Nikon NPS roadshow gear stolen worth £100k, including D4, D800

The van transporting the gear for the Dublin NPS roadshow was stolen on Saturday night near The Phoenix Park in Dublin, Ireland. The van contained Nikon equipment valued at £100,000 ($156,000) including the brand new D4 and D800 demo cameras.

Her is a list of the stolen equipment with serial numbers, please spread the word:

Serial number Product Name
2027872 SB-700
2000776 SB-910
2112783 SB-R200
2112784 SB-R200
2007201 SB-N5
2053595 SU-800
204369 AFS50/1.4G
211305 AF14/2.8D ED
2102538 AFS35/1.8G DX
203912 AFS35/1.4G
205138 AF105/2D DC
300048 AF135/2D DC
200382 AFS300/4D IF
200661 AFS300/2.8G ED VR2
200606 AFS200/2G VR II
205164 AFS 600/4G VR ED
302920 AF16/2.8D FISHEYE
2069545 AFS105/2.8G VR MICRO
201187 24/3.5D PC-E ED
2009455 AFS60/2.8G ED MICRO
201222 45/2.8D PC-E ED Micro
2024655 AFS85/3.5G DX ED VR
2023900 AF-S DX MC40/2.8G
231352 AFS17-35/2.8D
227817 AFS17-55/2.8G DX ED
333216 AFS14-24/2.8G ED
478320 AFS24-70/2.8G ED
212444 AFS24-70/2.8G ED
33403012 AFS DX 18-105/3.5-5.6G VR ED
225558 AFS16-35/4G VR ED
20002656 AFS70-200/2.8G II VR ED
52002585 AFS28-300/3.5-5.6G VR ED
203336 AFS200-400/4G VRII ED
62001211 AFS24-120/4G VR ED
42291832 AFS18-200/3.5-5.6G VRII DX ED
2102647 AFS55-300/4.5-5.6G DX VR
438805 AFS TC-14E II
216917 AFS TC-20E III
1110036401 1 NIKKOR 10 F/2.8 White
1050077906 1 NIKKOR VR 10-30 F/3.5-5.6 Black
1310000816 1 NIKKOR VR 10-100 F/4.5-5.6 PD
1250003010 1 NIKKOR VR 30-110 F/3.8-5.6 Black
6001003 D90
6056018 D7000
6018500 D5100
5000718 D3X
43001267 COOLPIX S8200 WHITE
44001624 COOLPIX S6200 PINK
40111099 COOLPIX AW100 BLACK
62005091 NIKON 1 V1 White
64004157 NIKON 1 J1 Silver
65006660 NIKON 1 J1 Red
4001235 WT-4
1001109 ME-1 stereo microphone
Serial number Product Name Serial number Product Name
2053595 SU-800 2000193 Sample D4
204369 AFS50/1.4G 2000382 Sample D4
211305 AF14/2.8D ED MPT 2038 Sample WT-5
2102538 AFS35/1.8G DX MPT 2043 Sample WT-5
203912 AFS35/1.4G MPT1088 Sample D800


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  • you can say that…

    they hit the road……


    • acetothermus

      You could say…

      he got the picture…..


      (sorry I had too)

      • probly somebody impatient…

        see nikon? thats what you cause with those delays

        • Boob

          Hmm… justifying theft? Sounds fishy… Cops – interview this guy! Morally dubious… 😉

        • hahah, good one Harold…Hope the show comes to my neighboorhood soon!

    • paf

      Sounds like the Nikon van got SNAPPED!

      that or …

      I suppose someone took “taking snaps” too literally huh?

  • ArthurNava

    Certainly EXIF info will give away the thieves some day. There’s no way you can get away with this is there?

    • Sergio

      You can edit or delete the EXIF meta data if you want.

      • z

        As easy as a click of a button too..

      • Ray

        I hear it is also possible to not upload images to the interweb, strange as that may sound.

        More likely, these will not be used by whoever stole them.

    • As I understand it, EXIF data only records the serial number of the camera body, not the lens. (the lens, yes, but not the lens serial number)

    • ben

      If they sell the gear on ebay, craigslist or other channels and the recepients start using the gear, the exif data will eventually resurface and those who bought the equipment from the thieves will get probed

      • Radu

        What if they are not going to sell it nowhere and just keep it and testing it and using it?

    • EBLIS

      “Certainly EXIF info will give away the thieves some day. There’s no way you can get away with this is there?”

      Thank you very much! I was going to publish some pictures from my new d4 without deleting the exif 🙂

    • erik tableau

      I’m glad that someone got their hands on new nikon gear…lord knows normal people are going to have to wait 6-8 months to get their hands on anything if they didn’t preorder!

  • Raphael

    Wow! Thats a lot of gear! I think that will be my next list for christmas 😀

  • This is terrible! I hope they catch the people or person that did this!! Man every item stolen is basically 1 customers dream item that they’ve been saving to buy.

    • Up $#!t’s creek!

      i’m sure the drivers dream just came true

      • haha 🙂 I don’t think he/she/they can sleep well over night to have a dream.

  • Lets find the Van !!! I’m not interested in the serial numbers, I need the Van’s register number 🙂

  • Jake Sneed


    • Eric


    • kyoshinikon

      The Canut struck again!

    • Ray

      To be announced 28th Feb – Canon 5DX, unknown 36.3MP sensor (ignore the superglued-in sensor!), release date: “When our lab guys reverse enginee… err complete developing it!”

  • Nik

    “One of Everything Nikon makes.”

  • abo

    what a shame… instead of working to aquire something in life, steal seems the easy way… i wish decaptation was an option for this kind of scum in society

    • stuff

      Yeah, we need to be more like Saudi Arabia.

  • T.I.M

    Ooops !
    Did they have a coolpix to take pictures of the thieves ?


    • Discontinued

      My first thought was T. I. M. Are you visible to Coolpixes?

      • T.I.M

        Why would I still a D800e ? I already paid for mine.
        Anyway, I live in Florida, it’s a little far away from UK !

    • paf

      no, they unloaded the coolpix batches carefully before taking off…

    • The Bear Jew

      “Ooops !
      Did they have a coolpix to take pictures of the thieves ?”

      They used the D800 and threw it away after they discovered some serious cases of Moire.

  • Paul

    That’s a whole lot of trackable equipment. What are they going to do? Craigslist or ebay?

  • JasonMize

    sounds like a heist, an inside job…

    • T.I.M

      The D4 & D800 will be easy to sell (even more than the official price)

      • chrisq

        no they won’t, the moment someone puts them out for sale they are instantly throwing up a red flag as neither of those cameras are on the market yet.

        • fred

          All of this stuff will go on sale to wealthy people in countries where the black and grey markets rule. There will be no red flag, just a couple of goons trading gear for stacks of US100’s in a hotel room.

    • Bjrichus

      Only if the van didn’t have a huge Nikon logo on the side.

      I kid you not.

      I used to have an aluminum (aluminium to my British friends) flight case that came from Nikon (was it one of those freebee gifts? Can’t recall now) with their logo screen printed on it.

      It was from the days when the Nikon logo was like an oval shape, had a solid yellow background with a thick black line going round the outside edge and the letters were also in black. Highly visible it was too!!!

      The thing never got stolen, but after the second time of using it, I realized that it was a bit of a target so it stayed at home after that!


    WOW SOMEBODY has a bunch operating manuals to read this morning

  • komalkumar

    Hope those who stole it know what they have got !

  • Zoot

    I’m heading over to e-bay.

  • Mr Orchard

    In my defense, I have a huge shoot coming up for International Male.

  • Ben Dover

    FOR SALE: 2009 Isuzu light hire truck €8000.

  • Art

    I wouldn’t be too concerned. I’m sure whoever “borrowed” the truck simply wants to create a very thorough set of high ISO comparison shots between the D800/D4 and the D3/s/x, D700 and Canon equivalents. I’m sure that once they have posted these in RAW form for us to review, they will return the truck and equipment.

  • Just way too ridiculous…

  • They forgot to put a camera outside the van that would take a picture and transmit it every minute or so. Sorry to hear about this for sure

    • ken

      they did, sadly it was a D800 and they only had the WT5 transmitters 🙂

      • preston


  • Up $#!t’s creek

    guess they thought nikon’s pricing strategy was highway robbery…

    • Boing Wronkwell


      that’s funny.


    • paf


  • Rami

    Are you Kidding me!!??
    All these gears needs another Van to load them. And from the long list, it seems they have a plenty of time to do it.
    This is inside Job no doubt.

  • CHD

    What kind of a moron leaves all this gear in a truck unattended??? Like I tell my employees all the time, if you leave something in a company vehicle, assume it will be stolen. I don’t feel too bad for them.

  • Dan

    The problem isn’t just the loss value, but some of these products have not been released and are limited pre-production. Not only could this tech be out in the open, but Nikon likely will not have replacements for other shows to demo.

  • It’s going to be hard to fence these items. People; beware what you buy. Possession of stolen goods is not good. At the very least you will have your gear taken away.

  • juicebox81

    sadly… i know the feeling. these assholes deserve to get punched in the face… repeatedly.

  • Boing Wronkwell

    Cue movie where this shifty looking bloke in a dirty overcoat walks up to the photographer and whispers: “Psst… Want to buy a slightly used camera?”


    My Dad used to say that if anyone ever said that to you, whatever it was, is either fake or stolen.

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!

  • Shasta_D

    It all may be on its way to Pakistan and then the D4 and D800 may wind up in China soon after.
    This way we will get a cheap $99 knock-off of the MB-D12 grip 🙂

  • ken

    I’m from Dublin, Ireland moved to Denver, Colorado last year…if I was in Dublin right now, I’d go check Darndale area or failing that Jobstown……and these will be easily tracked down in Dublin….not a chance of getting away with it, the hoodies who took them will probably flog them job-lot for a few thousand not knowing wtf they are….

    Phoenix Park is the biggest enclosed park in Europe so good look finding them there, I lived in Dublin for 42 years and only once spotted deer there…thats how big it is 🙂

    Damn if i was back there i’d be on the lookout now..

    what type of VAN? unlikely they knew what they were taking but a stupid place to leave a VAN probably with blacked out windows….like a magnet to any Dublin thug..!!

    • ken

      oh and for anyone who thinks Ireland is part of the UK…err….read up on your history.. 🙂 we evicted them out of 3/4 of the country and gave them 6 counties to play with…. UK comprises of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland…

      Phoenix Park, Dublin is part of the Republic of Ireland…

      • Robin

        Good for you Irish.

        I hear the Scot’s are about to evict them too, I tell you it’s all payback karma. Soon they will be reduced to their miserably tiny rat hole-ish island, just wait till they run out of all the loot.

        • mikils

          Er… sorry to break the news on you, but Scotland happens to be the upper half of the ”tiny rat hole-ish island”.

          • Robin

            But when the scots evict the brits into the sea, they will turn the rat hole into paradise on earth, with rivers of irn-bru and mountains of haggis, neeps, and tatties.

            • mikils

              🙂 I’ll have the haggis then. Hope it will be cheaper than it is now.

            • Marklf

              Yup it’s not gone so well since those colonists starting throwing all our tea in the sea.

      • Toecutter

        Now the Irish belongs to Germany

        • ken

          Well once a bully….

  • Ray

    Anyone else surprised to see that they’re still taking the D90 around on these things?

    No D3100 or D300s though?

  • SoftonDemand

    wow they got the whole nikon lineup

  • grumps

    That’s what INSURANCE is for!

  • BTdown

    If I would have jacked that stuff, I would have left be d800 behind on principle.

  • Golfer

    My school’s golf team had our whole van stolen just like this last weekend. We came back from the golf course and had nothing but our golf clubs and our clothes. We had to go to target and buy clothes and everything. 5 laptops, lots of personal belongings… all gone!

    So sad for Nikon!!!

  • twoomy


    • George

      I AM: STOLEN 🙂

      • Kevin


        • mikils

          MY STUFF IS: GONE 🙂

  • Shane

    I’m Irish and I know I want my d800 quick but this is silly

  • KyleSTL

    What? No 24mm f/1.4 or 85mm f/1.4?

    He/she got pretty much everything else: f/2.8 trinity (including 17-35 and 17-55), f/4 trinity, 35 f/1.4, the PC-E lenses, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600. All the bodies and flashes. Rediculous amount of gear.

    In Ireland right now there is a pawn shop owner saying: “this is too good to be true”.

    • Ben Dover

      I can’t find the SB-400 me mum wants.

  • Kevin Osmond

    Hopefully the do a full review on the preproduction D800 and D4!! 😛

  • JC

    Hey Nikon, maybe it’s time to rethink in-camera GPS?

    • Flash


    • :)


  • T.I.M

    Because there is no thieves on NR, I will give you a great tip to avoid your camera/lenses to be stolen.

    My appartment was visited once, they took everything; computers, jewlery, TVs, everything but not my cameras !

    Why ?
    Because I always put the camera bag in the laundry dryer with a bed sheet on top of it.

    But don’t spread that information to bad people !


    • broxibear

      Hmmm, interesting advice T.I.M.
      When thieves broke into my home I put them in the laundry dryer, baked them for an hour, wrapped up their burnt bodies in a bed sheet and buried them in the nearest park.
      But don’t spread that information to the cops !
      But seriously, if Nikon NPS are stupid enough to leave £100,000 worth of photographic equipment in a van then it serves them right if it was stolen…bunch of idiots.

      • T.I.M

        Fortunately I got back one of my computers, on the inside of the panel I had a sticker “stolen from:” with my name and phone number.
        I received a call few days later and was able to recover my PC.

        Now, to protect my cameras and lenses against thieves I’m thinking about over writing the NIKON brand with “CANON”


  • SCORE!

  • paf

    nice collection of equipment…

    But I do not approve of depriving others from property. Shame for that!

  • With over 16 years experience in the business we have never lost a single shipment anywhere in Europe. We place a heavy emphasis on security whilst keeping low key. Our vehicles are tracked and have a panic button monitored by an external SOC approved by ACPO, remote engine immobilisation, remote locking and unlocking of the load compartment ensuring no access by the driver whilst out on the road, Thatcham approved deadlocks, even CCTV…….and the list goes on. Without wishing to speculate on the circumstances this is typical of what happens when companies seem to go for the cheapest option. The consequential loss for Nikon without having this equipment for a trade show will be enourmous.

    You can see what we do at

    “It is unwise to pay too much, but it is also unwise to pay too little. When you pay too much you lose a little money, that’s all. When you pay too little you very often lose everything because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing you bought it to do. The common law of business balance prohibits paying a little and getting a lot. It cannot be done. If you deal with the lowest bidder, it is well to add something for the risk you run and if you do that you will then have enough to pay for the something better.”

  • Zeb

    I’m gonna need a bigger camera bag. 🙂

  • Robert Daniels

    This sounds like the work of a disgruntled NPS member or a person or persons that may have been refused NPS membership because they could not secure the gear qualifications. They can now! Yeee haaaa!

  • andrewz

    I have a reasonably good alibi. If anyone’s askin’

    • Joe Jarro

      Me too but I don’t know where the cat was

  • Joe Blow

    ….should have never delayed the D4……..

  • Canon R&D.

  • Merv

    Let’s see if Nikon Professional Services can ship that entire list of stolen items to keep this Dublin NPS roadshow going by week’s end

  • neekone

    What a perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s day.

  • asdf

    The Canon Rumors guy did it!

    He just flew in from Dublin:
    “I am currently sitting in Atlanta on a stopover before heading to Quito, Ecuador tonight. I flew in from Dublin and I’m enjoying t he R&R. Quite tired already.”

    • yes, this is what I told hin on twitter:)

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