Nikon D800 issues

Listed below are several Nikon D800 issues reported by readers. If you have experienced any other problems with your new camera, please describe them them in the comments section.

  • You can see the first issue in the above two images (click for larger view) - the Nikon D800 LCD screen has a green cast on some images. Several people emailed me about that. The actual files are fine and the problem seems to be with the LCD screen. I got something similar when I was playing with the camera, but I think mine was related to the WB/shutter selection. This discussion on flickr suggests that the green cast could be fixed by adjusting the LCD monitor hue - see page 52 of the D800 manual (images credit: Benjamin Brolet).
  • Check your CF and SD card compatibility (page 434 of the D800 manual). There could be issues with cheaper/older memory cards - see this post.

  • The next issue involves tethered shooting: "We met up today and he asked if we could check my D800 behavior in manual exposure mode with live view on and/or camera control tethered to the camera. He had found that his D4 had an issue that when in live view in manual exposure mode, the live view or computer window view would stop down as you decreased aperture or increased  shutter speed. At smallest apertures it was impossible to see what you were focusing on, kind of like a "full time depth of field preview". This problem could not be remedied unless you momentarily tapped the shutter to autofocus, but then the view would go dark again. This problem doesn't seem to be present when using live view in any automatic modes, only full manual mode. My buddy contacted an individual at Nikon that verified the behavior on a D4 there at Nikon. Apparently the individual was a bit surprised by the development and told my buddy that he will need to check this out further and get back to him. Back to my D800; the problem is also present on my D800 firmware 1.00. This will make tethered studio shooting difficult unless corrected." (thanks Son of FE)

Update: here is another Nikon D4 issue (thanks Daniel):

I like to have my multi selector during playback set so that vertical move flips through photos and horizontal move cycles info screens.
I have tried both settings her and they all stay the same at opposite -- horizontal move flips through photos and vertical move cycles info screens.
The option when u select it gives you.
Same as multi selector or focus point selection.
If you select Same as multi selector then you get 2 options for which way you want the controls to work.
Either setting results in the same behaviour i don't like.
This worked fine on my D3 and D3S.

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  • Vincent J

    Tethering with Lightroom 4, via USB, into Macbook Pro, does not work for me. Camera is not recognized. Import works, so the USB cable is fine.

  • I’ve noticed the LCD seems green and underexposed on my body.

    • I’m sure I’ve read the LCD can be set to read ambient light – in other words it adjusts brightness automatically depending shooting conditions to show a more realistic image on the LCD compared to the file recorded. I’m sure that feature can be turned off too, so maybe this is part of the issue?

      • yes, i noticed it too, set the brightness to manual, middle and it went off.

    • grisowoody

      Watch out for fungus infections mate!

  • phyl

    While wandering around Ebay this pm (3-27) for D800’s I noticed one (1) seller that had 5 listings for the camera, some multiples, some singles for a total of twenty-one (21) D800’s. I would guess he is some kind of a dealer or he hijacked a shipment. He/she claimed they were purchased in San Fransisco. Or possibly a NPSer who did a multiple buy and is now selling them for $3850.00 to $4100.00. Not a bad turnaround, and a profit three times what the legitimate dealer is allowed to make.

    The D800’s on ebay that listed serial numbers were in the 1700-1800 range, the multiple lister did NOT show or list and serial numbers.

    On 2-7-12, when I preordered my D800 where Jim Brandenberg picked up his d800, I was told I was #18 on the list, when I checked on 3-22, I found they did not enter my preorder until 2-9, and now I was #25. The local chain of 4 stores received 20 D800’s. (They do not service NPS). Now I have to wait for the second or third shipment, but by then my preorder position may show preorder date of 2-15 and be #42. They said they have a preorder list of about 200 D800’s and that if I ordered now (3-22-12) it would most likely be August before delivery.

    • janet

      hi, do you want to buy mine? i have owned it for 5 hours –got from adorama. didn’t open anything, tested camera. too slow fps for what i do. yes i know what the spec was, but seems slower to me. live in nyc, can use paypal. no scam -will email receipt..was going to exchange it tomorrow. can ship fedex ground tomorrow. pls. advise before i go to the store to return. tks.

      • Gary

        Janet, sorry if I’m asking the obvious, but what memory card(s) are you using?

        When I was trying various cards with mine it became clear that the fps is noticeably slower with some of the (slower) cards. I’d hate you to get rid of this camera in error just because of testing it with a slower card.

      • AJ

        Janet…are you serious ??

      • Alex P

        Hello Janet,

        Very interested in your D800 – please e-mail me on:

        svidanie at

        I live in NYC so we can do face to face.


      • If you still have your camera non sold or returned,
        plz email me at

        I will pay imediately via PayPal

        Portland, OR

      • Elena


        I am interested in your camera,live in NYC,can pay cash today.
        My email is


    • Likely a store – Cameta and a number of Brick and Mortar stores sell on Ebay.

      NPS won’t give an allotment of 20 cameras to a single member. Its unlikely they would give more than a few (at most).

      • sil

        best buy in fresno sold 19 to the same person i know this as a fact

        • But not on the NPS priority purchase program

    • ken

      if an NPS member can do this and abuse their status they should be stripped of any NPS associations and membership, it’s blatant skullduggery!! 🙂

      I mentioned on DPR forums that I suspected this is what is happening with the shortage of D800’s NPS members are simply abusing their status ordering multiple bodies and selling them on for a profit or too their buddies.

      I would hope though that Nikon would have the foresight to restrict an NPS member from buying in bulk like this…

  • D400

    Admin –
    What was the result of the nikon vs sigma lawsuit? you never told us.

    • There should be an official announcement soon I believe.

  • There are generally always issues with camera’s when they are first released. Anyone who thought that the D800 would be different was a fool to themselves. Nikon I am sure will be working on a firmware update and I am sure that there will be a fix as some point soonish.

    • Jimmy


      You initial purchasers are always the ‘beta’ testers. Best wait a good few months for the tweaked versions and (hopefully) a slight price reduction.

      • photo-Jack

        Tweaked? Most likely
        Reduced price? Very unlikely!
        Why would anybody reduce a price if the product goes like hot cakes? Probably Nikon can be sure as of now, that they’ll sell two years worth of production capacity. The availability of the 5DmkIII shows, that all run for the D800. Thus I really wish, all those who whined about the D800 or threatened to switch to Canon would really go for the 5DmkIII to give us a chance to get a copy of the D800 before next X-mas.
        All in all I rather assume, prices will go up – hopefully past I got mine.

    • RamS

      + 1

      Well said. People went into a frenzy when the D800 was announced and started buying up purely based on spec sheets. Like any other electronic gadget of today, it will definitely come with its own set of niggling issues.

      Nikon is also like any other electronic company – we cannot expect their electronic-ware to be trouble-free right from the word go !

  • Ben

    Seems to me that it isn’t right to compare the appearance of a JPEG on the D800 and an NEF on the D4. I would like to see the comparison with RAW on both screens. I will compare my D800 screen to my D300S screen later to see if it shows a similar result.

    • mk

      Doesn’t matter. Camera doesn’t display “raw” but embedded jpeg.

      • ronbenson

        It does matter. The raw file has no white balance performed on it while the JPEG does. Compare equivalent files please.

        • .am

          It’s already been stated that the issue only exists on the LCD itself, and that the cast isn’t present in/on the actual files. Furtermore, on the rear LCD you will *only* ever see the embedded JPG file. If you wanted to do a ‘RAW’ comparison, you’d have to shoot into something like Capture One Pro – but then it wouldn’t be an issue (for the aforementioned reason).

  • looon

    I find it admirable that these are the only issues appearing after initial rollout of an item of this sophistication, plus they’re all firmware solvable. Mine is perfect 🙂

    • Jacques

      I have a back-focus problem!!!

      • Ronbenson

        Go ahead, make yourself a man. Venture into those scary menus and fix it as the option is there. What lense causes problem? That 28-300 in the kit!?! A fast lense?!? What was the f stop? How did you test it? How many focus points were you using when that happened? How big is your computer screen?

  • RaVe

    Its a shame but no big surprise that there is issues, ever heard of a firmware release 1.0.0 that was without problems ? 😉
    My bet is though, that most will

    • jakama

      Yes. The D90

      • Paul

        Correct… The D90 never had any firmware updates available on the official Nikon channel (or anywhere else), except for the lenses database update (the L firmware)…

        • The D700 was pretty close. The firmware updated essentially added features and improved performance on certain functions.

  • kevin

    I just hope there isnt hardware problem. for example: 900sb overheats! that, i call hardware issue.

    • Calibrator

      That’s not quite correct.
      It would disable flashing to not get damaged by too much heat.

      You can debate endlessly if such a shutdown is pleasant or bad for your kind of work – but it keeps the heat within the allowed specification and is technically not overheating.

      You can disable this temperature shutdown but this is like driving an engine over the allowed rpms for an extended time – damages could ensue and would not be covered by warranty (usually).

  • Aurobindo Saha

    The local camera store called me, and informed they received my preorder and will hold it for next 24 hours. With the issues being reported I am skeptical to go for it. Its a lot lot of money for me to invest. I do not want to put money on a piece that comes to the market with defects. Neither do I have money to stretch to D4. D800 was itself a stretch. Confused what to do. Any advice?

    • jorg

      you call these issues “serious” ?
      man, you really dont want or need this camera…

    • i think that if you are waffling about it, get it anyhow, because you can try it out and see for yourself that its an absolutely amazing piece of gear. and if you still don’t want it, you will be able to sell it in a heartbeat for $500 more than you paid for it to many of the thousands of people that would pay that just to be in your position of having one on hold for you to pick up. literally, thousands of people want this camera and they can’t have it, because Nikon hasn’t made anywhere near enough of them to go around. I got mine last week, by a total fluke-miracle, and i am utterly thrilled with it and would not even sell it if someone offered me $4000 for it after i’ve taken already 900 shots with it. that’s how awesome it is. mine has no problems whatsoever ..

    • Cuius

      1.3 million BMW 5- and 6-series recalled – report yesterday

      Get real

    • vilaroimages

      I’m with those that say never be the first to buy the first of anything. If your finances are stretched then waiting a few months for all these bugs to be fixed will probably put you in a better buying position anyway.
      Nothing worse than having regrets about a purchase.

      • Calibrator


        Especially, if you don’t *need* to buy it right now.

        I would define “need” as in “need it to make more money” (get jobs that require higher resolution) or “need it as my old just body broke”.

    • Mandrake

      Many people want to know where this preorder is and suggest you cancel. 😉

    • Mock Kenwell

      Dude, if you are unsure, don’t buy it. You will have plenty of time in a year or so and the price will likely have dropped by then. Also, the D700 successor will likely be out in a year or so, and you may like that one instead. It will also be cheaper. The last thing you want to do is be camera poor. Invest in your lenses first, and maybe get a D7000.

    • jodjac

      Buy the friggin CAMERA! You’ll love it. I carry mine around just to have it in my arms. Swoon. Swoon. Swooning.

  • Some picture look terrible on the d800 display because od the greenish tint! At first I thought that the whitebalance does not work as good as it should but it’s just the display… I hope Nikon will fix this with a firmware update!

    • Hi Ivan and other in regards to the green tint on the display.
      After reading Page 52 of the English manual on Hue Adjustment I got mine to look more natural and with cool bluish colors.
      The Manual is not very precise in explaining this step.

      But do the following
      1) Switch the live view selector to photocamera.
      2) Turn on Live View
      3) press and hold down the (zoom minus) button and Notice the yellow marked box on the display with small letters LV WB. Keep holding this button down, while you
      4) turn the back wheel selector (thumb wheel) until it says A1 or what ever WB is desired.
      5) Thats it
      Now this does not mean I fully understand the potential of this yet. But now you can set it to behave as you wish, and at least get rid of the green hue.

      • Follow up on my latest post regarding the green hue issue.
        Unfortunately the camera forgets about the setting once turned off, so its desired that Nikon should make it possible to remember our settings once turned off and then on again. Definitely a wish for next coming firmware.

  • Rick Heatherley

    Any one elses D800 come with hot pixels? red pixels in your images? Guess mine is going back to Nikon to have them remapped. Based on the serial number mine was made on the first day.

    • what serial number is yours?
      mine is 3000882

      • Rick Heatherley

        Mine is 5000376 and they’re supposed to be making 30000/month. That’s 1000 per day or so.

  • I noticed the same problems (less important) with D4’s LCD screen that I tested last week. I’ve got a D3s.

  • jonatan

    Ppl complains… but what you expect for low budget camera?

    Want camera for technical parametrs? buy d800 🙂

    Want photos? or GREAT quality? BUY d4 or lower mp d3x

    • Calibrator

      Want something really hard and solid in your hand?

      Get yourself a brick.

      • Mock Kenwell

        LOL. Jonatan, you are quite the douche.

  • razvan

    hi, my main concern it’s about purple fringing. shoot wide open with lenses (50 1.8 af-s or 85 1.4 af-s G) it has a lot of CA, yes, correctable in Capture NX, but on my d700 or any other body doesn’t saw them, no matter what was the resolution. i know that they correct automatically in the body, but here i suppose that they forget to make this happened. i know that now i have 36 mpx, but … anyway

    and maybe the best wish that i can want it’s to have (like canons do) an ‘sRAW’ mode, that can use all the sensor but downsampling the image size to 20 mpx, or even smaller


    • burgerman

      Then get better lenses.

      The camera has 3x the pixels it DOES correct fringing on my 2 trinity zooms but you are looking at it much enlarged at 74 inches wide! The D700 is a blunt instument in comparison so you cant see the lens problems.

    • I’ve been shooting with my 85 1.4G and haven’t noticed any extra CA out of the ordinary… and nothing that Lightroom 4 doesn’t handle automatically and with ease.

  • Ryan

    This is the complete failure in Nikon QA & QC system. Canon is much superior in the QA efficiencies.

    • Mark J.

      That must be why Canon cameras end up getting dozens of firmware updates in their first year…….Because of their superior Quality Control…

      New products with this much tech always have a few issues. To call it a complete failure would be saying pretty much ANY electronic device that has a firmware update needed is a failure. iphone,iPad, Windows, iOS, Linux, PSP, every Android phone, EVERY camera would all be complete failures by your definition.

    • lol. I’ve been reading forums full of issues with bugs for the 5DMKIII. Good luck with that 1DX that has probably re-engineered 10 times already too 😉

    • vilaroImages

      I’m with you Ryan. Some of us are intelligent enough to interpret your comments as frustration and disappointment rather than taking you literally just so they can dis you.

      All criticism should be directed to Nikon, its a disgrace that this ‘technological pioneer’ of a camera that we have been made to wait so many years for has these bugs, no matter what they are. I’ll be waiting before i jump in, never liked lemons.

      • You call something that breaks new ground in so many ways, yet has issues with less than .01% of its features (all of which are correctable with a firmware update) a ‘lemon’?

        Either you are a troll of the highest order, or nothing will ever make you happy – its technology for chrissakes, in this case tech that is easy to fix and upgrade.

      • Mock Kenwell

        Dude, catastrophic hardware problems are one thing, but fixable firmware bugs are another. If the issues mentioned thus far are the only things wrong with this tweaked little monster of a camera, it’ll be fixed in the first update and you’ll have a picture-taking beast in your hand. Get a grip and stop your whining.

        Always predictable when those who aren’t buying find reasons to bitch to justify their lack of participation.

    • jorg

      hrhrrhr, so you came over here, because your canon forum mad you sad?

    • Yes i was one of the unfortunates that had a 1D3M Everybody i know with a 1D4 had to send them in for recalibration, Great QA

    • Rich in TX

      At least Nikons dont make people’s skin tone look plastic.

      This sounds like somebody needs to learn about white balance and stop blaming the LCD

  • Hi all,
    If anyone else is having issues with specific CF cards (or SD cards for that matter) I’m assembling a list on my blog which the Admin kindly linked to in his post.
    Hopefully it will save us some wasted money when buying new cards for the D800.


    • Greg

      I had a problem with a Lexar Pro 128GB, 133x card, but it resolved itself. Camera kept flashing “card err” and wouldn’t read or write the card. Format stalled for a while and failed. My Mac could read the card without issue.

      I slid the write protect tab back and forth a few times and the card started working.

      Conclusion: I think the camera is compatible with the card, but I don’t think I really trust mine anymore…

  • Srini

    I am surprised Nikon did not pick this up in their routine rigorous testing. I ‘m sure they will come up a firmware upgrade very soon.

  • davis555

    IMHO the d800 have a green dominance but the d3s have too much blue… the same do not have an “exactly” white balance in the display…

  • Wrong color profile? If so, then fix in the first firmware.

  • jorg

    no issues with a sigma 105/2.8 macro

    yawn @ QQing
    my D800 does not show any of these little issues, good job nikon!
    btw: serial numerbs start at… ? some have 300xxxx, i have 600xxxx?

    • Ray

      Mine is a 600xxxx too. May well be a geographic model thing. Or ours are just twice as awesome.

    • jodjac

      Mine’s an east coast 300xxxx. lovely piece of equipment. Kudos Nikon.

  • brunell

    my issue with d800 is : i don t have i tripod , my hand are shaking of excitement and my d800 is going back and is going to be replaced with d 700S

  • Artem Bulashev

    !!!! One of the reasons for greenish color in this case at least might be the fact that D800 is set to RAW+JEPG, in which case it will show JEPG on the screen, whether D3s has it in RAW. Basically we see processed JPEG vs. unprocessed RAW.

    For the fair test you should set manual color WB K5000 (on both for example), and exactly the same settings and even lenses. – this would illuminate all of the confounding variables.

  • abo


    If the screen color can be resolved by adjusting the hue, I think it is pretty unfair to start a rummor saying there is an “issue”. You know how users behave: they think it is a real issue and go mad about it, compalining in every single forum about an issue that in fact doesn’t exist.
    Correct the colour and that is it. How difficult is that?

    Be careful what you spread.

    • I spread rumors – some of them are true, others not.

    • preston


      This is a rumor site! And fyi, these posts can also be helpful to the people that wouldn’t have otherwise known how to “fix” these problems.

  • The biggest issue is the lack of sRAW in D800. Why Nikon decided not to include sRAW option in the menu for me is a big mystery. Many of us every day We do not need such high resolution. Why is this a problem? Maybe it can be added at firware update?

    • Display colour balance when set to the same fixed value on both cameras is practically identical – at least to a D700. when set to manual, medium brightness. No issue here I can see unless the D700 I am comparing too is wrong.

      And what is the point of sRAW? If you want to shoot 20mp use JPG. If you want top quality, you WANT as much data to work with and use BEFORE downsampling to 20mp to keep the best possible quality. If the file size is too big for you get a proper computer and a few big cards.

      Small RAW is a contradiction in terms – you use RAW because it offers the ultimate quality. Why throw away half the data before you drag the best image out of it, correct lens distortions, straighten walls etc. Then downsample to 20mp.

      • Ray

        There are some things JPGs just don’t handle very well, not least of all being white balance changes and >8bit colour depth. There are real reasons to use RAW beyond absolute resolution.

        Yes, a sRAW option would be awesome for when you need processing flexibility without high end resolution. Just buy bigger, faster cards though.

      • LOOL – nonsense burgerman. I want top quality in 12 or 16mpix but in sRAW – just like I have had in Canon before i switch to Nikon. If I shoot wedding reportage I don’t need nothing more than 12mpix, but when I shoot studio session for commercial usage I love the new D800 for the resolution. Understand me Nikon didn’t give the choice and it sux. Also new wireless speedlight from Canon is that we suppose to have many years ago in our speedlights. All IR CLS or other IR system just doesn’t work outdoors correctly! Try too use even small softbox with Ir CLS system – it’s horror! Only radio units are proper for outdoor or in combined rooms shoots. Canon did great advantage for their users-I hope the Nikon will do it soon. I don’t wont to spend my money for stupid Pocket Wizards – I wont radio in my speedlight unit! LOL i even have2,4GHz radio in my 20$ computer mouse…

        • Royster

          sRAW isn’t true RAW as it has been manipulated in the camera and some of the image information has been thrown away.If you use the Nikon crops then you still keep all the RAW information but the files are smaller.If you don’t want to crop you can still make the files smaller by using 12bit and one of the compression modes.
          This is far more flexible than sRAW

        • St.

          If you want 12MP for one task and 36 for another, why you just dot get a second camera (your lovely Canon) or D700 and use according to what you shoot that day.
          How simple is that?

      • SNRatio

        Of course you are right in principle burgerman, but I’m not shooting high ISO in principle, I do it in the real world. And there is no way I’m interested in 36MP information that is of hardly any use. (Count photons @ISO12800..) I also think Nikon can come up with far better downsampling algorithms than I can for the basic use of sRAW: High ISO and/or low res.

        • jorg

          why don´t you buy a D3s then?

  • Mandrake

    I’ve had no issues triggering my SB-700s but I didn’t try shooting directly at the flashes like in the video.

  • Afshin deliry

    I remember that designers of d800 said that one of d800 benefits is pressence of 2 white balance for this camera, one of them is for real shot and other one is for live view, it is because studio shooters request it, may be greenish cast on live view is because of wrong white balance for live view( not real shot).

  • doug

    Janet i need you to send me the D800, your full name, address, maritial status, and credit card number and security code to Nigeria, then ill deposit the monies into your account.


  • doug

    i just think that we keep looking for what is wrong with the camera and forgot to see what is right with it:

    1-Camera price: doesn’t matter if it is £2399 or £2599, still the best bang for buck out there
    2- Crop factors: now that’s a real plus for me, if you got the D4 then kudos because it is x2.7
    3- Im still not convinced with the LCD thingy, something smells fishy on that master flash video
    4- im going out now to shoot the hell out with my camera because it is blues skies in London today byeeeeee.

  • Daniels

    * oh noo….

    I’m making decision between 5dmkIII and D800. These problems make me hesitate to jump into Nikon camp. How possibly do these defects slip through their testing and measurement process? UNACCEPTABLE!!

    • Royster

      The Canon cameras will also have problems when it starts to get used.It’s normal for things that come to light as more cameras get used and most can be fixed by a firmware update

    • Al

      Considering a Canon is a problem in itself….

  • Tanduà

    I don’t understand….is it an hardware problem or a firmware bug?

    I have one D800 pre-order…and I don’t want to pay…a bugged device

  • Kevin

    I had the same problem with a V1 of Nikon. Maybe it is something general?
    The Photos were very green on the screen, but on the computer it was better!

  • vl33d

    I had my D800 serial n° 6xxxxxx
    It showed SEVERE backfocus (-20 with the 14-24), and the screen was greenish.

    I just returned it to my store and ordered another one ; hope it will be better.

    • ano102

      an backfocus on the brand new d800 ??? !!!
      after all problems of BF or FF seen on D7000

      it is a joke … but a very bad joke nikon !

    • Daniel

      How is back focus an issue with the body? Coming from broadcast cameras back focus issues are because of the lens… Or are we talking about different issues?

  • jake

    About the live view. I do not own a d800 but on a d90 it does this also when using a MANUAL LENS(ais, ai). You need to engage the wanted aperture BEFORE you put the camera in live view. If you do no do this the screen will darken as you select smaller apertures. Not sure if this will help on the d800 though. Maybe this is just not being used to the complete manual control of video on this new device?
    And even if it does help I would hope cameras of this level would not need this kind of special actions to get live view looking right. But hey, there are bugs in every new system.

  • AM

    Isn’t this greenish look result of the radiation leakage in Japan? I’ve seen movies and cartoons where radioactive people and things are glowing in green.

    • RamS

      LOL !

    • Fredbare

      Not at all funny 🙁

      • RamS

        To me it is funny, because I don’t have a D800 in hand with this problem !

  • Mandrake

    Lot’s of jpeg shooters here worried about the live view WB? Shoot raw and adjust the WB yourself. Have more control over your photos!

  • simon_d

    Had some interface stalls and delays with it the other day. I thought it had frozen completely at one point. Seems fine now though. No green LCD or any other issues. Prefer my D200 to hold though, the D800 grip feels too small and the lip too sharp. Aching fingers.

    • Rich in TX

      AGREE. +1
      from holding it for a few minutes alone a few weeks ago at a Nikon event made me think of Canon grips that hurt my hand due to the sharp edge along the back corner of the grip. That was the only downside I could tell.

  • T.I.M

    An other big issue with the D800:
    I paid for it almost 2 months ago and it’s not in my backpack yet !

    • St.

      I have the same issue…
      Still wonder how I don’t have a camera after I pre-ordered on Feb 6 in the first 1/2 hour…
      and some people are already returning/selling….
      I read above about that NPS member, who ordered 20 cameras and now they are selling those on eBay – I just can’t figure out why Nikon doesn’t stop this!!!
      Pro or not – everyone has their needs and make decision why and when to buy a new equipment. Everyone feels that their need is more important than the others. ALL should have an equal start!
      Interesting to see how many of the NPS ordered cameras will be registered under NPS member names??

  • Matt Taylor

    I still use a Nikon D2X – LDC tints mean nothing to me 😀

  • Matt Steeves

    I can confirm the D4 shares the same green tint. It’s the very first thing I noticed when I shot with the camera.

  • Rich in Tx

    The only issue I have with the D800 is that I dont have it in my hands yet…
    no word from B&H on a date; and I ordered it a couple hours from announcement.

    • Jan

      Let them know how you feel about the lack of information when you get the customer survey, i just did this morning.

      • T.I.M

        I receive one email EVERY WEEK from B&H about the D800e I ordered (paid cash, Paypal):

        “Thank you for your pre-order of the exciting new Nikon
        D800E digital SLR camera.
        We know you’re excited about this camera and we’re as enthusiastic to get it to
        you as you are to receive it.
        At this moment we do not know how many cameras we’ll receive from Nikon USA nor do we know the exact date we’ll receive each shipment from them. As this situation evolves we will update you with whatever information we’re able to share.
        Your patience and patronage are both greatly appreciated. Thank you.

        • Rich in TX

          sorry; should have clarified. Yes, I receive that email as well. But I dont really consider that an ‘explanation’. When I call, I get no real explanation for the hold up. That’s all.

          And yes, I have also filled out the survey they sent. Hopefully this week will be a good week!

        • Jan

          That same blanket statement have been going out not for at least 4 weeks and have nothing to do with good customer communication. B&H takes their customers for granted and i am done with them. The D800 will be the last purchase from B&H if i ever get it.

  • Sdnd

    Thanks beta-testers and guinea pigs for going through all this !

    Luckily I can cancel all the pre-orders that I placed !

    • rich in tx

      THANK YOU. Please do and move on.
      You are cancelling due to having to set up a couple of configuration settings for the lcd? wow

      • Sdnd

        I will re-order when the new cameras arrive with all these issues sorted out – I don’t want to update firmware, hoping that it will clear up all the issues !

        I prefer a factory-updated firmware/hardware.. It could take 6 months. I am prepared to wait .. learnt my lesson !

    • Mandrakecigars

      Many people are waiting in line. You canceling will be appreciated.

      • Sdnd

        Be my guest.

        All the best in resolving these issues when you get your camera.

        If you spend your time 24×7 surfing the net, and I am sure you’ll figure out ways to resolve problems like these and others that may show up with these cameras !

  • johnny

    frankly speaking here, my D800 is absolutely amazing! the camera works as advertised, the best thing is the AF system is far superior than 5D mk II (not III). although some purple fringing appears on my images, but managed to get corrected on Capture NX later on, i am happy with my D800!

  • aHo

    Why would you compare a RAW and a JPG? What about picture control?

  • Sam Rantwell

    People that whine about such small easy to fix issues probably have never bought a brand new high tech product. I work part-time in the entertainment business and we buy equipment over 60.000-120.000 euro’s which comes with software bugs. It’s normal and most of the time very small issues which are quickly fixed by the manufacturer. If these issues keep you from making a good photo, than it’s better to just buy a D3100.

  • Aldo the man

    Really? These aren’t issues…

  • neversink

    “The Game Has Changed!!!!’

    It’s over for Phase One for now. It’s over for medium format, unless you are using film, for now…The D4 (which I still haven’t received yet, and was hoping to use on assignment next week) is almost as good as medium format Phase One and Leaf backs which cost 10 times as much as a D4.

    The D800 surpasses the Phase One medium format. Digital medium format is dead!!!!!

    It’s not over for medium format if you are using film, but then even I have stopped using film (although I still swear by it!!!!!)

    Don’t know how Phase One owners are going to feel after the price of their ultra expensive cameras start to fall. I don’t know how they will be able to compete with the likes of a Nikon D800 body which will cost about 95% less than the Phase One….

    The Game has changed…. (Will Phase one put out a 250 mp back????) If Nikon’s 36 mp body surpasses Phase One’s 80mp camera, then what is next for Phase One??? And what is next for Nikon? Phase One better do some brainstorming!!!!

  • I tested the D800 CLS – all remote flashes (SB800, SB700) fire reliably for me. I can’t reproduce the issue shown in the video.

  • neversink

    Oh yes, I forgot to mention in my last post that I am not at all concerned about the bugs in the D800. I just need to get my grubby hands on one or two of these babies. Thinking of either canceling my D4 order, which might be on its way, or keeping it for awhile.

    4 fps was fast enough for me when I was using motor drives on the Nikon Ftn and Nikon F2 ears ago. i was able to shoot sports with that frame rate. I was able to shoot riots and wildlife with that frame rate in those days. Tell me why I need 9fps? Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t be unhappy with 9fps, but if I get better quality with the Nikon D800, why do I want the D4???? i certainly can buy to D800s for the price of one D4. I will evaluate both cameras myself and if I sell the D4, i am sure I will be able to break even. No need to make a profit on the camera body. That’s for B&H and Adorama… That’s what they do for a living. they sell to me, and I make my living taking photos…. I have better things to do with my time than buy and resell equipment at inflated prices.

    By the way, I have decided to give my twin girls the D3s and D 700 when my other bodies arrive. My wife will get the D7000, as it is lighter and she can use one lens for all her needs. They have too many clicks on them anyway for me to get a decent price. I’ll have them overhauled and they should last awhile.

  • Rob

    I think it could be glue drying just like when the new Iphone came out people were complaining that the whites went white on the phones.

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