Nikon D800 shipping to NPS members in the US

NPS members in the US who pre-ordered the D800, received an email notification today that their cameras are being shipped. The process will be the same as with the D4 - all NPS reservations will be filled first and then the remaining cameras will be shipped to "regular" pre-orders. As far as I know Amazon doesn't ship NPS priority purchases, so everything they will get on Friday will be sent to existing pre-orders.

I was told that if you haven't ordered a D800 by now, you will have to wait until August for delivery.

Just a reminder that Nikon will suspend all shipments from March 24- April 1st for their yearly inventory count (March 31 is the end of the fiscal year for Nikon).

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  • Waiting for your D800?

    Here you have a couple of real life, ISO800 testshots from one D800 and one D700,
    Same settings in camera and in CS5, nothing fancy, just some quick testing to be sure that I’m doing the right thing when upgrading from my D700.

    • David

      It looks like some color fringing going on with the D800 on the cabinet shots…Should I be worried?

  • JR

    Wow, the idea of waiting till August before we start seeing crappy selective color baby portraits with horrible lighting in 36MP is a downer. 🙁

    Damn Nikon.

  • Karsh Moment

    I just got a call from a shop here in Ottawa, Canada. A D800 will be available to me tomorrow, March 22. The price was lower than originally advertised in Canada. $2999.00 down from $3149.00. I called another shop that I had left a deposit at and they said that they were getting cameras tomorrow as well and would figure out if they could match the lower price. The first shop is a chain and the second is a small independant. They expect to get just 2 or 3 cameras in the first shipment. Either way, I should have my new little friend tomorrow. Yabadabadooo !!!

    • Milo_Anderson

      What store are you getting that price from? I’m curious if the store I’m getting it from in Calgary will also be lowering their price.

      • Karsh Moment


        • Milo_Anderson

          Awesome. It looks like The Camera Store in Calgary has also dropped their price. That’s a pleasant surprise.

          • Ted

            MIlo, I also ordered from TCS – any word on delivery time from them ?

            • Milo_Anderson

              No, I haven’t heard anything. I’m not super optimistic I’ll be getting it very soon. They are in the same boat as everywhere else. Have to wait. I kind of expected this though.

  • Nitpicker

    Gonna register with NPS as soon as my D800 arrives! 🙂

  • Joaquim Prado

    I talked to Ritz camera and since I am in the first batch they said I might receive the camera first week of april or the second. Should I beleive?

    The whole situation is a mess, B&H probably knew for a while that NPS were suppost receiving first and their stock wouln’d be suficient but keep that date to estimulate sales, for sure. Such as amazon! Actually they really don’t care about that.

  • Vincent J

    I am an NPS member, “ordered” my 800 last fall through local dealer (really the D4, then passed on it,) did my NPS request a few weeks ago, but did not get an email today. Dealer has no insight into status. So, not even all NPS members may be getting theirs this week.

    • yeah, if you put in your NPS order in late, and depending on where you ordered vs. how many units they shipped to the store you ordered from:

      for example:
      – NPS gets 50 priority orders for your store of choice
      – Nikon only has 40 cameras to ship to that store in the first batch
      – the first 40 NPS orders are going to get that 1st shipment, you’ll likely be in the next one (again, based on how many they ship to your store – if they are only shipping 20 to your store at a time, and you are 50th on the list, you’ll be in the 3rd shipment) – that’s unlikely, but possible.

      Even the NPS pre-orders should be put in early for large volume stores (B&H, etc).

  • doug

    dadadadadadadaddadadaad, today is the 22nd

  • Travone
  • NNinAZ

    I bought my first Nikon – am EM – in 1982 as a high school freshman and have never strayed from Nikon. I was a professional medical photographer for almost 10 years, and a member of an organization that was supported exceptionally well by Nikon. I had the opportunity to join NPS at the time but never did. I left the field 12 years ago when I realized I liked photography a whole lot more when I didn’t have to depend on it to pay my mortgage. I agree with the idea that the pros who depend on being at the cutting edge should get the first allocation – I’m salivating over getting my D4 (that I preordered from Adorama within the first hour they offered it) as much as the next person – but I understand their position, having been there. I think Nikon’s business philosophy there is sound.

    Where I think Nikon fails is in being straightforward with it’s dealers and it’s end-users. Nikon knows how many units it can produce. It knows how many NPS members it has. It knows who it’s biggest dealers are and how to distribute products equitably and sensibly amongst retailers. If there is no way on earth they are going to have my D4 to the retailer from whom I bought it on the release date, they should be forthcoming with that information. I would be far less disappointed to be told that, based on current demand and priority orders, my camera should be available by a certain date – a realistic date, not “as it becomes available.” I’m sure they know how many units they plan to ship to B&H, Amazon, Adorama, etc. If those retailers would know how many they were getting – after NPS orders are filled – and know how many preorders they have to fill, they could give their customers a reasonable estimation of when the cameras would ship. As of now I have no idea of when it will ship. I’d be happy with an *honest* “within a month of release date” or however they want to say it. the current “You’ll get it when you get it” method, I think, alienates customers and makes them feel less valued. Customers who are not fully entrenched in a brand may look elsewhere. I myself will just wait it out – I have too much invested in Nikon glass and too much comfort with their system to go elsewhere. There are lots of people out there though who have money to spend and desires to fulfill who will look to Canon or elsewhere.

    • Anonymous

      Very well stated.

    • Andrew

      Interesting point, but I do not think so. Top end photographic equipment is something that will last for years; and the D4 looks as if it will create a new benchmark to keep it in its premier status for years to come. I think most people will wait it out. I suspect we are now approaching the holy grail in photography with these new advanced cameras.

    • PeterO

      You’re spot on with your observations. I’ve participated in discussions on this forum regarding exactly this problem. It’s even been said that Nikon reads forums like NR. Personally, I don’t think that they do. Many of us who have invested in the Nikon system won’t be switching because of the substantial investment that we’ve made. Nikon knows this and so is not worried about any negative comments such as yours and mine. It’s all about attitude and they don’t care what you and I think. As my own small protest (aside from cameras), I’ve made a point of buying used Nikon lenses and peripherals. They will get as little of my money as possible. But so what, you only have to look at this thread to see that there are more than enough people who will buy everything Nikon throws at them. People are even debating who has the right to get a certain product first – seriously? Nikon knows that this rabid fanaticism is out there for their products. Why would they communicate better with their customers – they don’t need to.

      • NNinAZ


        You make a good point. Obviously Nikon’s product quality overshadows their customer relations quality. And clearly most of us are after the results, not the customer experience.

      • nick

        I’d rather buy something from a photo company with poor PR than something from a PR company which doesn’t produce.

        Besides which it’s not Nikon giving you dates – it’s Amazon/B&H/whoever. Nikon don’t know where you are on their list, nor do they know necessarily how long their list is. They get orders from retailers and have done a miracle job to even have a factory from which to service them given events of the past year.

        As for “I only buy secondhand, let idiots buy new” – good luck buying secondhand in a world without people who buy new.

        • PeterO

          I’m hoping that “I only buy secondhand, let idiots buy new” is not buying ascribed to me. That’s not what I said. It is also obvious there will never be a “world without people who buy new”. This thread proves that.

      • Chandra

        There’s a very good reason why Nikon can and has the motivation to improve customer relations – Look at Apple. People are so loyal and buy all their products waiting in lines for days at a time. Can’t they buy those used? Sure they can.. But, obviously, majority of them choose to buy new. Nikon can create that kind of Buzz and build loyalty and increase their market share and company value even more. Nikon (if they are a regular corporation) have to show growth and growth is not going to come from being complacent. It comes from innovating and that’s on the product and service front.

    • JR

      Very well said. I couldn’t agree more.

    • Jabs


      Alas you make valid and interesting points but like many of the posters here who are artists or photographers, then one’s Business sense, acumen or even strategic planning is clearly lacking.

      1. Nikon makes many of its cameras by hand with the D800 now seemingly made in Thailand, a land that also Sony makes their DSLR’s and probably the sensor of the D800 and maybe even certain strategic parts for the D4 and others including much of their DX line.

      2. Nikon is a valuable name and a marketable commodity especially in the DSLR Pro ranks. Therefore performance and capability always trumps availability or something being rushed to Market while basically being ‘half-baked’. It is quality and Engineering versus consumerism or speed to market. Most of Nikon’s reputation is based upon their Engineering and not on their delivery schedules or being able to buy a complex instrument in your time frame.

      3. You need to exert your energiesat the CoolPix or Nikon 1 lines, as those are much simpler items made for the masses. Hand built items are very expensive and thus they are made in certain quantities to assure that very quality. Since there are a fixed amount of hours in a day, then Production is based upon that plus their ability to produce said product there and that determines how many they have for sale. When you introduce a relatively complex product especially after probably a relocation of the Assembly lines to a new location after the flooding in Thailand, then all Suppliers are severely constrained and thus it is remarkable that we even have any product delivered so soon.

      4. Most people complain here and though full of merit, it does little to change the situation, as Nikon is overwhelmed by their very success via a pent up demand for new Products by Nikon, that no one else can or has delivered so far. It is us who are driving Nikon and thus we need to realize this and be patient. Do you want quickly made flawed products like the 5DM2 or do you wish for better performance plus better Technology?

      5. This is the choices that people make based upon Nikon’s Engineering prowess and thus good things come often to those who wait. Hand built means slower Production, so we all have to deal with this or now devise cost effective robots that can assemble precise instruments better than a human being or maybe ‘conjure’ up some ‘super-humans’ able to do multiple speed impossibilities of dexterity.

      6. We all get your complaints but what most do not get here is that you cannot plan effectively for an expensive product roll-out as warehousing or stockpiling expensive gear like this will bankrupt the Company. What is the if-transit product is stolen, hijacked or a boat or plane crashes, then what? Insurance will compensate Nikon, but where will money come from to make replacement products and deliver them while we wait earnestly? Ever seen magnesium burn? Very hot and very disastrous, so perhaps we temper our angst with a little dose of realty and Business savvy.

      7. Asking Nikon to tell you and anyone how much they have produced and how many are on the way, is like arming your competitors with daggers to slay you in the Market and thus many artists are indeed clueless about Business strategy often. Sorry but these are not cheap goods assembled by ‘slave labor’ and over-hyped to a frenzy, but real and expensive instruments carefully engineered to do a particular job and make us some money too.

      • PeterO

        Thank you Jabs for your very long reply. The Business strategy that I’m talking about is very simple. It has nothing to do with Amazon or B&H or telling the world how many cameras Nikon is producing – we know that already. Imagine how much goodwill would be created by something like “We apologize to our valued Nikon customers. The demand for the exciting new D800 and D4 has exceeded our wildest expectations, and we are endeavouring to produce as many as possible to fulfil your orders. Thank you for loyal patronage.” Tell me, why have a PR department in the first place? Most companies that I know of are starting to catch on to the fact that the customer can make a mighty noise through all the social media.
        Personally, I don’t need to get a product the day it is released. I’ll make do with what I have until I get said new product. It’ll still be just as good a month after it’s released (perhaps better after some firmware updates).
        Jabs you obviously have a lot of Business savvy because you tell us so. What I’m talking about is just plain old common decency, or does that not appear in any of the textbooks on corporate success?

        • Jabs

          Alas, you are right in the aspect of telling customers that they have supply constraints or such, but maybe that will mean a lot of cancellations of already ordered gear and maybe bankrupt Nikon. It is a ‘GAME’ between the borderless online sellers and Nikon’s Corporate Subsidiaries worldwide basically to see who can hoard the most equipment and force Nikon to sell things to them at the quantities plus at the price that they want.

          Since I am not in Nikon’s Corporate employment, then further guessing makes me an idiot or an uninformed guesser at best concerning the delays. True, it would seem to be simple to just state that we have a delivery issue or whatever, but I have seen that make things worse, so again the call is Nikon’s – love it or hate it.

          I further see this as a fight between Nikon and the Hong Kong based or other such places being more important Nikon equipment sources than the real Nikon Subsidiaries worldwide, hence why Nikon started that policy of leveling the playing field to make more small or local Dealers get more product instead of it being gobbled up plus hoarded in the Warehouses of others (mainly online dealers) and then they hold Nikon ‘hostage’ via their buying power and with their own products too.

          Alas, I do understand the product problem, but would rather not say it here as I have been to the dealers in NYC and most of them are Hassidic Jews, so that reminds me of a ‘cartel of self interest’ working against Nikon itself, hence aware but quiet.

          You or anyone can take this anyway you wish, but I lived in NYC and work there quite often and sometimes when I needed gear without games years ago, I ordered from Frank’s Cameras in LA (don’t know if they are still around) and thus I understand plus observe the problems myself through gear purchases to both groups so I support Nikon USA’s strategy as it is clear who they are after to keep from being hijacked with their own gear.

          The grey market or online dealers hijacking Nikon with its own product and then determining to who and what to sell is the real problem to me, so don’t care now.

          Like I said before, I have been buying gear both in person and via mail order then for about 26 years and mainly Nikon Pro gear plus Business person myself selling plus repairing/rebuilding equipment worth more than all of what many Dealerships stock is worth (I work on equipment sometimes worth millions). Aware and informed but not in the loop and thus their problem and their fight!

          Me, I will buy a D800E and a D4 later on in the year as I want to use them to document some travel footage plus a few scenarios in Training and such, but first I need an AW100, then a V1 plus lenses to compliment my L22. I plan long term goals and then check them off as they are accomplished, as right now, I am laying the Project foundation to purchase with a check, the additional gear that I need, so a different perspective here. Serious and focused person here!

    • jesse

      Or, avoid this mess altogether by announcing the product once they have 100k units built and ready to ship.

      • Jabs


        How long does it take Nikon to make 100,000 units of ANY camera?

        You see, reality and dreams are not the same.

        How many units did Nikon state that it can currently make in a re-purposed Factory after the disasters in Japan plus the flooding in Thailand?

        Did Nikon also state if their new Factory in Malaysia is up to speed and is also making D800’s or D4’s and when plus if this will happen?

        Internet ‘readers’ seem to have the most answers and none or little of the REAL scenarios, it seems.

        We have all maybe become ‘talking heads’ devoid of basic facts in a world that moves rapidly from posted data and not real information.

        Not a put down of any sort, but sometimes a dose of reality unclouds one’s vision perhaps.

      • Yagion

        Before D4 and D800 were announced, people complained why Nikon didn’t say anything about new DSLR, or why they didn’t just announce to let us know and ship later… NOW it’s the other way around…

    • ng

      Very well said. I agree.
      It’s amazing that Nikon
      conducts business this way.

  • Bill Me Later

    I wish I had known about the issue with the D800 and NPS members. I may have researched other dealers. That explains why B&H will not give people their place on the pre-order list. They may have been number 5 and after NPS members, 1,005. So it appears maybe it didn’t matter for those who pre-ordered in the early moring hours of 2-7 or late eve of 2-6. And, we still have not accounted for all those “People who know People”that can easily get to the top of the list through a quick phone call.

    I am patient, I can wait. I was hoping for the end of April at least….but I fear that may be wishful thinking. I pre-ordered my D800 in the early morning of 2-7. I just think that is of no matter now. Maybe it will matter in the next few months where I am on a waiting list full of holes for others to slip into.

    What I think would be sad is, if an NPS member ordered yesterday and got the D800 in a first shipment in front of a person who is not a member, but pre-ordered number one in line. That would just be wrong.

  • Dan

    Just dropped in to my local BB and they said tomorrow is the day. Well…kinda! They said they have 2 on order and DHL could deliver them as soon as tomorrow 😀 Needless to say, this is gonna be a LOOOONNNNGGGG week!

  • Bill Me Later

    Hey….Nikon invested?
    I started with:
    Nikon F PhotomicFTN, Nikkormat, EM, F3, FE, N80, D100, D200, D7000 and now soon (maybe) D800. I really don’t know how many lenses over the years….bunches.

    I think most of us invest a lot if we enjoy this wonderful art.

  • neversink

    HOORAY!!!!! Still haven’t received any notice about the D4 though… …. …

  • Garett

    Notice the photo credits at is of a director at Money talks. Louder than NPS does, apparently.

  • Tom White

    My D200 still takes great pictures when I use it right. I’ll use that and my D7000 until my D800 arrives. Maybe in the meantime I’ll even take out the old FM like I did the other week.

    Oh, and as I said to a group of students just this week – there’s no such thing as professional equipment, just professional photographers.

    • Andrew

      “Oh, and as I said to a group of students just this week – there’s no such thing as professional equipment, just professional photographers.”

      Yes, maybe from the standpoint of taking the right picture and not chopping the head of your subject. But you have to admit that these modern cameras can instantaneously analyse a scene via their Scene Recognition System and automatically adjust the equipment to allow the amateur to focus on the shot.

      • Tom White

        True. The equipment can make taking photos easier. I certainly appreciate a bit of the old blazing fast autofocus now and then, and when I see a great sports photo taken in the days of manual focus film cameras I tip my hat in respect, but my point was (perhaps a little abstractedly stated) that it doesn’t matter if you didn’t get your D800 yet, or even that you may not get it in the first shipment, or the second, because unless your D800 order is your very first camera, then it’s likely you can pick up one you already own (hey, wait a second, doesn’t your phone have a camera?!) and you can still go out and take a great photo today.

    • I understand your sentiment from one point of view; but there certainly are pro cameras.

      Pro camera: Sensors that are put through more intense testing for consistency, accuracy, and lower incidence of failure. Sensors that produce a higher image quality (IQ) – compare the chip in a D3000 to that of a D7000 (or a D4). Magnesium alloy shells to take a beating, better water seals for adverse and humid conditions, better adverse-temperature resistance. More (and different) data ports. Multiple card slots, larger (and brighter) viewfinders. The list goes on and on.

      Again, I get the sentiment – its a good photographer that creates a good image, not a good camera. And a really good photographer can create a decent image with any camera. But in the hands of a pro, a better tool will allow the photographer to create better results.

      Sadly, in the days of film this used to be so much less true (lenses were important, but I could get the same quality image from my FM or from my F4s (though I would much rather have the F4s shooting sporting events) – but even then, weather sealing and tougher bodies were pro features (though there weren’t many plastic cameras)

      • Tom White

        Without a doubt there are tools that help a photographer (professional or not) get results, especially in certain situations, (if you’re a pro sports shooter a D4 with a $6000 telephoto lens is sure useful) and as the technology in digital cameras improves, so does the image quality but I have to say I’ve seen many many terrible photos taken with so called pro equipment and just as many great photos taken with consumer gear! I also think there’s a certain amount of marketing hype that goes on. I mean, the D7000 is generally regarded as a semi pro, enthusiast or advanced amateur camera depending on who you talk to, but I’ve earned a living with mine – yes, including shooting sports – which would make it a professional camera body in my books.

        I guess what I was trying to say was that most people who are waiting for a D800 and whining about the fact that they haven’t yet got it are probably doing so because they think it will somehow make them an instantly better photographer and they would probably do better to pick up the camera they do have and go and use it. They might even come home with a great photo in hand.

        I’m after a D800 as I don’t as yet own a full frame digital camera and want to take full advantage of the prime lenses I have, old and new (and I do video, so the D700 is out for me). But at the same time, I can wait, and I’ll use the cameras I do have in the meantime. I might even take that Canon 7D I borrowed out with me next week…

        By the way Bob, there’s some great photos on your site!

      • Jabs

        @Bob Cooley

        Great sentiments but some of it I disagree with. In the film days, I shot with three F3’s, an N4004AF, an N2020AF and an N2000 plus an FA. One day, I loaded them all up and decided to shoot all of them at the same time with the same subjects. My two brothers also helped and brought along their own gear – Leica, Canon and Nikon FM2.

        The point:
        In the film days, it was the film in the camera and the better metering in the Pro bodies that ruled PLUS the framing rate and the viewfinder accuracy that counted. I switched bodies and used the same or similar Fujichrome 50D and Kodachrome 25 Pro plus Fuji Neopan Pro B+W shooting from lower Manhattan to Mid-Town (57th St) while walking and shooting. Took some chromes to Duggal Labs for immediate feedback and the F3’s blew everything away with the FA second and the N4004 next with the N2020 and N2000 bring up the rear. They beat the Canon and the Leica plus the FM2, even though both of my brothers are supposedly better photographers than me.

        Now in digital, the sensor and the body plus those capabilities make even more of a difference as we do NOT change film anymore but the sensor is now the ‘film’.

        You can’t get the same results on a D700 as a D90 or D300s, as they have different sensors even when they have similar megapixel ratings. Now the body in digital is even more important than the film days, no matter what people state here. Give me a D3X over almost any camera body out there. Look at the dynamic range of that camera and then tell me your story.

        Dynamic range to me looks like this in the Nikon bodies that I love:

  • Kevin G

    The bits and pieces are starting to ship. I was just alerted that the “INKMH26 Nikon MH-26 Battery Charger for EN-EL18 Rechargeable Battery” has shipped from Adorama. The fun begins, although I was hoping the email was for the D800.

  • InfraRed

    To the non-NPS crew (of which I belong): no worries, the first batch is not necessarily a good thing. These “early adopters” will debug the product for us. There will be a firmware update soon after the second batch is shipped. Not to speak about employees in manufacturing still learning and quality control are atwork to correct mistakes.
    I have been an early adopter of products from famous/luxury brands. To my regret!
    To NPS members: Please reports those bugs asap 🙂

  • Denver Shooter

    My D4 arrived yesterday and the second battery will arrive on Friday (thank you very much Roberts Imaging). However Roberts’s says its going to be a substantial wait for the D800E I have on order…

    But in the meantime the D4 rocks…

  • Wes

    Delivery Estimate: Monday April 2, 2012 – Thursday April 5, 2012
    Shipping Soon

    Hurray! (Not sure why the delivery est is so far away)

    • Chandra

      Is this recent? When did you order? Is this an email you got or on their website?

      • Wes

        No, this is when I look at the order status on

  • Piss off old Man

    WHAT I want to KNOW is why these SUPPOSED smart orientals keep building their MANUFACTURING PLANTS in DISTASTER ZONES!!!!!??? It would be like Chevy or Ford building all their CARS in NEW ORLEANS!! WHy do you thyink NEW ORLEANS doesn’t have no industry other than the toursists????? It’s because it is like a soup bowl in a shower and just WAITING TO FILL UP AND MESS EVERYTHING UP!!

    Get with it you stupid morans at Nikon and Canon!!! I should build my own damn camera company and put it in Utah. In the dessert. NEVER no flooding or tornadoes and never no earthquakes and never no tsnamis.

    WAKE UP!!!

    • Andrew

      Yes, and when they price the camera for a couple of thousands more, you will not be willing to pay for their smart decision. How many times in the past 30 years have a disaster occurred?

      • Michael

        +1, he doesn’t even deserve a reply.

    • Tokenhi

      As a stupid oriental, I don’t like to be called a “moran”. And I think something is wrong with your caps lock button. And I definitely think you should build a factory in the dessert. Might I suggest a nice apple pie? Or a bowl of ice cream would be wonderful. Thanks!

      • Anthony

        +1 Tokenhi
        Piss Off, Old Man (I added a comma to your name).

    • Anonymous

      Piss of …

      You’re obviously a racist moron the way you rant!

    • PR

      yah make your own camera factory name it “Pisson” and I will make new site Pisson Rumor.. lolz..

    • @Piss off old Man

      Please – build your camera company in the Utah desert.

      Hopefully you will not have internet service there, and this will rid the net of one more troll.

    • ActionJunky

      Obviously, you have never been to New Orleans. The major industries are oil and fishing. Why? Because those are the resources in that area. Even after multiple floods, all Americans continue to fund new houses in that area. It’s true that people who work there need a place to live, but they do not have to live 500 yards from a dike and 15 feet below sea level.

      Let’s talk about the car companies. Most American plants are located near the Detroit area. How is that working out? They are located in frigid temperatures, where labor rates are high and shipping is costly to most of the US. Most Japanese, and German carmakers, are locating new factories in the Southern states. Labor is less expensive; the roads are easier to navigate; and the weather is much easier.

      Now who are the Morans? Americans that continue to neglect history or the Japanese that do what they must on a landlocked island?

      I want the D800 also and building a factory is a possible flood zone is never a good idea, but I suspect they will learn something from this to prevent it from happening again.

    • Chezo

      Right, and these supposedly smart VCs and entrepreneurs built the whole US tech industry on the San Andreas fault.

  • Chuck

    Any bets on how long it takes for many of the D800s to the “desperately needing them so we can work” pros with NPS to end up on ebay selling for greater than list price?

  • DX2FX

    Did you order a D800 for yourself ?

    • yes, I had my pre-order with Amazon, but I got one yesterday from BestBuy

  • dylano

    New Zealand not getting it until first week April and the price is $4500NZD ~$3800USD for D800.

    • InfraRed

      Well: you may pay much more because of VAT and other sales taxes but your government does not have trillions of dollars of annual budget deficit and… you may get a somewhat decent pension when you retire. Money has to come from somewhere!

  • Chandra

    @admin: what is the significance of this annual inventory? Is the stop on just the shipments from Nikon to retailers or should retailers alo freeze their shipments?

    • GrumpyDiver

      It’s a physical count of all goods in the warehouse in the USA. It is used to value the year-end inventory value of all goods on hand for the end of the fiscal year (and of course the beginning inventory for FY 2012). It’s something that they have to legally do.

      The downside of the inventory process is that nothing moves during the process and this has two effects; the dealers don’t get any shipments during the period and Nikon will not receive any inventory from Japan during this period. One the count is done, the trucks will start flowing in again with products from Japan, China and Thailand.

      It will probably mean that deliveries to the dealers are going to be a bit lower than normal until the second week of April.

      • nick

        Is it a Nikon USA stocktake or a worldwide Nikon stocktake?

  • Apexle

    I am disappointed because i will be losing 5% cash back on this purchase (its actually up to $1500) since I have chase freedom. Amazon was unable to charge my credit card prior to shipment, which is estimated at April 15-May 1, which means I will not be able to get the 5% bonus cashback for my chase freedom card.

    I argued with rep and lead rep but neither were able to credit me anything nor charge my card before shipping or credit me anything. That really sucks, because its like $75 that I am not getting.

    • BartyL

      Life is just one shattering blow after another.

      • Felix

        Ha Ha I laughed so hard I nearly shat myself

    • ActionJunky

      Get a card that gives real cash back. Then you can use it whenever you like.

    • KenM

      Hey, you should have done what I did. I bought three $500 gift cards with my chase freedom to make sure I got the $1,500 limit of purchases with cashback. Then I used them for my camera. Just a thought.

      You could still buy the gift cards now and then apply them to your purchase.

  • Tom

    This should be the inventory for the D800.


    So that shouldn’t take very long to count.

  • Luke

    waiting patiently for my D800 order in Australia *coughs imaptiently*

  • Jabs

    A Little off topic, but how about this FREE download to go along with your new D4 or D800/D800E body or use while you wait – LOL.

    Photoshop CS6 BETA – free download for Mac’s and Windows.

    Already downloading now and can’t wait to use it for what, 30 days or less?

  • Some guy


    Got it from a local shop in Hong Kong. I don’t think people walking into shops here will get one for a while though. Lots of people ordered them.

    • Some guy

      BTW I’m NOT a NPS member.

  • I just pre ordered on Amazon and it said, “delivery estimate: April 18, 2012 – May 3, 2012” I know that doesn’t really mean anything substantial, but it sure sounds better than August. I have some trips in July and I would hope to have it by then.

  • Rabbit

    Spoke one of the larger Dutch resellers about 2 to 3 weeks ago and they said they were expecting about 150 D800 in the first shipment. “as you are high on the list and when Nikon keeps their promise, you should have it soon after the 22nd”.

    Not leaving my phone alone these few next days….no call by mid-next week and I think we will be in for a looooooooong wait :-(.

  • Back breaker

    Called my dealer in Sweden and they got 4 d800 to deivide to four stores.

  • doug

    Got my D800, im the only one who got it today in Jessops Oxford Street

  • Roel Boom

    I’ve ordered mine D800 at in the Netherlands.
    It will be delivered today

  • jasso

    Hey, i have a different question/ask. It’s great that some of already got D800 in their hands while others so eagerly await. But those who got it, can you write a few words on your first impressions please 🙂 ?! Is the camera fast, or slow (I’ve read somewhere that actually it takes a while for the camera to write the taken picture in RAW+JPG to the card and it the impression is that it’s slow in this context). Any other impressions, etc. Please….nice that you got it (i’m already jealous ;-)) but i am more interested in first views than how to open the box…

  • Connecticut Yankee

    Why would you purchase a Nikon product overseas?? N ikon US will never even service it, even it you wanted to pay them for service. I had one of the first D90 way back when they came out. After the warranty expired, the camera stopped working. I sent it back for repair and I knew that it was going to cost me. When I got the camera back, they said that even though the camera was out of warranty they repaired if free of charge.

    • Felix

      Not everyone lives in the U S of A. And considering Nikon are made in Asia then you are purchasing it overseas!!!

      And I think you will find that a lot of Nikon gear has international warranty. If you buy lenses yourself overseas they are covered….it is only grey imports that aren’t.

  • Susan

    Does anyone know what day the d800 will be delivered to US dealers that are NIS? I have a deposit on one and my local cam shop was promised they would get it in the initial allotment. Hoping today or tomorrow, if anyone has any info I would be grateful.

    • Susan

      Correction… I meant “NID” (non-nps).

      • susan

        Never mind – it has arrived!!!! 🙂

  • drc

    I did not monitor the release of the D700 when it came out. How did that release differ? Did the D700 release also offer drama and anticipation?

  • PeterJ

    Had confirmation that my D800 will be delivered to me tomorrow. My UK dealer rang late yesterday afternoon and said they had received a “small(?)” number. Luckily I pre-ordered early.

  • Rich in TX

    Just called B&H, they said nps customers are getting d800 today, and regular customers will start getting them the first week in April. I ordered a few hours after launch. He said he can’t see the “list”.

  • Pyrate

    I pre-ordered the D800 on 2/20 from BH Photo and they still can’t tell me when I should receive it – ridiculous.

    • ActionJunky

      Ordered from B&H on 2/7. They did mention that delivery was pushed back a “few days.” Then, they will close a week for Passover. They said nothing about NPS members getting theirs today. They have always been good to me and their support is outstanding. Try asking Amazon a technical camera question. I am sticking by B&H. I look forward to getting it when I get it.

      • Scott M

        B & H is closing for 9 days for passover, not a week. April 6-15.( That’s quite a holiday!)

  • My camera store has them in! – they are shipping today, I’ll have it UPS ground on Monday! 🙂 (didn’t want to pay the extra $70 for overnight)

    (kid in candy store)…

  • Ray

    Where is my D800 and since we are on that subject, where is my D4…come on Nikon, put another shift on and produce some units…….

  • huffman

    Just got a call from my dealer (in Virginia). He had eight on order, two came in and one is mine. Already packed and going out to me UPS today. Glad I called long before the official announcement to put my name on the list.

  • UncleDusty

    I’m in Oklahoma. Store just called and I’m headed to pick it up!!!

  • got mine today. haha shame if your still waiting.
    got mine from Jessops in manchester England
    once again, HA HA HA

    • ActionJunky

      Where are the pictures? What are you waiting for? HA HA HA

  • It pays to shop local.
    My local camera store just called and said they have a D800 in for me. It just came in wasn’t even on the order list. Thank God I called them yesterday. I am one freakin happy camper right now. It’s going to be hard to sit through work this afternoon, wish I could take a half day! Sweet good heavens, the God of fortune has smiled upon me.
    If you’re wondering about the above website, I worked on the video along with my students and the DLS (daily living skills/home ec) teacher. It’s called: Salt Point Center Takes A Stand
    It’s an anti- bullying video. Check it out. Be nice, I’m new at video.

    • jodjac

      Picked her up and brought her home. Alas the damn thing doesn’t work . Anyone else having problems with the autofocus module? Mine absolutely will not focus. Help!

  • I Love Amazon!

    Check this out! D800 on the way from Amazon.
    Oh BTW, I’m not one of those NPS a-holes 😀

    • Chandra

      Did they charge your CC? Also, what time did you order on the 6th?

    • Chandra

      Also, did you get the email the rest of us got with April dates before it went to “Shipping soon” status with a March date?

      • ILA

        Ordered minutes after the liks were posted on NR. I did not get an email revising the delivery date estimate.

        • Yakka

          Did you place your order right after the official links were posted by NR Admin in a NR post or the links that were posted by some commenters even before that? I placed my order before NR admin posted his links and I have a delivery estimate of April 13-30. Oh well.

          • Yakka

            Mine just changed to “Shipping Soon” too. Delivery estimate March 27.

    • ken

      all it says is shipping soon…

  • Garett

    Be ready to move up the queue lines. While people get their first D800 shipped and cancel their remaining multiple orders!

  • Tevit

    Yes, I agree — if you’ve gotten your hands on one, please post any first impressions as soon as you can!

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