining that the D400 may not have an FX chip. I can’t think of a more important feature for new prosumer cameras at this point forward.

    • > Nikon J/V1 → Nikon S1/R1?

      Let put this in a such way:
      Nikon J/V1 → Nikon R2/D2


      • OlJa

        Nikon S1/R1 would be in cooperation with Apple. With speech recognition.

  • haha

    Wait…. so D3200 was meant to compete with 5Dm3???

  • Bob

    OMG! The D3200 will have the same fps as the D800! Yahooooooo!

  • rafael nuno

    If this is true, the D3200 will replace my D7000. 24 MP rocks!

  • EnPassant

    Releasing the budget DSLR with the 24 MP sensor first is a smart move by Nikon!
    Many of those impatiently waiting for the 24 MP D7100 (September 2012) or D5200 (Early spring 2013?) will buy the D3200 because they want to try the 24 MP sensor as soon as possible. And when the D7100/D5200 is released they will buy that camera as well!

  • Oh man, I really have been wanting to replace my mighty D90 already. I love my Nikon D90, but its been a long time coming for me to upgrade already. I hope the D400 comes sooner than later…LIKE THIS YEAR!

    • GeoffK

      I would like something in the 18-20MP range to replace my D90. Higher FPS and better ISO also. Keep it at $2k and I am in for 1.

  • I was hoping the D400, when it arrived, would have a DX sensor. I’ve shot FX since the D3’s, but still like to pick up an old D2X when the light is right and head out the door packing light weight glass multiplied by that oh so nice 1.5

    • Steven Georges

      oh so nice 1.5?!?!?
      Just use the crop tool, does the same thing.
      Or, use the Nikon 1, it has an even smaller sensor.
      The ONLY reason to put a DX chip in a camera is because it cost less.

      BTW – FX camera’s work just fine with light weight DX lens. But they do cost more.

  • RondoX


    Nikon keeps baffling us all!

    We are really treading in unprecedented waters here….

    This is the FIRST time in Nikon Digtal history in which we get a next gen DX entry level camera BEFORE the high end models.

    It was always,
    D1/1x D2x/h/xs D3/s/x
    D100 D200 D300(s)
    D70(s) D80 D90
    D50 D40/x/D60 D3000


    Nikon would release their high end cameras with the latest technologies, and as they made money as time passed, tech became cheaper, so it would trickle down into their entry level offerings.

    Now we get a entry level Gen 4 DX camera before the flagship, and a 24mp one at that.

    Nikon used to be a really predictable company, now I don’t know what to think…

    What will the 5200, 7100, and D400 turn out to be?

    I can’t imagine Nikon will have a 16mp FX Flagship, a 36mp FX semi-pro, and then FOUR 24mp DX bodies…. It doesn’t make sense….

    Unless Nikon will blow us all away again with 36mp DX, if not, the only things that might seperate the D7100 and D400 are FPS, build, and buffer. Is that really enough?

    Why wait for these cameras when we can purchase Gen 4 tech in an entry level body, BEFORE their high end counterparts. Something doesn’t add up…

    What do you got up your sleeves Nikon….

    I can’t help but start to think the D400 may end up FX afterall….

    Nikon is being way too agressive this gerneration!

    • Al

      Well whatever theyre doing theyre doing with a vengence….

      2 new bodies at the top of DXO labs top 10…. in the number 1 & 3 spots !!!

      and now a 24mp entry level….

      Ive always been a Nikon fanboy, but this has got me wondering what will they do next.

      Nikon for Life.

    • RR


  • D700guy

    Bet these get delivered before any of us receive a D4

    • Merv

      I suppose are already more manufactured D3200 cameras now in some warehouse than there are for the D4 or D800

  • Josef

    Anyone want to take a guess at how much that 28mm f1.8 will run? I’m afraid it’ll be closer to $1000 than I’d like.

    And why-oh-why can’t we get a lower priced FX 35mm prime? A f2 refresh, perhaps?

  • glen

    before announcing anything new.. i believe Nikon has to fulfill first all the orders of the previous cameras….
    produce more cameras for the pre-order to be fulfilled…..

  • Nikonnut

    24mpx on a d3200? Full steam ahead for the megapixel race eh nikon?

    if this is the same 24mpx sony used on the a77 and nex7 hope nikon works some of their magic because from what ive been reading it not the best when it comes to noise control and high iso.

    If this rumor is true, my guess is that anything above the D3200 (and maybe the D5200) will have a new nikon designed sensor. It doesnt make sense to me if nikon is going to use the same sensor in all 4 DX bodies, 3 series, 5 series, 7 series and D300s successor. It just wouldnt make sense to the consumer. Cameras ranging from $650 to $1700 price points all with the same sensor? Dont think so……….

  • “Megapixel race is end”

    I just understand what it mean. 🙂

  • Srini

    Why should Nikon announce two cameras (D3100 and D400) with a same sensor, unless the D400 comes out as a full-frame sensor?

    May be D400 may become D400 DX and D400 FX.

  • ping

    Maybe the nikon plan is :
    High MP low fps for d3100 d5100 to lure mp happy beginners
    18MP high iso high fps for d7100/d400 for sports n wildlife shooters

    • Nikonnut

      Sound good to me!

  • I am totally blown away that there is no info on the D300s replacement? I personally believe Nikon has something big planned for it. That line has been a huge success (and to all the people saying, pros don’t shoot in that category ,that is nonsense.) There is a rumor that Canon is going to release a Full frame in the prosumer category. Do you think this is possible with the D400, administration? Something big has to be in the works why the wait and the top secret nature. Even the D800 had leaks?

    • Brian

      I was told a year ago and as recently as a month ago by a well placed Nikon NPS member that there is no intention to replace the D300S at all. They can’t keep up with D7000 demand. Thom Hogan and others have felt this can’t be yet here we are almost April 2012 and still not even a HINT of a D300S replacement.

      • Rich

        I find it very hard to believe Nikon won’t continue that line. The D7000 isn’t in the same category as far as construction and having more pro features (like somewhere to plug a sync chord for strobes. Yes I still use a sync chord lol.
        It seems more like a beginner camera (a very good beginner camera) the D300 and D200 were taken more seriously by pros. Sandro, the guy that shot the Joy ride video had a D300 in his kit. It makes no sense that they havent been working on
        This it is the oldest camera that hasn’t been updated? Which makes me believe something really big is in the works, new tech or hopefully full frame other wise I guess your friend was right and they abandoned that line. But that makes no sense??!

    • that means it’s not coming any time soon

  • Gab

    “The D7000 is great but doesn’t allow me to change my metering etc on the fly”
    It does allow for that! You can set spot metering to any of it’s fn buttons. Press a button wooo spot metering, what else would you want?

  • SNRatio

    If Nikon releases a 24MP D3200, my instant reaction would be that it makes a 24MP D400 less likely. What I think we may see, is a ca 16MP fast companion to the D4, and then later on maybe the D7000 successor, with higher MP and slower speed.
    But new higher resolution sensor versions may of course be introduced.

  • titsmcgee

    “In addition to the D4 and D800, Nikon is expected to announce 3 more DSLR cameras in 2012”

    So…D3200, D7100 and D400. Amirite?

  • vb86

    It would be really nice if Nikon could add an AF motor even in the entry level bodies. I’ve seen so many people opt for alternatives (usually Canon) just because of this. A lot of time on tech-forums, I’ve seen people convince entry-level buyers to not buy Nikon due to the lack of a built-in AF motor. Nikon really should add it!

  • Hassle Bad

    Over at Sony Alpha Rumor they speculate that there will be 2 FX camera’s to replace the A900/A850: 36 and 24mpx. We might see D400 turn FX and use a version of that 24mpx sensor.

  • All of us missing the interesting in body w-fi … we are going to love it for passport photo over the counter booth. So interesting.

  • Zim

    Just release the D400 Nikon!!!

  • Chris

    What are the chances this will (D3200) have a 100% viewfinder?

  • Tanduà

    Wow…new dslr approaching….

    but…I’m still wait my pre-order (D800)

    Nikon introduce many dslr this year….

    d800..pre-order 1 month ago…. eta june!

    d5100 eta (after pre-order) 2014!

    100.000 pre-order

    99.000 still wait

    …not good

  • Imho the D3100 is fine for beginners as it is. OK, add a few buzz words for proper marketing that no one will use anyway and you’re all set.

    More importantly it’s about time Nikon releases a D7100 with proper video functionality.
    Can’t be that I carry a D5100 on the side just for that.

  • Dave Stewart

    Admin – regarding the Wi-Fi.

    I suspect you’ve missed one little (but important) word out. Something that is said to: “offer few very interesting new features”, is a bit different another that is offering “a” few very interesting new features!

    Thanks for the news… as rumoured.

    • I will fire my editor right away 🙂

  • Mazzy

    The D400 will be FX, Make no sense to have 4 DX Body and J/V1 Line to sell.
    D3x00 low end
    D5x00 low end with articulate screen, bigger
    D7x00 pro-sumer at $1,200
    D400 FX at $2000

    Nikon need to push top DX user to upgrade to FX.
    The people that await D400 over the D7000 is a tiny minority.
    People with D7000 will not upgrade at D400 DX with lower ISO performance and maybe 1 fps more, some will if the D400 is DX 16-24Mpx with better ISO performance.
    The future and the present is FX from midrange up.
    The is the only way to push mirroless at lower end.

    • Neomovie

      If nikon do so, nikon will lose many wild or bird shoot fans, as we know, this semi-profesional market has became bigger and bigger, and this type consumers usually have big consumptive power, own long lens in the same own many short ones and 1-2 backup DSLR.

  • Mazzy

    Ops D400 FX at 16-24Mpx

  • timon

    if we gaze at the image quality per single pixel, and is not a so-called “Overall Score” (the narrowed sample is merely an 8Mpix image), well then you would understand the time at least within 12 months, the d400 sensor in pixel pitch should not take smaller than 4.5μm.

    I have noticed that the 24MP Sony NEX-7 is worse, under the “Screen Mode”, a 100% magnification, pixel-for-pixel. Even if in ISO 100 (78), Sony NEX-7 Tonal Range is merely close to 8.12bits sweaty.

    a 4μm sensor is likely needing next 24 months later to win a nice performance like a d7000 sensor.
    d800 and d7000 sensor performance are not bad, but we did not want to see the downgrade, therein a line is limitative.

    d300 /5.42μm, 12.48MP, d90 /5.47μm, 12.40MP, d7000/4.73μm 16MP
    d7000 sensor is a better one in among the three, which is a 16MP sensor, 4.73μm.

    measurement charts with screen mode, with a 100% magnification, pixel-for-pixel,

    d300/Tonal Range: ISO200 (145) 8.0bits, ISO 400 (288) 7.491bits
    d90/Tonal Range: ISO200 (145) 8.32bits, ISO 400 (292) 7.861bits
    d7000/Tonal Range: ISO 100 (83) 8.5bits, ISO 400 (328) 7.54bits

    d300/SNR18: ISO200 (145) 34.9dB, ISO 400 (288) 31.7dB
    d90/SNR18: ISO200 (145) 36.5dB, ISO 400 (292) 33.7dB
    d7000/SNR18: ISO100 (83) 38dB, ISO 400 (328) 32.2dB

    d300/DR: ISO200 (145) 11.72EV, ISO 400 (288) 10.76EV
    d90/DR: ISO200 (145) 12.21EV, ISO 400 (292) 11.58EV
    d7000/DR: ISO100 (83) 13.35EV, ISO 400 (328) 11.46EV

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