Nikon 1 V1 custom grip giveaway

What can I win?

In this giveaway you can win a brand new Nikon 1 V1 custom grip by Richard Franiec (camera obviously not included). This grip is designed specifically for comfort and safety when handling heft of Nikon V1, especially when coupled with FT-1 adapter and heavy lenses. The grip does not obstruct battery/card door and preserves original location of tripod socket on center line of the lens. Once applied the grip becomes an integral part of V1. The grip is individually machined from high grade aluminum alloy, glass bead blasted then anodized for durability. It attaches to the V1 with clear transfer VHB tape known for ultimate bonding power. Custom V1 Grip (CG-V1) will be available in second part of March 2012 for $34.95 plus shipping.

How do I win?

The rules are simple: leave a comment to this blog post. That's all. One comment per person please. Don’t forget to add your email address in the provided field (it will not be visible to the public and it will only be used to notify you in case you are the winner). I will close all comments in one week and will randomly pick the winner.

The best part?

This giveaway is open to anyone and is not restricted to US residents only, everyone is welcomed to participate. This giveaway is void where prohibited by law. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. The grip will be shipped to the winner in the second week of March, 2012. The price cannot be shipped to countries embargoed by the United States.

Good luck!

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  • I’m down with the dealz!

  • zizi

    I am Nikon 1!

    • wublili

      if I win, can someone send me V1 ?

      pretty please ?

  • Nicky G

    If I win this, it may “force” me to buy a V1. 😉

  • Nick

    oooh giveaway..nice…excuse to buy a Nikon V1 now 😀

  • james


  • Andrew Ross

    Hoping to win this!

  • Kimberly R.

    cool giveaway!


    I need a grip for my V1. Hope I am lucky enough to win!

  • Dustin Nguyen

    Hope to win a grip for my V1!

  • Vivek

    I pray my lucky stars and hope to win this awesome camera…


  • Marc Feldesman

    Nikon rules. Richard Franiac’s invention rules even more!

  • TYGoh

    Good luck to myself

  • John Sugzdinis

    Nikon Rumors is the Best and the V1 is amazing

  • jon friederichs

    Hello and wow1 Digital has come a long ways!

  • RWJ

    Looks great.

  • fxed

    Some of these responses border on ridiculous. Like “If I win I’ll buy a V1”, “now I can hold my V1 with my 70-200mm attached”, “it seems more comfortable the the GR-N1000” and so on. It will cost $35 + shipping, glued on for life you hope, it’s not contoured front or side, edge close to lens mount and raised and so on. A nice inexpensive grip for V1. I have the Nikon GR-N1000, $89 + free shipping. Does not interfere with FT-1, grip does not go around side,nice fit on bottom with a lip that goes up to just below lcd and prevents camera twist. If you go out shooting with a 4 or 8 gb card that’s means you will have to remove grip, if you go out with a less than fully charged battery you will have to remove grip, if you use the FT-1 the rule of thumb is tripod with lens mounted to tripod head (correct NR). Any lens without tripod mount is hand holdable but the choice is yours to remove or leave the grip on because of tripod socket.

    Mr. Franiec makes great products. My choice is the GR-N1000. BTW if your choosing because of $, that’s understandable just be honest.

  • Claire

    I’d love this – thanks!

  • Steve G.

    We’d love this for my wife’s new V1 that we plan to take to Italy on our 30th anniversary! Been following the development of the grip with anticipation…

  • Japater

    My comment 🙂

  • Maximus

    Cool Stuff!

  • Sinenart B.

    so cool!

  • Alyssa

    Wow, nice grip. Gimme!

  • eyecee

    Gotta be in it to win it! Love the V1 + FT-1 + 2xTC + 300mm f2.8 = effective 1620mm!

  • gobeco

    Great!!…..for all over the world!!!

  • Sweet!

  • Jun

    Designer rox 🙂

  • Rex

    Me, me, me!

  • I’ve got to get a grip. Once I have a handle on photography, I will take some gripping photos with my new custom upper class grip. Gimme please 🙂

  • Sam

    Nikon 1 v1 and me.

  • Simon

    Just ordered the V1. I hope I win this!

  • Peter Hornwall

    Med V1 är allt lätt!

  • Amando Mendoza

    Day isn’t complete without peeking at

  • Thomas

    Didn’t like the design of the Nikon 1 Series, but this grip un-uglies them a bit – at least for my taste 🙂

  • Barf

    Win what?

  • Mats Björklund

    This is a “must-have”. My big hands need a better grip.

  • That’s one handsome grip!

  • Maza

    Pick me!

  • Anton Kochev

    Thanks for post and for giveaway!

  • Tatiana Green

    Lovin this grip – gotta have it for my V1! Puuuuurrrrrrllllleeeeessssse!

  • Remco

    Would be awesome if I could put this on my new Nikon V1. *crosses fingers*

  • laurentiu

    Commented… but have more chances playing loto…

  • Cathy Nguyen

    AMAZING!! I’m really hoping that it comes in white too.

  • David C.H. Liu

    This is a great news! since it is hard to handle the V1 + FT1 + 24-70, I really want/need one of this grip.

  • mika

    stunnin´’! i am more =)

  • blubb

    Maybe I’m lucky this time… 🙂

  • simone belleli

    hope for this time 🙂

  • Jakub

    Am I a winner?

  • Tony Hoffstrom


  • Michael


  • Davide film

    Im looking forward to using this handgrip with the V1 and some vintage Bolex lenses. and some nice video with aFT1 & my 70 to 200 f2.8 VR2 Yah ho!

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