Nikon D800 updates

I was lucky to get a D800 from BestBuy today. Check your local store - they may have some in stock. My Amazon order is still in a "not yet shipped" state (pre-ordered at 1:07 am the night of the announcement). Some readers already received shipping dates from Amazon. Many small dealers in the US got D800 shipments today, but the majority of the orders were sent to NPS members. I have not heard anyone (non-NPS) getting a camera from one of the major US online retailers.

Today Apple released Digital Raw Compatibility update 3.11 that includes support for the Nikon D800:

Keep in mind that Nikon will suspend all shipments next week for their yearly inventory count.

I will probably not be able to answer all the emails I received in the past few days. Thank you all for the detailed updates from all over the world. I will be playing with the D800 in the next few days and will probably be offline.

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  • I pre-ordered from Amazon early on Feb. 7. Amazon later pushed the delivery date back to April 13-30th, like many others have reported. Today, feeling desperate, I took a shot in the dark and called a random local camera shop that I had never been to or even heard of. The owner said he ordered 6 D800s and surprisingly received two today. One had been preordered by another customer so I snagged #2. I still kind of can’t believe it. Just cancelled my Amazon orders so everybody behind me moves up one slot!

  • Braaji

    I ordered mine on feb 6 just after it was available for pre-order.
    First email said it will be delivered on Wednesday 21, then second email on 23 tomorrow then last email said on April 16 to April 30.
    Did anyone get the same thing, please advise,

    • Moo

      How is advising going to help you? Is the store maliciously witholding the D800 is their warehouse for kicks? Is threatening them going to make them suddenly materialize some D800s for you? Does someone else getting their shipment mean you will or will not get yours?

      • Dave

        I know you’re not supposed to feed the trolls because that’s what they want, but, did you make a wrong turn at Youtube? If you can just reply to what Braaji said nicely, why waste the effort ripping into him/her? Do you feel that worthless about yourself? This is a camera forum. Say something useful or leave.

      • Moo ,
        got up on the wrong side of your bed ?
        If you are more than 15 years old then there is no excuse for attacking people 🙁

      • Braaji

        You’re an expert to make something simple as complicated as heck and a boss spelled backwards…..S.O.B.

      • Braaji

        You’re an expert to make something simple as complicated as heck and a boss spelled backwards…..S.O.B.

    • Stevo

      I got the same thing. I swear I was the first person on Feb 6th to pre-order…. Hah I got the same April delivery message. I guess we have to be brave.

    • Todd

      I had the same experience with amazon. Received my order confirmation email on Feb 6, 2012 at 10:19 pm PST (I swear I ordered it around 9:30) and had a ship date of March 20th, then pushed to April 13-30th. I talked extensively to amazon tonight and they emphatically denied that they shipped out any of them. I would like to actually see a screen shot of anyone who actually has one shipping. I think I am calling BS to anyone who says theirs has shipped. I will gladly eat my words if I see a screenshot of amazon saying theirs has shipped.

      • Zachery

        Be sure to qualify all this with the particular region. Amazon UK vs. Amazon US for example, they will have different availability and receive shipments at different times.

        Also, everyone seems to assume that all cameras will come in one giant magic shipment. It’s entirely plausible that multiple deliveries over several days will occur for some retailers.

    • twoomy

      @Braaji — I ordered mine from Amazon Feb 7 7am, then got similar emails and now I’m at Thursday April 12, 2012 – Monday April 30, 2012. I think we’re all in similar boats.

    • gbm

      Similar story to your.. ordered (from AmazonUS) about 45 mins after the orders opened…. got the crazy January 2013 (or whatever it was), changed my shipping method to 1-day (with Prime). That seemed to wake it up and got a delivery date of March 21st. Then got the email saying they’d get THEIR shipment on the 23rd, quickly followed by the “expect mid-late April” message. However (as I know others have seen), my status changed to “shipping soon” with estimated delivery of March 26th (Monday). My credit card also now has a pending charge from Amazon for the full amount.
      Don’t know if that helps, but that’s my story so far.

    • Tom

      Until you master the use of the apostrophe, I would suggest cutting way back on your use of the word “morons.”

    • Steeptrails

      @Braaji – I got the same emails, and then last night got one saying it had been shipped. Today, UPS tracking says it’s “out for delivery”.

      @ moo – please either a) learn to be respectful, or b) leave.

      • Steeptrails

        And it arrived…

    • Eric

      I had the same message. My Pre order was in at 8am on Feb 7th. Amazon originally had an ‘estimated shipping date’ of March 20th, then I received an apology email from Amazon saying that there is limited quantities, ect. and now my delivery date is April 13th through the 30th. Kind of pains me that I could have walked into a Best Buy and have better odds of walking out with the camera earlier. Oh well…

    • Sonny

      Best buy is the way to go. Just picked up mine this morning and canceled my b&h order…

    • PicturePerfect

      My change of estimate from Amazon now says April 16-May 1. I don’t get the three day difference in messages. I ordered on Feb 7.
      I just don’t understand how this whole roll out has been so badly managed, starting with Nikon. I get that there was a tsunami and that demand far exceeds the supply, but that is no excuse for silence in the face of it all. Inscrutable is one thing, but this is a PR nightmare for Nikon and not helpful to its customers, the dealers.
      The camera will ship when it ships, but what a cluster F.

  • Eric

    Is there a single person here who has had their order fulfilled by Adorama?
    I’ve been on the boards/comments and have yet to see one person.

    Is it safe to assume they haven’t received their shipment yet?

    • Rob

      They got their first shipment and some people have gotten tracking information. Everyone with tracking info seems to have ordered before 10PM PST on the 6th.

      • Eric

        Interesting – Thanks for the reply.

        I had placed my order over the phone before the online listing was even up – so not sure whats up…

      • John

        I placed my order at 12:35AM EST on 2/7/2012 which equals 9:35pm 2/6/2012 PST and mine is not shipped yet, but I have an early estimated delivery date for next week.

        • dan

          I ordered through Adorama on the 7th, and the other day I received an email stating my camera was on backorder. That’s all it said, no ETA.

        • Eric

          I just called to check in and they couldn’t tell me much except that the first batch went mostly to NPS members.

          Were you told that another shipment was coming in next week?

  • Derek

    I got mine today. 🙂 It’s wonderful. Can’t wait for the weekend to have more time with it.

    • Braaji

      Where did you order from?

      • Derek

        It was a local shop. I figured it was my best bet to get the camera sooner. Living in a poor economy has its benefits sometimes… 🙂

  • Congrats to [NR] 🙂
    To the rest of us: may the force be with ya’ =)

  • James

    How about having Amazon’s fraud department cancel both your D4 and D800 orders without even a call, because they claim to have thought your account was compromised. Thats’s what happened to me last week. I have spent hours on the phone, just trying to get them to put me back in line. I order quite a bit from them, so I can’t believe that they really thought this was fraud.

    • AXV

      I ordered a book, a translator and some laptop batteries last week, they better not try to play those kind of games with me or my credit card claiming the huge price difference or some crap.

  • Hong Kong guy.

    Got mine yesterday. 😛

    In Hong Kong, not a NPS member.

  • Randy Braley

    Best Buy was definitly the hero for some today, including me. Who would of guessed. Now my BB Rewards card has all kinds of bonus points on it.

    • ken

      be interesting to find out what happens when you have to return one 🙂 I very much doubt they keep a spare out the back for such thing…BB no thanks, even if it means a month wait..I want piece of mind and resale value to boot this you will only get with an authorized dealer and strong photo equip experience, good luck with them though.

      • Eric

        Best Buy is an authorized dealer.

        Though I agree that they often suck. But since both my D800 and D7000 we purchased there on release day, without hassle, I have to give them credit. No other store in the US can beat that.

      • Zachery

        I’ve bought a number of cameras and returned them at Best Buy with zero issues. On top of that, they recently extended their return window from 14 days to 30 days for cameras.

        Yes, they are a big-box type store. However, most of their fixed policies are pro-consumer and none of their salespeople work on commission (so they will go away if you don’t want to be bothered).

      • jodjac

        I have to return my D800. The one I miraculously got my hands on yesterday from the local camera shop.
        It will not focus.
        I went from happiest day of my life to crushed and fell I’ll to boot (related? who knows, after all it’s just a camera.. My dream camera! I’ve been looking forward to for several years!). That’s s lot of pent up desire.
        Maybe it’s some silly thing that I dont know about, affecting the autofocus, who knows. I doubt they have a replacement on hand, in fact they told me when I bought it that it was the only one they had. I’ll be stopping in to see what the deal is later this afternoon, after work.

        • Scott M

          Man, that is bad news about the focus. I had problems with D7000 and sent it back to Best Buy to look at it. They said they cleaned it and there was nothing wrong. Thing is, it worked great after that. Hope you get it resolved.

  • Enjoy your D800, admin.

  • dwd

    Any news on the battery grip’s ship date?

  • Jai

    My retailer in Australia only got 2 🙁 And I didn’t get either of them!!!

    • Corine Lee

      I am still waiting for mine. I pre ordered at a local dealer Teds cameras in Australia but no one can tell me expected date of arrival. 🙂 Would love to know if anyone else has gone one yet in queensland

  • hem vaidya

    Anybody got any updates regarding B+H? I am getting mixed messages – some posts are saying they started to ship for preorders, others are saying they haven’t received shipment?

    • Mark J.

      I got my order in within minutes of the link going live and haven’t recieved anything beyond those backorder emails they kept sending weekly. I’m calling them first thing tomorrow, and then if they are still screwing me over going to spent the rest of tomorrow and Saturday hunting for one elsewhere.

  • KC Chai

    For those who wants to droll over some D800 images, check this out over at FM Forum.

  • simon_d

    I rang my local camera shop (UK) the other week about the D800, they confirmed they were getting some in but wanted me to pay a deposit. Now, I didn’t want to since it wasn’t a special order just for me so I thought I’d take my chances and declined. I called again yesterday and told them just to ring me when they had one in stock. They rang back the same day and I’m picking it up today! I feel like a queue jumper 🙂

    • David

      That’s good news. I am waiting for my Amazon order to come though. They said it will come next week. I don’t mind the wait as I am getting it for £2099 (to me this is a great price). To add on top I bought myself a nice Carl Zeiss lens the other week and saved around £200 on it. So in total a saving of £500 for both lens and camera.

      How much did you buy the camera for?

      • simon_d

        £2099 is a fantastic price. I paid full whack. Found out I had 1 of just 2 the shop ordered (they told me they had 50 hah!). Just been in the garden for 5 mins using a ‘cheap’ 18-35 f3.5 FX lens I bought s/h and I’m amazed. Was using Nikon DX and FF Sony before. I don’t know what Nikon have done with the AA filter but it is much crisper than I was expecting at 100%. It barely needs any sharpening and this is not a mega lens by any stretch. Can’t wait to get some good FX glass now.

  • wanderer

    I ordered from Amazon at 12:23am EST as soon as I saw BenCK’s link, and I got confirmation that the camera shipped one-day and I’ll get it tomorrow. It’s funny about BestBuy having these in stock. I didn’t expect that.

  • sgts

    I’m saving up for the d800 anyway so the delays are not super concerning, (thanks for doing the initial useability tests for the rest of us guys !!!) – the 5dmk2 was always difficult to get throughout its life as I remember – the truck would roll in and they would be sold immediately. Now that Nikon have their mk2 killer its going to be a problem of supply, as well as their reduced manufacturing base. This is what happens when you lead the field, everybody and their dog wants this camera.

  • I uploaded some test shots I took yesterday with the D800 as full-size JPEGs straight out of the cam. If someone has a special request, I can make some more. Just tell me what you want to see.

    • AXV

      Nice tests, how about some with 14-bit raw uncompressed, super high contrast to test dynamic range, something outside with sunlight and shadows.
      Also I haven’t seen tests of underexposed photos at base ISO to see how they recover, or the other end, over exposed. 2-4-6 stops would be interesting.

      • AXV

        Also try to use the sharpest setting on the lens you use or of you can the best lens at it’s best setting (like f/8). That 16-35 f/4 has very, very soft corners.
        Still the ones you have look amazing, I can´t wait!

    • ken

      how about some in camera HDR shots.

    • GeoffK

      Thank you for the test shots.

  • Gg from UK

    Just checked my amazon uk pre order and it was changed from the 27th to tomorrow, the 24th!!

    I olaced the order as fast as the pre-order link came alive…

    • Chris from UK

      Same for me, now changed to “shipping soon” as well.

      • Gg from UK

        Just checked again. Cancelation, change address and change payment options have been turned off… it seems it is almost on the way!

        Man I’m thrilled… I didn’t expect it to arrive until mid next week!

  • Bob Loveless

    Check out this comparison test done here in Canada … Canon 5D Mark III vs Nikon D800

    Cameras come out very close. The Nikon has the edge in price.

    More comparison tests are promised by the site in the near future.

    • Who gives a **** if they come out very close – it are totally different camera’s aimed at totally different usage.

      Compare the 5D Mark II with that of the 5D Mark III and keep the D800 out of it.

      • Distanted

        Please explain like an adult how a comparison between two full frame, non-flagship pro models that are coming on the market at the same time is not helpful to people interested in these cameras. The only thing pointless to me is your overly excited denouncement of the comparison.

        • ted

          Do people change systems that often? With all the nikon glass I own a canon camera would have to do something revolutionary for me to switch. That being said, if the 5dm3 was a nikon I’d buy it over the d800.

      • B!

        Comparing 5D Mark II to 5D Mark III is like comparing MB S500 with S600. Read Pointless

        Not a Canon fan but Distanted does make a point. Get your D800 and don’t attack people.

        • Larry C

          Or like comparing an ipad 2 to an ipad 3. Who would do that?

  • doug

    I think i did the right thing getting it from Jessops, i was the first in the store to get mine, i even think i was 1 of the first in the whole store chain to get mine yesterday.

  • Sebastian

    I got mine D800 yesterday, week after my birthday :))) (Conn’s Camera Dublin. I was second on the list) I’m not a NPS member.

  • Just a tip for anyone in France: Fnac is doing a journée exceptionnelle today (and tomorrow I thiiiink) in which they give you 10 euros remise d’achat for 100 euros bought, so if you buy/pre-order the d800, you get 280 euros back which you can spend on insurance for example. Which technically thus knocks off some bucks of the price, I just walked randomly into my local Fnac today because I figured there’s probably not that many people buying d800 in this middle-sized little French town, and bingo, they didn’t have a single pre-order yet, so I’ll get my camera as soon as they get it in, which should be beginning of next week. SO HAPPY!

  • Got a message from my dealer here yesterday that went into the spam folder, unfortunately. Read it today and got it now. Batteries are charging in this moment.
    The dealer told me i got the very first one and they got only one. They’ll receive one each week and the got around 7-8 preorders in their books.

    This is my lucky day!

    • Forgot to mention i live in Germany and the dealer is a privately owned shop – not a big electronic chain or similar…

  • Congrats!
    Looking forward to see your review 😉

  • I want to import most of my D800 NEFs at reduced (9 or 18 mp) size. This is currently not possible in Lightroom’s import module; is there a way to do this while retaining full NEF quality/metadata and not necessarily resorting to TIFF which is gigantic? I would downsize to both speed up workflow and save hard drive space. If there was a small NEF option in camera, that would be great, but alas.

    Any software ideas?

    • Blair

      Yes, shoot in DX mode.

      You can’t downsample a NEF file. You can downsample jpg and TIFF but also, not during import.

      I just checked all Bestbuy stores in MD and VA (had some one check their inventory system) and none of them have any… Looks like I need to wait for my B&H order next month.

  • pabs

    After waiting for so long for the announcement and then release of the D800. I am not going to have a seizure over waiting another two weeks for my pre-order. I will stick with Amazon and avoid the sales tax. My states governor is seeithing over the money he’s losing to on-lone retailers who don’ t have a brick and morter store in my state. Cudos to Amazon for telling him to get lost.

  • I got mine yesterday too, from my local dealer in Kalamazoo! He got 6 delivered in the morning, and gave me a ring at work to tell me “you got to be here in the next 5min or it goes to the next person on the list”. Then in the evening I had an email from Crutchfield to give me a tracking number for the one I ordered from them!
    Now I have two D800 🙂
    Contact me if you want to buy my spare one 🙂

  • Bill

    With regard to people asking for Amazon experiences… My Amazon US order was placed @ 12:12:28 AM CST on February 7th. This morning, there is a pending payment for the full amt from my checking account as well as a Shipping Soon status, estimated for delivery on Monday but no tracking info yet.

    I hope this helps and that you get yours soon.

  • Andromeda

    I placed my order with amazon on 2/7/21 @ 3:45am est..Nothing yet..grrrr

  • jorgen

    got a D800 today at a german CE-chain called media markt.
    looks like each store gets at least one, so i went to a market in a quite shitty neighborhood and got it! the camera was sitting there behind glass since yesterday, not even touched or noticed yet, hrhrhr.

    sad thing: there is a D800-presentation at a “nikon pro” -retailer in berlin today, nikon-personnel, big show, lots of people—-no cameras. how sh%$§$%y is that? that dealer, nikon pro since 70s or 80s must feel like beaten in the face. they have no stock, while best buy around the corner has some! i wish i could have supported my local store, but …you know. camera comes first 😉

    cheers to all da proud owners. more cheers to all ye waiting people.

    • Shutterman

      A shitty neighborhood in Germany, where were they 10 years ago when I lived in in Germany? Come visit us in the US and I’ll show you some “shitty” neighborhoods.

  • ken

    so still there are no confirmed shipments to non-NPS pre-orders with B&H ???

  • B!

    So if almost nobody outside of NPS has received a D800 in the US, where did all the cameras from Amazon go. Last I heard Amazon didn’t honor NPS requests. Did they not even get them yet?

    • BD

      Amazon is shipping today.

  • Still Waiting

    I pre-ordered mine at 7:00 a.m. on February 7th. In response to a very respectful email yesterday to B&H just asking for a realistic guess as to when it might show up, I was told they are not expecting another shipment until May (and the response emphasized “yes, unfortunately I said May”). Of course, they don’t know how many will be in that shipment or whether I will get one of them. I had asked what number I was on the waiting list but that was not answered. I was also told I was welcome to cancel my order in the “unlikely” event I was able to get one sooner from somewhere else. I understand that demand is high and I’m disappointed I didn’t get mine in the first wave, but what I’m more disappointed in is the total lack of info coming out of B&H. I don’t understand why they can’t just say “we only got X cameras in the first shipment, we aren’t scheduled to get another shipment until Y, and you are number Z on the waiting list.” From the comments here, I guess Amazon was even worse, because they actively misled people into thinking their camera would be shipped right up to the day before they were scheduled to be released. Bottom line for me — would it kill the retailers to be a little more forthcoming with whatever information they have?

    • ken

      I think May is a bit out there….so they are saying they received a shipment already? and where did all they go I wonder, to NPS and their mates..

  • MikeP

    Can anyone confirm whether or not the D800 can take Raw format pictures in the DX crop modes?? I read somewhere that DX crop was rumored to only take pics in Jpeg mode so I emailed Nikon support and they confirmed that… However, I’m not really sure that i trust first level support tech, so wanted to try and find out for sure.

    • Wes

      Yes it does take them in RAW mode. I really do love this feature and its going to get some serious use today! Turning my 70-200 into a 105-300!

    • yes, it can – it also has x1.2 crop mode and 5:4 format – it’s called “image area” under the shooting menu

  • mikeydeezey

    Hey, just woke up to a shipment notification from Amazon.

    I placed my order at 12:29am eastern time on Feb 7th. This morning at 4:16am the shipped notification landed in my email. Package is scheduled to be delivered this coming Monday!

    • Andromeda

      Seems to me if you placed your order close to midnight you have a good chance of getting it now, if not (I placed mine @ 3:45am) you are on the next batch whenever that is (May, June etc)…

  • 120-300 os for Nikon

    Hi Peter of Admin does on the foto is yours than Congrets to you
    And yes go of line and enjoy your new Gadget.


  • davo3

    Stock has started to arrive in Western Australia. 1 store had 2 arrive for distribution today. another store now has 2 on order but no stock yet.

  • Jetfire

    None of the Best Buys nears me with in 3 hours have any and show it as a non-store item. 🙂

    • MikeP

      same here. I’m in Houston and apparently there are none here. But Dallas area BB’s have them stocked…. Hmmmm… I guess Nikon doesn’t like Houston???

    • Barter

      Having pre-ordered from Adorama, and not receiving notification of a ship date yeaterday, I contacted the local Best Buys in the Tampa Bay area.

      I was told by the clerks that they do not have any in stock but are anticipating receiving some in the next few weeks. The way in which they responded to me, gave me the impression that they are receiving numerous calls about the D800.

      • Jetfire

        Called my local Best Buy again at noon (called at 10:00 when they opened) just in case UPS brought some but no. They even ask if I was calling about the Nikon. They have been getting a lot of calls.

  • rob

    I got my D800 yesterday from a local camera store. For once things went my way.

  • Are people finding these in stores at Best Buy? I went online and they don’t show any stock, they have them listed as “Coming Soon” and won’t let you even place an order. I called a local store and they pretty much said the same thing.

  • Jetfire

    Amazon is now 1-3 months for the D800. Nikon needs to really look at increase production. This is just from all us nuts who have pre-ordered.

  • Shutterman

    Let me add to the Amazon USA paranoia:
    I ordered February 6, 2012, PST 9:27 PM (minutes before Nikonrumors posted Amazon update)

    Delivery est.
    Feb 23, 2013…………… Original
    Jan 10, 2013…………… Corrected CC info
    Mar 21, 2012…………… Changed shipping to 1 day (original order only had Standard)
    Mar 23, 2012……………Tuesday evening
    Apr 13 – 30, 2012………Yesterday morning
    Mar 27, 2012…………… Yesterday afternoon
    Mar 23, 2012…………… Last night
    Status: Out for delivery

    I am a Prime Customer, I live in CA, and I accepted the extension.

  • CB

    So I’ve called just about every Best buy in NC. I usually get one of two responses: A) that’s an online-only item. B.) We haven’t gotten any in yet.


    • Brian Stormont

      I’ve found the same thing – all three of the Best Buy stores in my area of MA claim it is an online-only item. Bah indeed.

  • jorg

    D800s sitting in shitty CE-stores in every town of germany while most of the US is raving about delivery-travesty is quite surprising!

    i called 9 local dealers, 7 told me “be patient, the US ALWAYS get the first batch anyway…”

  • juicebox81

    man, my fiancee put in an order for some Sonicare toothbrush heads with my Amazon prime account. I check my email and saw: YOUR ORDER HAS SHIPPED and I freaked out…..

    needless to say… I am longing for my D800 even more so than I was just about 5 minutes ago.

  • John

    I got one at Best Buy yesterday. They only had two total and I got the last one. Seems like Best Buy is the place to go.

    • nojork

      I am NY and the Best Buy’s in this district don’t have them in the system yet. @admin @John what region are you located?

  • *THE* closest Best Buy to me that would *ever* carry the D800 is over two hours away.

    But they did have it, and they did hold it for me. Not to mention I had $60 in gift cards to soften the sales tax a bit. 😉

  • Jonas

    Just got an email from saying my camera would arrive 26th-27th. Almost a minute later they sent a email saying they won’t be able to fulfil the preorder, but my order says otherwise on the site. Sad day if its true.

    Anyone else suffering in the UK?

    • Tim

      Got the same thing. Email states:

      Unfortunately, due to limited stock in the market, has not received
      enough stock to fulfil all of our pre-orders for this title.

      However, Amazon are working with Nikon to ensure we are able to fulfil all customer
      pre-orders as quickly as possible but we do not have a specific date of when this
      will be. Orders will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis. Amazon will
      not charge your credit card until the product has been dispatched.

      We understand that this was not what you expected when you placed your order and we
      are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

      But the Amazon account page still states dispatching soon, delivery expected Saturday 24th March???

      • Jonas

        Thats the email. I reckon they have no clue whats going on … i’m going to wait patiently and see what evolves. I’ll call them after the estimated date and try to get some answers. I’ve waited 2 years I can wait a few more days.

  • doug

    so finaly europe is getting some stock before the US, niiiiiiiiice, my D800 is already needing some cleaning from all the dust it got outdoors yesterday going around London, let me tell you 1 thing all camera shops are full of 5Dmk3, because all the Nikon are pre-ordered, so the moment they get in store they are already owned by someone, if you know what i mean

  • ken kockwell

    I placed my order with Amazon as soon as the camera was announced. I emailed 2x to make sure they had enough stock and today I get this

    Nikon D800 Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)

    Unfortunately, due to limited stock in the market, has not received enough stock to fulfil all of our pre-orders for this title.

    However, Amazon are working with Nikon to ensure we are able to fulfil all customer pre-orders as quickly as possible but we do not have a specific date of when this will be. Orders will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis. Amazon will not charge your credit card until the product has been dispatched.

    We understand that this was not what you expected when you placed your order and we are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    We hope to see you again soon.

    Warmest regards,

    Customer Service

    What a load of BS!

    • Tony

      I received the same email from Amazon UK this afternoon, but, contrary to what they say, it was exactly what I expected when I placed the order. I was one of those who took advantage of the £300 price reduction that Amazon offered at the beginning of this week – so I really did not expect rapid delivery. They are still displaying a “Delivery Estimate of 27 Mar” for my order though. I suspect that Amazon themselves don’t really know what to expect from Nikon.

      I still wonder why Amazon introduced the very short-lived price reduction. It is probably indicative of the D800 price level to expect (in the UK) once the initial ‘pre-order’ frenzy has subsided.

    • Martin

      Why did you order from ???

      • Tony

        Well, in my case, firstly the 12.5% (£300) price reduction was quite a persuasive factor. Secondly, I have previously found Amazon UK to be very reliable. Doubtless the current delays are just symptomatic of the general D800 shortage, rather than being any fault on the part of Amazon.

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