Full size Nikon D800 sample images

I uploaded few Nikon D800 sample images on flickr that I took during the weekend. There are few cropped images, some high ISO samples, with and without post processing. See the description of each photo for more details. You must check also the full resolution version of each image (go to->actions->view all sizes). Needless to say that I am very pleased with my D800 purchase.

Embedded slide show:

I will be uploading more D800 image to this flickr set in the next few weeks. Detailed Nikon D800 review and side-by-side comparison with the D4 and D800E are coming soon.

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  • Roger Daultry

    Still waiting for my D800 ordered Feb 17, 2012. These samples are encouraging views. My opinion is the only one that counts as I’m not new and even know how to spell. All you text speak geeks need not respond.

    • Mr Orchard

      Who are you?

      Who who who who

      • Josh

        I really wanna know!

        • JorPet

          Who’s Next?

          • jorg

            sss- take a quick one, while he´s away

          • Ric

            Who’s better?

    • Uki

      *text-speak geeks

      • Jim


  • Sien

    Dear [NR] ADMIN,

    I’m searching the whole web for D800E sample RAW files with some moiré in ’em but can’t find any. I just want to evaluate the possibilities of moiré reduction in Aperture and Photoshop so I can decide for myself wether to go for a D800 or a D800E.
    So if you have any or if you know where to find such pictures, it’d be great if you could upload or link them on your page. Thank you in advance! 🙂


    PS: If someone else has got some moiré RAW pictures, I’d take yours, too. 😉

      • Sien

        Thanks, didn’t notice that group on flickr yet. I dunno if there are any RAWs in there, but it’s a very nice collection of what is possible with these cameras.

    • simon_d

      Hi Sien

      Not sure if this helps, but I was considering the E as well, but when I saw the Nikon samples I decided it wasn’t worth it (and I work on billboard-sized images). The difference seems disappointing when you do a side-by-side. The reason as far as I can gather, and one of the reasons why the D800 is a good as it is, is because Nikon have drastically reduced the amount of blurring that the regular filter produces. At least this is what I can gather from my own tests. I’m glad I got the regular D800 just to avoid the chance or moiré which is a pain to get rid of (but doable). Furthermore, the D800 files take sharpening really well. There is so little difference that I can see in nikon’s own samples, if you’re at all in doubt just go for the regular D800.

      • Sahaja

        You can still get moiré with the regular D800

        But chances are less than with the D800E

        • Sien

          I don’t think any AA filter can absolutely prevent the occurrence of moiré. It only reduces the amount of possible signal frequencies that can cause these signal read errors.

          (Well perhaps it could, but you surely wouldn’t call the final image any thing near “sharp”. ^^)

      • Sien

        Hi simon_d (seems we’re namesakes),

        thank you for your detailed answer. I do see the difference between shots of the D800 and the D800E if I compare them side by side in 100% view – but as you already pointed out the difference is very subtle. I think you’re right; I should rather go for the D800. I was a little bit dazzled by the resolution potential of the two D800s so I thought I’d go for that little bit of extra detail, but actually I considered buying a D700 in the first place so the regular D800 is already overkill in comparison. (Who thought, that it came close to the noise levels of a D4? I knew the D800 would have awesome low light capabilities but *that good*? Wow…)
        And finally I do not work on billboard-sized images… yet. 😀

        Kind regards,
        Simon (Sien)

    • Also… If you plan on using if for video – go with the D800, NOT the D800E.

      Eliminating moiré on stills is one thing, but on video, it becomes a real chore.

      • Sien

        Concerning video I’m still not sure wether the difference in moiré is also true for video or not. (See comments below)

        If the missing AA filter really does influence moiré in video I’ll definitely go for the standard D800 w/o E.

    • David

      The video in the d800& d800e are the exact same the anti aliasing effect is only for stills

      • The “anti aliasing effect” isn’t an “effect” that is applied. It’s an optical filter above the sensor. Sure the end resolution is the same, however, moire comes from the image at the sensors surface, which is certainly different between the 800 and the 800E. Moire doesn’t get removed by downsampling–quite the reverse!

        If the 800E suffers more moire in general, then yes, it will be worse for video.

        • Sien

          Mhh, the question is how video is taken from the sensor.

          The D800 offers 36 MP but HD Video only utilizes about 2 MP. So does the firmware downsample the 36 MP to 2 MP or does it use only certain pixels from the sensor or does it even do some pixel binning?
          If it uses pixel binning then the difference should be negligible as this would produce results similar to the AA filter which diffuses the light to four pixels instead of one. At least that’s it as far as I understand the matter. ^^

        • Michael

          Not really. Both the normal and e version will suffer the same amount of moire. Unless d800 utilises all pixels (not even 5dm2 does that) and do pixel bining, the aa filter would have little to no effect.

  • Paul

    I read somewhere that that video really does need the anti aliasing filter and would almost be inoperable without it. I’ve no idea if this is the case or not. Does anybody know?

    • Yes

      Pretty much. A common mod for the 5D mark ii is adding a stronger OLPF (optical low pass filter, which is the anti-aliasing filter) to make it more suitable for video. Moiré is pretty much impossible to remove from video.

  • peterw

    These pictures have a strange aspect on them…
    … from an earlier post I thought you would be situated in North-Western Europe, but these pictures are probably from the South-West coast of Northern America, like Florida? A lot of the birds also live in the south of Europe – the cormorant is a bit odd to me for a European one – , but the tabasco-shop wouldn’t be very likely in Portugal or Spain.
    However, one of the birds seems an African species… Was it flying freely in a Zoo? Or do I have to update my – very limited – knowledge on the Stork family?

    Don’t answer unless you want to. Perhaps these questions are allready answered by long.
    thanks for sharing your enthousiasm – and rumors!

    • mikils

      As much as i know, Admin is based in Florida, US, and these pictures and birds are also clearly from Florida swamps

      • griesi

        I can’t put my finger on whether some of these images were shot in the Everglades or not. But there are too many wildlife (or rather 300 f/2.8) preserves with nice wooden boardwalks in that state, so it could be anywhere.
        But the Everglades definitely draw attention to many photographers 😉

    • dren

      I haven’t traveled extensively in Florida but I instantly put him on Florida when I saw the shots and I’m guessing he was in downtown Naples (less than an hour from the Everglades) for the shot of that car. Just a guess though.

    • knocker

      Maybe he’s celebrating all the hits his site has received by taking a well earned holiday?

      • peterw

        … bringing with him a well earned camera.

        (but what about the stork?)

  • Dan

    That bird must have been on something for his eyes to be that glassy!

    • Dan

      Seriously though….awesome pic! I wish I could flex my D800’s muscle like that. Unfortunately the wildlife here in Dallas is rather limited, unless you hang out in Deep Ellum he he!

    • Josh

      It was trippin’ on acid!

    • zoetmb

      We’re all on something. Think about it. We consume inordinate amounts of drugs of all kinds (legal and otherwise). It all comes out in our urine or is tossed into the waste stream and finds its way back into much of the water supply and/or the oceans where we re-consume it by eating fish. And that’s aside from the “drugs” in industrial pollution.

      But what this has to do with Nikon, I don’t know.

  • Just an advice , Since I am married I would cover the D800 logo with some black tape when I go out with my wife , because you dont know when someone will start praising your new camera , and how expensive it is , and how we wish he could afford one ! Your wife will know in a sec that this is not your usual Dxxx that you had 🙂
    and btw Admin by looking at your reflection I think that one of you teeth needs to be taken care by a dentist..:)
    nice work !!

    • twoomy

      Just use a black Sharpie marker to turn that “8” into a “3” and everybody will feel sorry for you shooting with a 5-year old camera. 🙂

      • rocky

        Good answer!

      • an nonymous


        I guess I am one of those who doesn’t feel comfortable with the attention, in the past walking around with a D700 and the original neck strap I always turned the strap inside out. lol

        Maybe I should have blackened out the last zero making it appear to be a D70.

        • Me too. I changed the strap of my D700 to the one which say only Nikon Digital 🙂

          • zoetmb

            I never use the Nikon neck straps. First of all, 3rd party straps put less perceived pressure on the neck. Secondly, nothing says “amateur” more than using an original strap. And, as others have stated, it’s advertising that invites a camera theft as it explicitly states which model you’re using. Might be fun to use a Leica strap on a Nikon camera though.

            • a

              What pro wastes his time worrying about changing the camera strap so that he doesn’t look amateur? I have been shooting pro for about a decade in commercial, My father shot pro sports for 4 decades and so did a ton of his friends and my colleagues that shoot vogue covers and celebrity portraits haven’t ever worried that their strap said a specific brand name. Take pictures. Straps don’t make you pro LMFAO

            • That’s funny, because I change out my straps for two reasons: Ease of use, and comfort.

              Black Rapid straps are where it’s at.

            • a

              @Sean you hit the nail on the head. Your reason for switching straps was not because you would look amateur with a company strap around your neck. A d800 strap would be the least of my worries.

              Very nice site BTW

            • peterw

              I carried my Nikon FE-2 – I bought it strapless – with a Minolta strap. I think it cost me what would now be like 2 euro – not the FE-2.

              And for a Nikkor 600mm f5,6 ED-IF ai-s I got a strap for free mentioning: E O S …
              just a tiny bit of fun for free 🙂

  • How is the AF Tracking? Great Resolution and AF Tracking is the Holy Grail for me… Burst rate not so much…

    • In short? Amazing. I’m especially impressed with it in very low-light conditions.

      • Sporty

        Amen. I used the d800 today to shoot some sports. Really nice.

  • broxibear

    Nikon D800 customers may face UK delays…
    “Nikon concedes that UK customers may have to wait to get their hands on the D800 DSLR, despite last week stating that shortages were limited to the Japanese market.
    On 21 March, Nikon told Amateur Photographer (AP) that supply shortages would not affect the UK market, adding that it will ‘work to supply the D800 to customers as quickly as possible when it goes on sale on 22 March’.
    Yesterday, however, UK dealer Robert White told AP that the D800 may not be available until early April.”
    “In a bid to clarify the position, Nikon last night released a further statement which reads: ‘We’ve seen an unprecedented level of interest in the D800, with increased demand and orders for the new camera.”

    • Wasn’t it just few days ago that they said there will be no delays? These days rumor sites have a better track record than the “big guys” 🙂

      • broxibear

        They’re just making it up as they go along.
        The Nikon plant give out overly optimistic timescales, Nikon marketing add some more optimistic timescales of their own, then the retailers add a little more to customers because they want the sale.
        I don’t think you’ll see normal stock levels (showing in stock at retailers) of the D4 and D800/E until August or September.

      • Can you imagine the euphoria Nikon corp is feeling about this camera. To say there is an “unprecedented level of interest” I think is putting it mildly. This camera is awesome and I feel for you people that are on back order.

        • PauloFeitosa_CWB-BR

          Nikon stock raised substantially when they announced the D4; and skyrocketted after the D800.

          But after Canon announced the 5D-MKiii for US$3,500 (a *worse* camera than the D800 for 15% *more*); combined with this “unprecedented interest” on the D800, I think it’s safe to say two things:

          1) That the D800’s price will rise considerably (already has in the UK),

          2) And one way to justify it will be to keep the supply limited (offer x demand). Expect the D800’s offer to be kept in smaller numbers than the demand for as long as Nikon can (as they did with the bombastic D7000, which was impossible to find for almost a year after it’s release).

          But what I really got my eye on is the upcoming D400 (or whatever name Nikon decides to call their professional DX body). And i’m afraid that these raised FX prices will reflect on the DX prices too… 🙁

    • Sahaja

      So Nikon UK jack up the price AND tell customers they have to wait longer than expected after saying earlier that there will be no delays. Another internal systems error?

  • Dan

    From what I have read and seen, the D800 is awesome when used with a great quality lens, at apertures between f/4-f/8, and at ISO 400 or less. It’s not that it is bad when used in other circumstances, it’s just that you cannot resolve that much resolution at f/1.8 or at iso 1600 so the benefit of 36mp begins to dwindle. You also better save up and only get the best glass available. If I had a studio where I could use those settings frequently, i’d be buying 6 of these. I shoot mostly at f/2.8 or wider, 1000’s of pics per shoot, and frequently am forced into iso speeds of 800-3200 so the mark III will be my next camera. The D700 was great for this but the D800 will be difficult to work with.

    • That is a misconception if you check out our D800 group on Flickr you will see various lenses I have shot wide open on my 24-70 and it’s tack sharp.


    • Dan, do you realize that the d800 has at least a 1 and a half stop advantage in ISO compared to the D3? If you’re forced to shoot 3200 now, that would be nothing for the d800. Scaled to the d700’s resolution (12 megapixels) those pics will look as clean as ISO 8-1200 on your d700! I don’t know what pictures you saw, but all evidence so far points to the d800 being a much better low light performer than the d700 for given output media (not only screen, but we are talking large prints as well). Seeing how uninformed you are, I very much doubt you really need either the d800 or a 5D Mark III. You’d better off with a cool mirrorless, easier to carry too.

    • Yagion

      You need to double check your theory. Don’t make assumptions if you haven’t actually used the camera.

    • Ian

      I think you should use one before writing the D800 off. I have been using mine for two days with ISO set from 100 out to 6400. I have used these Nikkor lenses – 50mm f1.4, 105mm f2.8, 28-70mm f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8 and a 14-28mm f2.8. Even wide open (with the exception of the 50mm 1.4) these lenses give great images with the D800. Noise at 6400 is less than my D3. I also tried a Sigma 150-500mm and got amazing results in low light. It is a real pleasure to use.

  • broxibear
  • broxibear

    “Just how much better would the Nikon D800, with that gazillion megapixels, really resolve? Would it be 3 times better than a D700, and 50% better than a Canon 5D Mk III, which the pixel count would suggest?”…

    • Greg

      I’m surprised by all the constant back and forth about how the D800 has “too much resolution” that people wouldn’t use and the lenses can’t resolve, etc., etc.

      I shoot 4×5 and 8×10 alongside my D700 – it depends on the situation. When I compare pictures of the same subject, scans of my large format slides downsampled to A1 are way sharper than the results from my D700. Even though I’ve “dumped” all that extra resolution. So please put to rest your thoughts that the resolution is somehow “wasted.”

      To my mind, the D800 is a great axe – you have almost medium format quality in a 35mm body, and you can shoot at lower resolutions when you don’t need it. Or, shoot in the DX format, use cheaper and lighter DX lenses and still get 16 Mpixels for all those occasions that resolution is sufficient. Having this flexibility is great.

      Who wouldn’t want the ability to have the extra resolution for those situations that require it?

      If shooting above 6400 ISO is a daily must for you, then you need a D4 or equivalent.

      • Michael

        Dxomark shows that d800 performs just as well as d4.

    • Jabs

      I hate to constantly get on your case (lol), but the problem with the D800/D800E is operator error mainly.

      A NEW camera of such resolution produces a lot of subject magnification and like the older Nikon Copying Lenses and Micro-Nikkor setups used for flat field copying on Copy stands, you need a sturdy tripod, a parallel lens or body to subject to get the best results plus a great lens that resolves very highly.

      In other words Nikon has now upped the ante in resolution so high, that photographers and videographers need to learn how to carefully shoot to get the best results with certain subjects as the camera is that good. Same as in Medium format digital, as I used to shoot Medium format film at the same time as 35mm film with my F3’s and F4’s. Fujichrome 50D in 120 or 220 sizes is a different ‘animal’ from 50D in 35mm – ASK any shooter and I got the chromes to prove that here!

      Discipline is what is needed and not suppositions or guesses!!!

      Sorry, but there is nothing that anyone can do to make a 22 megapixel Canon 5D MK3 equal to a 36 megapixel Nikon D800 no matter how many suppositions or doubts are raised by anyone on Forums or Web sites, so you might as well accept the inevitable.

      Nikon is now two generations ahead of Canon and pulling away from them at alarming speed and many are unaware of this. Technical ‘expert’ here and the D800 is frighteningly good. Just look at the DXO results for a mere clue or go to http://www.sensorgen.info for the real Technical details and look at the saturation level of the D4 for a clue.

      Update you brain, your viewing equipment, your computers (especially your graphics card) and your shooting technique to allow the proper use of this revolutionary camera system.

      From both the D4 and the D800 Nikon’s shots I have viewed, they both are spectacular and way beyond the D3S plus more like the great D3X. People are always reluctant to change or adapt to newer and better Technology, so they spend their whole time questioning it over and over while others now use and refine their usage model and make money with it as new adopters.

      Time to move on as indeed ‘the fat lady’ has already sang, the choir is silent and the verdict has already been reached. NOW, all we have to deal with is what will the D800E do plus what will happen to the scale at DXO as it is about to go past 100 – LOL.

      Genuine Technical Revolutions are like that – they leave you dumbfounded and often speechless, but it does not change the facts. Every camera Manufacturer has gone back to the Drawing Boards since the Nikon 1 System was released, as Engineer here and one with a very good photographic eye from years of experience, so you believe or doubt as you wish, but Nikon hit multiple home runs, the ballpark is now empty and the critics are talking to themselves while others are singing the praises of Nikon and then using this great new gear. On to the Olympics then!

  • Just looked at the second photo on Flicker in the full size (7000+?) version. The water droplets are phenomenal. Almost unbelievable sharpness. Beautiful work!

  • Jason

    Do you live here in Miami? That looked a lot like the Anhinga Trail.

  • Todd

    Sorry, the noise in the ISO 1600 images is horrible, like point and shoot horrible.

    This is truly a medium format camera = completely useless for anyone who shoots in real-world low light conditions.

    • Jc

      Here’s a run an gun shoot last nite, got mines yesterday. Ill post more later and figure out how to set full rez. I uploaded full size and flickr shrinked it. Ill post more later today in low iso as well. These were 3200 iso/20th-50th sec handheld. http://www.flickr.com/photos/aicrum/sets/72157629677290867/ .

    • abo

      even nikon acknowledges that this camera is NOT for low light shooting… why are you complaining? read what the is made for before posting stupid comments.

      oh, besides, all the examples till iso 3200 have beat the hell of most of cameras to date.

    • rocky

      Yea, it’s a piece of garbage! Real junk. Where’s my Coolpix????

    • UA

      Horrible it is at pixel level. Still, you can shoot D800 at ISO6400, crop from landscape to potrait and print it in A4 size and it will look wonderful. Even that crop has more megapixels than D700 did and scaling down will hide that horrible noise. As DXoMark has already shown.

      Huge resolution is sort of noise shaping for pictures. You average out the noise. Just like in audio, huge oversampling moves the noise where we cannot hear it and then it can be filtered away. You don’t evaluate your MP3s with FFT or looking the frequency graph, do you? Nokia put 41mpix sensor on a cameraphone to finally achieve point&shoot picture quality on a mobile phone… and it produces 5mpix images. Go figure!

      This just starts to be annoying trolling from pixel peepers.

    • Madame Trueso

      Horrible Noise? Good, cross your name off the waiting list so I can get mine, mine, mine. My precious!!! 🙂

    • a

      This is my ultimate studio camera. I will probably never shoot at above iso 1000. I don’t even push my 5dmk2 past that. That is why I have a d700. In my line of work, this is an excuse. One that will cost me clientele. Nikon has done a brilliant job of making a “specialist” camera. There are plenty of options if you need low light performance. This has specific purposes and it delivers. Thats like saying your Ferrari doesn’t get the mile per gallon that my Prius gets. Totally different interests.

      • D800 & d3s owner

        No, no, no! D800 beats the d700 in low light. In fact it comes very close to the d3s when resized to 12mp.

        I know, I tested it.

        Using the d800 for only studio is NOT using this camera to its full potential. I truly feel the d800 is the most versatile camera in the world!

        I really wish people (probably who don’t own it) would stop calling it a “studio and landscape camera” it’s so much more.

  • Just to let you guys know, I was speaking to the sales person at Best Buy after getting my D800 and he said that they are getting more this week. So you guys wanting to get your D800 early be diligent in your quest.

    Nice pics Admin, I have a shoot coming up that will put my D800 to the test. An art/erotic shoot with a Playboy model. Ha ha ha

  • lex

    Mark III 10 times better…what to say

    • Good, you ought to get one.

      • Then you can go to the Canon Rumors site and brag about how much better it is then the D800 where they will believe you.

    • a

      agreed…. wait… what is it better at again?

      • Burn

        Filling shop shelves.

  • Diego

    So What?

  • James

    Extraordinary – the ISO 25600 shot looks almost indistinguishable from the ISO 6400 and ISO 3200 shots, at sensible screen display resolution. Oh, sure – you can see extra noise when you look at the full resolution image – but I was expecting to see mush. This is fantastic.
    Better get myself one of these cameras.

  • sleek

    now that’s a Sony Sensor! amazing!

  • babeliak

    Check out also this first Nikon D800 in-depth review:
    and the update

    very useful and written by a photographer 😉

    • AXV

      Nothing new there, just some pompous ass photographapher that thinks his street snapshots are some kind of invaluabale art, he even titles all of them. Just another flickr self proclaimed super photographer. B*tch, please.

      • DK

        I agree! That ming review was retarded with buts and ifs.

  • PAG

    Love the quality of the shots using the 70-200mm and the TC20. This is a combo that I’d expect the pixelheads to tell us was crap and couldn’t be used on a D800 (just like they said lots of lenses weren’t sharp enough for the D7000). Some people should have the zoom capability disabled on their post-processing software.

    To the guy who was wondering about location due to the cormorant shot, the species is Double-crested Cormorant and it is a mostly North American bird (mostly both coasts and Great Lakes) though I believe it extends down into Central America as well. The Wood Stork (big white bird with dark unfeathered head) is a Western Hemisphere species as well.

    • @PAG, +100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
      “Some people should have the zoom capability disabled on their post-processing software.” – PAG
      I am going to have this printed on a T-Shirt, hope you don’t mind! I will be sure to quote you too!

      • PAG

        Feel free. If I ever see one of those shirts pop up someplace, I’ll laugh my butt off.

  • catinhat

    Dear Admin, could you tell us please how in your subjective opinion D800 compares in real life (i.e. not shooting wine bottles under controlled lighting) to (a) D700 and (b) D7000. Many thanks.

  • AnoNemo

    Amazon UK does not sell the D800E. WTF?

  • Michael Colman

    Great shots from D800, what lens are you using?

    I am waiting for mine in UK and just seen price rise.

  • Steve Arena

    Hi – I don’t know the admin but I believe these wonderful photos were taken in South Florida – some specifically at Everglades National Park, Main HQ (I think). Identifiable species by photo order:

    1. Double-crested Cormorant (adult)
    2. Great Egret, breeding plumage (not a “Great White” Heron due to lack of uniform yellow banana bill”)
    3. Great Blue Heron with young
    4. American Alligator
    5. American Alligator
    6. Everglades National Park HQ
    10. Cattle Egret, adult, breeding plumage
    11. Cattle Egret, adult, breeding plumage
    27. Great Egret, adult
    28. Wood Stork
    29. Wood Stork
    30. Cottontail species
    31. Double-crested Cormorant, adult
    32. Osprey
    35. Lubber Grasshopper – http://www.waldor.com/Images/pictures/pdfs/Page%205C12.pdf
    37. Cottontail species
    38. Woodstork
    39. Gray Squirrel and Cottontail species
    40. Double-crested Cormorant, adult

    • WhoKnows

      If you look at the pictures in detail you will find that:

      Peter is self-taught. He perceives himself less as an artist and more an engineer. Using a recipe of multiple exposures and focal points, he creates a unique depth and quality to each photo, blurring the lines between photography and painting. He scouts a location multiple times often for several hours, observing the changing light, shadows and reflections to grant each photo its own satiating perspective. Peter’s work has been featured in many publications including Life Magazine, Southern Living and National Geographic.

    • peterw

      an expert.
      thanks Steve
      very convincing

      (hope to visit this country – USA – next year to photograph birds. However, intentions are to go to Texas, which would be quite distant to Florida as tells me my mother who had geography at school ;)… )

  • Lytnkala

    Will we get to see that Nikon’s firmware update for d800 will let us shoot raw in low mp file size ?

    • Probably not.

      I don’t think the large file sizes are as big as an issue as most people are making it out to be. You may need larger memory cards. You may want to upgrade your computer if it is more than 3 years old. Imports take about 2x as long. Other than that, it’s a pleasant experience.

      • LytNkala

        Other than vdo how would u compare the d700 vs d800?

        When I need to go to a ordinary shoot I don’t really need 36mp, will shoot around 500 a session (event) , however I sometime will need full 36 for special purpose , But I can’t afford two body! If Nikon want can’t they really on firmware update (lower resolution raw)?

  • bobcostas

    Impressive, most impressive

  • Learn how to punctuate. Learn proper grammatical sentence construction.

    And mostly … Learn how to shoot.

    Sounds like English isn’t your first language and miniature train collecting should be your primary hobby.

    • and you are attacking who ?!

    • Iris Chrome

      What’s the matter my little pookie? Did you wake up one the wrong side of the bed again? What’s that? Mommy won’t buy you the new D800 toy to play with? Ohh, but you know how we said the D800 is not for little boys. You say you’re a big kid now? Ok how about this, it’s not a promis but if you stop wetting your bed for a whole week then we’ll talk about it, ok?

  • Gregory

    REALLY looking forward to my D800 now.

  • Jabs

    Flameproof and Bombproof suit ON – lol:

    It is obvious to me that both Sony and Canon can produce camera bodies (in Sony’s case) and sensors (in Canon’s case) of higher resolution but what limits them severely to me is that their camera body’s pipeline is ANALOG, too slow for higher speed output, so even when they use dual units, they seem to be even slower than digital Expeed 3 which is multi-processor and multi-channel with greater throughput than either Sony’s (12bit output mainly) or Canon’s (mainly 14bit output) and thus they both need digital pipelines. This is how Nikon passed them and has been able to produce both faster output bodies (not faster ‘artificial’ framing rates now) and higher megapixel bodies incorporating better Video output via HDMI (digital too) than both of them.

    Both have been passed by a few generations and now we have to wait for both newer Canon and Sony bodies with digital pipelines to compete with Nikon’s current bodies.

    Outrageous cameras in real performance.

    Last Comment:
    Don’t blame me or curse me out, as facts are facts even if you don’t like the new Nikon bodies or think that they really are awful or not a breakthrough.

    Flame me all you want, as don’t care basically – “Nothing but the facts” (Dragnet – old TV show) – LOL.

    Bye and thanks.

    • AnoNemo


  • Sdiggity

    Thanks for posting these NRAdmin! Any chance you could do a high iso video test for us?!

    Check out the lizard under the left headlight!


    • more samples/comparisons/reviews are coming, it will just take some time

  • bob2

    funny, I saw similar high-detail output from the Canon 5D Mk 2 THREE years ago (what I call the “eyeball” blow-up). Didn’t and still wouldn’t trade my D700 for it, though, as I am not shooting resolution charts and am not going past 13X19″.

    • Jabs


      The Canon 5DMK2 has always been able to deliver higher resolution than the D3 but not the D3X, but where it let me down was in tonality and smooth gradations which Nikon always had better than Canon.

      Even when you look at D2X files and D90 files, the tonality and gradations are way better to me. Same for the lower resolution D3S and D7000 plus even the D5100.

      The best Canon in gradations and tonality has been the MK3 Pro body with 21 megapixels (sorry but the Pro cropped body MK4 is way worse than the 5DMK2) but I have not studied closely all different types of files from the 5DMK3 (too new), but so far, the Nikon D4 and D800 are even more ahead of Canon or Sony in that aspect that it seems like no contest so far.

      Pro slide shooter here and tonality, sharpness and gradations are my specialty as also 3D person way back from the 24bit (3 x 8bit) Amiga days, so know a thing or two about gradations and tonality at very high resolutions as have seen files much larger than even a D800 in real size rendered at above Cinema or HD resolutions too. Did a few myself even if I did not consider myself great at it.

      For example – Both Fuji 50D Pro and 64T Pro easily surpassed both Kodachrome 25Pro and 64Pro in sharpness, tonality and lines per mm or inch in resolution as I tested them myself with known sharp Nikon Micro-Nikkors and then viewed slides of the exact same scene on expensive 30X loupes. Right now I use various versions of Linux and Windows plus Macs and can view RAW files from most new cameras before Windows and Mac users, so have an advantage there.

      Tonality is where the D800 excels at and so far from looking at MK3 files, there is no contest. I have to wait until better photographers post more and then review and conclude. Nikon’s digital Expeed 3 gives it a tonality edge that Canon or Sony might not be able to match, but again many people don’t care or do not have the critical eye to clearly see this difference. It’s almost like trying to explain or show someone what ‘veiling flare’ is on a lens? You need an ‘educated eye’ basically to discern this and not some special quality or an elitist viewpoint.

      Anyhow, enjoy whatever camera you like while I look forward to a D4, a D4X and this D800E plus the Nikon V1 small body.

  • F

    Great shots!
    Hey admin, any chance you might add some sample shots taken with the DX crop mode too? Would like to see how the D800 images look at 15mp. Thanks!

    • ok, I will in the next few days

      • Robin

        Thanks! for the samples, now could you just tell B&H to hurry up with deliveries already.

        (I always use your links to support this site)

        Looking for a D800 is like searching for water in desert, even BB doesn’t have any.

        Where? where? where????

        May be Nikon is converting all of them to “E”

      • Jabs


        Can you please take a few shots with a Micro-Nikkor in FX mode and with the new 40mm F2.8 DX Micro-Nikkor in DX mode both using a polarizer in that Florida sun in mid-afternoon to late evening with that great light, as would love to see that.

        Great also if you could shoot a current red or black Ferrari or a Lamborghini Countach or Murcelago. How about a few colorful huge parrots or macaws? An all white bird and then a colorful one too!!!

        Thanks for all the pictures so far and like that antique car with the lizard – lol.

        • Sien

          Just send him the Ferrari or the Lamborghini Countach and I’m sure Admin will be happy to fulfill your wish. 😀

          • Jabs

            @Sien – LOL – I opened up myself for that, didn’t I – OK

            Yeah, In Florida there are some very rich people who drive those cars all over the place, hence the requests.

            Boca Raton, Hollywood -Florida, Miami Beach, Ft. Lauderdale and such places is why I made that statement – Rich people galore and fast exotic cars plus bikes everywhere – been there myself.

            • Sien

              Yeah, valid point. I’ve also been to Florida before. Some good friends of my family have their winter residence near Ft. Myers. Even in these surroundings their Lincoln Town Car almost looks like the poor man’s car. 😀

            • Sien

              Here in Munich a Mercedes dealer in the city recently had an original Mercedes C111 (II) on display (dunno if it’s still there). It’s a pity I don’t have a D800. 😀

        • Sien

          BTW you could also send the red Countach over to my place and I’ll instantly buy a D800 and a 85mm f/1.4 to take the shots for you. I’ll just take the Lamborghini as expense allowance. 😉

          • Jabs

            OK Sien,
            Sending you a Hot Wheels or Matchbox red Ferrari F40, a 590 BB and two Lamborghini – a Diablo and a Countach. Need anything else in that size (toy cars)???

            Need a Rolls Royce model car too and a Barbie or Ken doll to ride in it or maybe you want a Bratz doll – lol.

            You have me rolling here in laughter.

            Transformers – Robots in Disguise!
            Teenage Ninja Mutant Turtles – Turtles in a half-shell

            Hey Shredder – LOL

            Be verry verrry stiiill – we ezz huntin’ wabbits – LOL.

            Floridah wabbits too in Da Ehverglades too – OH stop!

            • Sien

              LOL. Shredder. Like in good ol’ times. 😀

              Since you asked: A Shelby AC Cobra would be nice, too. Scale 1:1. Doesn’t have to be an original one – a replica’s quite as nice. Just make sure a proper V8 big block is fitted. 😉

            • Jabs

              Hey Sien,

              Yeah, a 427 Cobra with side pipes too – in your dreams!
              How about a GT40 or a Boss 429, Boss 302 (the originals) Mustang.

              That Mercedes-Benz C111 was awesome and so was the Jaguar XJ220 super car.

              Nissan GT-R for me and RX-7 twin turbo models.

              OK back to Nikon cameras!

        • I do not own the 40mm F2.8 DX Micro-Nikkor lens

  • zoetmb

    Damn you! I was going to wait for the D400, even if DX, so I could spend less money. I figured that the technology had reached the point where the D400 was going to still be an amazing camera, just not maybe quite as fast or smooth as the D800.

    Now you’re making me want the D800. Now I have to pick up another short term gig so I can count that as ‘extra’ income and use that to buy the D800.

    • The advantages to a D400 (if DX) would be faster frame rate, lower price, and higher resolution.

      I’m betting 6-8fps, $1750, and 18-22mp.

      Your needs and budget will decide for you, but also don’t forget what you have invested in lenses, and how *good* your lenses are. Really, either way the pixel density is going to be quite high, and you will really benefit from high quality glass.

  • Ron Benson

    The bird’s eye is a wonderfully well figured piece of optics. I see neither aberrations nor dicentering

  • amazing quality

  • Paul

    Why does not someone put a few D800 NEF images in dropbox so we can all play with them?

  • sgts

    Update you brain, your viewing equipment, your computers (especially your graphics card) and your shooting technique to allow the proper use of this revolutionary camera system.

    Don’t you worry about me – but let’s not get into the realms of densitometer like insanity here.

  • Not proud to say but Fully auto,D800 unbeleivable !!

    • Zoran

      They look impressive. I finally see the potential of using the camera with prime lenses. This is he sharpest image I have seen yet taken with D800.

      • Doesn’t hurt that the 24 f/1.4 is pretty much as sharp as it gets to begin with. 😉

  • We got our D800 in Spain thursday 22nd. We took it for a wedding this weekend and are very happy with the results. You can see a few shots from it in our blog.
    It wouldn’t be my first choice for wedding photography since the files are so huge, but the perfect pair with a D4 as second body.

    • Import just takes twice as long. No big deal. 😉

      I just start the imports and do other things and go to bed. They are there in the morning.

  • Samas

    Nice shot. Resolution is amazing. Now…

    Does *ANYONE* know *ANYTHING* from Adorama regarding the D800 supply from Nikon to them? They keep saying they haven’t received anything from Nikon apart from NPS orders. STILL. Is this true? Anyone?

  • bdeckert

    Admin: Can you give any details on what it is like to process these images? My biggest concern all along has been that my computer might not be able to handle the file sizes (I have 2008 iMac with a max of 4GB of ram). I know it is about time to upgrade my computer anyway, but I would still love to hear what you think about these large files.

    I don’t know if you test out lots of software, but it would also be great to hear how Aperture can handle these files vs. Lightroom…

    I am sure plenty of others will blog about stuff like this, but any first impressions would be awesome!

    • bdeckert

      I now realize how dumb my comment was. If at some point their are some full size raw files available I can just download them and try it out myself!

      • I’ll tell you anyway in case someone out there is lazy. 😉

        The import is noticeably slower. As to be expected. Especially since I convert to DNG. I’d say about 2x… maybe 2.5x longer. I’m on a 2011 iMac 27″ with 8GB, so your mileage may vary.

        BUT, once they are loaded and the 1:1 previews are rendered, it really doesn’t feel any different than my 12mp D700 files. Lightroom 4 handles them with ease.

    • It’s slow, and I have a fast Mac (16GB RAM, Quad-Core Intel i7) – to get 100% view takes few seconds, some of the sliders in LR4 also take few seconds for the preview to update. Uploading images takes forever (Mac doesn’t have USB3).

  • jason

    I called Adorama to find out how many of D800 they received.
    According to their customer service, they received 40 of them.
    Is that possible for Adorama to receive only a few quantity??

    • Samas

      @jason, it is interesting that they just uttered that number to you. There are various responses I myself have received since last Wednesday from different CSRs. Up there at Adorama (probably with every reseller), someone probably is holding a list of preorders and checking it off on each shipment. May be he has another list that says how many they are getting from Nikon and when. But he is the only one who knows this info and he is not talking.

      Or – a different theory is – Nikon is screwing up these resellers big time and they are not telling them when are they getting how much are they getting. In that case, what these resellers are telling us is probably true.

      And these CSRs… I have lost my credibility on them… if you press them hard, you can make them say anything *YOU* want, by asking repeatedly in different ways. 🙂 So I have found out that calling these folks does not give us dang!

      Bottomline is – nobody else – except that one list holder and/or Nikon – knows what the real numbers are. If anyone else in this forum knows anything better than this, please post so that the rest of us, the mortal souls can can be in the know.

      So – until mine shows up at my doorstep, I will keep drooling at these pictures! So keep them coming, you front-runners aka NPS members and those lucky BestBuy prowlers!

  • Freehawk

    Thanks for these, great shots! Wish I could get a NEF from one of these, maybe the front of the old car. I love to use my “special” sauce in NX 2, it tastes so much better than LR.

  • ctpcheng

    Wow… these results are absolutely stunning.. i was considering waiting for “the TRUE d700 successor” but now im thinking this might be the better choice… at least i don’t have to wait!

    I have a few question i was wondering if you guys could answer for me.

    Have any of my fellow Canadians picked up a d800 at bestbuy? I was unaware bestbuy carried professional level of Nikon until I saw a recent post on this blog. (well at least on our side of the border..)

    In regards to “downsizing” the sample, is this something we do on Adobe lightroom? or is it just selecting mRAW on the shoot menu? I currently own a d5100 and I do not have any experience with selecting different raw sizes or downsizing my photos.

    Lastly, in regards to shooting in DX mode, will there be a crop factor? For example. if i threw on a 17-55 f2.8 will it end up shooting like a 24-83?

  • Con Reckwell

    Here’s a typical canon troll response:

    They all look soft and there’s noise at 200

    22MP is all I need!

  • anne
  • LytNkala

    Other than vdo how would u compare the d700 vs d800?

    When I need to go to a ordinary shoot I don’t really need 36mp, will shoot around 500 a session (event) , however I sometime will need full 36 for special purpose , But I can’t afford two body! If Nikon want can’t they really on firmware update (lower resolution raw)?

    Read more on NikonRumors.com: https://nikonrumors.com/2012/03/27/full-size-nikon-d800-sample-images.aspx/#ixzz1qQBxYA5w

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