Nikon D3s discontinued?

This could be a mistake, but Nikon USA removed the D3s camera from the DSLR section of their website. The Nikon D90, D3000, D300s, D700, D3x are still listed. Adorama currently has the D3s in stock.

Update: it's not a mistake - the D3s is listed in the "Archived Digital SLR Cameras" on the same Nikon USA website.

Back in December, there were some rumors that Nikon D3s is already out of production.

The D3s is also listed as discontinued on the official Nikon Japan website (this was not the case a month ago):

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  • another anonymous

    then why not d300s too?

    • another anonymous

      ok, d400 is not there yet, but as i read it is comming

    • yurahen

      amen! great camera when it first came out (d300), but now is the most over priced on the market. it pains me!!!

  • Based on the way Nikon had them priced, I think it makes sense to eliminate the D3s. How many shooters that can afford a D3s weren’t going to look at the D4 being (proportionally) not that much more expensive, and just get that instead?

    • broxibear

      Hi Teague Ashburn,
      The price difference varies from country to country, in the UK the D4 is £1300 more expensive than the D3s, which is very significant. Unfortunately finding a D3s in stock has become very difficult in the past few weeks
      I think a lot of people jumped on the D3s stock out there when they realised the price and image capability of the D4 (not everyone needs video).

      • everyone buying D4 or D3s and not making moneys with it is, could only be well, not very smart. So yes, it makes sense to shave D3s out.

        • Rob

          Are you calling millionaires that buy the best camera just to take photos “not very smart?” Because they aren’t making money with it. They make boatloads more than photogs without using their camera.

          • Ivanaker

            I`m not a millionier, but i have a d700, and will be buying d800e, and i work as an engineer , photography is my hoby

          • the fact that somebody is a milionaire does not mean he is automatically smart.
            but of course, as to everything in the life, there are exceptions.

            • Calibrator

              Harold Ellis, master of social studies…

          • Most of the people who fit into this category (and I know a couple) typically go straight for the Leicas or the Hasses.

            I actually bought one of my first Hasselblads from a client (owner of the company) because he’d once asked at the store ” I want to buy a camera system – what’s the best money can buy?” – He soon figured out “best” didn’t mean “easiest to use” – and he sold it to me for a song 🙂

            That silliness aside the majority of today’s Leica market are people who are wealthy hobbyists.

          • zoetmb

            Yes, but millionaires always want the top-of-the-line, whether they understand the equipment or not, and they will buy the newer D4, not the D3s, because they have to have the latest and greatest.

            And Nikon is going to want sales at the $6K level on the D4 rather than the $5200 level of the D3s. And those are close enough together that it won’t make any difference for the rich, but the D3s could erode sales of the D4 for those for who $800 makes a difference. Besides, Nikon has always had limited production lines and they’re probably using the D3s line to produce the D4.

            However, from a product standpoint, it would have made more sense to keep the D3s, with it’s fewer pixels and better noise performance and kill the D3x. Seems to me that anyone who wants 24.5MP would want 36.3MP more and buy the D800.

        • B!

          I am a hobbyist and am getting a D4. I can, and I don’t see why would anybody stop me from doing so. If the D4 was around $4K everybody and their mother would be getting one, wheather they are a PRO or not. At $2K nobody would even mention that its too heavy or too bulky or whatever it is that is stopping them from buying; but that isn’t obviously happening.

      • Yeah, I picked up a D3s as soon as the D4 and D800 was announced. The D4 isn’t just $1000 more for the body compared to the d3s… but also $300 or more for the new memory cards. I didn’t care for video so I just needed a low light capabilities and dual memory card for wedding work. Hopefully I can pick up another d3s (second hand) and sell my D700. I wasn’t planning on buying a D3s until I found out the specs for the D800 which the 36mp was just too large for what I need it for. If they scale that down to around 16-18 mp with D3s native ISO range for 3k, I would sell the D3s in a second for 2 of those cameras.

  • John Richardson

    Agreed. Anyone who thought the D3s was going to remain in production was/is simply dreaming. The 3x is next (after they unload the 20 or so that they still can’t sell).

    • Jason

      Nikon pulled D3S from the market, so they can peel the sensor and apply it to new D700S.

      Also, before releasing the D400, they want to create a marketing buzz, by suprising few lucky D700 buyers – giving a $2100 body with D3S low light sensor.

      • devariot

        Lets hope your wish comes thru..

        • dev

          More like delusions than dreams

      • B!

        That would be sweet indeed but if done too early would canibalize sales of both the D800 and D4.

      • Richard M

        Given the lithium battery rule changes in Japan, isn’t it unlikely that ther will be any new camera using a D700 body (and therefore the same battery) as it couldn’t be sold in Japan? More likely that there will be a new entry level FX that kills off the D700. Like the D7000 did to the D300s.

  • and the D90?

  • Chloe

    This is no mistake. Nostradamus predicted this to happen.

    • Damian

      hahahahahahahahaahahahaha lol

    • T.I.M

      That’s my youngest daugther name (Chloé)
      Not very common in USA.

  • GD

    Makes sense. Certainly given the evidence of the number of used D3s cameras for sale cheap on eBay, CL and kijiji etc, the general population of shooters considers the D3s to be obsolete given the D4. Pretty much every listing has “…upgrading to D4…” in the description and there are enough of them that there’s a real downward pressure on the price (which tells me that even at those marked-down prices, the preference is to get a D4 so imagine exactly how many new D3s cameras at full price that Nikon would expect to sell. Zero.)

    • nz

      But there’s also a lot of comments from D3s shooters who don’t (yet) think the upgrade to the D4 is all that significant . . . other than its video capabilities and possibly improved AF. Many of those shooters say they’re going to hold in to their D3s bodies.

      Guess we’ll have to wait until the D4 is actually out.

      • Andrew

        What about ISO? The D800’s ISO blows the D700’s out of the water (which came as a surprise to most; unless you do not believe the preliminary comparisons), even though the D700 is a great camera. Why shouldn’t the same hold for the D4 versus the D3s (unless you don’t care about ISO).

        • WoutK89

          I think he was correct, the D3s does already fantastic low light, and the D4 only has a little extra resolution, improved AF and better Video features, but if you are shooting a D3s mainly for photos, the D4 wont show much improvement in the photos I would assume. Not everyone needs the latest to make the best pictures!

          • BOZO

            You’re assuming bits here and pieces there but you’re not putting your thoughts together.

            In low ISO numbers the D4 will have similar IQ to that of 3Ds because obviously but with more details because of higher resolution. in low light, I think not only the D4 will provide higher resolution, but also lower noise compared to the 3Ds.

            Some people will sacrifice quality for 10-25% cheaper. Some people made 3Ds purchase just recently (1-2 years) and they feel that they’ve paid alot for something that lasted only 1-2 years as the top of the line Nikon product, those people will tend to convince themselves and the others (at the same time) that the upgrade from whatever they bought to the next new thing is not justifiable because it makes them feel better.

            However, the fact remains that the D4 better than 3Ds, has more features and is not that much expensive compared to the 3ds.

            Sorry for those who made the wrong investment.

            • mikils


              D3s was introduced in October 2009. To date, it has been announced only 2 years, 6 months ago. When the first specimens actually arrived in photographers’ hands I will not consider. So, according your flawless judgement, ANYONE bought a D3s should be smarting because they feel they made a ”wrong investment”.

              Well, mr Bozo, I hate to break this to you but I’m very happy with my May 2010 D3s and will happily wait D4s or even a D5 still taking beautiful stills with it. I am none the less sure than D4 is a terrific camera, but at this point a D800 is my ticket to fill the void my D200 is going to leave as soon as I will give it away.

            • WoutK89

              All I said was that the D4 wasnt that much improvement on the stills side compared to the D3s. Where do you see bits and pieces not being put to words? All you say is D4 is better, but it is just slightly better for a photographer, and it is not a major jump.

            • WoutK89

              btw, above comment is @ BOZO

            • BOZO

              You just failed to catch the point mikils. 2.5 years or 6 years that’s not my point at all.

              Actually you just made my point without you realizing it. you but a 2010 product yet its going to be considered an outdated/discontinued product very soon. so there you go.

              It’s exactly like buying a car that just has been face lifted and the next your a totally new model with new technology is released.

              if you’re happy with your products that’s good for you. Yet the fact remains that you’ve camera is old.

              Sorry again.

              I feel your frustration.

            • mikils

              Oh, My bad,
              I thought you were posting a comment for a debate, only now I realize you are just a troll.

              I feel sorry for having fed you.

            • BOZO

              I couldn’t find the pieces, maybe it was knocked out by mikils loud laughter. Anyway, my point is that you’re overlooking the importance of the higher resolution a bit and also you’re ruling out that the performance of the D4 will be better than that of the 3Ds (referring to D700 vs D800).

              So not only you’ll get better ISO performance, but you’ll get higher res images plus the added feature of advance video recording.

              That’s not an insignificant update.

            • BOZO

              and all that for less than $1k additional cost over 3Ds?

              look at the Canon camp, they are getting a minor update to their 5diii and that will cost them $1.3k!!

          • BOZO


            I thought a troll it’s someone who’s trying to turn a discussion into a war of words, which you already started.

            I’m not feeding the troll.

    • Banksie

      GD, what you say about buying a new D3s of course makes sense. Why buy a new D3s when you can buy a new D4 for not a whole lot more.

      But you’re over generalizing about the D3s bodies for sale on eBay, or you’re just making it all up. There’s only one page for D3s bodies.

      Right now on eBay (for sale from USA) there are only 13 D3s bodies listed. Four of them are used, all the rest are new. Of those four, three have a ‘buy-it-now’ price. Only one is up for bids and right now it has 19 bids with a high bid of $3950 but with five more days still left on the auction.

      That’s not very many. And if you look globally (for sale from worldwide) on the US eBay website, there are a total of 17 D3s bodies for sale and with only those same 4 used ones.

      • Banksie

        fwiw, here’s the current US eBay page for sale from worldwide sources.

        I don’t see anything listed for “cheap” at all. Most are new and are still at regular prices. Very few used ones are for sale (4 total.)

        By the end of summer when the dust settles, we’ll see actual real world pricing for used D3s and D700 cameras. But right now nothing’s reflecting anything.

      • GD

        Fair enough. You’re right that it isn’t a large number globally. I was only considering buying one, though, and the choice seemed pretty extensive for that purpose 🙂

        And perhaps a bit more so since I’d been considering a D3s a year or so ago and there weren’t nearly that number then and were significantly more expensive.

        Still, even with all that, I’m still going with the D4. If the prices of used D3s bodies falls enough, it would be reasonable but a new D3s at C$4500 would, in my opinion, be an poor choice given the existence of the D4 at C$6000.

        • Rob Ueberfeldt

          A D3s and a $1500 video camera?

          • GD

            I do sports, so the 11fps and the insane image buffer are a much more compelling draw than video. It’s not to say the video isn’t appreciated, just it’s not the attractor fo me that is is for many many others.

            That being said, though, the D4’s video will be more attractive than anything $1500 would buy, though, since I’ll be able to video in low light using my Nikon glass. So it’s possible that if you ask me in a year I’ll be doing a lot more video than now and I’ll rank the video and the buffer differently.

          • B!

            That is just one more thing to carry, maintain, play with. I went that route adding a video camera to my D2X and guess what, I just never carried the video camera with me and many times I wish I had. With D4 that problem will be totally eliminated with one device. No more multiple chargers, batteries, cords and cards….well on the last one yes, multiple cards still (CF, XQD)

  • Nikon FX

    Still not reflecting the D700 price drop :/

    • Rob

      Neither is ebay. There are still idiots paying over $2000 for 3 year old bodies when they could get brand new ones with a warranty for $2200. It’s inflating the used price. What retard pays over 90% the new price for a used TECH product?

  • Light

    There is hardware.
    There is software.
    And there is vaporware.
    For the last year Nikon has only sold vaporware.
    No D4 or D800 has been delivered.
    There have been “delays”.
    And there are rumors of more delays.
    Nikon is GREAT stuff – if you don’t actually NEED a camera in your hand.

    • Admin — might I persuade you to remove this pointless comment?

      • Artem Bulashev

        +1 Ron

        Absolutely pointless comment; Clearly, he hasn’t been following the news.

        It is said clearly that D4 will come in very mid March and d800 on March 22

      • Nikon Shooter

        You know Ron, if Admin were to start removing every pointless comment on this forum, I doubt we’d ever hear from you again. Wouldn’t that be a tragedy! Cheers.

        • You are a troll. Now run along and play with your yashica, little poser buddy.

          • Wilson

            Followed the link then I loled

            • AM

              A chain of pointless comments. Just like mine. LOL

      • Matt_XVI


        I can’t help but notice that every comment I see from you, that you are either condescending, looking down your nose at someone, sarcastic or putting someone down. I’ve been following this blog’s forums for a very long time now and it keeps jumping out at me.

        Perhaps in the future you might consider having something positive to say?


        • I know I’m often a live wire. I also realize that where most folks will simply ignore ignorance, I am prone to stand up and vocally object. I’m good at that. Whether this is a quality or a weakness, I suppose it remains to be seen.

          I love Nikon stuff. I enjoy coming here to read news and rumors about Nikon, and converse about how great their products are (as was the case early on at NR). I don’t visit to hear entitled whining about how “some other brand is better because……” I don’t mind a civilized debate, but often the criticism is lacking any form of logic or civility.

          I’ve received more than a few emails and even calls from people literally from around the world (often from this blog) that offer their thanks for speaking straight and standing up to the anonymous riff-raff that spread their personal myths as commonly accepted truth, so long as it’s not met with any opposition. (I think if you take notice, you’ll see that 95% of my debates are a response to anonymous posters who are negative themselves).

          That said…I understand that I can find a better way to approach many of these debates — if nothing else I can do this for the benefit of myself and the rest of the level-headed folks like you with whom I share this space. Thank you for your input, and please continue to let me know how I can be a better contributor to this community.

          • Matt_XVI


            If there are two things that I have to give you, it is that you seem quite intelligent, and that you are obviously an eloquent writer. I also often find myself agreeing with many of your statements. It’s just that I’ve noticed a constant negative trend which is more often than not in a condescending tone which I don’t always find adds to the forum. Mind you this is a completely personal opinion and in no way do I think you should adhere to how I perceive people should handle themselves in a forum – it’s just something that I’ve noticed that I wanted to point out.

            In either case you do add a lot to NR and I am happy to have you as a part of this community.


          • Matt_XVI


            If there are two things that I have to give you, it is that you seem quite intelligent, and that you are obviously an eloquent writer. I also find myself agreeing with many of the statements you make, although I don’t always agree with the method in which they are delivered. Mind you this is a completely personal opinion and I definitely don’t expect you to adhere to how I perceive people should handle themselves in a forum. I just wanted to share my observations and personal interpretations with you.

            You do add a lot to NR and I, as I’m sure many others, are happy to have you here as a part of this community.


            • Matt_XVI

              Well then… that is embarrassing. I didn’t think my first post posted so I wrote another. =/

            • Thanks, Matt. I sincerely value your feedback, and appreciate that you’ve taken the time to offer some constructive feedback. I’ll work harder on espousing a more positive tone.

            • Ron,

              Kudos to you. That’s really all that any of us can do. We can’t change the past but we can change our present approaches to make a better future.

              At the end of the day, don’t sweat the small stuff. Some posters here are just trying to be clever, others are trolling, others are making honest observations that may or may not be accurate or informed. How else will people learn?

              I’ve found that taking the high road, not spending too much effort on negative people (some, yes, but not too much) and don’t take them too seriously, or answer poor behavior with intelligence, is what builds a good reputation and does the most good in the long run. Cheers, my friend.

          • Ron,

            Live wire or not; I enjoy the directness of your posts.

            I wish there were more of us here that enjoy sharing our experiences with our Nikons (or sometimes other brands), and fewer trolls and whiners.


    • Nikon Shooter

      Cool story. Definitely switching to Canon now.

      • Damian

        hahahahahaahahhahaha lol :]

      • Luis

        And we’ll miss you sooooooo much…

      • Thank you. That’s very considerate of you. Have fun on canonrumors 🙂

    • JLK

      You are so right. D800 announced in February and shipping in March. Better to have the non-vapor Canon 1Dx announced in October and shipping…?

    • B!

      It’s not Nikon’s fault that they had to deal with to MAJOR DISASTERS in areas of production. I suspect these cameras (D4 and D800) were almost ready to be anounced about 9 months ago; today we are getting a better product.

  • Zuke

    The D3s is listed in the “Archived Digital SLR Cameras” section on the Nikon USA site, so that would confirm that it’s discontinued.

  • Steph

    D3s is still listed on Whether or not the Canadian stores have them in stock is another thing…

  • Ray

    Maybe Adorama will show it as being discontinued after sales is depleted. B&H is not taking orders, just notify button. Also on Adorama in the description of the D800 is this quote “More than an upgrade to the just-discontinued 12MP D700, the D800 is a major overhaul.”, and we know the D700 is not discontinued. Maybe just a misprint on Adorama’s part…

  • Ren Kockwell

    This is a mistake. Nothing to see here. Move along.

    • Jeff

      These are not the droids your looking for…

    • Two mistakes on two different Nikon websites in two different countries?

      • B!

        I think not. Why maintain 2 separate production lines if you can make little more money on the D4 and provide a superior product to your target audience. While I am sure the D3s is a great camera people need to realize that the D4 simply replaces it as it is a newer BETTER camera.

        The only reason the D700 is still there is because even Nikon stated that the D800 is not a direct replacement.

        But why is the D3x still up there at this exorbitant price? Perhaps not much longer?

  • KT

    Could this mean the D4 is about to be announced to the public, and how about the D800, any one got some rumors about the D800 or D900 or whatever they plan to call it?

    • doug

      Says the men in the cave.

      • SirInnesPort

        +1 hahaha

        Doug must have been kidding/troll

        • SirInnesPort

          KT* not Doug…

  • doug

    Well i was expecting the D700 to be discontinued but not the D3s, i just think that they are trying to push D3 and/or D3s owners to buy the new D4, i cant blame Nikon, comparing with Canon they are being very mild on they selling strategy.

    1 more question what about the D800, does anyone heard about the delays???
    because i got a email from Jessops quoting:

    Order Number:
    1x NIKON D800 BODY ONLY. £2,399.95
    Order Total £2,399.95
    Stock for your order is now overdue from our supplier.
    We will now contact the supplier to chase the stock and aim to deliver your order as soon as possible.

    Some items may be in short supply. If this is the case we will contact you again in 14 days with a further update.

    • 700Geek

      That’s a computer generated message. Ignore.

      Chase the stock? That’s a good one.

    • Banksie

      “Well i was expecting the D700 to be discontinued but not the D3s

      Why? It’s the other way around. With the D3s being similar to a D4, it makes sense to discontinue it. Why keep both in the line. On the other hand, the D700 is a lot different from the D800. There will still be people wanting the D700 over the D800. And much more than anybody wanting a new D3s over the D4.

      If anything the D800 will put the D3x in jeopardy, not the D700.

  • Anonymous Maximus

    D700 -> discounted
    D3s -> discontinued
    D700s -> will be coming soon with D3s sensor !

    • @AM, A D700s peaks my interest, but at what price point would Nikon have to sell this camera at? I definitely like the 8FPS you could theoretically get with the D3S sensor in a D700S body, plus the high ISO capabilities would be nice. Would it be priced under or over a D800?

      • Rob

        It can’t possibly come out for at least 6 months after the D4, and I would imagine it’d more likely be over a year (at which point they may just use the D4 sensor). The sensors are too similar in performance that it would compromise D4 sales if released too soon.

        • D

          Canon just did that with their 1DX and 5DIII. Nikon could do the same thing.

          Remember, the top of the line bodies are what drive the sales of the middle and customer line equipment. What matters is Nikon’s bottom line: they don’t care if it comes from D4 sales or D700s sales.

          • Rob

            What are you talking about? In what way is the 5D3 sensor like the 1DX sensor? How is that at all comparable to a D3s/D4 sensor in a smaller body?

  • Steve Starr

    Used to be 12 DSLR cameras on that page. Now only 10. So D3s is gone, but something else is missing too?

    • doug

      Uhhhhhh, the D700 ????? ;p

    • SiliconVoid

      The D5000 is the other that is missing from your 12 vs 10 reduction.

  • Some guy

    The boat anchor D3000 out lived the D3s on the site????


    • ben

      ya the d3000 was the camera that never should have been.
      my only guess is that no one every buys them so nikon has piles of them setting around.

    • Some guy

      Probably. It will be on the site when the D5 is about to be replaced in that case. They should just burn those and take the tax write off. 🙂

  • Trevor

    And they start using the D3s sensor in a mid-level FX body….


    • MJr

      Cool !

    • yes because they could make soooooooo many of them to have enough D3s for world needs

  • ATM

    Well Nikon has to do something to try and make people order the D4 videocamera, and not go for the still camera D3s.

  • Bill Brokke

    D3S Still not discontinued
    on Nikon Canada site

    • Nor on Nikon Spain, Netherlands, Germany, UK, or any more or less relevant European country.
      How is it that they’re always behind? ;D

  • The D3s is garbage and should have been discontinued a long time ago. Coolpix is where it’s at!

  • ken

    it’s still listed? whats the issue?

    • Nikon imaging is the general site, the D3s was removed from Nikon USA site

  • I love my D3s for weddings, and have no intention of ditching it to get a D4. I don’t care about video, and the fact that I can shoot all day without having to worry about when I’m going to swap out a battery is a HUGE bonus. I need usable shots at high ISO and a camera that is not going to die midway through a wedding, and the D3s gives me both of those things in spades.

    Mine won’t be for sale!

    • SkintBrit


    • B!

      That is fine; but would you feel the same about the D4 if you didn’t already have the D3s on your hands?

  • Gerry

    Of course the D3s will be phased out. The D4 is a direct replacement. Why no discounted D3s’s the the D700? I would guess not as much surplus stock or parts to make stock?

    Why is the D700 not being listed as discontinued? Probably because they have an excess. I would think as soon as they run down the stock it will be listed as discontinued. I very much doubt they will continue making/ordering components and continuing production with the discounted prices.

    So once that happens and the D700 is discontinued it will leave a hole in their product line. Hopefully that will mean a release of a new version along the lines of a an upgraded D700….not talking about the D400(that would be crop frame D300 replacement otherwise the numbering would have to be higher).

    Would this camera be with a D3s sensor? I don’t think so. It is now several years old and just wouldn’t be good marketing strategy to put such an old sensor in a new body, despite how good it is.

    I would guess in a 6 months to a year we will hear something along the lines of a D800 body with the D4 or another sensor in its place and probably called a D800s or D900. Possibly continuing the D700 a little longer supports this as they would need a reasonable gap from the D4 so not to conflict.

    As for the D3s I am still keeping a keen lookout for a price reduction 🙂

    • Gerry

      Sorry first para meant to say ‘Why no discounted D3s’s like the D700?’

    • Rob

      I’d bet big money against you on that prediction. They won’t use a D4 or similar sensor in a cheap body for quite some time. They need to sell the D4.

      • Gerry

        Yeah you probably right which is why I said a D4 or another sensor.

        But it may explain why they are stretching the D700 line a little longer. Very few people will buy this camera now unless it is at a heavily discounted price and to keep this line going at discounted prices isn’t good marketing.

        The only reason I can think of continuing the D700 and not the D3s is either too much stock or they want to stretch the line a little longer.

        • RondoX

          Exactly. Now that the cats out of the bag, per say. The only way Nikon will move their remaining D700 stock is by lowering the price.

          The D3s is a whole different monster. There are too many big time pros out there that work in all kinds rugged conditions everyday.

          Their D3s craps out on them and they start using their backup…

          They’ll order another one same day without a second thought. Can’t stop working to wait for a new model.

          Nikon doesn’t need to lower the prices on the D3s. People will keep buying them until the D4 is readily in hand.

          • Lodru

            If their “monster” D3s is so good, why would it “crap out on them”?

            • Rob

              Generally when a D3s “craps out,” it involves a high speed collision of some sort. Or being submerged under water for a while.

      • RondoX

        I concur 100%. Introducing a cheaper FX camera with a D4 sensor too soon will cut too deep into D4 profits. I’m sure Nikon felt it even when they released the D700 over a year after the D3.

        Give it a year or so, but you’ll definitely see a cheaper FX camera with a D4 sensor, who knows, perhaps it will a D800H.

  • Still available on the Nikon Australia site.

  • Graham

    About damn time the D3s got discontinued!!! You know how many times I accidentally licked those exposed battery contacts! Good riddance and welcome to the D4, our new King of Darkness Overlord!!! 😀

    • RondoX

      Ha Ha Ha! !How cute!

      You could make a advertising nice slogan out of that!

      “Move over Satan! A new Lord of Darkness is in town… Nikon D4!”

  • Ernesto Quintero

    Great news, now I don’t have to rob 2 banks to acquire the funds so I could afford one.

  • Hero

    About time these 12MP Draculars gets buried in their grave once and for all. Next are the D700 werewolves. These things are from the last decade for heavens sake.

    • RondoX

      No! You are going about this completely the wrong way!!!

      I paid $1500 for my 6mp D100 in 2003.

      I paid $350 for my 6mp D40 (body only) in 2007.

      And the D40 nailed exposure a heck of a lot more often too!

      Don’t bury 12mp FX!!! Let’s make it cheap and mainstream!!!

      • Hero

        Why don’t u stick with your 6MP D40 and start living in a museum.

        Nikon is currently making a camera with 36MP + better high ISO than the D700 mainstream. Its called the D800.

        Move with the time and start living.

        • RondoX

          No offense, but you missed the point of my post entirely.

          Technology superior to Nikon’s greatest, most expensive camera in 2001 was implemented in their cheapest camera in 2006.

          What I am saying is, let’s not bury 12mp FX technology.
          rather, incorporate it into Nikon’s cheapest offerings.

          Who wouldn’t one day want to see a D3s esque sensor in a $500 camera?

        • RondoX

          *******************BREAKING NEWS*************************

          Those without D800’s are no longer considered among the living!

          I always knew the zombie apocalypse would come….

          Thank God I was among the ones that got their pre0-orders in!

          • BartyL

            Brains! Juicy delicious brains!

            • RondoX

              Dear God……

              ….Its already begun!!

              BartyL must have switched to Canon!!

              Save yourselves!!

              Get your D800 pre-orders in while you can folks!

      • B!

        I believe that more affordable FX is on the horizon and available for wider audience. I always though the DX lenses are a poor choice long term. Heck, the currently discounted D700 is pretty cheap. Still a great camera for those that have no need for video.

  • broxibear

    Interesting “First Impressions: Using the Nikon D4” by Barney Britton at dpreview, he pretty much echoes what others have talked about and what the test images show… as far as stills go the D4 is very similar to the D3s.

  • Matt_XVI

    I just bought a brand new D3S as a primary to my D700 for $4,499 and couldn’t be happier. I considered the D4 but at $1500 more I’d be happy buying myself a new fast prime to go with my D3S.

  • 700Geek

    From a production standpoint it makes sense. How many production lines do you keep running for a high end camera like these 2 models? They are probably shifting the few capacities to the D4 production now. What’s the point of keeping an under-utilized line for a D3S?

  • D700guy

    What I want is to stop coming to this site to see if there’s been an update to delivery dates on a D4. What i want to make that happen is to have my D4 in my grubby greedy little hands. Im sick of the waiting already.

    • BartyL

      Will you re-name yourself “D4guy” when it arrives?

  • SoftonDemand

    I don’t understand why doesn’t Nikon discontinue the D3x. The camera is older than the D3s, the price is astronomical (more expensive than the D4), and has multiple restrictions such as ISO.

    What is going on…? The D3s is always high on demand!

    • B!

      That is probably coming next, as soon as both the D4 and D800 are readily available at retail locations.

  • Al

    I actually cancelled my D800 preorder to get a D3s.

    Picked up new for a little under $4900.

    I too do weddings and this will be my primary with a D700 as a backup. I did not want to edit 36mp files and was lookin for better low-light performance.

    Yes the D4 is $1100 more…. + new XQD cards + software upgrades + extra battery and it starts adding up to a lot more. The D3s is a proven workhorse and long time High ISO king !! Ill wait to see hands on reviews from the D4 which Im sure will be amazing. But the more battery shots of the D3s also appealed to me.

    But for now Im happy to be the owner of the best low light monster in history.

    • Dumb

      yes the camera and its performance are history

      should have gone for the D4 which will last you an extra 4 years

  • ben

    why do they still list the d3000
    I thought they stopped making those over a year ago.
    They kinda sucked too.

  • For my style of photography, the D4 does not solve any problems that I have with my D3s. So, no upgrade in that direction.

    But the D800 does add to my flexibility and therefore, I have already paid for one. And I will keep the D3s.

  • Anonymous

    I know for a fact that Nikon D3s has been phased out. I had a talk with a sales representative in of the biggest camera retailers in Finland and he told me that D3s has been discontinued. After the current (very small) stock is cleared, D4 will replace D3s for good.

  • Rich

    New high ISO samples from D4 at They look pretty good.

  • On the german site it’s still listed,
    I think the discontinuing of the D3S will push D4 sales; because the D3s still looks very good compared to the D4;

  • Jeff

    Nikon just wants to discontinue the D3s before everyone gets the D4 and finds what a mistake that purchase was.

    D3s is and will be legendary for years to come…

    P.S. I have a D4 on order, so I sure hope I’m wrong!!!

  • Disco Ti Neud

    D2 replaced D1
    D3 replaced D2
    D4 replaces D3

    Ofcourse the D3s is discontinued. That’s no rumor, that’s a fact.

  • R!

    The D3s is discontinued in France , this was a fabolous camera ,It’s always sad to say goodbye to a good friend….Well ,the D4 & the D800 will turn evrything from the past “obsolete”!!!!!!

  • R!
    • R!

      Be aware , that the pictures taken were not from professional that knows what he’s doing but by hobbyists trying to insist on testing things they dont understand completly!

  • Tried the D4 at Focus and it’s a really nice piece of kit.

  • burgerman

    Just called Jessops in UK to see if there was any news, since my pre order doesent show when tracked. Says order not found…

    Was told they are expecting delivery on the 16th March (Friday). And to call next week to be completely sure.

    And since I am 7th in the que, it may be shipped same day on overnight if they get it early enough. Woohoo!

    Will post lots of samples same day!

  • doug

    Muhahahah, 16th for me as well just phoned that useless store, well not so useless now huh?
    im also getting the 3 year insurance for £142 that’s good value right there, only reason im ordering from them on the first place.

  • rico

    The D3s is discontinued and replace with d4 and d700 not. now we wait for d700 replacement

    • burgerman

      Since the D800 is better with low light than the D700, and once downsampled to D4 resolution (or shot at 20mp) Quite likely a good match, what would a “new D700” bring to the table?

      Speed? You may? Get that by shooting al 20mp or 9mp with the D800.

      Unless you mean a D4 speed in a cheaper camera. Why would they want to do this?

      • Fredbare

        Yup, but why stop there?
        If I downsample my old D40 to 1 pixel I doubt you’ll see any noise improvement with a d800.
        Those expecting magic noise improvement with the D800 are smoking their socks.
        Anyway, we’ll see when the actual controlled experiments are published.

  • davis555

    an european distributor B2B have already removed the D3s and the D3x

  • broxibear

    Pro Nikon 1 still a ‘possibility’…
    “Nikon has not ruled out the possibility of a more advanced version of its Nikon 1 compact system cameras, to include more manual control.
    Speaking to TechRadar, Jeremy Gilbert, UK marketing manager for Nikon UK, said, “We are listening and trying to feedback what we hear. It’s mostly journalists and high-end photographers who would like us to produce one, but whether we should or not is a different matter.””
    “Nikon has admitted in the past that it is still not sure who is buying the J1 and V1, with Gilbert telling us that he was surprised by the number of men buying the camera.”

    • Now this will be interesting. Well they bring also a new line of Pro mirrorless lenses?

      • broxibear

        Yeah, their current lenses are pretty slow.
        I think it depends on what Canon do with their mirrorless. I’ve heard there was talk of Canon going micro four thirds…that really would be a game changer.

  • broxibear

    Nikon UK marketing manager Jeremy Gilbert interviewed by BJP about the D4 and D800…
    “Ever since the launch of Canon’s EOS 5D Mark II, Nikon has been trying to catch up in the videography world. A few months after it released in 2008, the camera gained iconic status in the filmmaking industry when directors such as George Lucas expressed a strong interest for Canon’s digital SLR. Suddenly, the camera was used across television and film sets, with an entire episode of the hit US show House filmed with the 5D.”
    “Now, Nikon is fighting back with the release of its D4 and D800 cameras, with features, such as a clean and uncompressed HDMI video feed, that have been requested for the past four years by filmmakers looking to benefit from the aesthetics that a HDSLR can offer.

    But, says Jeremy Gilbert in an interview with BJP, Nikon has still a lot of learning to do. “We are now in a position where we can learn as a brand,” says the group marketing manager for Nikon UK. “We need to learn and understand more on who is going to be buying and using these products.””

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