Nikon WT-5A wireless transmitter now available for pre-order

B&H is now taking pre-orders for the new Nikon WT-5A wireless transmitter that was announced with the Nikon D4 camera.

Update: WT-5A is also available on Adorama.

Here are two demo videos of the Nikon WT-5A wireless transmitter:

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  • Remedy

    ROTFL, a tiny, chinese made, ordinary transmitter with a price of a laptop. Joke of the century, shame it’s unfunny.

    • Paul H.

      Wrong response, actually. You don’t get the target market for this device and that explains your hysteria. Take a breath and learn something.

      Working pros who need the fastest wireless transmission for remote captures (typically in sports and political events for immediate news reportage) are in a mad scramble to be first. Being first means being paid.

      Who cares how much the damn thing costs when the 47 other shooters at my event are going to get it anyways and make me irrelevant and poor! Bite the bullet and stay working (relevant).

      Think before you type, next time.

      • vFunct

        Indeed. There are about 100 other shooters at NYFW, competing to post photos against 500+ bloggers on twitter.

        The 3-4 guys with the best/fastest photos wins.

        • Art

          Yea. But, the insides cost less than $0.50 which means that they should be available in just about every camera — including Coolpix. Sometimes, it does matter what is being charged. For example, you would be really angry if your car broke down in the middle of no-where and someone charged you $2,000 for a standard grade 5 bolt even though perhaps it was needed to keep your engine mounted down so it didn’t spin underneath your hood. Yes, you would perhaps spend the $2,000 but that doesn’t mean you won’t be pissed and make you reconsider using that vendor again.

          • Paul H.

            Your comparison is apples to oranges. This transmitter is nonessential for the function/safety of the camera, and isn’t targeting 98% of the Nikon DSLR market. If you don’t ‘need’ it then simply don’t buy it.

            Again, the transmitter was designed for a niche, professional market. All of this whining about cost assumes you need/want it and it’s priced out of range to keep you from fully utilizing your imaging device.

            When you need to sync multiple D4’s for remote, time-sensitive work then this price is just acceptable since the market you work in demands such capability. If this doesn’t describe you then it doesn’t really matter.

            Why make a big stink over the price of something that isn’t in your realm of use in the first place?

            • Remedy

              Because it WOULD be in my realm if the price was not absolutely absurd. Trust me, I can afford it but I’d rather shave my “privates” with an axe than pay this ridiculous price for a fking transmitter and please spare me this pathetic explanation about how awesome technology this is and how it can’t be made 20 times cheaper.
              People like You are so fking blind that it’s just sad. Go ahead, get robbed everyday by everyone if that’s what rocks your boat, just don’t give me and others that cheap nonsense talk about professionalism and prices.

            • So, you’ve had your junk appraised, and it only came to $877?

            • Pavlos

              The answer to all this nonsense is called EyeFi.

            • Zeke

              It’s a niche market because the transceiver costs $877. At that price, wireless control will remain a niche market.

              If they were affordable and available, more and more people would use them. Look at… well, almost every piece of consumer electronics ever made.

            • Ren Kockwell

              If it’s truly over-priced, and it likely is, then a third party will walk in and undercut Nikon. This keeps them honest. Fair market economy hard at work.

        • paf

          posting photos via that thing? That means wired connection wins! (oops, D4 doesn’t have an Ethernet jack…). Maybe tethering would help, but then again, it becomes a cumbersome setup.

          The true gem of this device is to use it to control the camera remotely, not to upload photos, and that’s what’s lost when looking at the device. Considering that certain places can’t be wired, it’s an advantage to have wireless access to your camera, but still, dang, a it’s a lot to have that kind of option.

          However, because this item will probably be manufactured in small quantities, the cost has to cover the design, tooling, distribution support, etc, so I am not really **THAT** surprised to see this MSRP at $kidney.99.

          • tifkat

            Doesn’t have an ethernet jack? Really? Are you for cereal?

      • johansson

        @Paul H.
        so this device has got more technology inside then a
        D5100 with 18-55mm VR Lens ?
        same price!
        think before posting stupid responses, next time

        • Nau

          it got something that no one else can give u

          thats why u get fat price tag

          • Ren Kockwell

            They won’t sell as many of these as they will D5100s. Supply and demand homey.

    • Ads

      “…. a tiny, Chinese made”. It sounds racist to me…..

      Buy one if you can afford, shut up if you can’t.

      People who have plenty to spare can buy anything without a second thought. If you think it’s too expensive and don’t want to buy one, by choice or otherwise, it is because you can’t afford it. Plain and simple.

      Shaving your private part with an axe? Lol…. Becareful losing more than just the hair.

      • Ren Kockwell

        Racist? How? Ugh.

  • absurd price.

    • Roberto


    • Andrew

      Compared to what?

      As a consumer your are both right and wrong depending on the reference frame. The issue of price is a little bit science and a little bit art. There are so many factors that determine the pricing of a product. All I have heard so far are opinions, which is acceptable, but very little facts. The opinions up to this point that make a little bit more sense are those that allude to the fact that the price might be acceptable based upon the types of users and the market segment for this product. As far as price is concerned, there are so many issues that can affect it, for example (1) materials used (cost), (2) manufacturing cost, (3) research and development cost, (4) size of market, (5) competition, (6) brand, and (7) distribution cost.

      • Andrew

        correction: As a consumer, you are both right and wrong…

    • it’s a pitty that the D800 don’t support it…

  • Adorama is also taking pre-orders:

  • Horazio

    The price is okay… compared to 10 D4 :)))

  • Dweeb

    Think I’d rather have a Mac Book Pro. Or TWO GP-1s!

  • mikeydeezey

    holy fricken price! no way.
    you figure nikon would reward the people investing 6k in their flagship product. guess not. damn that’s a crazy markup for a 40 dollar piece of plastic.

    • Cost Accountant

      $40 piece of plastic – ARE YOU MAD – the piece of plastic can be made for $0.10

  • Sven

    still can’t believe that its not compatible with the D800…is this some kind of joke ?

    • Brian

      If it had been, then nikon could probably have sold ten times as many at a price of $300.

      Missed opportunity to give their user base some extra creative tools.

      • Niko

        +1 Absolutely !

    • I’m just guessing, but I think it uses the ethernet jack which the D800 lacks.

      Don’t worry. The Eye-Fi X2 Pro wireless card is compatible with the D800 and costs $99.

      • brian

        it has a proprietary port for it.

        To be clear, I was mostly thinking of the potential to interact with the camera with an iOS/android device or laptop and to control the camera remotely via wireless.

      • Willis

        Yeah, but how long do you suppose it would take to transmit a 36mp file anyway… Probably to long to be useful for live shooting. D800 is going to need to be tethered w/ a wire.

        • MLN

          Personally, I would shoot RAW+JPEG, and have the JPEGs be the smallest size and lowest quality. Have the camera send the RAWs to the CF card and the JPEGs to the Eye-Fi card, the JPEGs at that size should be manageable for the Eye-Fi card.
          I just need to review the pics on my iPhone and maybe email some of them. If I was a sports/press photographer I would get the D4+transmiter no doubt!

        • 36.3mpx, 14-bit lossless compressed files are right at 40MB on average.

          But MLN has the right idea. The most common use of shooting tethered is for precise and instant feedback on lighting, and your model, and yadda yadda… I think sending RAWs to the CF card, and then sending JPEGs to your computer terminal would work fantastically.

      • Nau

        Can camera be controlled using EyeFi ? no
        it basically dumps all the photos to the computer … not the same device in anyway

      • drew

        EyeFi for $89 on sale.
        Is this worth the additional $$$?

        • Nau

          with logic like this you can say
          does d4 worth additional $$$ over d3100? it still takes photos… who cares about speed and other things…

  • Haha at the price but guess what, it’s for PROFESSIONALs.

    I think it’s funny people go “OMG, LOL PRICE CRAZY, SILLY NIKON!” yet they don’t fault anyone for buying a $1000 tripod with carbon fibre or a $10,000 lens.

    The WT-5a is an amazing piece of tech. Pros can make up for the “loss” quite easily.

    • amazing piece of tech?
      i guess you never seen a mobile phone.

      dude it is passive wifi, and 2012. you can open it up and lookup for parts top 30$ for all together.

      • Nicole

        But what about the costs incurred in designing, developing software, prototypes, testing and setting up production? These also have to be included in any costing estimate. Then you have factor in future costs, such as support, warrantee costs and future hardware/software updates & development. Additionally, this is probably not a high-volume market, and so all of these costs have to be spread over a smaller unit quantity. You can’t just price something based upon a guess at the costs of the electronic components!

        • Cost Accountant

          Dick Heads can

        • brian

          could have been a higher volume market if the D800 supported it.

        • Andrew

          You are making some good points, but these points do not matter to those who have no need for such a product. Guessing is much easier than thinking. Thinking requires work, real hard work, and it takes discipline. Many people have no conception of business and what it takes to make and market a product. They evaluate a product based upon mass market concepts, and not the true market analysis. They do not realize that a $100 software that is distributed by Microsoft to the mass market can cost $2,000 if it is produced and sold to a much smaller market segment. These people do not realize that the vast majority of people buying a D800 camera would not buy this wireless transmitter even if it was sold for $200. So the few people who demand and will buy this product are happy that it is available from Nikon even if it cost $877.

          Finally, as I stated above, they do not understand business. The only reason why Nikon is willing to make and sell this product at $877 is because they are either making a profit from it, or they are selling it at their true cost (which includes management, manufacturing, distribution, etc.) so as to provide a valuable service to their loyal customers.

          Here is a lesson in business which every consumer knows: when selling a product, charge as much as the target market is willing to pay.

        • i could have designed and built prototype for 5000eur for them should they asked.
          even if i would have to program my own FPGA to simulate their customwhatever chip

      • bobby

        Make one and sell it for a cheaper price.

        • Remedy

          Welcome to the 21st century. As far as I know Pixel is making transmitters no worse than Pocket Wizard for a fraction of the price.

          So they’re making it cheaper and they sell a LOT more than Pocket Wizard is. Served.

          Gazillions of companies is making 10 times better t-shirts than Nike for instance and they don’t ask 50$ for it.

          Get out of Your cave once in a while.

          Get me tech specs for that transmitter from Nikon and I WILL make it cheaper. Wake up princess.

          • Ned

            Get me tech specs for that transmitter from Nikon and I WILL make it cheaper. Wake up princess.

            Why not Know the tech specs yourself, spend the time reverse engineering it etc etc from scratch, create your own product, produce in volumes meeting demand, AND then sell it for cheaper than the above said transmitter?
            You have until say olympics this year 😀

    • Brandon

      Yeah but $1000 tripods are made of machined aluminum and exotic carbon fiber weaves, and cost a good amount to make. $10,000 lenses feature exotic hand polished glass, and can take months to manufacture. This thing features molded plastic and cheap electronics. This is probably the worst case of price gouging I have ever seen from a camera company… at this point wireless should just be built in to these cameras.

      • John Richardson

        That price made me a little sick in my mouth.

        Almost $900. lol seriously??

    • Remedy

      First of all who said tripods are priced reasonably? OK, carbon fiber is not the cheapest material to build and I also understand it take a lot of precision machinery to build a solid head but still.

      Lenses? Oh sure, everyone can produce high tech fancy glass in his basement… NOT. Not to mention what amount of knowledge and know how has to be put into production and developing a lens. Extreme precision is required.

      A stupid transmitter is made of “few dollars” worth electronic junk. EVERYONE can build one but of course Your ass is gonna get sued if You violate any of their (Nikon’s in this case) patents. There is little to none developing with such thing as transmitter these days. Seriously, how can You buy that crap about how fancy piece of gear this is?

  • Michael FirstLight

    No thank you, I will stick with my $75 wireless USB version that does the very same thing only twice as fast data transfer at 480Mbbs and no network needed – only that and Ninon CC2.


    • Mat

      kickstarter that stuff yo

  • While I’m all about the “it’s pro gear at a pro price and you get what you pay for and you’ll pass this cost on to clients.”

    This *is* absurd. I *expected $500-$600 on an item that SHOULD be $299.

  • Cesar

    …me parece un abuso el precio del accesorio. Si Nikon quiere vender D4 a 6000€…. Tendría qué regalarlo con la cámara. O diseñar D4 con wireless interno en el propio cuerpo.

  • the_raze

    Which ever way you put it, that’s just not a reasonable price for such an item.

  • Camaman

    Thanks Nikon, but I’ll wait for WUSB device from my favorite online Chinese shop! 😉

    • KFA

      Would you like to be more specific? Sounds interesting!

  • Madetech

    I find it expensive but that is just because it will not help me make money. If it makes your life easier and saves you a lot of time, 900$ is nothing. Especially when you know you will use it for several years. 900$/2 years = 37$ a month which is half of what i pay for internet…

  • Chase

    Is this thing made of platinum, diamonds and Beluga caviar?

  • broxibear
  • Scott

    You know, the OEM price for a WiFi chipset including antennas is < $10.

    So, it's purely a matter of lack of competition that drives this price.

    Same for the battery grip for the D800. No electronics, totally passive metal and plastic moded parts. So, I guess in a way, the WiFi module is a bargain:-)

  • Mike

    was also expecting $500. It seems like all it is really doing is giving the camera WIFI… something that is built in to $100 point and shoots, every cellphone for the last 4 years, all laptops for longer… Nothing seems groundbreaking here. What you can do once the camera has WIFI, (controlling it wirelessly, tap to focus in live view, view images on iPad as they are taken) is ground breaking, but the actual transmitter isn’t.

    Guess I won’t be adding this to my bag then.

    • jodjac

      It would be nice if the makers of knock-off supplemental battery packs (or grips) could figure out a way to incorporate the wifi in the grip. Then you could get a grip with wifi for less than a hundred dollars. Doesn’t that sound nice? $900? NikOn fail!

  • JorPet

    I think people are way underestimating what this piece of equipment does. The fact that you can connect to it from a browser tells you that it is a small web server in there along with the WiFi portion. Sounds like it also has all of the brains for running the camera remotely built in as well. Sure, you can get a wifi connection (like through the Eye-Fi card) that will send pictures, but you aren’t going to get the full functionality that this provides.

    While it is too expensive for me (as is the D4) I don’t see the price as being terribly outlandish.

    • MB

      Web server is inside D4, it works on Ethernet too.
      But who really gives a damn about a web server and what significantly better functionality it provides except a simple file copy?
      This is basically 20$ USB WiFi dongle with propitiatory connector and Nikon sign on it, outrages.

    • Michael FirstLight

      As I mentioned in my earlier post, I can do all of that, and faster, with my $75 WUSB alternative solution plus Nikon Camera Control 2. No only that, it works with both my computer in the studio (wireless) and also works wireless in the field with my ASUS EP-121 tablet which is running CC2 under Win 7.


  • Doug

    this is the way that nikon found to split their costumers in 2 types, the ones who moan about the price and the one who buy because they need it.

  • I agree it’s quite pricey but it does offer some exceptional functionality beyond a simple wifi card. Also, when you take an image remotely with the WT-5, the image isn’t automatically transmitted back to the camera, it’s stored on the memory card – at least it was when I had a hands on with it. When you view images on the web browser of the mobile device you’re using, you are viewing them still on the memory card in the camera. However you can also choose to download images on to the device you are controlling the camera with. That would have to be the case when using the iPhone for example, as the storage capacity isn’t very big on some of these devices. Personally, I love the idea of using the WT-5 to set up a live view enabled trap came out in the middle of a field somewhere (but yes, of course it would be great if it was cheaper). I asked Nikon about why no built in wifi amongst other things for a pre-preduction hands on review, which can be read here:

    • Zeke

      What “exceptional functionality beyond a simple wifi card” does the WT-5 offer?

      • I’m not saying the unit is good value for money, but it’s a little more than ‘just’ a way of giving you an ad hoc connection. In conjunction with the camera is offers full manual control, including an exposure meter and point and click focus from the live view feed! Come on that’s pretty good! Previously you’d need to be tethered to a laptop and have extra software to do that. Of course, if someone opens up a WT-5 and discovers there is nothing inside to help with this functionality, then I’ll be highly disappointed. But having used it first hand, right now I’ll take full manual wireless control using my iPhone over any other current option.

  • OsoSolitario

    Any USB wi-fi adapter for laptop costs no more than 15$ and I think it has not less electronics than Nikon WT-5
    I can’t understand the joke Nikon done to us! Not funny at all!..
    Very sad to see how a brand treats his customers like stupids!

    • Nau

      you are not the target market for this
      you don’t have d4 on order ?

      if you can find alternative solution with the SAME functionality for <$100 make sure you post it here

      • Chase

        The target market is completely irrelevant. Unless, of course, the target market is anyone who has been featured in Forbes.

  • Kevin Osmond

    I would rather by this than a Profoto Pro Globe for $900
    The Profoto modifier is a piece of tupperware on your strobe! SMH!!! :/

  • Blue984

    Insane price. Disappointed it doesn’t work with the D800. I understand it’s for “Pros”, but it’s still ridiculous. Guess it’s a good thing the D800 has SD so I can use the Eye-Fi. I agree with the people that say it’s ridiculous that the technology isn’t integrated into these high end cameras, as simple and inexpensive as the technology is.

    • JorPet

      I have an Eye-Fi card. While I like it for what it does, don’t mistake it for the more robust solution Nikon offers. Eye-Fi works great (most the time) as long as you aren’t more than about 10 feet from your phone or tablet. Don’t let the camera go to sleep or you lose your link and have to set it back up. Lots and lots of don’ts with the Eye-Fi, not a dependable solution if you are depending on it working.

  • WengerIsMad

    I can’t see what the problem is!! Just think what Ansel Adams could have achieved if he’d been able to control his camera with his iPhone. 🙂

    Stupid price. Maybe because it has to meet so many different national radio transmission regulations, although more to do with the fact that very few of us need the thing & those that do will prepare to pay for something that gives them an edge.

  • Robin

    $600.00 grip that for all practical purpose does nothing more than store one additional battery!!!

    and now

    $877.00 for a $50.00 item!!!!

    I will pay premium for OEM equipment but not by such mathematically impossible percentage!

    COME ON Nikon.

  • Joe

    It’s just going to take some other company to figure out a way to make an interface for half the price. $900 is a shame but it’s not really something I need to compete so I just won’t buy it.

  • Definetly a joke. Bad one by the way.

    Nikon was always more expensive than canon or its rivals but they’ve lost the sense.
    Canon users should expect more expensive prices soon, they realised that nikon users are paying the abusive prices so why dont make it a little more expensive. . .

    A real shame to the market.

  • mikils

    I am pretty sure there will be some chinese producer already reverse-engineering the thing; the reason why it is limited to D4 must be that otherwise the chinese version of it should be ALREADY on some china shop for sale… the smaller the market for the good, less likely is the alternate market to be on that.

  • MB

    Even Nikon is aware that price is a bit high so they warned us that D4 is not included:
    ‘Nikon’s WT-5A Wireless Transmitter makes it possible to operate camera controls on your Nikon D4 (not included)’

    On the other hand neither is Camera Control Pro 2.

  • MBD

    What I find most disappointing is that their wireless solution (WT-5A) does not work with any of the other line, making it a one off accessory.

    The fact that none of the other Pro level cameras including the just anounced D800 won’t work with the WT-5A seems incredibly short sighted.

    • GeofFx

      I’m not the target consumer of this product, so it doesn’t really effect me, but the price seems ridiculous to me. This is yet another move by Nikon in the past couple of months that is making me lose faith in them as a brand. There seems to be a trend of questionable moves/pricing recently. If it wasn’t for the announcement of the D800 recently, I’d be seriously questioning my future loyalty to Nikon at this point.

      I wonder if, perhaps, the plan is to sell accessories at a steep markup to “pay” for a very small markup in the D800?

  • Joe

    It’s insulting enough that Nikon didn’t include wireless functionality for a $6k camera. To charge $877 for the add-on privilege is just another slap in the face.

  • Nikon maniac

    Don’t worry. There will come some noname similar compatible products with low prices. So anyone who says it is expensive will buy the cheap one.

    • Daniel

      I doubt it. Sure, they could add a wifi dongle through third party noname, but the web server capability won’t be there.
      The web server is in the WT5, not inside the camera.

  • ProCheap

    A WT with this speculative price is a real joking, not only on Nikon, Canon the same…

    What you can do with this money value? Many things on photography, example… Buy a Nikon V1, a D90, D3100 kit, a iphone 64gb (have wireless), D5100, 30 x cell phones a each $30 with wireless incluided, a nice laptop with wireless and BT and so on…, but Ok there always a explication why the “things” It costs these values, because someone needs and pays, because there is a demand that pays these values by a technology so cheap, that is used in the wider cheap Chinese GSM. Oh ok it’s Nikon/Canon… It is because the price should be paid little plastic box with a eletronic chip inside and configured to work with my specific camera. There is excuse for everything, why not for this expensive accessory made with cheap technology.

  • ken

    Wouldn’t a $20 Ethernet-WiFi transmitter do the same job? D4 does have an Eth Port, gives you N connectivity to you WiFi network at home, not as pretty but there is no reason for it not to work…. I mean wtf is so special about transferring files from a camera over WiFi than transferring files from a TV and i have this very setup on my Samsung TV’s at home, $20 Eth-Wifi transmitter – rather than paying Samsung $100 plus for their pesky proprietary Wifi Adapater…

    There is no reason in this day of the technology that you need such an expensive piece of plastic…none at all..

    Eth-Wifi, camera get’s IP address it’s not very complicated Nikon, toss what every s/w you need to answer the app requests into a firmware chip

  • Eye-Fi

    Buy aEye-Fi Pro X2

    $79.99 – 99.99 – 8Gb

    $49.99 – 4Gb

  • GaiaOverAll


  • knightwhosaysNI

    calm yourselves (those who, uh, aren’t calm). this is for sports/press agencies that have to provide content to the ‘culture of immediacy’ consumers. it’s also for the independent/freelance photogs who have to be in the fastest 90% providing that content to the aforementioned content disseminators/agencies.

    for those (agencies/professionals) who need it, it’s $37.50USD a month over two years.

    for those who don’t need it, you can get an eye-fi card and ipad for half the price.

    for those who don’t need it, but want it, and want it at less than $900… the world’s a cruel place sometimes.

    • Anonymous


      I see those suggestions for using knockoffs. Those maybe slower and maybe you will be eating your competition’s dust. Sometimes when you are a pro, you got to keep up with Jones or else you will be without a livelihood.

  • DaveEP

    The price is what it is. You can either justify it or you can’t. If it’s not something you need don’t buy it. As a working pro I’ve yearned for something like this.

    It means potentially needing fewer people on a job because of the remote monitoring and focusing abilities as well as the remote download.

    For me that means it would pay for itself in just a couple (maybe three) jobs and after that I’m in profit. So, how expensive is it really?

    In terms of doing it on the cheap using other wifi adapters, I’m sure you’ll find a way for that to work somehow, notwithstanding the need to power them (this gets it’s power from the camera) and notwithstanding the fact that the cheaper solutions are totally unsupportable by Nikon.

    So, it’s more that I’d like to pay, but for paying jobs it’s probably got a faster ROI than the camera itself.

  • f8

    Nikon WT-5A and Eye-Fi the basic conception is the same, the intention is the same. But exists 827,01$ price difference that separates them. Absurd.

  • Tom

    Canon time lol…

  • DaveEP

    I’m sorry – maybe I missed something fundamental here.

    How do I use Eye-Fi to remotely start / stop video recording on the D4?

    How do I use Eye-Fi to remotely monitor and change the focus remotely?

    Are we really comparing Apples and Apples, or just Apples and something less?

    If all you want is remote transfer I can see why you may be looking at things somewhat skewed…. but that’s like saying a Ferrari should cost the same as a Hyundai because they both include four wheels. The WT-5A does a lot more than the humble Eye-Fi card. If all you want can be had in Eye-Fi then buy an Eye-Fi and be happy.

    • MLN

      My question would be “how remote am I going to be away from the camera?”

      The WT-5A is a very convenient piece of equipment, but for my way of shooting I could probably get 98% of the WT-5A features by shooting tethered with a 5 meter (16ft) USB cable for $20.
      A simple low tech solution that is sometimes being grossly overlooked.
      I would be able to control the camera with my computer but not with an iPhone/iPad.
      Maybe I have shot that way because I haven’t handled a Wireless transmitter in my workflow before, but I can’t foresee many situations where I would need one.

  • Don

    Ok, I went thru about half of the whining and replay of how stupid people are till I gave up.

    Has anyone consider the obovious? If this is just Wireless N, and it connects to an ethernet connection that you could just plug directly into your router, then why wouldn’t any Wireless N transceiver work? IF this one communicates with a non-Nikon laptop or iPhone, then it seems to me than any fast Wireless transcever would work, no? Am I missing something?


  • Don

    Just to be clear, I know Eye-Fi is NOT the same, that is not what I am saying.
    Forget Eye-Fi because that is only connected to your memory slot.

    But if this device is standard Ethernet for the plugin and standard Wireless N on the radio end, then why is it so special?

    Ok, if you still don’t believe me, If I plug the camera directly into my router it shouild communicate, correct? I think it is billed as such. Ok, what if my router talks to my computer wirelessly? It should still work, right. RIGHT! So, all I’m saying is move the router to the side of the camera. Still work? RIGHT. Ok, now buy a miniature router or somthing with comms but not all the other feature of a router that you don’t need. Still work? RIGHT?/

    Surely I’m missing something.n

    Don, not Shirley

  • ATK

    OMG…so overprice…..waiting for made in china again..:)

  • leave it a few months and you will see some third party ones out I bet. Any way if you can afford to buy a D4 you can afford to buy this. £400 for the D800 grip, i’ll rather have a rand about that.
    At least this wireless thing is clever enough to control up to 10 D4 from one of them, that’s crazy.

  • alvix dear old friend Nikon..the classic real face of NIkon…$ 877 ahah…laughable..


    This is expensive. But then again, this thing only works on D4, isn’t it?

    Not an issue if I don’t own one. If I do get a D4 a couple of years down the road, I am sure other third party brands, one such as Phottix, Yongnuo, etc., might have come up with something 20-30% of the price.

  • the price seems outrageous.
    everything nowadays comes with wifi and to charge $900 on topof the $6k price is stupid not to mention it only works with d4, cant use it on new d800? wtf
    for waht it can do is nice and once ya got it, ya set but it sucks to invest that much money for that tiny thing and not be able to use it on other new cameras.

    so i wonder will there be a d4x? i bet the wt5 works on that sucker.

    sometimes i feel so ripped off.
    why dont you just offer/sell a camera that has it all.
    i want a 36mp d4 with wirfi, bluetooth, gps, usb 3.0, thunderbolt, ethernet, fiber, and the upcoming portrait/landscape rotate viewfinder feature.

    instead we get watered down versions in price backets from various models.
    the next model will have the wt5 built.

    for $6 could nikon of not built that wt5 into the camera? for $6k you simply could not squeeze it in? since its like the only camera that benefits from it.

    bottom line if it was available for the d800 i’d get it simply because i can benefit from said feature.

    i currently use an eye-fi to send a small size jpeg to my ipad. its a handy feature because i can then review image on my ipad and really see if its blurry and if i like i can upload to social media sites. my pictures have to sharp, i have to have absolutely without doubt, the sharpest, clearest image i can make since i’m a landscape photographer.

    it would be nice to use the wt5 to setup my camera, shoot for 9 brackets and fire it like a remote trigger, all while i’m in the car or tent.
    other setups where this rocks is placing camera low down on floor )behind a rail or something to protect it) and fire off shots of a rockband performing, you know since you can walk around there, but the camera can fire off shots remotely.
    you cant do that with an eye-fi

    the practical uses for this wt5 really make it the ultimate photographers gadget
    and i guess nikon is like, ‘these suckers will have to pay for it, they got no choice!’

    such a gadget is a shame its locked into one camera alone. for some reason d800 came after d4 yet it might not have the said port to connect it or whatever.

    its like please, cmon, nikon, think about us the consumer, we ask for this stuff then when it comes out ya find a way to gimp some of us. did you really have to gimp us, can’t you just be cool and simply plan ahead and make em compatible.

    i feel like i’m being nikel n dimed with technology.
    i wish they listen better, perhaps its arrogance or simply they dont really care any more, its just a cash cow machine.

  • battousai

    the electronics inside of this wouldn’t be a breakthrough technology…. the price is too much… i’ll just wait for the phottix version that would cost a quarter of nikon’s price…. or maybe someone would design an android/iOS app that would make you’re mobile that can tether connection to do just the same (with a special connection kit)…

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