Some D4/D3s/D800 size comparisons

Those are some Nikon D4/Nikon D3s comparisons sent in by readers (thanks broxibear and durasnti):

and with the Nikon D800 (thanks anon):

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  • cobby64


    • French Fries

      The Canon 1D X is bigger than the D4, therefore it is better.

      • Gino

        E’ meglio la F7

        • Pete


      • sirin

        The Canon 1D X is bigger than the D4, therefore it is bigger.

      • A

        The Canon 1Dx is bigger than the D4, therefore is is heavier and more bulky.

        • sirin

          maybe he needs it for the gym.

        • MJr

          Bigger things are not always heavier, or bulky for that matter.

          • rs

            The Canon 1Dx is a brick, a big brick. lol My friends with 1D series bodies all call their cameras bricks, yet they think Nikon is crap.

      • hi

        The Canon 1Dx is bigger than the D4, although we need both them to announce new FX lenses (either upgrades or completely new), that’s what matters more!

  • CSM kicked out

  • Oh my god that D800 better hurry up otherwise my trigger finger will get too tempted over that D4….

    • Jit

      Just wondering how the low light on the D800 will compare to the D700 .. but i too am starting to feel the urge to get one of these new beasts .. which ever is closest..

  • Richard

    The image of the D800 looks like it might interfere with the PC-E lenses’ range of motion.

    • DavidB

      That was a problem with the D700, too. I wish they would have resolved the prism housing overhang interfering with the travel.

      • Pseudo Nikonian

        Wait, what? I have zero issue using a PC-E lens on the D700 with regard to the prism position and my ability to tilt and/or shift.

        • DavidB

          I gather you have the either the 45 or the 85mm? Those don’t seem to have a problem; however, the 24mm has restrictions in some positions because the overhang blocks the ability to shift the lens in the direction of the prism because of the flash overhang.

          • Well I shoot with both the 24 and 45 and any obstacle is easily overcome in my view. I’m expecting the same of the D800 It’s no issue from my point of view…

        • Ralph

          I have the 24 PC-E and it does interfere on the D700. You can work around it but need to be aware of the settings and orientation of the lens when you mount or unmount it. Its easy to damage your camera particularly if you are in a hurry during quick light change.

      • Benjo

        The D700 has only minimal restrictions in my opinion. I have more trouble tightening the small locking knobs in tight spaces than actually hitting the prism housing. I’ve never been limited when on a shoot, either with the D700 or D300.

        That said, I shoot architecture and 90% of my shots are simple upward shifts, the rest shift/tilt or just some tilt.

        Another 1-2mm clearance on the D800 would be super, but I’d be happy if it just allows full 11.5mm shift on the 24mm.

  • from the comparison seems like D4 has got new shoulders .

    • CadenceSF

      D4 looks rounded like Canon EOS-1’s top.

  • T.I.M

    D800 and D4 pictures don’t look scale together.

    • Trevor

      I agree. The D800 looks too large. Look at the size of the neck strap mounting point. The D800s is definitely bigger.

    • Alex

      The lens mounts and the M/A switch would be good points of reference for rescaling. The D4 is definitely larger than what the picture depicts.

  • Bozo

    lets hope Nikon will keep the price of the D800 below $3000.

    • goldaccess

      If you try to be realistic for some seconds you will find out by yourself that the D800 will be *well* above $3000.

      • The prediction a couple of days ago of $4000 US was a good one I think…

        • Landscape Photo

          Let’s meet in the middle: $3500… Maybe not at introduction, yet quite possible 6 months later hopefully.

          The problem in my case is that I have to sell the D700 to finance a D800. As both will drop, price difference between the two will remain level (as an assumption).

          D800 – used D700 = $2000 roughly (which is a lot to pay !)

          Who knows, maybe 2nd hand prices of D700 will not drop substantially due to demand (no FX substitute in that price range, used D700 may become the synonym of entry level FX). Plus, if Nikon can’t sell as much D800 as they expect at $4000 level, the price may dive quicker & deeper below $3500.

          2 years ago, I sold my D300 & got this D700 2nd hand too. Never looked back. In my practice, D700 IQ is equivalent of D300-in-16mp. Yes, even at base ISO… Clean images with higher DR from D700 enable upresing & further PP, while noise was a limiting factor with D300 in difficult scenes.

          D700 high ISO is enough for most purposes. There have been only two points which needed improvement: pixel count & crippled viewfinder. These will eventually be addressed & solved with D800…

  • disco

    @d4 side

    OMG! its the creature from aliens!

    • ISP

      I agree, it looks so much like the head of alien !

      Very nice design… they did a superb job ! I Love this camera…
      Excellent work Nikon !

      • Manuel

        I also love the design.

        It could look even better, if the remote and sync sockets would also have been moved to the left side. One ‘ugly’ side is enough.

        Would also be better to use, as the cables would not get in the way of the lens. But seems to be traditional the way it is.

        But that’s not a real complaint. Something has to be left for improvement.

    • Manuel

      I’m curious about how the D4 handles. The backside looks a bit crammed with switches.

      Other than some people here I’m pleased that the CSM switch has been replaced by the solution known from the D7000. I find that quite convenient. The CSM switches have always been difficult to use or check by feel (not least because they were different on every model), and too small to be used with gloves.

      Can anybody tell what’s the buttons above the microphone and near the top right corner of the screen?

      • Anshuman

        i guess its the joystick to select the af point like that on the 1dx

      • R!

        I always prefered ,the more easy to use with AFD ,switch AF/MF like the D90 & D 7000 It is good news plus you can change C or S keeping the eye on your subject great !!

        • Manuel

          The solution on the D90 is really annoying in my opinion. Nobody can tell how to press the button and to use the dials with one hand at the same time. It requires to take the eye off the finder for two-hand operation.

          The D7000 solution works great for me.

      • Manuel

        Is there a photo of the top yet? The position of the mode and +/- buttons also seems to be altered. And what’s the third button?

  • D4 – Sb910
    • MashingTheGas

      Must be Joe McNally’s new rig.

  • Rumors and leaks abound. Time to put up or shut up, Nikon. Perhaps we are only hours away.

    • Yup, official announcement is only about 10 hours away. Looking forward to it.

      • From what we seem to know now, the D4 appears to be an incremental improvement over the D3s. The rumored and delayed D800 is a bit more interesting as it will feature more MP than the D3x, but for half the price and in a smaller body. The remaining pieces of the puzzle are whether there will be a D700 size body with the D4 sensor, or a D300s size frame with an upgraded sensor.

        • The D4 is of no interest to me, I’m waiting with credit card in hand for the D800 without the anti aliasing filter.

        • 120-300 os

          LetΒ΄s wait for that to at me just bought an f2:8 300 in santa s days 2011 so money pig filling again slowly there are more prios in live upgoing kids etc. iΒ΄ll be happy for a w.
          But very nice to follew this news

  • paf

    umm… this time I have to captain “downer”.

    The images are not proportional. Not really a good comparison.

    But definitely good to see more pics. Thanks for the post!

    • broxibear

      Hi paf,
      I matched as best as I could, there are no reference points so for the back I matched the viewfinder, the front was more difficult as it looked wrong bigger or smaller…it may not be 100% to scale but it was really just so people could compare the layout and general look.
      The D4 is bigger and because the buttons on it are smaller there is an odd optical illusion effect when you compare them, just a bit of fun before the official images are out.

  • Sebastian

    i think D4 vs D800 is meant as a general comparison, not a size comparison.

    • Potver7

      Then the title of this post is wrong…

    • belushi


  • why?

    I want to see a D800 with that alien head!

  • Sideswiped

    I think this would be a better size comparison between the D4 & D800:

    • nikon rules**

      absolutely this is much more better πŸ™‚

    • Lardinio

      Now I think you have the D800 slightly too small! But much better regardless, good effort.

    • DavidB

      Curious how the mode dial on the D800 tilts away from the prism housing to the side of the camera whereas on the D4 it tips off and toward the back of the body.

  • frAnk

    When Nikon progress from F5 to F6, that was a weight saving…

    From D3 to D4, the anchor got heavier…

    That’s it, I am waiting for the D6

    • T.I.M

      The D4 have 4 millions more pixels than the D3s, each pixel weight 0.00078 gram, that explain the increase in weight.

      • Thomas

        Good idea! But my calculator says that with an additional 100g for 4M pixels each pixel only weighs 0.000025 grams!

        • T.I.M

          Right, but the 0.00078 gram/pixel is calculated when the pixel is full of white light (0.00039 gram with grey light).

          So yes, probably 0.000025 gram when empty.

          • BartyL

            T.I.M., this is pretty funny. Nice work.

      • LGO

        Going by that, the 36mp D800 will be bloody heavy! πŸ™‚

        • Boing Wronkwell

          Time to invest in tripod stock then?

      • Thomas

        Yes, we can now easily calculate that the D800 will have 24MP more that is 600g than the D700 but only in darkness. with white light filling each pixel of that darn 36MP sensor you should then end up at approx. 25kg!!! So sure: you#ll need a very sturdy professional tripod to hold it steady at full-well capacity…

      • Cris

        Wrong…They just cut the previous pixels in smaller pieces so they create more pixels…in this way they should have lost some weight from the cutting dust…

        • The carpenter

          Well, I think the analogy of a house will give a more accurate picture. A house with a few large, empty rooms will weigh less than a house with many small, empty rooms. The weight of the wall structures and load bearing support for the many small, empty rooms being greater that the empty space of the few large rooms.

          The big question is whether the weight of the light (as referenced above) that can be contained within each structure type is enough to tip the scales one way or the other. I will leave that question for the blog math majors.

  • Potver7

    Something’s wrong with that alternating image: seen from the front, the shoulders of the D4 are higher than those of the D3 (while overall height and wide are equal), but seen from the back the shoulders have the same height…

  • Dweeb

    D800 and D4 are rubbish. Unless Nikon have invented a way to bring the film plane a 1/4 inch closer.

    Now what exactly is the reason I need a smaller pro camera? I smell APPL profits here.

    • Magnus

      Well, I am planning to sell a few of my APPL stocks in order to buy a D4.

      • Magnus

        edit: “AAPL”

  • belushi
  • Silvanikon

    Bellissime tutte due….!!

    • belushi


  • D4 vs D800
    • Richard

      What did you do, scale the hot shoes to match?

      • Rockwell kan

        why not? it match for me

    • thanks, will add this one to the post

      • Discontinued

        >> I guess the previous leak about “substantially lighter body” was wrong.<<

        Nope that was correct. The body is substantially lighter. The extra weight comes from the D4's testicles.

  • aNikkorGuy

    best thing out of Japan since heavy rotation πŸ˜‰

    • broxibear

      Wow…is that the new Nikon 1 advert ?

    • LOL!

    • T.I.M

      That’s why my wife (and my cameras) are from Asia…

  • sk

    does this size comparison makes sens??? From rumored images??? They don’t even look scaled!


      Its for an idea, and maybe….

  • a4

    Nikon going Canon way. Ridiculous…

  • broxibear

    One thing I did notice about the D4 compared to the D3 series is that the buttons down the left side are a lot smaller, the buttons are the same size as the AE/AF lock button on the D3 cameras.
    Personally I like the front, the back not so much…but I’ve got a D3 so maybe I’m a bit biased…on second thoughts nah, the D3 just looks a more elegant design lol.
    At the moment I’m very happy with my D3, I’ll let all the reviews, complaints and praising take shape, and this time next year if I feel the need for a D4 I’ll look at it then. I was a little worried that after seeing the D4 I would desire it, even though I didn’t need one, but that hasn’t happened…which is good news for my bank account. (yes, even professional photographers have a budget).

    • I’m excited to get my hands on the D4, but it probably won’t replace my D3s for a while. IMHO, the D3s is the perfect camera! The D4 will be awesome no doubt, but My D3s only has 30k clicks on it and is practically brand new. Maybe when I use the D4 my mind will change, but I don’t really need to shoot over ISO-25,600 (Hi-1 on the D3s) and with fast Ζ’/1.4 primes, never really need to shoot over ISO-12,800 (which is perfectly usable with my D3s).

      With that said, I do like the D4’s new body, from the front. I’m not sure about the back-side yet. Looks a little crammed. What’s up with the thumb protrusion on the back of the vertical grip? Looks a little strange, if you ask me. I’d prefer if they’d stuck to the recessed thumb rest on the vertical grip.

    • Banksie

      Rule of thumb is to never buy a new camera unless it has a new feature that you simply cannot live without. If the D4 has something that the D3s lacks, and it means you are stuck and can’t get something accomplished with the D3s, then get a new D4. Otherwise you’re throwing money down a black hole. Wait until the model you have keeps you from doing something that you couldn’t do unless you got the new model.

      The D4’s main point here appears to be video capabilities. If you’re a videographer using a DSLR, then it will be a worthwhile upgrade. As a still photographer, there’s really not a lot that makes it worth the extra expense. And the D3s can still expose at very high ISOs which makes the ISO bump not a such a big issue. The extra megapixels is your call.

      Having both a D3s and a D700 didn’t make a whole lot of sense. But now having a D3s combined with a new D800 does makes sense if you also need an affordable camera that can produce large prints (or a D4 and a D800 if you don’t already have a D3s.)

  • AnoNemo


    Good job! However, I think the D4 will be smaller. I know you do not have proper sample for D4 pic but try to re-size it by using something that must have the same size as on the D3. For example, it is very unlikely that the Nikon name will be different. Or, look at the diameter of the neck strap hole. I think the D4 will be smaller but within couple of hours we will know. πŸ˜‰

    • broxibear

      Hi AnoNemo,
      I used the strap eyelets to help with the size matching, if you look at the images you’ll see that they’re pretty much the same size…the D4 is a slightly bigger camera, it also looks odd side by side because of the button size, and as you see in durasnti’s cool gif everything’s been pushed down.
      As you said the official ones will be everywhere soon.

      • AnoNemo

        Yep, we’ll find out pretty soon. πŸ™‚

  • stormwatch

    Nikon did it again! Bye bye Canon.

    • FX DX

      Nikon did what again? 1DX is very comparable to D4.

  • a4

    Am I blind, or mistaken? Or did my post really get deleted??!
    If so – do as you please, the camera’s obvious Canon influence (let’s call it this way) will still be ridiculous.
    Anyway, sorry for being a Nikon shooter, not a fanboy, and having opinion on this…

    • broxibear

      Hi a4,
      The blog’s got some sort of strange wordpress glitch that means after posting not all the other posts show up, you’re better off refreshing a couple of times and clearing cache…it happens to me all the time and I end up posting things others have already pointed out ?

      • a4

        Yep, I noticed this behaviour a little while back. Sort of hiccups over here :). Thx for your reply, broxibear!

      • not a glitch, it’s a caching mechanism that updates the site every few minutes in order to handle the traffic, I have no better solution for now

        • broxibear

          Talking about glitches, I see Mr Rockwell has taken down that article lol ?

          • AnoNemo

            heh heh, Wells Fargo screwed up half the photo industry. πŸ™‚

        • broxibear

          Hold on, he hasn’t actually taken it down. He’s just removed it from the main page…it’s still there, even if it has been pushed into the corner lol.
          Yeah, that Wells Fargo article went ballistic…as did the reponses article.

  • David Hirsh

    The dial at the top of the D4 appears to be smooth on the front, yet still serrated (like the D3) on the back. I don’t know why I never noticed that oddity before.

    • a4

      The reason should be seen here
      A little strange, but seems to have its logic.

    • Manuel

      Yes, and the dials for vertical handling are still way too recessed to be used conveniently. The new thumbrest may even add to the problem.

      As the camera has a sensor for horizontal/vertical position, it should be possible to prevent unwanted adjustments that way.

  • a4

    Shoot… Now I can see my original post again. Strange. My apologies to admin and sorry for kind of spamming…

  • A.T.M.

    Ok now those previous posted photos of the D4 look better, sorry to doubt you Admin 😐

    • T.I.M

      If you want to buy that Nikon D4 you better change your name, you won’t get enough cash from an A.T.M !

      • PeterT

        You are really funny πŸ™‚

      • A.T.M.

        I am a A.T.Machine… πŸ˜› Luckily I have sold many belongings and worked many hours to acquire enough money for my new Nikon equipment πŸ™‚

  • PapaT

    Lets just hope that the ISO range is 100-102,400, not 100-12,800. If its only 12,800 & the other specs are correct, then the D4’s specs do look inferior to Canons latest flagship – on paper at least.

    • Tiger1050Rider

      Why don’t you hold your tongue until you have seen the results of some decent benchmarks.
      The published ISO range is not important.
      What is important, is the USABLE ISO Range.
      viz, the range that you can shoot at without getting gobs of noise. Typically, this is what you get when you use a Canon body at anywhere near it’s published maximum.

      • PapaT

        I said ‘on paper’!

        If the ISO range is upto 102,400 that suggests that the D4 sensor will continue to push boundaries. Logically – this will lead to a greater ‘USABLE’ ISO range.

        If its only 12,800, it probably wont.

        Simple as.

      • PapaT

        Note – I said ‘on paper’.

        If the ISO range is upto 102,400 that suggests that the D4 sensor will continue to push boundaries. Logically – this will lead to a greater ‘USABLE’ ISO range.

        If its only 12,800, it probably wont.

  • nikhtwey

    The D4 looks like a solder. The one you can count on.

    • nikhtwey


    • Maddog

      A soldier designed by H. R. Giger πŸ™‚

  • Brian

    Same battery I wonder?

  • is there a Nikon D4s in the works??

    • thomas

      No..They are skipping the Nikon D4s, It will be called the Nikon D4xlt. Leather Seating, and Moon roof, distronic all standard. Ipod connect is optional.

      • sirin

        you forgot a built-in photographer.
        and an alarm clock.

      • Any Anon

        And composing-assistant feature too.

        It will show frames & arrows, to help zooming in/out or which direction to move. It will emit a red led light with confirmation beep if the photographer manages a good composition πŸ™‚

  • Marc

    I am really disappointed regarding the price! 5800€ is way much than the 6000$ previously announced.
    At that price, it is not in my budget anymore… Very sad… Will wait for the D800 or buy another D700.

    • dgm

      Been said plenty of times : the US price are always displayed w/o tax (State or otherwise) the european one includes VAT so they work out about the same …. and if you import from USA, on top of warranty issues, you have to pay import duties and vat …

  • lagranz

    Will D4 go with the future NASA expeditions?

    • Zeke

      The D4 will be long out-of-production before the next NASA expedition.

  • ISP (Canada) is extremely slow… some pages wont load at all !
    I gust there will be some update soon ! πŸ™‚

  • Jeff

    Yes!!! Recessed trigger on the vertical grip.

  • ISP

    so what ! negatve stuff again…

  • alvix

    yeah..he “updated” his article…ahahah!

  • T.I.M


    You guys are driving me crazy, do you buy cars of the same brand all your life ?
    Do you eat the same pastas everyday ?
    Do you drink the same beer all the time ?

    If you can’t take good pictures with both Canon or Nikon cameras then give up and buy a cellphone that take pictures.

    I started photography with a Pentax camera and If there was no compatibility issues between lenses I would have differents cameras brands in my bag.

    • broxibear

      “I started photography with a Pentax camera”
      I started photography with my grandad’s Praktika mtl3

      • T.I.M

        I’m not that old but I’ve seen few mtl3 when I had my store in France.
        I also remember the Zenith !
        Do you ?

        • broxibear

          I’m not that old either lol, I was at school and my grandad let me borrow his already old camera.
          I remember the Zenith name but I’ve never used one… I went from Praktika-Olympus-Nikon (with a few medium format cameras in between).

    • Banksie

      “If you can’t take good pictures with both Canon or Nikon cameras then give up and buy a cellphone that take pictures.”

      Quit picking on cellphone photographers. I recently had an exhibition of images all made on an iPhone. And nobody at the opening asked “what camera did he use?” Nothing wrong with cellphone photography!

    • rs

      I feel the same its your eye that matters most and any camera should work for you when you use it. I’ve taken beautiful award winning photos with my iPhone as well as my Nikons and my film Minoltas, my 4×5 etc. Its hard though to keep this frame of mind when you constantly work or run into Canon shooters and they go on and on how Nikon is crap and Canon is so far ahead blah blah blah. I seem to meet these people enough to wonder why they feel that they have to build up their brand so much.

  • jimcrow

    4:3 LCD screen still, lmao why

    • rogues

      4:3 is old hat I know, but I guess there’s room for some of the EXIF data or video info in the black bands above/below the preview image on a 4:3 screen.

      If the screen was to be 16:9 or some other wide A/R, it would need to either be wider still (pushing into the space occupied by function buttons), or cropped top & bottom.

      … And a touch screen could eliminate function buttons to make more space, but I’m not sure how practical this would be.

      Just my 2c worth.

  • Levi H

    So is this still supposed to happen tonight around midnight?! (For us American’s I mean) Or will it really be around January 10th instead?

  • rkas

    So does anyone of you trolls still think the D800 and D4 pictures are fake?

    • Andrew

      Don’t pick on trolls, they are welcome here if they behave themselves. Just know that eventually some of them will switch.

  • Dwight Schrute
  • I think they’ll have the following line up after the dust settles this year:
    D4: $6000
    D800: $4000
    D700s:$2700 (adds video and dual card slots)
    D400: $1800

    There would be WAY too big of a price jump from the 400 to the 800 if they don’t do something similar, if in fact the 800 will be $4000. That’s the bread and butter sweet spot for a lot of pros that are currently rocking the Canon 5D MK II. If Nikon doesn’t compete at that price point, I think they’re in for a world of hurt.

  • Gino
  • Vlad

    Am I the only one who sees the resemblance in the D4’s side profile view?

  • PeterO

    I love the new design AND it has the Pacman seal of approval on the battery door! Awesome, Nikon.

  • Banksie

    I find the dual slot of 1 x CF 1 x XQD to be kind of awkward. This means the user will have to have both kinds of CF protocol in order to take advantage of using dual slots. And then when XQD eventually becomes the standard, they’ll have to keep older CF cards handy in order to utilize both slots. And out in the field the user will have to keep separate CF and XQD cards, know where they are, and put them in the correct card slot (and potentially slowing down the workflow.)

    Or will a regular CF card work in the XQD slot and vice versa? They’re a different physical size so it doesn’t seem like that’s possible (?)

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