Nikon D800E also delayed?

Nikon D800 shutter unit

Nikon D800 shutter unit

Today Amazon sent emails to existing Nikon D800E pre-orders indicating that the camera was delayed by the manufacturer and currently they do not have an updated delivery date. Existing Nikon D800 pre-orders did not receive such email yet. I am not sure if this is another glitch in Amazon's system or the D800E is really delayed. A reader in Germany also received similar email from a retailer saying that the D800 release will be pushed back to mid/end of April due to a shutter problem. I am still trying to verify this information. The first Nikon D4 shipment was also delayed.

Here is Amazon's email:


We're contacting you again about your purchase of "Nikon D800E 36.3 MP CMOS FX-Format Digital SLR Camera (Body Only)." Unfortunately, we recently learned that the release date for this item has been changed again.

The manufacturer has changed the release date to an unknown date in the future, and we can't provide an updated delivery date. You're welcome to leave your order open, and we'll ship it as soon as we receive new information from the manufacturer.

We're sorry for any inconvenience caused by this delay.

Customer Service Department

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  • dgs


    • well if they miss the wedding season, then they will lose lot of sales.
      only crazy tog would change system in the middle

      • St.

        They missed the wedding season where, Harold??? If you haven’t noticed so far we live in a world which is a globe!
        Spring somewhere, means Autumn somewhere else, Summer in the south pole means Winter in the north pole, etc….
        Which one according you is the “Wedding season” all around the world????

        • KT

          He was referring to the penguins mating season which is very short and often requires such a high-resolution camera to capture that magic moment.

          • lol man ..I can’t stop laughing

          • Nikon Shooter


            Funniest post in at least a year and a nice break from all the whining.

          • Michael


        • Sash

          +10000 :))=
          Good one.
          made me laugh!!!

        • Zeke

          90% of the world’s population, and an even greater percentage of the world’s GDP, resides in the Northern Hemisphere.

          Presumably if you wanted to sell a product in a global market for use in the “wedding season,” that means wedding season where 90% of the people are.

      • I would think that weddings wouldn’t be the primary market for the E variant. Lots of fabric to create lots of moire.

        • Andrew

          Funny man, but so true!

      • thl

        Oh man, I am so tired of you wedding photographers bitchin’ all day. Can’t you get your onwn lives? Evenbetter get you own wifes or start using your cameras for something meaningful instead of robbing poor suckers playing the Beckhams for a day.

        • I AM TIRED

          Har Har Har ! ! !

          Nasty comment, but I like it. No surprise, taking this rumor into account. Someone has to pay. The wedding togs may forgive me, but delay is not what I want to hear.

          My wife has become really big and quickly too after our wedding. And so has our cat, the kids, my mother in law and the garbage pile in the backyard. All she ever wanted for her life was these fucking 12 MP cinderella shots you took of her. Now I really need this 36 MP to capture all the big things in my triple miserable life. Thank you so much.

    • lynn

      FAKE!!! it is a fake delay of the d800e so they san sell more of the regular d800

  • Luis

    Par for the course…

  • Bundasz

    Nikon is buggy

    • St.

      All camera manufacturer experience such delays – Sony, Canon, Fuji, etc.
      I don’t know what’s wrong though?
      What;s the strategy of announcing something, then not being be able to deliver in several months – like Sony NEX-7 – it’s been a loooong wait, especially for the kits.

      • …the strategy is one of stealing as many sales as possible from the competition, even if they have they have to be deferred. This is, of course, to the detriment of the customer.

    • chris

      i’m pretty sure, you don’t know anything about nikon pro hardware

      • +1

      • R!

        The priority is the D4 that needs to be out before the olympic games, the rest is unsignifiant.

        • Jetfire

          Actually, if you look at the numbers of D800s compared to the D4s that Nikon plans to make. The D800 is more important. But for either one, it’s very important to make them right the first time out.

    • Andrew

      It is better for the bugs to be caught at the factory than for a customer to have to return a product.

      I like this whole business of delaying the product. It looks as if Nikon is rigorously testing their cameras even during and after production to make sure that their customers get a flawless product. I wish many other companies will follow their example!

  • Better now than in the field.

    • Jason

      Amen. And failure in the field after 1 year warranty – double trouble: you pay several hundreds to fix it

  • I am curious as to how a shutter problem could realistically affect just one of the D800 models…

    • Andrew

      Unless it happened while retooling the factory to produce this version.

  • Calibrator

    If this is true then Nikon is either giving their pro systems a more thorough treatment compared to their consumers bodies – including their D7000 “glitches” (lots of oil specks on the sensor, white dots in video needing a firmware update) – or they are indeed learning from their mistakes.
    I hope it’s the latter but either way I’ll get a fully developed D800 when it’s time… 😉

    • St.

      They should!!!!
      I don’t want to have the experience I had with my D7000 – It had hot pixels like the starry night sky – I sent it 4 times to Nikon and they were ‘cleaning” the camera, stuff like that…. After the 4th time they just sent me a new camera, which fortunately didn’t have the same problem. – but it was about 4 months of sending cameras back and forth, instead of using it.

  • Sulukan

    Great… i hope that the price of used D700 will go down a bit. Now i am a studied photographer and don’t want to buy the lovely D700 at this time and the D800E get delayed. This ist not fair. I want to send my old and crappy D70s to hell. 😉

    • Andy

      Ha, I’m upgrading from a D70s also! I think mine is already on its last legs…poor thing sounds like a sick rag when it shoots a picture.

    • Brent

      This site had a story about a planned $500 reduction in D700 prices. …it was a few days ago.

      • Sulukan

        Yeah, i know. But it’s a sick situation. The D700 is too costly and the reduction will take some time to get realized on the market for used ones. And the D800 is not yet absent.

  • send jobs overseas that is what happens japan should know better

    • …the D800/E is made in Japan.

    • Andrew

      I bet the shirt you are wearing was made overseas, including your shoe, computer, pen, etc (same with me here!). Companies like Nikon will have very high quality control standards that regardless of where their products are manufactured, you should expect the same build quality. I think the primary reason why certain products are manufactured in Japan (like the D4, D800, D3x, and D700) will be to protect their high technology lead and manufacturing expertise.

  • Mike

    Settle down people! “End of April” is only 2 weeks later than the D800E’s original stated release (April 12?). It’s a two week delay, not 6 months. Big deal!

    • FM2Fan

      right – and no matter when the actually ship: quality is top-priority for the brand

    • Andrew

      Yeah, but it may be one week (too late) after that planned event!

      • enesunkie

        That would be important if you only worked 1 event a year. If you worked 50 weeks a year, one or two weeks doesn’t matter so much.

  • Art

    If this is true, I hope that they will release whatever stock that they do have on hand out into the wild where it will get reviewed. At least this way, we will have good reading material to look at while we are waiting.

    As for right now, the “reviews” that have come out for the D800 are primarily loaner cameras that are being photographed but aren’t being tested and the rest of the “review” just regurgitates the same marketing material everybody else is copying. I sure could use some more info to read while I’m waiting!

    • Andrew

      Here is a review posted by broxibear – from

      Gist: Expect the same ISO performance in the D800 as the D700! Quote: “…despite having more pixels, the noise characteristics of images produced in the D800 are similar to those from the D700 and better than images from the D7000”. Enjoy.

      • Clintphoto

        As long as the iso is not worse than the d700 then u really have a d700 with full HD, triple the mpx and usable dx mode!!


  • Rich

    perhaps they are just trying to fulfill more per-orders on first shipment.

  • Jeff

    Perhaps we should all cancel our orders and send a very strong message to Nikon.

    These aren’t consumer level units, they are $3000 and $6000 for D800/D4 and Nikon should have better testing and QA before announcing. Certainly before opening them up for pre-orders!

    I mean, if you heard of a car with issues and delays, would you run out and order one or shy away. We all know the answer to that question.

    • St.


      and companieds like B&H are ACTUALLY CHARGING the credit cards in the day of the pre-order. Adorama and Amazon do not.

      • ray

        I ordered mine at B&H and even order both the D800 and the D800E and both were not charged in my credit card.
        I canceled my Order for the E a few day and still no problem with B&H

      • Jack

        B&H does not charge your card at pre-order.

        • Ralph

          Oh yes they do, my D800E is paid for. They seem to be inconsistent or perhaps its international orders they charge, which is fine by me coz it locked in the high Australian dollar.

          • Jack P

            Just out of interest, how much is is going to cost you (in Aus dollars) after exchange, shipping, and import tax? I’m debating whether to order from B&H or somewhere like camerapro in Aus. Especially because of potentially having to send it back to the US if there are any warranty issues, etc.

      • St.

        They charged mine – for both pre-orders – D800 and NEX-7. I’ll call them on Monday to ask why???

        • Tokenhi

          They didn’t charge you, they only check to see if you have enough credit limit to handle the price. It’s been talked about over and over already.

          • FF

            Not true. I was actually charged for my D4 preorder and it posted to my account. I had to call them to have the charge reversed.

            • That’s not a charge, its a hold on the amount. You aren’t actually charged (nor will interest accrue, nor will you be billed) until the order is released and charged. but it will decrease the available credit you have available because of the hold.

              That’s standard on most pre-order situations.

            • St.

              Adorama charged my credit card $50 (I guess that’s how they check it). Amazon do not charge your CC.
              B&H is different story – first it says: CHARGED!!!
              Second, my available amount is now short with this charged amount. I can’t say if the CC company will charge fees, but for sure I can’t operate with the money all these months.
              And that’s ONLY on B&H.

            • Ralph

              Yes, mine is the same. It was on my creditcard and I have been billed for it by the credit card company. I have paid the credit card bill in full.

            • St.

              Actually I just checked online my statements – after the new statement for the CC was released the B&H “charge” is not there anymore. Yet, Amaon’s $1 and Adorama’s $50 charges stay in Pending section.
              But for few weeks the B&H amount wasn’t there – may be they cleared that with the new statement.

            • FF

              Don’t tell me what is and what is not a charge on my credit card. I know what a hold looks like on my card and I know what a posted charge looks like. BH put through an actual charge that posted and became due. I had to work with BH customer service to reverse the charge and they apologized and said it was a mistake.

            • St.

              Yes, I’ll agree with FF.
              The charge WAS THERE for a certain period. A real charge. And may be after he called them they decided to check all d800 pre-orders and “clear the mistake”.
              I don’t see the charge anymore.

            • ken

              they do not charge, i thought they did first, but if you look at your account they have ‘reserved’ the price of the camera, it is not included in your monthly statement nor do you have to pay for it at the end of the month (unless you used a debit card you haven’t paid for it) a B&H rep came on here and said such..!! mine is reserved from my credit line, which to me makes more sense than what amazon do and place a $1 charge to verify the card and then refund it….

            • ken

              @ralph that is complete b/s m8…..they didn’t charge you for the pre-order…there is no reason why they would…it is not their policy…you sir are not telling the truth and just adding fuel to the argument that they do charge..unless you used a debit card they did not charge you…post your cc statement and i’ll retract this 🙂

            • Don

              I have a D4 on pre-order from B&H and they fully charged my card. Not a hold–unless they charge interest on holds. B&H cs said it was a computer glitch and it shouldn’t have happened, but it did and I’m holding the bag of 1 month interest on $6000. So don’t anyone f***ing tell me or anyone else that they didn’t charge–because I, for one, am paying for it.

            • ken

              they didn’t charge you.. you obviously spoke to B&H cs from your post and you’re trying to convince us that after they acknowledged a computer glitch you/they did nothing about it and you paid…riiiiiiight!! 😉

        • Andrew

          From what everyone is telling you, B&H have not charged your credit card – they have set aside the money so you do not spend it on other things. If you do not want them to set aside the money, then you can cancel your order but you will no longer be on the list. This prevents people from going on multiple lists – this policy makes sense. You should stop arguing this point, and listen to what everyone has been telling you. If you have a problem, take it up with the company and try to educate yourself on the matter. This is not the place to air your problems and bad mouth a company when you really do not understand their policy and have not done your homework. Spending $3,000 is a lot of money, make sure you understand what you are getting into before you act. Hope this helps.

          • Andrew

            correction: B&H has not charged your credit card.

      • Ron Carroll

        B&H told me your credit card IS charged if you use PayPal to make the payment, so it’s PayPal, not B&H who’s making the charge. This happened with an order I placed for the D800E, which is why I called them. I asked if I could change the payment method, from PayPal and to my credit card, and the B&H rep said their agreement with PayPal doesn’t allow that. So I cancelled the order.

    • ray

      I rather have them fix it than me sending it back to them……

    • Ernesto Quintero

      YES I heard automobiles delayed, the 2012 Ford Focus was in short supply do to the dash board manufacturing process. IE high reject rate cause of the manufacturing. Plus the upper line editions with the Ford Sync large LCD touch screens were not released at the same time as the lower 2 models. Whining will not get your hands on your new baby any faster. Cancel your pre-order(IF you have one), bet some one will be happy you did. Nikon has a reputation for quality, they do not want a Toyota rep coming their way. Anyhow Nikon’s been having very bad luck in manufacturing due to disasters NOT their fault.

  • Amadeo

    Better safe than sorry, I have patience

  • broxibear

    Lol, so what are we betting on here ?…

    1: It’s a supply issue and they can’t get enough parts from a third party manufacturer.
    2: It’s a small production issue which requires a small redesign.
    3: It’s a more serious production issue that requires a major redesign.
    4: It’s a software issue that can’t be fixed in firmware.
    5: The sensor is heating up so much after 29mins 59secs of video recording it’s damaging the sensor. (someone suggested this to me ?)
    6: They always knew they were never going to make the release dates, but announced them anyway because Canon have their new dslrs coming out soon.
    P.S. I’m just having a laugh…try not to take it too seriously.
    (and I haven’t got a D4 or D800 ordered so it doesn’t affect me lol)

    • R!

      I’d say nbr 6 ,but with the same for Canon,they both wanted to come out with a brand new pro body at the same time and they’re both failing,hope the 1D and D4 will be out before the Olympics!!!!!

    • Andrew

      …and this is to make me happy?

  • JSR

    Hopefully it is just greater than expected NPS orders. 3rd delay notice this month: D4, XQD, now D800E.

  • Frank

    Oh please dont delay the D800!!!! D4 and D800E I dont care, but please not the D800!!!

    • fred

      You can be as selfish as you like, but don’t expect anyone to care about it.

  • Ricardo Philippi

    Here we go again!

  • BB

    Amazon previously had March 21 as ship date (after they fixed the old Jan 2013 mix up) for both D800 and D800E in my account. Now they had to change it, so, I guess that is the reason why they sent that email. It still sounds like a system glitch rather than real delay to me.

    • BB

      Also it happened only on Amazon and not my B&H pre order for D800E.

  • Nicholas W.

    It’s crazy to see a plastic gear in the shutter unit.

    • Frank

      Pretty sure its not plastic. Its just the lighting. It is most likely aluminum.

      • Besserwisser


        Damn yankees making up words.. 😉

        • R!

          Kevlar : the same light strong metal that is used in bullet proof vest ,If you have the intention of buying a such expensive product you better know what you’re talking about !!

          • ShaoLynx

            In case of which you shouldn’t call it ‘metal’.
            It’s a fiber.
            Try “wiki kevlar” and look it up.

            • R!

              Thanks, I didnt know that ,you learn by your mistakes and accepting it .Its strong as metal thought!!

            • R!

              Anyway I think the D800 will not have kevlar shutter ,It’s not listed at Nikons D800 page,It might be only for the D3/4 shutter only,so It might be Aluminium or hard plastic lol!!!!!

        • Don

          Actually, it’s damn Alcoa making up words, at least in this case.

    • Scott M

      Maybe ceramic? Or some high tech composite, doesn’t look metal.

      • I would bet that it is a nylon reinforced plastic. Very strong, and wear resistant, trust me. I used gears made of this material with a finer pitch than the gear above powered by high speed, high torque motors with no problems. (Far more powerful than a servo to operate the shutter curtains.)

        I’m amused that people are upset that they are fixing the issues BEFORE release?! I mean would you rather they shipped them with a known defect and leave it up to buyers to find out and send their cameras back for service? Would that impact the image of the company more than a few week delay while they correct it ahead of time? Would it cost them less now than later?

        Why are people so impatient these days? You’ve waited this long, a few more weeks delay isn’t going to kill you.

        • fred


          Nylon gears are self-lubricating and last a long time.

          • GrumpyDiver

            Of course the gear is made from an engineered resin. Stronger, more accurate and more temeprature stable than a metal gear. Something that is rather desirable when trying to create a shutter that is accurate at a 1/8000th of a second exposure.

            Metals have specific performance characteristics; engineered resins have their own set of performance characteristics. There are strengths and weaknesses in any material choice, and in any design decision, the designer is working to balance the various tradeoffs.

            Photographers should not second guess design decisions made by the engineering team, unless they have the knowledge and experience to do so…

  • iamnomad


  • David

    Same story as with d7000 in 2010. Nikon it is becoming more a pattern than exception for u. U want another HITLER IS CANCELLING HIS D7000 video on YouTube ?

  • Frank

    Actually, I’m fairly certain the standard D800 will not get delayed. The D4 & D800E are both more specialized. The D4 obviously being way different and consisting of more things that can go wrong, but the D800E also takes special steps to remove the AA filter (or not put it in) either way there is more chance for things to go wrong with the D4 & D800E. So hopefully the D800 wont meet the same fate.

  • Steve Starr

    Has anyone gotten a D4 yet under NPO? Dates seemed to have changed quite a bit and I’ve lost track of the next release date. Feb. gone. Maybe late March now?

  • sl

    Keep in mind that the D800 was supposed to be announced in October which implies that it was close to production 6 months ago. The production capacity was affected but R&D and testing likely continued for an additional 6 extra months. That’s a lot of additional time to fine tune and polish a product that is already close being done. The D800 / D4 will probably be much better than the majority of products that get rushed out the door half baked (ie Canon 1DX). I wouldn’t expect that they have found major design flaws at this point. I would expect that the same issue that’s causing delays to the D4 are affecting both the D800 and D800E since they share common parts and firmware.

  • These high end cameras are incredibility complex with many new parts.
    Quality control means catch the problems BEFORE you ship.

  • GK

    Come on Nikon! Just release it with any imperfections/issues it may have, we want it. That strategy works for Canon, just get the body in our hands like Canon, we can field test it.
    Of course cars never have recalls…….except for the ones recalled.

    I appreciate Nikon holding till ready. My D3s and D3x are amazingly still working past the first intro date of the the D4.

  • R!

    Personally I prefer to wait and get a perfect product !

  • “we recently learned that the release date for this item has been changed again.”

    It mentions “again”. Was not aware that it had been pushed back before? Perhaps just a matter of automated messages.
    Either way, as mentioned by some others: Better a fully functional product in hand a bit later rather than receiving it early and having to send it back for repairs etc.

    • they initially listed the D800 delivery date as January 2013

  • Ralph

    Well, I’m surprised. What were they doing for the 11 months the release was delayed? Surely they had a lot of additional test time or were they too busy designing the next stupid coolpix.

    I’m inclined to believe its just an Amazon presale over allocation but I guess we will find out.

  • shivaswrath

    well don’t the D800 and D800e SHARE the same shutter? Does that mean another delay for the D800?

  • Robert

    So Nikon release D4, D800 and D800E and now they claim to have shuter problems.

    So cool….

    Trust in Nikon? …. shutter problem probably another earthquake shake the shutter…

  • R!

    Give me a titanium F6 and I’ll be happy!!

  • Kevin Osmond

    Ok i have a NOOB question,

    How can Nikon delay a release, for shutter problem, or even firmware problem.

    Im assuming they already have about couple hundred thousands of the D800/E and D4 in the box sealed in some warehouse ready to ship….

    What does the delayed do? I assume if its firmware, we can always upgrade to the new one from their website, but when its ship it will have the original firmware no matter what, and for mechanical problem such as shutter, what will they do? Open all the box and reconfigure all the camera? I dont think that would be cost efficient.

    Enlighten me please! 🙂

    • Zoot

      Maybe it’s the boxes which are faulty.

    • Scott M

      You assume they have boxed them. Maybe not.
      I wonder if most get sent by large shipping containers and what a typical passage is in days. I am guessing 10 days or so from Japan to Long Beach. So if that’s the case…they need to be loaded up in a container by say …March 8-9 to make the deadline here. Just another assumption. They have about 8 days to put them into boxes.

      • Kevin Osmond


        I love Nikon lover, their “ASSumption” never stop to amuse me!

        Putting 150k of camera inside the box within 1 week, and shipping them around the world! Wow, Santa can only hope his elf can work that fast!

        Thats about 14.88 camera boxed per minute for a straight 24 hr boxing for a week! Thats my ASSumption! lol

        • St.

          @ the Smart Kevin:
          They will produce 30,000 cameras per month, not 150, 000.
          This automatically lower your number to 3 cameras per minute for boxing. And I assume they have not only one person, who puts the cameras in the boxes.
          Nikon are not from yesterday on the market. They surely know what/how/when!!!
          That’s my assumption!

          • GrumpyDiver

            Nope; the initial D800s have likely left the factory and are either staged for loading ormore likely have already shipped. From a cost standpoint we can assume that they are traveling by ship, rather than air.

            Do the math: 2 days at the dockyard to stage and load; about 12 – 14 days for a trans-Pacific crossing (depending on origin / destination port); 3 daysto unload and clear customs. Distribitors are on the east coast, so give intermodal transport to ship across the country of around a week, plus receiving at the Nikon distribution center. The distributor likely has a 5 day shipping schedule to handle national distribution.

  • Richard

    Wow ok..i guess i can hold on my like new D700 for a little longer 🙂
    cant live a weekend without a camera

  • Holgs

    better they get everything fixed now than sending out shutters that spray oil all over the sensor like on some D7ks

  • “Oh man, I am so tired of you wedding photographers bitchin’ all day. Can’t you get your onwn lives? Evenbetter get you own wifes or start using your cameras for something meaningful instead of robbing poor suckers playing the Beckhams for a day.”

    THL, You are so ignorant. Have you ever even gotten paid for taking a picture? What’s more meaningful: getting paid to shoot a wedding, getting paid the same for an all day commercial shoot, or say getting paid less for shooting a sporting event? I make a Hell of a living shooting weddings. Hacks that complain about wedding photographers are the ones that need to get a life.

    • Calibrator

      “I make a Hell of a living shooting weddings.”

      Thanks for confirming him!

  • ken

    so did EVERYONE who ordered d800e from
    amazon get email? and any d800 amazon ppl get one? put this into perspective……

  • Doug

    Well good thing i ordered the D800 hey hey hey !??
    seriously, they had 2 frinking years to build the D800 so why the f$%k would they be able to manage a mess up now less than a month away from shipping ffs??????????

    • ken

      this hasn’t been confirmed yet, so no point bitching about it 🙂 wasting your internet credits…

      and what only 1 reported D800 order on amazon got the email? and that was in EU?? must be hundreds on here keeping very quiet or who actually didnt get the email…there was a flood of ‘i ordered on amazon the d800…’ posts when the pre-order posted…and nothing from you now…shout up amazon d800 orderers…did you get email or not?

      • Rob

        I got the email from Amazon this morning as well.

        • ken

          d800 or d800e?

    • Jeff


    • Jetfire

      They didn’t have two years. They didn’t have prototypes until last year and then had the earthquake.

  • Rams

    Now what ? People falling over each other to cancel their pre-orders due to the shutter problem !

    Just the other day, people were clogging the online stores with their multiple pre-orders !

    Haste makes waste !

  • Egan

    There is a very simple explanation for the delay of the 800E, IMO. Nikon was expecting a 90:10 ratio of 800 to 800E sales, but their pre-orders are showing a much higher interest in the 800E than was expected. So, they delay the initial shipments of the 800E’s by a couple of weeks while they retool their facility to handle the greater volume.

    I don’t know why everybody is in stitches over this. This means that Nikon can fill pre-orders more efficiently and fewer backorders over the life of the body. No big deal.

  • It Has Begun! (Bugs)

    • Gerry

      yup same where I am. Just use plenty of flyspray and keep under mosquito netting at night.

      They will start to disappear once it warms up 🙂

  • Sdnd

    In the mad rush to seize the MP initiative/madness, Nikon got too ambitious ? Too much of a technological jump after years of complacency at 12 MP !

    Too many innovations will increase the likelihood of such failures ! Not to forget the damage to their Sendai plant and suppliers and the chance that everything is not back at 100 % but only at 95 or 98 %.

    What problems lurk in these new cameras ?

  • cfeather

    This is why Nikon never got into the weapons business. Delivery problems are not conducive to winning wars.

    • Egan

      You obviously have zero experience with Government contracts. Very, very few .gov contracts actually deliver on time.

  • Landscape Photo

    Cause of the delay (if true) can only be explained with an upcoming real walkaround 50mm-sized lens to be bundled with D800E.

    Yes, 16-300mm f/6.3-8 VR with an exceptional IQ even wide open, designed for landscape photographers in the field 🙂 We know, the D800(E) can autofocus @ f/8 😉

  • Dan

    Not totally related to the topic, but didn’t know where else to post.

    Will the D800 allow you to reduce the size of the file (say 20Mp instead 36Mp) but still use the full frame instead of cropping? That way you can generate smaller files, along the size of the D7000.

  • Well, I have not yet received the dreaded Amazon e-mail about my D800 being delayed. My estimated delivery is still March 26 – 30.

    In the meantime, I’m keeping warm, and having sweet dreams reading the D800/E technical guide and dreaming of sugar plum fairies, and 36 megapixel fun…..Ahhhhhhh…….

  • Dig

    The new Nokia 808 PureView mobile phone already has a 41-megapixel camera.
    A multitude of features otherwise are also included,

    • ken

      at the end of the day it could have 1000MP camera, it’s still a crappy Nokia 🙂 !!

  • I don’t know about anyone else, but I have a D800E on order with Amazon and the last email I received (before this one) indicated that it would be delivered EARLY (i.e. same time as D800 – March 18th). This just pushes it back to my original expectation as far as I’m concerned.

    • ken

      are you a member of NPS or something that you would get hte D800E 3/4 weeks earlier than anybody else and 3/4 weeks earlier than the official shipping date of the D800E? Just wondering maybe Amazon have f*cked up your order and you’ll get a D800…just saying…being Amazon and all 🙂

  • Dormant

    B&H have changed the “expected availability” for the D800E from April 12 to April 16. D800 is still March 22.

  • We will have to wait till the end of March until they ship the first D800 🙂

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