Nikon D800 official pictures leaked

You can read all the Nikon D800 details on this Brazilian website including seven official images of the new camera. The full press release (Google translated) is available here.

Additional images (click on each for larger view):

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  • nobody

    Looks like admin was right from the very start: It’s just 4fps.

    6fps only in DX mode with the battery pack attached.

    My D700 seems to have a great future for my indoor sports needs.

    • ben

      unfortunately it’s a dying future. The camera won’t shoot forever. Too bad D700 owners do not have a legit upgrade path.

      • nobody

        Why that? My D700 feels like it will work for a decade to come. Maybe I’ll need a new shutter some day. But that’s it.

        • +1,000,000

          If it takes great pictures today and suits your needs… it will likely do so tomorrow.

          • Josh

            Seriously. I just purchased a D700 despite knowing the D800 was right around the bend. Some of my buddies thought I was being stupid, but I love this camera so much already. I don’t see anything on the D800 that makes me regret it.

            Really though, the D700 takes the same quality of image as my D40 did, just with more pixels. The only improvements one would notice has more to do with the fact that I’ve grown as a photographer, not that I purchased new cameras.

            • John

              Sweet. Bought a D700 in Nov 2011 knowing a replacement was coming too. Still very happy I did it. I won’t use it for video and the low light still blows me away. It will work for me for many years.

            • Same IQ as the D40? Perhaps your photographs are better nowadays but the D700 has a ton more dynamic range/low light ability. Just wait till ya push it to its limits. Good choice jumping on the D700 and not waiting for the D800. It will indeed be a great studio/landscape camera, but its not otherwise terribly interesting IMHO.

            • bulsh…….
              there are two completely different sensor types in the D700 and D800
              dynamic range will be significantly higher in the D800 and high ISO performance will be better than the D700 if the images are made equal size as d700

              36MP, and IF they have used IMX071 as a base (D7000: correct pixel size for 36MPFX) is the almost 0.5Ev better than the D700 at high ISO. At least 2EV better at base ISO.
              D7000 sensor is about 1/3EV more light sensitive, and has less than half as much electronic noise – even though the pixels are only 31% as large for the area.

              To compare the image quality should be made to the images of the same size whether it be on screen or in print. Ordinarily is normalized by the camera with higher MP reduced in size but also on the smaller pixel dense camera images enlarged to the pixel dense camera’s size, the result is the same: a camera with more MP will provide better image quality in the finished image regardless of image size.

            • Josh


              Hehe, well, yes, true. I shoot a lot of low light stuff now too. I moved up to a D7000 a year ago from my D40 and quickly learned in which ways I could push it that my D40 couldn’t. Still, I have a good selection of my D40 images that are just as good as the shots I take now; comparing to the ones where I’m not pushing the limits, like in hand held low light photography.

              Heck, I still shoot with a F3. Not quite the instant feedback, but it produces stunning images.

          • EMaDeLoC

            I have a D80 and I will upgrade to D800 (I love upgrade adding a zero 🙂 ). My old camera has hard 5 years and will have more years as backup camera and “best-than-your” holydays camera. 🙂

            • I still have a D8o as a reserve for my D300 and its still doing its job. So no need to change… but the D800 could be a reason to send the D300 in early retirement 🙂

            • paf

              I suppose I can adopt your strategy…

              I will have to wait for the D2000 or the D1000 to be released though… 😉

            • Pierre

              I have a D700 and will be getting a D4, I love upgrading by removing zeros :>

        • jorg


      • There will be one.

      • Michael

        Full Ack! I have the D700 for more than 3 years now. It is still a sensational camera but I miss video! I don’t want to buy a 6000€ monster like the D4 and I absolutely won’t buy a 36MP bastard (and I don’t mean that in a positive way) like the D800… So my only opportunity is the 5DM2/3? WTF!!

        • fringuello


        • why not look at the GH2 for video only and keep the nikon bodies for stills and use your nikon glass on the Gh2 ? the Gh2 is still better res on video ten 5dmk2 / d1x / d800 / d4 in any case.. apart from the pure clean video out on the d800/d4 with a ninja and prores 4.2.2 out to ssd drives…

          I’ve been using the canon 550d with my nik0n glass – for a $400 550d it rocks for video only.. stills are crap haha.. but video is just as good as the 7d ( same chip )

          thinking two gh2’s for video for myself shortly.. cheap and with the hacks it totaly rocks for video.. see for the hacks for it… and vimeo for the work being done on them..

          waiting to see the bike video from the d800 bfore jumping to the gh2’s.. but at 2x $4000 plus 2x ninja’s at $1500 the difference in quality better be bloody good from the d800 for that price!!! heres hoping !!!! now wheres the bloody video leaks ?????

    • D700guy

      I dont know about your D700, but mine sucks for indoor sports. I gave up at a highschool basket ball game a while back. Bring in the D4

      • Paul

        Wow I bet there is something wrong here.

        User error.

      • somebody

        Nah you totally need the D800! Everybody buys a 36MP FX now and crops it to DX, haven’t you heard? Latest graze! ISO even improves while in DX mode!

        • somebody

          lol “craze” …

      • 36MP, and IF they have used IMX071 as a base (D7000: correct pixel size for 36MPFX) is the almost 0.5Ev better than the D700 at high ISO. At least 2EV better at base ISO.

        To compare the image quality should be made to the images of the same size whether it be on screen or in print. Ordinarily is normalized by the camera with higher MP reduced in size but also on the smaller pixel dense camera images enlarged to the pixel dense camera’s size, the result is the same: a camera with more MP will provide better image quality in the finished image regardless of image size.

        • D900

          D7000 better than d700?? HHAHAHAHA!!!

          • QQMoar

            If you cut a bigger D7000 sensor. Yes…it’s better

          • rhlpetrus

            Hahaha, he’s right ;). But yes, you can wait for the D900, just 2016 more or less.

  • ben

    We knew that they would smash D3x and D700 together.
    I can see D3x users still being happy, but I dont see D700 owners being happy unless a percentage of D700 owners dreamed of high MP all along.

    • myName

      I am dreaming of high fps and modest MP but got a low fps studio/landscape camera 🙁 and I am not going back to DX.

      • artwie

        take a look at D4 specs – seems to be exactly what you call for 🙂
        my understanding – Nikon is ‘restructuring’ their FX line – you want sports, reportage, weddings etc -> there’s D4 for you; you want landscape, portrait and studio work -> D800 looks nothing short of perfect
        and IMHO it’s the previous line-up that’s been messed up with each camera being quite good for almost everything – now the differences are clear and the choices easier (well, apart from$$$ element of course)

        • miguelpablo

          Right on artwie! You almost got it right cept for weddings, landscape, portrait and studio are the intended market for this cam. Unless your one of those photo “j” shooters who can’t figure out flash at a wedding.
          There’s really nothing so fast at a wedding that you would need a D4 but they’ll be nice to pull out. Everyone, think big ass canvas wall portrait as the endput for the D800.

    • They haven’t addressed a D700 upgrade yet. The D800 is a new line.

      • Joe G.

        The D800 is the D700 replacement. It’s not a new line. Have you ever even looked at the Nikon lineup?!?!

      • Partialy true. The D700 was a marketing experiment (good for enduser). Now it’s time for Nikon to move on in another direction.

    • The D800 is fake. It isn’t real, and even if there is some mythical D800, there’s no way it looks like the image above. Remember when discontinued and suprchunk and a few other people I respect enough to not name said so?

      I guarantee they are right, and this D800 is 100% fake.

  • aNikkorGuy

    No joke here, i have a near new 1800 clicks canon 5D MKII with a near new 2 month old 85mm 1.8 ef for sale to buy this, or at least the current D700 model, so if you want it reply with your price offer, and its your asap! im looking for at least 2250 usd net pay pal! The nikon d700 i owned had turned fantastic images, hence my want and return! im just saying that i have tried time and time again, and i cant reproduce Nikon images in the same conditions! whatever anyone says about the 5d mk2 this and that, blah, i leanrned my lesson! yup, and im a camera whore too 😉

    • Doodle

      You should probably post this on Canon Rumors 🙂

    • Khurram

      I’m a Nikon shooter but I’ve shot with a 5Dmk2 on a shoot with a friend on a practice session (and a few other times). Initially we were shooting with my Nikon but seeing he wasn’t comfortable with the controls of my camera we started using his 5Dmk2. There was no obvious difference b/w the pictures we took (I don’t pixel peep).

      Have you used comparable lenses from the two brands? I always ask people who claim that one brand is better than the other: Can you identify if a picture was taken using a Nikon or a Canon camera? At the end of the day its all about pictures.

      • RC

        It is most certainly not only about the pictures. Among several other factors are AF speed, fps, shutter lag…so many factors that affect whether or not you can even obtain a picture to work with in the first place. I also don’t like Canon’s idea of good white balance and color. The less I have to mess with the picture after it’s taken, the happier I am.

      • manifesto

        My wife and I are both full time wedding photographers, and use both canon and nikon gear. Her background is canon and she currently uses a couple 5D2 bodies, and my background is nikon and I use a couple D700 bodies. We shoot and edit them side by side on a daily basis. I love both systems, but for different reasons. I only wish Canon would learn how to make a focussing system that works!

        As for lenses, there’s really no advantage with either manufacturer outside of nikon’s awesome warranties. It’s more of a lens by lens basis. On the prime lens front, I’d take a 50mm 1.4 nikon over the 50mm 1.2 canon (at 1/4 times the price). Same with the 85 1.4 nikon vs the 85 1.2 canon. There’s a HUGE difference between the 24-70 2.8 lenses. Nikon’s is a world better in every single way (can’t wait for the new canon 24-70!). The 70-200 2.8 lenses are both amazing with canon being a slight bit better. On the macro side, canon’s 100mm macro is amazing! Love shooting with it way more than the 105mm nikon.

        It really depends what you can make work for you. That said, I’ll still swear by my nikon. Definitely a little disappointed overall with the D800 though. Think I may have to make the jump to the D4 this time. Would take a solid 16mp with amazing low light and auto focus ability any day over 36mp!

  • a4

    Am I the only one to find the buttons layout between the shutter release button and display weird (especially the video release button (?) squeezin the Mode button to a really odd location…) ?! Weird and ugly, same as on the D4.

    • Paul

      It seems logical to me. With the most frequently used button (shutter) easily reachable and the least used button (mode) farthest away from your index finger.

      • a4

        The video button seems much more logical on the back to me (e.g. as on D7000), with recording start/stop with the thumb…

        • Paul

          Perhaps it’s like the D4 where the joystick took the place of the D7000’s rec button/live view switch.

      • a4

        …anyway, maybe that’s just me, as I don’t like (and use) video in the DSLR at all. For me the button would be best placed somewhere deep in the battery compatrtment 😀

        • BornOptimist

          It can be reprogrammed to other functions, so if you don’t use video, you have options.

          • a4

            Well this sounds great on the other hand.

  • Jeff

    I love it…my D700 will be worth more than what I bought it for!

    • how ?

      • Jeff

        Because 50% of the people here are complaining about the D800 specs and say they want a D700. Since Nikon has discontinued the D700, and the D800 will most likely not be the same price point as the D700, the value should not decrease that much since the D800 is not the successor. On top of that, I bought it at its lowest price, er go, my D700 went up in value.

        But in actuality, I will never sell that gem. It was merely stated in jest.

        • miguelpablo

          Good luck with all your video needs. Amateur disappointment makes me shiver. Go buy a Canon spec head! Leave the D800 to the Pros!

    • The D800 is *not* the D700 upgrade. It’s a new line. The D700 was a mini D3. The D800 is a mini D3x (on steroids).

      • But no guarantee of a mini D4 as yet…

        • Chris Noellert

          That would be be a 24mp FF 7.5 fps hi iso D400

  • dave-o

    Do not want. My D300s will get a D700 backup for FF/Landscape use, and that’ll be that until I can buy a used D3s/D4. Gimme high ISO low noise capabilities. Gimmie 7+FPS. Gimme quality (photosites) over quantity (pixels).

  • Johan Lund

    When will it be released to shops?

    • Nikon needs to have SOMETHING to announce for their press conference. 😉

  • alvix

    I’d like to see if it will have the same digital artifacts with rendered small text…

  • broxibear

    Images 1 and 6 are not the same camera, they’re slightly different. The D800 text is straight in one and angled in the other…could be images of prototypes, or maybe on is the normal body and the other is the model without AA filter ?
    The overall look is more D5100 than D4…looks very compact.

    • Jeff

      I see what you mean about the text…

      • alvix

        even you.. hate those nasty artifacts? 😀

    • Sekundogenitur

      I think you’re wrong, the cams are identical. And the pics are no fake at all!

    • Paul

      I disagree, they are the same camera body.

    • You blind man, they are from different angles, but is the same !!!

    • Ooops

      You’re right as usual Broxibear, well spotted

    • MLN

      Looks are deceiving, I think that I read in the specs that it is a little bigger than the D700.

  • One More Thought

    The key now will be the price. If Nikon brings this in at US $3000 or under then they will have a sales bonanza on their hands…along with all of the lenses, etc that comes with that.

    If they price it at US$4000 then I think they will limit their market to mostly professionals, and even then, a narrower base of professionals.

    The hopeful point is this: if Nikon were to bring this out at US$4000 then that would leave a huge gap between their US$1200 D7000 and a $4000 price point. I just cannot imagine them leaving such a gaping hole in their offerings.

    They need a camera in the $2000-$3000 price range to satisfy not just professionals, but a lot of serious hobbyists, prosumers, etc…

    • That another fear I have, that price gap is enormous. The mpx too.


    • Don

      NO Gap!!! The gapfiller is the D300s and it’s replacement. The D7000 did NOT replace the D300s. Look at the tiny buffer alone! Get that thru your thick head. The D7000 is NOT the top of the DX cameras, nor will it ever be. I could not shoot great sports/action high fps with a D7000. It’s NOT capable, but the D300s is!!!

      • When do you expect the D400 as a repacement to the D300s?

        • Don

          Fall ’12 or sooner. Until then, you still have the 300s.

    • D700 will still be sold .

    • miguelpablo


  • Lets hope its the same grip! (its not, but I hope!)

    • nobody

      No, it’s not. The grip had to be changed due to new Japanese legal requirements regarding the batteries.

    • Paul

      MB-D12 and the battery will be the EN-EL15.

  • andy

    All naysayers can finally stfu.

  • ol

    full press release doesn’t work! thanks for all the info on the d800 btw

  • Geofffffff

    Man, 15 megapixels in dx crop mode. Better than 5 but I wanna see some of those samples. Hope the density and sharpness has improved.

  • Can’t wait to see Chase Jarvis’s high speed motorcycle video he made with this baby!!!!!!!

  • Andy

    The guy that claimed an obvious photoshop when the D800 fake photo survey was done is looking a huge douche at this point.

  • Bundgee

    I can’t quite get an idea of scale. Is this camera as small as the D7000? Doesn’t look as large as the D700. Any clues?

    • souvik

      @Bundgee, that’s exactly what I thought, the camera looks as small as D7000, the new d800 will at least be as big as D700 or bigger not smaller. I am not sure how credible these images are.

      What do you think Admin? Btw, excellent job on your coverage.

    • Paul

      It’ll probably be this size wise.

      D700 > D800 > D7000

    • it’s already been posted that this one is 100g lighter than a D700.

  • nikon

    did it say how much it will be in the US?

  • Allan
  • Andy

    A really wow!-camera, but I am totally underwhelmed compared to my needs.
    As mentioned, D3x-wannaowners will cheer. D700-owners with a craving for higher ISO will……stay D700 owners or buy a D3s.
    I might pick up a used one in a few years, but right now I am just interested in knowing if Nikon will come up with a D700 replacement.
    Because this isn’t.


  • R!

    That’s the begining of the end of midle format that are so expensive !!!!!!! great.

    • david distefano

      justify yourself. my hasselblad 39mp sensor will run rings around this d800 36mp sensor that is only half the size with each pixel considerable smaller than the hasselblad pixels. zeiss german glass, with leica are the best lenses in the world for resolving information. remember that zeiss makes the equipment that nikon and canon use to test their lenses. hasselblad has digital backs that go to 60mp and phase one to 85mp, so no, this puny 36mp on a small sensor is not the end of medium format. most of the fine art that is printed today from digital cameras comes from medium format not dslr. dslr pictures are shared over the internet, deleted because they are no good, or printed for friends on 4×6 paper to show friends. no my friend those who really care about their craft still shot with the best. medium and large format.

  • Marlon Correa

    I’m perfectly happy with my D700. If I had the money I would upgrade to a D4 or even a very inexpensive D3s. Hell, I’d even get me another D700. I love my camera.

  • Ralph

    Wonder why there are no pictures of the back?

    • Ken

      the back is ugly as f*@k 🙂 – illuminated buttons anyone ?

  • Nikon D4 has just 16 mpx and Nikon D800 36 mpx ??? Do you think that’s logical ???

    • yes

    • The Manatee

      How dense are you? One is a studio/landscape camera, which requires better resolution and the other is a sports/photojournalism camera which requires fewer megapixels.

      • attila hajos

        ok, but stil…36 vs 16 is more than duble. I think you meant -more- insead of -fewer- megapixals

        • Fewer megapixels for Photojournalism/Sports. This makes faster fps possible. Also, bigger pixels (each pixel taking up more room on the sensor resulting in fewer total pixels) makes high quality high ISO possible, if it is designed right. In other words, less grain, sharper, better color, and more detail in the highlights and shadows.
          4000 ISO, for example, looks like 400 ISO when compared to older cameras.

          Studio photographers, on the other hand, frequently shoot at 50-100- and 200 ISO. Their need is often for more pixels, the more the better. That’s where the D800 will shine.

          • thanks, as I know the old D700 is designed for photojournalism not for studio. They say D800 will be an upgrade/replacement for this model but how is that possible vith 36mpx witch is designed for studio shoots ??? D4 is the D700 replacement ??? I’m a little confused. I need good ISO performance for photojournalism but paying for D4 is out of my league. 🙁

            • if you read the press release, you would have noticed the pains they’ve gone to to emphasize the high-quality, high-ISO capabilities of the D800. It won’t be comparable to the D4 or D3s, but i fully expect it to be at least equal to the D700 — albeit at a lower frame rate. it’s spec’d out really nicely, if you ask me. i’ll be keeping my D700 but i wouldn’t miss this one! especially if, as was reported over the weekend, that it’ll be selling for 3000Euro, and quite possibly $3000.

            • If you are a photojournalist (like me) then the D800 is NOT for you. Full frame (FX) on a budget options are the D700 and the D3. (not D3s) Their high ISO noise is good on a budget.
              The high ISO quality on the D3s and D4 is on another planet, but they ARE expensive.

    • Paul


    • Yes, VERY logical. As you go to higher Mpix at the same size of the sensor each pixel site gets smaller. Smaller the pixel site at the same level of material technology -> larger the noise and lesser the pixel depth. In other words, smaller the pixel site, poorer the quality of captured pixels.
      D4 is intended to give you the best picture quality possible at the performance similar or better than D3 series. 16Mpix of superb data beats 36Mpix of so-so data.
      PS Versus D3 sensor stayed of the same size but sensor material technology improved for one generation. Hence about 30% more Mpix in D4 vs. D3 at the same sensor size and similar performance.

      • Thanks for your explanations, the 16mpx sensor of the D7000 is slightly smaler than the D90-s 12mpx sensor but the image quality of the D7000 is better. This is because of the new technology implemented in D7000 ? Why making 36mpx sensor if it’s worse than a 16mpx ?

  • alvix

    Peter said grip is not the same..the D800 is larger then D700 ..

  • souvik

    @Admin, I don’t know about these images of d800, it seems like a dx body with d800 printed on it. Is there any chance that these images might be fake?

  • clla

    This is obviously fake. Nothing will be announced tomorrow but more Coolpix.

    • lolly


    • Thomas


    • hahahaOLE


    • nobody

      Good evening, ScottMac 🙂

    • KG


  • Aww how cute!

    With it’s droopy curves, it looks like a puppy with his ears down. 🙂

  • The camera looks very nice, HDMI out is clean !!

    I created a mirror for this new pictures

    • AXV

      Thank you!!!

      (You might get into legal problems with that sopa / acta stuff )

  • AmalZ

    I searched Nikon D800 on B&H Photo-video, and here’s the message I got : “We’re sorry! Nikon has not announced a D800 model”

    When I searched Nikon D400, I got the following : ” We did not find matching results for “Nikon D400″. Showing results for Nikon D40.”

    So my guess is that the B&H pages are ready, but they’re waiting for the official announcement 🙂

    • Haha! Sweet! Good catch! Perfectly correct, I’d say! 😀


  • Rummer

    By having more than 15 mp in DX mode, the D800 may be a great option for someone with lots of DX lenses wanting to transition from DX to FX.

    My D7000 has 16mp with an ISO range of 100 to 6400, so I’m not sure how much a D800 would be an upgrade for me if I were to get one, but being able to shoot in both FX and DX mode is attractive.

    I was also waiting for an upgrade to the D700, so I may have to wait when a miniature D4 is released.

    • I thought exactly the same 🙂 DX mode is great with 36MP.

      This is one of my “problems”, I have some good DX lenses, and I’m waiting patiently for this camera with my D300 (yes, not even “s”).

    • rhlpetrus

      My case as well, will likely sell D7000 and get it, my nice 12-24 will still work when needed. But I want tyhe 14-24 ;).

  • Joaquim Prado

    I Expected a faster camera! Nikon need a middle term between this camera and the D4. I would love to have an upgraded D700 with two CF and a few more MP. If nikon ask 4k for this model a D4 seems much more reasable or even a D700.

    I see nikon changing their concept of DSLR along with the D7000, D4 and now this D800.

  • JR

    What happened to the Continuous and Single focus options on the side dial of the camera? I see only Manaual and Automatic?

    • The Dude

      Like the D7000 you press the button and use the command dial to switch between AF modes.

  • Martin rock

    Well done Admin !

  • Max

    Hmm.. interesting!!! I’ve been waiting so long to upgrade to FX from my D90. I originally was looking into getting a D700, but I really wanted video capabilities too, so I decided to wait for the D800. I’m thinking this will be a great upgrade from my D90.

  • kevin

    Hate the new logo! D700 logo looks much better.
    we will find out more information in about 10 hours .
    For now, I assume nikon is jumping to a new direction with this D800.
    hope the camera will lead us some surprise.

    • Paul

      Do you stare at the logo when you take pictures?
      Are you a self portrait photographer or something?

      • Daniel

        LOL. I know. These people really need to get their heads checked. Kevin uncle likes to stare at logos of cameras. Jeez.

  • Jhay Gamba

    Such a beauty.

  • nathan paw

    The new Nikon D800 surpasses all expectations with its 36.3 megapixel resolution ensures maximum fidelity and unsurpassed

    The new release of the Nipponese company offers unparalleled features to please all demanding professional photography, videographers and filmmakers.

    Sao Paulo, February 6, 2012

    Nikon introduces its long-awaited release, the HD-SLR D800, which offers resolution never seen before, amazing picture quality and valuable video resources, still optimized for professional multimedia photographers and videographers. With unparalleled balance between precision and functionality, the Nikon D800 brings innovations such as the CMOS sensor 36.3 megapixel FX-format, 91,000 pixel RGB sensor, advanced Scene Recognition System and many other new features.

    Exceptional Image Quality

    The new 36.3 megapixel CMOS sensor (7360 x 4912 resolution) and FX format (35.9 x 24mm) is the largest in terms of resolution so far developed by Nikon, and come meet nikonzeiros numerous requests from around the world. It is ideal for situations where you can not compromise the fidelity, such as weddings, photo studio and record landscapes. A resolution of this magnitude gives the photographer the ability to portray even the smallest details with stunning clarity. Every aspect of the sensor of this model was designed to ensure clear images in low light, so it has enhanced features like OLPF converter and a 14 bit A / D to minimize the noise around the picture.

    The D800 lives up to Nikon’s reputation of being the sovereign ability to capture in low light thanks to the standard range of ISO 100-6400, expandable to 50 (Lo-1) and 25600 (Hi-2), which helps create gradient amazing colors when shooting JPEG or RAW.

    All these image data are directed to a channel of 16 bits for maximum performance. Photographers can also take advantage of the lenses in FX format lenses for more options and increased focal range (1.5X), while still maintaining the clarity and detail in high resolution of 15.3 megapixels (4800×3200).

    The D800 has an advanced Scene Recognition System with its array of colors (3D Color Matrix Meter III), which provides precise measurement in the most challenging lighting conditions. At the heart of this system is the innovative RGB sensor that analyzes each scene meticulously, recognizes factors such as light and bright and then compares all the data using the unique database of 30,000 images from Nikon. This new sensor still has the ability to detect faces with high accuracy even when shooting through viewfinder. The Color Matrix Meter also prioritizes the faces detected, allowing the right exposure even when the subject is backlit.

    Novelty is also the exclusive image processing engine Nikon’s EXPEED 3, which controls the entire system and is the catalyst behind the responsiveness of the camera’s auto focus and performance. The new Nikon image processing engine is capable of processing huge amounts of data, with perfect color and tone perfect. 3 The EXPEED also contributes to energy efficiency, allowing the user to use the camera for longer.

    Featured in the new and improved white balance system of this model that more accurately recognizes both the sources of natural light and artificial ones, and gives the user the option to retain the warmth of ambient lighting.

    Users can also capture a greater dynamic range with the HDR function and enjoy the benefits of Active D-Lighting for balanced exposures even in backlit scenes. In addition, the camera offers a dedicated button for quick access to Nikon’s Picture Controls to adjust the parameters of photo and video in real time, such as color, sharpness and saturation.

    True Cinema Experience

    The Nikon D800 is a compact and lightweight which is ideal for the production environment. Its features are very practical and functional usable by both filmmakers in the field and in the studio or filmmakers. Filmmakers have the option of multiple resolutions and frame ranges, including Full HD 1080 and HD 720 30/24p to 60p. By using the method of data compression B-Frame, the user can record video in H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC up to 29:59 minutes per clip. The optimized CMOS sensor reads the image data on rates incredibly quick results almost instantly.

    The D800 also allows videographers to keep the resolution high definition (1080p) regardless of the selected scene mode. Users can also compose and easily check critical focus for HD LCD monitor 3.2 “and 921 000 pixels with reinforced fabric, automatic control of brightness and wide viewing Anglo.

    For professionals, it is important to have a camera that has digital recorders and external monitors. With the D800 is possible to transmit an uncompressed HD signal directly off the camera for an HDMI output (8 bit, 4:2:2). This signal can be transmitted to a display, digital recording device or routed through a monitor, eliminating the need for multiple connections. The image can also be viewed simultaneously on the LCD screen and an external display screen while excluding the state data of the camera for streaming media.

    The D800 also includes features to enhance the audio quality, as a specific output for headphones used to monitor the audio levels during recording, which can be adjusted within 30 steps. Have the onboard microphone can be adjusted with up to 20 steps of sensitivity for the faithful reproduction of sound. To complete the recording can be configured to be activated via the shutter button.

    Shutter speed and performance with amazing accuracy

    The autofocus system Advanced Multi-Cam 3500 AF is the next generation of the proven 51-point AF system Nikon. The fully customizable system offers users the ability to capture fast moving subjects in focus and accurately track, or select a single AF point with absolute precision in detail. The focus system uses 15 sensors of the type AF Crusaders for accuracy and the system also emphasizes human faces even when the viewfinder is used. The D800 also employs 9 cross-type sensors fully functional when used with compatible NIKKOR lenses and teleconverters aperture f / 8 or smaller.

    For maximum versatility in different situations, users can also select multiple AF modes, including normal, expanded area and tracking of faces and objects / people, even the optical viewfinder.

    Ready to shoot in less than 0012 seconds, the Nikon D800 can capture files in FX mode and resolution up to 4 fps, or up to 6 fps with DX mode with the optional battery pack MB-D12 battery and compatible. To further improve the speed of the camera and the overall workflow, the D800 uses the new standard USB 3.0 for fast transfer.

    Format and operability

    The structure of the Nikon D800 is designed magnesium alloy for maximum durability and reliability. The camera body is closed and sealed with gaskets to resist dust, moisture and also to electromagnetic interference. You can easily picture of the composition through the viewfinder of course, which offers 100% coverage of the scene.

    The shutter was tested to withstand 200,000 cycles, ensuring maximum durability, while the sensor cleaning is made by the vibration of OLPF. The self-diagnostic shutter unit also includes a mirror balancer to minimize the residual impact of the “bounce”, improving the AF and zoom viewing time. Furthermore, the display is coated with a new finish protection thermal which serves to resist to overheating during prolonged use. For storage, the D800 has dual card slot for CF and SD cards, offering the user the possibility of recording up when a card is full, recording RAW / JPEG, separately, and the added option of recording still pictures to and video card to another. For recording and transfers at high speed, data can be recorded on the latest UDMA-7 and the cards SDXC/UHS-1.

    The D800 also features built-in flash, and is compatible with the acclaimed Creative Lighting System Nikon, including the Command Mode for embedded control Speedlights wirelessly.

    • rhlpetrus

      Can you send me the Portuguese file?


    • There’s a deep and writhing lack of whether the camera will exhibit the same 1:1 video feature seen in the D4. It seems to have all the rest of the video features.


  • JR, nice catch. I saw that too. Something tells me these images are all doctored. We’ll know for sure in about 24 hours, eh?

    • JR

      Yes, only time will tell. Perhaps once the camera is set to ‘AF’, then there is another setting in the menu or dial on the top to specify Continuous or Single.

      I’m so excited about this. I have observed that if they announce it now, it will take about 5 months for the price to stabilise to a lower point. I’m not sure I can wait that long though!

  • Ken

    Pics are taken down already 🙂 go Nikon!

  • My only complaint would be odd fashion of ever shrinking left side of the camera. This is not compact or PS camera, it is fine to leave some bulk there for ergonomic holding shape.

    • InTheMist

      Nice to avoid the ‘squash nose’ camera hold.

  • Gene

    I know this may have been discussed? But the focus selector looks to be M & C, how would you select Single servo?

  • Great looking beast for those that lusted after (or even already have) a D3x but I’m really after an upgraded D700 (i.e. great low-light FF with reasonable speed, even if it would require a grip to achieve full speed).

  • Shane


    Will Nikon be releasing a new 24-70
    As canon have one coming images just released on canon rumors and we see tamron releasing one also……

    • QQMoar

      Nikon one is still pretty new and much sharper than Canon version

  • D700guy

    So, a question thats been nagging me is; who is going to buy a D3x now? Its an $8K camera with a whole lot less capability than the D800. Would it be inconceivable that they might supplant that sensor in a D700 and call it a D900?

    • The answer to that would be professionals who want to buy the camera for te sake of looking professional. Other than that, and the built-in grip, I really can’t see why anyone would buy one of those instead of this beast.


  • Oops!
    The story (and photos) just got embargoed. (taken down)
    Nice of them to put up a link to

  • shadowfoto

    i wonder if the Red Button will be user selectable just like Fn/Pv

  • Can’t wait tomorrow to see (if any) which lens gets announced ?

    I love the look of the body, usb-3, 91k rgb sensor, the Af system being enhanced to use F/8 (lenses of F/4 of faster with 2.0 tc), enhanced video and high res images.

    Good res in DX mode of 15,0mp and 6 fps.

    Only wish (probably won’t be included) will be for pixel binning raw options where there is not a need to shoot full whack / 36 mp for every FF raw image.

    • 400/4! Canon just announced one. 😀 Or even a new 200/4 micro with VR.


  • Packe

    I hope to god the USB 3.0 thingy is wrong. Would suck buying a D4 with USB 2.0… Not that it’s a deal-breaker, but it’s just so wrong to release a flagship camera with worse specs.

    • simpleguy

      let that be your problems , usb 2.0 or usb 3.0 ?

  • rhlpetrus

    Interesting it was leaked here in Brazil, of all places!

    Mnor disspaointment: 6fps only in DX mode and with grip. D7000 does that w/o need of grip.

    • Daniel

      Hey champ, you do realize that it’s 36 MP, right?

      • lpb_smn

        16mp in DX mode.. just like in D7k

      • NotSurprised

        “Hey champ, you do realize that it’s 36 MP, right?”

        Which is another disappointment. It should be quality 24MP, rather than overstuffed, sluggish, most likely firmware based smoothed-over 36MP.

        • NotSurprised

          I’ll say that it looks nice though. I hope MP-lovers are happy.

          I’ll be waiting for the D800S……. =(

        • Joe

          It’s interesting that you know this though you have not seen a single picture made by this camera.

        • InTheMist

          I also find 36 MP overkill. Can my 70-200 2.8 VRII even resolve that high?

          The rest of my glass is high-end DX glass, so maybe it’s better to wait on the D400 for the my occasionally-professional-always-enthusiast needs.

          • FX Fanboy

            lol at “high-end DX glass”

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