Nikon D4: $6,000, Nikkor AF-S 85mm f/1.8G: $500

The first article about the Nikon D4 appeared briefly online today. The article was dated January 10, 2012 - this may be the actual release date to the public. The January 6th press event could just be to introduce the camera to the press. I cannot publish the entire article, but here are some interesting new specs (the initial Nikon D4 specs were correct with the exception of the ISO range):

  • Nikon D4 will have substantially lighter body
  • Available in February
  • Suggested retail price: $6,000
  • The ISO range is listed again as 100 to 102,400, expandable to 50 to 204,800. Those were the original D4 specs I published back in December but then I had to correct them. I guess I was wrong in my correction.
  • 91,000-pixel RGB metering sensor
  • Face detection/recognition
  • 100% viewfinder coverage (obviously)
  • Illuminated function buttons
  • Dedicated video button
  • Includes H.264 B frame compression
  • Contrast detect AF in movie recording
  • Low-pass filter for video recording
  • Smooth aperture feature for video recording
  • Nikon D4 is not produced in Thailand
The price of the new Nikkor AF-S 85mm f/1.8G lens will be $500.

As expected, the Nikon D800 will not be announced now since it was not mentioned in the article.

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  • Xscream

    Specs sound awesome (but not for me, I’ll stick with DX for now, I think the leap from D40x to D4 would be too large).

    85/1.8 sounds like a lens that I want!

  • Glad to see this, I guess it means it is really going to happen this time.

  • nik

    Bit depth of video feed out the HDMI? 8-bit or 10-bit?

    • crewshin

      Hah, that’s what I want to know too. Hopefully it’s uncompressed 10bit out.

      • nik

        Hopefully, uncompressed 10-bit out with no overlay; this would be quite good.

    • Hom Thogan

      It is over nine thousaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand!

  • Not sure I am impressed with the video abity. B Frame when compressing so far has not made for better image quality, when compared to Canon, who use P frame. Also I am surprised to hear that Nikon is using just contrast detection in video mode. I was hoping for mixed phase/contrast detection, which seems to work better.

    Of course I do hope that I am wrong with this and that they work up to the standard that I would hope (Just so the people who complain about people putting negative comments are aware)

    • explorer76

      The quality of video output is not directly related to the choice of P frames vs B Frames. You can set both of them to output about the same quality in which case B frame-based compression will require lower bit-rate and result in smaller files. Alternatively given the same bit-rate, B frames can produce higher quality output than P frames.

  • Admin – do you think there will there be a kit lens for folks making the transition from DX and needing a WA zoom?

    • dordoba

      How can you believe that Admin is aware of such question?!..

    • The D4 will not come with a kit lens.

      • If Nikon bosses read this, they just might offer the 24-70 mm f2.8 as a kit lens and jack up the price by another $1800 : ))

        • Jetfire

          They may have bundle deals were you can get a discount on a len(s) when you buy the body.

          • The combo may be offered by dealers, I am not aware of any Nikon D3s kits available directly from Nikon.

          • Hhom Togan

            Not a single flagship camera (D1X, D1h, D2X, D2H, D3, D3s, D3X) has been bundled with lenses by Nikon (bundles are made by stores).

    • Paul

      Nikon rarely if ever bundles a “kit lense” with their pro bodies.

      • PHB

        Only case that I can remember them doing that was with the 18-200 and the D300 when the 18-200 was very very hard to get and it made sense to make sure that people buying a new body could get hold of one.

        But even that was two separate boxes. And since I bought mine through Costco I ended up getting a second 18-200 since their price for the combo was only $200 more than the body only price elsewhere.

        A flagship body is not going to have a kit lens because 90% of people buying it will be upgrading from another Nikon. What you might see however is a discount deal on lenses bought with a body. From time to time, anyone who wanted a complete magic trio could practically get a D300 for free.

  • My primary interest is in ISO range and to a much lesser degree number of pixels. The video features haven’t been of any interest, but that’s just me and my particular bent and interests. If the D4 ISO improvement is great enough over the D3s I may well buy one.

    In any case I’m thinking of replacing the D2Xs with a D400 when it’s announced for the ISO improvement as I still really like the 1.5 magnification factor and lighter weight of the overall package. I’m too damned old to be packing around a 6 pound lens anymore.

    • DX camera’s don’t magnify anything!
      They just crop your photo to save money.

  • jacob weiss

    I can confirm that the anouncement will be Nikon D4 and Nikon 18-300mm VE Lens

    • hi

      what is VE? I guess you mean VR, which format, DX or FX?

    • JeffP

      Can’t wait to see the distortion chart on this one.

      • MysterF

        + 1

  • kyoshinikon

    Liking the ISO 50

    • tsy

      I see no reason to use the expandable iso50… if its blown out at 1/8000 shutter speed and iso100, then iso50 will be no better, in fact, you will actually lose information.

      Same thing goes for expandable iso ranges, though I can see how if you are shooting in a situation where freezing motion is more important then actual details and whatnot.

      • might make the difference between a shutterspeed or two if you want to slow something down, like flowing water… for that kind of thing, you’d still probably need a nd… still, a nice feature.

      • Yes but of course as soon as you’re in a situation where blown highlights are NOT a risk, ISO 50 (or “LO” in general) is a great way to reduce noise and / or blur movement.

  • Anand

    $6000 for a D4????

    Does Nikon know that we are in a global recession and it is no time to charge such high rates???? Jeez.

    • I agree that it’s pretty expensive, but the D3x still goes for $7k USED. The D3s is still $5200 new. This seems like a fairly good upgrade from the D3s, so the $6k price tag is actually a little on the low side compared to what I expected. This will give them a flagship lineup of the D4 at $6k, and the D800 at $4k, instead of the D3s at $5200 and D3x at $8000 IF you can find either of them (I assume the price of both will drop drastically once the D4 is out, and the availability will sky-rocket (same with D700, but not for the D800. For the D3s.)


    • Teun

      The recession is much less in Japan. That means that the Yen is much more expensive. I guess that the price increase is much less than you would assume. It’s the yen which has got that more expensive. So you might argue that the global recession has driven up the price (in us $, that is).

    • Piwi

      If you are a pro photographer this is not that expensive in fact all the more if you have already your lenses (400 & 500mm f/4..).

    • QQMoar

      Its cheaper than the 1DX

      • PRL

        and better spec’d than the 1DX.

        • Datruth


    • demit

      This is a pro camera. If $6000 is too expensive for you, buy cheaper model.

      • C

        demit +100,000!

      • FM2Fan

        wait a second – the D3S is significantly less – so there is a current alternative

    • sirin

      so, they didn’t ask your advice on how they should price a new generation flagship camera?
      bad, bad, bad Nikon!

  • RR

    Screw the D800 and its 36MP those high ISO capabilities on the D4 are way too tempting 16MP will do for me, I’ll put a new shutter on my D3x as soon as I get this baby, and if ever I a need high MP count I’ll go back to the D3x.

    The D4 sounds like tons of photgraphic fun! And finally (for me) HD Video!

  • Morg

    thats it release the camera that the vast majoity of us cant afford and dont release the one that the majoity of us would buy D400,D800.I dont get it?

    • Piwi

      They are addressing “Pro” buyers not Semi pros… Olympic games are coming quite fast now.

      all others can wait

    • Cris

      It is very easy to think that the only way the 2 companies work is their eachother competition…They have to announce the competitor of the Canon 1D-X. This of course is good for some but not for the big part of people who like photography as a hobby and can afford an expensive but not too expensive dslr. They will announce the D800 when they will hear about 5D MIII or something like this. Or of course the opposite. Canon will announce the 5D MIII or something like this when it hears that Nikon announce the D800. They play with our minds and pockets…

    • D700guy

      A lot of us have been patiently waiting for this camera. Are you saying that we should wait even longer so that you can have the camera that you can afford?
      Thanks a lot.

    • toad

      This is the flagship model. It’s the brand-builder. It gets buzz and (hopefully) rave reviews. All that spills over onto the entire product line. Casual buyers remember that they just saw something about how fabulous the new Nikon is, so thety buy a Nikon P&S instead of a different brand.

      Then they introduce the D800 at a lower price point. Gee, it’s a FF camera by Nikon, just like that fabulous D4, only cheaper. Etc.

      The point is that the high end contributes to the company much more than the revenue from sales of that model itself.

      • Allen Wicks


  • Kede

    Low pass filter for video + hdmi out = halleluia allah nature alien illuminati

  • Ralf Nagel

    16.2 MP or 18 MP?

    • Piwi

      16.2MP Sir

      • Ralf Nagel

        EOS-1D X wil have 18 MP – sorry Nikon.

        • Piwi

          Who cares my friend? You think that 18MP will make a better photography? Don’t forget the Nikon AF system far better than the Canon one and of course the ISO performance of this D4..

          • PRL

            and don’t forget the difference the glass will make!

          • Hausen

            Got to laugh at this rubbish being constantly recycled. The systems are neck and neck on AF.

        • dmgabe

          Are you really dumb enough to think that a 1.8 MP difference will actually matter in any scenario?

          • PRL

            nope, the dumb thing would be to get a 1DX with inferior processing engine and other features us D3 users have been revelling in since 2007. 18mp isn’t worth a penny when compared to the high ISO capability in D4 (and D3 come to think of it). Did anyone see the hi ISO comparison between D3s and 1DX recently? The hi ISO images from the 1DX are not usable, so 18mp of unusable image is worth diddly-squat!

            • ChillBro

              It’s funny how you guys are bashing a camera that’s not even out yet. How can you say it’s an inferior processing engine? It’s a brand new one. Not to mention there’s 2 just for the images alone. Then there’s another (older model yes) just for the auto focus! And you’re talking about images from a pre production model, and honestly unless a credible website i.e. dpreview has done the test I’m not putting much stock in it. They’ll both be amazing cameras. Just don’t go bashing them before the come out because you sound ridiculous

            • Simon

              And you opinion is worth?

        • D700guy

          I will take Nikon’s 16 mp over Canon’s 18 mp any day.
          My 12mp D700 consistently trumped any 5DmII images I have ever seen from any of my contemporaries who owned one.

          • Simon

            You need to go to specsavers.

          • This is amazing:
            You fight against a body Nikon has just announced to compete agains the 1D X announced 11 weeks ago even before both cameras are available and no one has ever seen a picture from each of them (bigger then a stamp)?

            Does really someone here know how “worse” the new 1D X AF is? Or IQ and high Iso performance are? Same with D4?

            I do not care about 2MP, too. But I had to care about 6-9MP in the past.
            The last wedding I shot both D700 and 5D MK II. I developed 1400 pictures. It´s just not the truth that D700 has a better IQ at ISO 3200/6400. IQ came out near to equal. D700 looked slighty better in 100% comparison. Downsized to D700 resolution the 5D MK II won in both. Detail and noise. And the keepers where about 60/40. Pro 5D MK II! Even I used the center AF point only and recomposed in nearly every shot.

            And yes, Nikon has great glas. As Canon has. Does really somone belive 50% of the “Pro” Shooters out there are stupid and work with minor stuff to earn their money?

            Good thing for all photographers is: We can wait and see. And choose the better tool for our everage needs. When D4 is available for about 6k$ the 1D X has to be the better body. Else the price will equalize within a few month.

            I will wait and check IQ when images are available. I will go to my favorite dealer and test both for a couple of hours. I will compare IQ and keepers and decide after, if it makes sence to upgrade and if, how to finance the better one (for my needs).

        • sirin

          … because extra 2MP is what makes a good picture.
          composition is so last year.

          • Piwi

            you made me nearly fall out of my chair ahahah 🙂 🙂

      • Steve Starr

        Only 16.2 MP? That’s about a 1 for 1 rez of a 11×16 inch print. Some Chinese cellphones may hit 16 MP in a year or two. Might be good enough for web and newspaper work though.

        The 11″ width is pretty much a dying breed of printer short of a Laserjet or Epson Workforce 1100. Hardly anyone makes a printer of that format that I know much less a paper that size. You get a 8″ and then jump to a 13″ width.

        Canon made the 21MP things for their A3+ size (13×19 inch) printers which match a 1 to 1 dpi/ppi well. Far less cost too for some of their 21 MP cameras.


        If they went for 21MP at the low end, I may have gone for it. The D3x still looks king of the Nikon heap to me.

        Aside, this must have been the one they used in the Chicago motorcycle race video ad too. I doubt if it was the D800, which seems even more elusive now.

        Maybe the D800 is actually the D4x model? The D700 may go to some D800 of 21 MP model at around $3ooo – I hope.

        • Cris

          Sorry what are you saying? We are talking about a full frame sensor here…

        • BlackWolf

          If you want pixels, go get a hasselblad.

          The D3/4 line is for SPORTS AND WILDLIFE photographers.

          Is it really that hard to understand?

          • Keith

            Actually, wildlife photographers need all the pixels they can get.

            Is that really so hard to understand?

          • CadenceSF

            Agreed! It’s easy to get lost in details, and forget the intended purpose.

          • Chris

            BlackWolf +1…exactly! I shoot with a Hasselblad H4D and my daily run around camera is a pair of D7000’s with my wife:)

        • SpaceFreak

          DPI != PPI. It takes a lot of dots to make one pixel.

  • Great news. I am already saving for the D4. $100 in the bank, $5,900 to go. 🙁

    • Cris

      Nice…Till it comes at stores you have time…hahaha

  • Dweeb

    And no GPS. That “substantially lighter body” will go well with your “substantially lighter wallet”. And a D4X should top 10 grand.

  • malwina

    I think there is a chance to see d400 a same time as d4 like d3 and 300 in 2007…

  • YM

    So what is the frame rate per seconds?
    15fps or 20fps? 😀

  • Landscape Photo

    What happened to D800?

    • I have no announcement date for the D800, the specs are still valid.

  • ennan

    Looking forward to seeing the trade price on the D4. I got my D3 for £2700 when it was only a few months old (think the retail price was around £3400??)

    I’m hoping there’s a similar mark up here cuz I really would love this camera.

    • D700guy

      I’ll sell you mine for $7000

      • ennan

        If you throw in a 6mm then sure xD

  • MJr

    Any news about a 16-85mm F4 for DX ?
    I take it such a lens won’t be announced together with the D4 huh.

    • ggweci



  • FrancoDMD

    Any info on the FPS???

  • JA

    If the D4 is going to sell for 6k does it make sense that the rumored price for the D800 would be 4K? I would think that the price for the D800 would be cheaper or maybe I am thinking this because I want or say need it to be less then the rumored 4k

    • ALS

      I’m with you in that. If D4 is ~15% price increase compared to D3S, why are we assuming D800 is going to be around 4K? (unless I’m missing the point) Applying the same 15% formula yields ~3.2K

  • malchick

    Why would Nikon have to pose a media embargo? Why Jan 6 press launch but media can’t say anything until the 10th? Does that mean, the Friday launch is straightly press only and all uninvited Joes will be booted out effectively?

    I simply don’t understand this logic.

    • I am not sure, the article was dated January 10, maybe they will just publish it on the 10th, few days after the release, I really don’t know.

  • Not so high,I thought the price was more than 7000$… but a question
    If I choose a d3s (maybe the price will down bargain & new), the difference between d4 & d3s is really really big ? (i’m not interesting about video). I can’t afford a d4, d800 maybe but if I’ve to put more money but not a big amount (coz d800 seems to be expensive :/) I prefer to buy a bargain d3s better for wildlife.

    • Thomas

      Correct thinking! If you don’t need video, there are only very few distinguishing factors:
      – the increase in resolution will be minimal (15% linear) and I doubt you can see it under normal viewing situations.
      – From the sensor performance I don’t really expect a better high-ISO performance at pixel-level.
      – But I would expect a significant increase in dynamic range at low-ISO.
      So the D4 is only really interesting for you if you mostly shoot under well-lit conditions.

      • nik

        “But I would expect a significant increase in dynamic range at low-ISO.”

        Interesting observation. shows D7000 DR = 9.2EV at ‘standard settings’ and D3S DR = 8.3 EV at ISO 200.

    • Dr G

      Any speculations as to where / how much better the D4 will be compared to the D3S? Will it be worth upgrading?

      • Thomas

        As I said before methinks that Nikon will be successful in keeping the per-pixel signal to noise ratio (SNR) constant (compared to the D3s) while increasing the resolution from 12 to 16MP. And I’d assume that the dynamic range (DR) will increase to comparable levels of the d7000.
        So on a per-pixel basis you’ll get increased DR (1-2 stops) at low ISOs and on a comparable output-size you’ll get a little better SNR (about 1/2 stop … 1 stop if you’re lucky)

  • Buett

    Admin, curious why you’re not able to publish the article.

    • The article is copyrighted, it’s not just a press release.

  • PapaT

    Carbon Fibre Body?!?

    • nik

      +1; good question; I’d like to know the answer, too.

      If so, any changes to weather seals?

    • Paul

      That would be sweet.

  • 85/1.8G have to be ~400$
    Canon 85/1.8 (with motor) = 390-400$
    Sigma 85/1.4 = 950$

    • Greg

      Nikon lenses are often more expensive than the Canon equivalent. Especially when it’s newer/better optically.

      The old Nikon 85mm 1.8D is currently $460 at B&H. Newer versions are typically more expensive, so I would expect the 1.8G to be over $500.

  • elespees

    so whats the memory slot config ?
    i still wont believe nikon will axe the dual cf feature which is the def acto standard for serious press work . even canon got that and changed the config to dual cf in the 1dx. also ,QXD might be all nice and the future, but its a new standard with no cards available . i know i will be disappointed if dual cf slots disappear.

    • Steve Starr

      CF as we know it may be a dying breed with their new card design coming out that may or may not catch on. Smaller is “In” – apparently.

      More disturbing for CF is more dealers are not stocking them. Local Best Buy used to sell them in their store, but now you have to go online even though they show them in the local store for purchase and they weren’t. Even the sales guy asked me “Do they make anything with CF in them anymore?” when I went looking for one since their website said they had them locally. Everything seems to be going to SD or its derivatives and even micro-SD (which is even more annoying for smallness). Sony may as well hang up their Memory Stick idea too.

      Might have to get one of those SD to CF adapters soon.

  • Chris

    I may be alone on this but I’m more excited for the 85mm than i am for the D4. Although the D4 is pretty darn exciting.

    • lifelessonline

      No, you are not alone. I am also very excited about the 85mm.

  • Chick Pot
    • Edgard

      What a clown… DSLR will be dead when there’s no demand for these kind of equipment. Not because someone says so.

    • Cndlpwr

      Maybe so, but not until another machine comes along that does what today’s DSLR users do and need, and frankly does it much better.

      All technology’s days are numbered, that goes without saying.

      • Art

        That’s not true.

        Look at the US Post Office. People have been sending letters for thousands of years. They will continue to do so. That is why the US Post Office has such great job security.

        • Rob

          Are you joking? The USPS loses BILLIONS of dollars a year. If the government doesn’t start permanently subsidizing it, it won’t be able to exist beyond this year.

    • Sertaj

      That photo of the guy in the boat looks computer generated.

    • bobby

      I didn’t realize that “stuck in customs” the worlds #1 travel photography blog declared dslr’s days numbered.
      I was floored when famous photog Trey Ratcliff typed, “I can’t picture myself investing any more money in DSLR bodies and lenses. The new Nikon D4 that is coming out? Not interested.”
      Thank you for your eye-opening link. Gives me a lot to think about.

    • zedtherabbit


    • Although he is partly right, the fact is, what he SHOULD say is “DSLR in it’s current form is numbered”. After all, Nikon, Canon and Sony (among other major players) wouldn’t dare alienate their customer base by completely abandoning the current lenses and other technology in one fell swoop. Who’s to say the next gen of DSLR wouldn’t be more compact but still use full-frame (or even slightly larger or smaller) sensors and the same lenses? That only makes perfect sense to me…

      Granted I have toyed with the Nikon V1 myself and like it for what it is, a camera of that size and capability will NEVER satisfy me like the feel and control of a true DSLR.

      • david distefano

        or my 4×5 and 8×10 for color landsapes and my f5 with b&w film used to make platinum photographs.

    • nik

      lytro gonna replace all cameras

  • The numbers sound about right.

  • Jon

    As daft as it sounds, it would likely be as cheap for me to fly to New York and buy this at B&H than it would to buy it here in the UK.

    Maybe I should consider a holiday!

    • demit

      And find a rep in NY.

    • Nicole

      Enjoy the trip, but don’t forget to save a bit of cash for customs duties when you get back though. 🙂

      • Jon

        They’ll never know! 😉

        • Mark

          They do now.



          • Jon

            Oh yeah, because they’d know me from my NR posts wouldn’t they.

    • Cuius

      Check out the prices before you go!

      B +H – 70-200/2.8 – $2,396.95

      UK – 70-200/2.8 – £1,559.00 = $2,435.557 – and that includes 20% VAT

      So the time you add duty and tax to US price you’ll be losing a lot

      • The Manatee

        It depends what you’re buying obviously, in some cases I’ve found it cheaper to make the purchase in the UK but sometimes there is a big price disparity especially for new items. Take the Canon 1dx as an example. Retail $6800 in the US and £5300 which works out to $8200 converted. Re: import duty, what import duty? 😉

    • The Manatee

      This is what I do. I’m originally from the states but live in the UK. Even better is placing an order from B&H and having it delivered to a friend that doesn’t live in New York to avoid paying sales tax. Score a massive discount to obscene UK prices.

  • hansimglück

    I wonder if the new (and rearranged) Nikon professional camera line-up will look like this:

    Full frame:

    1) D4 (successor of D3s)
    – 16,2 mp
    – the speed monster (in terms of ISO, fps, AF, metering, general response)
    – targeted at journalism, sports, etc., movie
    – the only Nikon body with integrated handgrip

    2) D800 (successor of D3x)
    – 36 mp
    – the resolution monster
    – targeted at landscape, advertising, fashion, fine-art etc., movie
    – in these fields no integrated handgrip is needed. and if, there is an optional grip

    3) D400 (successor of D700)
    – 16,2 mp, same sensor as in D4
    – the more affordable little sister of D4, but reduced specs in all aspects of speed
    – more or less the same body as D800
    – targeted at pros, semi-pros and enthusiasts of every sort – like the D700 was


    4) D8000 (successor of D300/s)
    – 24 mp
    – the APS-C king of the hill
    – specs somewhere between D800 and D400
    – targeted at all pros who prefer or just want to stick to APS-C


    5) D7100 (successor of D7000)
    – 16,2 mp sensor
    – top enthusiasts model
    – improved specs

    Does that make any sense?

    • It makes sense to me, although the D400 name will probably go to an APS-C camera and the small body version of the D4 will get a different name.

    • d70

      I wish Nikon would offer a D4 without the vertical grip.

      • WhiteNebula

        I’m with you!!!
        I want to replace my D7000 with a full frame, but I don’t really need the vertical grip. Optional battery Grip is better solution I guess, since it will fits more people’s needs.

    • DavidB

      From your mouth to Nikon’s ears!

    • Steve Starr

      I got some odd feeling the D800 as spec’d at 36 MP –> D4x

      The “real” D800 may be 24 MP to slightly trump the Canon 21MP range of cameras. Seems a better jump from 12 MP D700 to with D800 24 MP.

      The D7000 –> D7100 21 with MP with improved AF system.

      D300 –> D400 with 21 MP also, with the addition of better video and wireless RF flash (Wake up Nikon! CFL light transmission is too funky and undependable outdoors in sunlight!).

      Going a miserly 4 MP from 12 to 16 isn’t much of an incentive to buy a new camera. Per Las Vegas, “Double-down or nothing.”

      • MJr

        18 is the new 21 ! See Canon’s 1Dx 😉

    • Maawdee

      this would be a perfect line-up in my opinion! personally, i would love an affordable FF D400 … just because of dof reasons …

    • Nonserviam

      I like your line of thinking but my predictions are a little different.
      I hope you don’t mind I used most of your post…:)

      Full frame:

      1) D4 (successor of D3s)
      – 16,2 mp
      – the speed monster (in terms of ISO, fps, AF, metering, general response)
      – targeted at journalism, sports, etc., movie

      2) D800 (successor of D3x)
      – 36 mp
      – the resolution monster
      – targeted at landscape, advertising, fashion, fine-art etc., movie
      – in these fields no integrated handgrip is needed. and if, there is an optional grip

      3) D700s? (successor of D700)
      – 16,2 mp, same sensor as in D4
      – the more affordable little sister of D4, but reduced specs in all aspects of speed
      – more or less the same body as D800
      – targeted at pros, semi-pros and enthusiasts of every sort – like the D700 was


      4) D400 (successor of D300/s)
      – 24 mp ? Sony A77 sensor?
      – the APS-C king of the hill
      – targeted at all pros who prefer or just want to stick to APS-C
      – Pros: backup camera, sport and wildlife long reach
      – I am also betting on an integrated grip


      5) D7100 (successor of D7000)
      – 16,2 mp sensor < 24 mp same as D400?
      – top enthusiasts model
      – improved specs

      What do you think?:)

    • JonMcG

      +1 – I think you hit that RIGHT on the head!

    • Andrew

      This makes sense, but with slight modification below.

      3) D400 (successor of D700)
      – 16,2 mp, same sensor as in D4
      – the more affordable little sister of D4, but reduced specs in all aspects of speed
      – more or less the same body as D800
      – targeted at pros, semi-pros and enthusiasts of every sort – like the D700 was

      3) Modification:
      – the D400, FX body (16.2 MP), D300 size to replace the D700 for $2,995.
      – the D9000, FX body (24 MP), D7000 size, full frame for $1,995.

      As I have said before, Nikon will shakeup the full frame segment with a sub $2,000 camera the same way they shook up the DX segment with the D7000 ($1,200).

    • EnPassant


      Only number 1) D4 is completely correct.

      2) D800: Text is correct except it is NOT the successor of D3x just because it have a lot of MP as D800 is not a body with built in grip. D3x may not have a successor at all or we may in two years time see a D4x with 48 MP or more.
      D800 IS the successor of D700! They both share the same type and size of body just below the pro single digit Nikon cameras. The big difference in MP doesn’t change that fact. Nikon simply had to take up the challenge from Canons’ 5DII and the coming 5DIII. Also D700 sharing the same sensor with the flagship camera D3 was a once only exception because at that time there were no other cheaper FX sensors available. Also Nikon was already working on D3s. The time period D700 had the honour of sharing the flagship sensor lasted only little more than a year. Nikon wisely at that time sacrificed some sales of D3-cameras to sell a lot more of D700’s to the semi-pro and amateur market. But now there is no longer any reason to do so. Those who need or just want the speed and ISO-performance of D4 simply have to buy one. There will be no D4-sensor in a D800 body! That would really be a stupid move by Nikon. So you can all stop dreaming about it now! Besides with a new technolygy 36 MP sensor scaled down to 12 MP I belive the D800 will have AT LEAST the same ISO-performance as D700!

      3) D400 should be the name of the D300s successor. But as Nikon started with four digit numbers for some cameras it is unclear what its name will be. It is as I stated above extremely unlikely it will use the D4 sensor. Also if it uses the same body as D800 only with D4 sensor the name should be D800H, D800s or something like that.
      Much more likely is that Nikon will introduce a cheaper FX in the smaller D7000 size bodytype to capture a bigger part of the fullframe marketshare. Most likely it will use a new 24 MP sensor from Sony. Introduction earliest at Photokina in autumn, but can be anytime next year as well.


      4) D400 is the most likely name for a D300s successor. Four digit numbers have so far only been used for the two smallest sizes of cameras Nikon make.
      For APS-C D300s have the same function as D3s for fullframe. I therefore think it is much more likely a DX D400 will use the new 16 MP sensor also found in NEX-5N (D7000 and D5100 use the older 16 MP sensor, same as in NEX-5) or a new sensor we don’t know of. Introduction maybe in spring to just be available for the olympics, but it is just a wild guess.

      5) D7100 is the logical name for a D7000 successor! Just like D800 the camera below the ISO- and speedmonster D4 got most megapixel I think it is very possible D7100 will get the 24 MP DX-sensor as it will be in the same prize-class as Sony A77 and NEX-7. Introduction most likely at Photokina.

      6!) Let’s not forget the cheapest but best selling Nikon DSLR! D3100 need a D3200 successor. A 16 MP sensor would not surprise me. After all 16 MP seem to be the new 12 MP! Shown at Photokina as well.

    • Richard

      You are right, Right, RIGHT!

      Apply for a job at Nikon, you have NAILED what most people want! Let’s hope Nikon is as intuitive to their market’s requirements as you are!

  • Bill

    My iPhone makes better photos.

    • MJr

      But DOES it have FACE Detection ?

      • Hamuga

        I once punched a guy in the face with my iPhone and it beeped.
        Then when his angry friend jumped up I punched him in the face as well, and the iPhone beeped twice.

        I think it recognized that they were not the same person by their facial features.

        Also I think one of them blinked.

  • PapaT

    Nikon was rumoured to be working on a carbon fibre body some time ago. That would certainly lead to a ‘substantially lighter’ body!

  • Simon

    “The ISO range is listed again as 100 to 102,400, expandable to 50 to 204,800”
    You got it wrong again. Nikon won’t give up expansion modes H1, H2 and H3. If native ISO do indeed max out at 102,400 why just have H1 at 204,800 and not bothered with H2 409,600 and H3 819,200 and make Canon sweat?

    • Simon

      I reckon D4 ISO is native 100-25600 expanded H1 51200, H2 102,400, H3 204,800.

    • MysterF

      Does any one need more than 6400 ISO?

  • frAnk

    Attention Please Nikon, or Nee-Koon, or Nee-con,

    Your design department clearly missing a key decision maker there. Where is the applied aesthetics engineer?

    Clearly, you don’t believe professionals and wannabes of high-end DSLR care about the aesthetics in design. They are all being pretty content about using these UGLY tools to produce beautiful photos and videos.

    I am not happy becasue I have to accept what’s available… Until one day, Sir Jony Ive decides to design an aesthetically pleasing camera for the unhappy users like me. I am sure that I am not along on this.

    • Andrew

      You are not alone… your sentiments are shared (in public) by all of Nikon’s competitors; but privately, they are all drooling at this awesome/beautiful camera.

    • OsoSolitario

      Buy a Lamborghini Aventador… maybe your camera will be ugly, but definitely you’ll get the most fashionable car in earth!

    • jan

      Actually, the Nikon pro cameras are designed by a car designer – Giugiaro.

      Aesthetics is ok, but “ergonomics” and “practical” are two even more important words for us, that actually use these cameras as tools 🙂

  • Thomas

    “substantially lighter”. With the d3s weighing in at 1240g a “substantial” reduction in weight for me would be -20…-25%. That would land the body in the ballpark of 1000g.
    That would be a *HUGH* achievement that would be very welcome. Remember the D700 currently comes in at 995g.
    Could this be an indicator that the D800 also got some slim-down???

    Well onto the ISO-range: Could be the article was “borrowing” from [NR] – before the values were corrected here? Maybe the writers plugged in some consensus values to replace them be the real one, once the press-information was out?
    I’d still say that [NR]’s correction (with the lower ISO-values) is more likely than the new/old/higher ones.

  • I hate to say it but I just can’t justify spending $6k when I’ve got a D700 that still amazes me. BUT, I’m not a full time pro and don’t have to have video. Guess I’ll be waiting for the D4 junior to come out, whatever and whenever that is.

  • AS


    D400 will be a APS-C camera!

  • KnightPhoto

    Price, weight, and specs are better than we [NR] readers expected – all good – bring it on 🙂

    Video stuff is a bonus for sure for me too, but it’s the LOW LIGHT, lower weight, and slighly less cost that would clinch the deal for me. Lower weight is a big plus because I can then use this as my all-around cam including as my travel camera too, and worry about replacing my D700 with a D800 a year or two down the road.

  • I am excited about this camera and I can’t even afford one!

    The price seems steep but up against the Canon offering it blows it out of the water in price and performance as far as I’ve seen.

    I hope this also fixes the funny thing where people buy a 5DMKII and then slap on Nikkor glass. I’d love to see more movies shot with a Nikon over a Canon and I really think the build quality of a Nikon will go well with some of the crazy car chase/ action sequences.

    I hope the D400 will take some tech and lord help me if they make it a big bodied DX camera that has an integrated grip. I want that.

  • kobajaszi

    its unfair! D800 will be probably worst in low light (because lot so much megapixels) than D700 , so the only one upgrade is D3s and D4.. but those price isnt acceptable for most of us…

    i think they forces us to think about and buy more expensive cam..

  • photonut

    “Nikon D4 will have substantially lighter body”

    Interesting! Finally, Nikon maybe gets it that the trend goes to lighter bodies!

    Hope they did the same with the D800!!!

    • Steve Starr

      Could be a 16 MP Coolpix encapsulated in a D4 titanium body too. They already have a 16 MP Coolpix so not far off. 🙂

      Sort of like those Chinese hard drives that have a thumb drive and a bit if concrete in them.

  • Fritz

    Spent a lot of time with my D300s, time to upgrade to a new FX body 🙂

    • Thomas


  • Ecofly

    Being the grumpy old still photographer that I am I don´t care about video, I do stills and slideshows.
    I understand that press photographers “need” them today and that some film makers want cheaper “pro” film cameras so I guess it is something to accept. However 16.2 MPx is approx. 50 % more than the best Kodachrome and Velvia I used before (11-12 MPx) –> great! The light sensitivity – more than 100 000 ISO – is mindboggling to us “old-schoolers” and coupled with the color handling that Nikon has spoiled us with so far –> awesome!
    Summary: I love it and I long for it 🙂

  • Brian Quintos

    Dear Nikon,

    Please don’t be like Apple and turn the pro equipment into a hybrid pro-consumer piece of junk… Get face detection out of my high level cameras… it only adds $500 to the camera…

    (when I say this I mean it will probably carry down into the D400/800 etc. I don’t want consumer software slowing me down in the field.)

  • Shouldn’t it be… H.264/B Slices (vs. B frames)?

  • alvix

    any chance of sRAW?

  • simpleguy

    “Includes H.264 B frame compression
    Contrast detect AF in movie recording
    Low-pass filter for video recording
    Smooth aperture feature for video recording”

    all sound nice , but admin , can you confirm the uncompressed hdmi output you said in the earlier specs , is it mentioned there ??

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