Nikon D4 and D800 price increases coming to more countries?

DigitalRev has the D4 in stock for £4,689.00 + free shipping

The UK may not be the only country to raise the price of the Nikon D4 and D800 cameras. There is a good chance that this will happen also in at least one more European country (maybe Norway?). For now this is just a rumor, but I was told that Nikon D4 orders has been put on hold awaiting the new prices. I have no information about a potential price hike in the US.

If you are in the UK, maybe it's worth checking DigitalRev who currently have the D4 in stock for £4,689.00 (free shipping to the UK).

Update: several readers confirmed that pre-order UK prices will not be changed/increased. Nikon UK also confirmed the price increase on Facebook:

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  • Joe

    This is liking watching the price of oil!

    • jason

      Pre-ordered the d800 at b&h, but they did not charge card because its not shipped yet. Can they raise prices, or will honor the pre-order price?

    • Andrew

      Likely reason for the price hike:

      You are closer to the truth than you realize. Shipping those cameras from Japan in those large ocean going container ships is getting more expensive as the price of gasoline keeps going up. Nikon like any other company will eventually pass the cost to the consumer.

      • Andrew

        I no longer believe that this is the reason for the price hike since the shipping cost would not be that high!

  • RamS

    This is bad news !

    Customers went overboard with excitement, clogged online stores with multiple pre-orders and created an artifical, high-demand situation for Nikon, and now Nikon has resorted to price-gouging ! Skewed demand-supply situation, and Nikon is greedy enough to take advantage of this !

    The over-excitement and hype finally works to the disadvantage of these same customers !

    • There’s NOTHING artificial about the demand….

      • JC

        there is, many of them pre-ordered at 3 differenct places. How is that not creating artificial demand? The demand seem 3 times bigger than it was in truth.

        • Sorry I just don’t believe it. The odd nutcase who decided that placing multiple orders would guarantee them something has done that, not tens of thousands of people. The demand is real – it’s the number 1 selling camera on Amazon, that isn’t as a result of some artificially inflated number, that’s real.

          • jo1

            no – the demand is not real – I have a friend that ordered 3x D800E and he’s freaking out about to beast me with my 5D II 🙂

            As a Canon user I find it very hard to praise the 5D III for anything but the built in levels – the D800E is the camera I would have expected from Canon instead of Nikon but I really can not understand the hype – the Nikon guys must have been dried out of Megapixel for a long time – the demand is artificial but surely high enough and the distance to the 5D III big enough to charge some more money – I’d have loved to see Nikon beating Canon in price and performance – unfortunately this is going to change and this puts less pressure on Canon do their homework – which will btw happen sooner or later

            • Ah sorry yes, you have a friend that did this so this confirms the international position on demand is obviously not real as a consequence 😉

            • John

              What kind of friend wants to “beast” you?

            • Ralph

              Well I ordered one. Might be worth doing a survey Admin on number of people who did multiple pre-orders?

          • Victor Hassleblood

            ah sorry yes, and there have been multiple comments here lately of countless people confessing to have placed multiple orders too.

          • Calibrator

            do you really always believe Amazon?

            • Yes, no reason not to. They had the 5DMKIII WAY down the list after all….

            • Bob


              Yeah, that 5D3 (body only) is way way down on the list, #5 to be exact… poor Canon.
              Good thing they’ve got the popular 5D3+kit lens at #13…
              The D800 + kit le… oh yeah, they don’t have that… hmm.
              Oh, I know, lets see where the D800E is at… next page… click… click.. clickity… click click… uh… shit my wife just called gotta go cya

            • don’t sell the D800E Bob 😉

    • Rob

      You don’t seem to understand what the term “price gouging” means:

      They are trying to adjust their business as they should – setting prices at a level that will allow their production capacity to keep up with demand. They aren’t price gouging, as cameras are not a necessity nor has there been any civil emergency they are taking advantage of. They aren’t even profiteering – they priced a camera that is BETTER than an $8000 camera at $3000. Clearly that was a mistake for a release price. It would have made more sense to price it $3500-$4000 initially and then drop the price after 6-9 months once the early adopters had theirs.

      And above all else I should mention that I haven’t heard anything about this being Nikon adjusting the prices. So far it seems to be their national distributors doing the hikes. It may turn out to be Nikon changing the pricing for the distributors and them passing that along to the vendors, but I haven’t heard that yet.

      • RamS

        Assuming Nikon is doing the price-adjusting, it smacks of an unprofessional approach. No company can adjust prices this early in the product cycle – they had months of time at their disposal to study the market and arrive at product pricing during the launch ! As you rightly pointed out, it would have been better to price it higher and then have the option of price-drop to generate/suit demand. That’s the leeway Canon has with the pricing of the 5DIII !

        If Nikon was happy with the initially announced prices, there is no reason why they cannot continue with their prices, instead of trying to profiteer by increasing prices now – unless they are expecting to cover against losses from another Tsunami/ Flood ( god forbid ) this year !

        -No delivery status updates to customers
        -Delivery dates of 6 months for certain orders
        -Price hike at the beginning of a product cycle

        Absolutely unprofessional behaviour from Nikon – They may be masters of their art/technology, but their marketing leaves a lot to be desired !

        • Mike

          Exactly! Imagine, going to a restaurant, and getting a bill where the prices are higher than what was shown on the menu! How outraged would every patron be? How fast would the reputation of that restaurant’s practice spread? How fast would people boycott it?

          The D800 was supposed to be released last year. If anything, Nikon would have had MORE time to figure out the market, one would think. To change (increase) prices now looks really bad. In Canada, in fact, announced price was $3149. It went DOWN to $2999 shortly after.

          • John

            If it was the best restaurant in the world and the prices were still lower than the next best restaurant, I think they would not only stay in business but thrive and still beat the competition.

            • Art

              This isn’t necessarily true. I can’t speak regarding Noma (#1 in the world) but The Fat Duck (number two restaurant in the world) just outside of London (in Bray) costs approximately £250 (over $300) and still they don’t make money.

              The Fat Duck makes money from recipe books, Heston Blumenthal’s TV appearances, and other ancillary money making schemes. The Fat Duck just provides an avenue to sell their other services.

              The point being that there are other factors as to how a company prices their products than what it appears at first glance. Would Nikon sell as many microscopes if they didn’t rule the Pro SLR market? What if the camera bodies were lost leaders for their lenses? There are all sorts of factors that Nikon is aware of that we are not…..

              (Oh, if you ever get a chance to eat at The Fat Duck, it is totally worth it as is their sister restaurant Dinner in downtown London.)

          • No, it would be more like going back to the restaurant the next day and seeing the price on the menu change BEFORE you order that day.

        • Since the price hike is not world wide, yet, we are not sure it is coming from Nikon. It could also just be due to factors relating to those local countries.

          Also, it their prices for parts or other cost go up unexpectedly, Nikon is under no obligation to sell anything at a loss, or even reduced profit. The ONLY obligation they do have is for orders already placed.

  • Glad I paid for mine a while ago…

  • jeff

    And the little guy gets screwed. After all, all the NPS purchasers would have gotten theirs but the rest of us had to wait. I wonder how many NPS D4s were later resold at a profit on eBay? It should be a free market. First come, first served. Just because you use a camera for your business does NOT mean your need is greater than someone else’s. You don’t need THAT camera to do your job. Wait in line like the rest of us!

    • Art

      While I appreciate what NPS does and is, I can’t help but laugh at the irony of all those same pros who _have_ to have the D4/D800 immediately for their work but who also have spent the last year telling the rest of us that we don’t need a D4/D800 and that the most important thing is vision.

      Love it!

      • Ni

        +1 so RIGHT !!!

      • C_V


        Never so the irony, but now you mention it : +2 😛

      • it have nothing to do with the fact what we can do with mediocre hardware.
        it is so: all gear will always limit you. there is no perfect camera. all of them, are worse then pro photographer is (supposed to be).
        so you will do a lot to get some better hardware if it benefits you.

        michael schumacher would probably win in 2010 car. but he would sure try to do everything to make his work easier, and profit higher. it is not like you are giving your firstborn child. you just need to order some camera earlier and at worst pay little more then 10% of one wedding for the privilege.

      • ken


    • Eric

      If you were a professional in any field and there was two major suppliers and you had to go with one of them to reasonably run your business and one of them offered you much faster orders and pre orders on all the lastest equipment and the other said first come first serve the rich soccer mom gets it first which company would you buy from?

      • Toecutter

        So the soccer moms are going to be buying up all the D4s eh?

        • ATM

          Whoo is there a D4s out – now thats news

        • JLK

          Are any of them single?

      • Tom

        Local store has a Canon Mark III on display and has 50 people on the waiting list for D800 and 12 for the D4. He said he has had little interest in Mark III
        Basic supply and demand.

        • Sahaja

          Although the D800 specs and resolution are better the 5DMkIII might turn out to be just as good as an all round camera for many people.

    • Rob

      Please stop using terms you don’t understand. That is NOT a free market what you are asking for – that is the opposite of a free market. You are asking for price controls that go against the law of supply and demand – basically a controlled market (but the opposite way pricing usually works there). In a free market prices are adjusted to AVOID shortages:

      That’s exactly what the price hikes are trying to do – set them to a level where demand can be met by their limited production capacity. The current pricing is below of the equilibrium price, creating an extreme shortage of the product. Nikon has a fixed rate of supply, so they can’t just produce more in order to reach equilibrium. The only thing they can do is raise prices. Until they do so the free market will adjust with the resellers – people will buy them second hand on ebay et al. for more appropriate prices.

      “First come, first served” is not needed in a free market – it requires artificial price controls. It is not a desirable system as those with the most demand (purchasing power) for the product do not get it (until secondary markets are introduced).

      • Gary

        Rob – I agree with nearly all of what you wrote except “The ONLY THING they can do is raise prices”.

        Yes that’s one option, and I understand the supply/demand argument for doing doing so. But they could also:
        1) Keep the current pricing and explain that folk will have to wait if they want the camera,
        2) Indicate that all orders placed before a given date will be honoured at the original price, but that orders placed after a date (in the future, say tomorrow) will be at a higher price,
        3) ETC, Etc, etc …

        It would seem that whoever is increasing the prices now has either not understood the customer reaction and/or has decided that the short-term financial benefit outweighs that reaction.

        After all, there are probably only a few hundred people complaining on the web, compared with thousands of outstanding orders.

        Personally I think the price hike sucks. But I DO understand their rationale, even though I would probably have chosen option 2 above had I been in their shoes

        • Rob

          Maybe I’m not understanding the price increases. Your post (along with a couple others’ posts) seems to suggest that they are changing the price for EXISTING ORDERS. Is that correct? Are people who preordered and had their cards authorized or charged for £4799 actually getting charged £5289? THAT would be unethical (and I would think illegal), but that would be the vendor, NOT Nikon, and NOT Nikon’s distributors.

          Even if a Nikon distributor (e.g. Nikon UK) raises their price or RRP, the vendors have no right to increase the price for existing orders. No one made them take pre-orders. If they end up making a 5% margin instead of a 10% margin on those orders that’s their own fault. They shouldn’t have had a price listed if they didn’t plan on honoring it.

          I know there are laws about price mistakes and vendors not having to honor obvious mistakes, but this wasn’t a mistake in the price (based on the pixiq article). This was a mistake in the RECOMMENDED price. I don’t see how vendors can go back on initial orders and say, “sorry customer, Nikon UK says we should be making more profit off your order so we are going to charge you more even though you already placed it.” The vendor still got charged the same amount whether there was a misprint in the RRP or not. I’m unfamiliar with European laws, but I’m having trouble believing that would be legal.

          Does anyone have a better source for these rumors so I can see what’s actually happening? My posts were based on the assumption that FUTURE orders would be more expensive, and that Nikon or its distributors were going to be charging more. The pixiq article suggests that is not the case, but to me that doesn’t make sense.

      • jeff

        I fully understand what a free market is. I wasn’t referring to the price increase. I was referring to the priority given to NPS members.

        • ken

          I understood what you meant jeff, I guess this is something that can’t be found in wikipedia so they had trouble understanding themselves….

      • ken

        ppl want to post chit on here without the need to goto ‘wikipedia’ like your good self and have every right to do so without being corrected. Wikipedia is an source of information that is not reliable anyway so why you quote it….

        Twice you’ve gone to wikipedia without even an attempt to explain what you ‘think’ you know to others…students teaching students doesn’t work out terribly well in the real world…

        • Rob

          Yet I’ve been correct on every instance. Perhaps you should work on your reading comprehension. I quote, “It should be a free market. First come, first served.” “Wait in line like the rest of us!”

          Queue lines are not an aspect of a balanced, free market. A queue line only happens when a market is out of equilibrium. In this case, the price is too low. The situation is basically this:

          but with the price set lower than the intersection between their fixed rate of supply and the pre-launch demand curve. The demand curve will shift to the left as time goes on, but right now it’s inflated because the product is brand new. After that happens, the current price would fit Nikon’s production capacity (supply).

          He said he was actually addressing the NPS priority aspect of the situation, but he’s still asking for a situation that does NOT happen in a free market at equilibrium. If the rumor turns out to be true it is because Nikon misgauged the market and since they cannot adjust the supply, they are adjusting the only thing they can – price.

          This is Economics 101. Unfortunately you failed Debate 101 and can only resort to using an ad hominem. Since you cannot argue against my claims (since they are true), you attack the source (wikipedia). If I were wrong, you would provide an argument proving that. Unfortunately for you, I’m not the student; I’ve obviously taken at least 10 more courses in economics than you have. Perhaps I should get out my old textbooks as sources the next time I prove you wrong, since you immediately discredit the entirety of a website as unreliable. But I’m willing to bet you didn’t even read the article OR the sources it cites.

          • Tracht

            If the price of the D800 started off at $10,000, supply and demand might be balanced now. But, how would you feel towards Nikon if the price was $3,000 dollars in 6 months to balance supply and demand then? Customer loyalty, the desire to have high market share and the desire to prevent future overproduction limit a company’s ability to do dramatic price shifts.

  • neekone

    Of course.

  • Mike Lowery

    I placed an 800E order with b&h as soon as the pre oder page hit their site. I received a confirmation email of my order by 12:10 a.m. eastern on the 7th. I also have already paid in full through Pay-pal. I’m crossing my fingers I’m in the first batch but if not, I won’t go crazy… I’m writing this to ask a question of readers: can anyone give me some links so I can learn more about video editing? This is my first camera with video and I have no real clue how video works. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    • T.I.M
    • Ben

      If you use a Mac you should just start with iMovie. It is simple to use and advanced enough for more users. If you decide to get serious you can upgrade to Final Cut and will have Hollywood calibre editing software.

      • +10

        I started on iMovie years ago, and did some great stuff with it. Now I use Final Cut Pro for everything, and it’s an incredible suite of software. You can’t go wrong with either, iMovie if you’re getting started, and FCP if you know what you’re doing.

    • There are a lot of different packages that you can use to edit video. For Mac I would say try iMovie and then go on to Final Cut Pro X, Which should be all you need for a video editor. For PC, Windows movie maker is probably too basic. You should look at Sony Vegas and then if you need it Premier Pro.

      One of the things you should be aware of with video is that you might well have moire in your videos (although this is just a guess and was one of the major reasons I went for the D800) If it does I am not sure what the fix is with editing in video.

  • String attached

    In Singapore, the dealers received some D800 but this represented approx. 10% of the pre-orders they had in hand. Additonally, each camera came with string attached: they were forced to take in a lot of “mickey mouse” coolpixes to secure the top DSLRs. Problem is that dealers that usually cater to serious enthousiasts interested in top of the range, may not have access to the mass market consumer to sell down the Coolpix. In order to get rid of them, they have to sell them cheap and keep prices of the top DSLR high to subsidize the sale of the low range products… Not sure whether this is happening in other markets as well.

    • I.J

      Are you yourself a dealer in Singapore? Please don’t spread rumors/speculation you got on Singapore forum as fact. And Singapore camera sellers are the least honest, so if that’s what they told you, there’s great possibility they’re lying to justify on selling at the RSP.

      • Rob

        Look at the top of the page. You aren’t on the Nikon Facts website anymore. Your browser must have been hijacked, as you are unknowingly on the Nikon Rumors website. Clearly that’s not where you think you are.

        • Gerry

          ha ha ha……good point Rob….

          whatever you do DON’T spread rumors on Nikonrumors.

          Geez some people hey 🙂

        • I.J

          funny, I know well this is a rumors site, but at least you need to have something to based upon. “String Attached” most probably read what other Singaporean speculate on the reasons of shortages of D800 on another photography forum that I frequent as well, the person that started this speculation on another forum was best just guessing the reason on the short supply, he was not a dealer nor was he told about this by a dealer. Even rumors you need some backing to your story instead of just trusting on some random fella who dream about owning a D800 but know nothing about it. 😉

  • wublili

    It’s a good thing. Price increase means there is more demand than supply. This means D4 and D800 are doing much better than expected. It means more revenues for Nikon and hopefully at least some of those money will go to R&D department at some point, to be used for the next generation of cameras.

    • Nick

      Wow. That’s really pushing the ‘glass half full’ concept a bit far. How kind of Nikon to increase their prices, so they can make better cameras.

      • Personally, I don’t know why I would ever want to buy from a company that doesn’t make a great profit on their products. This tells me it is more likely that the company is being run efficiently, that they are successful, and that they are in a position to compete and provide great service and quality for many years to come.

        No doubt there are companies that make tons of profit and who do not fit that description. But that is pretty much irrelevant, as in order to succeed in a free market a company must be profitable, unless they’re content to be a leech off of government taxation et. al.

        I hope Nikon makes a killing off of these cameras. If my initial experience over the last few days with the D800 is any indication, they will.

        • Toecutter

          All that said,presumablythey were happy with their profit margins at the original prices, putting the price up so soon is a kick in the pants.

        • John

          Thank you, Ron

  • NoFunBen

    European countries have an extra tax on video cameras, the d4 and d800 are both now video cameras and will have these extra taxes on them.
    dont blame nikon for your tax rates.

    • NoFunBen

      “The EU defines a video camera as one that will take video clips of 30 minutes or more. If such a camera is not manufactured in Europe (I doubt whether any still are) it is subject to a 12% import duty (and regular vat on top of that).
      To avoid this tax manufacturers built in a limit of 29 minutes and 59 seconds.”

      the price change is about 12% nikon did not know the raw hdmi out made it a video camera.

      • ATM

        Wll now it’s is only a videocamera thancan make stills, hope Nikon at some point will think of making a stillcamera than also do video.

    • Your facts are wrong dude. This is corporate greed, pure and simple.

      • Rob

        I fail to see how making a profit is “greed.” It’s actually EXACTLY WHAT A BUSINESS IS SUPPOSED TO DO.

        Do you get paid more than minimum wage? If so, why are you so greedy?

        • It’s greed when you come to market with a proposition and then change it later when you realise you underestimated demand, and then tell dealers that you’re not going to supply the product unless you get an increased premium after all, damaging the dealers credibility. Know the difference. Your self righteous statement is meaningless.

          • Rob

            Prices increase all the time. They never made the proposition that the price would be fixed forever. They had an initial price which existed for the initial orders. They have a new price for new orders. If you wanted it for the price it was before, you should have ordered it before. I don’t see why you are having trouble grasping such a simple concept.

            If they are changing the price for EXISTING orders, then you have a point. If I pre-ordered one for X dollars and then get charged more than X when the order ships, that would be shady. Unless I’ve misread, that is not what they are doing.

            I feel it would have been better to price it higher initially and then lower prices (immediately if need be) accordingly to match decreasing demand. It looks worse this way from a marketing perspective, even if it is best for the market.

            The market fixes itself either way. Would you rather have Nikon make $800 on a sale or have Nikon make $500 and JoeOnEbay make $300 after he resells it? I’d rather have Nikon get the money and use it to make better products, develop more cost effective manufacturing, etc. (R&D). JoeOnEbay is just gonna use the money to pay for his World of Warcraft accounts.

            Having the price too low also screws over photographers that will put the cameras to better use. A lot of them might have waited to see reviews or rent the camera before ordering it. Meanwhile the profiteering resellers stayed up all night to pre-order first, knowing if the reviews came out bad they could just cancel all their orders. Now thousands of photographers have to wait months to get their cameras or deal with JoeOnEbay and lose out on the Nikon warranty. While Nikon can’t change that now, they can stop it from going on too much longer by adjusting the price to eliminate the resellers.

            • “They have a new price for new orders”.

              Nope, that’s not the position. They have demanded that suppliers pay the additional premium for any UNFULFILLED orders, including ALL back orders going back to the announcement in February which a camera hasn’t been supplied for.

              That, is greed, pure and simple.

            • Sahaja

              No read the email Nikon sent out to UK dealers on Friday evening – they told them to put the price up on existing pre-orders as well as new orders.

              That puts dealers in a difficult position – their reputation gets harmed if they do what Nikon asks – if they don’t they take a big hit on the slim profit they make.

              Sure we want Nikon to make a profit – but we also want them to handle customers well. This is a total fiasco. Announcing a price two months before the camera is available and then jacking up the price a couple of days after the first deliveries start is either incompetent or price gouging – and looks very much like both.

              Funny it happened only just after Canon announced the price of the 5DMkIII and many Canon users were saying the price and specs of the D800 looked much better.

              To top it all off, the UK pound has actually risen in value by about 7% vs the Japanese yen since the original price was announced – so they would be making more money anyway.

            • Aintnothinbuthetruth

              Rob, im sorry but i can’t agree.

              Apple is the biggest consumer electronics firm by long shot…….they certainly are the golden child of capitalism, innovation and profit making…..amd they have never pulled a cheapm trick like Nikon…..why? because clever profit making companies know they can never succeed if the customer isn’t happy.

              Nikon is SMALL time compared to Apple.

              Apple net income (profit) = 27 Billion US dollars
              Nikon profit = 12.6 billion japanese yen = 150 million us dollars.

              as much Apple has haters they have never pulled a cheap trick like this with preorders….

              Apples preorders, especially the previous ipad 2 made the D800 as unavailable and rare as Kellogs cornflakes….and have the whole world and their grandmother lining up yet…they did they do this?

              if anyone can do it, Apple can, they have no competitors that cover an entire range of products ranging from phones to tv devices, mp3 players etc and they also have a ‘system’ that people buy into.

              Apple has unbelivable customer loyalty.

              its not for their ‘cheap prices’ which they certainly do not have. its because they deliver on what they promise…..

              even if their products are delayed, or long pre order waiting lists.

              Nikon had a lot to learn from Apple.

        • Srini

          This is purely a greed to cash-in on unfilled orders. It is not only a bad business practice, it is also unethical and unprofessional. A good business will not fiddle with prices if there is a shortage; they would focus on keeping customers happy and provide nice customer service. It is not about a price hike. It is about feeling cheated as those who pre-ordered and waiting in queue may have to cough-up another £200 on D800. If they had priced initially at £2599, I do not think that any one would have complained.

  • Maybe they realized Canon is selling their competing model for $500 USD more, so why not get in line with that. 😉

    I dunno what really is the case, but I agree with Thom Hogan in saying they sure aren’t handling the situation well.

  • Red Otter

    As far as I know, anything bought from DigitalRev in Hong Kong and shipped to UK is liable for VAT and other taxes. And the authorities are very very efficient – working with the courier companies – at collecting their dues on this type of shipment. In most cases, the taxes are charged, and paid for, by DHL etc, before the goods arrive at the recipients door.

  • Hong Kong resident

    I wouldn’t worry too much about this. Digital rev is known for its pretty redidculous prices (compared to local stores).

    Where I got my camera it cost $26,800hkd. Which is closer to £2700 if I remember rightly.

    Digital Rev’s market is mainly the UK. They have a couple of stores in HK but locals don’t really shop there (more for tourists). Their price is probably aimed at the uk market where that price might be cheap.

    • Hong Kong resident

      I’m sorry I should have read better. I though the above was the price for the D800 and I was referring to the D800 in my post.

      I have seen D4 (and 5Diii) in local shops here.

      • The 5DMKIII is piled up everywhere. Canon made a dud and no one wants it. No demand for it, it’s a tiny upgrade for a massive premium over the existing cameras. And now Nikon realised they have a hot potatoes for sale by comparison with the D4 and D800, took one look at the 5D and 1DX pricing and thought they could gouge their own customers some more. Shocking.

        • Toecutter


    • Some guy

      Well the d800 is $34,800hkd in digital rev. So you’re not wrong about it being more expensive than usual.

      • SoftonDemand

        More expensive than 5Dmarkiii… i thought it was a typo but they’re serious!

  • I wonder how it might go for Amazon UK from here – I locked my order into them at £2099 when they REDUCED prices twice. Now they’ve joined the group raising prices beyond the original price and the D800 is now for sale at £2599. How can they be in a position where they haven’t released a single camera and have a £500 differential in their order values? The situation is crazy.

    If these numerous suppliers don’t provide their cameras at the pre-order prices there will not only be massive brand damage to Nikon in the UK but there will be the same collateral damage with the suppliers. Sounds like some are honouring pre-order pricing while others are not – depends who needs the cashflow I think. Jessops are a business that has been in huge financial trouble for years, it’s amazing they are still trading at all. Above all I am VERY, VERY disappointed with Nikon and their approach to this, this greedy behaviour does NOTHING for loyalty – I don’t believe that the UK is a small market by any means to them, that’s why they think they can get away with it. I’m totally unimpressed with their approach just now.

    • I get the feeling that the £2099 price might have been an accident. Though they should honour any pre-orders made at that price. I did the same with

      • You could call it a mistake if they did it once. But they didn’t, they did it twice. This was a very deliberate pricing strategy and Amazon know it, that’s why they can’t back-track now it wouldn’t wash.

    • Bermrunner

      Russ B, I posted a reply I received from Amazon UK on yesterday’s NR item on Nikon’s UK Price Hike on D4/D800 as follows:

      “Fair play to Amazon UK. Amidst my concern over recently placed D800 order with AmUK at briefly reduced price of £2099.99 and the latest Nikon UK price hike, I felt I should seek clarification with Amazon to establish how my current order stands so I emailed them a couple of hours ago and replied quickly, thus:-

      “…We are sorry for any confusion or inconvenience caused regarding the price of this item ‘Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) ‘.

      At the time of placing this order. I can understand that the price of this item is 2,099.99 GBP.

      But now the price of this item is increased to 2,399.00 GBP.Our goal is to offer customers the greatest selection and the lowest possible prices.

      Please be informed I can confirm that you will charged for this item in the lowest price of 2,099.99 GBP at the time of shipping.

      We don’t debit money from your payment card until just before your items are dispatched. Your payment card is charged approximately 24 hours after the items in your order have entered the dispatch process…..”

      Pretty sure this means I’ll be charged at £2099 when it finally get it”

      I was quite specific in my question to Amazon as I am in the same situation as you and placed my order with Amazon on the second of the two price drops they advertised. Looks promising and will keep my fingers crossed

      • Bermrunner

        FYI, this is my question to Amazon UK. You will note that I was quite clear in stating that I was aware of the possible price increase being demanded by Nikon UK (bearing in mind at the time of questioning Amazon, their price was still at £2399; which we now know has since been increased in line with Nikon’s instruction to its retailers).

        Question to Amazon UK :

        “You will be aware that I was enticed to place the above noted order with Amazon UK during the second brief price drop, on 20th March at £2099. This appeared to be a legitimate and deliberate pricing policy as the original price of £2399.99 was struck through and provided information on the £300 saving and, indeed, the 13% saving Amazon were offering. A subsequent email confirming my order was forwarded to me and my Amazon UK account was updated to reflect my preorder at the reduced price (This remains so as I write this). You should note that I had a longstanding preorder with a large UK photographic online retailer which I cancelled in favour of Amazon’s brief incentivised pricing on this product. I realised that I would lose my place in the first UK batch of shipments through choosing to move my order to Amazon, but a saving of £300 was an acceptable trade off and was no real surprise that my Amazon wasn’t shipped on day one.

        You can imagine my horror and concern today when I note that Nikon UK are rumoured to be increasing the release price by £200. Can you confirm this to be the case? (I note that at the time of writing this that your price remains at £2399). Can you confirm that the price that I preordered this camera at will be honoured and will not increase? (I believe Jessops have already stated to their existing preorder customers that they will honour the sale). I am very concerned that Amazon may be obliged to raise the price to Nikon’s, currently rumoured RRP but would be very, very disappointing for all those who currently have outstanding, existing preorders with Amazon as I have; especially having been enticed to place order with Amazon at a price point less than its competitors, albeit briefly.

        I would be very grateful if you could confirm that my current order will not be affected and Amazon remain prepared to sell me the Nikon D800 as per the price listed in my order?

        Thanks for your help with this and I anxiously await your reply.


        • Tony

          I have also sent a query to Amazon UK myself (still waiting a reply). My concern is that their standard “we honour the pre-order guarantee” may be overridden by Amazon management, once they determine the potentially large cost to themselves of absorbing Nikon UK’s retrospective price increase. To be honest, I would understand Amazon’s position if they did so.

          Of course, Nikon UK have not made an official announcement yet, so there is still time for them to change their stance as regards pre-orders. The problem, though, is that pre-orders are with the retailer and not with Nikon, and also a certain percentage of pre-orders are spurious (people placing multiple pre-orders to see which one turns up first).

          • Tony

            Just received a (very rapid) response from Amazon UK. Totally clear that they will honour the original £2099.99 pre-order price. I am impressed by their approach on this matter. I feel sorry for the smaller retailers who are not in a position to adopt a similar policy.

            • Bermrunner

              Never saw your post come in there. I was too busy venting my spleen on my post below….(it has now become therapeutic

          • Bermrunner

            Tony, I would surely be interested in the reply you get from Amazon with regard to this? I’m kind of hoping, if there was any shift by Amazon, I could perhaps, present this correspondence in an attempt to sort out my own order. I, as you, completely sympathise with Amazon, nay, all retailers caught out by Nikon’s, tactless and apparently ill-thought-out strategy. So much so that I have written a fairly robust email to Nikon’s UK President/MD and hope that a few hundred other disgruntled customers have done likewise.
            We must bear in mind, however, that there, as of yet, has been no official public announcement from Nikon UK but would seem genuine given the pricing changes at most of the retailers over the past 2 days.

            I am pretty convinced that this was no “system error” and Nikon UK, in toeing the corporate line, have infringed European competition laws if their price rise was to affect pre-existing preorders placed before the apparent price rises were instructed.

            • Tony

              My query to Amazon explicitly raised my concern over the £200 price increase by Nikon UK. To quote from their response:

              “However, I’ve checked our records and I see that when you place this order with us, price listed for this item was 2,099.99 GBP

              Rest assured that you’ll be charged only 2,099.99 GBP for this item ‘Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)’ for your order #xxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx.”

              I don’t think it could be clearer than that.

  • DaveMck

    In the past DigitalRev Nikon bodies sold in the UK were grey marketodels without an EU warranty.

    Is that still the case?

    • Red Otter

      DigitalRev are not a Nikon Authorised dealer, along with many of the other Hong Kong sellers aiming at the European market. Consequently they have to buy stock from an authorised dealer. Nikon Europe therefore views them as the first owner of the item, and anyone that purchases from them as the second owner. Nikon warranties are not transferrable to second owners. QED.
      DigitalRev at one time offered – at a higher cost – an international Nikon warranty. Due to the above, it wasn’t (isn’t) worth the paper its printed on.
      The above also applies to any non-authorised Nikon seller, wherever they are based. So if the price is discounted, chances are there is no warranty.

  • ssd

    WTF? they said it was a error in the system ? now thy found the same error in norway? LOL

    • David

      This clearly no error. I was at Focus on Imaging recently in Birmingham UK and Nikon were telling everyone the RRP was £2399. Unless Nikon Corp in Japan have told the UK they have mispriced it I fail to see how this could be a mistake. Is there an official press release from Nikon UK on this?

      • Agreed, the ‘pride’ in their pricing and all the BS being spouted by Nikon in the UK for months was no accident. Just as this is a deliberate act from Nikon now.

  • Wilfrid

    I’m glad I got the D4 in my hands now :p

  • Andy

    If you have placed an order on amazon, does not mean you WILL get the camera at the current price even if they increase the price tomorrow?

    • Andy

      I meant to ask if I’ve already placed the order on amazon, does THAT mean I will get the camera at current price…?

  • ChrisP

    Nikon UK are being truthful when they say they got the price wrong, but lying when they say it was a computer or other error. Manufacturers try to price every item at a level that the market will bear to maximise profit, and Nikon way underpriced the D800 both in relation to market demand and to their main rival, the Canon 5DMkIII.

    They have now tried to correct this in the stupidest way possible by making an obviously false claim and thereby harming their reputation. It would have far better for them to have left the pricing where it was, and then left the price at that level instead of reducing it in a few months time after the initial demand had been met.

  • Srini

    There you go! Greed at the best. A product in demand does not warrant a price hike. Look at Apple….they fix the price and sick to it so that consumers feel that they do not get cheated….Many firm big or small do not fiddle with prices because consumers would buy theirs any way….

  • pmac

    anyone saying this isn’t just greed, either has one already or is sadly fooled by there nikon loyalty.
    Nikon knew for months what the price was being advertised at,but waited until after it went on sale and had high demand to change it…something fishy there.
    i love my nikon camera but i hope this hits there reputation hard… i think they saying don’t bite the hand that feeds you stands well here.
    nikon may make more profit from the UK market now but at the cost of leaving a bitter taste in users mouths.
    i also don’t see how it seems to only be the UK market were the price has gone up,we were paying more already, now we are paying around $800 more than US buyers.
    I would love to see how the US users on here who are saying “whats the problem” would react if this price increase also hit the US I’m sure there would be a large sh*t storm and wouldn’t think nikon had the write to do so.

    As for the 5dmk3 not selling well, i have no doug if this is true ,especially in the UK its due to the price.Many were shocked at the launch price and have stated they won’t buy one until it drops.
    also the fact the d800 was a lot lower didn’t sit well with them.Now that there similar anyone thinking of switching brands will have less incentive.

    over all a really poor show from nikon

    • The Manatee

      Price rises are coming to the U.S. soon, wait and see.

    • C_V

      most people not upset are the people who have pro-ordered it and are going to get it at the cheaper price or already have it.

      Funny when people say stuff like: “OMG if I’m not going to get it at the advertised price I’m going to be so mad I will be leaving Nikon; but luckily my dealer assured me I’m going to get it at the original price. So I’m almost certain I’m getting it; congrats to Nikon for making a great camera.”

      Sounds like a contradiction or really selfish !

      I’m really happy with my D700 & D7000 combo, does everything it needs to do; but the cheap excuse Nikon made for their greed/cheap trick is disgusting!

  • In Spain one shop offers Nikon D800 for 2,700€, others for 2,900€.

  • Opinion…

    Jacobs say (they called me themselves) that those who have pre-ordered will have to pay £200 more for D800 but Calumet say (I called them) that it’s not the case and that it depends on the internal policies of the retailer. The only question is whether the guy knew what he was talking about of whether he just had to say something. The fact that they haven’t increased the price makes me think that the guy may have not been aware of the situation. But I hope he was right. The only problem is that Jacobs would have delivered the camera sooner.
    I understand that this is how business works but it doesn’t make one feel better knowing that paying more doesn’t mean getting more. £200=extra battery+bigger card. Nikon, you little shit, I will do everything not to give you those £200.

    • Rob

      Why are you getting mad at Nikon for something Jacobs (and possibly Calumet) is doing?

      • Opinion…

        I’m just getting mad in general:). This is what people do, they need a scapegoat and it was Nikon UK that increased the price:)

      • Gary

        Just been on the Calumet UK site (Sunday 13:54 UK time) and the D800 is still priced at £2399.

  • Smudger

    The D4 always looked pricey for a few small steps forward and a huge step back (AF controls).

    Now it make sthe D3s look amazing value for the money.

    • ATM


  • In Ukraine you can order D800 and D800E for $3800 and $4000 respectively. Yikes! o_O

    • John Richardson

      Yep, we are getting hosed in Ukraine, why is it that One of Europe’s poorest countries paying more than anyone else? Perhaps sine we have to get it from Nikon Russia?

  • Zen-Tao

    I you want to see high prices for Nikon gear come to Spain and have a look to the prices that Finikon (spanish Nikon importer) have established. They are likely the most expensive in Europe. Don’t ask them to repair a Nikon cámera wich hasn`t been sold by them. They don’t even look your camera. That’s is really collusion.

  • doug

    Nikon reminds me of myself when i put something on sale on of UK craigslist), when i see that i have too many replies for the item im selling i just start to increase the price, why you ask, well demand increased so i just increase the price to increase the profit ,”simples”, it looks like Nikon atm thinks that they are selling on a kind of open market ebay, because they new exactly what they were doing when they started to control the selling prices just before they release these new ff cameras.

    • GeofFx

      The difference is that you don’t have millions of dollars to spend, and months of time to figure out what the “correct” price will be prior to putting it up for sale.
      You also, likely, don’t have thousands of customers to count on for repeat business and don’t rely on word of mouth advertising.

      • doug

        potato, potaaaato

  • Francko

    Just checked camera stores in Beijing, China. Prices for D800 here are around 28000 yuan ($4400)! With my rather limited Chinese I heard even the sales guys saying that it is too expensive. Some English speaking guy explained that they set the price that high because only very few cameras are available. Quite frustrating. Anyone here from China knowing what is going on or where to buy for a better price?

    Canon 5dIII goes for 23000, btw.

  • pmac

    you will find if you go to any of the larger high street store in china the price is a lot higher.
    you need to get a chinese person to take you to one of the large electrical stores where the prices are generally slightly cheaper to start then you can haggle with them some more.

    plus if your not chinese be prepared to be robbed where ever you go,happens to me all the time until my wife enters the stores

  • Ben Kockwell

    wowww… at last Ken Rockwell is right about something.

  • HA HA

    I am loyal to no camera company. They are out to make as much money as they can. Yet some of you fight over Canon vs. Nikon while the profit makers laugh their butts off about how loyal you all are. Preprogrammed zombie buying. Both Canon and Nikon make good stuff, the Nikon vs Canon battle is for people who aren’t photographer but equipment collectors that take occasional pictures.

  • Jonathan

    You guys playing the “greed” card are a bunch of Commies. This is capitalism right? If you open a burger joint and find that your burgers are so good, people are lining down the street just to get one, wouldn’t you consider raising the price a little? If you shoot weddings, and find your inbox being flooded with people wanting you to shoot their special day, wouldn’t you consider increasing your prices to find that sweet spot between demand and profit? It makes sense for a company to sell this camera at a price where enough people will still pay for it… If they hike the price on my pre-order here in the US, I’ll be bummed, but I’ll understand. People in this world have a right to make money if they offer a great profit. Quit bitchin!

    • oldf*rt

      +1 Amen to that!
      Still, its a bit insensitive sending out the message late on Friday & getting their customers in a spin… They must know how neurotic, paranoid, unstable we are by now 🙂
      I’m off to take some pictures now with my trusty old D3s.. Wait, no its too bright for that one.. Thats for low light only…. Nikon Bastards Aargh

    • Aintnuthinbuthetruth

      Most people here have no qualms about Nikon raising prices per se.its offering different prices to different customers who all preordered at around the same time..
      In the short space of time between the camera being ‘released’ on paper but in reality most of those hadnt actually received one…
      ..ironically that is anti competitive and falls foul of capitalist laws which protect competition. Competition lowers prices and increases innovation.

      Using your own flawed

      analogy, if someone opened a ‘burger joint’ on a saturday at 9 am and charging 2 dollars for the juciest burger ever…a line of 100forms…the first ten in the line get their burgers for 2 dollars and by the time the 11th person comes to the counter to buy their burger the owners charge 2.50 dollars…. The time was now 11pm

      Of course this had nothng to do with long line that formed but rather a system error on the till.

      Of course the reality is we are taking cameras not burgers, an £200/$300 not fifty cents.

      Sounds pretty fascist to me.

      • oldf*rt

        So are you a socialist?

        • Aintnuthinbuthetruth

          I like truth, justice and honest business practice.

      • Ben

        happy hour is over you must pay more…..

  • Daniel

    As I know, the retail price in China is more expensive than UK right now (2600-2700 pounds) because the Nikon China sold the D4 and D800 to their retailers with Nikon J1 as bundles. To get each D4 and D800 has to buy additional 10 J1 and 5 J1, respectively.

    I am not sure how other countries went through, but I think this is the strategy Nikon China cannot run without the permission of Nikon Japan.

    The retail price of J1 with 10-30mm lens in chinese largest B2C and C2C website “taobao” is 280 pounds, which is cheapter than the official price and the retailers’ purchase price. It forced the retailer raise the price of D800 otherwise they will lose more money.

  • Seb

    I am happy I pre-ordered it month ago and D800 is with me now,brilliant camera,excellent resolution and quality.

  • broxibear

    The confusion at retailers is because it’s the weekend, the email sent out by Nikon UK was apparently sent at 6pm on Friday. Here’s the original source of this story since some here are still wondering where it all came from
    The reason people are getting conflicting information from different retailers is because that email has not yet filtered down at certain stores. The offices at WEX don’t open at the weekend, that’s why their prices haven’t yet changed. Nikon UK must have known that sending out an email at 6pm on a Friday would mean many retailers wouldn’t be able to change their prices until Monday…Nikon UK better prepare themselves for a lot of flak from retailers as well as customers.
    If Nikon, or any other manufacturer, wants to increase their prices then that’s entirely up to them, but doing it in this way is bizzare, and as far as I’m concerned, deceitful.
    Hopefully there will be a little more clarity on Monday.

    • I did include the source of this story in my post.

      • broxibear

        Yeah, and still some people missed it, oh well.
        I can’t imagine Simon Stafford from would post that information if he wasn’t damn sure about it and his source.

    • PeterO

      Something tells me that Nikon UK’s PR Dept. is working a little overtime this weekend.

      It’s very sad that Nikon would have such disparate levels of talent. On one hand they have the technical genius to produce what are arguably the best cameras in the world, but on the other hand they have total nitwits peddling the stuff with no clue about customer satisfaction and communication. Imagine if they had the same PR genius? Great product plus great marketing, which sounds like another company I know. How many billions is Apple sitting on in cash?

    • broxibear
  • simpleguy

    i think this is just greedy retailers and online shops policy rather than nikon raising the price ( but maybe im wrong )

  • Nikon needs to be smart and not greedy dumb! What would have happened if Apple had taken this approach with the iPhone and or iPad ? It would have been a big fat mess and bashing media war. My advise to Nikon is not to raise prices at this point as its only going to tarnish what they have done with these three fantastic cameras this season. They have already made press releases of the three cameras with the respectively prices. Stay with that. A lot of us me included will respect Nikon more as we are the ones who have invested over 28k $ in the company with no regrets and with respect. Nikon Don’t piss us off!

  • GeofFx

    I wonder how much the price would drop if everyone cancelled their pre orders in protest.

    • Srini

      Geofx: “if everyone cancelled their pre orders in protest.”

      It will be a fitting response…..

    • Sahaja

      UK customers can also order from other EU countries without having to pay import duties

  • Abraham Lauritz

    Wow. The Quislings are getting hit next. Excellent!!! Y’all on this side of the pond stock up on the devices and sell them for barrells of North Sea Brent.

  • Bk

    Looks like two camps:

    1). Have camera (d4 or d800) in hand so either ok or cheering price increase – I got a good deal / resell price just went up.
    2) Waiting for preorder shipment so nervous or angry at poss increase.

    I’m #2. Ordered 14:49pst no shipment. Saw someone take delivery from 11pm pst order. At least I was close. I’ll cancel if they raise the price…

    • Calibrator

      You also got:

      3) Waiting on “true D700 replacement” – a “D4 sensor in a D800 body” – but continually lamenting and whining about unfair Nikon sales tactics to maximize profits. Still pre-ordering the next time!


  • Abraham Lauritz

    Wow. The Quislings are getting hit next. Excellent!!! Y’all on this side of the pond stock up on the devices and sell them for barrells of North Sea Brent.

    But Seriously, for the rest of us righteous folk, with the 5D Mk III at US$3500, how realistic was a $3k pricing for a 36MP sensor? Remember how Nikon stuck by its $8k for the D3x and never relented,

  • travis

    Just buy a used Nikon F5. For $350 its the best deal. Digital is way over rated and people are buying into it.

  • John

    I guess I’m switching to Canon :).

  • abo

    i would not suggest to even my worst enemy buying anything from digital rev…
    most of my friends photographers who tried the “bargain” price they offer had some many issues… including myself!
    they take your money, say they have the product in stock (which they don’t), say the deliver will be in a week or so and it never arrives… then, you phone, e-mail etc always the same excuse: they don’t have the product in stock… but when you phone asking for a product, they DO have in stock… that is the scam: get your money, put in a investment for a month, send it back (after billion complains) and get the interest….

  • It is kind of odd to have a price increase so soon after introduction of a produce, especially since the Euro has been fairly stable for the last month.

    • Sahaja

      In fact the UK pound has increased in value by about 7% vs the Japanese yen since the original price was announced.

  • broxibear
  • Terminator

    Well I have preordered a d800 a couple of weeks ago. If the price increases with 5% or more im pretty sure I and quite a few others will cancel the preorders for 2 reasons. First reason the fealing one gets of being screwed and second and more important because of the tax rules in Sweden. An increase in price with approximately 7% or more will in reality cost a lot more for many people using the equipment professionally.

    For me the first reason I can understand Nikon trying to get as much as they can. The second is more problematically because suddenly the camera is not the best choise from an economically point of wiew. Im runing a business and I will also try to maximise my profit.

    I like Nikons products and I hope they dony shoot them selvs in the foot just becase of greed.

  • Steve Starr

    Anyone know if Nikon Japan has raised their prices? I would think all other distributors in various countries would follow if Japan’s distributor raised them and if the Japan distributor is Nikon itself. Could be a regional distributor thing if the Motherland has not increased the MSRP there.

    As to whether or not they can raises prices after they quote you, ever buy a car? They can raise it to anything they can get out of you right up until you fork over the cash or sign on the dotted line and the windshield sticker price be damned. Cameta Camera in NY raises and or doubles the prices all the time if demand is high. Same as buying stock, your broker can call you and tell you, “Price went up 10 minutes ago. Do you want to buy now at the current price or cancel?” Amazon can do the same, “You want it or not?”

  • Adrian


  • lol in India D800 is available for Rs 1,34000 ie. U$ 2,618 with warranty and everything .

    • Kush

      Hey Abhinav,

      Thanks for the info mate.

      Is it already available in India… if yes… then the price you;ve said… is it grey mkt or from nikon india??? why i ask is cause nikon india’s website says it is for 149,950.00..

      if it really is that cheap I might get someone in india to get it for me..


      • This is because most retailers(good ones) here tends to give 10-15% discount on the retail price ,and yes its from Nikon India (2 years Warranty and Bill ).Just make sure you get the Camera from the right retailer not Mall or Brand showroom.

  • Terminator

    I just compared the prices UK and Sweden. 2399 GBP is almost the same price (2,5% more) as the price in Sweden… if sales tax is included in that price.

    So its not impossible that its just an “error” there “error” means correcting the prices to be more like prices in other EU countries. But then again. who knows and it doesnt matter. The only thing thats matter is: what are you willing to pay for it, including all circumstances. I believe that 25000 swedish kronor is a sweet spot i sweden because if the circumstances here, taxes and all included.

    A used D700 and a GH2 for video is good enough for me, but it would be nice having both still and video in the same body, and shooting video full frame. If I dont by a D800 a used 5d mk2 could also be a good choice even though I prefer Nikon. In the end its all about whats best value for my company. 5d mk3 is to expencive for what it give in my opinion. If the price drops to the same as D800 I will consider a 5d mk3.

    So the price question is just business, nothing to care about really…there are plenty of alternativs out there that we can use and get professional results.

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