Nikon D800 now available for pre-order

Here are several Nikon D800 and D800E pre-order options:





Amazon Germany:

Amazon Japan:

Amazon UK:

Jessops (UK):

Nikon MB-D12 battery grip for D800 pre-order options:

more pre-order options coming soon...

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  • Chris

    It´s now on Amazon-DE, too
    2,899€, but I ordered allready at a local dealer. No shipping date so far…
    Hope not too late in march – my wife gets our second daughter ;o)
    “… say hello to D800…”


    • Orilla

      Are you from Germany/Austria too? =)
      Dann wünsche ich dir und deiner Frau alles Gute zu eurer 2ten Tochter. =)

      Back to Topic:
      So, I have orderd one two bei =)

      • Chris

        Hi Orilla,
        yes I am (aus DE, bei Köln /Düsseldorf ;o))
        und – vielen Dank


        • Chris

          Hey Chris,

          von mir auch alles Gute 😉 (ebenfalls bei Düsseldorf)


    • Hans

      the body costs
      in Japan: € 3514,-
      In Germany: € 2900,-
      In the UK: € 2876,-
      In the USA: € 2272,-

      I BUY IT IN THE USA!!!

      • Where? B&H, Amazon, JR and Autorama are selling Pre-order for $2,995 us

      • French Reader

        No, Amazon Jp includes by default a 28-300mm lens. If you select “body only”, it brings the price down to €2600.

    • Spacedog

      Und ebenfalls Glückwunsch aus Hessen 😉

  • Luis Davim

    You need to update the buyer’s guide ->

  • marco polo

    WOW it looks like the D800 is far better in low light capabilities tha the old D700!
    Less noise and faster focus in low light!

    • The native max ISO appears to be 6400. At 36MP there is no way the D800 will out perform the D700 in low light performance!!!!!!!!!! The pixel pitch is way too small for good low light photography.

      • The Manatee

        If you downsample the D800 will be better on an equivalent basis (size).

      • BuzzAldrin

        Last time I checked, my D700 native max was ISO6400, with Hi-1 & Hi-2 just like the D800. I too am suspicious of ISO6400 performance, since no one seems to have any samples, but am hoping for the best.

        • Yagion

          same here

  • WoutK89

    Dutch store in Holland sells only the D800E with Capture NX2 included.
    Is this to promote people to spend more money on the camera, and have to do more processing afterwards? Or will CNX2 finally get an update like what happened when the D300 was sold with CNX1?

  • Andre

    Any advice on how i can get my hands on one ASAP – i live in Australia and it won’t be here till the end of March… I was thinking maybe to buy one and post to a friend in the USA and they can post over to me…?


    • Hom Thogan

      Expect customs to rape savagely your wallet.

      • Andre

        Hence another good reason to send to a friend and have them repost it without the tax invoice on the outside and label it “Gift – a box of tissue – heavy ones” lol…

    • Luke

      Im also in Australia trying to figure out how to get one asap. B&H will ship to Australia but im not sure how much customs is going to put on top of that… for a 3 grand camera id imagine another $300.

      Andre maybe we are best just ordering from a local dealer like “camera pro”
      for AUS$3400 for D800 and $3800 for D800E. If you figure out a better option other than the shipping it to a friend in the US drop a line here .. cheers

      • Andre

        Thanks Luke – $3400 from that website is a good price i rekon. Problem for me is time – I would like it for a band I’m video documenting at Byron Bay Blue’s Festival this April 5-9. I’m actually going to the USA for a holiday in May and would otherwise buy it then!

        I think custom’s would slog us pretty hard. $300 would be the GST alone then they add a bunch of other garbage – might be more around $500/$600…

        Hence sending via a friend in the USA might work… We’ll see…

    • Well has them already available for pre-order.

      Honestly i will wait for the first batch to come out and see how they go, especially with this being such a jump in Nikon technology, there is a likely chance that something will not quite be right.

      Also if you live in Australia and Order thru another country and there is something wrong, dont go crying to Nikon Australia, as they wont have anything to do with it.

      Buyer Beware…

      • Oppss.. I meant , they were also the first to have the D4 available for pre-order in Australia. They have a D800 list price as A$3399.00 and D800E at A$3799.oo which I think are quite resonable..

  • Hhom Togan

    WOHOOO! A camera that starts showing diffraction problems at f/11 like an APS-C camera!!! that’s for sure what I wanted!!!

    Wait…….. what????

    • QQMoar

      I only shoot 1.4 to 2.8.
      f/4 and up is for kit lens 😛

      • hexx

        what about landscapes? good luck with f/1.4 -f/2.8 😉

        • R!

          ……F 5,6 to F8 long exosure with tripod or VR with 16 35 VR!!!!!!!!_

        • R!

          F11 or higher is for Macro shooting!!!!!!!!

          • R!

            with flash

    • R!

      Smart people dont shoot F11 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • AXV

        I’m on the same boat 1.2/1-4 to 2.8 anf 8 to 13 for macro work.
        I hope they start shipping really in march otherwise I will have to cancel and have to wait months for them to re-stock…

  • What to choose

    I take concertspictures. Glas f2.8 70-200 mostly. What to choose first. The D800 or the D4?

    • Andre

      D4 for sure – more frames per second and much better high iso performance – just what you need for concerts…

  • spike

    i’m impress with the sample posted, especially the portrait one. Shows so much detail even the texture of the model’s hand and veil. No sign of mushy due to high pixel density. But at iso640, some noticeable noise at the shadow background.
    Though, there is no 1 to 1 comparison, the E version doesn’t seem to be much sharper than the conventional D800.
    Wish i have the $$ to spare for this wonderful camera.

  • Djscoe

    I’ve been waiting for this camera since the summer of 2010. When I first saw the rumored price of $3999 I almost gave up. I’ve been looking around for a new D700 at the right price. Now, with the two different models, I can afford the 800 at $2999 without disrupting other plans I have. I just ordered the 800 from Amazon and can’t wait.

  • simpleguy

    admin here is another video i found , the director is called Cellin Gluck and it claims to be shot with the d800

    • IAMnotIAM

      It’s shot with a d800, posted by nikon asia.

      This video looks a lot better than the motorcycle thing (not as plastic looking).

  • Andre

    Why are we excited? This camera is just another SONY inside.

    • Yagion

      and your point…?

  • freakout

    The D800 cost nothing.

    6MP are enough – this is exactly the reason why 36MP is so nice!
    With 36MP and a 24/1.4 and 85/1.4 you can crop instead of zoom
    to the 24-70 and 80-200 equivalents with half the weight and size.
    Still have 6MP: do the math: 200/85=2.35 => 36/2.35^2 = 6.5!

    And with 1.4 you have the low-light killer-machine without the
    need for crazy high-isos. When presenting pictures on screens
    or with beamers even 2MP would be enough.

    Perspective and Composition are the same with crop vs. zoom.
    Both are only dependent on the distance to the subject.
    DOF is more flexible with the faster apertures – and does not
    get worse because by cropping also the used sensorsize is smaller.
    Look at the DOF-formula – smaller sensor size makes less DOF,
    when focal length is constant. And no zoom has 1.4!

    Image quality should be at least the same – the primes are better
    and only the sweet spot is used with cropping. And at the starting
    focal length we have full 36MP, faster lens and top image quality.

    The only point against that concept is you have to be a very good
    photographer – the view in the finder is not your image – like with
    rangefinders you have to imagine the frame you want in your head.

    This is the way to think about it. 36MP is great. Throw away the Zooms.
    Save size – save weight – save money : more photographic opportunities.
    Better in any aspect – image quality – low light capability – ergonomics.

    With 12 or 18MP this does not work -> 2-3MP are too low for decent
    quality – but with 36MP this concept clearly wins. Therefore the
    D800 is the Killermachine and I will trade in my zooms and buy it:
    Almost for free.

    • R!

      +1 smart people!

    • R!

      D 800 + a 50 F 1.8 AFD and you ready for great pictures,like in the goood old days !!

      • Andre

        I heart 50mm’s – especially the new 1.8G

  • R!

    First pre production test at DP review:

  • Larry Lief

    I ordered the D800E from B&H whose product description says that Capture NX2 is “optional” software. DPreview’s site,, says the D800E “…will be accompanied by an updated version of Nikon’s Capture NX software, which will include a moiré reduction tool.” I hope dpreview is correct!

    • R!

      Yes correct ,proof on the official Nikon page , see Accesories with the D800E :NX with the D800 regular :no NX .

      • souvik

        Adorama Rep, confirmed that D800E &D800 will ship with NikonView NX2 CD ROM.

    • only in Europe I believe

      • souvik

        @Admin, just got off the phone with Adorama, and they confirmed that D800 and E will be shipping with new software, NikonView NX2 CD ROM. They have sent me an email confirming this.

        • View NX is a free software… I was thinking about Capture NX

          • souvik


            I thought that View NX will have moire reduction capability? Did Nikon announced any new very Capture NX? I mainly use Lightroom 3, v3.5, I don’t think that has moire reduction capability, maybe Lightroom 4 might.

  • Thank you Nikon Rumours! You were right all the time, or at least most of the time =)

  • MattC

    Thanks Admin! Great work, great rumors, great reporting. I just preordered a E model from B&H! Going to be a loooooong wait…

  • ken

    are you kidding me that there is no inbuilt GPS? or did i miss that….jeez

  • Amazing how this site has the most up to date info.

    • Andre

      All over it hey…

  • Andre

    Im keeping my 2 x D700’s and getting a D800 for studio, landscapes and video – good move you think? I wonder if temptation will get the better of me and i use it for everything… but the frames per second on d800 won’t match d700 for events, concerts, nature, weddings…

  • Zen-Tao

    Wow¡ I’dLike to see Nikon images samples raw files. Jpeg looks awesome poor models they must polish their make up otherwise we’ll have to retuouch their pimples. Canon deadly wounded; Hasselblad, deshivering… I’d like to know the current price of a D3x. If this camera fulfill what is announced, It’s a real earthquake.

  • Halo9

    Great Job NR. But what happened to the lense announcements???

    • there were not supposed to be a lens announcement, the two new DX lenses will be announced later

  • Thailander

    Admin I would like to ask you if you know, If it will released at late March in Thailand too. I cannot think of not realesed the same day in Thailand, with which country D800 has a big relationship. For telling the truth the rioght would be to be released firstly in Thailand.
    What do you think?

  • knocker

    How come it’s so much more expensive in the UK?

    • Calibrator

      The $-price is without taxes (VAT).
      There may be also a way different exchange rate for Yen/Euro vs. Yes/$.

      Many Asian companies also charge extra for localizing & delivering the products for Europe (more languages, possibly higher shipping costs?)

  • At $3k Nikon will sell a boatload of these. My take on the higher price of the 800e is that it actually does not lack an AA filter, it simply has a very weak AA filter, according to some reports. Also it will come with a copy of CNX2, and must be sold by special dealers who can explain the implications of the weak AA filter. That later part ceases to make sense when one sees the 800e offered by Amazon.

    • AXV

      There’s going to be a lot of pissed off E buyers, most do not know what they are getting into. That or a lof or D800 regular buyers regretting not getting the E, but I mostly believe the E buyers will pay hahaha.

  • You can now pre-order from Adorama over the phone. I just placed my order and they said they had already taken 18 pre-orders and were selling about 3 every minute.

    • Bob

      Thanks. Just called.

    • WoutK89

      So when you spoke with them on the phone, you were calling in the 7th minute they took pre-orders?

  • RP

    I am confused by the clarification that Amazon may cancel your preorder after 60 days. So if the shipping date is 60 days or more from now, they’re going to cancel all the earliest preorders? Doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Bruce29928

      You will get an email from Amazon after 60 days asking if you still want the item. When you confirm you do you stay on the list, if you don’t confirm then they do drop your order. Think you get like 10-14 days to confirm you still want the order, not sure on that though.

  • Mats

    LOL, I pre ordered already in October, local dealers here in Sweden, no problems at all.

    I’m 90% sure I’ll go for the D800E and learn to deal with the issues. I’d rather have the tack sharpness, especially for my 1:1 to 4:1 macro.

    • souvik

      +1 ,

      I just ordered the D800E, now I have to lear how to deal with the issue! finger crossed!

  • So what is the next big rumor? Not a wish list, but a something with at least a grain of fact behind it.

    • AXV

      Hahahaha rumor junkie!!!
      Next big thing is going to be D400. Is it a true D300s replacement or is it Full frame?
      Let the rumors begin!

  • Art99

    Any rumors on D900?

  • broxibear

    I’m a photographer not a film maker, I’ve a question for those out there who know far more about video than I do…
    What video capability does the D4 have that isn’t in the D800, and would that make you choose the D4 over the D800 considering the price difference ?
    Wow, looking at the prices I’ve only just realised the D4 is exactly double the price of the D800 here in the UK, £4800 and £2400 ?

  • Steve

    I think I’m going to wait untill I can see some samples of the same shot using both D800 and D800E.

    • Bob

      OMG!!! DID YOU GUYS SEE THE SAMPLE IMAGE OF THE TREES WITH D800E?!!!? OMG!!! INSANE Dynamic Range!!!! WOW!!!! Download the full 30 meg image and then open it up from your computer so you can zoom at different levels. WOW!!!

  • Paul

    I pre- ordered thru b&h. Says here that they don’t charge your card til the camera ships. THIS IS A LIE! One minute after i got off the phone with my confirmation number I checked my account balance. THE MONEY HAD ALREADY BEEN PULLED FROM MY ACCOUNT! So much for no payment til shipping. I doubt I will deal with them again. I will deal with Adoroma from now on.

    • ken

      I warned you earlier in the thread 🙂 ! they have taken my money also but I dont mind, i always deal with them and get all my camera stuff from them. i only preordered on amazon waiting for B&H to get their D800 preorder sorted.

      At least you don’t have to remeber to have the mooolah available in March….

      • ken

        also I suggested to the Admin to modify the (B&H will not charge your CC until it was validated…..) seems two of us have been charged..who else has been charged by B&H and is there anyone who has not being someone posted from B&H website that they would not charge..might want to find that post and ring them back if you are worried?

      • AXV

        Thank god I preordered through amazon, I’m not sure if I’m going to have to cancel it ( I can’t wait more than march to get it I have to go overseas)

    • souvik


      I ordered it through Adoroma, and they didn’t debited anything from my cc, they won’t until the item ships. If you used your debit card instead of cc card, than that might be another story. I recommend you call B&H and talk to their sales department.

    • If you’re using a USA credit card we will not charge until we ship. We will place a lien, a pre-authorization.

      If you use a debit card or any other payment method, then we charge when we receive the purchase.

      If you think the situation is otherwise, send me an email with your B&H order number and a topic reminder. It’s henryp[at]

      Please DO NOT send messages asking how many orders, or where you are in the queue or when we’re getting them or how many we’ll get. I will not reply to those.

      Henry Posner
      B&H Photo-Video

      • ken

        Henry hi, can you confirm what you mean by lien or pre-authorization? is it a pre-auth for the full amount or 1$ like amazon and do you mean you ‘reserve’ the full cost from the available credit until shipment is dispatched? thanks.

  • MTP

    Cant wait! Just ordered mine from Adorama. Been waiting for a cheaper D3x for a long time now.

  • Dormant

    Amazon are already discounting both cameras – 95c off!

  • lensdude

    Is anybody besides me going to buy some popcorn and watch the D3X prices crumble on Ebay? 😉 Slower CPUs, no sensor cleaning, inferior display, etc etc — and the new body costs LESS THAN HALF a D3x?! Muaaahahahaha…

    This will be fun! Especially when the first D800 bodies hit the shelves. 🙂

    • AXV

      It depends on dynamic range, if the D800 has the same IQ but with more mpx the D800 will hold value a little bit, but if it doesn’t all hell will break lose!
      It’s up to DXO mark now…

  • Chezo

    Any none NY website for the US? Don’t want to pay $250 in taxes.

  • geordilaforge

    i assume you’re trying to steer preorders to B&H first and foremost. which is fair, it’s your site and B&H is probably your most important kickback generator. (this is not a knock. froknowsphoto is underwritten by allen’s camera. kelby directs people to adorama if i’m not mistaken. everyone has to give props to someone in your business.)

    still – the taglines you have written for the vendors are misleading.

    a) B&H might not “charge” your account until delivery, but they’ll certainly (as has been shown to be the case on more than one occasion) reserve the whole amount on your card, tying up that money for potentially many weeks. others have said that they were actually charged upon preordering.

    b) amazon’s policy is an unambiguous “charge upon shipping”. as to amazon’s canceling your order after 60 days (over 8 weeks), delivery is starting on this camera in 4-6 weeks. it’s not a foregone conclusion that you’ll get your preorder canceled, or that your preorder will even take over 60 days to fulfill. (amazon might even – as they’ve done in the past – stop accepting preorders when their first-batch stock has been claimed.)

    c) for people who are ordering internationally, amazon is often also the better option of the two; B&H is a NYC house with a physical presence in the USA. amazon has headquarters in many different countries (circumventing the need for toll/customs/long ship times), and offers native-language support for returns and shipping.

    fyi. i’ve been critical of nikonrumors in the past, but i must admit that it was a real resource in learning about and ordering the D800. cheers

  • D800Rocks

    anyone has problems to ordering from Adoroma? They states no charge until shipping. Will they have problem similar as B&H?

  • Jon D

    $616 for the MB-D12 grip now on the Nikon USA site!


    • ken

      ? saw it on uk website for 380 so probably be about the same in $ give or take. and it takes same bat as D800 so no need for 2nd charger – optional D4 battery works too but you need a diff charger for that

  • leonardo

    Many of you are very lucky!

    In Brazil takes about six months to get on the official market. The selling price of the D800 will be around $ 6000.00, with all the damn taxes.

    The way will be to wait stores in Paraguay, traveling 700 miles and pay $ 3,500. After returning to Brazil hidden from tax inspection!

    • Chezo

      I tried buying a charger for S90 in Brazil once. $200!!!!

  • Paul

    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed the price of the battery grip for the D800. OMG!!! Is Nikon kidding? $616? For a battery grip? Have they lost their minds?

  • Mike Woloszynowicz
  • D800 FTW!!

  • Bill

    OK Gang, those who may be very knowledged in the realm of Moire and the D800 vs D800E.
    At 36.3 MP just how important would it be to have the AA Filter removed sharpness wise?
    I get what I feel are very sharp pix now with my little D7000 at 16MP vs. my D200.
    AND, while discussing moire and the example shots I saw on NR, I was curious if moire would be real visable in a brides veil if there was any lace or checkered patterns as I have seen on most veils and lace dresses on the brides and bridesmaids I have shot.
    I also saw that HD Video may be moire filled with the AA removed.
    I pre-ordered the D800 this AM early, but now I am wondering about, “did I do the right thing?”
    Help Please?

    • souvik

      @Bill, I think you did the right thing. Although, I ordered the E version for basically three reason, first the image are tad bit sharper, its only $300 extra, but more importantly, I will learn how to handle a new camera settings with moire reduction applicability. Basically, the E is bit different than your stock option that Nikon is offerring, so it gives you the ability to learn some new technology.

  • mandel

    Preorder in Romania – price 11999 RON, which is 2763.47EUR.

  • Bill

    I get what you are saying. New pic samples out today showing the difference from the D800 and E version were really really hard to tell the difference.
    I am old school and I do my best to get the shot perfect out of the camera and not waste a ton of time in P-shop other than a bit of cropping. I really don’t want to add an added process and have to be on the lookout for moire in each shot while working with 300-400 shots from a photo trip. I guess I will stay where I am at. The added MP of 20 over my D7000 will make a huge difference with my 16×20 and 20×24 prints that I doubt I will be concerned with a bit of added sharpness. If I was doing 30×40 landscapes, I guess it may make a difference. Thanks for your input.

    • souvik

      Bill I tend agree with you. I hope there is not much P-shop involved, because there will probably be some specific place where the moire might come up!

  • LightHouse

    This is good news. Any word on when D400 will be release in 2012?
    D4 – 6 January 2012
    D800 – 7 February 2012
    D400 – 8 March 2012?

  • Suresh

    When will d800 start shipping out. In UK its on march 22 will it be the same date in the US?


    WHOA, Bummer man, the D400 came out last week 29.2MP but sold out at $349.95
    without the AA filter and $349.99 with the AA filter. It is now backordered until June 2015.

    HAH!!!! Couldn’t resist. Give Nikon a break. I am sure that their minds are working O.T. on a concept for all those D300s lovers out there. Maybe they will make it a combo above and underwater camera with a anti Great White shark filter.

    Smile, be happy…at least Nikon is currently above water. Seemingly on the right track, and have satisfied the thumping hearts of all those D700 replacement wishers.

  • jay biz

    i ordered both the d800 and d800E ( from B & H ) hoping I can cancel one after I make up my mind. My bank account says “Temporary merchant authorization
    Amount may change – waiting for final amount from merchant” of $2,051 on both charges. I don’t know if that is “temporary” meaning it wont charge until it ships or im about to have over $6k pulled from my account :/

    I think i’m going to cancel one now before the charges go through. for fashion and beauty do you think the extra sharpness of the 800E is even worth it? i’m starting to think not. FML

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