Nikon D800 coverage continues…

Few more D800 updates:

  • Poll: did you order the D800/D800E?

  • Nikon D800 is the first SuperSpeed USB certified camera (see entire press release):

About SuperSpeed USB

SuperSpeed USB brings significant performance enhancements to the ubiquitous USB standard, while remaining compatible with the billions of USB-enabled devices currently deployed in the market. SuperSpeed USB delivers up to 10x the data transfer rate of Hi-Speed USB, as well as improved power efficiency. SuperSpeed USB offers effortless video streaming, music and photos at your home, office, car and anywhere in between. The USB 3.0 specification was developed by the USB 3.0 Promoter Group, which consists of Hewlett-Packard Company, Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, Renesas Electronics, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments.

  • This music video was shot with a Nikon D800:

This is the official music video for "You're On" by the danish/norwegian band EUZEN from the latest album "Sequel". The video is directed by Morten Rygaard and produced by NIKON Nordic. The video is filmed with the new NIKON D800.

and behind the scene video:

Due to the large number of emails I am receiving, I will not be able to reply to all as I usually do. I expect to be back on track next week.

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  • Ren Kockwell

    If it has the low-light performance of the D800, and a way to shoot lower-res when necessary, i will buy this camera. Need to see images first.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Whoops, meant D700…

    • Dan

      I don’t think it will quite match the low light of the D700. It will probably be closer between the D700 & D7000 from my guess. Pixel density is the same as 15.x megapixel on a cropped sensor camera and the D7000 is new technology. Thus it will probably be just above the D7000 performance…which is good but not to the level Nikon typically demos on its full frame cameras. This is really more of a D3x than a D700 upgrade

      • sand

        Look at the images at 6400 ISO.. D800 image is downsampled to 12MP. I would say D800 wins this round..You may have different opinion but…

        • I think ISO 6400 from the D800 looks very useable, and when downsampled to the same size, I agree that it looks better than D700 at the same ISO. That was the point I was trying to make weeks ago and still recently but it’s hard to get it across without an actual sample to show the difference. Thanks for posting that.

          • karl

            as long as the dynamic range is similar, a 36megapixel sensor will destroy a 12 megapixel sensor in terms of high iso performance anytime

            • Greg


      • D400

        Recall that the d700 tech is identical to the d3, so the d700 is 5 years old, not 4. Then remember that the d7000 is 1 year old. And the d800 has the fancy new expeed3 processor, and the d7000 does not.
        Look at the samples and be amazed. The noise is just grain, it does not wreck the images (I am looking at 6400 sample). This is way better than d7000 imho.

      • Ren Kockwell

        5-year-old tech vs. 1-year-old tech. Anything’s possible.

      • Poser

        I don’t know Dan. Did you run the Thom Hogan test?

        Besides, more and more high ISO images are coming out. We will know the consensus soon enough. Why speculate at this point.

    • Dave

      Hey Ken Rockwell, I thought you already pre-ordered? You know its going to be better at ISO than the D700 and you know you have to own one even if it isn’t. I mean come on 36.3 Megapixels. Damn! Pre-ordered mine already and I’m a Canon guy. Getting sick of waiting for the elusive 5D Mark III. Will it ever come? If it does will it have the stupid power switch in the same place? LOL.


    • Royster

      From what I have read there are a few options to lower the res when shooting that brings it down to around 25MP and 15MP

      • Only if you shoot in crop mode ((

        • No. You can downsize in JPG mode as well.

          • Luis

            Yeah – (with a bit of rounding)

            FX format (36 x 24): 7,360 x 4,912 (L), 5,520 x 3,680 (M), 3,680 x 2,456 (S) = ( 36MP, 20MP, 9MP)

            1.2x mode (30 x 20): 6,144 x 4,080 (L), 4,608 x 3,056 (M), 3,072 x 2,040 (S) = (25MP, 14MP, 6.3MP)

            DX format (24 x 16): 4,800 x 3,200 (L), 3,600 x 2,400 (M), 2,400 x 1,600 (S) = (15.4MP, 8.6MP, 3.8MP)

            So in the full 2:3 ration format you have the following MP options, with different ways to get there:

            3.8, 6.3, 8.6, 9, 14, 15.4, 20, 25, 36

            That’s quite a few resolution options.

    • I’m agree with you!

      Of course downsampled pictures may be with workable noise level at high ISO …but that HUGE file size is a real problem for me.

      I need D4 (or D3s) sensor in D800 body!

      • Anonymous

        “I need D4 (or D3s) sensor in D800 body!”

        Do you need ketchup with that?

    • Tas Khan

      Why are all in a mad race of ISOs? Have we forgotten the days- not very long ago, when we had almost fixed ISO films which could only be pushed a little by adjusting a tad of exposure in chemical processing. Now we phu-phu an awesome camera with an array of advanced developments simply it won’t match the ISO of D700. Cameras are tools and we don’t use one tool for all our jobs. no doubt D800 is not a low light magic. It’s not for the faint hearted who piss off when the lights go off. It ask you to create your own light. It then shines to emit its dazzlinglight.Have a look at

  • Mikycoud

    404 errors on all the full size photo download links on the russian site.
    Hope they fix it soon, as It’d be interesting to finally find out what the beast is capable of (iso performance-wise, that is)

  • Waiting for full size samples.

    • Already dowloaded the full size samples. Looks great.

  • T.I.M

    I ordered a D800e, now let’s see how long it will take for the delivery.


    • Hugh

      Me too. I am just curious about w/o AA filter how will be the high iso performance. Does AA filter matter?

      • T.I.M

        Yes you will get better ISO without the AA filter, about 1/2 stop.

  • Moe Jacknally

    here you will find high iso images in their original resolution and downsampled to 12 MP

    • What I have to say:
      1) iso800 is NOT a high ISO, this is normal working ISO in my D700 without any noise.
      2) this 3x downsampled image have to much of noise… D7000 is more clear at 16Mp.
      3) iso3200 with a daylight have to be much more clear, IMO
      4) there is no reason to shoot 45Mb RAW files and downsize them in 12Mp ))
      5) D800 is very nice camera! but I prefer D700 and D4 (12-16Mp)

  • PeterO

    I was going to say that the music video’s production values were quite low, but then I watched the “making of” video and heard the director say that they have to limit the smoke and lighting. It is all quite pedestrian but the D800 video quality is quite impressive.

  • kevin

    Although the conclusion between D800 and D700 ISO war isnt final. All the cues already telling me the D800 has less noise than the D700. Also do realize due to huge MP , the photographer requires better skill to prevent from motion blur.

    what do i do after submit this comment? order the camera !!!!!

    • UA

      Looks like 25,6k ISO is better with D800 than D700. No banding issues what so ever and great amount of detail.. with some noise reduction magic in post processing, you can make those 25,6k usable in A4 or smaller print size and obviously usable for internet when downsampled.

      ISo3200-6400 are quite at the same level than in D700 but the details are better there. Maybe due to the higher resolution… small upgrade in noise, but huge upgrade in detail.

      So Nikon has made some magic: D3x was only usable up to the ISO1600. Now we have 1.5x resolution under half the price and with very very good low light performance up to ISO6400 and maybe even ISO25,6k. WOW. Still, I want to see some dark high ISO samples (concert etc.) to get better understand of dynamic range decrease on high ISOs.. after that I’m going to place an order (there has not really been any “sold out” problems in my country with Nikon, so I have time to wait..)

      • FM2Fan

        The magic has been the D3x – it has shown, that quality from a cam is out of the box – little post-processing needed is even none. That was a dramatic improvement in workflow … at a price … admitted.

  • Justin Marin

    I’m playing the waiting game to see how the reviews are and what Canon has up their sleeve at this point.

    • D400

      Canon will anounce the 5d3 in may, with first shipments in october, which will end up being feb 2013 after the delays.

      • Justin Marin

        If that’s the case I’m almost certain I’ll jump from Canon. Most of my glass is all Nikon anyhow that I’ve been using for video on the 5D and 7D. Canon might not up the video capability of the 5D too much since they don’t want it to cannibalize sales of the C300 and a potential DSLR aimed mainly at the video market.

    • Douglas Adams

      Man, you’re good!

    • mikils

      By then, we will be already hassling on D900 🙂

  • Hi Peter,

    Could you include “going to order” in your poll? I plan to order a D800E in the next couple/few days but just haven’t gotten to the store yet 🙂

    • Btdown

      You really need a option, “no, It does not appear to have the features I’m looking for.”

      • There’s an option for you already. It says “No, I don’t need one.”

        • Anonymous

          But he is looking for something to bitch about… now that Nikon has a great followup to the legendary D700 out, he has to complain about NR’s polls not have enough options!!! 😉

        • btdown

          There’s a big distinction between “I don’t need one”..meaning I never had any intention of buying it anyway…….and those who wish to say, I would buy it, if the features had met my expectations.

  • Dave

    Hey Ken Rockwell, I thought you already pre-ordered? You know its going to be better at ISO than the D700 and you know you have to own one even if it isn’t. I mean come on 36.3 Megapixels. Damn! Pre-ordered mine already and I’m a Canon guy. Getting sick of waiting for the elusive 5D Mark III. Will it ever come? If it does will it have the stupid power switch in the same place? LOL.

  • Nikonnut

    These are the high iso samples everyone’s waiting for. So what do we think?

    • Michael Steinbach

      I ran the 25,600 through NR in LR 3 and it cleaned up real well, the 6400 looks as good as any I have had through my D700… Will I order one? Still trying to decide.

  • Wow!!! Those images look great!

    • Luke

      Yeh still look pretty clean at iso 25600… Awesome…

      ohhhhn my D700 just took a blow to the gut

  • Jack

    In response to the poll, the frame rate was the deal breaker for me, unfortunately. Full time sports shooter, part time everything else, I guess we’ve all got our priorities.

    • Anonymous

      Absolutely, different st’okes for different folks… you need the D3s or if you can afford, the D4. You should chose the option that you don’t need one.

  • Hm.. how about some info on the things that are important? Shadow bandning on high iso and DR on base iso?
    If the the sensor gives any banding whatsoever Im NOT buying. Im so tired of my D3 shadow-banding.. Im almost only using my D5000 now so I dont have to see that horrible banding when exposing for the highlights and lifting in post..

  • I preordered the D800 but thinking of switching to D800e. Curious about the performance of the e version in the wild.
    What obout the moiré filter in captureNX? Any infos about the usability?

    • cosmic

      The regular D800 will be fine.

      For some reason, I think more people are buying the D800E than Nikon expected. If you want to switch to the D800E now, you’d probably have to wait 2-3 months for the supply.

      I’m thinking the D800 is sold out for the next 5-6 months at this point, lol.

    • Moe Jacknally

      The moiré shouldn’t be such a biggie:

      1: you can check your lcd screen to see if certain textured clothes or building patterns create moiré effects.
      if so – changing your focus, focal length or distance to the object you are photographing (ever so slightly) will help you avoiding moiré

      2: use lightroom 4 or capture nx2(shipped with the D800E)
      moiré removing tools have come a long way….
      look at a sample the admin posted a couple of days ago

      • souvik

        @ MJacknally,

        Where is the information that “E” is shipping with capture nx2? B&H & Adorama, doesn’t say that on their website.

    • “Curious about the performance of the e version in the wild.” – Science stipulates WORSE performance of 800E. No experiment needed. AA filter helps Bayer pattern pixel sites gather more information and guestimate less. Removal of AA filter trades “smear” for more pixels however each pixel now captures less real information with more guess work. End result – more noise/garbage in 800E model dictated by the Physics. Physics also dictates that the optical smear will damage data less than the damage by mathematical approximations of incomplete AA-less data.
      @MoeJackNally – “The moiré shouldn’t be such a biggie”… Again that ye’ old Physics. Guess what does moire-removal software do? … Anti-aliasing by SOFTWARE. Again, by very definition software anti-aliasing MUST do poorer job than physical optics. So, please use 800E without best possible AA filter and than apply post processing to “remove moire” and affect the image WORSE than the optical filter by software AA removal… Few understand that…
      More importantly moire are only the macroscopically most immediately visible consequence of poor data collected by Bayer sensor without AA filter. True damage exists even in situation where moire wouldn’t arise. You lose dynamic range and signal to noise at each pixel.

      800E is applicable only in very few, very limited cases. Most technical and industrial (and in those cases Moire are sometimes welcomed and needed… ex. quality and damage control). 800E is NOT for “landscape photography” or journalism or portraits or… any other typical camera use. Unfortunately Nikon is eager to sell you less for more and exploit the hype.

      • You would only use software removal of Moiré patterns if they are a problem in the shot. If there is no visible Moiré in the shot, you wouldn’t need to fix it in PP. Your argument is only valid IF there is Moiré in the shot. Moiré and false color removal can also be handled the area of interest and not over the whole image, using selective masking.

        In the case that there is NO Moiré in the shot, the D800E will have more effective resolution, giving it more sharpness.

        Noise does not increase just because the AA filter is absent from the front on the sensor. If anything, the D800E will show less noise after PP because you won’t need to do much PP sharpening. PP sharpening will enhance all noise in the shot with the D800 while the D800E won’t need much PP sharpening, so noise will not be enhanced.

        Medium format backs to have AA filters. Moiré is a very isolated issue at these resolutions. Absolute effective resolution is more important than an occasional instance of Moiré, especially for photographers that know how to utilize such resolution.

      • Luke

        moire is almost NEVER found in nature ! haha and you are going on about the maths ! … seems somebody doesnt know the simplest rule. 800E is a Landscape camera !!!

  • Ethan


    From the image, it seems that the card slot cover now used a plastic to art as the locking spring material??

    Previous D7000 and D300s used metal plates formed spring.

    Anyone can confirm this?

    Thank you…

  • Robin

    So it’s KNEE-CONE, every single crew cameramen from NPS called it a KNEE-CONE at the end of second video.

    KNEE-CONE it is, get with it AamaryKa.

    • Dave

      What is a KNEE-CONE?

      • neekone

        ‘Knee Cone’ is the proper pronunciation of ‘Nikon’

        • Hell, I’ve heard it pronounced different ways by the Japanese.

          It really comes down to what continent you’re on as far as what’s acceptable.

          North America: NYE-CON
          Europe: NIH-CON
          Asia: KNEE-CON, KNEE-CONE, NIH-CON

        • btdown

          I cannot explain it..and it should not matter, but “Nick-On” (british) makes me crazy when I hear it. It almost feels like they’re intentionally mispronouncing it just to annoy me.

          • Mock Kenwell

            Oh god, let’s not start this pronunciation crap again. We have a brand new FF beauty to talk about here! I’m sure Nikon is happy with any pronunciation except KAY•NUN.

    • Andy

      Yes, as in Nippon Kōgaku brought together as Nikon. We dont say NAI-PON for Nippon either. 🙂


    • ykh

      I asked a Japanese about the pronounciation, he said it’s in two Chinese characters, and NEE-CONE is the way they pronounce. It’s actually how a Chinese pronounce those two characters: 尼康

      • Mike

        Nikon Canada answers the phone as NYE-KON. What’s good enough for Nikon Canada is good enough for me. We also say “Toe-may-toe”. My English sister in-law says “toe-mah-toe”. Same thing. Who cares.

        • Toe-may-toe

          …let’s call the whole thing off.

    • PeterO

      Oh please, not this again…:-)

      • AM

        This site is becoming grammar and pronunciation rumors.

  • Nikonnut

    Those full sized high iso samples look great! i see myself using 3200 no problem.

  • Where’s the “my wife wouldn’t let me” option on the poll? 😉 I could really use the upgrade from my D90 for business but she doesn’t agree with my investment idea here. 🙁

    • Dean

      Told my wife I couldn’t decide which (D800/D800E) to buy. She said, “Just buy both so you have a backup!”

      wow…. Must of been the result of me telling her she’ll look 15yrs younger.

      I have both on order and have time to cancel one.

      • Nathan

        Thanks. I’ll see if telling my wife she looks 15 years younger works for me.

      • Anders

        Hahaha, you lucky fuck 😀 Can we swap wifes?

      • Lucky! Something tells me that telling my wife a D800 would make her look like an 8 year old really wouldn’t help my cause any 😉

    • BenCK

      This is why my wife and I have separate bank accounts. Then she can’t complain how I spend my money. We have a joint account we each contribute to for the bills and household needs. Separate bank accounts = happy marriage!

      • Bintang

        I do the same as you. 🙂

      • icSlowMo

        Agree seperate accounts isthe only way….

    • mikils

      time to consider a switch … of wives! Get one with a larger DR (that is, broader views)

    • PoBoy

      Don’t tell her! You fool!

  • Jonny Ray

    For those that need them, the RRS D800 base plates and brackets are available for preorder now.

  • C’mon NR guy, give us another option. I’ll buy D800 if it had a sRAW.

    • Douglas Adams

      Gradonačelniče, if its smaller, than it ain’t RAW! 😉

  • Roger

    The above link to the Russian website does not agree with my McAfee AntiVirus – their photolink is not allowed by McAfee. Please note.

  • Tommy O

    My D700 shoots clean at iso 6400. If the D800 can’t maintain that quality, then I’ll stick with my D700.

    • DR

      I feel the same. D700 is more clear out of the box. Why to upgrade, pay extra, if you need to post process the noise?

      • Anonymous

        I absolutely agree with you. If you have no need to upgrade, why spend that money?

        There is that option for you to chose in the poll… you don’t need the D800.

  • Nathan

    USB 3.0 is da bomb. I started using it earlier this year and my backups to my external backup unit is literally twice as fast as USB 2.0. Transferring pictures from a CF card to a regular SATA drive is so fast that I don’t need to start the Nikon Transfer and walk away anymore.

    • Cuius

      But nowhere near x10 – x3 on average

    • ykh

      Not so unless you use VERY high speed cards. FYI, SD class 10 cards guarantee to have a write speed >= 10MB/s only (read speed is usually several times higher), and USB 2.o speed is 60 MB/s. Even their read speed is not going to exceed 60. You won’t see any difference between USB 2.0 or 3.0.

      I use USB 3.0 hard drive (through a SATA docking station) to back up pictures in my desktop. the difference is huge in that case. i can not imagine why we need usb 3.0 on D800. not for any card i can afford. or maybe signal can be sent out through the usb port without being written on a card? I don’t know.

      • BOZO

        I have 2 SSD in RAID 0. I’m getting read speed of 1gb/s and write speed just below 1gb/s. it depends on your receving media specs. You really need to be keeping up with new tech. conventional HDDs are very slow and max you can get is 80 mb/s transfer rate.

        • ykh

          I am actually talking about downloading from the camera. the card’s read speed is the bottleneck, no matter what you use on the receiving side.

          • BOZO

            Well, you said it yourself, your cards are the bottleneck. so why you think USB 3.0 is not needed? life will go on and high speed cards will get even faster and cheaper and by that time you’ll appreciate Nikon integrating USB 3.0 port.

            What matters to me is that the D800 is not going to be the bottleneck.

  • I would like to see some technical tests before reaching any conclusion on high ISO noise. The D800 does look good, so far.

  • D400

    Those samples are impressive. Just like I always said.

  • dinomite

    i didn`t have big expectations from those 36 mp…
    i have a d700 and d7000 and i`m selling the d7000 because of the awful noise it produces even at iso 400.
    the pictures that the d800 produces, look just the same as the ones from the d7000.
    they simply look too digital too me.
    d700 pictures are so much more organic!
    you really want want high megapixel? go medium format!
    low light? d4, d3s or d700!
    btw, i dont like the smaller body, compared to the d700.

    admin, please add a d4 option to the poll!

    • Spacedog

      Awful Noise at ISO 400? I ask myself if we both use the same Camera. The D7000 at ISO 400 is very good in my opinion, maybe your Display is broken and you don´t see the last 0 😉

      • dinomite

        ok, not awful at 400, but from 800 and up… you can pp it but you will loose a lot of detail. video at iso 800 is unusable imo.
        how can nikon produce a camera that is worse than its predecessor?
        you have a d700 and d7000? you wouldn´t answer that way i you had both…

        • Uhm, I have both cams (d700 and D7000) . You must be shooting stock photos only. The d7000 produces VERY clean images at ISO 800, it produces very usable images until ISO 4000, including pretty good print size.
          As far as Noise reduction, you must be using the wrong settings, I get stunning detail still with NR software (DFine actually). Now, does it match the d700? no, does it come close? yes. You can even read and check around, yoga re the only person who says differently. on APS-c the d7000 is still considered one of the best cams in terms of noise control.

          Are you sure you own both cams and shoot them at the same settings and the same processing?

          • dinomite

            yes, i shoot stock photos… but not only.
            maybe i should describe noise in a differnt way. the d7000 noise is not that much grainier than the ones from the d700.
            i just said, that the d7000 noise looks very digital and colorfull
            the d700 noise looks more organic or filmlike.
            i don´t have dfine, sadly. does it really make such a big difference? (i use capnx2 and lr for processing)
            btw, i like the dr from the d7000!

        • Spacedog

          I own a D7000 and use a D700 many times per year. It’s right that the noise is different, but far away from awful. Go Five Years back to the past: THAT was awful noise. And about the D800: i will Look for the High Iso Noise When i got mine and Then i will See if it’s terrible 😉

    • kevin

      awful noise at iso 400? are you sure? my grandpa could take perfect picture even at iso 800. well… maybe…

  • Eduardo B.

    It is fucking amazing these high iso samples! In my opinion it is better than the D700! It has almost the same grain but with more detail… Amazing

  • JG

    Admin, didn’t you forecast a lens introduction coming along with the coolpix and D800 introductions? I seem to recall you predicting a refresh of th 16-85mm VR DX zoom. Any word on new nikkor lenses from CP+?

  • Will hang on for moment – read reviews, wait for price to drop slighty, any bugs identified and fixed – probably dive in summer of this year or later it looks like an excellent camera.

    May save up first for couple more lenses like 85 1.8, 300 F/4 AFS & 80-400 Afs before buying the D800 – as in Uk lens prices have recently been going up in price.

    What I like in this camera on surface is improved Video, AF especially AF’ing on F/8 lenses + TC & on surface excellent image quality and really usable from 100 – 6400 (using noise PP when necessary).

    • It will be a while before there is a price cut on the D800. I think we might see a price cut on the D700 soon because of the low price now available on the 5DII. Perhaps we will see a $300 rebate on pro lenses when purchased at the same time as a D800 body, but that is a good 3 or 4 months off.

  • Joel

    The high ISO images are great. I think the performance is comparable to D700. I’m also wondering if D800E performs better or worse than D800 in shooting videos. Anyone can answer this question?

  • broxibear

    Some thoughts about the D800 from Scott Bourne

    • Kockwell #2

      Seriously, who cares about what Scott Bourne says? He is so full of it…

      If he posts something, you know he does it to make money off of it.

  • BillM

    NR – may I make a suggestion to put up a poll for – How many Nikon photographers who are not interested in the D800 because of 36MP would be interested in the D800 if it had an sRAW mode of around 18MP?

    As it stands, I voted that I am not interested because I do not want or need 36MP; however, if Nikon used pixel binning to make a much smaller RAW file (without cropping the image) then I would be very interested indeed.

  • thebiter

    D800E release date is currently April 12th, 2012.

    • souvik


      how do you know that?

      • thebiter

        Pro sales rep for a large camera store in Canada.

        • souvik


          the adorama rep told me mid april, so that matches up to what you are saying..thanks

  • FF

    I have a D4 on order (which I am not canceling) and one of each D800 versions (I will cancel one). In theory the D800E sounds great but I don’t think I want to have to even worry about moire. I shoot mainly landscape and wildlife but my guess is tha the D800 will be the camera I reach for more often for other general shooting needs.

    If Nikon did not release an E version, I doubt there would be many of us (including me) discussing having the AA filter removed. Sure, the small areas that are used as examples of increased sharpness is noticeable but how many times do you get into an area that small in an image to evlauate it? Sure, there are pixel peepers but one needs to keep that in perspective. I am not disputing that the E will serve certain photographers very well but this concept is not new. Just becuase it is now “available” should not be much concern to most photographers. Nikon is trying to capitalize on a small percentage of shooter that were going elsewhere for this need. All the images I have seen som far from the D800 look fabulous.

    I suspect many folks that ultimately get the D800E may be setting themselves up for frustration. I suspect it will be easier to sell a used D800 if one decides later that they are really missing out on the D800E. It might not be the case the other way around.

    Obviously this is just myopinion but I am trying to be realistic and rational.

    Oh yeah, I recently sold all of my Canon gear and the D4 and D800 will be my first experience with Nikon. I am anxious to get my hands on one.

    • Chezo

      +1 My thoughts exactly

  • Sonny Censor

    I took the ISO 6400 chandelier JPEG shot from that russian website and loaded it into LR4 (beta) and played a bit with noise reduction., Left is the orginal, Right one is after some noise reduction

    Sadly flickr did downsize the screenshot, but you still can see that noise can be dealt with quite easily.

    Maybe LR4 can work this file even better from RAW (and not JPEG).

    • Luke

      LR4 have a noise slider ?

  • Cedric The Cat

    Some D800 shots started showing up on Flickr:

    • Cedric The Cat

      Though it is probably just a repost of official Nikon’s ones

  • FTHcat

    Horrible color noise on those samples. There’s none of that on my D700.

    • Tupac

      You’re crazy. I also have both and this is hands down better on the noise front

      • FTHcat

        Just look at that ISO 6400 shot. Color smudges everywhere. I just think D700 has less noise and it’s better looking even if the photo from D800 is reduced to 12MP. Of course we have to wait for more real life tests. Cliff Mautner says: ” I was really surprised that it performed just about as well as a D3 with regard to ISO “.

  • I do not think images on Russian site with high ISO shooting very impressive. I do not see low light situation there. 1/8000 shutter speed..? BS.
    I would like to see samples which shot wide open (at least f/2.8) with 1/60 or slower and High ISO without fill light…

  • Niktarded

    I take back everything I said. This thing performs really good at high ISO. I have one on order now.

  • Gareth

    poll should be will you not did you. I will buy one sometime, but wont buy one until I have saved up and the price has come down.

  • jag

    Dissapointed with the price, would have appreciated a price at £2000. Also no need for 36mp, if you want studio stuff get a d3s. May need to wait for another full frame from Nikon.

    • Good to know.

    • The Manatee

      Hilarious, the D3S is NOT a studio camera.

    • Royster

      The price is ok for the amount of camera you get.
      Some of us welcomes 36MP plus there are a few crop options available.
      Since when has the D3s been a studio camera

  • 25600 ISO
  • Speaking of samples, it’s pretty amazing how this sensor really shows off weak corners in lenses.

    If you don’t have serious glass, you aren’t doing yourself a favor…

  • Bintang

    Hey, by the voting there is no option which explains my situation: “I would like to order one ASAP, but in my country it is not available for preordering” 🙂

  • Dweeb

    I thought 12MP was all you really need. You mean they’ve been lying to all these 12MP years?

    Look at those strengthening ribs in the casting. Never seen those before they cut the weight out of the body.

  • alvix

    with 12 channel reading banding is fabolous..ahah!

    • John

      Cliff Mautner just posted more samples included high ISO with 100% cropped.

      • sand

        These high ISO shots are awesome..

        • John

          I agree. It looks like a little bit better compared to my D700 if I cropped – amazing details.

        • +36,300,000

        • Bintang

          This is amazing!

  • sgts

    Nikon have hit the ball out of the park with the d800 release – i’m saving to buy one, 5dmk2 has been utterly defeated – sony will release some a99 pellicle nonsense that i don’t care about any more – nikon ergonomics, focusing, iq are all the best.

  • cp

    Not sure what the deal is with the seeming embargo on high iso shots with the D800 (and open aperture). Even those Russian shots posted were taken in good flat light (ie the 1/800oth shutter speed) which even in a 4/3rd camera will boost the iso capability. Lets see what it does with a single light bulb at 3200 at 1/60th@ f/1.4.

    I know I’m sitting on the fence until I see some “real world” examples. Everything else I like about the camera – the ergonomics, 100% finder, sd slot (share cards with my M9), etc. But typical camera manufacturer bs of only showing really safe/flat images for promo.

    • John

      Check Cliff Mautner blog – he shots 6400 iso with f.14 wide open.

      • Bintang

        if you check the metadata, f/2-8 70-200VR2 lens was used, and the aperture was f/5. The hints by the pictures are wrong.

    • Get ’em while their’ hot!

    • souvik

      @cp, don’t sit for too long, otherwise you will end up sitting on the fence for a longtime. Adorama & B&H almost will get sold out pretty quick, they are very close to on filling up there . Adorama, rep told me people who are on the 2000th place on the list or beyond, might not get the camera until early May or June.

  • SD noob

    I have always used CF and im not in the loop of the new SD tech. Is there any reason why I wouldn’t want to use a (95 MB/s Read, 90 MB/s Write) SD card vs a (90MB/s) CF card with the D800? Considering the SD cards are cheaper and I can use it directly in a macbook pro, it seems like a no brainier unless I am missing something.

    question 2. say a laptop has USB3 ..would it be faster to transfer RAW files via usb3 direct from the camera, or just taking out the SD card and plugging it right into the computer slot?

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