Nikon D800 to start shipping this week

Nikon Japan issued a statement today that the amount of D800 pre-orders have greatly exceeded the amount of produced cameras. They also confirmed that the D800 is scheduled to launch on March 22, 2012.

It's interesting that Nikon did not make such statement about the D4.

Amazon and B&H still have the D800 release date listed as March 20th (tomorrow) and delivery date of March 22nd:

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  • Jan

    That is the D800E, the D800 is still showing March 22

  • Tim

    Just checked my D800 order from B&H and it says my credit card has been charged. Does that mean they’ve received the D800 shipments and are about to ship them out? Anyone else notice the charge?

    • Ben

      My Adorama order for the D800 that I placed on 2-26-12 says:

      Phase #1: Pending February 27, 2012
      Status: Pending

      they still have not charged my CC

      • mutog

        I placed my order on 2-10-12. Mine is showing the same, changed overnight from Backordered to Pending. I also have not been charged for the camera yet.

    • ken

      they say they don’t charge until shipped – did you modify your order recently? I updated mine 1 day from 2 day and they posted a charge against my CC but it was gone in a couple of days. has your order changed status? when did you order?

    • I placed my order at B%H on 2-6-12 and it shows it with ‘backordered’ status on my order status. Checked my credit card and no charge.

  • Curious George

    Interesting the Amazon had change the verbiage on the D800 to “temp sold out”. That’s what is should have been from the start, the moment they knew their initial allocation was accounted for. This “pre-order” mess is going to make for all kinds of a hard feelings when the majority of the ordered cameras don’t ship out today. Mine is still showing a 3/21 delivery date, but I have never felt that it was actually going to show up on that date.

    • pegdrgr

      All that happened here is in their system it became available, but sold out. You can still order it, and when it becomes available you will be charged and it will ship. This is no different than a pre-order, aside from they now systematically show the item is available, and hopefully some are shipping.

    • Todd

      Just checked with amazon and it appears that mine will not ship out today either. I ordered on 2/6/12 immediately when it went up for preorder. Very disappointed that I must have been in the first 2 – 5 minutes of pre order and I am not getting mine. I know it is not amazon’s fault that they don’t have the camera but disappointed that they have left the delivery date as 3/21/12 this entire time and did not update the status in the past few days.

  • Jorge

    If Amazon doesn’t ship my D800 today, so I can have it by the promised delivery date of 3/22 I may cancel my order. Why you may ask?

    Cognitive dissonance. A marketing term. You need to look it up. However, I have been thinking —
    3000.00 will pay for a Nikon 85mm F1.4 to compliment my wedding/portrait ensemble of the Nikon Trinity of lenses with money left over to attend a 2.5 day Wedding photographers boot camp….
    I LOVE my D700, and my D300. But, my only concern is that my stock agents may at some point start demanding more than the 12 megapixels those two bodies can generate. On the other hand, they demand TIFF’s only. I wonder how they will feel when I attempt to upload 200mb TIFFs from the D800 raw file? LOL….
    I’m in quite a conundrum now. I have been having my doubts. I would LOVE to have the D800 for an upcoming stock shooting trip down to the Outer Banks in a few weeks. That will be my “line in the sand” If I don’t have it for that trip, I may cancel my order, and then wait until the end of the year and buy it so I can write it off before year end.
    What say ye? And yes, if I cancel, anyone who ordered from Amazon moves up in the queue one notch. LOL

    • Che

      That’s an odd reason for canceling the order….I would stay in queue and just get it when you get it and not worry bout it. If you client suddenly wants higher MP files then you will feel good bout keeping your order open. I own the same Trinity Collection from Nikon also and have a D4 on pre-order…I was wondering about the 85m f1.4….not sure if to save (spend) for it. How much use to you think I could get out of it if I already have good pro glass at events, quince, weddings? Is it worth it going after that lens?

      • Jorge

        I think the 85 is an outstanding lens for many wedding and portrait shots. I was using a Rokinon 85mm f1.4 manual focus on my d700 and the images are just so darn incredible. I just sold it, as I am shopping for the f1.4 auto focus. Manual was fine, but for me it took a tad too long to nail it. I just love the bokeh it produces, and the fact I can get much closer than with the 70-200.

        • Che

          Closer as in focusing distance? Thanks Jorge I will look into it…I got some DX lenses I dont use anymore after the Trintiy that I can probably move and sell (18-200 VRII)

          • Jorge


            Yes, closer focusing distance. Good Luck!

  • Jan

    I strongly believe that B&H and perhaps also Adorama have been more honest about delivery than Amazon who has been way to optimistic to rake in as many orders as possible. At the end of the day i think there will be a few disapointed Amazon customers.

    • Jeff

      Keep in mind that Amazon more than likely has many many more cameras allocated to them than B&H or Adorama. That and I wouldn’t put it past Nikon to be close-lipped, even to the retailers, about how many they expect to allocate. From the forums I have read, Nikon is kind of known for underdelivering stock to retailers, hence the common availability issues with lenses, etc.

  • HS

    mine still showing as 3/21 as well with Amazon … and just last night I was chatting with Amazon and they said that you will receive the Camera by the 3/21 but I will receive this camera for that date the Camera should have left already right? I order I few other thing yesterday afternoon and they already left and they will show up tomorrow ….

    This waiting game of pre orders, etc not cool …. I hope I get mine at least at the of the week …

  • Jorge

    Here is a transcript of my conversation with Amazon a few moments ago regarding delivery of my D800. I’ve been buying from Amazon since 1998 and they have Never, ever let me down. Let’s hope this isn’t the first time:
    Hello! My name is Tomas. I’ll be happy to help you today Jorge, what can I do for you?
    I need to know the status of my order. I know this camera is very hot. I pre-ordered on 2/7 and the delivery estimate is 3/22. Do you have stock? Will this order be fulfilled on time?
    Yes, the order will be on time and there shouldn’t be any delays
    I can confirm that the estimated delivery date is March 22nd

    • St.

      I also contacted them twice – yesterday and today again – both times they assure me that it will be delivered on time.
      I don’t see that happening, but let’s see what game is playing Amazon this time…
      It’s good that my NEX-7 arrived yesterday, so I’ll have a toy for a while.

  • Chandra

    Amazon not only shows that it is “Temporarily out of stock”. If you try to order through the iphone app, it says “Get it May 3rd”

  • Jorge

    Wow. May 3rd. But I pre-ordered on 2/7 in the opening pre-orders so at this point I have no choice but to believe Amazon that delivery will be on the 22nd of March.

    • Chandra

      I agree. I am in the same boat as you. I pre-ordered on Feb 6th late evening and it is still still in “Not yet shipped” and shows a delivery date of tomorrow (I chose overnight shipping) and my credit card is not charged. I had a book that I had pre-ordered that released yesterday. It was supposed to release yesterday and it was in the same status yesterday morning at this time and then went into shipping mode and is “out for delivery” this morning. So, I’m going to keep my faith in Amazon.

      • Jorge

        Keeping my fingers and toes crossed; but then again, if I don’t have it for my stock outing, well, I may not bother with it for a while.

  • dmcdougall

    The MyOrders page on the B&H website, today, also says my credit card has been charged.

    • Chandra

      I don’t think I’ve ever been this desperate for someone to take my money

      • Tim

        I second that! lol

      • Jorge


      • gbm


    • Jetfire

      My still says Backordered. :(. When did you order yours?

      • Jorge

        I ordered 2/7/2012 around 9’ish east coast time.

      • Jetfire

        My E-mail says 11:44 A.M. 2-7-2012 East Coast Time for my order. Hopeful they’re just not to mine yet but later today it will change.

        • I ordered mine from the East coast – from B&H at 3:00 AM on 2-7-12 – a few seconds after I got the email saying it was available for pre-order.
          As of today (3-20-12 at 1 PM CDST) – my B&H account shows it as backordered and my CC has NOT been charged.
          I could NOT have been earlier … and I have been ordering at B&H for 20 years – tons of stuff.
          I may be unhappy in a day or two if I see that others are getting their D800s and mine is still on backorder….
          Oh well – life will go on….

      • JohnK

        Mine [also] says backordered at B&H — ordered on 2/7 @ 7:43am pacific time. No credit card charge either

    • ken

      no changes to my order, says amount charged – but it’s been like that since ordering, still says backordered, not expecting anything until tomorrow or thursday.
      ordered Feb 6 11:44pm MT – thats when I received order confirmation email from B&H.

      • ken

        D800 order not D800E

    • I preordered mine at 6:05am (Central time) on 2/7 and I haven’t been charged yet :\ I figured I’d atleast be on the first round of shipment, anyone have anymore insight?

  • Chandra

    My biggest problem with Amazon customer service is that they state the obvious. They read the stuff off the website. One would expect that they would have access to additional information about inventory and stuff, but they don’t. They just tell you that the order should go out today. She also added that it is currently listed as “out of stock” on their website (Really?? I didn’t notice that) and that I’ll get an email if something changes.

  • I pre order my D800 at double you shop in belgium (french), here there is an answer about date of delivery :

    Cher Nikoniste,

    Le Nikon D800 sera probablement livrable fin mars 2012, avec des disponibilités très réduites pour commencer.
    Nous aurons le jour de sa sortie un boîtier démo afin que vous puissiez l’essayer.
    Nous vous engageons à pré-commander votre boîtier au plus vite.

    Précommande Nikon D800 avant le 24 mars 5 ans de garantie
    Mois de Livraison / Probabilité de disponibilité / prix
    mars / sold out / € 2.899
    avril / 10% / € 2.899
    mai / 30% / € 2.899
    juin / 30% / € 2.899
    juillet / 50% / € 2.899

    • Not French

      It’d be nice if there was a translation of the above post!!!
      I can read french…

  • Anon

    FYI, I ordered from B&H at 9 am on Feb. 7, the first day orders were taken. A B&H rep told me that “more than a few hundred” orders were placed before mine, and that “you should not get your hopes up” to be in the first shipment that is expected to go out today.

    • Jetfire

      Be nice if they would send out an E-mail after they get done with the first shipment, telling you to wait for the next one.

    • Ryan

      That is good to hear, I pre purchased mine 15 minutes after the link went live on B&H. I still have “Backordered” as my status, I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll get the notice for shipping, and if I am not in the first batch I would be friggen surprised.

      Also, any reason why the battery grip is $50 cheaper than B&H at the Camera Store in Calgary? Ordered mine there, but I imagine I wont see it for a month or two.

  • Ercompa

    Just got the following email from amazon, I ordered my mine march 8th


    Unfortunately, we don’t have any more stock of Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) right now, and we’re not sure when we’ll be able to get more.

    I’d suggest checking our website from time to time to see if this item is available. If anyone is selling it, you’ll see a “More Buying Choices” box on the product detail page; if it’s not available from any sellers, you might see an “Alert me” link; “Alert me” allows you to sign up so we can e-mail you when Amazon has stock available for purchase.

    I’m sorry I don’t have better news. We hope to see you again soon.

    Thank you for your inquiry. Did I solve your problem?


    • Chandra

      Yikes!!! I don’t want to see that email….

    • Chandra

      Was it in response to your email to them or was it sent on their own?

    • Greg

      Decidedly did not solve your problem…

  • JoshG

    I had posted the screenshot above when my Amazon D800 order yesterday switched from “Not Yet Shipped” to “Shipping Soon”… i was giddy as i went to sleep last night.

    Today, I woke up to check again, and was shocked to see status had gone back to “Not Yet Shipped”.

    Contacted Customer Support – here’s the transcript. Short answer is, if the person I chatted with is correct, just because your order today may say “not yet shipped”, it does NOT mean that you won’t still get it tomorrow.
    You are now connected to Keerthi J from

    Me:Hi – my camera is showing an estimated arrival of tomorrow, March 21… but the status online has not changed to “shipping soon” or “shipped” yet. Can you check if it’s really still expected to ship out? This is a high-demand item, but I ordered it on the very first day it was available.

    Keerthi J:Hello, my name is Keerthi. I’ll be glad to help you today.


    Keerthi J:Are you referring to order #105-8058404-xxxxxxx?

    Me:yes – Nikon D800. shouldn’t it be showing as “shipped”, or at least show “shipping soon” if I’m really to receive it tomorrow.

    Keerthi J:Joshua, I’ve checked your order and see that it is on time. It’ll be shipped soon today and will definitely reach you by tomorrow.

    Me:Great to hear.
    Thank you for checking for me

    Keerthi J:You’re welcome. Is there anything else I can help you with today?

    Me:not right now. have a great day

    Keerthi J:Thank you.

    Thank you for contacting Amazon. We hope to see you again. Have a great day.

    • Chandra

      She is right in that. My book went from “Not yet shipped” to “shipping soon” to “shipped” all in a matter of half hour yesterday afternoon at 2:00 PM and it is “out for delivery” this morning. So, it is possible. Having said that, their customer service folks really don’t have visibility into inventory or if the camera will really ship. If they find out that they don’t have stock, they’ll send you an email explaining the delay and if you chat with them at that point, they will state the obvious, apologize for the delay and waive your shipping charges..

      Sad, but that’s how they operate.

  • Jorge Gonzalez

    Just spoke to Amazon this AM:

    Me:Just wanted to know when My order will ship?

    Jacklyn:Hello, my name is Jackie.I’ll be more than happy to assist you.


    Jacklyn:You’re welcome, Jorge.
    Just to verify, is this the Order ID: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx?


    Upon checking the item it is currently out of stock, but don’t worry we already contacted the manufacturer for the supply. We can’t predict exactly how long it’ll take to obtain it or when we’ll be able to ship it. If you place an order, we’ll do our best to get the item for you, and we’ll e-mail you as soon as we have more information from our suppliers.

    Me:When I purchased it it was not out of stock. Are you telling me that I will not get the camera on March 21? I put in the order on March 11.

    Jacklyn:I’m very sorry for the inconvenience, It is still March 21,and we haven’t received any updates from the manufacturer, Jorge.
    Orders for this product will begin to ship in late March 2012, but due to high demand we may not be able to fulfill all customer orders at that time as product supplies from Nikon will be very limited. We can’t guarantee when we’ll receive additional cameras.

    • UncleDusty

      “Me:When I purchased it it was not out of stock. Are you telling me that I will not get the camera on March 21? I put in the order on March 11.”

      Jacklyn:March 11th? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


  • Ercompa

    The weird thing is that it still says delivery estimate march 22 -not yet shipped….(and probably won’t…Hahaha)

    I sold my d7000 a month ago….so I’ve a backpack full of lenses and accesories and no camera body, EPIC FAIL

    • Ben


      Looks like you could be waiting a while without a body.
      Wanna sell some of those lenses cheap???

  • Ercompa

    @chandra it was in response to a chat I had….

    • Chandra


      Oh!!! Big difference then. As I said before, the reps don’t have a clue and state the obvious few things based on what they read on their website. I won’t lose hope based on what the rep told you. I’ll wait to see what happens

      • Ercompa

        I’m crossing my fingers my friend!

  • Bill

    Conversation with B and H customer service just now.

    Chat Transcript

    You have been connected to Max S.
    William: Good morning, any chance that order will be filled today?
    Max S: Hello William. My name is Max, and I will be glad to assist you. Please give me a few moments to begin working on your inquiry.
    William: Hi Max
    Max S: Nikon has announced that they will start to ship the D800 and D800E after March 22nd. We will ship the pre-existing backorders on a first-come, first-serve basis. Unfortunately, we have not been provided with a specific date for each incoming batch, or the quantities contained therein, from Nikon.
    William : ok thanks
    William : guess that is a no it will not ship today *LOL*
    Max S: You got it 🙂
    William: take care!

    • Bill

      This was for a D800 ordered at 11:00 PM on Feb. 6th Pacific Time.

  • Steve Starr

    Bah! Backorders take 6 weeks to months from Nikon from prior orders. Second shipment maybe May 2. Third mid June.

    If BH really has over 4,800 orders and Adorama only got 40 cameras off the truck, this wait is going to take forever. Told “This happens with all major releases.”

  • simon lamb

    I contacted Jessops today after I ordered my D800 on 8th Feb am. Vague but promising, although I get the impression that they don’t know how many they are getting yet….

    Dear Simon,

    Thank you for your email.

    We are expecting a delivery of these by the end of this week. However, we are not receiving enough to clear our online orders. I can see that your order is one of the oldest so hopefully your order should be dispatched early next week.

    As soon as we dispatch your order, we will send you an email confirmation with your tracking details.

    If I can be further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Kind Regards
    Jessops Support

    • MZ

      Just do it if it is right to you and so clear to you. I will keep my D800 order.

  • mikal

    debating on switching platforms… the 5d Mark II is simply amazing and seems like the Mark III is also and has the right balance of qualities, unlike the D800, and is a close enough price range to the D800.

    • ken

      cya…..close the door behind ya.

  • Hm, i think my post is deleted, because it was written in German? OK, let’s write it in English: here in Vienna at a local store they told me (and an other one who has written here in german because of answering someone who has written in german), that they will get this or next week 2, 3 or 4 D800 (!), and maybe more in April. So let’s wait…

  • Chandra

    This is the latest piece of “Useful” information from Amazon… 🙂

    Me:Is this order still on track to ship today?

    Ernesto:Good afternoon, my names is Ernesto, let me take a look and help you with that.

    Ernesto:Ok, so I do have the order and everything about it is alright, now, on this particular camera, we had an inventory delay, since on Nikon side, it turned out to be limited, we’re still getting you the item, but the order may be delay for shipping to late March, we know this is an inconvenience, but we will definitely let you know as soon as we have confirmation.

    Me:so, it will not ship today?

    Ernesto:It could be, but I have no official confirmation, so I would say no for the moment, in any case, we always confirm shipping to you via email, as soon as it’s on the way, we will let you know..

    Me:ok thank you

  • Kyle

    You are now connected to Raj Shekhar from
    Me:Availability of item ordered

    Raj Shekhar:Hello, my name is Raj. I’ll be happy to help you today.

    Me:Hello Raj, I have a question for you, that I am sure has been asked 1000 times today, but I was hoping you could give me an idea on what the shipping/stocking status is for the Nikon D800. I pre-ordered it Feb 7 and it says delivery tomorrow, but has yet to be shipped
    Raj Shekhar:Kyle Orders for this product will begin to ship in late March 2012
    Due to high demand we are not able to deliver it on time.
    But we will start shipping the item by end of this month and deliver to you within one business day with one day shipping.

    Me:well that is severely disappointing when you pre-order something within minutes of it’s posting that Amazon is unable to fulfill the order on time

    Raj Shekhar:Kyle I apologies for the time.
    We are trying our best to fulfill all the orders by end of this month.

    Me:One would think that the supply chain wizards at Amazon would have at least updated when this might ship as the time delay has resonating repercussions with the professional photographer community.
    So there is no definitive date as to when my order or other orders might ship, is this correct?

    Raj Shekhar:Yes, we will not be able to give you any exact date but you will receive it by first week of April.
    It may deliver to you by end of march.

    Me:Do you know when the soonest any stock will be shipping out?

    Raj Shekhar:It will ship out by end of March.

    Totally lame! I ordered early on Announcement day 7 Feb

  • gbm

    Now Amazon is saying “Usually ships within 1 to 2 months.”


  • sfteague

    Well, I ordered a D800E on 2/7 from Amazon, a D800 on 2/14 from Adorama, a MB-D12 grip from Adorama on 2/17, a D800 from Amazon on 3/12, and the BL-5/EN-EL18 combo from Amazon on 3/14. I know I won’t get the 800E soon, but hopefully one of the other toys shows up this week 🙂

  • atanz

    I just chatted with Amazon about my d800 order I placed on Feb 6th.

    Me:Hi, I’m wondering when my item will ship.
    Vinoth Kumar:Hello, my name is Vinoth. I’ll be happy to look into your question.
    Vinoth Kumar:Just for a confirmation, you are referring to the order #xxx-xxxx-xxxx, correct?
    Me:yes, My order says it will be delivered by tomorrow. is this true?
    Vinoth Kumar:I can confirm that we still expect to ship your order in time to be delivered to you by March 21.
    Me:great, will it be marked “shipped” today?
    Vinoth Kumar:Yes Alan. Your order could ship any time between now and right before the estimated delivery date.

    sounds legit! I hope it makes it.

  • Dave G

    B&H just told me this morning it was very unlikely that my D800 should ship this week. Maybe by next week. My order was placed 1 Mar

  • JoshG

    I just had a chat very similar to Alan’s above… my guy promised it still was on track to ship out to me today. I tried hard to get some data from them on my spot in the queue, how many were in the queue, or how many D800s came in on the first shipment… no luck.

    You are now connected to Sebastian from
    Me:Hi. I’m sorry to trouble you again, but earlier this morning I checked on this item and was told by Amazon Rep “Keerthi J” that he had checked on my order and it DEFINITELY was going to ship to me today, and I can count on arrival tomorrow. I know this is a high-demand item, but I ordered it very quickly when it was announced. Other Amazon users are saying that they’ve received word that the cameras are delayed. I just want to confirm what Keerthi told me – that mine is NOT delayed, is getting shipped today and will arrive tomorrow. Can you verify?
    Sebastian:Hello, my name is Sebastian. I’ll be happy to help you.
    Me:Thanks Sebastian. ORder number is 105-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx.
    Sebastian:I see, let me go ahead and take a look into this order.
    Ok, I was checking the order, and everything it’s on time, in fact, we still expect to deliver this order by tomorrow.
    Me:That’s GREAT. So you can see that I’m an early-enough order to get one of the ones that came in to Amazon in this first batch?
    Sebastian:However, I could not guarantee you, let’s say a 100% the delivery tomorrow, since there could be factors that are out of control, such a truck accident. Usually that does not happen much, and those are isolated cases. At this moment, your order it’s still on time, so you should get it by tomorrow, if there is not a special event during the shipping of the item.
    Yes, that’s correct, seems that we already confirmed your stock, and we are ready to ship it.
    Me:I certainly understand the delivery truck accident example and would understand something like that. But failing something like that, I just wanted to see if mine was in this first group. Since it should ship today, do you know when could I expect to see the status online change to “shipping soon” or “shipped”?
    Sebastian:The change to “shipped” should be done by today, but it could even change during the night, since depending on the address and the carrier, we will ship it at night, in order to arrive tomorrow morning-afternoon for example.
    But as soon as we ship it, we will send you an email, with the tracking information of the order.
    Me:OK. Can you tell me what number I am in the queue for this camera? And how many arrived at Amazon for shipping out today?
    Sebastian:I am very sorry, but we don’t have access to that information. So far, according to the shipment plan, it will be shipped today, and the estimated delivery date it’s tomorrow.
    Me:OK… if they did NOT receive enough to ship out to all the pre-orders, would I already have received a notice about that?
    You don’t have access to how many arrived in stock? can you give just a ballpark number?
    Sebastian:Yes, you should have received a notice already if that was the case, and we would have an annotation on the order, letting us know about that.
    Me:I’m just curious how many cameras have arrived at Amazon… can you just give me a rough estimate?
    Sebastian:I am very sorry, I would be more than glad to provide you that information, the thing is that we don’t have access to it, since that kind of information it’s completely handled by our people in our warehouse.
    Me:I understand. How about a rough estimate of how many orders are now awaiting the D800?
    please? will keep to myself… don’t have to answer super-specifically, just a ballpark number…
    Sebastian:The thing is that we don’t have access to that information, if it had it, there won’t be a problem with me providing you that information, the thing is that we really don’t have it, and I would not like to create a false expectation.
    Me:OK. I appreciate your help Sebastian

    • Daniel


      Me:I understand. How about a rough estimate of how many orders are now awaiting the D800?
      please? will keep to myself… don’t have to answer super-specifically, just a ballpark number…


      So you were promising that CSR that you would ‘keep it to yourself’ but here you are disclosing the entire conversation (and I bet the # of orders too had he given it to you). How ethical of you!

      • JoshG

        Where’s the contradiction or unethical behavior? Since they DIDN’T disclose confidential info, I posted that. That’s not unethical dumbass. Had they given me an actual answer and I posted it in contradiction to what I said, yes… unethical. You’re assuming I’d have posted it if he told me “ok, confidentially we received {X} D800s yesterday”. not an accurate assumption.

  • Crimed

    I just finished live chat with Amazon and they insist I will get the D800 tomorrow even though I have gotten no shipping confirmation email yet. (BTW it’s already 3/22 in Japan.)

    • Crimed

      oops I meant 3/21

  • Wes

    Update from Amazon….Looks like they cannot make up their mind.

    You are now connected to Pankaj from
    Me:Hello, is my Order #103- still on track to ship today?
    Pankaj :Hello, my name is Pankaj. I will surely help you with your order.
    Pankaj are we talking about Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)?
    Pankaj :In addition to our large selection, one of the benefits we try very hard to offer our customers is convenience. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience you experienced in this case.
    Me:What is the inconvenience?
    Pankaj :I’ve checked your order and can confirm Nikon D800 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only) is with distributor. I’m sorry about this delay–we certainly didn’t expect this would happen.
    Me:What does that mean
    I was told 3 hours ago that it would ship today for sure
    Pankaj :I want to make sure your order gets to you faster once we have stock. To help make up for the delay, I’ve waived off shipping charges.
    Although the shipping method is faster, it’ll still take some time to get the Camera. As soon as we receive more stock, we’ll ship your order and send you an e-mail to let you know.
    Me:You are not answering my question
    I was told 3 hours ago that my order was going to ship today
    I have an estimated deliver date of tomorrow
    Pankaj :I have checked and found that orders for this product will begin to ship in late March 2012, but due to high demand we may not be able to fulfill all customer orders at that time as product supplies from Nikon will be very limited.
    I have checked and can verify that everything is alright with your order.
    It has entered the shipping process and will be shipped soon. You will receive confirmation mail when it gets shipped.
    Me:Shipping today?
    Pankaj :yes.
    Me:Thank you!
    Pankaj :You’re welcome.
    Is there anything else I can do for you today?

  • samuel

    Somebody in Philadelfia got theirs through

  • eskay

    Placed order on feb 7th 8:00 AM on Amazon

    Called Amazon to confirm delivery, they still insist I will get it by 30th March.
    Also got this email


    I can confirm that we still expect to ship your order in time to be delivered to you by Mar 26th-Mar 30th

    We’ll send you an e-mail when your order is shipped with your tracking number. Your order could ship any time between now and right before the estimated delivery date.

    You can always check the status of your order in Your Account. Here’s a direct link to the order details:

  • FF

    I just switched to Nikon from Canon. Are all Nikon new releases this bad? Not leaving a good first impression on me.

    I ordered from Amazon at 9:20 PM PST on February 6. My order has never changed from delivery estimate of 3/21. I would think that given when I ordered, I would be near the top of the list. All I want is some honesty from both Amazon and Nikon. Telling me there is a shortage is like saying the ocean is wet. In today’s information age, surely there is more accurate data available.

    • St.

      I want the same thing – you can’t just keep the status and assure the your customers that everything is ok, and then let’s say in the very last moment announce a delay…
      Amazon’s strategy is clear – keeping customers and their pre-orders (some people ordered at several places).
      But yeah – Nikon should do better in giving some REAL info.
      As we can see on this forum – the people who buy this camera are one of the strongest Nikon fans – they should at least be honest in exchange of the $3000 we spent for the camera.

    • Not all releases are this crazy. The D800 has been such a “unicorn” product for such a long time, there is just an inordinate amount of interest in THIS camera.

      I think preorders cause a miserable experience for everyone..

      I ordered within the first seconds of it showing on Amazon’s catalog and my order is the same as everyone else.. “Not yet shipped..”

      I suspect the world will keep rotating if we all have to wait a bit longer..

  • twoomy

    I ordered from Amazon (USA) the morning of February 7. Up until noon today, it said “Shipping on March 20, estimated delivery March 23-27.”

    Now it says Not Yet Shipped: Delivery estimate: We need a little more time to provide you with a good estimate. We’ll notify you via e-mail as soon as we have an estimated delivery date.

    I’m not going to bother calling a sales rep just yet. But wonder if anybody else has seen this? Not sure what it means.

  • Chandra

    That happened on my 85mm f/1.8G lens order. When I asked Amazon, they basically said that they don’t know when they will get that in stock. So, I am assuming that it is the same story with the D800 and that they don’t have it yet and don’t know when they will ship.

    I ordered mine within the first few minutes on Feb 6th and it still shows tomorrow as the delivery date – I am not holding my breath on that.

  • wes

    One of my D800 orders on Amazon just updated to shipping soon from Not yet shipped with a delivery of tomorrow. My CC has been charged for 1 (not the 2nd one)

    • Chandra

      @Wes: When did you order?

  • JoshG

    good luck. Many of us have seen that, and within an hour, it goes back to “not yet shipped”. When it really changes to Shipped, please tell us.

    • Chandra

      Your credit card being charged is the promising sign though.

      • JoshG

        I hope so… but I see my credit card also got charged the $1. but my status momentarily went to “shipping soon” late last night, but an hour later was back to “not yet shipped” and stayed that way ever since.

        • Chandra

          @Wes: Did you card get charged for the full price or just $1?

        • JohnnyA

          Same here. Yesterday my status changed from “shipping soon” and later it went back to “not yet shipped”. I just checked and it is still showing “not yet shipped”.

          also, i just checked my cc account and amazon charged me $1. I really hope this means something but I skeptical at this point.

  • I got a call from NPS today, mine will be ready to pick up from local Nikon HQ on the 22nd. I was told that demand was expectedly much greater than supply, and the first batch will be limited so all dealers get some (but not enough to fill orders) – suspect it’s the same worldwide. Something similar happened with the D4, one of the largest dealers in the country only got four units. I will of course be reviewing the D800 as soon as I can, check out my site!

    • Anne

      Unreal! My friend ordered the D7000 in November 2010 and didn’t receive it until February or March 2011.

      I ordered the D800 around 9am EST on Feb. 7th. I guess I was naive because I didn’t imagine that so many people would have ordered it before me in the middle of the night!!! I had no idea how many folks had 3 grand burning a hole in their pockets for the last 3 years…

      • Anne

        My friend ordered the D7000 and I ordered the D800 from B&H. I am surprised at a prior post that said B&H told them their position in the line or that they knew how many cameras they were receiving. I have contacted B&H regularly and they are consistent in that they are either 1) don’t know or 2) aren’t divulging how many cameras they are receiving from Nikon. I just ended a chat a few moments ago where the person told me they were not allowed to (and that I should be happy that) they would not release (to the public) anyone’s place in the queue.

        What makes this bearable is that as soon as the first folks (insomniacs, lol) get their cameras (or shipped notices) we will all know whether we made the cut. If you don’t a notice then you did NOT make the cut. And then I would expect a ridiculous wait for the next batch of cameras.

  • Jan

    Maybe i am mistaken but as far as i know B&H does not have D800’s to ship until Thursday so i think there is a lot of guessing and speculation going on right now. Maybe panic too 🙂

  • PicturePerfect

    There seems to be two responses from Amazon. To some they are affirming shipment by a date specific (I was told I would receive it “the 22nd or 23rd at the latest.” And that was reaffirned in an email today asking if it had been responsive. To others they are indicating that there is a shortage and they will ship soonest. I am hoping that they know what orders they can fulfill and which ones they can’t. I ordered on Feb. 27. I guess we will see. At the very least I hope to get it befre a trip to Europe in late May.

    • slierow

      I had both at the same time. I sent an email to Amazon and I started a chat at the same time. I got an email reply almost immediately saying it would arrive tomorrow, while the On-line chat person told me they hadn’t arrived yet from Nikon and that they couldn’t give me a date. I think their making it up as they go.

  • Aldo

    I chatted with BH he said that if they were to get all the cameras they ordered from Nikon I would get mine no problem. I ordered at midnite going to the 8th of Feb. Also if you speculate using monthly production figures D4 @ 5000 per month and d800 at 30,000 per month, it means that whatever numbers you see now for the D4 you will see six times that amount for the D800.

  • Zachery

    I love how everyone is getting angry with Amazon when it’s Nikon who does not inform Amazon of accurate allocation information and that Amazon has had (since they initially opened pre-orders) always warned that this might happen with the D800.

    Get used to this. The camera is in vastly higher demand than anyone anticipated. Prior information indicates 30,000 cameras can be made per month to serve the whole planet. Nobody knows if any were made before today. You could be waiting months, even if you pre-ordered on day 1, depending on where you ordered.

  • CJ

    Pankaj :Hello, my name is Pankaj. I will surely help you with status of your order.
    Me:thank you.
    Pankaj :[xxxx], are we talking about Order ID: 104-[xxxxxxx]?
    Pankaj :I’m sorry you didn’t receive a confirmation e-mail after placing your order.
    I can confirm that we still expect to ship your order in time to be delivered to you by March 22, 2012.
    We’ll send you an e-mail when your order is shipped with your tracking number. Your order could ship any time between now and right before the estimated delivery date.
    Me:so sometimes today, right since delivery is in two days.
    Pankaj :You do not need to worry. I have checked and found that your order has entered the shipping process and will be shipped soon. I will follow up with your order and see to it personally.
    Me:thank you very much.
    Pankaj :We will send confirmation mail to you when it gets shipped.

  • Olle

    I saw one D800 yesterday in Sweden – Lund – Mediamarkt sitting there on the shelf.

  • jeff

    I think Amazon might be giving kind of random responses. Just to test (not to be an asshole, I swear), I asked the same question twice. The first person said that unfortunately, due to stock issues, it appeared I would receive the D800 between the 23rd and the 27th. Keep in mind, I ordered right after the site went live.
    An hour later, I asked the question the second time to see if I would get the same answer or a different answer. This person told me that my order had entered shipping status and that I should receive it tomorrow. She said that the the order status website often won’t update for pre-orders until the day the items actually goes out their door.

    Not sure what to believe. Oh well.

    • Zachery

      I have seen exactly what was described, pre-orders shipping and the shipment email coming on the same day. I have, in fact, received a shipment confirmation email once that linked to tracking info that, at that very moment of receiving the confirmation, the tracking info said my order was “out for delivery.” heh.

      Massive scale systems such as Amazon’s have update delays as part of the design in order to cope with the massive work they perform. It’s not uncommon for, not only a delay, but inconsistency between clients to the system. Even at a normal time, when thousands of impatient photographers are not calling, emailing, chatting, and refreshing the web page, Amazon takes 15-20 minutes to update product price changes (I sell things through Amazon marketplace) across all of their systems. These delays are only exacerbated by scenarios like today’s.

      What we are most likely seeing is a combination of different information available to different CSRs of differing levels of experience and assumptive boldness. Some can’t see any updated info beyond what you have, some will make bold guesses based on experience, and a select few may have managed to get access to more meaningful information.

      My guess on the whole thing is simply that Amazon doesn’t have very many units to ship and that even first day pre-orders may not all be fulfilled right away.

      I guess we’ll all just have to wait an see.

      • Greg

        I don’t think there is different information at different levels. I think some CSRs are more willing to guess in an attempt to be helpful. I wonder what they would think if they saw how people from all over the world are hanging on their every word…

  • Rob

    so its 730 pm EST, Amazon shows “Not yet shipped” yet still estimated delivery March 21

    Ordered early on Feb 7th

    i got this feeling I’m not going to see it tomorrow.

  • Greg

    Amazon customer service doesn’t know anything you can’t see on the website. It’s not like they can walk down to the warehouse– they’re probably either in a foreign call center or working from their home office.

    If Amazon had new information, they’d provide it on their website. Keeping information private to customer service just encourages you to call, or chat, and costs them money.

    I’d be more likely to believe information from smaller shops with a store front. I don’t know how big Adorama of B&H are behind the scenes.

  • Matt

    I ordered on March 8, right after Amazon re-opened their preorders.
    Amazon Chat ~7:45 PM EST, 3/20/12
    Me:Can you please tell me the status of my order? The estimated delivery is tomorrow with overnight shipping, but it still hasn’t shipped and I’m getting worried!
    X:Hello, my name is X. I’ll be happy to look into your issue.
    Me:Thanks, X.
    X:I’m sorry Matthew, I’ve checked our records and see that Nikon D800 is not available from Amazon.
    Me:This is very upsetting to me, X. Why would Amazon take my preorder and continue to list an estimated delivery of March 21?
    X:I understand your concern, Unfortunately, unexpected fluctuations in our inventory occasionally happen, and that can add time to our original availability estimate.
    Me:So do you have a new estimate?
    X:Matthew, I see that we’ve requested to the supplier to fulfill the order once we received the item we’ll ship the item and we’ll send the tracking number in email.
    To compensate for the delay I’ll waive off the shipping charge for you order.

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