Nikon will announce three more DSLR cameras in 2012

The current DX camera line according to Nikon Europe

In addition to the D4 and D800, Nikon will announce three more DSLR cameras in 2012. I believe that the new cameras will all be DX models - my vote goes for Nikon D3100, D7000 and D300s replacements.

In terms of lenses, I am confident about at least two new DX products:

  • A refresh of the 16-85mm lens (it may even have a fixed f/4 aperture)
  • A new 18-300mm f/3.5-5.6 lens (see patent):

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  • jorg


    • karl

      Nikon can not even keep up with the demand for the D7000, I would be surprised to see it come with a new version of this camera. Maybe a real D90 replacement instead ?

      • Paul

        The D7000 was the real D90 replacement.

        • Tommy B.


        • karl

          not so sure about that now. The D7000 costs twice as much as the D5100, so there’s plenty of space for another model in between.

          • The increase in price is currently due to lack of stock, because of the flooding. I would say that the price of the D7000 will come down when stock levels get back to normal.

            • WoutK89

              Exactly, they used to be in the low 800 euro already, and now back to SRP or higher in Holland (SRP is around 1079 euro). D5100 is 570 euro or so.

      • Analyst

        There is a good chance Nikon will put out a D7000 replacement, but probably not announced until the end of the year, and then available even later.

        Look at the release cycles – roughly two years apart. However, given all the production problems, it is reasonable to expect a D7000 replacement announcement a bit later than September 2012. Could be as late as January 2013 (2.5 year gap in announcements).

        Sep 15, 2010: D7000 announced (2.1 year gap)
        Aug 27, 2008: D90 announced (2.0 year gap)
        Aug 9, 2006: D80 announced (2.5 year gap)
        Jan 28, 2004: D70 announced

        • WoutK89

          Why do you think they still have problems, given that they are able to produce the D800 and D4 already? And still D7000 and D5100’s are being produced/ delivered for stock. I am sure if they want to release by christmas, they are able to do so, expect announcement still in September for Photokina.

          • Aamith

            Because the D800 and D4 are made in Sendai Japan, not Thailand where the flood shut down D7000 production.

            • WoutK89

              I was just saying this because they do need Thailand or other factories to be working to produce parts that are not made in Japan (yes, Thailand was important for made in Japan as well if I am correct). So if they can get these two cameras out, means they are working at as good as full speed again.

            • RondoX

              That’s correct. The D4 and D800 are stamped “made in Japan,” but a lot of parts for those cameras are made in Thailand.
              Same with the expensive “made in Japan” Nikkor Lenses. A lot of those parts are made in China.

              Kinda reduces smug factor a little, but nowadays, nothing is made in one place anymore.

          • The D800 and D4 are produced in different factories to the D5100 and D7000. So where not effected by the flooding. According to Nikon production will not get back to normal for the cameras produced at its factory in Thailand until the end of March (see Nikon 5th flood notice). There is a definite shortage of the D5100 and D7000 at the moment, with a huge amount of back orders. I suspect that you are correct when you say that they will announce the D7000 replacement in September but it won’t be available to November time.

            • AnoNemo

              What if they are gearing up the old factory with new machinery for the new cameras? At the same time they are producing at the alternate locations the old models. I can see perhaps 2 DX cameras coming before June and 1 around sept.

              Before june = D300s and D3100 replacement
              After June = D7000 replacement
              We may see an FX version of the D7000

            • WoutK89

              But Japan was however influenced by the earthquake/tsunami thing.

      • If they do refresh the D7000, they need to fix two feature inadequacies.
        1) Increase buffer from 10 raw frames to 20 or 30
        2) Increase bracket options from 3 to 5 frames

        • KnightPhoto

          +1 on D7100 larger buffer and bracket options

        • +1 it’s the only thing wrong with the d7000, IMO.

      • hmm…

        I suspect Nikon might well be able to keep up with the demand for the D7000, they’re choosing not to. They earn more per camera, the retailers get more per camera, yet buyers are willing to pay the price to get something that’s in ‘short supply’.

        What’s the time difference between a camera being manufacturing and being formally announced? Could it be any spare capacity is being used to make the new DSLRs?

        Or maybe I’m being cynical…

        • No, I think you’re spot on. If they can control supply and demand to make more money you better believe they will! I suspect that’s why they introduced those crazy min-price regulations a few months back as well. It stinks for us – the consumer – but it is good business!

          • Andrew

            The mini-price regulations are fine for me if they will lower the total cost of ownership for their products. In other words, pricing the D7000 at $1,200 instead of maybe $2,000 for that caliber of camera is a win for consumers. Pricing the D800 for $3,000 instead of the outrageous price of the D3x at $8,000 is another big win for consumers (Note: many people believe the the D800 is the true replacement for the D3x). So overall, Nikon has lowered to cost of entry for many photographers. Those huge savings could go towards some prime lens. So overall, I am pleased with Nikon’s pricing.

        • Calibrator

          > I suspect Nikon might well be able to keep up with the demand for the D7000, they’re choosing not to. They earn more per camera, the retailers get more per camera, yet buyers are willing to pay the price to get something that’s in ‘short supply’.

          It’s always a trade-off and a break-even, I guess. Sometimes it’s better to sell fewer units with more profit (see Leica), sometimes it’s because your competition isn’t a threat (Sony couldn’t deliver the a65 and a77, too) and sometimes it’s because you simply can’t produce as much units as you want to.
          In the case of the D7000 I think it’s a combination of the latter two reasons, thanks to the Thailand flood. The higher price is a result – and not a reason – in this case.

          > What’s the time difference between a camera being manufacturing and being formally announced? Could it be any spare capacity is being used to make the new DSLRs?

          Only the manufacturer knows for sure but products that are high in demand are definitely being produced weeks or even months in advance. The manufacturer is often balancing customer satisfaction against immediate profit. Not being able to deliver hot products is often shunned by the same people that are usually hyping up the products in the first place.

          Why do you think Canon announced the 1D-X in October with a launch date in March? To bring the hype machine up to speed and ramp up initial production, of course.
          A bit more time for hyping up the potential buyers will increase the number of purchases. On the other hand: Hyping the public too long will turn your product into vaporware and massively decrease the amount of purchases.

          You also have to factor in the delivery time. Practically everything with electronics inside is made in Asia and Nikons are no exception. This means transport from Thailand or Japan to central Europe, the USA or elsewhere – usually by ship. Then there’s customs, transport to local distributor, transport to retailer/online store etc.
          For puny third-world-Europeans like me this can easily add up to three weeks or more.

          A new camera that has to be competitive in the xmas business has to be in stores at Dec 1. at the latest, which means that it has to leave the Asian factory somewhere in the first half of November.
          You can do the math yourself how many weeks the manufacturer has after introducing his product at the Photokina exhibition in September. Big design changes will practically kill the xmas sales – better deliver a product with a buggy firmware and do an update later…

  • Prajyot


  • Paul

    Wow, Nikon needs to stop updating these consumer zooms. Give us more primes!

    • Prajyot


    • Jeff

      I would agree, but I am curious, what do others want to see in terms of primes? Different focal lengths? faster (f/1.2)? Slower (f/1.8-2.8)?

      I wonder if we will see more in primes if Nikon wants to make a push with video, much like Canon is doing with their new primes.

      • We still don’t have a 16 f/2.8 DX, which would equal the 24 f/2.8D on a FX body. Preferably with a 52mm or 77mm filter thread. This is a pretty essential prime that’s still missing from the DX lineup.

        • WoutK89

          Woooooh, 77mm filter for a 16/2.8 lens? That would take away the need for a DX-only prime (small and lightweight). I think you better look into a step-up ring for your filters.

        • jivee

          Agree, but maybe I found a solution in the interim. Yesterday I got a Tokina 116 to fill the gap inbetween my 10.5 and 17 – 55. Completes my f2.8 DX lineup ( save for the “gap” between 55 and 70 when going to to 70 – 200). Its a slop slower than I’d like, but got rid of Nikkor 12 – 24 because of soft edges, weird distortion, and f4. Trying her tonight 🙂

          • I find that the 12-24 DX is fine at 16mm. Enjoy the new lens.

      • Paul

        I would like to see a dedicated line of video primes (even zooms!) from Nikon but they don’t seem interested in pushing towards that direction.

      • Analyst

        We want a wide angle prime for DX!!!

        Right now, you’ve got these Nikon “wide angle” primes for DX:

        10.5mm f/2.8 fisheye (~16mm equivalent)
        MISSING: ~24mm equivalent
        MISSING: ~35mm equivalent
        35mm f/1.8 DX (~50mm equivalent)

        I know that there is the $2,000 24mm f/1.4, but come on!

        Give me a 24mm f/2.0 and a 16mm f/2.0 that are DX lenses at maybe $500 each and you’ve got some clear winners.

        I’m sure Nikon can make these (there have been patents), but they know it is a limited market so they don’t bother.

        • Ben

          Agreed! Lets have some 24mm and 35mm equivalents of DX! 😀

        • Something like a reasonably price pancake 24/28/35mm equiv would be wonderful, for lightweight walkabouts.

        • Rich in TX

          I am no genious, but what’s wrong with using the older 20mm 2.8 (af-d), or 28mm af-d lenses on a DX? I do and although not designed for DX perhaps, they work fine. Of course I understand I am not getting 20mm on the DX crop sensor…

          • Ben Hipple

            they lack AF-S needed by many dx cameras to AF

            • Anonymous

              Actually that is a business decision by Nikon, imo. The users of these low end consumer bodies usually use zooms. So the demand for primes in this segment is low. For the higher end DX bodies, they work with the AF-D glass, and hence the whiners should go ahead and pick those up and use them. However, most whiners here are not photogs, but gear heads and just plain and simple bithchers(new word?), so they will bitch, moan, groan and whine no matter what.

          • Crocodilo

            The venerable 20mm f2.8D is simply mushy on a DX body. Any current DX kit zoom lenses can beat it, aperture by aperture, at 20mm. And while they are not f2.8, they are f3.5 and feature VR… (18-55, 18-105, 16-85, and I’d guess also the 18-200)

            I’ve used a 20 2.8D until I got the chance to test it out against my second 18-105 (stupid me, sold the first one). The zoom gets a very, very clear edge on image quality.

            Trust me, I’d love to love the 20. But just don’t.

        • Don Pope

          I want a 24 f/1.8 (or at least 2.0) DX prime. (under $600)
          A 16mm or so would also be sweet.

        • Ordep

          I have avoided buying DX lenses. Always give priority to FF lenses, even using DX body. Is a better investment and is not limited only the DX bodies. In many places I see people claiming DX lenses only, in my opinion not justified. imo.

        • alex

          First, Buy a full frame camera dude, second, quit complaining.

      • Rolf

        24mm f/1.4 that doesn’t cost two grand.
        50mm f/1.4 VR at a reasonable price
        85mm or 100mm f/1.4 VR

        • preston

          so, you want them to release new versions of brand new lenses – some with VR being added – and price them less than the existing ones. sounds reasonable to me!

        • Analyst

          Yeah seriously, asking for cheap f/1.4 lenses with VR is not a reasonable expectation at all. If you want VR on all your lenses, or better live view, or anything innovative, switch to Sony or Pentax or Fuji or basically anyone but Nikon or Canon. There is no incentive for Nikon and Canon to make anything new, because they are already are dominant players. Once they start losing market share, maybe they’ll listen up, but until then they’re just going to sit back and milk it.

          Anyway, I think they could do a 16mm f/2.0 and a 24mm f/2.0 — that is a DX-only lens — and do pretty well.

          They would be a similar design and build quality to the 35mm f/1.8 DX. So you could have all the classic primes for DX — there are really only TWO lenses missing from getting all of your classic FX primes in a DX version for about $500 or less:

          10.5mm f/2.8 fisheye (~16mm equiv. — classic fisheye)
          16mm f/2.0 DX (~24mm equiv. — classic ultrawide)
          24mm f/2.0 DX (~35mm equiv. — classic wide angle)
          35mm f/1.8 DX (~50mm equiv. — classic normal lens)
          40mm f/2.8 DX micro (~60mm equiv. — classic short macro)
          50mm f/1.8 (~75mm equiv. — close to the classic 85mm fast portrait)
          60mm f/2.8 micro (~90mm equiv. — close to classic 105mm macro)
          85mm f/1.8 (~128mm equiv. — close to the classic 135mm fast tele)
          105mm f/2.8 micro (~158mm equiv. — close to classic 150mm fast tele) (ok that is over $500, dang.)

          Also, for those thinking it can’t be done from an engineering standpoint, what about Fuji’s new 18mm f/2.0 DX lens that they are selling with the Fujifilm x-pro1 for $550? Seems like if Fuji can do it, Nikon sure as hell could. But they are afraid to innovate.

    • Agreed

    • roberto


  • Ferrum

    Hey admin, I assume this means you think the D400 will still be a DX? There’s lots of talk on these comments (as you probably have seen) that the D400 will become full frame. Any evidence of that?

    • dave

      D400 will not be full frame. Nikon needs to compete with the Canon 7D (and it’s replacement) and a pro-level crop-sensor camera is something that wildlife, sports and telephoto shooters want.

      As popular as the D700 is/was, Nikon lost a small boatload of potential customers to the 5D MkII, and it is unlikely that any of them will switch back for the D800. Nikon worked hard to establish the D300(s) as the pro-level crop sensor king. And they know there are a lot of loyal D300 & D300s shooters still out there just waiting for the next best thing. If they don’t come out with a pro-level crop sensor body, they are going to alienate a lot of soon-to-be-former Nikon shooters.

      Personally, I’d take a small bump in MP with a big bump in high ISO IQ, but I think it’s going to be just the opposite. And that’s too bad, because 8fps is real handy for sports and wildlife.

      • James

        Plus 1+ for Dave.

        I shoot D700/D3s but would sell my D700 in exchange for a D400.

        Ideally I’d love a D3s sized body with a DX sensor, but I think I’m just dreaming…

        • Dr SCSI

          Nikon already did that, many times…. D1, D2, D2H, D2XS, …(smile)
          You can put the D3X in cropped DX mode, or just wait on the next D4X and do the same. Once you have enough resolution on FX, i.e. D800 sensor (upcoming D4X), you can just go DX mode and still print on A3 with great results.

      • Gpereir4

        Fun fact; I just read a rumor that there will be no update to the Canon 7D body, and that the 60D line of cameras will be resume the position as the high end crop body. Not only that, but that the 5D line might spawn into 2 new tiers of full frame camera. Maybe both companies are headed towards a more full frame oriented lineup…

    • yes, I don’t think Nikon will introduce a new full frame product line, at least not in 2012

      • Phil

        Apparently some Nikon exec claimed that the D800 is not a replacement for the D700 but something between the D700 and the D3x and they are considering another full frame model (below the D800) by the end of the year. This could be the D4 sensor in a smaller cheaper body. Even if it’s “just” the D3s sensor I would be happy with that.

        • A full frame camera with less Mpx than D800 and priced below D800 will sale very well.

        • Mark V


        • Dr SCSI

          BRING ON THE D700S!! 16MP sensor from D4, skip all of the high end video capabilities of the D4, take out the WT-5 connector, give us dual XQD slots, 9 FPS with optional battery grip, 100% optical viewfinder, new faster EXSPEED 3 processor, new 4000 Multi-CAM AF sensor with 63 points, 21 cross point with 10 capable of f/8 and one capable of f/11. The AF engine will be a hybrid system with both contrast and phase detection, borrowed from Nikon V1. Two battery grip versions, one with and one without wireless transmitter capability. Shutter rating of 250,000! Backlit buttons, add BKT button, add two custom buttons C1 & C2. Nikon goes back to their roots making the best damned photographer’s camera! I’ll take two please!

    • RXG

      I currently shoot with a D300S and I have been really wanting to move up to full frame. I’m a little disappointed with the latest Nikon product announcements because there’s still no FX body with all the features I want, other than D4, which is way too expensive for me. I guess what I really want is a D700 with video, but that doesn’t exist yet.

      • jota V

        Like you I am a D300s shooter, Dx Camera with enough Dynamic range, High Iso with low noise should be the new camera for me.

  • dgm

    Any idea when the lens refresh might happen ? a fixed f/4 16-85 will not rust on the shelves methink, certainly one will find it’s way to my bag. I was about to buy the current one but held off following your rumored f/4 from a wee while back

    • WoutK89

      +1, still shooting the 18-70 at the moment, but would love something a little wider and VR is always welcome. But I didnt like the 5.6 end on the 85, when my 70mm goes to ‘only’ 4.5.

  • juicebox81

    Admin, any chance we will find out what these cameras are…

    perhaps before March 21ish…

    • I like where your going with this. 🙂

    • St.

      You don’t have to worry about March 21st if you pre-ordered from Amazon.
      You have plenty of time till January 2013.

      • Anonymous

        Amazon has already come out and said that the Jan 2013 was just a place holder. So, any more jokes on this matter is really on you… but hold on, you are a Canon troll, so you have always been a joke 🙂

  • TheObserver

    Why do I have a feeling that the D7000 update might just be a D7000s?

    • WoutK89

      The name will be D7100, and if what I hear in the comments is true, it will have the 24MP sensor of the Sony cameras. That is more than just an ‘S’ upgrade.

      • PeterO

        If that is true, what DX sensor do you think the D400 will have?

      • Phil

        The 24MP sensor will be over a year old by the time the D7100 is released and has same high ISO performance (when resampled to 16MP) as the 16MP sensor in the NEX5. I hope Nikon can improve on it.

      • Ben Hipple

        the sony 24MP sensor does 10FPS in the nex7, will it be this fast in the d400?

      • Ralph

        I dont see the point of a 24MP sensor on a DX camera, I doubt there is a single nikkor that can resolve close to that. That would just be MP for marketing at the cost of potentially better ISO and DR performance. I think the D800 is prob at the Nikkor resolution limits which would be about 15-17MP on DX.

        • Tore Helming


          The Nikon 1 system with it´s 10 MP on a CX sensor is equivalent to a 72 MP FX sensor.

        • WoutK89

          The D7000 has a similar pitch to the D800.
          24MP * 2.25 = 56.25MP
          I think there is even more possible (dont tell me that the pitch of pixels of a 10MP compact are anything less than what the D800 does and they still have pretty good quality pictures with sucky lenses)

  • hulkmccracken

    D400 in March please as it will look nice with my iPad3….

    • Zim

      That’s what I was thinking too

      • Walkthru

        ….to go with your Rolex, your iPhone and your Botox??

  • I really wish Nikon would update the 80-400mm VR lens sometime before I die of old age.

    I know of a lot of people are waiting for the D300s replacement, assumed to be the D400. It should be at least the same or higher megapixel ratings as the current D7000 with faster FPS rate and a much bigger RAW file buffer.

    • I

      D400 will be with sensor from D7000 and body fromD300s, so it will better ISO than D300s and better AF and FPS and bigger RAW buffer than D7000, just mix of two current DX cameras, there is a little chance it will be with Sony high MP sensor. Anyway, no FX for sure.

      • Xscream

        I like the idea of D400 with D7000 sensor and D300s body. Then make the D7100 the 24 MP camera, sort of along the lines of D4/D800. The D400 for low light/action, the somewhat lesser model as the MP killer.

        • Andrew

          I don’t like the idea of always compromising ISO.

          Nikon should introduce the D7100 (16 MP) with improved features and video performance like in the higher end pro models. This camera would be for professionals on a budget, a backup camera, a much lighter camera, and for those in developing nations. Price the body at $1095.

          And then Nikon should introduce a D8000 (DX) with a 24 MP sensor but have the same construction and body size as the above model. This model will be for prosumers. Price the body at $1295.

          I for one would prefer the D7100 (above) and a FX (baby D4) camera at 16 MP with the D4’s awesome video performance. Priced at $1995.

      • Andrew

        Makes sense for the D400 to have the D300 body and DX, 16 MP sensor.

        Let the D900 be a baby D4 with a FX 16 MP sensor. Such a camera will be a true D700 replacement. The number one thing D700 owners want is high ISO. With this camera, they will get an ISO of 12,800. The D4 specs shows that Nikon understands that high ISO is important to many professional photographers; and that getting a clean image is paramount.

    • Alex Chaney

      I’m with you on the 80-400 Clifford. I would probably have already bought one if it had AFS. I do enough daylight shooting that I can deal with the 5.6. The 200-400 is nice but not in this amateur shooters budget.

      In regards to the camera, I really need to upgrade from my D300 next year. I’m probably pushing 100K on the shutter and it has more than its share of wear and tear. While I would like a full-frame for some things, for most of what I do the crop sensor is actually perferable. Plus I think the D400 would be somewhere just south of $2,oooUSD.

      Hey – I shot along side you at the airshow in Ashville. You got nice pics of the, ahem, float plane attempt.

    • PeterT

      +1 on the 80-400mm

      It´s a shame how long Nikon let its customers wait for the replacement.
      Also I would love to see a reasonably priced wide angle prime for DX – lightweighted and small especially for travelling as well as a 4/70-200mm.

      • WoutK89

        It is called perfecting the design, I assume and hope. Hopefully the release of the D400 means we will also see it accompanied with the 80-400 refresh.

        If Rumors are true, then Canon has two of these lenses in the pipeline!

    • +1000

    • +2 to all you just said. Please Nikon, please come out with the 80-400 replacement already! (or 100-400, or 120-450 or similar at f4-5.6). It would be so perfect for wildlife, especially with the D400 which I am also pining for.

      Love my 70-300 vrii but not enough reach. Tried the 300 f4 + 1.4 TC , way too soft at long end plus I really need the flexibility of a zoom. The 200-400 is too heavy and expensive.

      Also love my D7000 for the IQ and 16mp, but need the bigger buffer and better afs system I assume the D400 will provide.

      • Anonymous

        I did not understand what you meant by ‘Tried the 300 f4 + 1.4 TC , way too soft at long end”. This is a prime, and the 1.4TC works very well on this one with very little IQ degradation. Why don’t you get a D800 and use it in DX crop mode? It will give you those pixels and a better AFS system, at least based on what I have read.

        • Thanks and appreciate your input. Here’s how I came to my conclusion… I did comparison tests (everything identical incl lighting, tripod etc) between the 300 f4 + tc, and my 70-300 using professional enlargement software to get it to the same size as the tc makes it. I took about 20 raw pix of the same subject from each lens and chose the best from each (using the 100% loupe tool in Bridge, I’m an anal pixel peeper). The sharpness and overall IQ of the best image from the 300 f4 + tc was definitely NOT better than that from my 70-300 + enlargement software. Anyhow it’s moot for me as I really need a zoom.
          RE the D800, it is a tempting thing… the ability to switch betw FX & DX! However the (hypothetical) D400 would be a better camera for me because it will be optimized for action, with emphasis on afs system, processor speed, large buffer and higher FPS than the D800. Not to mention about $1000 cheaper, and with at least the same 16 MP as the D800 in crop mode which is where I’d be most of the time. If I was more into landscape I’d be all over the D800.

          • SusanP

            Oh and to clarify, i meant to say it was way too soft with the TC, not “at long end”… my bad!

    • Todd

      All I really want right now is the 80-400mm replacement. I’m going to Alaska in July. If I don’t have it in my hand by then I’ll have to do something drastic like buy a Canon 7D and their 100-400mm. Don’t want to but will. I MUST have a hand hold friendly FAST focusing x-400mm. Canon is the only one. I’ve had the 80-400mm and sold it. As we know it’s focusing speed sucks. Bought and sold the Sigma 120-400mm. At 5.6 that lens is just crap. I’ll stop typing now.

      • Anonymous

        Nikon has a x-400 zoom already which can be hand held and is reasonably fast with AF. It is called the 200-400/4 VR or VRII. Why not look for an used 200-400/4 VR? I agree that it will be more than the 7D+100-400, but you will be able to use the 1.4TC when you need it.

        • Todd

          First of all, “Anonymous” the 200-400mm is NOT hand hold friendly per my comment. I actually owned that lens as well. Never thought I would pay that much for a lens but I did. It certainly is an amazing lens yet again NOT hand hold friendly per my initial comment. So…here I am again waiting for the 80-400mm replacement or I’m gone.

    • YES. I love my 80-400 VR, but it’s time for an update. The lens needs fast AF-S, VRII (much needed) and a revision to it’s optics. The 80-400 is a great lens and is sharp, but is soft @ 400mm and has terrible corners. This lens should have been updated about 5 years ago.

  • Mother-focking pterodactyl! 18-300 will be ultimate consumer-travel zoom putting tamron’s 18-270 to shame!

  • Cat

    D400 please please please!! I have wating too long for you now! Welcome to my hands!

  • John Carew

    Please D400 before the April 2012!!!!

  • ano102

    have you some preliminary information of the upcoming products during next monts that you dont want to talk about for moment, or absolutely no information ?

    • I have some information, but I don’t think is reliable enough to publish it online.

      • ano102

        thanks for answer

      • robertkrasser

        this is Nikonrumors so please Peter if you have some information please tell it us, even when is not that reliable. What do you think will there be a cheaper/fater FX camera released this year?

        • SusanP

          Also, can you please give your opinion on the likelihood of 80-400mm lens update this year? Won’t hold you to it I promise!

        • no chance for a cheaper FX camera this year

          • SusanP

            Fine, answer his post but not mine. See if I care! :/

  • D7000 don’t need update this year — this camera is perfect for today!
    But D800 is not a replacement of D700s, so we need D700s or D400 witn normal megapixel FF (D3s or D4) sensor!

    • Maawdee

      yes, please.

    • WoutK89

      How much you dont like it, I am afraid Nikon will keep you waiting till 2013 for your D700 upgrade, and the D7100 will be announced as expected by history of the line in september.

      • Jim

        agreed, agreed, agreed.

        Nikon can’t release a mini-D4/D700 successor for at least a year. It’s just a timing thing.

        Just wish we could KNOW it will come.

    • Andy

      I am also guessing the D700 upgrade will come in 2013, with the same sensor relationship and same schedule as for D3/D700.

      I agree, the D800 was not an upgrade for D700. Not even close.
      I find it very hard to believe Nikon is going to ditch a crowd of purchase-ready present D700-owners with a preference for ISO, not MP.
      I could have bought a 16 MP D800 right now. Instead, the money will be one year delayed for Nikon´s bank account. Too bad for them. Meanwhile, I am fine with my D700. 🙂


      • Fingers Crossed

        I hope you’re right!

        I’ve been waiting for the true 700 replacement since even before the 700 was announced. I truly hope Nikon isn’t so blind as to ignore such a large “white space”: FF, high ISO, small form factor, video, GPS, etc.

    • Andrew

      Perfect? We need Expeed 3, higher frame rate, a larger buffer and D800 capable video performance; and please – no more megapixels (16 MP is enough for decent ISO in a DX body).

  • Greg

    My checkbook says no, but my heart says yes for the d400.

  • T.I.M

    The 3 new cameras Peter is talking about are the new Coolpix DSLR !
    (one without AA filter, one with iphone, and one with GPS)


  • Zim

    D400 upgrade and good video this time please. $1999

    • Dmx400

      +1 and as soon as possible !!

    • If it costs $2000, I’ll just step up to the d800 and shoot crop for a while.

  • mic_halis

    Any chance for a 18-24 megapixels D700 or D800 ?

    • Andrew

      Absolutely, but the range will be more like 16 MP to 24 MP. ISO for 24 MP should rival the D700 and ISO for 16 MP should be the same as the D4.

      I have a sneaking suspicion that the next FX camera will be 24 MP; this will be Nikon’s way of allowing the D4 to be on the market for at least 1 year before a baby D4 comes out. But this makes no sense to me. By making the baby D4 have a frame rate of 6 to 7 fps will create enough of a distinction, plus the D4 is built like a tank for extreme photographic conditions. Nikon should not impose artificial limitations on the market as if they are the only company making cameras. Give people what they need (and want) and do it now!

  • I assume that D400 will have the 24mpx sony sensor that we can see in the A77 slt. I believe that D7100 will be the same plus some other bells and whistles (What can you upgrade of such a beautiful machine?
    i don’t care about d3200 :p

    • St.

      If that’s true for the 24mpx sensor in D400 and D7100 then everything is going to its place.
      The low-light capabilities will be best in D4 and then down on the road D800, d400 and D7100…
      The pixel size for those 24Mpx cameras will be around 3.89microns.
      For reference:
      D7100: 3.89microns (D7000: 4.8microns)
      D800: 4.9microns
      D4: 7.3microns

    • PeterT

      I also think that the D400 will have the new 24MPx Sony sensor. If so and the price is araound 1500 Euros I would be tempted to sell my beloved D300 and get a new D400. 24MPx fulfill all my needs regarding printing. Although I am able to print 17″ prints with 12MPx today I would appreciate a 240dpi resolution with 24MPx.

    • Maybe it is just wishful thinking on my part, but I’ve been imagining the D400 as being a low megapixel, high ISO camera. 16 megapixel, 100-12800 ISO, about 7fps. Same 3D Matrix Meter and amazing low-light AF. If they cap the ISO at 6400, Nikon shooting itself in the foot.

      • enesunkie

        The native ISO on the D4 only goes to 12800. I don’t think Nikon would duplicate that on a DX body just yet.

        • Andrew

          I don’t think they could reach 1280 even if they wanted. Not at 16 MP (DX) and definitely not at 24 MP (DX). So it is just not a matter of duplicating, it is a matter of technology – the technology is just not available.


    i want 24-70 vr

  • hannes

    Come on Nikon, you are not Sony.

    Give us useful lenses rather than hundreds of bodies.

    When will:
    Micro-Nikkor 200
    Be updated into 20th century with AF and VR?

    • WoutK89

      Nikon by the end of 2012. Not really 100’s of cams:
      D3200 (I think this line will be taken by Nikon 1)

    • David

      Sony actually has a great, pro quality 70-400 with silent, fast focus motor etc. The only problem is that it’s bright silver :-/

    • Add the 300 F4 VR to that list as well as we have been waiting for that for years as well!

      • Matt


        • Pajyot


    • MuttonPuncher

      +1 on the 200mm Micro:^)

    • Michelle

      +1 on the 80-400

  • CR

    Still not given up the dream of a low-budget FX.
    I know a D400 (whatever its name) would be typically a DX, but:
    – having still an excellent D7000 seller,
    – and a D7000 replacement already this year (photokina-launch?)
    I wonder if the D400 may be a EXPEED3, small D700 with some D7000 video features. Who knows, but most probably, not. 🙁

    – I expect a Nikon 28-105/3.5-5.6 DX Video Zoom, with Video-AF (soft, smart) and Video-oriented VR
    – and a Nikon 40-135/2.0 FX Video Zoom, w. V-AF and V-VR.
    or similar.
    – and a LED Lighting product (dedicated, or integrated with a SB-700/910)

    • WoutK89

      40-135/2.0 FX, seems like you are a good dreamer. I dont think it is possible to make it with good IQ.

      Also, DX 28-105 doesnt sound usable. Not wide enough, and not long enough otherwise.

      • CR

        Fine, no problem,
        but do you have a concrete opinion, on what Lense you’d want,
        or do you just want to peee around?

        • WoutK89

          I am just saying that if I were a photographer in the high end, the 2.0 zoom would be too big and heavy and expensive, so I would just take another lens instead. And as for DX you are using the FX equivalent of a 18-70 lens which is more useful in range than a 28-105lens.
          Lenses I like to see:
          80-400 refresh, wide-angle af-s primes. The rest is pretty much already there.

      • CR

        well then, if nothing useful is coming up, I re-affirm/adjust to:

        17-110/2 FX
        6-24/2 FX
        11-70/4 DX

        now don’t tell me again, “not this not that”. It’s professionally used zoom values, if not taken primes.

  • D700guy

    There’s already evidence of a D3200 and a D400, which are the D3100 and D300s replacements. The question remains; what would the third camera be? Seems to me that a high-mid end consumer DX is up next. D5200?

    • I think it will be the D7000 replacement – it happens every 2 years, usually in August.

      • WoutK89

        +1, and the D5200 to follow in April 2013.

      • Andrew

        If that is the case, the three more DSLR for 2012 being the D400, D3200, and D7100, then that is Nikon’s way of saying that is enough for one year (i.e. D4, D800, D400, D7100, and D3200). They definitely have been very busy (and focused!) lately, if you include the recent release of the Nikon 1.

        So then, as far as Nikon is concerned, the D700 owners will have to make do with the D800 or D4 (if they want high ISO) for 2012. One cannot really complain, even though both the D800 and D4 seemed to have been originally scheduled for a 2011 release, and Nikon may have also originally scheduled a D700 replacement for 2012, if we consider all those disasters in 2011, it makes sense that the D700 replacement will be delayed by another year. Ok, we will just have to change our expectations for this year since the D400 looks as if it is going to be another DX camera and not a new low cost FX camera that D700 owners will clamor towards; but I guess that is fine since I am sure many D300 owners will rejoice.

        So where does all of this leave us? Clearly, Nikon has been very busy (and focused!) this past year, with all of these product releases. It is now quite likely (as a recent post by NR on statements by a senior Nikon executive) that we will now see more frequent product refresh maybe as often as in one year cycles. This should bode well for everyone since important feature changes should make it into end products in a much shorter time frame. This may also result in a change in buying habits where those invested in Nikon cameras will update their equipment more frequently. This trend could result in more revenue for Nikon.

  • Hyrules

    The D400 will most likely be announced after the D4 and D800 has been released. Just like the Admin said. They wouldn’t lose the potential customers to those big 2 to the profit of the D400. I’m waiting for it but if they don’t release it this year i might make the leap to the D800. I’d rather not since all my lenses are DX but as my D200 is getting old it is time to change my hardware.

  • Craig

    Pro sports shooters, who will be shooting the Olympics, are still waiting for the D400 for “long distance” sports like rowing, sailing, track&field sports and cycling.

    I will go out on a limb and say April, at the latest for the D400.

  • Petey

    I wonder if they’re gonna have two separate D400 models? one with high mp and one with better ISO performance?

    • WoutK89

      Not likely at all.

    • Ben Hipple

      better ISO performance is for FX

  • Morg

    Dates? D400 first!

    • WoutK89

      D3200 (D3100 is ‘old’) and D400 (before Olympics as well) as soon as possible, D7100 September.

      • enesunkie

        Didn’t Nikon state that production should be back to normal by the end of March. They certainly won’t be making d300s’s at that time and maybe not even D3100’s. By the end of April, if things work out for them, I would think they might have enought in stock to ship out new products for us.

  • ken

    D800 probably needs to be replaced at this point, it’s been discussed and disected to bits here, time to move on to the next big thing..

  • Mike M

    I literally was just handed my bonus check, I need that D400 release to happen! Lol I’m just hoping they stick with 16 Mpix and push the AF/ISO/FPS rates vs the D7k, I don’t have that much use for a 24 mpix sensor ala Sony, though interpolated down to realistic dimensions it may still have some pretty good high ISO potential, I believe that sensor is an Exmor-R design anyways? I have a feeling since the rumors suggest the D400 was already finalized but delayed by factory issues that it may use the D7k sensor with tweaks, which I’m fine with.

    • enesunkie

      Hoping your right!

    • thesaint64

      And a release in march would be great…

  • Norulez

    D400 and the true replacement for the D700 that I will call the “D710” (here’s hoping it’s a D4 small body in April). D3200 & D5200 in July/Aug. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a D710.

    • NoFunBen

      or call it the d600
      nikon is going to even numbers on the pro cameras

      • WoutK89

        when is 710 not an even number?

        • Jim

          lol i think you get his point

          but well played

        • thesaint64


  • DaveyJ

    Agree with the many who asked for the D400 DX AND the 80-400VR revamp. That is a magic combo and Canon is all over such a competitive line and for extremely good marketing reasons. I do hope that the D400 gets launched before August 2012! Even owning a fair amount of FX Nikkor glass…..the D400 and 80-400VR combo gets 98% of my interest and most importantly all of my camera budgeting plans.

  • Rich in TX

    I would like to know what folks here think about the soon to be released 85mm 1.8 AFS. For $499 I think it looks great. I have one on order along with the D800, but I know I can cancel the lens order anytime before it ships.

    I would just like to know the consensus on the expectations for that particular lens please.

    (for video use as well as still photography)

    • Matt

      I predict it will be 2/3 as good as the f/1.4 at 1/3 of the price!

      • Wilson Maldaner

        I haven’t used one myself but it could be very good considering that the 50mm 1.8g has been getting better ratings in sharpness than the 50mm 1.4 (then again the price difference isn’t as large) I am interested in an 85mm 1.8g if it is very close

    • legion515

      i can’t find the link now, but someone had posted full res samples of shots taken with the 1.4G and 1.8G (i think the link was somewhere on NR). the 1.8G looked really good compared to the 1.4G. IIRC, the center sharpness was similar wide open, but the 1.4 had better contrast. stopped down they were more or less identical.

      after seeing those samples, the 85mm f/1.8G is on the top of my “lenses to buy” list.

  • R!

    I would say D4000,D8000,D400 and D4X that makes 4 I know!!!!

    • WoutK89

      what is a D4X? They have a D800, and thats already more than most need.

      • R!

        A D4X COULD BE A D800 IN A D4 BODY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • R!

          A D 800 S COULD BE NICE ALSO :A D800 WITH A D4 SENSOR!!!!!!

        • WoutK89

          But if it is the same inside of a bigger body, that is more expensive,
          WHYYYYYYY?? Lolz

  • broxibear

    Nikon has revealed more about the technology inside its D800E DSLR…
    “At its launch, last Tuesday, Nikon said it had removed the D800E’s anti-aliasing filter, a move Nikon conceded risked the appearance of ‘false colour and moiré’ in photos.
    Speaking at CP+ a few days later, the company’s general manager for marketing, Nobuaki Sasagaki, explained that if Nikon had completely removed the low pass filter the D800E’s sensor would have to be repositioned to compensate for the change in optical path – and this would make the cameras very expensive to produce.”
    “Officially, the D800 has not replaced the D700 in Nikon’s range of DSLRs, and Sasagaki said that, so long as there is demand for the D700, Nikon will continue to produce the bodies.
    However, he revealed that the D800E and the D4 would not be the only DSLRs that Nikon will launch this year, though he would not be drawn on timing.”
    Full Amateur Photographer article here

    • Andrew

      Thanks for the information, greatly appreciated.

  • MB

    My bet is:
    New lower cost not so pro FX body
    D3100 replacement (maybe called D4000)
    D7000 replacement (maybe called D8000)
    in that order and we should probably forget semi pro Dx00 line

    • Ben Hipple

      D3100 replacement is coming but it is called the d3200
      D7000 replacement is coming but it is called the d7100
      with the 2 year replacement cycle on these cameras they are going to this numbering system.

      • WoutK89

        exactly, otherwise they run out of numbers way too fast.

        • enesunkie

          The same could be said about a “D400” also. D9000 would makes more sense, especially if it’s DX.

          • WoutK89

            but D400 comes from the line with 100 increments, so there it doesnt matter, also because its an old numbering scheme. The Dxx00 however was introduced about 3-4 years ago, so to already waste all the numbers now would seem silly!

  • Please let it be the D300s replacement first!

    I’ve been waiting for this replacement for around 18months. I’ve got a backup D7000 which works well for low-light music stuff but the buffer fills far too quickly when doing sport.

    D7000 is better quality and noise-wise but my D300 is much better speed wise.
    A combination of them both would be ideal!

  • John

    I hope that just as the D300 inherited the AF system from the D3 that the D400 inherits the AF system from the D4. The D400 should be Nikon’s top DX camera; the D7000 or its successor does not fulfil that roll. The ability to AF at f8 would be valued by many amateur users.

  • CRB

    D400…great, but another 16-85mm? the current one is awesome…NIKON, please give a 35mm EQ to DX users, please…patent is already what? 2 years old?

    • Ben Hipple

      You are so right, 35mm equivalent is missing and so is the 24mm and 20mm.

      and why is the 16-85mm the only zoom that starts at 16mm. in FX almost all the zooms start at the equivalent of 16mm.

      • CRB

        yep, sony has the 16-50mm also now…2.8…nikon is really missing the boat regarding primes…what is the point of a small capable camera as the D5100, if you dont have good small primes other than the 35mm 1.8 (52mm EQ)?

  • Richard

    3 more DSLRs??
    I would be really surprised if there is a d7000 replacement. It’s already so good the way it is. Why upgrade for minor things?…

    Definitely need a 16mp DX D400 with high fps and D7000 features to fill in D300S replacement (priced around $1700?)

    And perhaps a 16MP TRUE d700 replacement priced around $2200

    Would feel very redundant if there is a model between d7000 and d5100, or between a d7000 and d400…

    Perhaps a d4000 or d3200 with improved features to get the entry level market

  • Wilson Maldaner

    I would like to see a crazy sharp ultra wide lens prime that could take filters like a 16 mm 2.8 or somthing that doesn’t distort terribly

  • Nikkor

    I hope for D700 s or x 🙂

    • Dr SCSI


  • NYikon

    I’m hoping/guessing: D3100 replacement, D800H (D800 with D4 sensor), D9000 (ie. D7000FX)

  • Tuomas

    Nikon has a great lineup of “kit” DX zoom lenses but they are forgetting people who want “pro” grade DX lenses. The 17-55/2.8 is almost 10 years old and it doesn’t seem like they are ever going to refresh it. I’d love to have a new set of 8-16/2.8 (Sigma already has a 8-16), 16-50/2.8 and 50-135/2.8 with the D400. But all we get is two new consumer (or should I say beginner) lenses that are bought by people who don’t either know or need better. Oh come on…

    So if I want a collection of 2.8 DX zooms I’ll have to go for third party lenses. That’s not right.

  • George Maravelakis

    Since this post turned out to be a wishlist , i want a Canon MP-E 65 equivalent (only better…)

  • jorben

    Fun fact, just bought d7000 yesterday.

    • WoutK89

      Will it stop working now? Oh noes…

  • Nikonnut

    Nikon used to have 3 FX DSLRS (d700, d3s, d3x) so they probably will have another. We only have 2 now (d4 and d800).

    I think of the 3 more this year, 2 will be dx cameras and 1 will be an fx.

    You d700 fans will be able to rejoice and for equal or less money than the d800. Ill bet 10 bucks on it =)

    as for the 2 dxs, a D400 (D300s replacement) and a D3100 eplacement. D7000 next year. =)

  • PeterO

    @тот самый
    Yes, I’m sure that after a couple of years they will improve on the high iso noise.

  • Gab

    It’s Ken Rockwell’s fault. He is the one that recommends his 18-200 all the time as the “perfect” one lens solution for dx..

    • jdsl


  • Zack

    I bet D300s, D3100, D3X replacements

    • WoutK89

      Seriously, what (besides the bigger body) doesnt a D800 have that you want to see in a D4x?

  • Terry

    Whatever they do, please may they do it soon. I need the D400 before this autumn’s wedding season is in full swing. The sooner the better so I can get used to it.

    And please may it be 16mp with great high ISO.

    • thesaint64

      I totally agree with that…
      I’m checking almost everyday this site to see if there is some news about the D400…

      • 120-300 OS for Nikon

        Me too i wait till D400 comes out and than buying mabe D400 with D800 or solo D800 depends on spects of d400.

        • Powerbill

          Add me to the list. I’ve been waiting and saving to upgrade my D90 and was rather disappointed in the D800 specs. Just too afraid of those large files with my 2008 iMac and always shrinking storage. I love the D800, IF I already had a D700 or D3. I can’t afford a used D3s, so now my options are D400/ D700 / Used D3. If I buy a used D700, I can likely get some nice used pro glass, as long as it’s not much more than 1000 bucks or so. I’m just a bit worried about spending that much money into technology that is, all things considered, rather ancient.

          I was so hoping that the 36 MP D800 rumors were untrue. As one who is shooting more weddings and transitioning into pro-territory, I would rather have more speed and better low light capabilities. That said, a shiny new D800 wouldn’t be THAT bad. I hate complaining about how I’m to spend about 3000 grand on myself while others out there are worrying about paying their bills or feeding their kids.

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