More Nikon D800/D800E specs

Nikon D800

Nikon D800 picture that was briefly displayed on Nikon's website in Germany

Few more small details on the Nikon D800/D800E:

  • The version without the AA filter will be called Nikon D800E
  • The D800/D800E will "read" images with 12 different channels (14-bit conversion)
  • 16 bit image processing with EXPEED 3
  • 3.2 in. LCD display
  • 100% viewfinder coverage
  • New bracketing button
  • Start-up and shutter delay identical to the D4
  • The D800/D800E will use the EN-EL15 battery, same as D7000
  • Similar to the D4, the D800/D800E will be able to take up to 850 shots on a single battery charge which is less than the D700 that could go up to 1000 (based on CIPA standard)
  • The optional battery pack for the D800/D800E will be called MB-D12
  • In some markets (I think Europe) the Nikon D800/D800E will include Capture NX2
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  • Are the fps still unknown or still 4fps @ 36mp and 6fps @ DX and battery grip?

      • Paul

        So no speed bump for FX mode with battery grip?

      • Zeb

        Still confusing, can you clarify;
        1) What speeds do you get FX with and without MB-D12?
        2) What speeds do you get DX with and without MB-D12?

        • R

          FX – 4fps
          FX+grip- 4fps
          DX – 4fps
          DX+grip- 6fps+/-

        • Ball_Lightning

          Well, the French magazine says 4 fps in 14-bit RAW / 6 fps with additional bg, so it is hopefully more in DX mode.

          • WoutK89

            The french magazine said 3″ screen as well, so if Admin says 3.2″, who knows what else the magazine has wrong and just copied off of forums?

  • KT

    Here hoping it won’t be as noisy as the NEX7/alpha77, that would be a let down after we got used to clean high ISO from the D700

    • fred

      Compare the output of the A900 and the D3x. Same sensor. Don’t worry.

      • WoutK89

        But that is a similar sensor, different externals and software on the sensor. Now we compare a similar production process on different sizes of sensor, and nothing much to compare. The Sony’s have a higher density than the D800 has.

    • Don’t worry about that, dude. The pixel density is different between this sensors. 36mpx on FF = 16mpx on APS-C. So, D800 = D7000, but the D800 is newer, and probably it will be better, much better.

  • Russ

    Will it be possible to increase the fps with a battery pack?

  • pity we lose some on the speed. but im sure many will be very very happy with the resolution boost. i want the 100% vf too. at least now there be no more of that ’12mp for 1million years’..

  • Michael

    I have to give up D800 if it really costs around €3000, even though I wait for it for 2 years. Canon 5D3 or mark2 also could give me tons of fun.

    • d70

      Please go buy a canon and start shooting. You shouldn’t have waited two years.

      • WoutK89

        Agreed, and wont a Canon set you back the same, and more? Body + lenses? A Nikon just body I would assume.

      • Vic


    • EnPassant

      Do you really think Canon 5DIII will be much cheaper? If you already have been so patient why don’t you just wait another 5 years until you can buy the D800 for €2000 or even cheaper used? It will also give you additional time saving the money you could not save in 2 years.

  • Will we have a price “confirmation” before the debut or will I have to make my decision in 2/3 more days lol

  • It looks good. It would be sweet if it also had an Ethernet port on the side like the D4.

    • Richard

      A report elsewhere says USB 3. We’ll see.

    • I’m hoping for is the HDMI out and the same video features as the D4. The images should be good (obviously), but if it can compete on all but the incredible high-ISO of the D4, I may be able to save 2-3k, money that would be well spent on glass. Then I can hold out for 6-12 months to see if Nikon releases a little brother to the D4 with the same sensor. If nothing else, the price of the D4 may settle a little bit.

      Either way, I’m pretty much set on the D4 or the D800 as soon as they’re available.

  • SWEEEET! I want one…..

  • Tommy B.

    Kind of surprised they’re allowing this to share batteries with another body.

    • Mike

      ? D70, 80, 90, 200, 300, 300s, 700, all shared a battery. And one could put a D2/3 battery in the grip of the D300/s/700. Nikon is not a battery nazi all the time.

    • D800_finally_here

      You can share the same EN-EL15 battery with the Nikon V1 as well ! (If I remember correctly)

      • St.

        Yes, D7000, V1 and D800.
        I sold my D7k but I still keep my second battery, so $45 saved 🙂
        I’m starting to think that D800 and V1 for “pocket” add-on will be a good configuration.

  • Mike23

    Wow this is awesome!!!!!!

  • Interesting info on the bit depth…. The D800/D800E will “read” images with 12 different (different?? yes…) channels (14-bit conversion) Anyone know what this means exactly? What is the output bit depth? Or is it just a fancy way of saying it’s a 14 bit pipeline with 12 bit images? Can’t wait to see the dynamic range on this thing…

    Mention of video features is blatantly lacking. D4 surely will be the video king in this new lineup. Would be nice to have good video from this camera also.

    Hurry up sample images 😀

    • soap

      I believe it is saying that the sensor has 12bits of SNR, the pipeline coming off the ADC is 14 bits wide, and the processing (yes, even raw images are processed) is in 16-bit space (to prevent rounding errors).

      • soap

        If that is correct the question is do they output in 16 bit space or dither down to 14?

        Don’t let “dither” be a dirty word in this context, the 2 least significant bits (if my reading is correct) are noise so you won’t lose anything.

        • WoutK89

          Read-out over 12 channels, Processing in 16 bits, Output in 14 bits.

          • soap

            The D800/D800E will “read” images with 12 different channels (14-bit conversion)

            If your read is correct then that ^ line jumbles two things which shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath. I can dig the “12 channels” != “12 bit” part, but that sure seems to say 14-bit ADC considering the line below mentioning 16 bit processing.

            Nowhere does it mention 14-bit output.

            • soap

              And even if the lower two bits are noise there are some good reasons to keep the files in 16-bit words.

            • WoutK89

              All cameras, including the D4 so far, only did 14 bits at best. 14 bits is already far more than the majority of screens can show. Or do you like to add empty space filling your memory cards?

            • Soap

              It has nothing to do with the screen.

            • FM2Fan

              If you are concerned about 12 or 14 bit output – await the ISO range … the combination of the two will tell you, if you should slightly 1/4 stop over/underexposure, if you have one shot. Otherwise: HDR your way …

            • Jabs


              In this case 14bit and 16bit does NOT refer to the bit structure of the IMAGE, but to the bit structure of the processing pipeline.

              Bit structure of a DIGITAL pipeline has nothing to do with a 16bit image as it refers to the inherent bit structure of the digital pipeline and since it is multi-core and multi-channel, then nothing to do with display.

              BTW – there are a few digital camera bodies with 16bit image OUTPUT – medium format ones (forgot names).

    • fred

      Channels are channels, not bits. It means the sensor isn’t producing one serial stream for the whole image, but producing several in parallel. This reduces noise since you can dedicate channels to particular colors (R,G,B) and maybe also have a lower frequency on each channel. The D3 had 12-channel readout too.

      • Jabs

        Sorry but you are wrong.

        The D3 Series had Expeed 2 and it was not multi-core and I believe less than 12 channels of OUTPUT plus an analog pipeline.

        The Nikon1 and D4 use Expeed 3 which is digital in its pipeline and has more output channels than Expeed 2, plus is multi-core.

        Totally different systems then!
        They published the specs here at Nikon Rumors – go look it up yourself.

        • fred

          D3 has 12-channel readout. Whatever.

    • Jabs


      The new Expeed 3 has 12 digital channels plus is multi-processor and a 16bit pipeline but the camera has 14bit output.

      • fred

        How dare you quantify the bus width of the camera’s internal pipeline. This information is only inside the camera and you have no right to have it or talk about it. Even if the information is published by Nikon, they are wrong to publish it, and you should no better than to talk about it or even think about it. I hope Nikon confiscates your camera, sues you blind, and deletes your post!

        • Jabs

          What are you on or talking about?
          Nikon already published this information about the Expeed 3 from the introduction of the Nikon 1 System plus the information has been published here by Nikon Rumors too. See the Nikon Introduction of the D4 for a clue.

          LOL – wow – ‘Fred is Dead’ – lol (old song)!

          Geez – such an eenteresting munster – Right!

          • fred

            By discussing the specifications for the Nikon 1 and applying them to the Nikon D800 you are playing right into the hands of the enemy. You are probably involved in hacking, pornography, vandalism, pyramid schemes, and false advertising! Nikon should find people like you and put them up on stage as examples of who is destroying the ability of camera makers to create a good product. Have you ever considered this? I’ll bet not! P.S. I am not dead.

  • Donji hogfan

    D800E in camera moire removal?

  • Is anyone else naively hoping Nikon is going to pull a big “GOTCHA!” and release this camera with a 12mp sensor giving us more speed and ISO? I mean, I understand this body has a place, but it’s not a d700 replacement, will one come?

    • Josh

      Are you just stupid? It has been more or less confirmed it is 36 MP. What’s with this childish ‘Will Nikon pull a big “GOTCHA!”? You people are really dumb! Keep hoping – Nikon will release what they want to. If you want 12 MP, there is the D700. Jeez!

      • uh oh, it’s ok Josh. I just wanted to highlight how this product satisfies a different set of needs than the D700, it doesn’t look like Nikon’s not really targeting those D700 customers with this. So I, like many other stupid people am fantasizing about that fictitious sub 3,000 dollar high iso full frame body.

        • Andreu

          Hi Josh, no need for the rudeness in my opinion.
          In my stupidity, I do hope that Nikon will pull a gotcha and release a 24MP instead with better high ISO. I still don’t really see how this D800/E is the D700 replacement. I’ve been waiting for this replacement for more than a year now(shorter than most people here I believe)…
          Most likely I’ll still buy it but hoping…. still….

        • biho

          I have a feeling that Nikon will surprise us and release the D400 as FF that replaces D700. Remember that the D7000 (should be replaced this year) was a huge challenge to D300s. So Nikon should make a distinction between the two series.

          • d70

            Dream on. No leak, no announcement and no surprise.

          • EnPassant

            And what would the distinction be between a D800 and a D400 with a FX-sensor having exactly the same body as the D800?
            24MP sensor? Not enough big difference compared to 36MP
            16MP D4 sensor? Dream on. Why would Nikon cripple the sales of the D4?
            Besides would it not be more natural giving such a camera a name like D800H or another letter?

        • fred

          I for one think the D700s (or whatever) will emerge within the next year, with the D4 sensor. There are plenty of non-pros who want a low-res high-burst camera. Yeah, the D800 does not replace the D700.

          • WoutK89

            +1, wait a year, if none of the said camera in 1 year, means no plans for low-res small body ever again 😀

            • I think we can forget about the 12MP FX sensor, hard for me to believe that Nikon will release another 12MP DSLR. Maybe they can use the 16MP form the D4 in a small body, but this probably won’t happen in the next 1-2 years.

            • WoutK89

              Admin, I would like to take a bet on that we will see it announced in april or so next year. If the D7100 is announced in september as planned, and the D5200 comes in april next year as well!

    • 12, 16, or 18mp but 36mp that’s more than I can handle /need.
      All I want from d700 is a slightly cleaner ISO at 3200 and 6400. If they pull off a gotcha like they did with the d4 I’d buy it. Otherwise I think I will add 2 more d700 to my collection

      • WoutK89

        The D4 was sort of confirmed as well to be 16MP. So no gotcha for ya.

      • jorg

        get a D3S then…
        the 800 is NOT the new 700. can it be so hard ?

        • …apparently it is hard! All these people that want a D700 replacement that specs out the same as a D700–to me they sound like they really just need a D700 or a D3s. They should get either and be happy. I know I’m happy with my D700 and won’t be selling it any time soon. And I’ll probably buy this new 36mp monster as well. Different cameras, different purposes. All useful. Provided you use them right, which I think is the real issue.

  • Liam N.

    Can anyone further clarify AA filter? Pros and cons? Would a landscape photographer want the body without AA filter?

  • Chris

    But WHY 36mp?! WHY?!
    WHY the hell is the D800 not the replacement of the D700 but the replacement for a D3x???
    And what is with the D4x? Get this camera up to 50mp and 2 frames per second????

    @ Russ, I hope so. Just 4 fffffframes per second, my d200 is faster than this b**** …

    • Ken Elliott

      > But WHY 36mp?! WHY?!
      >WHY the hell is the D800 not the replacement of the D700 but the replacement for a D3x???

      I know this must come as a huge surprise, but there are a lot of us who own large format printers. Usually 24″ to 44″ wide. These machines are hungry for pixels and we need to feed them. We paid US$ 3000 to 5000 for the printer and that’s about when we’d be willing to pay for a camera to feed it. The 5DMkII falls in this price range and the D3x does not. Nikon will have a contender at last.

      > @ Russ, I hope so. Just 4 fffffframes per second, my d200 is faster than this b****

      Still shooting a D200, ea? Better get a D700 before they are all gone. I’ve got my pair.

      • david distefano

        I have a 24″ epson printer and it is easy to get pixels to feed it. 4×5 velvia film, drum scanned by west coast imaging at 10700 dpi. we are not talk about 36 mp image here. we are talking about hundreds of mp’s for the image.

    • Emanuele


    • Tof

      Some people want a camera with many mpx into,
      -without video,
      -without AA filter,
      -without the high crazy iso (yes, they don’t take pictures of black panther in the cave every day!!!)
      -without the speed of crazy frames by second…. the landscape and architecture don’t move, the model for portrait too, the pictures in studio… 4 fps it’s enought for manywork.

      If you need very high iso, speed frame/s, and only 12 or 16 mpx. Then you have the D3s and now the D4. But into a small camera, you will wait for it, Nikon don’t want kill his market quickly.

  • so is the main advantage of removing the AA filter increased sharpness?

    if someone knows how nikon is marketing this please explain.


    • mike

      It is a studio/landscape camera. Period. High-ISO doesn’t matter to this market segment.

      It’s not a D700 “replacement.” It’s not a continuation of the high-ISO targeted line of cameras. It’s a new segment for Nikon — a revamped, mini D3x.

      And I’m excited for this thing. Exactly what I need.

      • +1, totally agree.

        • You’ve got some really nice work, Jim. Some of your “edibles” images exhibit lighting as delectable as the food. 😉

          I’m curious, do you use mirrors or glass (for reflected light) in your food photos?

      • ahh, well said. That makes sense.

      • Mike

        Indeed. The D300 supplanted the D2x and was thousands of dollars/Euros less and was more capable. The D800 appears to be to the D3x what the D300 was to the D2x. So looks like the D3 and D3x replacements in the first two months of 2012. Perhaps next year or later this year we will see a D4 sensor in a D700 body for the true D700 successor. 🙂

        • mike

          Agreed. However, I do wish the D800 body had an integrated grip like the D3x. One thing I don’t understand is the D3x is $8,000. The D800 seems like it will be a great camera, at less than half the price of the D3x. Weird…

      • Ken Elliott


        I wish I could get the iso even lower.

      • Ed

        So what will it be for you Mike, D800 or D800E?

        • mike

          I’ll have to wait to see the exact details and results from test shots. But most likely the D800 WITH the filter. I shoot fashion, people, etc. So moire could be an issue. And I don’t want to have to deal with post processing it out.

          • Myl3s

            It’s called capture 1 pro, only processor to do it properly. Why you ask, because phase 1 back don’t have aa filter. Do you shoot thethered, easy to make a correction on the first frame, just check it.

            • F

              I was told by Phase One reps last year that Capture 1 Pro (which I already use) almost doesn’t need a moire filter anymore because it was becoming even less of an issue with recent digital backs that are 50MP & up.

          • Ed

            May I ask your thoughts about Cityscape ,Trains and landscape be ok without AA? Thanks again for your input Mike. My 1st pro DSLR to be D800 or D800E.

    • Also better ISO, as more light hit’s the sensor.
      So all in all, the ISO performance may be better than people think for 36mp.

  • Pen Granger

    The news just gets worse.

    I’m a D700 owner and was looking forward to buying the D800. I can’t see that it will be a replacement in any way. I’ll wait and see what the ISO handling is like, as this is a significant factor, but I have a suspicion this won’t be equal or better to the D700. Nikon has had massive losses, and I can’t see this model helping. I may be in for a used D3s.

    A friend of mine has just bought a Canon 5D MkII. Unfortunately this may be the way forward. A very sad state of affairs.

    • fred

      If you’re a Nikon shooter and haven’t learned great patience, there are only two options. You will either prefer Nikon’s quality and be patient, or feel that Canon is good enough and switch.

      • WoutK89

        Also, as a Nikon shooter you learn to read the signs. New camera means no “cheaper” version in less than 6 months after that.

    • Switching to Canon is not an option for me, and many others. Even if they were giving away 5DII bodies I wouldn’t switch, I have way more than that tied up in Nikon glass and buying every lens on the Canon side would put me out way more than the cost of the body.

      I’m in the Nikon camp, and have no plans to switch. At the end of the day, both bodies will produce stunning results in the right hands. If you can’t get good images with a D800 switching to Canon, Sony, Pentax, Leica, etc. won’t help.

      • enesunkie

        Plus it’s not like the guys shooting Canon don’t have to have patience. They’re all waiting also for the 1D Xand 5dIII to be available.

    • Josh

      Waah, waah, waah! Mommy, Nikon is not giving me what I waaaaanttt – which already exists in the D700. I guess mommy, you dropped me on my head when I was young! Waaaaaaaaah! *sniff*

  • Nine

    Sorry if it’s a stupid question but what’s a AA filter?

    • AA (anti-aliasing) refers to the blending or blurring of pixels to remove the “jaggies” that are apparent in high contrast pixels.

      Here is an example of Aliasing:

      Imagine an image with pure black on the left and pure white on the right, if you were to rotate that 45 degrees you would have a diagonal line or stair step of black and white pixels with no AA applied. An AA filter is used to create shades of grey to soften in an attempt to remove this this stair step effect.

      hope this helps.

  • mark china

    Thank you nikon i will be getting the D800e iwill keep my D700 for low light and speed.

    • Luis


    • Bob from Ohio

      It will be a Nikon D800E for me.

      Add… 14-24, 28-300, 50 f1/4, 105 micro…

      and a D400, 70-200 with a 2X

      And I will be done buying bodies and lenses… probably forever.

  • Jadewatcher

    Peter, any word about a possible in-camera 5:4 crop ratio while shooting? (just like D3 and D4 series) ?

    • not sure about that

    • Jonny Ray

      Yes! This is what I’m really hoping for. It will be one of the first things I look for on the spec sheet.

  • DP

    I’m as much interested in the Video crop modes….. and remote video control like the D4…….what do we know about those?

  • John

    So no news whether Nikon will let us save our RAW images similar to Canon (High, Medium, Low)?

  • The D800/D800E will use the EN-EL15 battery, same as D7000

    Hopefully the D800’s handgrip is not as small as the D7000’s…


    • Jy

      Following your thinking, you better wish the d800 itself won’t be as small as nikon v1. 🙂

      • WoutK89

        Haha, that was the best comment 😀

        The D800 is a D700 style body, so the grip of the D7000 would be too small. BUT the name MB-D12 will also be for the D400/D9000 in that case.

        Japan just created a big marketing profit for Nikon with batteries and grips. The MB-D10 only lasted 1 generation of cameras.

  • Has there been any word on the pros and cons of the D800 vs D800E? I’m still not clear about the advantages and disadvantages of either having an AA filter or not. If there’s been a post on the difference between the two I appologize and I accept any input on one versus the other.

    I do mostly beauty and fashion work and looking to see which D800 model would best fit these areas. Thanks all!!

    • Ken Elliott

      Your work requires an AA filter, or else you’ll get moire patterns on some fabrics. Landscape (and others) don’t have that issue and would get a sharper image without the AA filter.

  • Question1

    I’m a little bit confused about the AA Filter thing. Can somebody explain under which conditions i will chose the Version without AA Filter. What are the improvements or advantages whitout this filter?

  • DavidB

    Can someone please discuss how the two iterations of this camera will behave in the following scenarios:

    1) Photographing acoustic guitars where moire can be an issue with the delicate multiline decorations around the body;

    2) Night photography for someone who used to only shoot Tri-X at 1600 and shoot longer exposures, say anywhere from 15sec – 3min.

    • fred

      1) Moire will destroy those pictures.

      2) Tri-X pushed to 1600 is grainy as f*ck, so what do you want sharpness for?

      Buy the D800, or if you like push-processed Tri-X, buy the D700. 😉

      • DavidB

        I wasn’t asking whether there was an issue of grain, but rather how the camera would behave in each scenario and from that which of the two iterations would be more appropriate.

        • fred

          I answered your question for (a).

          For (b) the information you gave has no bearing on which camera you would choose.

  • alvix

    I hope the capture NX2 they may include with the camera will be able to handle files dont-know-how-big very quickly..

    • WoutK89

      Including CNX2 means CNX3 is around the corner. The same happened when they included the first CNX with D300 bodies in Holland.

  • Ed

    Any input on how the D800E would fare to lets say Cityscape photography as opposed to landscape photography? I want to buy the correct camera at this price. I enjoy both City and Landscape photography. Is the D800E going to be the right camera? (From what we know so far?) Your thoughts please.

    • Sahaja

      Cityscape? I’d expect things like venetian blinds in windows, and repetitive architectural details could cause moiré on the 800E.

  • derek matarangas

    So the Nikon d700 battery grip won’t work on this camera!?

    • no, the D800 has a larger body

      • Derek matarangas

        thank you for the reply! Sorry for double post.

      • WoutK89

        Not just larger body, the battery is also different to what the D700 used.

  • R!

    Same battery as the D7000 is a very good and logical news!!!!!

  • DR

    I’m D700 and for me D800 makes no sense. Way to high resolution, worse fps, higher price. I get more of D4 in old D700 than D800. D800 seems to compete with 5D MkII which I find useless in comparison with D700.

    • Josh

      So don’t buy it. You low MP lover ALREADY have a fantastic camera in the D700. What’s with all this whining about the D800? A lot of us have been waiting for this camera for a long time. The D800 will EAT the D700 at low ISOs for lunch (in terms of DR and resolution). Good luck with your cra**y D700.

  • shivaswrath

    stoked about the same battery across the line with the D7k….STILL not sure if I should keep the D7k and use as back up to D800 OR stick with the D4 pre-order…
    I guess time will tell….it’s nice that it’s nice that it’s 100g lighter, will be a wedding photog delight!

    • Neogene

      I have the d7000 and i Will keep it to shot subjects a bit farther and as backup.

  • Greg

    I think you might have that last bit confused– the image is captured in one go and read out in 12 parallel streams. Unless this has an implication I haven’t seen before this won’t affect the image at all, just how long it takes to transfer it to storage. The image is (nearly):
    36Mp*3 color*2 bytes per color*8bits per byte=~1.7Gbit per image

    That’s a lot of data to transfer– close to 7Gbit/sec at 4fps. They solve that problem by spreading it across 12 pipes. Presumably they’re also running their in-camera image processing in 12 parallel paths as well so they can complete analysis of this massive image in 1/4 sec and get on to the next one.

    Unless I’m missunderstanding the meaning, this won’t affect the photography at all, except maybe explaining why it’s limited to 4fps (though this may not be the actual cause).

    • Greg

      This was supposed to reply to the 12 channel comments above…

    • WoutK89

      Why convert 16bits to 2 bytes, and then multiply with 8 for the bits?
      Doesnt the camera read “4 colors” as it is RGBG?
      So (7360 * 4912 = 36 152 320) * 4 * 16 ~ 2.3 Gbit or 282.44 MB per photo.

      • Greg

        Thanks, that’s a better calculation. I was just looking for an order of magnitude approximation, but missing the 4th color blew that up…

  • derek matarangas

    Does this mean the d700 battery grip will not work on this camera?

  • why am i always too late!

    is there a special dude, who constantly press f5?

  • simpleguy

    admin , will the d800 will have an uncompressed hdmi output like the d4 ?

  • Dean Forbes

    If we’re talking over $3,500 USD for the AA filter version and it’s still crammed with 36MP, then my Nikon days may be over. I’ll be happy to spend less for fewer MP with a 5D Mk III.

    • Josh

      Goodbye. Don’t let the door hit your a$$ on the way out!

  • Question #1: Will the D800 have a DX mode? If so, will it produce 18 megapixel RAW images?

    Question #2: With the MB-D12 unit, the camera is supposed to be 6 fps speed. Will that speed be the same in both FX and DX modes?

    Question #3: Will the MB-D12 unit use the same high capacity battery as the D4 camera, like the MB-D10 can use the EN-EL4a from the D3S?

    • WoutK89

      DX = FX / 2.25 (or 1.5 * 1.5)
      DX = 36.1 / 2.25 = 16.1 MP

      So far Admin only spoke of DX crop has 6fps.

      No one knows, but the chance is that the fps depends on the battery used.

  • Mike Lehman

    This camera should have been around 16 MP maybe a stop or 2 better on the high ISO end for lower noise. 6fps and video. Many people who have D700’s, including me, use it for weddings and portrait shooting. The D800 wont be good for either of these and its just a bunch of wasted pixels so people can brag about their 36 mps. They got it right with the D4, but this camera is NOT a D700 replacement. I wont be buying one. Nikon saw that many people avoided purchasing the more expensive D3 by buying a d700 with the same sensor. They aren’t going to make that mistake again. They want to sell D4’s.

    • WoutK89

      This camera is the successor to a D3x, not the D700. The D700 will be updated in a year or less.

      • WoutK89

        Also, any camera sold for Nikon, means money in the pocket for Nikon!

      • St.

        Then why they discontinued d700 and d3x??

        • jorg

          D700-assemblyline is propably now assembling D800.
          D3-assemblyline is propably now assembling D4.
          thom hogan publish a very cool text about nikon rebuilding their production almost from scratch. little use in setting up production for soon to be discontinued product.
          also: japanese legal regulations on batteries changed, ending the production of the D3/D700-batteries.

        • Nikonuser

          The D3x is NOT discontinued.

          The D700 and D300s are being discontinued.

          • jorg

            D3X may not be officially discontinued, but i doubt they still produce units. they are selling off the last batches, propably a few hundread units left, maybe only half assembled and now switching to the spareparts-department. who will buy a D3X after february 7?

          • I was wondering yesterday who would buy the D3x after the D800 is announced in 2 days. My bet is that the D3x will be discontinued next week. This thing still sells for $8000:

            • RobertKrasser

              I simply dont think a 3000€ D800 wil replace a 6000€ D3x. So ther will be a D4x fore sure!!!
              We (almost) all agree the D800 is not a real replacememt of the D700 because of its too much mpx an the low iso performance.
              I insist that if the D5iii (22mpx, 6PS, high iso, 2500€) will apear, Nikon again and again dont have a real competior to the Canon D5. So I simply dont understand Nikons philosophy.
              So please Nikon….

  • MrGabe


    D4 replaces D3s.
    D800 replaces D3x.

    here’s where it gets good..

    “D400” comes in reinvented in FULL FRAME FORM to replace the D700. Directly competing with the Canon 5D.

    “Dxxxx” comes in and replaces D300s as flagship Dx camera.

    D3xxx series is discontinued to leave us with 3 Dx and 3 Fx cameras.

    • Fan

      +1. That’s the way to go.

    • QQMoar

      D800 compete with 5D3 and it’s winning the MP and most likely the AF department also.

    • FM2Fan

      I’d go a far as: no new DSLR model is meant to be a replacement – they are all a bit different. If they were replacements only, how could we imagine any improvements or new capabilities? The 1:1 comparisons are not that much important. The question is probably: Do I as a potential owner have use-cases for this model? (use cases include: private, business, fun factor, …)

    • CR

      makes sense.
      problem, this strategy keeps many of us waiting for another year, without a confirmation. I understand Nikon not disclosing their roadmap for the next replacements, but on the other sides it leaves us guessing and creates room for forums they hate, like this one, here.

      So, the best is, take the sunny weather, go out with your trusty old camera and take pictures…instead of waiting for the next useless product-blah. And when something of real value to you is in the shop, you might then have a look.

      klick, klick, klick.

    • Robert Krasser

      Yes, Yes exactly thats what Nikon schould do 8 (D400 FX) but not in 18 Month better now!

  • Any information if D800 will work with 24mm PC-E without any limitations ? Since it is targeted to landscape (and architecture I suppose) photographers I would love to get a camera which eliminates issues that D700 has: lens element can’t do a full roatation because of the protruding pop-up flash (large prism overhang).

    • mikils

      Any chance to have a lower base ISO? I wouldn’t mind to save money for ND filters….

    • Good point. +1 😉

    • Iceni

      From Nikon UK specs page for D800: Compatible with AF NIKKOR lenses, including type G and D lenses (some restrictions apply to PC Micro-NIKKOR lenses).

      Doesn’t look promising for full usage/rotation of 24mm, even though it’s not one of the Micro designated lenses(which don’t have a problem with D700).

  • Annabelle

    Greetings everybody,

    I won’t get into the AA subject as it has been widely discussed over and it’s really not that complicated to understand.

    Otherwise, I would like to underline the fact (that more and more people don’t seem to get) that D800 IS NOT meant to be a replacement for D700.Period ? Yes.

    From my humble (and maybe in Josh’s view, rather stupid) point of view, the Nikon D700 WAS (IS no more, as it is no longer produced) nothing else than a marketing error.
    I also happen to be a happy owner of that particular Nikon marketing department error and planning to sell it … never.

    Why is that ? Because it fundamentally sabotaged the sales of D3.Having the exact same sensor and slightly higher(?) ISO qualities (I know both cameras have the exact same ISO numbers but I’m talking about the corresponding quality), with a minor drawback regarding speed (that most of us never even used) that was easily compensated by some usability improvements and …. one third of the price of D3.

    My point is, especially for those hoping for a miracle release of a D700s/x/epsilon/gamma positioned somehwere between D800 and D4, with higher MP count, same ISO prowess as D4 and yet speedy enough as to not ever use it at that FPS…to relax.

    As MrGabe correctly said before me :

    D4 replaces D3s (logically).
    D800 replaces D3x (logically).

    ..but this is where our logic (I’d call it … intuition) differ :

    NO D700/s/x or D800 s/x to sabotage any of the real 2 and only flagships.

    Oh yeah..and the idea with the removal of the AA sensor : EXCEPTIONAL!
    People have been “manually” removing AA filters for years now.

    Only Nikon could’ve come up with such a brilliant idea so for any of you “I’ll switch to Canon” guys, do hurry up 😉

    Just my 3 cents.

    • jorg

      thanks! but one thing: the D700 was marketing-GENIUS!

      yes, nikon lost some D3-sales, but who buys a D3? that market is stable, but small. take alook at all the camera-forums. there are MILLIONS of enthusiasts, wannabe-pros, rich guys etc. they all wanted FX. they all are gear-addicts, try to remeber how often you read someting like “i will/ when i/ planning to /upgrade ot FX”.
      Nikon opened a door for those people not able/ ready to buy a D3 but highly lusting after the golden FX-nimbus.
      i would guess D700 outsold D3 5:1. so within the first FX-generation, the format got established in both areas- genius! after nikon sold an amateur a perfectly fine D300 it only took the typical gear-head a year until he “started considering moving up to FX”…the grass is always greener…etc.

      now its a different story. FX is perfectly established in all both middle and upmarket. a new game. i am very curios about nikons new product-strategy, especially concerning their choice between pro-DX and budget-FX later this year.

      so no wonder there are 5 times more people QQing about their missing D700II, since the pros are out shooting anyway instead of hanging here and crying about cameras they never needed.

  • Jason

    Hello. I have done quite a bit of reading on the D800. Based on the MP, I am a little concerned about low light shooting. I am a wedding photographer and was curious what you all think, would the D700 be a better option than the upcoming D800? Ive been anxiously awaiting the D800 but I cant deal with noise! Thanks!

    • 700Geek

      As a personal opinion: wedding photography does not require 36MP. No real value added, but much higher storage requirements.

      Just wait until the first reviews come out with real pictures and comparisons of the low light performance of the D800 (and the D4) to the existing bodies or the competition. Then you get an answer. Everything else is just speculations on something no-one has seen yet. The few pictures that showed up so far were too bad to allow a judgement, I hope that wasn’t it for the D800 :).

      Keep in mind that the D700 will be discontinued.

    • Buy a D3s? D4 if you can swing it?

  • Bruce Bordner

    Does anyone have any hints about delivery times? I’m about to go on a cruise early March, and one rumor here(?) mentioned “in a few weeks”…

    That seems very optimistic, given that D4s aren’t out yet. Any information?

  • jodjac

    The D700 is very popular with wedding photographers. Will they be upgrading to the D800? Is this a wedding photographers tool?
    I’m not too concerned about ISO, if the D800 is comparable to the D7k, then it’s doing pretty damn good (remember film?).
    What about the pop up flash! Does the D800 have one or not?
    I am psyched to buy this camera, whether it’s right for me or not. I’ve been waiting too long…

    • Moe Jacknally

      1. Some will – some won’t
      2. You can use it for weddings – I for sure will give it a try
      3. The ISO will as good as the D7000 – if not better(better picture processing, etc.)
      4. It has a pop up – which makes it great if you use the Nikon Cls
      5. Tuesday is the big day….

  • jorg

    the leaked picture (frontview) shows a flashrelease-button.

  • Hmmmm, how about downsampling to 12mp, I wonder how this will compare noise wise to the D700.

  • Doug

    A guy from the release of the G1X said that now less mp is better well they been playing the mp war for quiet sometime mainly against nikon, nikon wasn’t too worried so far with it but now i wonder if they want to be on top of sales vs. canon or just because they wanna be different. i dont think it will be a 36mp, more likely a 24 mp, and i don’t think it will have 2 models, also i believe that there is something that nikon is hiding, more than AA’s or mp count, D700 was my life, and this time they are making this d700 replacement with a wanna be prosumer in mind, not a real prosumer, higher mp count than that, only on medium format sensors, 36mp is too much is it is too much, i dont think Nikon would be listening to anyone including their fans (costumers) putting a 36mp, cant you guys see how absurd this thing sounds: 36mp.

    • F

      Doug, if 36mp is too much for you then it sounds like you need to $ave up a little more for a me, you won’t regret’s got 16mp (not too high) better ISO compared to the D3s, and it’s blazing’ll be set for life! 😉

      I love my D700, but I’m ready to boost up to 36mp with a D800 like yesterday. This camera is meant for people who need/want as much resolution as they can get + video. Will the higher ISOs look incredible? Probably not..that’s what noise-reduction in LR is for.

      All I need now is for it to be Tuesday already 🙂

  • MarkH

    @ Andreu and Jesse Nash;

    I agree; there is no place for rudeness in on-line public and permanently recorded conversations in this interconnected world.

    I’ve thought for some time that there would be no D700 replacement. Gut feeling, based mostly on the fact the D700 is said to have cut into D3 sales, and the fact no D700s has yet been announced.

    So, assuming to be correct the rumour of a D800 with, relatively speaking, extremely high resolution, there may develop a gap for high ISO photography, in a non-D4/D3s sized body, as the D700 ages. Whether Nikon fills it is another matter. If not, alas, presumably something will be found in other companies’ offerings.

    I, for one, would like an updated D700 with high ISO akin to the D4 or, maybe, better. Perhaps when the D4s is released Nikon might release such a model.


  • KnightPhoto

    I still come back to this – Nikon never released the D3S sensor in a D700 body. Why was that?
    Most likely that Nikon wants the D4 (and D3S) line to have a clear differentiation and advantage over the D700 line.

    I do wonder what Thom was referring to the other day though in terms of a surprise. He and many others have long-indicated it would be a shame to retire the D3S sensor. D3 and D700 sensor, I’d say yes retire it.

    • Nikonuser

      The surprise Thom spoke of is likely the D800E. If not, it is most likely another DSLR (eg. D3200) or a lens (who knows which one).

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