Nikon press invitation for February 7th in Thailand

This is the invitation for the Nikon press conference in Thailand onย February 7th, 2012. I believe this will be for the Nikon D800 announcement.

Viaย Techxcite

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  • Hmmm … I am wondering whats for lunch? Grilled 5d mkII? ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Zeb

      Hot dog.

      • oh thailand, how i miss u

        • CR

          So Thailand present you with the D800, extra water vapor is free.

    • Been there guy

      Relex everyone,

      It is certainly not the release of D800.

      Itโ€™s the everyone waited and very much wanted Nikon2 with R2 and D2 versions.
      They decided to go with a DX sized sensor since everyone has complaint about it on Nikonrumor.

    • bob

      I’m so sick of Nikon Rumors being wrong. I’m switching to Canon Rumors.

  • Kai Sheng

    and I am SOOOO excited.

  • CO

    Hope it is real D800, it not, I will go D4 without hesitate…

    • d70

      Two cameras for different purposes. Why not have both? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • D700guy

        That is exactly what I will be doing.

  • d70

    Wondering if D4 will start shipping before that.

    • WoutK89

      Before feb 7th, or before the D800 is released? If the first, then the answer is no.

  • I want to go.. Haven’t decided if I want the D4 or D800 yet. I do mostly studio work and some concerts. If the dynamic range of D800 is better than D4 I’ll buy the D800.

    • printed D800 will sure be better. In low isos at least

    • Assuming price isn’t an issue for you . . .
      For concerts you want fast fps to capture the moment and unbelievable low grain/noise at high ISO, this is what the D4 is built for. Is not just how high the ISO can go, but how good it looks at, say, ISO 4000 or 8000.
      For studio work, the D800 should have twice the MP’s, at the cost of fps and high ISO noise & dynamic range. It should also weigh considerably less.

      If time is of the essence for you, the D4 will be available first.

      • How it looks at high ISO = good SNR (signal to noise ratio)

        One of the greater DSLR mysteries unravelled:

        D700 has far superior SNR to D7000 even though they go to the same high ISO. This results in superior IQ, price tag, and status.

        I wonder how the D800 will perform not with ISO but SNR. I’m expecting a big jump in both SNR and dynamic range (one of the things that makes the D700 ‘dated’ is it’s lower DR). We all fear that with a 36mp sensor the SNR will not jump so much. We all want it to.

        • I’ve shot with both the D700 and the D7000, they are both not that bad at high ISO.

          The D3s, on the other hand, is on another planet. Until you’ve shot with one at ISO 4000 and above, well, you just have to be there.

          If the D4 is as good, I’ll be happy. If it is a little better (even though it has more MP’s) I’ll be VERY happy.

      • “At the cost of high ISO and dynamic range”? It’s not even out yet. How would you possibly even know that?

        • The pixels on the D4 will be bigger, much bigger, than on the D800. The D800 will not be able to match what the D4 can do at high ISO’s, it’s just physics. It’s also what Nikon is saying.

          Shooting low light sports with the D3s was one of the biggest eye openers in photography I’ve ever had. I didn’t know that quality at high ISO was even physically possible!

          The D2h doesn’t count, that was just a defective camera.

  • Pixelhunter

    My German retailer just told me that delivery of D4 will resume soon but only in very small quantities – he fears the same for the D800.

    Sometimes one feels like Moses …

    • rhlpetrus

      These cameras will be easily available in stores by end of NH Summer is my guess. Too bad …

    • Zeb

      What do mean resumed? Have they been shipping at all yet?

  • Max

    finally! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yoan


  • Rex

    Joe McNally just tweeted something regarding a project he will be working on this week calling it “a story beyond the yellow border.”!/JoeMcNallyPhoto/status/163959803809505280

    I suspect it has something to do with the D800 ๐Ÿ™‚

    • david.whiterod@sa.go

      … Or something to do with Nat. Geo.

      • Rex

        ah – good point!

    • if it was the D800, he would not mentioned it on Twitter, he is very careful what he says online

  • tyler durden

    yesss !

  • simpleguy

    really hope your right admin , cant wait to hear the D800 anounced

  • BOZO

    What a clown!

  • iamnomad

    Funny, spoke to a longtime Nikon ‘rep’ at CES and he went on a lengthy, volatile tirade about how he hates the rumor mobile and simply does not understand how people can waste their time and energy on cameras/lenses that have yet to be released. He was also, in a roundabout way, completely denying the possibility of a D800, or any other items in the pipeline for that matter. Other ‘reps’ tend to say something like, “we’ve got some really exciting new innovations in the works”. Nikon is more tightlipped than Apple, and very consumer unfriendly (not a surprise to anyone reading this), even to professional institutions. Seems like their biggest concern is the next Coolpix camera… oops sorry, current Coolpix cameras, there are no new Nikon cameras coming out.

    • WoutK89

      Or this rep just got tired of all the rumor junkies that only want to hear “yes next week we will have this and that for you announced”. These shows are there to show of what they already have announced (try out stuff), not what they will be making in the future.

      • Markus

        different countries different reps. He probable does know lesser than his colleagues in Japan.

        • Steven Georges

          Working outside Japan, he probably knows less than the people here. And that probably pisses him off.

          We “waste their time” here because we are spending real money and want to spend it wisely.

          I understand they have old inventory to clear out before the new stuff come in, but I would rather it not be with my money.

    • Pixelhunter

      This particular rep probably still believes that “Internet” is a train connection between NY and Washington D.C.

      I am working in the fine watch business. Here for sure forums, blogs, rumor sites are a major driver for brand awarenesses and sales – and multipliers are paid for “wasting their time” on not yet released products.

      Fortunately, Nikon cameras seem to be smarter than some of the brands reps.

  • Sweet! Super stoked for this! ๐Ÿ˜€

    I hope there’s something more to the camera than just 36MP. Something that will differentiate it even further from the D4. Something that would make this a flagship of sorts as well, and clearly its own line, besides just the 36MP sensor.


  • Hey Admin, Any reasonable hope on he possibly of having a D400 announced then too? Any more insight of the D400 specs already leaked? I’m just trying to decide between the two before I pull the trigger to order in Feb when another may release in March. Regardless, I’ll keep shooting landscapes/wildlife with my D300s until it necomes my backup!

    • d70

      No leak no announcement.

    • I don’t think so. No idea about the specs – maybe it will use the 24MP Sony sensor?

  • rhlpetrus

    This camera will create a lot of noise in the photo world, 36MP, ouch! Unlike the D4, much what most expected, 36MP and likely improved body from D700 (dual cards, 100%) are going to be a big story.

  • CR

    Base on the blah of this list, I’d expect Coolpix first, then D800 the week after.

    I feel a D400 now, and a minor Coolpix Bridge update.
    The D800 two weeks after (waiting for the insane Motorcycle in Chicago Video Mark Miller has made).

    The D400 (1.8,-K) to be a less MPixels APS-C Version of the D800 (3K,-).


    • CR

      D400 introducing the new APS-C sensor for the 2013 D7100 .

      • W0utK89

        If history can tell us anything, then the D7100 will be announced this year’s september.

      • WoutK89

        D7100 is planned for september this year, if history is any hint on release patterns.

        • WoutK89

          Sorry for double post, my previous post just didnt want to show for that long, so I thought it didnt get posted.

          • CR

            makes sense, then it would make even more sense to have the D400 to pre-initiate this sensor’s availability and get a firmware upgrade later this year fixing stuff, that’s understood meanwhole.

        • enesunkie

          I’m thinking that had there not been a tsunami or flooding, we would have already had the D4 and D800 in our hands. But with those two bodies being introduced in 2012 along with a D400 this year and potentially a D3200, do you think Nikon could still introduce yet another DSLR this year (D7100)? I’m believe the timing we’ve seen for product intros in the past has been messed up by the events of 2011 and that a D7100 could be delayed till 2013.

  • Shane

    Why are people saying” I dunno will I buy d4 or d800″ god sake there two different cameras here is putting it simply one is for sports and wildlife guess which camera and the other Is for studio/landscape wedding photography DOH!!!!!!

    • KFA

      I’d rather use D4 for weddings though because of the low light. Flash is worse than swearing in church ๐Ÿ˜›

      • Eric


      • Shkacas


    • Well it’s never that simple: The D800 could be a great landscape camera and a decent wildlife body if it has 700 low noise capability and 6 FPS in crop mode. Why could it not be used both ways. Yes, faster FPS could be nice but for an non professional it could be a good compromise compared to buying a D400 and a D4.

  • mouonline

    hope don’t disappoiont me again… i am waiting D800 For a long time…

    • WoutK89

      Again? Have there been leaks/rumors this clear before about the D800? I think not, before was a lot of smoke, without the fire, now the fire is definitely on.

      • twoomy

        Back in 2009, there were many “hot leaks” and rumors about a D700x–a high-res sensor in a D700 body. Apparently there were even test models out in the field and everybody was convinced that there would be an announcement… but it never came to market. That was 3 years ago. It’s a long time coming for a higher-res FX camera.

  • 120-300 OS

    Well shipping or not yesterday after finish interview on speed channel behind commentator Nikon D4 seen funny.

  • T.I.M

    AA filter or not AA filter, that is the question….

    BTW, there is 2 Nikon lens scope adapter on Ebay right now.

  • 120-300 Os

    oops 24 of daytona rolex 50th.

  • Been there guy

    Relex everyone,

    It is certainly not for the D800. It’s the Nikon2 with R2 and D2, they decided to go with a DX sized sensor since everyone complaint about it on Nikonrumor.

    • twoomy

      Wow, that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • Admin (Peter), is the D800 made in Thailand?

    • BenH

      Well, wouldn’t it be cruel to announce it in Thailand, saying it would be made elsewhere?

    • I don’t think so, maybe some parts but the final assembly I think is done in Japan.

  • The D800 better be announced on the 7th, or else there’s going to be a lot of nerd rage here on NR ;).

    • +++ 10

    • T.I.M


      Fortunately the “NR true rumor warranty” plan will give us a $365 discount on our future D800 pre-order (B&H or Adorama) in case the announcement date is wrong.

      That’s what I like about Peter, he really stand behind his rumors.

      • I can do this if I charge $365 yearly membership for reading NR ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Anonymous Maximus

    H a S__ i T__ b E g U n ?

  • mike

    In Germany and Austria the D700 is getting rar!
    Does anybody now if the D700 will be available for buying soon again?

    • broxibear

      Hi mike,
      I think the D700 and D3s are done as far as production goes. The ones in stock are the last so if you want one I’d get it before they’re all gone…a few UK Pro dealers have told me that once their stock goes that’s it, some are already out.
      If anyone’s expecting a price drop of the D700 or D3s you can forget it, all that’s going to happen is stock will run out…Nikon are very good at letting stock of older models dry up before they release the new one.

      • mike

        Thanks for your info!
        I still hope to get a D700 if there is no 16M D700x ๐Ÿ˜‰
        Greetings, Mike

  • I find it amazing that Nikon makes these huge marketing campaigns that count down the release of these dumb coolpix cameras and does nothing when these huge cameras are released. no wonder canon outsells Nikon by a boat load.

    • Well, if they have to choose between reaching a small, selected group of potential D4 and D800 customers (pros and enthusiasts, who keep up with the camera news anyway) and the huge masses that may be interested in point and shoot cameras…

      Similarly there’s a good reason you never see Ferrari commercials on TV.

      • T.I.M


  • me


  • Brock Kentwell

    So will this press conference be broadcast online at all???

  • Me

    Dumb question, but what time is that USA-EST ??

    I think they are 12 hours ahead, so, 11:00am Tue the 7th is approx 11:00pm Monday the 6th(I think??).

  • Ok, if a prosumer has a D300 as back up and want’s to shoot landscpaes and wildlife what do you recommend short of a D800 and D4? I as possible D400 a better choice than a D800 in FX for Landscape and DX and a battery pack for wildlife?

  • bk

    Any idea if D800 will have 1 to 1 pixel crop factor for video like the D4’s 2.7x crop? Any mathemagicians out there can figure out what that crop factor would be on 36mp sensor?

    • why?

      x1.5 and x2.7 for sure.

      • WoutK89

        Why 2.7x? On the D4 it works out to perfect Full HD resolution, but on the D800 it is way too much for that.

        • d70

          If you downsample to 16 or 18MP, will the crop factor apply?

          • WoutK89

            A downsample works different than crop. You use the full surface of the sensor but you make for instance 4 pixels 1. It is like a compression, while in crop you use only a small part of the sensor.

      • bk

        Because of the higher pixel density it would end up being higher than 2.7x on 36mp D800 if they did a 1 to 1 pixel HD stream. They probably would also have other video crops available but not at 1 to 1 pixel.

        • WoutK89

          It will be around 4.2x crop in a 36MP D800.

          36M / (1920*1080) ~ 17.36
          and then the squareroot of 17.36 gives the crop of almost 4.2x

  • bk

    Any word on weather there will be illuminated buttons like the D4. Would be nice for early AM setup before sunrise landscape…

    • +1. Great point. Absolutely right. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thomas

    Now with a real invitation it looks very good!

  • Moe Jacknally

    I want to take nude pictures of you – once I have my D800
    Just kidding.

    Hopefully Nikon will show us the motorcycle commercial soon after the meeting.
    Also – I hope they release the D800 before May.

    • you will need a fisheye lens for that ๐Ÿ™‚
      the D800 should start shipping few weeks after the announcement – my guess is mid-March

  • We will find out soon enough.

  • alvix

    mmhh. i looove press invitations…even if i’m not press..nor ..invited…

  • alvix

    a..would be very interesting to compare d800 AA-less vs hassy or phase one 39mp or similar…ah, even against pentax …

  • Ole

    T minus 8

  • PhotoFan

    I hope its a D400, I want to upgrade from my D90 and I prefer an update to the D300s that the D7000

  • Anonymous Maximus

    I am going to Silom Road in Bangkok ๐Ÿ™‚

  • broxibear

    I know some here love the Nikon 1 so here’s another test (dpreview did their full review last week) Nikon 1 J1 vs Olympus PEN Mini E-PM1…

  • Ken

    haven’t seen any further rumor/confirmations on prices…nothing out there still other than the 4k/3k prices – which are probably wide of the mark given the differences between the two..

    • broxibear

      Hi Ken,
      If you take the D4 price, which is ยฃ4800 in the UK, the D800 will not be half because then people will get it into their heads that you can get two D800s for the same price as one D4…It would be the headline of every D800 article across the media/net so I don’t see that.
      I’m guessing ยฃ2700.

      • Doug

        Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh D4 is not ยฃ4800, it is in fact at a RRP of ยฃ4,799, ;P

        • Dr Motmot

          oh yeh, thats like almost ยฃ4,700. I’ll take 2!

  • F

    This will be the longest week ever…

  • SHS

    When was the last time Nikon announced a body and not a lens at the same time? I know they just announced the 85 1.8G, but that was with the D4 body. Looking at the lineup, there are a lot of greying D lenses in need of a G upgrade. Maybe the 135 f/2 with SWM, VRII, and Nano. One can dream, right?

    • WoutK89

      have fun looking for all the camera announcements ๐Ÿ™‚

      • WoutK89

        Just a hint, the D5100 got announced without a lens (apr 5 2011) after that came the 50/1.8G AF-s (apr 27 2011)

  • PeterO

    You just gotta laugh…

  • ben

    This new D800 better shoot not only at 36mp but in 24mp and 16mp.
    16mp should provide ISO performance of D4, otherwise 5DIII rumored at 22mp is sounding very attractive at the moment.

    • KnightPhoto

      Since sRAW is just a kludge, I wouldn’t make it one of my mandatory criteria for a D800 – am not sure why this is such a popular idea amongst prospective D800 buyers. sRAW is just some kind of FrankenRAW half-way between a JPG and true RAW. I have this dim sense that at least some of the data is baked in by selecting sRAW and therefore shares the cons of shooting in jpg in the first place. Anyhow my sense is sRAW is not what Thom calls capturing optimum pixels.

      One would think your computer will do a much better job in post than any EXPEED can manage in camera. And card space (and especially hard drive space) is not really a problem theses days.

      Plus if one is mashing away on the shutter shooting thousands of images at an event, then really you want the D4 not the D800 in the first place?

      • Nikonuser

        Binning…need binning

  • Well, I suppose if every post on the blog is a prediction that the D800 will be released in the next couple of days, eventually it will be right ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Zim

    My D300s and D200 were made in Thailand. So I’m hoping for the D400

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