What product was secretly unveiled in this armored truck during CES?

Valentin Sama from DSLR Magazine mentioned on his blog that after signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) he was invited to this armored truck during CES with some other journalists to see a new "secret" product.

The limo company used was 24-7 Limousines out of Las Vegas. Does anyone know more about this truck and what was inside? Maybe somebody knows who hired it during CES? You can contact me anonymously here.

This is how the armored truck looks like - it's bullet proof and "even a C4 explosion won't dent the shell":

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  • lolly

    I see black but where’s the yellow and red ?

    • i was invited in!

      marketing people – that is how you get your products talked about!

      lots of sexy vegas pole dancers.

  • A full frame Fuji camera ?

    • Hihihi, let’s hope so. 😛

    • NikonGuy

      If they do that i hope they use it with the nikon mount like they did, then i can use the lenses i already have

      • i have a fuji s3 and it is the worst dslr i have ever used! 3fpm for raw. doesnt focus, doesnt like vr lenses etc etc etc

        i do like the x100!

  • Sterling

    Kodak Easyshare

  • Funduro

    Has too much “bling” to be a real armored truck. Looks to be a over the top limo for over the top mobile partiers in Sin City. As to what they were showing? My guess it’s MS Windows 13 for refrigerators.

    • toad

      Great guess!!

  • Rob

    It’s surely something insignificant that needed a lot of hype (because of its insignificance). You don’t rent a limo and bring it to CES to show off some revolutionary product in private. If it was anything big, they wouldn’t need to artificially create publicity with this stunt.

    • KL

      My thoughts exactly – journalists under NDA?

  • Roger B

    A new camera for Chase Jarvis to test?

    • Anonymus Maximus

      Yep the LEGO 2.0 Camera !

  • Maybe it was the armoured truck itself on display? lol

    • Discontinued

      Yes it was. It is a big 720 MP pinhole camera for some rich guy’s arty farty project.

    • KL

      Nice truck – too much truck though to hold a small D-SLR. Must be one of those commercial broadcasting television network HD rigs.

      • KL

        Or maybe a box of SanDisk 128GB 1000x CF priced at $1500.00 each.

  • Joe

    Digital Fujifilm GX617 OBVIOUSLY.

  • andy

    Coolpix cameras.

  • nobody

    Olympus OM-D?

  • CQQC

    Looking at the bling on this truck, this can only be the “Snoop Dog” version of the FULL set of Nikon lenses and D4 kit ….. …

  • kede

    Chuck Testa 🙂

    • A.T.M.


  • Cloke

    New 50mm 1.8 from Nikon?

    • initialsbb

      That’s what I thought, it must be pretty dark in there with all that tinted glass… perfect to show off a prototype of the 35mm f/2.8 VR full frame lens !

  • Hasselblad H5 😉

  • broxibear

    I heard it was Kodak, they’ve invented some new super secret product they’re calling “Film”.
    Apparently it’ll revolutionise photography, no more upgrading your dslrs every few years, your cameras will last decades. The technology is in these little cartridge like devices that contain some sort of roll of transparent celluloid, with an emulsion containing light-sensitive chemicals. These rolls can then be given to a lab to be developed into transparencies or something called negatives ? It’ll bring the price of profesional cameras down from the crazy £4800 we’re being robbed, I mean asked, for down to a few hundred.
    Or it might just be yet another camcorder lol ?

    • Hwahahaha! I want to do a film conversion to my D300 when I replace it. 😉

      • Nikon F100 is pretty much a D300 but better viewfinder and of course, a little slower.

        It is already way too big. As soon as SLR’s went auto everything, they got huge and heavy unless you bought plastic, which was the saving grace of SLR’s. Both are reasons I am dropping Nikon. I loved my FM2 and I love my FE, but outside of them and the FM3, SLR’s and their lenses are way too big now. I’m done.

        If anyone wants to buy a 24-70 2,8G in a- condition, along with a 180 2,8 ED Ai-S a condition, and a Voigtlander 58 1,4 SL II a- condition, please let me know. I’ve had enough of the weight, the size, and the assumption that the SLR has to be huge.

        You can contact me through Flickr if you are interested.

        • Anonymus Maximus

          “Nikon F100 is pretty much a D300 but better viewfinder and of course, a little slower.”

          So what you are saying is, that it is exactly the same, just completely different?

          The AF and the Exposure Modules are worlds apart.

          • But they are as close to each other as you will get in similar bodies, film and digital. Same basic size same basic ergonomics, and both fully automatic.

            Of course digital cameras are worlds ahead in terms of sensors for focus and bracketing and AWB; the point is that there aren’t two closer cameras in the same general bracket but on opposite sides of the recorded media fence.

          • Zeke

            I wouldn’t say “worlds apart.” In practice the F100 and D300 AF modules spend most of their time waiting for the lens.

            I have an F100 and a D3 (which shares the D300 AF module) right in front of me. The F100 is quick. In actual practice, both are really good.

          • ithurtswhenipee

            Don’t forget that the F100 is capable of much higher resolution than D300’s 12 MP.

            • Max Archer

              Capable of more than 12mp with extremely low-grain films, IF you can scan at a high enough quality, which is a lot more easily said than done now that all the film scanning gear is out of production. Not to mention how easy it is for the film in a 35mm camera to be just that tiny bit off of the optimal place and lose sharpness that way.

              I have a pretty decent flatbed scanner, which is all you can really get these days, and it took a lot of work to get usable 8MP or so scans out of 120 slides.

          • has the same controls eg depth of field, focus buttons

    • Andrew

      When you are willing to pay £4800, it is an admission that you are getting something special. Sure we will all like to save a grand or two, but ask yourself, how many things out there are you willing to spend that much on? So be grateful and thankful – which I am sure deep down you are; and enjoy your new purchase when it arrives.

  • Greg Schmidt

    A new Kodak Brownie

  • Bundasz

    98% a green D7000 – what else could it ?

    • Andrew

      The only thing it could be – the D700 replacement. I know you added the extra zero to fool us. Oh how the stealth continues…

  • stepper

    Do we even know if it was a camera? Afterall, CES is about all kinds of consumer electronics.

    My thought is that whatever it was, it was created by a smaller company and not a manufacturer giant. If it was a camera it was probably something from RED. Come to think of it, it does seem like the type of cheesy over-hyped marketing that RED is into.

    • Yes, Valentin Sama is an editor/journalist in the Spanish DSLR Magazine.

  • It’s probably a new kind of vibrator.

    • cameraman222

      Yes! RED is finally making a vibrator? It’ll be announced next month, and be available in 2016.

      • GregS

        … and cost $40,000.00

        • WoutK89

          but it does do 8k/4k Hz.

  • peter

    I actually was thinking it was a RED product. Only an american company would go for this kind of weird stunt.

    • Only American companies do strange stunts? How about the Dutch company that sent a load of beautiful blonds to the world cup in orange mini dresses. Some were arrested and let go.

      • Worminator

        That was pretty tame “stunt”, it was the draconian reaction of the event organizers that made the news. Arrested!?

        • WoutK89

          Yep, they were arrested, because it is against the rules of the FIFA to have some sort of advertising if your company does not pay to promote your products during the world cup.

          We in Holland thought it was kind of lame, there were just a handful of girls in a mini dress having a good time, so what if they were hired. It is not like they were running around naked on the field with a gigantic banner of the product in hand (which would actually have given more attention than it has now). Only because of all the commotion people heard about it, and the product got their attention 😀

  • rs

    It was a Nikon Rumors reader who likes a good practical joke.

  • KitHB

    That’ll be Sigma with their single remaining 180mm f2.8 macro lens.

    (the only other one got nicked from the CES stand a couple of days ago).

  • pointshooter

    Nah, it’s probably loaded with a whole lot of “Oh My Goodness”.

  • Arthur

    The real KITT was in it of course!

  • Arun


  • CanonBaby


  • vinman

    Since everyone is keen to post funny replies, I’ll post a reasonable hypothesis – the obvious one…
    D800 shown to a bunch of folks in hopes that a few details will slip through the NDA. Nikon did a little too well keeping the D4 under wraps a little too long. We all knew it was coming, but the last minute release date announcement making it official was sort of a squeaker. Surely Nikon marketing understands the importance in today’s climate of slipping out a few details through official channels early enough to generate reasonable interest and time for shooters to plan their purchases. It’s also possible that the current rumors may have a couple of the specs wrong and hope that showing off the real deal will allow for a “self-correction” prior to the announcement…

    • WoutK89

      I think the tightness was more because of all the disasters, and if you leak it will come too early you will lose sales on the current product lines. What if they didnt get enough products produced before yet another disaster? Everybody would be waiting for the product but you have to postpone and people get pissed but still dont buy your current product.

  • Dweeb

    300 f4 with VR.

  • jkq

    This scenario is quite common for unreleased electronic devices. I used to work at a rather high profile agency until ironically enough my legs were blown off by C4 trying to protect a 2mp camera. I was the lucky one, the rest of my crew dies and one was cut in half by a sensor.

    ok I am kidding…I dont think that the biggest threat to “whatevers” existence is violence etc… waay to overkill.

  • some guy

    How about this?

    Maybe DXOmark is previewing the results of the Sigma SD1. Seems weird that the SD1 has been in preview status way to long. I am dying to see how a Foveon based camera rates against the traditional sensor technology. Not even the SD15 has been measured.

    Someone tell me why DXOmark refuses to bring the Sigma cameras to tested status.

  • based on the size of the truck, its gotta be the 8-1200mm f/1.4 some people have been expecting for awhile.

  • Big D

    Hey!- what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, Valentin.

  • aetas

    I think its just peters ride to CES.

  • Grumps

    Admin, this posting in NR and not PR, are you intentionally trying to imply something?

  • Probably some “Tuff” device. Be it lens armor, heavy duty laptops, raid backup storage or something.

  • wublili


  • New Nikon D5.
    – 2,5 Mpix
    – ISO 25 – 1 638 400
    – 74 new video features
    – no shutter release button, for creating stills is necessary turn it on in the Menu/Others/More Others/Misc/Do Not Enter/No Video Area/WTF???/Photo/Are You Shure???/Photo Mode On
    – dedicated Facebook button
    – available only in pink, red, violet, gold and blue
    – iPhone dock
    – two microSD slots
    – new Nikon software Your Virtual Hairdresser 1.0.0 included
    – manicure set included
    – handbook How to easy became Free-Cool-and-In with your new Nikon? included

  • broxibear

    SanDisk on new XQD memory card format ‘Meh’…
    “In a decision inauspicious for XQD, SanDisk is skipping over the new memory card format for high-end cameras.
    “At this time, SanDisk has chosen not to productize the XQD format,” SanDisk spokeswoman Wendy Vlieks told CNET News late yesterday.
    The ringing non-endorsement is particularly notable since SanDisk helped create the format in the first place.”

    • broxibear

      This XQD decision could bite Nikon in the arse as Lexar also said they had no plans to produce XQD cards ?…
      “Speaking to Photography Blog at CES, representatives from both companies stated that they’re committed to Compact Flash, which is still popular with photographers. Lexar additionally pointed out that their new 1000x UDMA 7 is actually faster than the first XQD card from Sony, offering a guaranteed read speed of at least 150Mb/s, and that the current CF specification goes up to 167Mb/s, providing additional headroom for even faster CF cards.!”

      • Rob

        So after they release their 1111x cards next year which read at the (theoretical) max of CF, what are they going to do? With overhead, I’d imagine the 1000x are pretty much at the max real-world speed anyway, so anything above 1000x will just be marketing anyway, and not an advancement.

        If they were involved in the spec, and Nikon’s flagship camera is using the format, and CF is basically already at its max potential, I’m betting they’re working on XQD. They just won’t say anything until they announce their first card. At least that’s what I hope…

        • broxibear

          Hi Rob,
          It’s just an odd statement for SanDisk and Lexar the two biggest card makers to come out with…Why say what they did when they could have said something like the XQD cards will be available later in the year.
          This suggests some sort of friction regarding this card, maybe Nikon have jumped the gun and released the XQD format before SanDisk and Lexar wanted it released, that would explain why Canon don’t have the XQD slot in their 1Dx ?
          The other thing that’ll happen is Sony will have a monopoly as the only maker, prices will be high and all those new D4 owners might have real difficulty getting any ?…lets see what happens.

  • LordBug

    A private strip show, all the way from Mexico.

    “What you’re about to see is completely illegal here, so if you make a single peep about it, this here paperwork means we can sue you _and_ remove your tongue to use as a toilet brush”


  • Gregory

    Perhaps the missing Sigma 180mm 2.8 macro is in there….

  • Maddog

    No, the armored car IS the new product. They went inside to see the 63 gigapixel sensor. The windshield telescopes out to give a built in zoom. The very latest in point and shoots. 🙂

  • Peter

    Great posts in here, guys! Already made my day… and it’s not even 4am yet 😀

  • Anonymus Maximus

    my Guess is, that they showed a new stereo specially for pimped up armored trucks

  • hashbang

    The C4 claim is, of cause, absolute BS: it’s only the matter of how much C4 you use. 😉

    And I agree with you, guys, that this must have been something completely unimportant. Come on, if you’re trying that hard to keep it secret, why should you invite JOURNALISTS an let them sign an NDA? That does not make any sense.

    • Rob

      In their defense, they don’t say it’s C4-proof. They say C4 won’t dent the shell, which would be technically true if it simply rips it wide open. A hole is not a dent.

  • Alfredo

    Whatever it is, don’t let Kai at DigitalRev get hold of it, he will paint it pink.

  • InfraRed

    Must be the old Olympus management team in cages!

  • Guesses:

    #1: Kodak’s final batch of film.

    #2: A poorly built built camera that would only work when delivered by armored car, like a Pentax.

    #3: The Wikileaks server.

    #4: More administration investment money for Solyndra.

    #5: Olympus stock and sales staff to sell it.

  • nikonshooter

    it’s Elvis

  • Markus

    Oh that car..

    It is for the other new 180mm Sigma lens…(the one which did not get nicked)

  • Markus

    Oh that car..

    It is for the other new 180mm Sigma lens…(the one which did not get stolen)

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