Here is the full text article about the Nikon D4 announcement

After searching for several hours, I was able to locate the article that leaked the Nikon D4 details earlier today. Just go to this link and enjoy. Don't ask me why it's posted on Wells Fargo's website.

The same website also has information about the upcoming Fuji X-Pro1 mirrorless camera.

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  • Only 16 megapixels? Looks like Nikon is in full surrender mode to Canon on that race.

    • Jason Tran

      Higher megapixel doesn’t mean better images. For most photographers, 10 megapixels is enough.

      • S.

        I agree. Although my daily camera is a D90 I sometimes reach for my old D2H and the images are perfectly fine at 4.1 megapixels. Of course there are problems with its technology and the way the sensor responds to certain sections of the light spectrum but I can’t complain. In the history of my digital work I have used a variety of Nikon bodies but I have only owned the D2H and the D90 I use now.

        I think that people have to look at the individual needs and avoid sweeping generalizations about megapixels. I am satisfied with the D90 and its noisy 12 megapixels but I am very happy when I open my cabinet and get to choose from an inventory of more than 50 Nikkor lenses.

        • Paul

          36MP FTW!!!

          Not really. I’ve been more than happy shooting 4-12MP Nikons for many years.

        • JonMcG

          ehh.. I had a D90, just upgraded to a D7000 and, honestly, the difference between the two is night and day. I understand lenses come first, truly, but the body makes a big difference. Yes, you can take great pictures with the D90, but the D7000 is truly a step up across the board.

          You ought to really consider upgrading your camera…

          • NikNik

            Hi Jon,
            very glad to hear that. I’m still waiting, D7000 or probably D400?

          • Martin

            Well, You must consider the strength of AA filter.
            I remember how little difference was between D70 (with weak AA) and D200 (very strong AA) in term of fine details.

      • SLR Baba

        Higher MP is required only for huge (really really HUGE) prints. So mainly for studio work. On the downside, higher MP on same sensor size means smaller pixel size and worse noise.
        D4 looks like going to be way far better in low-light than Canon 1Dx. And who knows, there will be a D4x with large MP for studio work.

        • SLR Zaza

          D4x? 9999$ ? No, thanks

        • Patrik


          Why do people constantly misunderstand the effect of decreasing the size of a sensing pixel. When the total sensor size is maintained, but divided into smaller units, you actually make it easier to reduce image noise through signal processing. (On large sensors, the area of the signal paths and read-out transistors is small compared to the sensing photodiode, so increasing their number only reduces the total sensing area by a small amount.) Yes you will increase pixel noise by making it smaller, but you have the ability to smooth (digital filter) the result to obtain a better image.

          What you do get is finer noise, less bayer filter artifacts, and a reduced need for a strong AA filter to redice those bayer artifacts. I think of it as a win-win situation. We just need the manufacturers to improve the dynamic range of smaller pixels (already done on the 16MP Sony sensor used in the D7000), and increase the speed of processing.

          Think about it…

    • Steven Georges

      THE best feature of the Nikon D3s is the quality in the high ISO range.
      Nikon was smart in making that a priority in the D4.

    • The day you take a picture with 18 megapixels (1DX) that I can’t take with 16, (D4) I’ll give you $1,000.


      • VJ

        What about a checkerboard created to matches the resolution? 🙂 Contact me for money transfer details. 😉

        Just kidding of course; I completely agree that the difference in resolution is neglectible.

    • benS

      another Nikon vs Canon megapixel comment.

      Everyone knows that the D3, D4 is more concerned about image quality ( low noise at very high ISO ) rather than megapixels. And is meant for PJ , sports shooters, etc.

      That is why Nikon has the D3x and its successor the rumored D800 that caters to the studio , landscape photographers.

      Nikon DSLR users know that .. I guess u must be from the Canon side.

    • QC

      So the 1Dx’s pen*s is bigger than the D4’s huh ? Sad day for nikonians all around.

      • FX DX

        So Sony Alpha 77 is better than both D4 and 1DX at less than half the price? You are pathetic.

    • Sanfran

      When do guys like you get it? Pro and semi- pros do not need high MPix count, most of them are happy with smaller files and cleaner images for low light work.
      Go and get yourself a high Mpix compact camera and be happy that you have proparbly more MPix then the new Nikon flagship camera..
      2Mpix more is anyway only important to tell others “Mine is way longer”


  • chEEtah

    NR, don’t you think these guys just copied the info carefully gathered by you and published it as a “leak” in order to get some attention?

    • No, they also leaked info on the new Fuji mirrorless camera that was not published before, check for more info.

      • Barrett

        The subdomain says Wells Fargo, but the main domain is not related to Wells Fargo at all… Anyone can make a subdomain that says whatever they want it to say. Seems fishy to me.

        • David Gay

          The main site does appear to be by Wells Fargo, according to whois, and to the copyright notice at the bottom of

        • Richard

          Both of these coming from the same source at the same time seems very fishy, particularly as the IPTC is not a news gathering agency but a communication standards agency.

  • Song Si Zhe

    The article seems a little fishy. This seems more of a rehash of the NR specs post than a new release info article……
    or maybe NR’s specs are just exactly right.

    Thanks NR either way, this is a great site.

    • Heribert

      Well, that’s how journalists sometimes work. They try to get their article almost ready with all information available beforehand. Then they attend the press conference and see if there is any additional information or details they need to adjust. (Price not $6,000 but $6,500? OK, that can be edited quickly.) Add the official images provided and then they can immediately release the article with the press of a button hoping to be the first out there. And what’s their best source up to now? Exactly, it’s NR.

      Believe it or not, they even prepare obituaries for people still alive…

      Bad luck if you hit “publish” instead of “draft” too early and people find your article online before you can withdraw it. 🙂 (Automatic syndication makes a withdrawal almost impossible these days…)

  • I checked the registration of and it is in fact a wells fargo site:
    Domain Administrator
    Wells Fargo & Company
    420 Montgomery St
    San Francisco CA 94104
    US +1.4158083158 Fax: –

  • Richard

    I posted this as a response to someone previously, and would be interested to hear any criticism of my suspicions.
    I have two major concern with this post (in particular the link ).
    1) Wells Fargo’s is an adviser firm that normally publish links about information that potentially would affect a company’s balance sheet/P&L (as they should).
    And while the D4 announcement is certainly deserving of a link, there is one story which seems to be an unreasonable omission from the links: There is no information regarding the damage to Nikon’s Thailand factories, and stories on the when production is likely to re-commence.

    2) Wells Fargo’s being an internationally recognised firm. As such it seems unlikely that they would have produced for publication, a report that is arguably as poorly written as this one (although it may well have been a 1st draft 🙂 ).

    The lack of any links about a huge Balance Sheet event such as the Thailand floods for Nikon (and as such the rest of the imaging market) in market orientated news links, combined with the fact that the report is arguably poorly written, seems very very suspicious.
    For this reason, I personally think it is a wonderful, convincing fake.

  • nikhtwey

    This establishes the undeniable fact that NR is the official Nikon Rumors retailer.
    The NROrganization.

  • Jhn Fletcher

    Here is waht seems strange. The article proclaims that it came from the International Press Telecommunications Council. They are not a newswire. They are a confederation that sets standards for streams for newswires. Why would they be carrying a press release.

    Also, the first time I saw this post, it was on a page with a Wells Fargo logo. Now it is on a MacroWorld page without the Wells Fargo logo.

    We may well have a D4 in 36 hourse, but something about this post smells a bit. I am not sure I believe that the article is real.

  • Andrew Gregg

    10 fps = disappointing

    • Why complain about 10fps?? What can’t you capture with 10fps…. If you know when to press the button- 10 is more than enough… Just saying..

  • Mark

    As an investor I would like to know if a certain company will be releasing new products as it affects its stock price. Time to invest in nikon in my opinion.

  • Jesus

    This new 85mm lens, what offers that the old f1.8 versions dont? Sharper, faster?

    • Nathan

      For one thing the current 1.8 lens is susceptible to flare and internal reflections. Its especially horrible At night when there are bright lights in the lower half of the frame because the lights will show faintly on the top of the frame.

      Also, it needs the internal focus motor.

    • John

      Manual focus by just grabbing the ring

      Better bokeh with rounded diaphragm blades

      Better dust sealing

  • Mike_Suzy

    I have been waiting a long time for a camera like this to come out to replace my D200…so can’t wait to get my hands on one and get out there and shoot again…bring it on

  • Paul

    Hey admin, Ken Rockwell just called you out.

    “We all know that is a virtual domain of, and not at all a part of, but it was enough to get the useless rumors websites to pick it up and run with it as fact.”

    haha, have you looked at Ken?
    You may notice on the bottom of the website “© 2011 Wells Fargo. All rights reserved.”
    A basic whois search for reveals the registrant to be:
    Wells Fargo & Company
    420 Montgomery St
    San Francisco CA 94104

    Who’s the fool now?

    • I so wish Ken Rockwell would allow comments on his site. Would be hilarious to see the replies to stuff he writes about Nikon being a supporter of Japan’s WWII campaign and the like…

    • You are still reading Ken Rockwell? 🙂

      • AXV

        Why do all the links in the page (including logo) point to but the article itself it’s hosted at, the registrar can be made up of whatever you want to put in it…

        It may be true, but everyone is doubting so i point this out if no one has noticed.

        • Does the website use a certificate? If yes, could some validate the certificate chain.

  • Who is Greg Tarr?

    • From LinkedIn:

      Gregory Tarr
      Executive Editor at TWICE Magazine
      Greater New York City Area Consumer Electronics

      Seems Legit.

  • Nau

    look what Ken Rockwell had to say about it
    “What appears to be a moderately crafty con man who knows the basics of when cameras get announced (which is next week’s CES show in Vegas) wrote a fake Nikon D4 press release and posted it on a site that is a phishing site designed to look like a financial service’s website, hoping that a zillion people like you and I would check it out.

    If a tiny percentage of us were distracted by the Nikon news, didn’t ask ourselves why Wells Fargo would be publishing Nikon announcements, and then decided to log into what we subconsciously thought was Wells Fargo, that could make this guy’s efforts worrthwhile.

    Clever, but not clever enough to trick you folks, half of whom are IT pros. We all know that is a virtual domain of, and not at all a part of, but it was enough to get the useless rumors websites to pick it up and run with it as fact.

    As I write this just before Wednesday midnight here in New York, the apparent phishing site is still up.”

    love the useless rumor web site bit 🙂

    • Nau

      woops have to hit refresh a bit more before posting 🙂

    • Stu

      “As I write this just before Wednesday midnight here in New York”

      AAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! If anyone believes for a second that KR is actually going to attend a trade show I have a great deal on a famous NY bridge!

      • venancio

        … he is attending… reservations confirmed…

  • These article are just rewrited information from Nikon Rumors, I don’t think it is real.

  • 103david

    Why Wells Fargo website? ‘Cause you got to get a bank loan to buy one, silly.

  • PM

    “…. a beefed up AF module allowing focus….”

    The term “beefed up” doesn’t sound right for a high-end professional product release/announcement/whatever it is.

  • nikhtwey

    Canon rumors retailer is liking the “idea of illuminated function buttons and says ” Hopefully we can select the color”

  • Borneo Pete

    91,000 RGB metering sensor? So at 100k ISO there’s still good color? Amazing…this camera is the one to get. Shooting with available light just got an entirely new meaning.

  • 103david

    Wow, I just read the (alleged) Wells website release, and if anyone believes a single thing “Greg Tarr” says, you need to have a serious anti-gullibility upgrade installed.

  • Orilla

    What a great camera – but it cost to much for me. =(

    Still waiting for the D800.
    Is there not a new rumor about the D800 anouncement?

  • Charles

    gets to
    and then click on “Investment Tools & Insights” tab
    you will see a “Market Overview” that will bring u to

    so at least it looks like a legit page associated with wellsfargo advisors. 🙂

    • you beat me with your comment by 5 min 🙂

  • Wow, I´m so excited. And even though I´m more excited about the D800. Wanna have!

  • Ok, I guess some blogger with the IQ of my dog (I will be nice this time and will not mention names) claimed that the Wells Fargo website is a phishing scam that was published on some “useless rumor site”. It will take my 9 years old daughter 2 minutes to find out that there is a direct link on the official Wells Fargo website to the article I published in this post: go here

    and press the “General News” link under “News”, then make a search for Nikon and you will get the article. You see, it’s easy – even a caveman can do it!


    • Nikon Rumors Rules!!! =] I can’t wait for this Beast to finally come!!! It’ll be a little bit till I can afford one- but def. next on the List-I’m good on glass- need ma new body already =] =]

    • im’crapyinventor’too

      1 point to Peter (NR) – 0 for Ken (KR)…..NR win!!!!!!

    • bob

      I belonged to that website at one point… subscribers can post “news”. Funny that the Fujifilm news is “released” on January 10, 2012. It’s Jan 5th GMT right now.

      *Rumor* site that can’t look objectively at skeptical viewpoints. Now that’s dumb. Oh well, someone will be eating crow in a few days. One or the other.

      in the meantime, this one’s off my fav’s… no integrity.

    • Eric Calabros

      you dont need to convince any one.. its a rumor site.

      • roger marc elo

        “you dont need to convince any one.. its a rumor site”

        well said..

    • Well you are after all, that site from OUTER MONGOLIA! 😉

      Hope you saw my post over on the Photo Rumors side. Canon announcing new G1X (shipping in February at a $799 suggested retail) but looks like no DSLRs or lenses.

        hehe, I remember that 🙂
        will post about the Canon camera next

    • Why would you insult your dog like that?

    • Paul

      Stick it to Ken!

    • John The Digby

      NR Admin

      I take it that you wont be lending your support for Ken’s growing family by helping him with a gift of $5.00 😕

      • Jeremy


      • I dont really care what other people say about NR, but when they accuse me distributing phishing websites because of their own stupidity, I get pissed and when I get pissed, I get nasty.

  • WEven with all the guns and whistles .I don;t have much interest in D4 why because of its pricing .$6000 for a camera body is quite a lot of money 😐

  • John Fletcher

    I did the simple thin. I sent Wells Fargo Advisors an e-mail and asked them if the article was real. We will know for sure in the morning.

    • Alexey

      Will you be happier after confirmation that it was real?

    • let me know if you get a response

  • Thai Tom

    I was expecting the next gen cam D4 would be at least 3 stops better than predecessor D3, thats the least Nikon can do for a new cam…good that it is happening.

  • GK408

    Just as a side comment, it looks like Greg Tarr is the Executive Editor for (This Week in Consumer Electronics)

    I’m wondering if the D4 article may have been a premature release (that was later recalled) that was picked up IPTC (There are other web articles with IPTC source) and fed to Wells Fargo.

    Your guess is as good as mine…. It’s a mystery….. Until Nikon makes the announcement…

  • CrazyForU

    I wait for D400….iso performance should be as good as D3s…..hehehehe

  • roberto

    nikon d4 with 24 mp for sure . NR likes to play with people.

  • snesie

    Admin, I did not see the lighter weight body in the article, was that piece of info from another source?

  • Alexey

    RRS has released their L-plate for 4D a long time ago by the way, rather than for D700 replace. So its a sort of true! D4 have to be released very very soon!

    • Ooops

      Could you post the link to that please as I can’t find it, thanks

  • angel

    nikon D4 with 24 MP or maybe more , the NR admin likes to play with people , part of the nikon game plan

  • crazyfory

    nikon D 4 with 24 mp for sure

  • crazyfory

    nikon D 4 with 36 mp

  • jorg

    rockwell was never good at fortune telling, no wonder he is jealous of NR…
    his site used to be funny, nowadays it has become boring, the good content is somewhere else, like here on NR.

    btw thank you for the music, NR-admin

  • Psycho McCrazy

    I call this article fake (The article, not the broad specifications of the D4). It says that the new 51 point AF module has 9 cross points.

    I am sure Nikon won’t go down from the current flagship 15 cross points (current D3/s/x/700/300/s), and also there was a similar confusion here on NR when Admin first posted the specs. [9 cross points OR 9 out of total 15 cross points being extra-sensitive and active to f/8]

    The article honestly is a proper rehash of all the information that has already been published here by Admin

  • Mimmo

    Yes, ok, etc. etc. but it is a rumor or a fact????????????

  • Stuart

    “Released : Tuesday, January 10, 2012 12:01 AM” Sounds like the content management engine published this too early.
    No reason to think its untrue though.

  • There is an article about the Nikon D4 and Fuji X-Pro 1 in the february issue of the french magazine Reponses Photo

    You can get these pages from here:

    also a link to the whole magazine in pdf is available;)


    • Ooops

      Great link, thanks for posting, so is this really the back of the beast, and 45g lighter,
      at first glance it seems to tally up

    • Ball_Lightning

      Thanks for posting, this is great! And so the pics were no fake after all.

    • Ball_Lightning

      But they say again that it has “only” 12800 ISO. So I guess that NRs correction of the correction was incorrect 😉

      • if people who have the original info from Nikon cannot figure the ISO out, how can I 🙂

    • M!

      interesting. but then again, supposedly NR rumours the D4 to be lighter…
      D3/x/s weights 1240g.
      this article claims the D4 to weight in at 1.34kg…

  • Landscape Photo

    16mp won’t make much difference from 12mp. 20+ mp would make sense imo.

    My wishlist for the D4 is as follows:
    – Make it 24mp
    – Make the battery grip detachable
    – Take the anti-aliasing filter off
    – Have a built-in flash
    – Sell it with a new compact VR zoom (either 28-105mm or 24-85mm)
    – Sell it no higher than $5000, lens included.

    • PixPix

      it will remain a wish i guess…

      – Make it 24mp

      No we already told you it is 16.2MP

      – Make the battery grip detachable

      No way this is not how D2/D3/D4 are made..

      – Take the anti-aliasing filter off

      No but on the D800

      – Have a built-in flash

      You have a chance here 🙂

      – Sell it with a new compact VR zoom (either 28-105mm or 24-85mm)

      Don’t think it is the lens scheduled for tomorrow

      – Sell it no higher than $5000, lens included.

      That’s a joke? which lens the VR not produced you mentioned?

  • I have made an order for a D4, but I am starting to hesitate on the leak. If this was reel Nikon would by now have asked Wells Fargo to remove it . Or would that just look even more suspicious? I guess we have to wait and see until tonight or monday…

    // A

  • PM

    Something strainge happens with the “new” old 51 point autofocus system of d4.

    If it has only 9 cross type points and remains the same, it is a disappointment.
    But i don’t think so.
    Nikon must have something special in its sleeves! Let’s see….

    Canon has been continiously updating its AFsystem: 45 points with 7 cross, then 19 cross, then 39 cross points and now 61 with 41 cross points and 5 “double”

    Don’t disappont us Nikon!

    Ken , you are a jelous ….useful site !!!

  • Alex
    • broxibear

      Looks like it Alex,
      And that price of 5800 Euros is £4790 sounds closer to the mark too ?

      • broxibear

        Here it is in one spread looks alright, according to this article it’s actually slightly bigger than the D3 body and heavier ?

        • Ooops

          Hi Broxi, My French is a bit rusty but as I posted above I do think it is saying 45g lighter

          • broxibear

            Your rusty French will be far better than mine I’m sure, many places that show the weight of the camera, including the Nikon website, give you the weight without battery. I’m not sure if this article is doing the same ?

            • Ooops

              I know what you mean, I wish this was standardised including the battery.
              An old D3s broucher I have lists the camera minus battery/hotshoe cover or cards at 159.5 x 157 x 87.5mm and weighing 1.24kg. This new D4 spec is giving 160 x 157 x 91mm and 1.34kg though it doesn’t mention what is excluded, then in the article they state it is 45g lighter. This does at least suggest it is slightly bigger, but I have no idea re the weight.

            • broxibear

              Here’s a quick side by side with the D3s
              I wonder what those two joysticks type buttons are ?

            • thanks broxi, I will post this online if you don’t mind

            • broxibear

              Yeah no problem Peter, not sure they’re 100% size accurate though, I matched it as much as I could from the viewfinder and logos in the 5mins I had ?

    • @Alex, Thanks for the PICS! Did anyone also notice the added rubber thumb pad on the verticle grip portion? Fantastic ergonomics, I can hardly wait to hold mine! 🙂

  • rhlpetrus
  • rhlpetrus

    base isi 12800, not 102k.

  • DX2FX

    You can see D4’s back & side views at dpreview forum.

  • Smudger

    C’mon Admin, never mind the specs (those surpassed most folk on here 2 generations ago). Tell us what we really need to know.


    Do we get a red one or a blue one? The guy across the street just has to know we have a new ($$$$) camera at 100 paces.

  • alvix

    headphones finally !! yeeeahh!!

  • Hey… buy Nikon stock, they got a cool camera coming out… blah… I hate that the consumers are the last to know…

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