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  • Anton

    is it the same image? I see only WB difference and IMHO D3s image is better, maybe because it’s my photo-camera)

  • jonathan

    Frankly, from this sample image, you can’t tell anything. Mostly because I think it’s fake. If you’re really trying to compare, how about someone with both cameras, set up a tripod of a still life in controlled situations, and shoot a color chart, then show us the image compared to a calibrated monitor.

  • Bruce McFarland

    I’m still waiting for my D800, and was somewhat concerned about the LCD screen accuracy.
    As I was looking at the two images, it occurred to me that they may be a simulation.
    Other than a white spot on the floor, and the apparent color shift, the images appear to exactly the same. That means that after taking the image with one camera, the photographer put the other camera in exactly the same place, to capture exactly the same composition, the same expression, head position, body position, arm position and scarf position, as in the other image. Hmmm.
    There could be a couple of other oddities in the comparison, but the identicallity of composition and subject seem suspect enough for me.
    Does that mean the problem doesn’t exist, obviously not, if Nikon is responding in such a way, but I would like to see both camera backs (shooting the same subject at the same time) in the same shot.

  • Hello,

    The D800 LCD is not green/yellow and the D800 LCD should not be compared to a D3 / D300 or any other camera LCD. Instead compare it to a calibrated monitor (6500K) and than you will see that the colours are very accurate.

    Best regards,


  • john

    Compared to a D2x the both screen and print are 7 to 12 % yellowish green cast both on screen and on output monitor, both auto white Balance or Manual white balance , i have seen better coulours on consumer cheaper models, its a Pity that Nikon seems to be leaving the Pro Section market ….. if Nikon says its a better cast ?