Nikon D4 leaked in French magazine

The French magazine Responses Photo published an article about the upcoming Nikon D4 camera. See the entire page 1 and page 2. Of course the D4 looks exactly like the image I posted a week ago. The ISO range is again listed as 100-12,800.

The weight of the D4 is listed as 1,34kg, where the D3s weights 1,24kg. I guess the previous leak about "substantially lighter body" was wrong.

The price is listed as EUR 5,800.

Here is the back and side view of the Nikon D4:

Partial translation:

"The D4's new 91000 exposure sensor is detailed enough to allow face recognition without the need for live view. This feature was tested with success by the editors of that magazine.

In the article it is specified the D4 body is 45g lighter than the D3s. (The difference is probably due to the weight with or without battery).

Slightly larger screen."

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  • PM


    Where is the hybrid viewfinder ?

    Where is the AE button?

    Where is GPS ?

    NiCanon D4 -the disappointment !

    • Michel

      Although I am a Nikon user, I talked to a Canon employee recently. He told me, that Canon did not implement GPS in the 1DX in order to completely seal the body to make it as weatherproof as posible. Otherwise the manufacturer would have to implement tiny little gaps in the body, which would surely affect the sturdiness and the seal of the camera.

      I for sure prefere it to have a weatherproof body. If I need GPS, then there are plenty of other solutions out there.

      And hey, why are there people out there who complain about the fps? It’s almost all about the photographer behind the camera. And an experienced photographer will surely be very happy with the fps the D4 delivers! In the end let the field test of the D4 and the 1DX decide who owns the edge this time. And since I am a Nikon shooter for many years, I am a loyal user of Nikon gear. Both the D4 and the 1DX will provide superb image quality, provided that the photographer knows how to take advantage of this technology.

      Just choose one brand, stick with it and master your gear. Complaining about tiny little details in the specification doesn’t improve your abilities at all!

  • Richard

    Seriously, how is this a FAIL compared to the Canon 1Dx?

    Nikon on the left, Canon on the right with commentary:

    16.2 MP vs 18 MP – Likely negligible in most shooting circumstances. Will likely also allow better high ISO performance on the Nikon as has historically been the case.

    Improved 51-point AF vs. All New, not real-world tested 61 Point AF System

    ISO range is the same, not less. Based on history, I’ll bet that Nikon’s high ISOs are actually usable, unlike Canon

    11fps vs 12 fps (14 when AF is not used) – Who cares about 14fps if AF can’t be used?

    New XQD memory card ensures future memory cards with higher write speeds and capacities will be usable while allowing current Pros to continue using their current CF cards. Canon only uses CF cards, ignoring new technology. Nikon did the same thing with the D300s and I know no one that complains

    $6000 vs $6800

    • Show Shooter

      When I shoot concerts I don’t always use AF

      • goldaccess

        A concert shot with 14fps? What’s the purpose of that?

        • PJS

          That’s how it’s done – 14fps, no composition, take about 2000 shots, find one, sell it – I’m a PRO!

          • Show Shooter

            Or you can spend 6k on this camera, take pix of wife holding dog by the Christmas tree, or out in the snow if you can get the light right and then upload them to Flickr. 1 comment? They love you!

            • Slow Giggler

              Man I laughed so hard at the Flickr comment thing that half the office turned to look at me.

            • Ken Nockwell

              what´s wrong with taking pics of wife and xmas tree with a 6000& camera?.
              not everyone who buys a Ferrari is driving it on a F1 track. LoL Lol Lol LLoLL

            • Show Shooter

              why? because it´s only 12 fps, it cant take the 2 extra pics like my canon can,mine has 14 fps, i dont care about AF, mine never focused properly anyway even if i want it to,and we canonites are used to pics not in focus,
              for us speed and MP count is important, noise and OOF pics we can easily get rid of by deleting it, so what´s the fuss about.

            • without AF bracketing is any fps worthless
              2-3 are ok. my main camera takes 1,5fps and i never found it a problem

            • George

              Slow Giggler! What are you doing reading this during work hours?

          • HAHAHA ! :))) You consider a PRO, to be one with no talent and caring for thinking the good frame, and just fire away the machine gun, and hope that he will catch something good ???

            You are a JOKE !!!

            • Show Shooter

              i dont care about AF mode,it´s too complicated to set up anyway ,it´s for amateurs, i am a PRO.
              ask my friends if you dont trust me, they say all the time that i am a PRO.
              my 14 FPS camera never focused properly anyway even if i want it to in other modes,and we canonites are used to pics not in focus,so no big deal.
              for us speed and MP count is important, noise and OOF pics we can easily get rid of by deleting it, so what´s the fuss about.

            • Show Shooter

              I’m not sure if that’s an insult because your English is so incomprehensible. I also would like to take time out to thank you for your caps! That, your exclamation points and questions marks let me know that you mean business!

        • Show Shooter

          Oh I don’t know, maybe catching all the action, guitar players jumping off stacks, lead singer action. Obviously you haven’t shot a pro show (well )

          • Seb

            How fast can you switch from 12fps with AF to 14fps w/o AF, how do you think, on a Canon? And then switch back…

            And what’s seems important to you, ability to switch some crazy fps on, or the ability to AF at all times when you want to, but being “restricted” to 11fps “only”?

            Don’t get me wrong, I understand that there are moments when you are not able to predict what will happen at given moment, and in the forthcoming two seconds, and the best strategy is to spray, and not wait for the right moment, but come on…

            11fps vs 14fps gives you a difference of ~71 against ~91 ms, that’s 20ms apart. If that makes a diff, then perhaps 1080p is the best option?

            • PHB

              Agreed, it is a meaningless difference. Nikon can almost certainly do as well if they turn off their AF.

              One possibility that might explain the high ISO claim is that Nikon has simply followed Canon’s lead and started claiming Hi2 and Hi3 as base ISO stops.

              That might even make more sense, the criteria for ISO rating was based on the measured noise level on shots taken at full sensor resolution. The idea being that the noise level should be roughly comparable to ISO 1600 print film.

              To compare like with like, the noise level should really take account of the resolution. Reducing the resolution will improve noise measurements but won’t deliver any more detail. It probably makes better sense to compare at the equivalent level of noise that 35mm ISO 1600 film delivers which would actually be 6MP or so (slower film has higher resolution, but not 1600).

              I can’t see a whole lot of use for ISO 102K. A candlelit subject can be shot at f/1.4, 1/15th on ISO 400 film without flash. This is a $6K camera so you are going to be using a f/2.8 lens minimum. So four stops higher ISO gets you to ISO 6400. The D4 has FOUR FREAKING STOPS MORE.

              That should be quite enough headroom for almost any sane purpose.

            • Seb

              I think – or better to say I hope that this suspicious Hi4 setting means that this sensor has 2 steps more of DR, because for me that is what Hi setting mean – how much information can you squeeze out of “blacks”. Let’s wait and see. Perhaps Nikon was pissed off by Canon’s higher specified iso (doesn’t matter it’s blotchy)

          • acon

            good point, but….if you are shooting action like Ted Nugent jumping off speakers, then I bet you would be in AF mode

            • Show Shooter

              i dont care about AF mode,it´s too complicated to set up anyway ,it´s for amateurs, i am a PRO.
              my 14 FPS camera never focused properly anyway even if i want it to,and we canonites are used to pics not in focus,
              for us speed and MP count is important, noise and OOF pics we can easily get rid of by deleting it, so what´s the fuss about.

          • Ken Nockwell

            Yes that´s it Show Shooter,exactly, ” you doint Know” what you are doing .
            ..and you call urself a pro?,well.. well,,, welll.
            by the way with which camera are you shooting at 14 fps currently?, just curious, with a powershot i guess. LOL LOL LOL LOLLLLL

            • Show shooter sux

              Maybe he’s blinking at 14fps. Either way, I think his buffer is full lol!

          • malvenko

            A real pro could do that with a Leica.

            • John Richardson

              “A real pro could do that with a Leica”

              You, Sir or Madam are the winner!

          • MashingTheGas

            Yeah, ’cause we see lots of that at concerts.

            • Pro Leica Shooter

              I do all the time, and it works. And I’m a PRO,all my friends say I’m a PRO. A PRO that shoots with Leica. Eat it!

      • MashingTheGas


      • paul

        Canon EOS 1D-X can shoot 14 frames per sec ONLY in jpeg with AF turned off and MIRROR locked UP. So 14 frame/s mode is absolutely useless. So the real difference in speed is only 1 frame/s.

    • Marco

      You got it.

      I agree, ISO range is just put in a different way, noise performance will be the same.

    • kyoshinikon

      I thought the 1Dx was only marginally better than the D3s too. The D4 seems like nikon improved the the D4 but didn’t really try too much…

    • malchick717

      I am concerned with a few things.

      a. XQD compatibility — is it really necessary and practical at this stage? If this new card medium is not widely accepted then an XQD slot is simply not worthwhile, perhaps useless. I’d rather see two CF slots with CF-I/II compatibility, just like the 1DX;

      b. Side terminal cover — why a few separate pieces and not the usual 1-2 larger pieces that cover everything? I don’t understand. Also if these covers get caught onto something during transport, they can be ripped broken easily. The older design does not have this risk;

      c. Metering selection dial on side of prism — almost all Nikon models with this design has the same problem: the dial can get faulty in the case of internal contact problem due mainly to oxidation. Has Nikon taken further steps to improve this dial design?

      I do have one complaint on the D300s. By adding an SDHC slot, the CF slot becomes only CF-I compatible, as opposed to the D300. Dunno why Nikon has ceased CF-II support, but Canon is still offering CF-I/II support on current high-tier EOS models, which IMO is worthwhile.

      • broxibear

        Hi malchick717,
        I understand what you’re saying about the XQD card, but they had a bit of a problem. They could have gone with two CF slots or two XQD slots, either way there would have been complaints…the only difference would be complaints now because XQD cards are not available, or complaints later because CF cards would be considered older technology…the answer was one of each ?
        You’re right about the side terminal covers, they could have made one cover for a few connectors, although the covers on my D3 are pretty tight and I don’t recall any opening or catching.
        It already looks like the previous cameras so I’m not going to criticize them for making some changes.

      • Rdpi

        Nikon D(x) cameras have an average life cycle of 4 years.
        XQD will be (possibly) a new standard for the future.

        Nikon decision looks at the future

    • Rile

      5,800.00 EUR = 7,415.04 USD
      This is fair preis
      We Europeans always been paying more sh..

      • kede

        agreed! (but…we earn more money)

        • Dr SCSI

          @kede, you earn more to pay more taxes to maintain your social democratic systems! Better, maybe, IMHO just different.

      • Mouonline

        Come on baby, welcome to America, haha…

      • Math genie

        Always the same wrong comparsion.

        Us prices are always without taxes. In europe you have, i.e. Germany 19%

      • Sahaja

        European’s pay VAT, Americans don’t – take that away before comparing prices.

  • Eric Calabros

    D4 is a disappointment, cause I thought would eat 1DX alive. but she is just goin to simply kill it

    • mikils


  • Ken

    Any news on the upcoming D5 ? =)

    • Kevin

      That put a smile on my face 😀

    • PHB

      It will be black.

      • MashingTheGas


  • Mitch

    Loving the addition of the joysticks from the MB-D10/D11 battery grips! Those make AF selection so very quick and easy. And I may have missed it but is there any word on if it’s a new battery system, of if D4 will have banks of preset user settings?

  • sf

    mhm, nice nice, but besides the impressive specs i don´t really like the face. it is too BMW superaccurate lines-like (for my taste), but thank god not the orang uthan shoulders like the d800 will have (if the rumored pic was right).
    so have fun with this one (i´ll get me the ugly 800)


  • franzik
    • Gullible

      Oh this is definitely a confirmed test! NR should make this front page news!

    • Murdi

      Its like a sort of cloth… ugly iso 500 lol

  • Is the content of Réponses Photo open source ?

    A french reader

    • Note that I did not publish the entire article.

      • …well [NR] admin, actually you did publish the entire article (p.6 & p.7 ) about the Nikon D4 !

        By the way, Réponses Photo says the Nikon D4 is 45g lighter than the D3s.

        • No, I actually linked to page that was uploaded by somebody else.

          • …right.

            Anyway, Réponses Photo may want to tell you : Merci pour la publicité gratuite de notre magazine !


            • Where’s my…

              Somehow I’ve got a feeling Nikon may want to tell Réponses Photo : Thanks for the free, albeit premature publicity for our oncoming camera!

  • So the price is listed at 5,800 Euro, that’s $7,500 US. What happened to $6,000 US?

    • andy

      That’s not how it works. US will still get a 6k price. We in Europe always pay more.

    • The US price will be cheaper as usual.

      • …and the swiss price will be even cheaper !

        Lucky me ! ;-p

    • BornOptimist

      In my country it is 25% VAT. Deduct this from 5800€ – viola: 6000 USD

    • Anonymus Maximus


      5800 EUR will be 6000 USD soon!

      Just wait

    • M35G35

      Is that include the VAT tax at 17% (or what ever the going rate is these days?)

  • Jeffrey

    The article says that the new body is 45 grams lighter so maybe there is a typo in the spec box…

    • WoutK89

      Difference between with and without batteries?

  • Apollo

    I love the amount of ports on the side but seriously. Where’s the focus mode switch? Where’s the metering switch? Where’s the AE button? If Nikon don’t add those and you have to do the changes in the menus, then **** off Nikon. Those are one of the most important switches in these cameras.

    And what the heck is that: AF and Manual -switch? Seriously Nikon, big disappointment. I think I’ll buy D3s. Good night D4!

    • kyoshinikon

      They put it under the AF switch under the lens on the D7000 and it looks like the same here

      • Roeder

        Yep, that’s the D7000 focus switch. It’s exceedingly easy to use, even with the VF at your eye.

        The AE button is probably the same as the AF button, and if it’s like the D7000, you can re-assign it to a few different functions.

        Can’t see the top of the body but I’m sure the metering button is somewhere up there near the LCD and shutter release.

        So…is that all you got?

        Seriously, if you are going to bitch and moan about a camera you’ve never picked up in person, try to be a little more imaginative with the complaints.

        I think the D4 looks very promising. Can’t wait to see what they do down the line into the middle options. (D800, D7000 replacement, etc)

    • Seb

      AF mode switch seems to be like in d7000 – push the button in the middle of AF-M selector and turn rear control dial.

      Metering switch is clearly on the prism.

      AE button is where it was, both for camera and grip, just that it is not labelled.

      You seem to be whining and making decision based on the low-res pictures, you can not be serious, right?

      • Zeke

        I wouldn’t say “clearly” on the prism. It may well be there, but all I see clearly is the viewfinder diopter adjustment knob. We need a picture of the top or right side of the camera.

        I’d like to see Nikon get rid of fixed-position selectors like the old-style metering mode switch. That way, these settings can be recalled all at once in a single preset. Perhaps keep the knob but get rid of the physical pointer, and put little lights under each selection.

    • BillM

      I’d have to agree with you Apollo. I hate menu selections, much MUCH quicker to flip a switch or rotate a dial, this pic of the D4 back almost seems barren near the AF-ON button… what gives? This would be a big disappointment. Reminds me of what Canon did with the 1D Mark II and Mark III. The Mark II had the ability to customize the * and the focus point selection buttons to be two separate AF controls, I hade the * set to spot focus and the focus point button set to 45 point/continuous AF. So with a click of a button I could spot focus on a still subject and then I could immediately then go to continuous AF with all 45 points and not worry about fiddling with other settings, but guess what, with the Mark III they removed that capability and left AF control to only one button.

      So, the point is, it really bugs me when companies “remove” features from previous models 🙁

      • BillM

        Ooops, my mistake, I was comparing this to the controls of the D700, I like the layout of the AE-L/AF-L button and the dial to select metering surrounding the button. Looks like the same layout as the D3/D3s… so ignore what I wrote above as I spoke without verifying 🙁

      • Apollo

        Same here. I’ve always enjoyed to use the focusing mode switch, it’s a joy of use when you need to photograph sports or nature like birds. Also I liked how you can see: “whoops, the pic is poorly exposured, I change the metering mode and voilá, picture is well exposured.” I use those controls all the time. Currently I have D300s and D7000. I’ve used D3s (rent camera) and I loved how the buttons were placed. I hate few things in the D7000 that I loved in D300s. The things that I just mentioned are the things.

        We want the switches back!

        And to the Seb, that isn’t metering switch, that’s the adjustment dial of the viewfinder dioptre.

        More things that you have to adjust from menus are just piece of ****. It’s just pure hell. If D5 in the future will cut down the rest of the switches, we could buy D3100 and D5100 instead. Just sad. I’ve used D60 which has almost everything inside the menus. It’s just pure hell in the rapid situations and in a normal situations too.

  • PhotoPrzemek

    Damn it, I just got the D3s…

    • goose

      dont worry, i bought the d300s a month ago!

  • The rear screen seem sliiightly larger than previously? 3.5″ ??

    • Seb

      3,2 from what I’ve read

  • I’ve been waiting for the D700 replacement but I’m going to wait a while before I pull the trigger on the D800. Besides, I decided to upgrade my post processing technique from Lightroom and to add Photoshop to my tool set 🙂

    Afterward I’ll be ready to use my 2.8 glass and a full frame body and use my D300S as backup 🙂

    • JonMcG

      Coming from the D90, I too was waiting for the D700 replacement, seeing the rumored spec’s on the D800 made me rethink that.

      New plan..

      Purchased a D7000 (love it), will maximize this body as much as possible, then save and buy a D4 in about 2-3 years, which is everything I could have wanted in a D700 replacement and more. I’ll be covered for the next 7 years….


  • durasnti
    • durasnti

      Thats what she said

  • Alban

    Significantly lighter body??? Seems to be the old brick style to me. Nikon ,can you try at least a little bit before asking premium green ??

    • BornOptimist

      Where has Nikon claimed ligther body. You are confused by rumors.

  • Would love to see Nikon beat Canon over specs completely
    this is so disappointing that on paper canon has more MP, better native ISO and more AF focus points
    The d90 and d7000 were revolutionary in their class, I wish nikon does the same in all their classes

  • Shame on the foul play of Rèsponses Photo, jumping embargo/es

  • While the specs sheet on Page 1 says 1.34kg, the article says that the D4 is lighter by 45g than the D3s. Not sure if 1.34kg is with battery or not, perhaps that would account for the discrepancy.

    D4 looks like a winner, I may upgrade from my D3s (love the extra joystick) and will also pick up a D800 when it comes out…

  • Joey G

    I rathger have better iso at concerts than fps

    • Show Shooter

      High ISO affords for higher shutter. I generally start at f5/250 and work from there up or down. If you can pop off 10 shots quicker than the next with 7 or 8, why not? Especially if the 51 pt. AF isn’t enough.

      • chris

        you gotta pay the troll toll to get into this boys hole

        • Show Shooter


        • MashingTheGas

          This guy’s on a mission to impress someone, that much is for sure. 11fps is fine if you’re shooting motorcycle races ……. but concerts?….. How often does a “guitar player jump off a stack”? Really?….


        • HUH


        • O_o Derp

          dude this is straight outta regular show bro.!
          Posted January 5, 2012 at 12:38 pm | Permalink

          you gotta pay the troll toll to get into this boys hole


  • Hello Admin,
    As a frenchman, I am a regular reader of Réponses Photo. The January issue of which you show the front cover does not say a word nor show a picture of the Nikon D4. You perhaps got these pictures from the February issue which is not available yet in the newstands and of which the photo shops don’t seem to have received a complementary copy yet. This for your information.

  • I’ll just say this:
    What a BEAUTY, and it’s gonna kick ass, for sure! But I bet that ISO range is a typo, I mean, 4 ISO boost levels? nah!
    who cares about the 1Dx even if it’s ‘better’ on paper? this is the D4, it’s a Nikon and it won’t disappoint 🙂


  • Megafolie

    No DirectPrint button???

  • Anjan

    It appears that the french magazine may have a typo error. Its indicates native high = 12,800 but the pushed-up HI is 204,800. That is a very wide range. I hope the native high ISO is two stops below HI at 51,200.

    Yup “glass is half full” optimistic analogy : ) It can go the other way, if you considered that HI 204,800 was a typo error

  • wow ,So all the hype about better iso is about to go down the drain heheh .they just added more MP .

  • broxibear

    On a side note:
    Sad to hear that one of the truely great photographers, Eve Arnold, died today at the age of 99

  • Spock11

    fail !!!

  • French reader

    For those who wondered, the article also says the D4 is made in Japan.

    • aNikkorianGuy

      Merci beua coup¡Merci beaucoup¡

  • Action

    I feel like I”m on a ISO roller coaster. What the heck will it be? If it is the same as the D3s (native 12800 on the high end) I’ll be disappointed.

  • Curious

    comparing my D3s with the D4 photo, on the photos I can’t see the focus selector on the front or back of the camera. It’s one of my most frequently used switch for event photography. Someone did mention last time it was moved to the front, but i don’t see it.

    The sequence of buttons to the left of the lcd screen has increased from 4 to 5, can’t make out the detail of what the fifth button is for.

    Having two CF and 1 XQD would be ideal for me, but looking at the size of the CF door in relation to the top dial location, the door seems less wide, suggesting only 1 CF and 1 XQD. For me being able to separate JPEGs from RAW onto two separate cards is important for quick JPEG downloads to the client onto a laptop. RAWs take ages to download on my slow laptop. Hope has USB3. Also hope XQD will not be too expensive and readily available, otherwise stuck with only 1 CF for the time being, unless an ordinary SD card can be used in the same XQD slot, no idea, just have to wait.

    Can’t wait to test in low light, the D3s does struggle to focus sometimes in very low light, but i guess i am pushing the camera to the extreme in nightclubs.

    Anyway, let’s see what tomorrow holds for us, but at the end of the day I am sure the D4 will be an awesome camera.

    Yes the AE-L/AF-L appears to be not visible from the photo.

    For me, I have taken nightclub shots at max ISO on D3s and still useable as a FB shot, looking forward to say ISO 12k and clean.

    Hope they have 2 CF and 1 X

    • MashingTheGas

      I’m guessing the rationale behind 1 XQD and 1 CF is that the new card is faster and will likely have higher storage capacity (great for second card or primary home for video) while the neighboring CF slot provides a home for 1,200 RAW images on a 32G card.

      Works for me all day.

  • Doctor_EVIL (Russia)

    All the same they have finished ergonomic jambs to finish and with ISO haven’t held on:

    1) the record button not on the place also is displaced MODE, what for to the detriment of photofunctions to push video, it is the camera (idiots!)

    2) buttons “+” and “-” what for have changed in places, as on initial chambers instead of as all have already got used and as it is more convenient

    3) for what have reduced “head”, at Д3с it was impressive… Imitation Canon 🙁

    4) ISO12800 it as that not a fantasy

    5) what for change AF clone from D7000 everywhere

  • “ONLY” native ISO 12800?

    I’ll be on the lookout for a used D3s, thank you very much

    I’m happy for Nikon and all, it seems like they’ve competed very well with the 1DX on paper at least. Gut there’s just no way I’m paying $6K+ for a camera that, for what I do, is marginally better than a ~$4K used D3s, let alone a ~$2K used D700.

    But first, before I indulge in a D3s, I’ve got plenty of new lenses to wish for in 2012-2013, and the D800 to wonder about.

    Excitement, waned. Thanks for the wild ride NR!

    • Ron Scubadiver

      Dude, all you ever, ever do is whine. Every post of yours is pure whining. At least it has that programmable video button you were… whining about. Still not good enough? And yet you don’t even own a D3/s?

      To everyone disappointed with this camera, you are merely hiding behind your own ineptitude. Nothing about the Canon is revolutionarily better than the D4. I’m sure both will be capable of taking decent pictures. What on earth do you want??

      Probably native ISO range of 2 – 819,200, expandable to 1 – 3,276,800, with no hint of noise until 409,600.
      72 Mp’s. 24 FPS in full resolution mode. 2 SD’s, 2 CF’s, and 2 XQD slots.
      2 GPS units.
      102 AF points, with 52 cross types, all active until f/22.
      MSRP of $4499, including a new 24-70 f/2.8 VRIII lens.
      A copy of Exposure and Composition for Dummies.


      • Dude, the camera IS good enough. I’m not hiding behind ineptitude. I’ve clearly said that the Canon and Nikon compete very well, although neither is revolutionary. How did you not get that from my “whining”? It’s just not going to be my next camera. What do I want? I want money. Just like you. If I had money, I would buy this camera, and I’d buy a 1DX too just for fun. It all comes down to what you can afford, and if I could afford everything, I’d buy without any complaints. But I don’t have unlimited money, so I keep on (HAPPILY) doing my job with a D700.

        BTW I will only further entertain your trash-talking if you post as your real self, with a link to your portfolio. Not because I judge your qualification by the quality of your work, but just because it’s the dignified thing to do.

        Good day.

        • MashingTheGas


          I guess ‘Word’ thinks he’s on a political blog. He sounds like he’s an expert at discussing specs but couldn’t compose a shot if his life/career depended on it. Otherwise why would he get his panties in a wad over someone like you simply expressing an opinion?

          For someone like me, this camera fills the bill. I currently shoot with a 300 and a D2x. D4 gives me faster frame rate, video, more storage (when the new cards finally arrive, that is). I rarely shoot at high ISO so a higher top end isn’t particularly important – this is more than I’ll probably ever use anyway. 16 mp straddles the gap between the D3X and D3S nicely for me – I don’t shoot with big prints in mind and the higher quality will probably print large just fine with miniscule post efforts.

          Works for me. Doesn’t work for you for legitimate reasons. To each his own.

          The real question is …. how will Word’s head explode over my post?

          Have a good one.

          • Now, now.

            First and foreskin, I never, ever said anything about =Matt= sucking. At that point, I was speaking legitimately about everyone above and below (up and down) complaining about how the D4 sucks (compared to the 1DX, or simpliciter, either way). It’s ridiculously absurd. Good pictures were made with the D1. The D2. The D3. Better pictures were made with the D1 than some made with the D3s. Etc.

            To ANYONE saying the D4 blows already, when we’ve seen no official pics, they are living in Farmville. May they go to Canon, with the rest of the Smith family and my grandma. Who cares? They probably will continue to take mediocre pictures on that side of the fence too.

            But how on earth does it sound like from my post I am unaware of basic rules of composition? Ridiculous inference. In fact, I made fun of the fact that some people suck at composition. I believe I am fine at it, with or without posted examples. Who cares? I wasn’t making fun of =Matt= for sucking at all. I think I remember seeing his stuff and it was dandy.

            But oh how he complains constantly, and is very much extremely whiny on here. Like, really really whiny. Like Whiny the Poo. They made that video button programmable, like you wanted. That ALONE is worth $6 Large.


            • MashingTheGas

              Like I said. It was only a matter of time before you felt compelled to cop an attitude and try (again) to impress everyone with your verbosity.

              Chill the f**k out, dude. It’s an opinion thread. Feel free to share your opinion. Just holster the attitude.

            • Rest assured, now that rumor season is winding down I’ll be whining a lot less. I’ve got plenty of better things to do, but I just like to indulge a little bit once or twice a year. Sorry! Actually I still have plenty of whining to do, about lenses next. But that won’t happen for a few more months I suppose.

              Let me be clear though, if Nikon sucked THAT much, I wouldn’t be here. I only “complain at” Nikon because I know they’re the best system FOR ME, and I’d like to see them update things that I feel are being neglected. Mostly lenses, and a proper D700 successor. But I feel like my whining is very much deserved, because there are probably tons of people out there who need / want exactly the same things, and Nikon should listen.

              I believe that as far as rumor sites go, I’m being very civil and respectful with my whining. Sure, some of us commenters are crazy or annoying, but at least (unlike DPR) NikonRumors gives you the rumors / leaks in an official format, as the main post entry, and lets you avoid “us” if you so choose.

      • Ha!

        This post made my day.

      • Magali Gatinot

        Agreed, the Matt is definite winner of the whiniest NR poster of all time. Everything is temper tantrum, get over it!

  • Chris Chew

    We need a top view

  • Don

    All camera bodies are just tools (as are all lenses). When the reviews of a production D4 are out we will see the capabilities of this particular photographic tool. Likely, it will have abilities that will be helpful (perhaps essential?) to some and not to others depending upon the type of photography they do. If this particular tool is not helpful to you, you should simply purchase a different camera body. In FX sensor size you will be able to choose from the tools: used D3, used D3s, D3x, used D700 and of course Canon models. Eventually, there will also be a D800 choice and perhaps D4s and D4x variations. In DX you will soon have a new D400 choice and a D7100 choice.

    Because a hammer is not the right tool when you need a screwdriver does not mean the hammer is a failure or a disappointment. It just isn’t the best tool for the task you have at hand.

    Simply pick the best tool for the job you have to do and don’t wast time criticizing a tool because it fails to meet your specific needs. No tool can meet all the needs of all the photographers. That is why manufactures make and sell so many different camera bodies.

    • MashingTheGas

      Finally… a voice of reason.

  • D800 VS D4
    • Murdi

      D800 is looking goo



  • Doctor_EVIL (Russia)

    Well and the red strip became poor

    …. What that даунгрейд left

  • Hữu

    I can’t find the AF assist light, replaced by model’s name D4.

    • hmm

      a focus assist light is not a feature normally found on a flagship body. since there is no pop up flash there is no reason for a focus assist light.

  • Visualiza

    Curiously, the legions of naysayers who said this was fake are nowhere to be found. Sad that people have more interest in disproving rumors that happen to be true than discussing new prospects.

  • chris

    looks like a rugged thing of beauty to me. glad they didn’t muck with the design too much. that flimsy d7000 af selector switch is a major fail though. oh well, can’t wait to get my hands on one.

  • D800

    D4 is an epic faiL.

    D800 will shine for a lifetimE !

    • hmm

      if you think that you most likely don’t need and will never have either.

    • I doubt about that ! d800 looks awesome only for land/studio photographer. I’ll wait for the specs of d800 and if it’s just 4fps, 36 mpx (even if it’s good for crop mode, or for some people useful to have a lot of megapixels) I’ll buy a good bargain of the d3s.
      Imho D4 looks like more an evolution of the d3s than revolution, but for people who have already a d3s I think they can save money for the next generation (2-3 years), or save for a very good lens (never disappointing), except if they use video option.

    • Mark

      Different cameras for different people.

  • chris

    dainty, fragile canon? have you only held the rebel line? there are many things you can say negatively about canon but the 1d line is not dainty or fragile.

  • frAnk

    Fail! Where is the weight saving?

    I am waiting for the D5…

  • Moe Jacknally

    @NR-Admin: No D800 reveal until February? Please don’t let that be true…..

    • the_raze

      I don’t think they’ll release two FX cameras in the same month.. but who knows..

    • That’s my guess – at the CP+ show in Japan.


    SONY will beat CANON that will beat NIKON

  • the_raze

    Hmm… native ISO 102.400 sounds a bit crazy, doesn’t it? Although ISO 12.800 seems a tad low, given the D3s is also capable of that?

    What is the highest native ISO setting of the Canon 1D-X?

  • D4 top view
    • Mark

      The camera is an F5 – even the link contains the F5 name.

      • Gino

        when a f7??

  • Does anyone know whether the new D4 will have the ability to shoot hi res stills without interrupting filming?

  • Gianluca

    Regarding the weight, the article said that the D4 should be 45g lighter than the D3s

  • on the back of the camera I see a button above the 8-way controller and another button that looks the same below the 8-way controller lock lever. Does anyone know what these buttons are?

    Other than this, I like the new lines of the camera, around the prism and the reduced red accent on the front. I hope Nikon continues in this direction with a simpler, more streamlined design.

  • R R

    I love it! and I will try to get it.. but still, knowing Nikon, I bet a D4s is on its way in the near future, and I mean Near.. why I know this, cause thats been the case with the D3, D2x, D300, N90, and maybe I am forgetting a few others.

    So if you get a D4, be ready to be angry at Nikon soon .. that happened to me real quick when I bought my old D2x and in a few months they came up with the D2xs , with a great LCD and few other corrections at the same price … grrr

    but what the heck, Im getting this one. ( if I can get a hold of one ) and I´m bringing my dog to the fight! BANZAI!!!

    • R R

      one more thing.. that lens on the picture looks to me like a 50mm f1.2 G lens (I´m guessing and hoping).. cause on the side pics it doesnt look like the 85mm f1.4G mmmm

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