Nikon UK increased the price of the D4 and D800 cameras?

Pixiq reported today that Nikon UK increased the price of the Nikon D4 by £500 and the D800 by £200, with immediate effect. The information is based on an email sent from a Nikon UK general manager. The previous pricing was described as a "systems error".

Currently the Nikon D800 is listed for £2,399.00 £2,599.00 at Amazon and Jessops and the Nikon D4 is priced at £5289.00. I am not sure about the D800, but the D4 was initially listed for £4799...

Few days ago, the price of the D800 dropped £300 for few hours on Amazon UK.

I emailed few sources in the UK but could not get a confirmation for this price increase (probably because of the time difference).

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  • Tony

    Well, you only have to look at the web sites of Jessops and Jacobs (both major retailers) to discover that this price increase is true. Indeed Jessops are currently displaying both the old price (£2399) and the new price (£2599) on different parts of their web site.

    • Mark

      I ordered my Nikon D4 last Saturday at jessops uk. When I pre orderd Whig my back card ect, I thought that’s was a nice deal. NOW is. They want £500 more, surely they cant change an agreed price in a rre order from last week. I think Nikon a total sh@ts

      • Nick

        Legally I suspect not – new orders will be at the higher price, but if you accepted at the old price you have a contract with them at the old price (all be it a forward contract, for delivery when it’s available) so they should charge you that.

        I’d check their t&c’s in case there is a term there about price changes for pre-orders though.

        • Chris

          In a fit of pique I cancelled my D4 order with Jessops yesterday – despite ordering on the 9th of Jan I didn’t make the first batch of delivery, and was told 2 or 3 weeks for the next batch.

          I guess the price change will be for the next batch, if you have’t got your Jessops order by now (ie friday) its the next batch.

          Of course I won’t have a camera, of course I should keep my big mouth shut next time I want to have a tantrum!


          • if they troll you, troll back

            let them ship it, then return it after 14 days

  • Opinion…

    Nikon D800 is now £2599

    • I pre-ordered D800 at 10pm last night (£2399). I have just rang Jessops and new price is just for new orders, so I am ok.

      However this whole thing stinks! UK consumers being ripped of again!

  • Ralph

    Guess that would be one way to clear the backlog of orders…..

    • Tony

      I can understand that increasing the price would be a valid business decision to balance supply and demand, but to call it a “systems error” is laughably stupid.

  • doug

    Wholly crap i can confirm it is £2599 everywhere, i got mine for £2399

  • Jai

    the fact that they are gonna roll the price increase on all back orders is really retarded though

    • Andrew

      Is it really? If you are selling a product, wouldn’t you want to sell it for as much as you can get for it? When judging others, first take a moment and determine what you would have done in their situation.

      • Iris Chrome

        Three words: Honor the Price!

        These cameras have been announced for months and the prices were established for just as long too. For Nikon to just brush off the price increases as a “system error” is not only laughable but akin to a bait and switch operation. At the very least they need to honor their pre-order agreements.

        • Tony

          In principle I agree, but the problem is that pre-orders are with a retailer and not directly with Nikon UK. The amount that the retailer has to pay Nikon for future deliveries will depend upon the terms of their contract with Nikon. The amount that the comsumer has to pay the retailer will depend upon the discretion of the retailer (obviously influenced by how much they are paying to Nikon).

          Anyway, I think Nikon UK are probably managing to alienate both consumers and retailers at the same time.

      • Scott McLeod

        That’s called “gouging” and is pretty much the same as ticket scalping or the ol’ “bait’n’switch” – No thanks.

        Considering the price has been advertised for quite a while, and it’s not like they put a decimal in the wrong place (in which case they would be justified in withdrawing the item/s from sale and re-offering them at the correct price), the *decent* thing to do from a business-practices POV would be to issue a statement to the effect that they are honouring the original price for orders placed before the date of the statement, but that all future orders and sales will be at the new price. Simple, and the best way to avoid alienating their customer base (any further)

      • BartyL

        What I would do in their situation is honor the contract they entered into when a customer agreed to purchase their product at their advertised price.

      • Hendog

        This matter really ought to be taken up with consumer affairs (trading ombudsman). Earlier customers who have finalised payment in good faith should be paying the previous widely advertised price.

    • Daf

      Not sure if immediate effect means it will affect existing orders..
      Interesting one to watch.
      In the UK prices can change as long as credit card hasn’t been billed.

      • Daf

        Ah – see it says so in the linked article. Darn.

  • doug still selling for £2099 thou

    • Superstar.
      Cancelled last night’s Amazon order and purchased from Play instead.
      I owe you a beer 🙂

  • David

    Wow, utter bullshit. We already pay over the odds. This just adds insult to injury.

    Pricing error my arse.. as if they didn’t realise in the last six weeks that the d800 has been on pre-order.

  • What do you expect!?!? Those ding dongs over DXO just upped the price huge!!! hehheehe… 😉

  • Bintang

    Have a bad feeling that this will happen in more countries in the near future.
    I’ve been hearing the rumors from many well informed people that Nikon Hungary will increase the D800 prices by around Euro 200 from the beginning April…

  • JMD Photo

    I had the Luck to fullfill an Order in the cheaper Timeframe from…
    My Grand Total is £2,088.04 incl. shipping to germany!
    Not sure what happend there, but I was very lucky obviously.

    my shipping says
    Dispatch estimate: 26 Mar 2012
    Delivery estimate: 28 Mar 2012 – 29 Mar 2012
    but I already got an email that they maybe won’t be able to deliver all preorders on that date. But at that price I will wait a few more weeks or a month…

    • david

      I did the same thing and bought it through amazon at the cheaper price. My total still says the same price when I check the status. and the delivery is the same as yours. I should get it next week even though I got the same email about it may be delayed. Someone else got the same email from amazon but a few hours later got an email saying it has been dispatched. We’ll have to wait till Monday to see if they dispatch at that the cheaper price. (Fingers crossed).

      Still surprised that Nikon UK decide to up the price. I think they playing a supply and demand game with their UK customers. They noticed that there is a hugh demand for the product and still cheaper than the Canon 5D Mkiii and customers may still pay the money for it. But to lie and say it was a system error is just utter shameful on their part. Do they really think they can use the excuse of a system error even though the price has been out their for over a month.

      • Agreed. No one calls me stupid. Nikon are playing a dangerous game with consumers because if they think people are that naive it will seriously affect any sort of brand loyalty. You don’t **** with your customer base like this and not pay for it later.

  • doug

    I just think that they overestimated Canon’s pricing, well in this case they under estimatated, D800 is a superb camera not even i can believe in the shoots im taking with it in such a easy no need to use Tripod at all during all day today, Canon is just the old crap. They are not being able to keep up with demand, in the other hand Canon is on the shelves everywhere, it is almost comical atm, i was lucky for getting my D800 on the day of the official release and even luckier for getting for the old price. I just think that Nikon is just trying to keep up the price with Canon because sometimes our unconscious plays tricks with us and in this case it is the low price on the Nikon would make us believe it is a inferior product.

  • Whew, got my D4 yesterday!
    LOVE that camera!!!

  • sgts

    pfffffft – hello grey market, goodbye uk

  • broxibear

    The price increase is completely real, the question is will all those people who pre-ordered have to pay the new price ?
    The fact that Nikon UK informed the retailers at 6pm on a Friday is telling. As usual the retailers won’t have any answers and Nikon themselves won’t say anything until Monday… gives them time to come up with some more pr bullsh*t.
    All the European stock comes through Nikon Europe B.V. so maybe these price increases aren’t going to be limited to the UK ?
    What a mess.

    • broxibear

      P.S. the D800E has also increased in price, it’s now £2900.

    • Sahaja

      Have Amazon, Germany and Amazon, France increased their prices? If not, UK customers can always order from another EU country.

  • mat

    emmmm… is that the reasons most of retailer not shipped the online pre-order .. just to get more profit?

  • Prince Albert

    Bogus! Sales are a blowout and, “oh, we priced it too low!”

    What’s ‘buggery’ in Japanese?

    • BartyL


  • Mark

    I think Nikon are the scum of the earth if the make me pay another £500 after I preorderd it at £4789. At jessops uk. I am so so annoyed. I also bought £3000 of lens for it this week. If they make me pay £500 more, they can stick the £8500 order. Looks like canon is comming my way. I will never use. Nikon as long as I walk this planet if they try and bugger me, the customers whi spent the most money and gear get totally screwed over. F@ck NIKON UK

    • BartyL

      That’s it. Let it all out.

    • Josh

      LMAO at your people crying about the price increase. Find it expensive? DON’T buy it then.Will help others move up in line. Waaah! Waaah! Waaaaaaaah!

      • Rhys


  • Greenaroundthegills

    Jeez you Brits sure do whine-a-lot!!
    The original price here in Canada was quoted as $3,149.00 plus tax.
    The UK prices include tax at 20%. So, if the old UK price was 2399, take off 20% tax=1,919 x 1.5 (exchange rate to Cdn$) = $2,878.50 which is real close to the current sell price here in Canada of $2,999.00 (only LOWER by 80 quid)
    (I haven’t done the proper sums, just estimated to get in the ballpark)
    The same sum with the new price in UK adds 200 quid to the price (plus VAT on the increase) to equal $3,178.50 + $60 VAT = Cdn$3,238.5 which is also real close to where the pricing here was originally quoted, namely $3,149.00 (which was quoted as Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price)
    So you guys aren’t doing too badly because we Canucks have to add 12% tax to (OK Albertan’s, I know, don’t yell) the $2,999, so 2,999 + 360 = $3,359 so the total difference is:-
    The NEW higher UK price is STILL 80 quid cheaper than the NEW lower Canadian price, despite the 8% difference in tax in our favour!
    So It does sound rather like an error somewhere, rather than a gouging attempt, at least to me it does. At least you HAVE some D800’s to buy. It rather looks like the six that came to Canada have all been sold . . . .”sigh”


    • Jay

      Ah my fellow Canuck friend…Excuse my nitpicking but..

      Y being the camera price without the tax in UK:

      Y+(Yx20/100)=₤2,399 Solve for Y, you’d get Y=₤1,999.16.
      (It seems you mistakenly took 80% of ₤2,399 and ended up with ₤1,919).

      HST is 13% in Ontario, btw..You must be from B.C.?

      Anyhow..Cheers from Ontario!

  • burgerman

    Jessops now at 2599 uk pounds at 1Am. They were supposed to deliver my D800 today (friday). Was originally told thursday, and that never happened. Angry call later and promised it for Friday… At 3pm I called and ask if it was shipped. They said card declined.

    I called card company who said Jessops never even asked for payment. So called again about 5 times and they insisted they did, and asked if I wanted to cancel and re-order with a different card. I refused since I was 7th in the que. I asked them to try the card again while I was on the phone, which after some protests they did. It went through, and after bollocking them they agreed to garanteed 12 am saturday delivery.

    Now I know why…

    • doug

      I did the old way, paid everything up front cash in the store last month on the ….7th yeah it was the 7th, got the physical receipt, got my new baby on the 22nd.
      it seamed odd but the manager wasn’t happy somehow for me getting the camera well i thought that the b%^ch was just jealous but now i know why she was so uptight, because she will get owned by her area manager for letting my camera be sold at the old price, lol now im really happy to actually making the life of a Jessops employees because they in most part suck at what they do.

  • doug

    C’mon guys, we really need to give a chance to Canon, those prices were unfair Canon whores were weeping all over the UK, but now they fell a little better, BTW D800 in Hong Kong was like £2437 now it is £2899, i think now we gonna have enough stock because it doesn’t make any sense for Nikon if you have 1.000.000 pre orders if you can only deliver half, demand is high so increase the price, this is no quantum physics guys, it happens everywhere, when the Cold War finished you could buy a soviet tank for US$4600, supply and demand got it?

  • Mark

    Call it what would like, after pre order d4 and buying two expensive lenses, then hit over the head extremely hard from Nikon. They have had weeks to sort this problem. The robbing tw@ts. Lest spend £10-13.000 on a proper camer. And lenses

  • doug
  • burgerman
  • burgerman

    I suspect if you buy at any of the not yet updated sites like wex that you will get a call and they will tell you that theres a problem tomorrow. As soon as they have to process the card.

    I think its luck that I got mine at 2399

  • JC

    No wonder I have always heard that Brits love complaining. LOL look at all the comments here. UK price are clearly underpriced if you take away the 20% VAT. 😉

    • Royster

      It’s not the price that we are complaining’s the fact that we were told a price ordered a camera and then told that the price has gone up.
      Wouldn’t you complain

  • Curtis

    Now let’s hope this doesn’t happen here in USA !!!! If it does all hell will start. I find it very frustrating trying to get a real shipping date from Nikon adaroma or amazon. This is not normal .

  • Daf

    AFAIK – they can refuse/cancel the order as long as they haven’t taken any funds.
    This has happened in the past where a genuine mistake has been done online in prices for other products and there’s been a mass rush online.
    Don’t know what the case is if they’ve taken a deposit. Alas I’ve not paid one, so unless I’m lucky my price (2099) will likely go up.

    Pain if it goes up to 2299, major pain if it goes to 2599.

    If that’s the case – think I’ll cancel and wait for the price to naturally fall again, as it usually does post release. Only went for it now anyway since NR pointed out the 2099 price.

  • NevilleBartos

    Doesn’t that price rise mean the D800 is now 700 pounds more expensive to buy in the UK than the US? Holy sh”

    • Daf

      It depends on what state your in as State sales tax varies.
      Taking the standard – B&H – NY total sales tax = 8.875 according to Wiki.

      Inc tax Now works out roughly £540 more expensive,
      Used to be ~ £330 more expensive

  • If you have already pre-ordered, either the D4 or D800, I would expect that the retailers would have to honour the original price that they where offering.

  • The same thing is happening in Australia, the price for a D800 is $3350 and the D800e $3660 It’s even more frustrating cause the Australian Dollar is really strong against the USD, Euro and Pound, so in actual fact Australia is coping it worse than anywhere.

    Note to self in next life… DO NOT LIVE ON GIANT ISLAND!

    • voidnaught

      the pricing is certainly better though then what it has been in the past with the normal price gouging we see in Australia all the time ,i can only account this to the resent agreement Nikon made with many Australian retailers to give them wholesale prices more in line with other markets.considering before that agreement passed many Australian camera store where advertising the d4 at around $8600 but are now selling them at $6900 -$6999 and the slightly higher prices are more to do with the gst incurred.

  • Dean

    How many centimeters is that?

    • TheInconvenientRuth

      …I think it adds roughly 3.145 pound/foot of torque to the square root of the hypochondriac. I think that’s fine, considering the current exchange rate between British Miles and Japanese Kilometers.

      But yeah, that blows…
      I only got one of the two D4’s I ordered, but at the ‘original’ UK price.

      GBP 500 more for the second one DOES feel like a hell of a SLAP in the face and most likely the next one won’t even come with the free card and reader anymore.
      But they charged my card for both bodies so I should get it for the original price, I hope…

      Not going to cancel though as I absolutely LOVE my D4 and it is a business expense anyway. I need 2 identical bodies so I can ‘blind switch’ between them at any time.

  • Erik

    I’ve ordered it while it while the price dropped for a few hours… (Thanks to Nikon Rumors … it made me aware of it.)
    £2,088.04 inculding shipping to germany.

    Question will be WHEN they’ll fullfill that order… I might be last on their list… ;-))
    But definitly it is a binding order… no way for them to get out of that…

    Currently delivery is shown with 26th of March… let’s see…

    I’m not in a hurry… Stull happy with my D700 and D300S… 😉

  • tirmite

    Can someone explain to me why the D4 cost $6000 here in the States and you guys are now having to pay the equivalent of $8300? Is that all because of VAT? You guys are really getting screwed by your government, if so. Crazy. I feel for you.

  • Cuius

    Nikon UK can never get their pricing correct. The D7000 was overpriced at launch and was discounted £250 (23%) by virtually all dealers within 10 days.

  • Erik

    At least here in Germany you get 2 years full warranty by law…
    That explains a part of the difference…
    And the VAT is 19%…

  • The Manatee

    From Amazon’s web site. What’svery convenient is that Nikon have said this was a “pricing mistake”, which we all know is bullsh*t, but those are the magic words to allow retailers to go back and collect more money from their pre-orders. I don’t believe Amazon will change the price for existing pre-orders, but you never know….

    “What we do about mispricings

    Despite our best efforts, a small number of the more than 1.5 million items in our catalogue are mispriced. Rest assured, however, that we verify prices as part of our dispatch procedures.

    If an item’s correct price is lower than our stated price, we charge the lower amount and send you the item.

    If a product’s correct price is higher than our stated price, we will, at our discretion, either contact you for instructions before dispatch or cancel your order and notify you of such cancellation.

    Please note that this policy applies only to products sold and fulfilled by

    Pre-Order Price Guarantee

    For items with a future release date, the price may change between the time of order and the date the item is dispatched. We do not charge you until we dispatch an item; therefore, when you pre-order selected books, CDs, videos, DVDs, pieces of software or video games, you will be charged the lowest price offered by between the time the order was placed and the item’s release date.

    If the price is lowered on the release date and your order has already been dispatched, we will automatically refund the difference between the price you were charged and the release-date price. Pre-order Price Guarantee only applies to items displaying the Pre-order Price Guarantee offer on the product detail page. Terms and Conditions apply.

    Pre-order Price Guarantee does not apply in the case of mispricing, described earlier on this page.”

  • Jon
  • Frank

    UK Law
    1 year warranty

    EU Law
    2 Years ~Warranty
    (Applies to the UK as well – Your Nikon offer of 2 years if you register is a SCAM)

    UK Taxes =
    Basic Cost + Import Duty + 20% VAT (Soon going to 22%)

    Quantative Easing =
    Bank of England prints lots of UK Pounds
    UK Pound has devalued by nearly 10% in last months.

    UK Fuel Price =
    Speculative Investment
    9 Super Tankers sitting off Milford Haven as the speculators make more money forcing the price up.

    UK Government =
    Cameron has now £2,000 Silk suits
    Government = Not Fit For Purpose

    UK Residents =
    50% Illigal Immigrants
    50% Apathy
    Result = Rip-off Britain

    I could go on and make you cry – If you don’t live in the UK – be Grateful.

    • Voice of reason

      50% illegal immigrants?

      first of all, a simple maths lesson my friend 750 ,000 illegal immigrants in uk according to Wikipedia (1 million according to far right BNP) out of a population of 62 million is 1.2%

      besides, i doubt people often fleeing for their lives or simply looking for a better standard of living than their third world countries are going to be using their government welfare to buy a Nikon D800. #justsaying

      the simple cause of the price hike is nothing more insidious than you or i, the consumer, its simple supply and demand economics as well as possibly some corporate greed. if we were all a little more patient and didn’t all pre-order (myself included) they wouldnt increase the price. believe it or not, the power lies with the individual/consumee, by numbers only.

      • doug

        PS: Illegal immigrants can’t claim for benefits, so if they work illegally just just contribute, they will never use the welfare system in the U.K.

        • Voice of reason

          good point Doug!

        • Rhys

          No but every immigrant whether legal or otherwise contributes to the doll figures. To allow huge numbers of immigrants into the country when the number of people dwarfs the number of jobs available is madness…

    • Calibrator

      don’t believe that you are sitting on the only bad spot in Europe!
      Do you think fuel and other energy prices are still low in other countries?

      And regarding to speculators: You have the biggest ones in Europe right under your very own nose: “The City of London Corporation”!
      Your people let your government not only keep a growing tumor right in the middle of the organism but let it take over and control its host.
      So why don’t you write some nice letters to “your” Lord Mayor instead of lamenting here where nobody can change a thing?

  • kamran

    looks like im going Canon

  • Tanduà

    D800 price is now hidden!

    too many pre-order?

  • LP

    Hi, I preordered one D800 about 1 month ago at a very popular store. Buuuuuuuut, after looking and searching like crazy, managed to get one from a local Best Buy @ 3150.00 (extra 150.00 for taxes) which I gladly paid… There was 1 (ONE) on that store and ZERO at the rest. So it’s either that or eBay for 4300.00 or waiting for Amazon, BH or Adorama to send the cameras, since none is making a commitment or a list telling us… You’re number 1, you’re number 2000 and we’re getting 35… they may either send the camera on monday, april or sometime in 2013. I’m saying there might be one or two around waiting for you. I guess my luck is not too bad considering I’m not from NPS and are just jumping from another brand… Be happy for me my friends…

  • Philly


    That’s incredible. System errors 😀

    I managed to buy my D800 in Poland from FotoJoker for £2000 🙂

    So £2600 is just a complete shock !

  • LP

    Good luck with that…

  • DAVE

    I have now cancelled my order for 2 D4 with Nikon. Absolutely disgraceful i shall stick with my
    2 D3’s

  • John Richardson

    Price for the D4 was just announced in Ukraine: 75,850 UAH or about $9455.
    For such poor country, Ukraine gets scrogged on that big time. No word “officially” yet on the D800/e

  • Douglas

    I will now cancel my order if I did this to my customers I would go under very quickly.

  • KG

    Just spoke to Jessops Pre orders will not be effected 🙂

  • CW


    • Gary

      FMI – other than availability, why does anyone shop at Jessops these days?

      It used to be a single store in the heart of England, with knowledgeable staff and huge, varied stock.

      Now it’s just a chain, with inflated prices and poor service.

    • doug

      Then contract is only binding if you pay the full amount, when you pre order over the net there is no payment until the camera is shipped so there is no contract signing until the shipping, the only people that managed to get at the old price were the ones lucky to get the first batch or the one that pre ordered on the store and paid cash up front( like me) ;p

      • PHB


        There is an offer an acceptance and a consideration. Therefore there is a contract. The contract is binding on Jessops unless they can show that they didn’t actually mean to offer the camera at that price. There is a loophole for printing errors and such but suppliers changing their price is something the suppliers have always had to cope with.

        The credit card agreement requires the goods ship before the card is charged. But that does not affect the existence of a contract.

        I haven’t invoiced my clients for last week’s work. That does not mean I can raise the price on them.

  • abo

    plenty of shops still with old prices. check this out:

    • Gary

      Yep, it’s 09:40 UK time on Saturday 24th, and plenty of authorised sites are still selling at £2,399.

      So, if you want a D800 at this price, then NOW is the time to place an order BEFORE the hike.


  • peter

    RRP in asia for D800 is around US$3500 and street price of 5D3 even cheaper than D800 !

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