Nikon UK increased the price of the D4 and D800 cameras?

Pixiq reported today that Nikon UK increased the price of the Nikon D4 by £500 and the D800 by £200, with immediate effect. The information is based on an email sent from a Nikon UK general manager. The previous pricing was described as a "systems error".

Currently the Nikon D800 is listed for £2,399.00 £2,599.00 at Amazon and Jessops and the Nikon D4 is priced at £5289.00. I am not sure about the D800, but the D4 was initially listed for £4799...

Few days ago, the price of the D800 dropped £300 for few hours on Amazon UK.

I emailed few sources in the UK but could not get a confirmation for this price increase (probably because of the time difference).

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  • cschmeer

    Anything wrong with going for the offer mentioned before by some user?

    2099 pounds?

    • Calibrator

      As long as you can live with this:
      “These Terms are subject to the laws and exclusive jurisdiction of the Island of Jersey, Channel Islands.”

  • Tony

    Paid in full for mine at launch date so will have to wait and see if I get screwed over.

    • Tony

      (A different “Tony” ). If you have already paid then you should be fine, the problem is for those people (like me) who have pre-ordered but not been charged yet.

      Obviously my order is with a retailer (Amazon UK) and not directly with Nikon. Whether or not the retailer passes the price rise on (for existing pre-orders) is presumably at the discretion of the retailer, but will doubtless be heavily influenced by the terms of their contract with Nikon.

      If Nikon UK had set these price levels from the beginning, there would have been far less outcry. The issue is that they have waited several weeks, to allow a significant pre-order queue to build up, and then applied a price rise which will apparently apply retrospectively to these orders.

      If, as has been reported, they pass this price rise off as a “system error” then this is either dishonesty or incompetence on the part of Nikon UK management.

      Finally to make this announcement on a Friday evening seems intended to maximise the pain and annoyance caused to retailers. Whilst some (Jessops and Jacobs) were very quick to update their websites, most others (e.g. Warehouse Express, Park Cameras, …, etc.) have not. Are they going to be deluged with pre-orders over the weekend at the old pre-increase price?

      • AM

        What kind of businesses do they run in UK? If you were given a price when you pre-ordered, the price should be granted when the order is fulfilled. At least, that’s how it works in US.

        • David

          The UK law says that an selling is an “offer to treat”

          It is up to the store what to charge, or whether to sell something or not.

          But of course different stores have their own different policies. Some will sell at the lower price if that’s what you pre-ordered. Some will increase it. It just depends.

          Of course there are other legal boundaries. You couldn’t advertise the camera for £100, then suddenly ask you for £2399 at the checkout. There are laws against false advertising, or misleading promotions (i.e. using a ridiculous RRP to make a sale % more impressive).

          • miguelito

            I moved to the UK a few months ago (from NY, only temporarily). I considered buying the D800 here but at this price I will wait for a trip to NY to do so. Frankly this is a reflection of the entirety of the UK retail and service industries: they don’t give a darn about the consumer. There’s a sense of “doing you a favor” in everything they do, from dry cleaning to retail. This country sucks, I will be going back to the US asap.

            • Royster

              I doubt if anyone will be sorry when you leave

            • miguelito

              🙂 Fine by me!

            • Musephoto


              I’m a Brit now permanently resident in the US and I apologize for your customer service experience in the Uk but I’m hardly surprised!

              Royster, your comment is immature at best and speaks to some of the things wrong with the UK. Take the criticism, it is richly deserved then try to learn that things are done better elsewhere and try to force changes in service standards I the UK. Remember visitors pay A LOT in taxes. Be nice to them!

              Miguelito, just get your camera back in the US, it’ll be way cheaper but remember to bring all your paperwork back with you otherwise UK customs will try to charge you taxes on it!!

            • miguelito


              I’m a temp resident in the UK, sort of like an H1-B in the US. Still, I pay 50% in taxes here plus the cost of living (which in London is significantly higher than in NYC). Not complaining as I accepted this job, but frankly, I get very little for my tax contribution.

          • Ed Stevens

            The ‘offer to treat’ is on the part of the retailer (Amazon, jessops etc.) and as soon as you pre-order that would be ‘acceptance’ under UK contract law meaning any subsequent increase in price would be a breach of contract on the consumer. The only way they could make you pay is if they asked if you would like to accept this increase, but without consent they cannot renegotiate an existing contract.

            • James

              While the situation in any retailers case is obviously governed by their own terms and conditions, generally speaking this isn’t correct. The store’s advertising of the product is an invitation to treat, your going through the ordering process is the offer to contract and their taking the money from your card and processing the order is the acceptance of that offer. The contract isn’t complete at the point of your joining the order queue and either party is at liberty to pull out of the arrangement before the final acceptance (the ability to pull out of the queue without repercussion is indicative of this, though a completed contract containing a break clause could look the same). The increase in price is, in contract terms, a counter-offer. This form of arrangement is common in trade purchasing where you submit an order on one day (guided by the prices available at that time) but end up paying the going rate for the product on the day the order is processed.

              That isn’t to say that there aren’t other issues arising out of consumer protection legislation but that is a separate legal issue and in raw contract law terms, there isn’t a problem here.

              Still sucks though.

      • FriscoFred

        Somebody told me today that Nikon said they will honor the lower price on all orders placed before March 24th. The new higher prices will be charged for all orders placed after that. Apparently, they are not going to raise the prices in the United States.

  • Sinnon

    Just picked up my D800 in Dublin, Ireland. They said prices going up 10-15%.

    • FriscoFred

      Does Ireland have a Value Added Tax? What exactly is the VAT tax?

  • Kim

    Let Nikon UK keep their BLUFFS. For £500 i can buy a week holiday to new york at the same time buy the D4 in Newyork for a very reasonable price. imagine hitting 2 birds with one stone.
    Our British brothers are known for cheating their subjects. lol

    • Darkness

      Good luck with customs smuggling….

      • Ke

        Good luck with the warranty too.

        • T.I.M

          Good luck with the manual too (in US, not british)

          • miguelito

            Manual in Brit:

            “Press this button to get live view, yeah!”
            “Keep you bear away from the lens, yeah!”

            • T.I.M

              Manual in Brit:
              The D800 is not teaproof.

        • broxibear

          Hi Ke,
          Actually there’s no issue with warranties.
          If you buy any Nikon equipment when you’re physically in another country Nikon will accept the warranty, they won’t if you order it from another country using the net or mail order just to get it cheaper.
          As far as customs go, the thing to do is to post all the packaging, manuals etc to your home address in the UK, and put the body or lens in with the rest of your camera equipment.

          • David

            Yup. I’d post the manuals back if I really cared (or just download the pdf)

            Then put the camera in the bag. Besides, UK customs is a joke. Even at Heathrow, every time I come home the customs department isn’t even open. There are two doors – something to declare, or nothing to declare. Just walk straight through the green door. Half the time the red door is not even open.

            • Some mid-level Customs manager who is also an avid birder that frequents NikonRumors is seething right now at all this talk of circumventing the tax laws that he vowed to defend. I love it.

            • @Ron Adair, your mid-level Customs manager has been in the buisness long enough now that he is only looking to the retirement horizon. Those in the UK should be grateful that those red doors are mostly closed. Here in Germany, I have seen customs agents bring a young teenage girl to tears. She had lived and worked in the USA as a nanny and upon return to Germany they were demanding customs fees for the jeans she bought!!!

            • Zen-Tao

              Perhaps they wanted watching the girl with them off

      • kim

        Hahaaaa dont be funny. am i not supposed to buy any item while on holiday? since when is it illegal?
        the item i choose is a camera. price lower than at home and does exactly the same thing as the expensive one.

    • ken kockwell

      Kim this is easy to do. I have done it several times. But get it delivered outside your state so you don’t get billed with sales tax. So go to New York, buy at B&H and get delivered to New Jersey hotel – not far.
      Customs don’t have a clue.
      Obviously get rid of boxes. Good luck.

      • kim

        Spot on Mr Ken kockwell.
        i will just flatten and post my boxes.
        so i can even sell it after 3 yrs use. hahaaaaa.

  • Mark

    Just spoke to Jessops (uk) regarding my Nikon D4 preorder at 10.30 am this morning. They say I will pay the price I preordered at £4799, but they estimate the delivery time might be mid April. So anyone who orders from today will to find £500 more.

  • Rdysan

    I ordered a D4 at the £4,799 price in early Feb from Jessops. They tell me delivery is due mid-April. I’ve had it twice confirmed by phone that the price I ordered at is the price they will honour. However, their T&Cs distinctly allow them to wriggle out of it, should they wish.

    i.e. “After submitting an order via our website we will send you an order acknowledgement by email confirming receipt of your order and details of the goods that you have ordered. Please note this email is an acknowledgement and is not an acceptance of your order.

    Any email or other electronic acknowledgement by us of receipt of an order placed by you does not constitute legal acceptance by us of your order.

    Acceptance of your order and the formation of a contract between us will take place when the goods you have ordered have been despatched to you, unless we have notified you that we do not accept your order or you have cancelled it in accordance with our cancellation and returns policy.

    We reserve the right to not to supply goods and to cancel your order in the event of a pricing error or omission.”

    Time will tell, I guess. I have to say I have bought over £5,000 of camera eqmt from them over the past three years and have always found them to be very good. I’ve taken two cameras back after having used them (D300s and 7D) – one for hot pixel and the other for focusing issues – and they refunded me in full without a quibble. I’m hoping they will step up to the plate and honour their pre-orders, but legally I don’t think I have a hope in hell if they want to try and charge me the new ‘correct’ price.

  • oldf*rt

    Nice lens cap!

    • David H.

      Funny – its not the pinch type, but it would sell well!!! 🙂

      • oldf*rt

        Not at £500 though!!

  • Maxym

    Oh, you don’t saw prices in Ukraine, in our country with stupid taxes and greedy seller, Nikon D4 costs 9399 US dollars, and you talk about £500 and the D800 by £200, it’s funny

    • Maxym
    • Toecutter

      Obviously they think you can afford so stop whining

    • Royster

      It’s not the price that is the problem.It’s the fact that they are putting the price up after the orders have gone in

      • @ Royster

        So you’d be O.K if they charged you twice the amount for a D800 as long as they don’t jack the price up after it’s been released?


    • FriscoFred

      Wow —- how can anyone in Ukraine afford to buy a Nikon camera at that price? I assume all cameras there are much more expensive. I can’t even afford to buy the D800 at $2,999 in the United States right now. That’s really terrible that it cost so much more in Ukraine.

  • d

    £2599.00 now at Jessops. Seems like Nikon were surprised by Canon’s pricing of the 5dm3 and thought they could screw us out of an extra few hundred GBP.

    Looks like a holiday to New York is the cheapest option.

  • JMarijs

    It would be best if Amazon UK gives a clear and transparant statement over their way of conduct in this matter. (I bought a D800 for the lower price).
    It’s a bit strange to wait for what will happening, AmUK can provide a clear answer (and that’s not a referral tot legal jumbo mumbo) to her clients.
    Than we all can decide to cancel our order or not, and wether to do business with AmUK/US in the future or not.

  • dahmoon

    In Saudi Arabia we have both camera now in Nikon Local dealer

    nikon D4 cost is 7300 USA Dollar
    nikon d800 cost is 3866 USA Dollar

    • Yusep

      Hi! Dahmoon
      Why the D800 cost more than what Nikon announce the price.. $3,000? =(

    • FriscoFred

      The D800 costs about $867 more in Saudi Arabia than it does in the United States. Are there some additional import charges that increase the price there? I can only afford to pay $2,000 for a camera. I bought the Nikon D200 for just about $1,800 six years ago and had hoped the new D800 would be close to that same price —— no way.

      FYI —- I found out the dealer cost of the Nikon D800 in the United States is $2,699 (so the dealer makes a $300 profit per camera).

  • MJr

    I guess we have the high price of the 5DIII to blame ! 🙁
    Would have rather seen Canon lowering the price (again) rather than Nikon raising it.

  • Srini

    Jacking up the price to cash-in on the initial euphoria is a bad taste. The £2400 on D800 is still an expensive buy but not so much considering it is a full frame camera.

    One user on the amazon site is not happy. He is returning probably for reasons of an “apparent lack of increase in definition in spire of a 3 fold increase in pixels….”. The review may be accessed at

    • Shasta_D

      Yeah, I have some serious reservations about that person’s review. He is trying to justify his shooting it handheld is okay for then comparing the shots to his D700 also shot handheld and he is complaining he sees no real difference in image quality.
      I’m guessing that guy does not have any scientific background, and he is refusing to believe using a tripod as a normalization technique between the shooting experiments between the D800 and D700. I wonder if he even knows what mirror-lockup is for.

      I suspect there are going to be a lot of people who get this camera who never owned a tripod and will think they still can handhold down to 1/30sec. If I want shots similar to the d700 output handheld when using a tripod is not appropriate, I can do that with the D800. But to truly unlock its potential, we need to be “steady.”

      • Srini

        I agree. We are obviously going to get unhappy customers. Unless this percentage is larger than happy customers or the reviews are not good, this would not influence me.

        • FriscoFred

          Even with my old Nikon D200 I’d take great pains to steady the camera when shooting at almost any shutter speed hand held (especially with telephotos). Many inexperienced shooters are sloppy when they shoot hand held; I assume they’ll see motion blur with the D800 hand held at slow and even at moderate shutter speeds unless they are very careful to steady the camera. Ideally a tripod should be used at the lower shutter speeds, but not every one does that.

    • If he wanted increased resolution then he should have purchased the D800E (it’s not rocket science)

      • Srini

        True….we don’t need a 36MP resolution unless we want to print, say, poster sizes or wall sizes….

        • Ronan

          Errrr i’v done poster size with 12MP and even less… Bet you saw some of them and couldn’t tell the difference.

        • FriscoFred

          The 36MP resolution will also be good if you have to do some drastic cropping of the image. While few people really NEED 36MP, it’s good to have that option available if you should find you need the extra resolution for some reason.

    • Not bad taste – it’s good business sense.

      • Royster

        I don’t know what business school you went to if you think that it’s good business sense.
        Upset your client base,put off future clients wondering how honest you are,losing sales, all for short term gain

      • Srini

        You may justify it purely as a supply and a demand. Nikon is building solid top quality products. A good business model thrives not on hiking prices sensing a short-term profitable opportunity; a damn good friendly customer service and a happy-loyal customer base. The recent price hike is a pure rip-off, which is pretty common in Britain. Once a price is fixed, you stick to it, honor the contract of purchase (good business ethics) and focus on quality and customer service. Period.

        • Sahaja

          Srini: “Once a price is fixed, you stick to it, honor the contract of purchase (good business ethics) and focus on quality and customer service. Period.”


  • Srini

    I have been allocating resources to buy D800. With this price rise, I am not sure if I would like to buy Nikon anymore.

  • broxibear

    Talking of stock in the UK, Calumet have limited stock of the new Nikon 85mm f1.8 G AF-S for those looking for one.

  • Mark

    I have had email confirmation from jessops Uk, that they will not increase the price of my Nikon D4 that I pre ordered. Jessops stated in the email that I will pay £4799.95 and not a penny more. I even get a free spare battery as part of the order 😉 Jessops have proved that they are a bloody good sports.

  • RR

    What a shit!!
    I have pre-ordered nikon d800 for £2.099 from amazon uk. If they increase the price for my order I will never shop there again and will return my new, still in the box nikkor 24-70 2.8 which I get for this new camera!
    We don`t like to be treated like that! It is a Nikon problem, so they should be paying for their own mistakes!

    • Bermrunner

      Wholeheartedly agree.
      I’m in a similar situation to you having sold my D700 & D300 to afford the initial £2399 price at release. Placed an order with WEX on 12 Feb but was enticed by Amazon UK briefly dropping their price to £2099 on the second of the two occasions that they did this. I, having emailed WEX a couple of times, got the distinct feeling that I would probably not be get hold of this camera on the first sweep of preorder deliveries so opted with Amazon UK for £300 less and canceled WEX. Having read today that Nikon UK has made a “system error” (yeah right!), more likely D800’s recent DXOmark #1 spot and Canon 5DmIII pricing coupled with high demand for the D800, Nikon felt they could maximise profit and selling point. Where does that leave us folks with, as of yet, unfulfilled preorders? Will Amazon, Play, WEX etc honour previous prices? I don’t think they are legally bound to; I guess only time will tell. In the meantime Nikon are taking a bit of a PR gamble especially if they force retailers to increase their prices on existing preorders. All the best with your order and hope things work out for us all in the end?

      • Sahaja

        “…more likely D800′s recent DXOmark #1 spot and Canon 5DmIII pricing coupled with high demand for the D800, Nikon felt they could maximise profit and selling point.”


        “System error” – my foot

        • BermrunnernothingB

          ““System error” – my foot”

          Absolutely…., in the months preceding Nikon UK’s announcement leading up to the release of D4, D800/E, their MD and his entire UK marketing department would have being doing nothing other than deciding on price point of these bodies.

          “System error” just does not hold water and is a complete insult to the intelligence of it’s customers and retailers. They must consider that the success of these cameras, in the longer term, outweigh the very poor PR they will/are currently experiencing.

  • Mark

    I really hope you all get sorted with amazon and other sellers. I know that Jessops will always get my business as they have been great. Jessops also confirmed the delivery of the D4 will be middle of April. It makes a change that a retailer is doing the right thing, big hug for Jessops 😉

    • KG

      Hi Mark, i too have paid for my D4 with jessops back in Jan, how did u get the email confirmation sent to you regarding the price will not change?? I spoke to head office and the sales manager today, they said i wont have to pay any difference 🙂 however did not get an email. Who did you speak 2 to get that email??

      Thanks K

  • Royster

    This is the president of Nikon UK email address

    I have sent him an email saying that I think this price rise is a bad idea on pre orders and that it should only apply to new orders.
    If many of us do this then maybe they may re think this price rise.
    It can do no harm to let them know that their customers are not happy

    • Hey prospect, you’re not a customer until you buy something 😉

      • Royster

        I Have

    • Sahaja

      Normally, unless they advertised a special pre-order or introductory price, one would expect them to keep the initial price for several months – and then for the price to drop by a little.

      I think Nikon UK just realized the market will bear more than their original price – and that Canon are asking more for the 5DMkIII.

      Although on paper, and in the right hands, the D800 seems to be better than the 5DMkIII, the latter camera may turn out to be a somewhat better general purpose tool in the hands of most users as, from the samples I’ve seen, it looks like it may be a little more forgiving of less than perfect technique. And now Canon won’t have to drop their price by as much to match the price of the D800.

    • Sahaja

      I guess this Mr. Michio Miwa never heard that “a gentleman’s word is his bond” – or he’s not a gentleman.

  • Ed

    Ive had a D4 on order for a few weeks and have paid a £100 deposit to Calumet. I would be very unhappy if they try to pass on the £500 increase, but what would be the alternative? What I actually find more frustrating than Nikon claim that it was a pricing error is the complete lack of information about delivery dates.

    • Rudi

      I also have had a deposit with calumet for d4 for priority treatment! What did I get? Nothing so far! Two friends preordered after me at smaller dealers and got their d4 on march 15th and 16th!

      After the unexpected good test results of the d800 with impressive iso meassuring for that amount of megapixels I’m thinking of better buying two d800 or one d800 plus a used d3s!

  • SimonS

    I’m really glad I got in the car and drove to pick up my D4 from Calumet in Milton Keynes yesterday. Got it at the old price plus £100 worth of Calumet vouchers.

    Judging by what I could see on the order computer screen my order was one of only THREE non NPS orders fullfilled.

    So there you have it. Nikon gave NPS members a discount as well as early delivery.

    So as an ex-Canon user who hated CPS, I now get to hate NPS just as much. So I did OK this time, but only just and FYI Canon and Nikon the definition of a professional photographer is a bit more than owning two bodies.

    • Musephoto

      Nikon’s definition of professional IS a bit more than owning two bodies…. Check it out!

  • David H.

    I hope someone at Nikon is sacked for this!

    Surely it can’t just be because the nearest competitors camera was launched at more money than they anticipated??!

    I ordered a D800 via today £2099.99 post free – I will let you know if I get it!!!

    Here’s hoping!!! 🙂

    • Toecutter

      Thats about the size of it.The 5mk111 price has given them alot of room for manoeuvre.Ithink the D400 price has just gone up

  • zoom

    For once we have a better pricing in India. The Launch price is Rs. 1,49,950. Thats equivalent to about US $ 2,955.
    But I confirmed with a local dealer today, and he said that the camera is available in the market for a little bit lesser (Rs. 3000-4000 –thats aprox. another 70-80 US $). With a little bargaining I got for around US $2800 equivalent. Will be getting mine in about a weeks time though. 🙂

    • FriscoFred

      Congratulations ZOOM —- that’s a really good price. The price in the United States is pretty much at $2,999.95 everywhere here. So at $2,800 you got a really good price. I saw a purchase order document for a U.S. dealer that indicated the price paid here by the Nikon dealer is $2,699.96 for the D800. I don’t know if dealers in India pay the same price —- if they do, your dealer made about $100 on the sale.

  • dbltax

    Jessops now have the D800 listed as being £2599. Well, that’s just made it cheaper to get a return flight to New York and buy it there, than to buy it here in the UK. Looks like I’m off to NY.

    • … or you could do the same as the rest of us and buy it from Play : £2099

      • Royster

        So you think that they have enough to supply everyone.
        I don’t think so

  • martyn

    Seems to me that since the DXO marks were made public the D3x has gone down in price and the D4 and D800 have gone up !!

  • martyn

    Just read WEX terms and conditions, looks like were going to have to cough up the £500

    well ?*&+!^ off !

  • D700guy

    Not sure if this is an indicator or not, but the pre-order price of my D4, which has not yet been delivered or charged to my card yet, still remains 5999.95 on my Adorama account.

    • FriscoFred

      Yes, Nikon said they’d honor all pre-order prices placed before March 24th. I hope you enjoy your D4 —– sure wish I could afford one.

  • broxibear

    I hate to bring bad news but I’m hearing that Nikon UK is not going to suppy retailers any pre-orderd D4 or D800/E unless the retailers agree to pay the price increase.
    That would mean if you haven’t physically received your camera already you will have to pay the price increase or cancel your order.
    There are going to be a lot of pissed off people if this turns out to be right. Very few of the pre-orders were filled, so I can’t see the retailers taking the financial hit and honouring the initial price.
    I think Nikon UK better install some more phones and servers to deal with all the complaints heading their way on Monday morning.

    • Gary

      broxibear – where are you hearing that from? How reliable is your source, please?

      • broxibear

        Hi Gary,
        The source is reliable, but it being the weekend I can’t give you a 100% on this because so few people are around to back up the information.
        I don’t know if Peter/admin has been able to get anything new from his contacts yet either…looks like it will be Monday morning before we hear it from the horse’s mouth.
        The fact that Jacobs, a Nikon Pro Dealer, put up their prices immediately on Friday is not a good sign.

        • broxibear

          P.S. This story was broken yesterday on by Simon Stafford, he’s one of the editors at a well known magazine called Nikonowner magazine. If he’s writing “the new prices are to be applied to all back ordered cameras.” then it must be pretty reliable.
          I hope it’s wrong, but that’s not the impression I’m getting.

          • AnoNemo

            If that’s the case then I would say Nikon is a nasty piece of ‘tool’. Talbot road is their bus stop… so those who are really pissed can go there and actually visit them….

            • Kamran

              @AnoNemo Talbot road? A bit random but I work on Talbot road. haha

          • Kamran

            nope, i spoke with Jessops HQ, today and the store, and they both confirmed that you pay the pre-order price if you had pre-ordered at £2399,99 and not a penny more, and thats something they guarantee 100% and i havent paid a deposit either yet

            • broxibear

              Hi Kamran,
              If that’s what they’ve said I’ve no reason to believe they won’t honour that price and promise. I wonder if Jessops are absorbing the price increase themselves and if other retailers will do the same…lots of confusion.
              It’ll be interesting to see what sort of press statement Nikon UK release on Monday.

        • I did not get any confirmation from the UK (maybe will get it on Monday), but the new prices are already reflected on Amazon and Jessops.

    • Sahaja

      The problem for the retailers is that they have accepted a pre-orders at a certain price. I don’t know where that leaves them morally and legally. At least those that have taken a deposit are probably obligated to honour the original price.

      I wonder how much of this huge price jump Nikon UK will pass on to the retailers? – not much I suspect.

  • Daniele Cuccia


    2.5 While we try and ensure that all prices on our website are accurate, errors may occur. We will use our best endeavours to correct errors and omissions as quickly as practicable after being notified of them. If we discover an error in the price of items you have ordered we will inform you as soon as possible and give you the option of reconfirming your order at the correct price or cancelling it. If we are unable to contact you we will treat the order as cancelled. We shall be under no obligation to fulfil an order for a product which was advertised at an incorrect price.

  • David H.

    My order confirmation from is below….we may yet be all getting played!

    £2099.99 does sound too good to be true!


    All pre-order products are subject to our Pre-order Price Promise. This means that if the price drops between the dispatch date and the day of release, we will refund the difference to ensure that you pay the lowest possible price and send you a refund confirmation email.

    If your purchase was part of a ‘multibuy’ it may not be subject to our usual returns policy. Please click here for details:

    If you have any queries in relation to the above order please visit our web site at where you are able to :

    * check the status and cost of orders
    * cancel items which have not entered the dispatch process
    * change delivery and invoice address on open or future orders

    Please note: This is an ‘open’ order and has not been processed by our dispatch department. No contract for the sale of any product will subsist between you and until dispatches the product(s) ordered. We will confirm that the product(s) have been dispatched by a confirmation email. This confirmation e-mail amounts to an acceptance by of your offer to buy goods from or a third party supplier that is engaged on your behalf by (whether or not you receive that e-mail).

    By receiving this email from you are accepting our terms and conditions, a copy of which can be found on the website at:

  • Those so and so’s.

  • Bermrunner

    Fair play to Amazon UK. Amidst my concern over recently placed D800 order with AmUK at briefly reduced price of £2099.99 and the latest Nikon UK price hike, I felt I should seek clarification with Amazon to establish how my current order stands so I emailed them a couple of hours ago and replied quickly, thus:-

    “…We are sorry for any confusion or inconvenience caused regarding the price of this item ‘Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) ‘.

    At the time of placing this order. I can understand that the price of this item is 2,099.99 GBP.

    But now the price of this item is increased to 2,399.00 GBP.Our goal is to offer customers the greatest selection and the lowest possible prices.

    Please be informed I can confirm that you will charged for this item in the lowest price of 2,099.99 GBP at the time of shipping.

    We don’t debit money from your payment card until just before your items are dispatched. Your payment card is charged approximately 24 hours after the items in your order have entered the dispatch process…..”

    Pretty sure this means I’ll be charged at £2099 when it finally gets dispatched?

    • Daniel

      let’s pray guys!!!!!!!!
      I did order it from amazon at 2099 as well……

    • Tony

      I’ m in the same position, but I would not be so sure about the content of the email received by Bermrunner from Amazon UK. This email refers to the current D800 price as being 2399.00 GBP. Hence this email was clearly written without reference to (and perhaps without knowledge of) the Nikon imposed price increase. Amazon UK have subsequently updated their price to £2,599. Will they still give the same promise to honour the 2099.99 GBP price?

      • Bermrunner

        Hi Tony, you’re correct Amazon’s reply does not refer to the impending price rise that we now know has taken place on AmUK’s site, however, I wanted to make sure that my question to them was quite particular to this. I have attached my question to Amazon. Sorry, it is a little long winded. As follows:-

        You will be aware that I was enticed to place the above noted order with Amazon UK during the second brief price drop, on 20th March at £2099. This appeared to be a legitimate and deliberate pricing policy as the original price of £2399.99 was struck through and provided information on the £300 saving and, indeed, the 13% saving Amazon were offering. A subsequent email confirming my order was forwarded to me and my Amazon UK account was updated to reflect my preorder at the reduced price (This remains so as I write this). You should note that I had a longstanding preorder with a large UK photographic online retailer which I cancelled in favour of Amazon’s brief incentivised pricing on this product. I realised that I would lose my place in the first UK batch of shipments through choosing to move my order to Amazon, but a saving of £300 was an acceptable trade off and was no real surprise that my Amazon wasn’t shipped on day one.

        You can imagine my horror and concern today when I note that Nikon UK are rumoured to be increasing the release price by £200. Can you confirm this to be the case? (I note that at the time of writing this that your price remains at £2399). Can you confirm that the price that I preordered this camera at will be honoured and will not increase? (I believe Jessops have already stated to their existing preorder customers that they will honour the sale). I am very concerned that Amazon may be obliged to raise the price to Nikon’s, currently rumoured RRP but would be very, very disappointing for all those who currently have outstanding, existing preorders with Amazon as I have; especially having been enticed to place order with Amazon at a price point less than its competitors, albeit briefly.

        I would be very grateful if you could confirm that my current order will not be affected and Amazon remain prepared to sell me the Nikon D800 as per the price listed in my order?

        Thanks for your help with this and I anxiously await your reply.


        • Tony

          Bermrunner, thanks for posting this information. Your query to Amazon UK was well worded and I agree that their reply seems to clearly state that they will honour the pre-order price. Let’s hope so – my own experience with Amazon UK is that their reliability and customer service are of a high standard.

          Obviously if Amazon do keep to the pre-order price (and if they are obliged to pay an increased price to Nikon) they will be taking quite a significant financial hit as a consequence of Nikon’s mismanagement.

  • Dave

    The pice increase in the UK is cheap, bullshit move by Nikon. “Systems error” … really, really? Does Nikon really think their customers are that stupid? This is nothing more than Nikon deciding they can take advantage of demand trend. With this move Nikon just demonstrated they have (1) no integrity, and (2) no respect for their customers. Just cancelled pre-orders on both D4 and D800 on principle. 35+ year Nikon user … that just changed. Adios Nikon.

    • Daniel

      gonna cancel my order too if they dont keep the pre-order price….
      will have it in Italy for cheaper price and 4 years warranty with Nital Card

    • Really

      I personally would have waited until they received the stock and then said, “No thank you.” When they ask why I would say that their practice of changing the price after pre-order has changed my confidence level in the way Nikon does business. As such, I feel as though I shouldn’t pay the arbitrary price you are asking for the camera.

      Also, who knows maybe a backlash will cause them to rethink. Anyway, good luck to you!

  • Rudi

    So 2099 gbp is about 2510 €! So why do you expect to have it cheaper than anybody else in europe? If I’m not wrong there was a price drop in uk some days before on these cameras. My guess is that it was by accident and has been corrected now?

    • Daniel

      yes, it has been corrected after few hours only…even if still has it at 2099.
      The point is: will they leave the price as from pre-orders or they gonna send an email to everybody with apologises etc…..??? we will see

      • Bermrunner


      • Rudi

        I would have one ordered by myself for that price 😉 I keep my fingers crossed for you! I think the release of two such great cameras brings some hassle
        As not all orders can be fulfilled immediatly.

      • FriscoFred

        Nikon said they’d honor all pre-orders placed before March 24th. All orders after the 24th will be at the higher price.

  • broxibear

    Wow, even mild mannered Ken Rockwell is angry about this, his article is called “Nikon Wanks UK Customers”…I don’t think Ken fully understands what “wanks” means as this would indicate a pleasurable experience for Nikon’s UK customers…and it really isn’t.

    • Ray

      Hahahaha. Slightly inappropriate phrasing from our nutcase photographer friend Mr Rockwell.

      • Ken Rockwell

        I am not happy about Nikon UK wanking off you guys.

  • Crimed

    And to think that 10 days ago Amazon (USA) offered me a Gold Box special on the 800E at a 5% discount from the announced price. OF course that was before screwing us over by breaking promises about delivery on our preordered 800’s. The whole thing is nuts!

  • Have had my d4 on order with Wex since 7th February. Have spent thousands on Nikon equipment over the last few years and have been a proud Nikon user. Been looking at hundreds of comments over the last week on this site… Nikon launching new technology and only a few units available in world…..mass frustration from the photographic community…and now prices are being inflated probably because of supply and demand… Well this is all starting to put a sour taste in my mouth…

    All I want to do is purchase a d4 and start taking photographs with it!! Rather than bitch about nikon’s lack of a decent business practice.

    If Wex do decide to try and charge me an additional 500 quid for the d4 I will be cancelling.

    Now I know Nikon isnt in the same league as Apple but they could learn a lot from them. Nikon have the product and have demand ….they could of delayed the launches of their new cameras by a few months so they had 50000 available. They could of charged the extra 500 quid too rather than increase the rrp after 1 week of launch which doesn’t do any favours for the loyal customers and the nikon brand…


    • I’m in the same boat as you Matt.

      I pre-ordered on the opening day…I am currently 6th in line with WEX.

      I reckon I’ve spent over £40,000 over the last seven years exclusively with WEX and will not be happy if I have to fork out another £500 for my much wanted D4.

      Its such a massive sum of money already which I have made lots of arrangements to make happen.

      I do hope, but doubt, WEX honour their original price.

      I currently use a much loved D3 which needs repacing now after years of great service.

      Not impressed with Nikon UK…will consider cancelling my order BUT love the D4 s potential for bird flight photography I am so passionate about.

      Thanks to all my fellow Nikon users for their posts recently…really, really helpful.


  • Daniel

    amazon uk did update the delivery date on my D800 in…… “We’ll notify you via e-mail when we have an estimated delivery date for this item. It will be dispatched separately. You can cancel at any time.”
    it was dispatched time on the 26…
    price stays the same at £2099

  • David H.

    with a sigh! “I am just so disappointed with Nikon over this botched price fiasco!”

    I’ve used them for such a long time, EM,FM2n,F3,F4s,F5,D1x,d2xs,d90,d3……

    It would be honourable for someone to fall on their sword!

  • doug

    I don’t think that there is someone more upset with this price hype than Canon, well my understanding is that one of the reasons that Nikon increased the price is because possible costumers were being scared by the big difference in price between 5DMk3 and D800 thus giving an idea of a superior product from Canon, even thou we know that this is not true, that and the fact that all the available cameras for the next few weeks are already destined to someone who pre-ordered it and the room for price increase was there for Nikon to exploit, i can’t blame them, the company was really affected last year and for them to come up 2 incredible products in such a small time frame was just possible to Japanese organization and work hard employers.I’ve been using the D800 for 2 days, and trust me when i say that i’m a lame photographer and even with me the camera is very forgetful even when it comes to manual controls, inbuilt image processing is nice and the video rocks my 550d out of the water. IM LOVING THE CAMERA

    • Musephoto

      Hang about Doug, do you really think Nikon just invented the D4 and D800 since the quake? Really?

      I am sure they have been working on these products for years!

  • Bermrunner

    I see Amazon UK have just raised the d800 to £2599.

  • broxibear

    Has anyone outside the UK noticed a price change for the D4 and D800/E ?
    Ken Rockwell is suggesting Nikon UK are just the first to increase prices and others will follow.
    I’ve not heard anything about other countries.

    • Joe

      Ken Rockwell’s sources are the voices in his head.

      • broxibear

        Hi Joe,
        I love the voices in my head…I’d be lost without them,lol.
        I see a poster on another site contacted Amazon UK about their pre-order and apparently was told that Amazon US would also be increasing their prices next week. I can’t verify this so lets see what happens ?

        • Joe

          I predict rioting in the streets, with people throwing Molotov cocktails made out of 50mm f/1.8D lenses into camera shop storefronts.

      • Ken Rockwell

        I assure you I am the most well connected man in photography. Why do you think I have the most popular photography blog in the WORLD!

    • There is only one source for now – Pixiq and of course the increased prices on Jessops and Amazon UK. I wish other blogger give credit to the original source instead of pretending to “know it all”.

  • simon

    wow in switzerland you can get (ok pre order but you pay so you most certainly get the camera for this price, no idea when though, but it is a very reliable retailer) a d800 for 2642CHF that would be 1832 GBP.

    • Gooch

      Which retailer is this? Do they have a website?

  • Bobby

    Who cares about the UK anyway…

    • doug

      The asylum seekers and the Roma gypsies do very much ;p

  • Neil

    My d800 is ordered with Jessops, and I have now just done an order with Play at £2099,,, will se what happens ???

  • barneydog7

    Have Nikon UK put Gerald Ratner and his prawn sandwich in charge of pricing ?????
    What system’s are Nikon running they’ve had 6 week to sort this “system error” out.
    Wait and see what WEX have to say on Monday morning? though i don’t hold out much hope.

  • Me

    Does the union jack lens cap come in 77mm ???

  • Justice Jones

    As much as i am a Nikon fanboy and have pre-ordered on multiple sites, some since feb….Nikon are abusing their position.

    according to that link,” A business may have a dominant position in a market if it can behave independently of competitive pressures, such as rival businesses, in that market. Chapter II of the Competition Act 1998 and Article 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union prohibits abusing this dominant position. A business could be seen to be doing this if it:

    limits production
    charges excessively high prices
    refuses to supply an existing long-standing customer without good reason
    charges different prices to different customers where there is no difference in what is being supplied
    makes a contract conditional on factors that have nothing to do with the subject of the contract
    In general, the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) decides if a business is abusing its position by considering the likely effect of their conduct, rather than the specific form of the conduct. Abusive conduct on the competitive process may adversely affect consumers directly (eg through pricing) or indirectly (eg by reducing the availability of competitors in the market).

    The OFT may impose a financial penalty of up to 10 per cent of the worldwide turnover of an undertaking for an infringement of Article 102 and/or the Chapter II prohibition.”

    personally “charges different prices to different customers where there is no difference in what is being supplied” appears to be whats going on eg pre-orders….

    so i don’t what they are playing at but bigger companies have been humbled by the powers of the E.U…..

    so i suggest Nikon take note and i strongly suggest in the first instance you complain enmasse as i am about to here:

    why should they get away with it….? for all we know they are price fixing with Canon! at the end of the day, competition should drive DOWN prices not raise them.

    • GeoffMiller

      Complaint sent

    • Mr. B

      complaint also sent

    • Bermrunner

      Complaint logged with Nikon UK Website and robust email sent to Nikon UK President…….you know, I’m starting to feel better already! I do hope I get a personal reply?

    • Sahaja

      Complain to the OFT

      “The OFT may impose a financial penalty of up to 10 per cent of the worldwide turnover of an undertaking for an infringement of Article 102 and/or the Chapter II prohibition.”

      10% of worldwide turnover ~ Nikon UK should be worried about that

  • Geoff Miller

    Have sent emails to email address shown in earlier post and to the Nikon contact page complaining. We will see what happens. Not sure if it has always been the case but Amazon france is showing Euro 3199 as the price which is higher than I have seen elsewhere in europe. Germany still showing euro 2899.

  • FriscoFred

    The going price in the United States is $2,999.95 (approximately 1,890.23 pounds sterling). I was assured by the retailer I used that the price will remain the same on all pre-orders. If the price goes up, it will be for future orders.


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