First Nikon D800 cameras delivered in Japan and Europe

Nikon D800 in Austria (credit: Erich Satran)

Nikon D800 kit in Japan (credit: Eric Feigenbaum)

The first Nikon D800 cameras were delivered in Japan and Europe today. Nikon Australia is expected to have the D800 in stores tomorrow (March 22):

No word when shipping will start in the US. Amazon sent out emails to existing pre-orders that they will receive the first D800 shipment on March 23, 2012:

We wanted to give you an update on your order for the "Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)." Although we expected to start shipping the camera to customers on March 20, Nikon will be sending us our initial shipment of this product on March 23, 2012. This means the camera will not ship by our original estimate.

Due to the high demand for this item, we may not be able to fulfill all customer orders at the same time. Since product supplies from Nikon will be very limited, we will ship your product as soon as inventory becomes available.

Few hours later they changed the expected delivery date to April 13 - April 30, 2012. Obviously their system is a mess. Even if D800 shipments do start this week in the US, I wonder how many D800 will be left after all NPS orders are fulfilled. Almost the entire first D4 shipment in the US went to NPS orders.

Here is the first Nikon D800 unboxing videos:

And some unboxing images from



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  • Harry

    Bestbuy is giving me a ship date of 3/25. fingers crossed.

  • Jabs

    I and a whole slew of Camera Manufacturer’s would LOVE to have Nikon’s problems since introducing the Nikon 1 Series, the D4 and now the D800/D800E.

    Imagine not being able to supply the most in-demand DSLR or digital camera bodies since mid 2011 and seeming like 2012 will be even worse – LOL!

    Talk about rushing forward in a mad dash towards Technological supremacy with stunning products and Nikon is now the poster child of that in 2012.

    Detractors and complainers will talk and post their complaints, but Nikon for sure is on a serious roll.

    Congratulations Nikon on raising the bar very high in Technology.

    Digital Expeed 3 has indeed made Nikon the fastest and the best for NOW.

    Now for Nikon to try and raise Production capacity everywhere (China, Japan and Thailand) to produce all these stunning technical marvels for the eager awaiting users who seem to want to ‘hang’ Amazon and other equipment dealers in a mad rush for these new products.

    Nikon must be really stunned after all the natural disasters of 2011 – an unreal turnaround too.

    Yeah – Nikon user and product buyer here waiting until the dusts settles to buy my own new gear. Have to work hard now to afford all this great stuff and then buy a few desktops with at least 6 cores and 32gigs of RAM and will probably use 64bit Linux with the RT Kernel, as all else tried is way too slow, as Linux uses less resources and is much faster to me. However many of my favorite Programs are on Windows (XP in particular) and some on OS-X, so stuck – lol.

    I have to buy some really fast AMD Workstation graphic cards too and some 10bit monitors.

    Enjoy your new gear as this is indeed a banner year for both photographers and videographers worldwide.

    New ways to document things that we love or care about!

    Here come the Olympics and some new world records plus new headaches and challenges for all the organizers, those documenting it, the participants and observers.

    • Rich in TX

      “really fast AMD Workstation”??? thats’ an oxymoron.
      Also, what program do you use for editing photos on Linux?
      Also, what program do you use on Windows XP that wont run on Vista or 7?
      Please. Stop trying to make your self look like a purist and then say you are using crap hardware and free OS.

      • Why is it an oxymoron? AMD makes excellent, and fast, CPUs. No doubt the new Intel i7 stuff is faster, but one can build a great AMD based system for less money that is *almost* as fast.

        • karl

          if by *almost* you mean performs up to half as good as Intel, then I agree.

          AMD can not match even the higher i5 processors, not to mention i7 processors.
          The last time that AMD made a good processor was around 2003 with the Barton cores. Because Intel’s P4 sucked. But then the Core 2 Duo processors destroyed AMD, and they (AMD) never managed to catch up on performance and effectivity – ie low power consumption

          • Sly Larive

            Sadly, you are correct.

            AMD is clearly out of the loop and with its new 22nm foundry, INTEL will only widen the gap in the coming months.

            I bought an AMD Athlon back when ASUS and GIGABYTE were defying intel and made secret mobos for the adventurous crowd. I love AMD. I think their architecture has a lot of merits but they need to catch up for now.

            I don’t have an UBER PC, I’ve got a 2nd gen i7, SSD, 12GB of RAM that I built including a legal copy of windows under 1 grand. It loads CS5 under 5 seconds and editing the d800 samples files borrowed from Imaging resources is simply not a problem at all.

        • art

          AMD is Almost as fast as Core i7?
          Why buy Nikon? you can buy Canon, it is “Almost” as good as Nikon.

          In fact, you should buy a Canon, it will match up nicely with your AMD system; now you have two “Almost” platforms to play with…

          • For the record, I have an i7 2600K based system which is running great. I just wouldn’t dismiss the AMD processors that quickly.


            Here is a comparison between the AMD FX 8150 and the Intel i7 2600K.
            Photoshop benchmark is 14.8 vs 11.3 seconds.

            Cost difference is $180 vs $320. So price for performance is about right. If you need a very fast cpu, and are willing to pay the extra cost, then go for the i7 (I did). However, I believe you can build a decent rig around an AMD processor and still get good results.

      • Where’s my…

        AMD Workstation graphics card, not AMD Workstation… no mention of CPU brand.

      • ItsaChris

        used AMD/ATI for my last 3 PCs, very nice CPU/GPU for the price. And there new fusion cores are very interesting. looking into using that to replaces my aging HTPC

        But as for linux I mostly use Gimp and Darktable. Photoshop needs true competition and until that happens they will never change.

  • I just received an email from NPS that my Nikon D800 is shipping to the vendor I chose to purchase it from (Adorama). When I got this same email from NPS last week regarding the D4, the D4 was on my doorstep two days later.

    • HS

      sorry for my ignorance but what NPS stand for ? thanks

    • Defmar

      NPS=No Problem Sir

  • Nadja

    Got mine today 🙂 Vienna, Austria, NPS-dealer.

    • seals6

      go Austria go… !
      not sure if if I should upgrade to a D800 – ipad3 is also on the wishlist 😉
      greatings grom Graz

      • Joe Leong

        Get them both plus a D4

  • D. Minamide

    While we all await the shipment of the D800, Canon apparently has a different marketing strategy…. making cameras available. A friend sent me a pic of a display of stacks of 5D MkIII boxes. I do not know how to post photos on this forum. If someone posts instructions, I will post the pic.

    • ken

      or ‘clearly’ the demand is not there for the MKIII 🙂 !!

      Damn NPS members :p move on and get yourselves a D4 – what do you want with a crappy ole D800 anyway…. 🙂

      • Moritz Stahl

        …no need to be angry with NPS members, just picked mine up without being in this “club” 😉

    • Art

      I got to hold the 5D MkIII at PictureLine yesterday. Beautiful camera but, I have to admit the Nikon cameras fit in my hands soooooo much nicer. It made me even more appreciative of Nikon’s craftsmanship.

    • none

      Nobody wants to see a photo of stacks of unwanted cameras.

  • Joaquim Prado
  • broxibear

    Anyone got an image of the “Made in” sticker on the side of the D800 box ?…It’ll put that rumour to bed once and for all. (I don’t believe for a minute their made in Hong Kong, lol)

    • BartyL

      Not likely made in Honkers, but boatloads will be sold from there.

      I’m not one of those who worries about where a given product is manufactured. Even if true in the past, I don’t think you can point to a particular country now and say, “Well if it’s made in X it will suck.” A given enterprise either has good quality assurance methods or it doesn’t and things can be made well (or poorly) anywhere.

      Those who eschew a lens or somesuch simply because “it’s not made in Japan” are gripping it a bit fiercely.

      • broxibear

        I was only joking, it’s made in Japan according to the bottom plate

        • yes, as I said sucks, but you know that already broxi 🙂

      • peterw

        good quality control of your own product should be possible every where. Good quality control on your suppliers is somewhat difficult. Good quality control on the suppliers of your suppliers… takes a country that has some sense of quality control.

  • Oatneil

    Just had a call from WEX in the UK, I’ve secured a pre-order D800 and it’ll be delivered Friday by Parcelforce!

    Can’t wait, good luck everyone, hope you get yours soon 😀

    • Tony

      Me too! WEX told me they only got cameras for 10% of their pre-orders (!)

      • Oatneil

        No way! Glad I just went for it on the morning it was announced!

      • glen

        that means 10 more months to furnish for all the pre-orders????

  • doug

    ill get my ubalubalicious super very expensive 50mm 1.8 G to go with it plus my kata that costed me £44, any ideas on the CF card??

  • simon lamb
  • InfraRed

    I just received a second update from Amazon a few hours after the fist one:

    “Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”
    New Delivery Estimate: April 13, 2012 – April 30, 2012

    My order was placed on Feb 6th.

    • Eastman


    • Amazon Buttafukodme

      Delivery estimate for my D800 still remains as it was, March 26th – 30th, placed my order minutes after NR posted the links on Feb 6th!
      So surprising that Amazon has sent some folks the new delivery estimate and not me!

      • MZ

        Placed my order at Amazon on March 8th. Status still showing will be delivered between March 23th to 27th. Any truth of it?

        • NA

          Im in the same exact boat. I cancelled my B&H photo order on March 8th and placed my Amazon order. It says delivery is between March 23rd and March 27th. I can only pray that’s true.

  • Jon

    Woohoo! Just got a phone call from warehouse express in the UK to say my D800 will be delivered on Friday! (I ordered it first thing on the morning of the announcement and, apparently, I was 10th in line).

    Can’t wait!

  • anon

    i tried this and couldn’t tell a difference, just out of stock, notify when available… thanks anyway though. (i don’t have nps and it didn’t ask for any info on that)

    • FF

      My D800 from Amazon US just updated from estimated delivery of April 13-30 to shipping soon with estimated delivery on March 26-27.

      • David

        I had the same change on Amazon. Now showing a delivery estimate of March 26.

        • FF

          My credit card was charged. I feel good about this one.

  • edward

    I’ve just got mine in Switzerland. specially come to zurich for this camera.

    • chatan

      You received it already in Zurich? Where? Digitec just postponed to April.

      • Erik

        I received a mail from Digitec and they postponed with no expected date for delivery

  • Ruslan

    I’ve got different estimate from Amazon:

    “Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)”
    New Delivery Estimate: April 16, 2012 – May 01, 2012

  • Nicolò

    Just received a phone-call that my D800 has arrived at my dealer. Will pick it up next friday.

  • Sofus Comer

    I am a NPS member and been signed up for the D800 for ages. Still waiting news from Nikon Denmark and supplier. No news of any kind at all.

  • JRH

    Mine is now in my backpack 😉 (Switzerland)

    • BartyL

      It would be much safer at my place. Send it to me.

  • Moritz Stahl

    Some are still available in Austria (21st of March, 10:30pm)

  • Robert Falconer

    D800 Kit with a 28-300, huh?

    I sure wouldn’t want to try that glass with a 36 megapixel full frame sensor!

    • ivanaker

      thats the very latest fx zoom lens from nikon deigned with d800 in mind.

    • Ben Dover

      Thought the same.
      This lens on a D7000 gets you mediocre results at either end… and in between as well.
      Maybe this is Nikon’s way to off -load them but why with such a high end camera?
      I am glad I got rid of mine just in time for the flood.

  • Fraser

    Another one who got the call from Warehouse Express in the UK today! Delivery Friday, possibly Saturday. The guy said there were gonna be a lot of disappointed punters in the UK over the next few days — whether this indicates a general lack of stock or is just company-specific, I have no idea.


  • boss

    brutal unboxing

  • Itching for a D800

    Yeah, I ordered on the morning of the first day. I think I will give them a call in the morning. Ooohhh I can’t wait!!!

  • Itching for a D800

    Yeah, I also ordered on the morning of the announcement. I think I will call them in the morning. Ooohhhh I can’t wait.


  • DavidM

    I am contemplating to purchase a couple of Zeiss CP2 lenses to go with my D800…but I am not sure whether these lenses are good for still photography purposes i.e for landscape and portrait pictures. Any thoughts on this matter will be greatly appreciated

  • Landscape Photo

    The 28-300mm VR kit lens is too bulky for D800. It doesn’t fit into any purpose. If into serious photography, I’d prefer primes. If the need is a walkaround lens, I may compromise a little image quality for the sake of low weight & size.

    But while this 28-300mm is not a quality lens up to the standard of D800, its way big for a kit. Same partially applies to 24-120mm too. Can’t Nikon instead make a much smaller variable-aperture 28-135mm, optimized for f/8 ?

    Until this happens, my walkabout is the tiny & lovely Nikkor 28-200mm G (along with primes). Sorry Nikon…

  • anonymous

    Never mind. I know I will never get a chance to hold of these beauties, let alone actually using one. So sad……

  • Ozmill

    Just got this from WEX in UK. Had asked where i was in the que. I order on the 9th Feb.

    ‘We have received some of the First UK stock on D800 this week, and they have been allocated to our customers in the order that they were first placed, we expect more units in next week and will continue to receive priority allocation from Nikon until all our customers that have backorders with us have their stock, we are a Nikon Pro dealer and will continue to receive favourable allocations, there is no free stock available in the UK (with any dealer), due to worldwide shortages. but we are well placed to receive the stock as and when it is available, so please bear with us and we will do all we can to ensure the wait is as short as possible.

  • Rob

    Based on the captions to your photos, I can deduce that they are shipping to people whose names begin with “E-R-I-C” first.

  • NA

    I canceled my pre-order and jumped on the Amazon list on March 8th. I’m figuring that a March 2013 ship and arrival date would be accurate. If I had hair, I’d be pulling it out right now.

  • Zen-Tao

    It´suposed the lense is free otherwise It would be pointless to buy such a camera.

  • Dweeb

    They have arrived in Canadian stock.

  • NikonHater

    Great, just got my brand new shiney D700 this morning.. Anyone want an unboxing video ? I got completely screwed, Jessops informed me of an approx end of April delivery of my new shiney D800 and no word on the D4 yet so who knows when, so I had to buy a D700 to keep working. I hate Nikon

    Cancelled the pre-order bought a D700 and now I’m going to belittle everyone who gets one by saying how the camera isn’t important and its the photographer what matters. Well I had 2 choices, ring up every customer I got and tell them I can’t work until who knows when or buy a temp D700 to put me on until after the Olympics. Why did all my cameras (D300S, D700, D3) die within 3 months of each other ? Ehhh ehh ? Why NIKON ? Why make them break together ?

  • Landscape Photo

    D800 kitted with 28-300mm VR…

    * The corners will be soft likely, unless short & long ends are avoided and shot at f/8 – f/11 at any focal, or resorted to 1.2x crop mode,

    * Too bulky as a walkaround kit lens which is almost as big as a 24-70mm.

    Not a wise idea IMHO.

  • PixelRush

    I just had a chat with the support of
    They still don’t have any shipment information for the D800 (I ordered early on feb 7th). They cannot estimate when it will be delivered.
    They told me they don’t even know when they will get it from the central market (german: Großhandel) (!!!). So if this is true they don’t get it directly from Nikon. Quote: “Allerdings haben wir (…) auch noch keine Informationen dazu, wann der ARtikel uns vom Großhandel geliefert wird.”

    I asked about the criteria for shipment order and they answered, they would deliver by order date. This means NPS Members are not given priority in shipment on

  • Frank

    Got my D800 today (preorder at an excellent service-minded shop (Foto Guth) in Kappeln (Northern-Germany). Really excited!!!

  • Stan

    I just got a call, I can pick up my 800 late today
    Woodland hills ca

  • Vish

    My dealer just called and said my D800 is in. My D4 came yesterday. Now I am debating which one to keep.

  • You can add Malaysia to the list. I collected my D800 earlier today; my full review is up:

    • wow, that’s great ming…enjoy your new toy…, anyway where you bought your camera? camera store or online(shashinki?)

    • forget to mention…great review about the camera on your blog…well done!!!

  • Emanuele

    News from Italy: today, more more D800 are out, not only for NPS.

  • arne

    @Emanuele: dove di preciso?

  • MJr

    Huh, a D800+ 28-300 kit ? We sure it has enough resolution to fill those 36MP ??

  • Gary

    New from UK: picked up mine from Calumet today – they received “less than 20”.

  • Dweeb

    They’re selling a kit of a 36MP camera with a superturd zoom? Now that takes balls.

  • atanz

    I got an update from amazon as well:

    Delivery Estimate: Tuesday March 27, 2012
    Shipping Soon

  • atanz

    also I can no longer change my order!
    before there were options to change payment, shipping services, etc
    now its just “request cancelation”
    hopefully they actually mean “shipping soon!”

  • Wrighted

    Just got informed mine is on the shelf waiting for pick-up tomorrow morning. The Nikon Professional Dealer (in the UK) I deal with said they got just 6 units with 70 pre-orders to fill. They were busy ringing around breaking the bad news to folk.

  • 28-300 in a kit?? interesting.

  • I got mine yesterday at the Nikon Shop in Putrajaya, Malaysia. Bought the first unit they received, fresh off the delivery truck with the retailer purchase order receipt still on it. It retails for RM10,899 (USD3538.41). When I queried why the US retail price is over 500 bucks cheaper, they gave me some spiel about shipping costs etc!! I told them, this camera is made in Japan, and Malaysia is geographically (not to mention culturally and historically!) much closer, so get your facts straight. In the US, does it really retail for 2999USD or are there any surcharges on the retail price (excluding taxes of course)?

    • I always wonder about the same thing…somebody can explain this???

  • Sofus Comer

    I am getting mine sent be express tomorrow, I hope. Nikon Denmark is a Branch of Nikon Scandinavia, which is a branch of Nikon Europe. So after all the big EU countries have hoarded their loads of NPS and non NPS cameras, we NPS folks of Denmark finally are starting to have ours sent out by mail. Its very exciting indeed. Best of luck and good photography to ye all!

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