Nikon lens thermos giveaway

First, the winner of the last Nikon 1 V1 grip giveaway is Bill Pearce. Congratulations! If you did not win, here is another chance:

What can I win?

In this giveaway you can win a Nikon 70-200mm lens thermos.

How do I win?

The rules are simple: leave a comment to this blog post. That's all. One comment per person please. Don’t forget to add your email address in the provided field (it will not be visible to the public and it will only be used to notify you in case you are the winner). I will close all comments at the end of this week and will randomly pick the winner.

The best part?

This giveaway is open to anyone and is not restricted to US residents only, everyone is welcomed to participate. This giveaway is void where prohibited by law. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. The prize cannot be shipped to countries embargoed by the United States.

Good luck!

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  • Seymour Daniels


  • Thank you admin.

  • Pick me!

  • john troiani

    If I win I shall use it for the benefit of all humanity.

  • Every man is in a perpetual hunt for the perfect thermos and cooler. Should I win this Nikon thermos I will be half way there!

  • Bruce29982

    16 ounces, just right for the D4, but will it work on a D800?

  • Henrik

    Awesomeness =)

  • Jaques S

    Awesome ! Looks so real 😉

  • Me me me!

  • Alex Woo

    thermos please

  • Dan

    I never win.

    How’bout a D4 cookie-mold next time…or cake mold!

  • Ron Lty

    Lol lens thermos.

  • Brian


  • Ashton Woolley

    Cup of tea for me please 😀

  • Yhannoby

    i hope I’ll win…. cross fingers~

  • thank you for the generous offer.

  • Ethan Swanson

    Nice, though leaving it in view in your car could get your window broken leaving the potential thief and you disappointed.

  • Barry

    Nikon thermos……..sweet.

  • Al

    I need this…. my flask got confiscated at work……

  • wong

    hi everyone…

  • Oh I love it!

  • David McKeown

    Since I’m getting married on Saint Patty’s day I think this would make a great wedding gift for me.

  • Paul Leason

    I want it because my Big Lebowski mug doesn’t hold enough coffee.

  • minicore2

    Waiting for the possible new camera on March.

  • Hope I win this. Then, I can stop drinking coffee out of my lens.

  • Troy

    Ill fill this with Jameson 12. For the days those brides get the best of me

  • I Lander

    oh! great for my coffee 🙂

  • Ron Braithwaite

    Comment! Comment! Comment!

    I want one of those!

  • Justin

    Perfect. I always wanted one of these!

  • Dung Le

    Definitely want one , yay 🙂

  • Yay! Nikon FTW! I’d love to have this and rub it in the faces of all my Canon friends!!!

  • jodjac

    What’s a Nikon?

  • Alex

    Perfect for the winter coming up!

  • I love this!! Thanks for the give away!

  • If I won this, I would drink coffee everyday.

  • PapaLiam

    Thanks for the great work you do!!! Your site is the first one I check every day.

  • Rich Ratner

    This is a damn fine cup of coffe.

  • Llogari

    I will use my jedi powers…. pick me you will

  • I gave my daughter the mug for Christmas, but I’ve never seen these, it would be a great addition for those cold Melbourne mornings 🙂

  • Jamie Henderson

    Awesome, will hold Alot of caffeine!

  • Noah Leiviska

    this looks AWESOME!!!!!! I would love to win this, and it would come in handy on those cold winter days! 🙂 Great giveaway idea!

  • Wes

    That’s sick.

  • Kwonil

    Looks awesome!

  • Ciao!

  • ChiaSyan Lim

    who say lens are only for photography!?

  • Vinay Pillai

    Can this be first step towards Nikon (after 4 yrs with Canon)

  • Nikon!

  • Lesli Hampton

    I would LOVE this!

  • Andrew

    I WANT 😀 match my 24-70 cup !

  • Rockin Nokin

    does the tripod collar have threads so I can carry it on my BlackRapid strap? Lol

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