Nikon D800 to start shipping this week

Nikon Japan issued a statement today that the amount of D800 pre-orders have greatly exceeded the amount of produced cameras. They also confirmed that the D800 is scheduled to launch on March 22, 2012.

It's interesting that Nikon did not make such statement about the D4.

Amazon and B&H still have the D800 release date listed as March 20th (tomorrow) and delivery date of March 22nd:

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  • David

    Anymore people contacting Amazon and getting any interesting responses?

    I ordered within an hour of Feb 6 Announcement and my 1-day-shipping date is Wed, 21th.

    However, my status is ‘not shipped yet’. I guess tomorrow I’ll find out, because they would have to ship tomorrow to get to me on Wed.

    • Larry the Photo Guy

      I chatted online with Amazon and when I asked if the 3/22 date was still an estimate he replied that I would get my D800 3/22 or 3/23 at the latest (I ordered 2/7). So here’s hoping that my order gets filled as promised by someone in India.

    • David Safanda

      I also ordered on the 6th with in the first hour. Amazon is still shows a shipping date of Tuesday 03/20. I guess I’ll find out soon if that is to be believed.

    • David

      Ok I chatted with amazon about 30 min ago:

      Me:Hi. I have a pre-order for Nikon D800 camera which I am supposed to get according to my order page, this Wed, the 21th. However it shows, not yet shipped. Should I worry, or will I get it on Wed, as promised?
      Karisha:hello my name is Karisha. I am sorry the order has not been shipped as yet. I will be happy to help.
      May I have the order number please?
      Me:one moment
      it is for Nikon D800 camera
      I pre-ordered it on Feb 6, within the first hour when it was available to pre-order
      Karisha:Thank you
      the item will ship tomorrow and you will get it on the 21st
      Me:Thank you!!!!!! I am super excited
      Is there anything else I can help you with?
      Me:no, thats all, you made me happy
      Karisha:I’m happy I could help
      Me:thanks and have a ncie day
      Karisha:You too thanks. We hope to see you again soon

      • Che

        Karisha sounds hot. Did you get her digits? LOL

        • Alan

          She’s got a great smile!

      • Felix

        Replace ‘Nikon D800’ with ‘inflatable doll’ and the conversation seems more fitting 🙂

        • Twoomy

          LOL! Good one!

    • salie

      i too preordered the d800 but WAAAAY late like once it reopened, and i called to find out whats up and they said theres no delays or red flags or even notes, so if im getting it with one day shipping so are yall

  • John

    I spoke to Jessops this morning (Amazon were not taking pre-orders in the UK on the release day, or if they were I missed it): they told me that Nikon confirmed that D800 would be released on 22nd and I would have mine by Friday. I am beside myself with excitement, but worried that this will be tempered by 36MP exposing my technical faults!

  • Joaquim Prado

    I hope Ritz Camera in os schedule!

  • trialcritic

    I ordered it on day 1 from B&H. I got three emails from them saying that they do not know when they will ship it, the last email was today. What a pain!

    • Jade B.

      The same here. Sad -_-

  • Mark J.

    Now the 2hr of refreshing B&H site was worth it. I got my preorder in about 2 minutes after it went live on the site. Will be shocked if im not in the first shipment.

  • Oliver

    Just grabbed my new D4 today at my local dealer. He told me i should come back tomorrow… TO GET MY D800…!

    • Joaquim Prado

      for real???

    • joe

      Where did you find a D4? What country are you in?

  • keny

    some folks on dpreview are posting that Amazon have sent them emails saying their order will ship tomorrow and arrive wednesday 21st, odd that’s a day ahead of the official release date..hihi..guess we’ll know more tomorrow…strange if Amazon got shipment before the likes of B&H but who knows..

  • drc

    Let’s see the 22ed in Japan happens on the 21st here. With one day shipping an Amazon package sent as promised the 20th gets delivered on the 21st in the USA but on the 22ed by Nikon’s main office calendar.

    Darn hard reading the tea leaves and seeing the date line as an advantage or is this another March Madness thing!

    • Alan

      Are the tea leaves you’re looking at Earl Grey, or Genmaicha? Using tea from the wrong timezone may give ambiguous results.

  • I was told they do not have the cameras and it will be first week in April f or delivery
    I’m sure I spoke to someone in India.

  • Manuel

    It’s interesting that Nikon did not make such statement about the D4. (concerning the release date)

    This is probably because the D4 is rather underwhelming for what is known so far.

    • PHB

      I thought that what everyone wanted was as few MP as possible and the ability to take pictures in pitch dark.

      The demand for $6000 flagship bodies is probably more predictable than the demand for bodies costing half as much. And lets face it, if the stockroom starts to run low on D4 then they are going to be stopping that D800 run and doing a quick run of the flagship bodies that make much bigger profits.

  • doug

    I did the bigest mistake in ordering from Jessops UK because i wanted the 3 year repair plan, the thing is that they are all a bunch of incompetent staff all the way to the General Area Manager, Americans should think of Jessops like a British Best Buy but only for cameras, i went on the beginning of last week to ask a supposedly Nikon rep. in the store if he knew the shipping dates for the D800, well he told me that he wasn’t a Nikon rep., he was just given the Nikon Branded shirt because they do that in all Jessops stores 1 Nikon and 1 Canon guy, and he also told me that didn’t even knew that that would be a Nikon FF being released. God almighty should spare that mens life and just give him a proper job, im very dumb when it comes to cameras but c’mon it is not even my job and i fell like getting to know about this things, the guy is working in a camera shop he should know better for fricking sake.

  • Jai

    Anyone from Australia pre-ordered their D800 in Australia?

    Any email updates or anything?

    • Ian

      I have verbal instructions with my local Camera House store too call me as soon as they have one. They think the end the first week in April is likely. Not holding my breath…

      • Jai

        Jesus, I was really hoping for it by the end of next week for a wedding I have on the 31st.

    • How much are they selling it here (in Australia)?

      • Jai

        I pre-ordered from CameraStore at $3,499 but 10 mins after my order they updated the order to $3,599. I am going to push them to stick to the $3,499 in the first order, but I just want it – NOW!

        • Jai

          From CameraStore: “We haven’t got an exact eta but should be arriving next two weeks”

      • Ian

        I was told $3599 including GST. If you are looking at US prices they don’t include any taxes.

  • Sean

    You know when you will receive it by checking your Credit Card bill 🙂 Customer Service Rep can say all the want because that’s what the systems says because that’s the release date 😛 UNLESS you konw they have a queuing system and that they are responding accordingly to that queuing system with the amount of cameras they are to receive. 🙂 I might have burst a few bubbles there. All that said, your local camera store tells you to come in tomorrow…. that will be for sure since they usually know their customers better (except for chain stores).

  • souvik

    Any news on the E version?

  • I would think that NPS members would be first on the list to get the D800, just as they did with the D4. So far no email from Nikon stating that my camera has been shipped to the dealer. Waiting

  • trialcritic

    Here is a funny comment from someone who wanted to buy it, but his wife will not approve.

    I’m thinking “if i buy this and put a tiny bit of black tape on the left side of the 8 to make it look like a 3 then my missus would never know and think i still have my D300”
    Because that’s how photographers get “purchases” past their other halves right ?? ;o)

  • Tom Bruno

    I ordered mine at B&H on the first day, 9 hours after the announcement. On a visit to the store 3 days later, a customer service guy told me that by then, Friday, B&H had over 3,500 orders for the D800. A very hot item indeed. Also, there were already over 1,100 pre-orders ahead of me — and I ordered 9 hours into the first day!

    I just hope Nikon can crank up the volume to cover all of us soon.

  • Frank

    Why so many damn questions on Amazon? What about Adorama? I just recieved an e-mail back from their support team saying they do not know when they will get there first shipment as Nikon has not told them, or how many they have been allotted and no ETA. Im pretty sure this is just a stock message they are obligated to give out. All the major retailers should be getting their shipments tomorrow, right, and then start shipping them out over the next couple days?

    • jb

      im not sure whats up with B & H and Adorama…I have been to 3 small independent shops in Hollywood Ca and they got there D4 units…each store got about 4 and said they were not just orders for NPS customers and expected more units soon….so I asked both Adorama and B&H why is it that small local shops are getting units but they both can’t….they both replied with there silly stock message…..something seems odd about that to me….you would think these large stores would have stock by now….

      • Frank

        Im talking about the D800.

  • JLevasseur

    Seems Nikon Canada didn’t get very many D800’s, according to The Camera Store.
    Will probably not get mine this week 🙁

  • Angelo Bufalino

    I am an airline pilot for the #1 Expres shipping company and was told my flight on the 23rd of this month wfrom Narita will be FULL of new Nikon cameras! My D800 will hopefully be on board!

    • Scott M

      Get plenty of sleep and fly carefully and fast.

    • yakker

      I just wanted to say good luck, we’re all counting on you.

      • Erik

        +1 Classic!

    • kevin

      oh man, our hopes and dreams are in your hands. May god bless you.

    • Jade B.

      Good luck and be safe man.

      • Ben

        When you’re over Cincinnati kick my D800 out the door with a parachute. Thanks

        • Sofus Comer

          LOL !!!

    • sally

      i read on a comment somewhere they were coming by boat dumb me ive had this picture in my head that theyd be loading and unloading at amazon warehouses lol and someone should say these are for tx !!

  • Rich

    Same info was released a few days earlier on Nikon Japan about the D4

  • Braulio Montesino

    But, has Nikon given any further word on the shipping date for the D800E?

  • mamu line clear

    I pre ordered mine in Malaysia.
    The guy at the local store said, “expecting sometime in April,1012.”
    No fix date yet. Heavy booking bro.

  • doug

    The 5dMarcus the 3rd. with the 24-105 kit lens is in stock all over the U.K. omg c’mon nikon, Canon have their plastic box everywhere now.

  • doug


  • linghu

    Maybe thats Marketing Issue, as most of the D700 user would really prefer 20mp body with fast FPS and ISO.

    • B!

      I believe there was a survey somewhere here that confirmed just that.

  • evi

    Nikon D800 Test ISO – Shot on Beach

  • 700 Geek

    B&H and Adorama are both in NYC and they hand it out to the local Pros first. And there’s a lot of Photographers in NYC. The stock message is just a cool down for all regular customers.

    • B!

      That is exactly what I am fearing.

  • time for me to update to a ff hurrah

  • Rob

    DPReview says they just posted the D800 test samples:

  • doug

    NIKON D800 Comparison of the ISO noise

    • kevin

      I watched it. I think the d800 pretty much has the same ISO range as d700 , except d800 has 3 times resolution. I heard canon 5d3 has better image quality than d800 at iso above 3200. hope someone will do a d800 5d3 side by side comparison soon.

  • JoshG

    Whoo!!! In the last 3 minutes, my Amazon order for D800 changed from “Not Yet Shipped” to “Shipping Soon”. Can’t change any details any more. Must be a good sign mine will indeed ship tomorrow.

    Ordered Feb 6th.

    • JoshG

      This is what you want to see on Amazon if you’re expecting your camera Wednesday:

      • Chandra

        When did you order on the 6th?

        • JoshG

          I don’t recall the exact time but it was at night – not early at all. I got the email acknowledgment firm Amazon about the order at 11:39pm pst. So improbably ordered about an hour before that?

          • JoshG

            Crap iPhone autocorrect. “… FROM Amazon…”. “I PROBABLY”

      • not good, I still see “Not yet shipped”

    • Mandrake

      I placed an order about an hour ago and it went right to shipping soon.

  • ben

    Dury’s called me about my d800 NPS order (it was rdy to ship) and I cancelled it (got a D4 instead) so their is at least one extra there 🙂

  • Rob_md

    My B&H order just says Backordered. Hope to see it this week, won’t be miserable if it’s not til April. I might be miserable if it stretches to May, though.

  • ercompa

    I orderded mine on March 8 and it says “Shipping Soon” on amazon! delivery estimate: March 22, 2012

    • Che

      Son of a biscuit!! I pre-ordered my D4 also on March 8th minutes after NR made it public..mine still says “Not Shipped Yet”. Congrats man on yours..happy for you. Uggggh I want mine so bad already. I already have the holy trinity of Nikon lenses and been shooting with them on my D7K with is giving me back focus issues..can’t wait to try a full frame. Never have.

  • joe

    Has anyone ordered the D4? If so have you heard anything about when it will ship?

    • B!

      I did (B&H) but have a feeling it will be months before I hold one in my hands.

    • Ray

      I ordered my D4 on Jan 9th, Monday morning about noon, within 5 minutes of B&H taking pre-orders. It still shows backordered. I called today and spoke to George. He did confirm my order was a very early order and I should receive on the first receipt. I told him NPS members were already receiving D4’s from B&H. He contradicted himself and stated he thought all NPS orders were filled and mine should be next. I also ordered the D800 from Amazon and within the last 2 hours has went to shipping tomorrow and will receive Wednesday. I was able to change the shipping today to next day air but now I cannot change anything, just cancel if I wanted, which I don’t. I was one of the dummies who sold their D3S on ebay in February and has been borrowing cameras to shoot with. At least I have something coming this week…I will post as soon as I receive a shipping notice. I only wish B&H would tell you straight and not beat around the bush.

  • Jeff

    I pre-ordered mine a few minutes after it was posted on Amazon. Mine still says “Not Yet Shipped” 🙁
    Anyone else the same?

    • Chandra

      Same status

    • Jayzsen

      Same same.

    • Anthony

      Same: “Not Yet Shipped”. My order number starts with 002. I presume that means something, possibly which distribution center will handle the order. I ordered within 20 minutes of sales going live on Amazon, so way before other people with the “shipping soon” notice.

      • Jeff

        Mine starts with 105. so no match there. Wonder what the deal is.

  • ivan

    Called Amazon CS and ask if I can get it before 3/22 with my Amazon-Prime .. and CS said OK and upgraded me with 1-Day Shipping for FREE!!!!

    I told him that I have a duty (engagement) on 3/23 and I would like to have it earlier..and he said NO PROBLEM.

    No wonder I’ve spent thousands on Amazon already. Great support!

    3/21 .. here we come!

  • Ozzie33

    My D4 arrived at the dealer today & will be shipped out to me later in the afternoon!

  • Garett

    Am I the only one here that ordered from Adorama?? @_@

    Those damn phone people are rigorously trained to give ABSOLUTELY NO INFORMATION… I beat enough out of one guy for him to loosely suggest I had an early order and should be receiving my D800 in the first shipment… Going to Yosemite on Friday, but, unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll have my D800 for this trip 🙁

    • Anthony

      I have an order at Amazon and at Adorama. I’m hoping Amazon comes through first, so I can cancel with Adorama. I’ve gotten absolutely no feedback or emails from Adorama, so I don’t expect them to ship very quickly and certainly not tomorrow.

      • Garett

        Yeah, I was on the phone with them today at around 6:00pm Eastern time, and they still claimed to have no idea when the shipment would be in and in what volumes. I’m assuming they cover their ass with uncertainty just in-case the store employees want to buy up the first arrivals… As well as some possible contracts with Nikon.

        • Jetfire

          That or they learned from the past mistakes. You don’t got them until you got them.

    • Barter

      No, you’re not. I ordered from Adorama as well.

  • Adrifter

    Amazon sent me an email with the tracking number for my D4 about 3 hours ago. It’s going to arrive tomorrow. Perfect timing since I have a shoot tomorrow at sunset. I’m surprised to hear Amazon was able to get them out before B&H and Adorama.

    • Twister

      When did you order?

    • Ken Buttafuko

      What date did you order?

      • Adrifter

        I jumped on the Amazon link within 5 minutes of it going live. So about 2:30 am eastern time on Jan. 6th.

        • Ken Buttafuko

          I just ordered mine today on Amazon and it gives a delivery estimate of between March 26th-30th. The same delivery window for the D800 I ordered on 6th Feb.
          WTH is going on??!!

          • Garett

            It’s well-known that the D800 has a MUCH greater draw than the D4. I’d say that’s about accurate.

  • wootoooi

    i inquired with amazon twice already
    i put in my order 3-9-12 so i didnt expect to have it by wed i still dont but hey they said so!!

    I can confirm that we still expect to ship your order in time to be delivered to you by March 21, 2012.

    We’ll send you an e-mail when your order is shipped with your tracking number.

    You can always check the status of your order in Your Account. Here’s a direct link to the order details:

  • shelby

    I placed an order rather late (last week) cause I finally got my finances in check to afford this camera, and I have had an estimated delivery date of March 21st for a while now. Of course, my hopes aren’t high for a delivery any time this month, but I chatted with an Amazon rep today about it and he was much more vague than I expected. He said my order was at the distribution center and there was no status update on when I’d be receiving it, and asked if I was willing to wait. I asked him how long it’d take, and he had no idea. He told me to ask again if I haven’t received my order past March 21st, but also told me there’s a chance that it’ll get shipped out along with all the rest. Now, I don’t know about that, since I definitely don’t deserve to get my camera before all the people who ordered within the first day (or week, or month even) but fingers crossed?

  • Greg

    dpreview images are up. I’m having a hard time doing comparisons between the D800 100% and anything else because the scales are just so different. What I can say though is, “Holy crap, I can read the serial number on that watch!”

    • Monkey Nigh Mow

      EXACTLY! It’s pretty exciting.

  • Gilbert

    I preordered the D4 from B&H within 5 minutes of the preorder page going live. I have not heard anything from them yet as to whether I will get the D4 in the initial allocation. I also placed a preorder for the D4 on Amazon Monday morning (March 20). Amazon is showing a delivery estimate of March 22…

    • Gilbert

      I contacted B&H today to see where I was in the D4 queue. The representative told me that he did not have that information…

  • Ren Mockwell

    “It’s interesting that Nikon did not make such statement about the D4.”

    It isn’t at all and you know the reason NR admin, the D800 is made in Thailand and after the problems the had last year with the flooding they must have had problems manufacturing the number of cameras stores needed. ( as source for this info).

    The D4 (like the D3s and D3x before it) is made in Japan.

    :-/ Come on NR admin… don’t create drama where it isn’t please, this kind of false controversy is boring.

    • Hhom Togan

      I sometimes wonder if he does this kind of trolling so he can raise pageviews Ren 😛 truly silly indeed.

    • I would not believe anything that comes from, but that’s just me. The Nikon D800 is made in Japan:

      • Ren Mockwell

        Even if it is truthful what you claim: the D4 has been in the manufacturing process in Japan longer than the D800 (planned to be manufactured in thailand and relocated to japan due to the floodings), which is a LOGICAL reason on why they don’t have problems supplying the D4… Also there are more wannabes buying a D800 than the D4 (price difference Guys With Cameras don’t often have enough to buy a $5,999).

        So in light of this, it isn’t “interesting” or “strange” that this kind of stuff happens, stop trying to raise pageviews with silly dramas and focus on writing useful stuff please… after all people pay you via referrals here…

        Now that I have your attention: Are you hired by a PR agency :)? that’s the biggest reason I think you keep being Anon, you know we should put a last name to your complete name PETER :).

        • mai-mom

          why would you call anyone buying the d800 a wannabe? maybe you meant amateur?

          i think and this is just mho that alot of people are tying up orders by preordering at 2,3, and 4 places,

          I am more upset that some are on sale on ebay.

          i’d much rather a ‘wannabe’ get one than an ebay gouger

    • Yes, is clueless, the Nikon D800 is made in Japan, not in Thailand:

  • Chaitanya

    My dealer(located in Mumbai, India) told me he is getting D800 in stock fron Nikon on 24th and I will be getting the camera on that day. Its prices at 149,950INR (~2999us$)

  • Orilla

    On Amazon.DE there is no release date for the D800. =(

    Hat irgendwer in Deutschland / Österreich bereits eine Benachrichtigung erhalten, dass seine D800 ausgeliefert wird? (egal von welchem Händler in Deutschland / Österreich)

    • Also der Fachhändler meinte zu mir dasselbe. 2-4 Stück kommen, der Rest im April. Habe zwar angezahlt (am nächsten Tag nach der Vorstellung), aber ich denke, dass da Stammkunden zuerst drankommen 🙁 Blöd wär’s, wenn Amazon & Co dann schneller sind bzw. ein größeres Kontingent haben!

  • (US) shows temp out of stock now.

  • Jai

    B&H is now showing: “Expected availability: April 16 2012”

    • Chandra

      That’s for D800E. It still shows March 22 for D800

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