Here is the full text article about the Nikon D4 announcement

After searching for several hours, I was able to locate the article that leaked the Nikon D4 details earlier today. Just go to this link and enjoy. Don't ask me why it's posted on Wells Fargo's website.

The same website also has information about the upcoming Fuji X-Pro1 mirrorless camera.

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  • Up $#!t’s creek

    oooh…greg tarr is gonna be in trouble….

    I’m surprised the expected price is lower than D3x. Is that going to remain in production?

    • Rex

      looks like Greg Tarr hit “publish” instead of “draft”

      ooops! 🙂

      • Frankey

        Yeah, simple mistake … obviusly he wanted to publish next week …

    • Paul

      It’s not a followup to the D3x so I didn’t expect it to be priced at that range.
      How long will they continue to make the D3x? Probably not much longer.

    • KT

      I have a hunch the D3X will be upgraded with the same 36 MP sensor slated for the D800. So you’ll have the same sensor in 2 bodies, similar to the original D3 / D700 and the Canon EOS-1Ds mark III / EOS 5D mark II. Then you’ll have your choice of a $ 4K (D800) vs $ 8K (D4x) bodies.

      • JCG

        I dont.

        A few years ago, in one fell swoop, Nikon took the D2x and replaced it with the D300 at a fraction of its cost. (While the D2x was arguably better at base iso, it was inferior in almost every other category.)

        They could do the same thing with the D3x -> D800 introduction.

        Having a D4 for PJ/Sports and a D800 for Landscape/Studio makes a lot of sense. The landscape / Studio folks dont need a D3/D4 style body, a D700/D800 will work just nicely for them.

        For the folks looking for a “poor mans D3” (D700, good for PJ and Sports folks on a tight budget) you may be SOL unless the D400 fits the bill for you.

        • Agreed. Nikon has only ever made one $8K DSLR, they were VERY late to the game while Canon was on their third generation of 1Ds cameras. And Nikon’s D3X came out right at the tip of the global economy meltdown, so something tells me they’re in the mood to reorganize themselves, and go for a bit more volume at a slightly lower price point. The D800 is exactly the type of camera that the D300 was to the D2X. Nikon was clever in offering 8 FPS with the battery grip attached, while the D2X couldn’t even hit 8 FPS unless you were in 2x crop mode if I recall. The D300 also has the TIF image format, a completely archaic format that is useless to hobbyists and really just for show, throwing a bone to D2X users as it were.

          Same thing with the D800, I bet. What could the D3X / D4X have that the D800 couldn’t offer, now that they’ve added dual card slots? An extra $4K just for dual CF instead of CF+SD? The added weatherproofness of having the vertical grip be permanent? 100% viewfinder? I just can’t think of anything that a D4X could have that a D800 couldn’t also have.

          I know it sounds like Nikon is throwing away profits by abandoning the $8K price bracket so easily. But won’t they be selling 2-4+ D800’s for every ONE D4X they might sell?


          • Martin Rock

            You’re right but I think they won’t abandon the X range. The X for higher resolution represents the culmination of the technology developed by Nikon in terms of image quality inherent in the sensor.

            It’s likely that D4x will make the front page of nikonrumors by the end of 2012 and will be announced in a year as usual. (like D2h/D2x D3/D3x)

            • …But, like the F6, (And the entire Canon EOS film system) …it doesn’t HAVE to have a vertical grip to be a flagship…

              Just a thought, of course.

            • Martin Rock

              Yes of course but, from a business perspective, >$6K is a niche market. I don’t know. My D700 outperforms my D2x in many aspects and I guess my possible future D800 outperforms the D3x. By the way, nice your blog. I notice that you are using both 5D MkII and D700. I think the 5D MKII is great for portraits. what do you think of it?

            • Danyyyel

              It is well known that the Canon 5d2 mostly killed the 1ds line. It is no accident that the 1dx (sport/pj) camera has been promoted to the flagship model, it is just that they where making much more money with the 5d2 than it made no sense to keep the 1ds line.

              So I think Nikon has thought the same way. Another reason is that this sensor will find its way into the Sony full frame model at won’t be priced higher than $ 3000. They Nikon, does not want to repeat the same situation as with the d2x, where it was less costly to buy a Sony with two zoom lens or even a Canon 5d2 for studio and landscape photographers than the d3x.

            • Hey Martin, thanks for the comments.

              The 5D mk2 is great for portraits, I mean the skin tones are so easy to nail, it’s just awesome. But then again, I can get my D700 to produce great skin tones, if I just try a little bit harder with white balance and processing. Not the end of the world for me. What I can NOT stand, is the 5D mk2’s focusing and general controls (or lack therof). Just about the only redeeming quality about that Canon control layout is that I can change my ISO with my right hand, but even then I have to hit the button and then move the same finger back to the main command dial, but I digress. Simply put, I have a TON of respect for people that get consistent focus from the 5D mk2, and quite honestly the more I shoot with the Canon the more I feel like Nikon (D700) users are a bunch of lazy bums, because their cameras ACTUALLY FOCUS, ALL THE TIME. So yeah, I can get the 5D 2 to nail focus almost every time. But I have to try 5x harder to do so, compared to just casually putting my focus point roughly on-target and firing off a frame, with my D700.

              If you shoot landscapes or in a studio-like environment, the 5D mk2 is amazing. But if you need to nail focus in a photojournalistic situation 9/10 times, I loathe shooting with anything less than my D700.

          • “The D300 also has the TIF image format, a completely archaic format that is useless to hobbyists and really just for show, throwing a bone to D2X users as it were.”

            Actually, not at all. TIF is still widely used in the print industry (although PDF and other formats have made a lot of progress) and is still *very* useful if you use image processing software that doesn’t read Nikon proprietary RAW format, or even more frequently (for me, at least), software that can’t read Adobe’s proprietary PSD format. You can save from Photoshop or Lightroom as a TIF file and use other programs to work on the file as well.

            • TIF is also useful for anyone who uses labs, as many of them still accept only JPEGs or TIFs.

        • What the D2x had going for it was that it wasn’t a D2h. That’s why most people I know bought it.

          • Paul

            I loved to hate the D2h.

    • Jan

      don’t get it, 16MP printed at 300ppi isn’t so big.

      • 16mp at 300dpi is amazing. And Nikon’s high-quality pixels allow for some tremendous upres abilities. 3x interpolation is easy, and clean.

      • Hi Jan,

        No need to worry. It turns out that ppi (pixels per inch) and dpi (dots per inch from a printer) are not related very much. Software like Nikon Capture NX2, Photoshop allow really good sharpening plug-ins that can make amazing enlargements possible even though it may not seem that there are enough pixels to support doing that. It’s done using very sophisticated interpolation algorithms.

        I’ve personally made a 30×40-inch enlargements from a 7 Megapixel crop of a 12 MP file from my D300. You can clearly see the bride’s eyelashes. I’ve seen a poster-sized enlargement done by the great Jack Duganne — made from a 3 MP raw file. What pushed me to go digital before seeing that was seeing a 4-foot enlargement made from a 4 MP raw file where you I could see the wisps of a bird’s feathers.

        Don’t let the megapixel counts fool you 🙂 They’re much higher quality than appears on the surface.

  • Gathaiya Njoora

    Oh man this is interesting.

  • Joe

    “pixel-for-pixel Full-HD 1080p resolution” = no line skipping. nice.

    • Kon

      What does this mean exactly? Does it only use the pixels at the center of the sensor for 1920×1080 video?

  • When do you think pre-orders will start taking place, the 6th or the 10th?

    • Keep checking the site, I will publish the pre-order links as soon as I get them.

  • John M

    Wow…AF with an f/8 lens. Nice little upgrade, that.

    • JK

      There aren’t too many f8 lenses out there, but it’s pretty easy to get there with f4 and teleconverters. The long lens shooters have got to be happy about this one.

      • Doesn’t this have an impact also on the total EV of the scene, increasing sensitivity in low-light environments?

        • JKI

          I believe they stated it can focus in -2 EV, compared to -1 of the previous generation. I assume this only applies to the 9 sensors.

          • Xscream

            Maybe I’m ignorant, but what does this really mean? “it can focus in -2 EV…”. I know 1 EV is a stop, but does this say how low the light could get? (compared to?)

            Thanks for helping me out!

  • D800Buyer–>D4Buyer
    • fake

      • Yep, totally fake. The student who rendered it came out and said it was simply an exercise.

  • Kurtis

    Is it really a good idea to be leaking the source of the rumor, like this? Wouldn’t it be nice if there were future potential leaks from the same source…? Which clearly would not happen if someone got in trouble at WellsFargo…?

    • I believe that this article was not written by Wells Fargo but by third party. Wells Fargo and several other websites distributed the article today. Since it is freely available on the Internet, I think it’s a fair game. If I don’t publish it, someone else will.

      • Paul

        Agreed, under the article it states:
        International Press Telecommunications Council”

        • Richard

          IPTC is not news agency but a standards organisation for the Press industry. They don’t post news like this. Their press releases relate to communication standards for sharing news. They can’t be the source.

      • Also, by just providing the link instead of the actual article, NR can’t get in any trouble.

  • Paul

    Whoops, someone broke the embargo.
    Looks like it’s Wells Fargo’s financial advise site.

    • Paul

      So it’s confirmed “AF mode select switch from the D7000” as expected earlier on the D800 leaks.
      Also, uncompressed video! sweet!
      85mm AF-S f/1,8 at $500 sounds good to me.

  • Bahrd

    “The unit takes the AF mode select switch from the D7000 and uses improved 51-point AF points with 9 cross-type sensor and a beefed up AF module allowing focus with an f/8 lens and faster (up from f/5.6). ”

    Does this sentence mean that there are 9 cross-type sensors (all allowing for an f/8 AF), or that there are 9 cross-type sensors and only one ‘beefed up module’ which is able to focus with an f/8 aperture lens?

    • JED

      The initial specs as leaked by Nikon rumours state:
      “Autofocus system: 9 cross-type sensors that are operational up to f/8”

      This is one bit that seems a bit odd. Why would they go backwards from 15 cross type sensors? Maybe having sensors that work down to F8 uses up more real estate but the array still has 51 points in total. Maybe the layout has changed quite a bit as well?

      • JK

        This one has me curious as well. I don’t mind the f8 bit (or 1- EV to -2!!), but I don’t want larger sensors–it makes precision focus harder. (This assumes same coverage area, but with larger sensors.) My hope is that it’s still 15, with the 9 being “to f8”–say, the middle three rows of three.

  • T.I.M

    16.2MP is it in crop mode ?

    • Paul

      More like 10.8 MP in crop mode.

      • JED

        The DX crop mode will be from 7 to 8 MP depending on the exact total pixel count. 16.2 / 2.25 = 7.2

      • Math Genius

        More like 7.2MP. A 10.8MP crop would be a 24.3MP FX (10.8*1.5^2=24.3 )

  • I want. Will be interested when pre orders can be made and what kind of availability there would be.

    • Great work, Lara; thanks for the link to your site.

      • Thanks! Personally I’m still in awe as to how anyone can shoot sports. Different worlds I suppose 🙂

  • frAnk

    That is a bits of information for the financial world. It ensures the stock outlook for next year.

    This camera is being put together in China for sure. Nikon has four or five manufactorer companies set up in China.

    Great news for the financial statement of year 2012, but, $6,000 for made in China? that’s too much!

    • Al

      I remember Nikon said something after the Tsunami about relocating high end camera production to Malaysia.

    • WoutK89

      For you 10 others that don’t care where it is made, as long as it works as promised.

  • ISO 10200 as a ‘real’ iso. Means I will be shoooting at oh, 25600 on a regular basis’

    I spoke to my pro dealer last week. I have been on the list since August, and in fact, am right near the top with one other pro shooter and the local daily. I told him the daily can wait, they have lots of cameras 🙂

  • bert

    In case they take it down, here is the text:

  • Mr D

    There are at least two grammatical errors in the article, so it either hasn’t gone past their editor, or it’s falling in line with the mistakes a lot of the media outlets are making these days. Not sure if this means its validity is potentially lessened.

  • They will sell lots of them, but it isn’t exactly something I must have more than $6k in the bank.

    • Roger

      Same here, Ron. I’m not blown away by this at all, though I’m very interested in D800.

  • NikoRyan

    I know it’s on the wellsfargo site, but it smells bogus. It’s not written like it should be. Talks about production supply issue from “nikon aligned” pros and “converts”?

    • Nikon aligned pros=Nikon Professional Service members.

      Of which I am one.


    • Yeah, it looks fake to me. It’s rehashing the various D4 rumors rather than written like a press release.

  • alex

    I can’t wait for sample videos/photos to see how far technology has evolved since the D3s. Exciting times in the DSLR world with Nikon and Canon’s new flagship cameras on the horizon.

    • The big Chicago commercial may actually be for the D4 as some readers suggested.

      • iamlucky13

        I just noticed a tidbit in the article that jives well with that speculation:

        “Another new feature is smooth aperture control for use while shooting video.”

        I think that’s a feature video users will really like. It’s something worth showing off in a really good promo video.

        The ethernet port also seems like a potentially good move, since ethernet is such a versatile connection. If they really want to make it a selling feature, though, they’d also add a scripting engine. That would provide almost unlimited versatility for tethered setups.

        I’m unclear what they mean by “HDMI output enable output of uncompressed video.”

        That makes one immediately think RAW video, but I really suspect they simply mean converted from H.264 to an HDMI format.

  • Nikon D4 and Nikon D800 pre-order?
    16-18 Megapixels
    Updated AF system (from D700)
    98% preview
    HD support
    Removal of body flash
    32 Megapixels
    51-point AF
    3-inch (921k dots) VGA LCD display
    9 frames per second
    Full HD 1920×1080 pixels with stereo sound
    10 gigabit data transfer per second from DSLR to your PC
    Dual CPU

    • Paul

      fake as posted above

  • 1 Canadian dollar = 0.987069 U.S. dollars
    1 Canadian dollar = 75.7593829 Japanese yen
    1 U.S. dollar = 76.7518612 Japanese yen
    Expected MSRP of $6,000 US

    So what do you think the Canadian MSRP will be? I expect the street price will be the same for at least a year.

  • Note the date on the article – January 10th, 2012. I still believe that the D4 will be announced tomorrow night (EST). If the events on January 6th are only for the press, we may have to wait till Monday midnight for the official announcement.

  • Ryan P

    Huh? What’s this about auto focus with f8?? I’m pretty darn sure my D700 can auto focus at an f8 with all of my lenses. How is this a feature???

    • Nick A

      I’m pretty sure it means it can AF with lenses that aren’t faster than f8. If you have an f2.8 lens and set it at f16, it’s still open to f2.8 until you actually press the button so enough light can get through to the AF sensor. On the D3, if your lens couldn’t open wider than f5.6 the AF system couldn’t function, but with the D4 it’s f8.

      • Mim

        no, all nikons/pentax/sony/etc have line points for f8 and cross for f5.6
        unless this is cross for f8 there’s no change

        canon is the only one that have line points for f5.6 and cross for f2.8

    • Paul

      Do you use P mode too?

      That specification is referring to the maximum aperture size of the lens. Lenses obtain focus at maximum aperture (like f/1.4 for a 35/1.4G) and then close down to your selected aperture (say f/8) and take the photo. If the maximum aperture is f/8 then your autofocus will work well still with the D4.

      Not many lenses have a max aperture of f/8 but the 500mm mirror lens is one and some supertelephoto zoom lenses of third parties have something close.


      • Think teleconverters. Adding a 2X tele makes things dark, really fast. Paul, you know that, I would think.

        Most mirrors, like my broken Sigma 600mm f8, are also manual focus, so it would make no difference, anyhow.

        • Paul

          There are too many Pauls around here and the one above might not know this but I, the original Paul, know this. Hopefully it makes the 300mm f/2.8 + TC-20E combo focus quicker.

          Also, your assertion is correct that most mirror lenses are manual focus anyways.

        • iamlucky13

          Mind you, this means reliable AF at F/8. Several folks have already reported their existing autofocus works with F/4 lenses and a 2x TC, as long as the light is good.

          • Ryan P

            Interesting. Thanks to all for the info.

            As far as P mode goes, I still haven’t quite figured out what the point of it even is. I’ll stick with A,S, or M. 🙂

            • Paul

              P stands for Pro… right? 😉

          • @iamlucky13, +1
            The problem with AF at f8 is the focus hunting that occurs in low contrast scenes. I think what people suggest by, “as long as the light is good”, has more to do with high edge contrast where the focus point is placed in a scene and not so much as to the amount of light. From my experience, shooting the 400mm f/2.8 with a TC 1.7, effectively a 400mm f/4.8, slows the AF aquisition time and works best with moderate to high edge contrast; if you have a low edge contrast scene, it is often quicker to manually focus. I haven’t tried using my TC 2.0 II with this lens, as I have read that it steals too much of the sharpness. As for the TC 2.0 II with the 70-200 VR, the effective f/5.6 you get makes this combination almost useless. It is too slow, the AF hunts all over the place, even in decent contrast scenes with good edges for AF. The fact that the D4 will give us the ability to go 1 stop further for AF is a bird shooters dream and well worth the upgrade for this type of photography!

            • iamlucky13

              Well, yes, that is true to. Light level and contrast are both important.

              You won’t get focus shooting a blank piece of paper in direct sunlight (I’ve seen that trying to get the camera to read a white balance reference and refusing because of focus priority). Draw a pencil line on the paper and it can snap right to it.

              But the amount of contrast you need gets noticeably higher in lower light.

  • Looks real to me. It is on the Wells Fargo site because of the investment potential for Nikon.

    • Nikon stock is not traded on the NYSE.

      • The Manatee

        True but it is traded over the counter in the US as an american depository receipt.

        • Martin Rock

          OTC via Grey market like Pink who is an Interdealer Broker or via ADR like J.P.MORGAN or better in trading futures with Wells Fargo. It’s my job.

      • neversink

        Wells fargo is an international financial institution and they have clients they trade on international markets….

        • that makes sense

          • Richard

            Further, despite it not being listed on the NYSE (and even if Nikon was entirely private and was not traded anywhere) Nikon’s situation and actions are newsworthiness because of its’ market share.

            All competitors in the imaging industry are affected by Nikon’s actions, as with Canon.

            • Martin Rock

              This is an economic sector. Don’t worry, the trading volume of Nikon security is still high and Nikon stocks are doing relatively well and are even undervalued. Some interesting signals alas too late have appeared.
              Shares of Nikon can be trading anywhere in the world practically one way or another.

  • …something stinks. “9 cross-type sensor” would be a step down from the existing CAM3500.

  • Yikes!!!

    Six grand??? Yikes!!! Darn thing better start my car on cold mornings!

    • Steven Georges

      No, but the photos it will produce will get me jobs that I might not otherwise get.
      Even better.

      Jumper cables are cheep.

  • If it’s not produced in Thailand, where is it produced? Back to that same site in Japan? (sorry I forgot the town name).

    • KT

      Sendai, that’s the name of the town in Japan where Nikon make their bodies

      • Al

        Actually after the quake and tsunami, didn’t Nikon say they are moving production to Malaysia?

    • Nikon Coolpix AW100 and etc made in Indonesia. So maybe the same place…

    • Sendai, that’s it!. Thanks, KT.

      So any intel or leak on where it’s produced? 🙂

  • The news is not from “Wells Fargo”. Check the link.

    The link is actually a subdomain of

    So, do you think the news is real… I don’t know.

    • Sornmuay

      Your absolutely right, this is a sub domain of Admin better check the link again. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone who tried to log into their Wells Fargo bank account through here gets their account hacked!

    • Anand

      It is real (the site atleast). I checked the certificate and it is authenticated by Wells Fargo.

      Someone has to go pretty far to get all these security certs and stuff.

  • macmini

    Greg is gonna be famous…”Greg Tarr, executive editor of TWICE, joined the publication in 1993 and has covered the consumer electronics and related industries for the past 18 years.”

    his recent article about SB910

    • broxibear

      oops, sorry macmini…that stupid blog glitch meant your post wasn’t visable to me before I posted my comments below ?

  • George

    It’s posted on the wells fargo site in the investment section, prolly to show that it might be a good deal to buy Nikon stock or sumptin’

  • Mark

    Illuminated function buttons – interesting. I wonder if this is to accommodate the very high ISO – and therefore camera use in very low light situations.

    Auto focus in very low light situations must be fantastic.


  • Reebert

    Totally makes sense that it is on a wells Fargo site. Didn’t you see the link that says “apply for loan now”?

  • broxibear

    Greg Tarr is the executive editor of TWICE
    Sounds like he’s been briefed by Nikon about the D4, he must have signed a NDA but Wells Fargo have published his piece a few days too early…oops, lol.

  • The “smooth aperture for video” is sweet. I still have a Petri Flex 7 film camera dating back to the mid-1960s that I acquired just a few years ago. It has a stepless aperture, no click stops, you can smoothly move the to any value between its max and min (1.8 and 16) settings. That always struck me as being a subtle but useful design sophistication. Nice to see it finally coming back in a camera by my favorite manufacturer (Nikon) made 50 years later! 🙂

  • Elespees

    Why would they remove the second cf slot. Press cameras need that. Nikon got that in the D3, even canon figured that out and added a second cf slot in the 1dx. Just so you can introduce a new card format ,for which nobody for whom the camera was meant for cares about. I have never met a single working photographer who complained the cf. the second slot and overflow mode was a godsend, not to mention backup.

    I’ll just quote this from the 1dx brochure:
    “With the addition of dual CF card slots you can make use of the most common memory card format designed for professional usage.” XQD is not even out yet. I am all for faster cards and everything but still. At least have the solution available and tested. They could have used the XQD in the d800. Or if they really believe in the format have dual XQD and a single cf.

    Again Nikon takes a good idea which it came up by itself and ruins it. Kind of like when they removed the “write wb to card” feature during the capture 3 to nx transition.

    Ah well , I am really disappointed with Nikon for that but I’ll still buy the new one., the first of my two d3 is quite old now, rant over

    • neversink

      Things change. People said the same thing about film. That cameras needed film and no pro would ever use digital. HAH!!!!!!!!! When apple got rid of the floppy disk drive in its computers, everyone in the world GASPED!!!! When SCSI went out the window and USB and then Fire Wire and now Thunderbolt replaced it, SCSI nuts went delirious.
      So a new card format is going to replace the CF. Hooray. Who Cares??? It won’t change a thing…….

      • Paul

        Yup, even optical drives are now non standard on Mac Airs and Mac Minis.

    • I wouldn’t worry too much just yet. I have a suspicion that XQD will be backwards compatible with CF. Just like USB 3 slots work just fine with USB2 and USB slots. It should be like having a DVD player and a Blue-Ray player in your computer. The Blue-Ray player can play either format, the DVD player plays only DVDs.

      So I’m guessing XQD should be able to work with either type of card, while the CF slot will only work with CF cards. You’ll be able to use CF cards until XQD cards are available, then you can use XQD cards in the XQD slot.

      • WoutK89

        I am not sure about backwards compatibility, because the size and connection interface were different if I am not mistaken.

    • @Elespees,
      “Just so you can introduce a new card format ,for which nobody for whom the camera was meant for cares about.” — The reason for the new card format is to support the higher throughput requirments for supporting HD Video. Although CF is the current speed champ, XQD will take the top dog position very soon. I am certain that Canon shooters are complaining loudly that the new 1DX doesn’t support the newer format; be thankful.

      “the second slot and overflow mode was a godsend, not to mention backup.” — I am certain that Nikon will maintain the overflow and backup capabilities you are so fond of in your D3; it will be very much like a CF+SD slot combo, just two media types, that’s all.

      “XQD is not even out yet” — The recent price drops in CF media, by as much as 50%, are very indicative of an upcoming replacement technology. I am sure Kingston, Lexar, SanDisk and others all have been producing the XQD cards in mass; they are just waiting for the devices which support it to come out! In fact, the first time I saw the new XQD format was at Photokina in Cologne; that was September 2010!

      “At least have the solution available and tested. Or if they really believe in the format have dual XQD and a single cf.” — I am certain Nikon thoroughly tested the new card format before deciding to place it in their upcoming pro body. By providing one CF and one XQD format, they provide future proofing and backward compatiblitiy simultaneously. Two years from now, long before the D4 replacement is scheduled to come out, Canon users will still be waiting on the 1Dx Mark II to get the speed benefits of XQD. Sports shooters and videographers are going to love the fact that the D4’s buffer quickly spools out to media. In theory, Nikon should be able to get away with putting less of the expensive buffer memory chips in their cameras, as the amount required with XQD should be significantly less. After a while, most shooters will ask, “Why didn’t Nikon make it a dual XQD solution?”

      Don’t be disappointed, its called progress, embrace it. 🙂

      @RobertAsh, “So I’m guessing XQD should be able to work with either type of card, while the CF slot will only work with CF cards.” — The XQD format is physically smaller than CF, thus I doubt they will be interchangeable or adaptable. As someone else put it, “You can’t play 8 Track tapes in a normal tape cassette player.”

      • Benck

        The problem is out the gate we won’t have the backup option since 1) who knows when XQD cards will actually be available and 2) can you imagine how much it’s going to cost for these new XQD cards in the sizes that match my CF cards? I have two 32GB CF cards I was planning on using in the D4 (I bought them when Sandisk was having their 50% off sale, which has now ended). The backup option allows me to shoot almost endlessly without worry about a card failing. So now the only way that will work is if I buy a 32GB XQD card, which will almost certainly cost an arm and a leg.

        Sure in 2 years or whatever XQD will be standard and probably much cheaper, but in the near term it will be a problem for a lot of people.

  • Great job Admin 🙂

  • John

    Did anyone else note how poorly written this is? I’m not saying it’s a fake, but it would need some serious editing to be a real press release.

    Could be just a mishmash of current rumors injected into vulnerable websites by an enterprising hacker :/

  • Lol, Nikon, photography, D4, star wars; nothing in the tag list about anything related to photography. hahaha.

    This sounds kick-ass. I wish I just ran across $10k so I could upgrade from my D300s to both of them, not the D800 an D400 (if it’s decent, which, I’m sure it will be). This is great, though!

    Great work, as always, admin!

  • I want a D800 and I want it NOW!

    • Simon

      “But daddy I want an oompa loompa now!!!!”

  • Nikonuser

    From the search results page under general news on that website:

    “Nikon Unveils New D4 Flagship D-SLR
    International Press Telecommunications Council, 01/04/2012 12:13 AM”

    So the article was actually was posted on that date and time early today.


    • Nikonuser

      And note the other Nikon-related postings there. Interesting.

    • Richard

      I have one major concern with this post.

      Wells Fargo’s is a adviser firm that normally publish links about information that potentially would affect a company’s return from any investments (as they should).

      And while the D4 announcement is certainly deserving of a link, there is one story which seems to be an unreasonable omission from the links: There is no information regarding the damage to the Thailand factories, and stories on the when production is likely to commence.

      The lack of such stories in market orientated news links, is very very suspicious.

      For this reason, I personally think it is a wonderful, wonderful fake.

      • Richard

        Perhaps initiated by Nikon themselves 🙂

  • Does anyone know if the new XQD cards will be available for purchase soon?

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    It just doesn’t feel like a proper “Nikon” press release… There’s some strange wording, odd sentences, weird grammar… I suspect this is a pre-written article by some press agency, waiting to be finished with last-minute details from the official press release.
    But accidentally published too soon?

    As for the face detection on a flagship camera; I’ve been thinking about this and can think of one way where it would make sense and even be useful/beneficial.
    What if the AF is not only sophisticated enough to detect the face you’re trying to focus on, but also to calculate where the eyes are in that face and then tries to keep perfect focus on the eyes, rather than just the whole face? That could be really usefull if it works well.
    We know that the “old” RGB matrix metering works off a database of a thousand shots for reference. Maybe the new metering, with an expanded ‘face’ database works together with the AF system to accurately pinpoint eyes in faces? If they can make $200 compacts with ‘smile detect’, this should be feasible, right?

    • This is not Nikon’s official press release, it was written by a third party website.

    • John

      WRT face detect – sure, focusing on the eyes would be easy to do with accurate face recognition. I’ve often wondered why no one has implemented (or at least touted) this yet – surely, any vendor could implement this with current technology?

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        I actually discussed this at length with a NPS rep about 2 years ago but he simply wouldn’t see the value/ usefulness of it. Gave me a floppy hat though…

        But if you’re covering, say, a politician working his way through the crowds, moving left and right, bending forwards, straightening up, AF-C tracking will often focus on the nose/mouth and if you shoot wide open from a distance…
        Or even in the studio, even on AF-S. with the focus point clearly on the near eye, you still get shots that are focused on the far eye, nose, mouth.
        I really believe having ‘eye recognition’ rather than just face recognition would be an Ace up their sleeves if they can pull it off.
        Hey Canon, stop reading this!!

        • Paul

          It would be a nice feature to have. Even better if it is fast enough to track athletes for sports assignments.

    • foo


      Face detection on Nikon cameras will focus on the eyes whenever possible. Older implementations didn’t work so well, but the Face Priority mode on the D7000 is pretty good (even with shallow depth of fields — the eyes will be sharp) and I’m sure the one on the D4 will be even better.

      • TheInconvenientRuth

        Ah, haven’t used a D7000, I’ll have to give one a try and see!

  • adam ebihara

    Mr. Tarr may be “tarred & feathered”.

    Nikon is listed company (equities) & absolutely critical to
    the manufacture of semiconductors of all kinds.

    Hence, this material information was TO BE released to
    the financial community.

    • Steve Starr

      Maybe the financial info release was for insider trading purposes?

      • Flash

        Maybe it was release, so it will not be inside trading. If it is public it is no longer inside. I think it probably was a rough draft that got published by mistake.

        It is at their real site. You can get the article by going through the real site then to the news section then search for Nikon.

        I want to see a picture though.

      • Fredbare

        Possiby that and also to justify the huge bonuses bankers and financial personnel will be getting once again …

  • Simon

    NR had the D4 at 11fps. Wells Fargo had it at 10fps. So which is it?
    D3s is 9fps at FF and 11fps at DX mode so I cant imagine the D4 will be slower, at the very least should be the same so if Wells Fargo is correct the D4 should be 10fps at FF and 12fps at DX mode. So who is correct?

  • jerl

    Ok, I’m not seeing anything about a “substantially lighter body” as mentioned in the previous D4 post. Am I missing it or is this perhaps a different article than the one originally described?

    • Steven Georges

      That’s a good question, NR?

  • Vision Quest

    I own the D3s and it’s an amazing piece of machinery capable of producing outstanding large sized gallery-quality prints. Of course when coupled with a sharp lens and good technique, you’ll get the most out of your investment. I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’d consider trading in my D3s for the D4, even though the differences are incremental for most shooters (lucky for me, I don’t have the money at the moment).

    Why would I upgrade? Because my “ego-driven” materialistic side (NAS) is making me feel that my current camera is less than perfect; that somehow I won’t be able to produce images as good as the D4. Of course, my rational artistic side knows better. The only real notable differences I can see is the MP increase along with the ISO range and video improvements. All other changes IMHO are merely tweaks to already stellar capability.

    Let’s be honest here, most people get this for high ISO – and the D3s (and D700 for that matter) shine in this respect (for the majority of scenerios), especially when using a fast lens. The MP improvement is great, and I’m not one to shy away from a little more real estate. But unless you’re printing above 20×30 or don’t have the chops to crop at the time of capture, this probably won’t help you much. As for the video, I’m a stills guy so I’m still not sold. Sure, I want the D4 – who wouldn’t want the best (and shiniest) new paintbrush for the job, even if the differences are marginal. The D3 series was a revolution. The D4 is a nice evolution – but not necessarily one that warrants cashing out your 401K. Instead, focus on telling better stories with what you already own.

    • Neutronman

      I dunno, for me, an additional 4 stops of low light sensitivity (over my wonderful D700) is pretty hard to ignore. I’ve been needing a second camera body… and waiting. Sure, this costs some jack, but WOW, I can use those 4 stops!

      • Vision Quest

        Yes, I can understand. I always believe that when the current technology becomes creatively limiting, than it’s time to move up. 4 stops is huge. Of course for us D3s owners, the differences are probably not worth it.

      • I have to concur. I routinely shoot 4000 ISO with my D700. That’s been a remarkably useful ability going from a D200 where 1600 was questionable before the current version of Lightroom and its noise reduction. The ability to shoot a clean 52,200 or so, or even 26,800 has me drooling, never mind higher than that. For me, that would be the killer feature.
        I guess I will find out in a month, when hopefully one lands in my ThinkTank.

        • Neutronman

          I do a lot of night landscape shooting, including observatories/telescopes/radio dishes. All of these subjects are in contant motion, yet require a LOT of exposure at night. Shorter exposures will freeze them nicely, while high ISO can stil give me a deep exaposure of the sky : )

          Only one example of why I yearn for more sensitivity. The idea of a useable 26,800 or 52,200 blows my little mind!

        • @Zinchuk +1000,
          My old D3 and D700 are in need of some ISO luvin’ too! I contemplated the D3S, but I decided to wait for the D4 instead, as “useable” ISO up to 25K is my ideal. Although the D3 and D700 do tremendously well, I still consider their top useable ISO to be 3200 and not the 6400 advertised; any more than that, then I need to do too much cleanup in post. When shooting action, I will set the camera to manual or aperature priority mode and let it auto ISO as needed up to a preset threshold of 800/1600/3200 for a given minimum shutter speed. It is a great feature on Nikon cameras, but it could also use some refinement!

  • Matt

    I Don’t see why anyone who has a D3/x/s even needs to upgrade… In all practicality, is there any shot in the world that can’t be taken with the D3 series?

    • Vision Quest


    • @Matt,
      “I Don’t see why anyone who has a D3/x/s even needs to upgrade… In all practicality, is there any shot in the world that can’t be taken with the D3 series?”

      That is like saying, “I don’t see why anyone who has a f/2.8 lens needs to upgrade…” — Naturally there are reasons to upgrade. Greater ISO sensitivity and better DR are going to permit new possibilities which didn’t exist previously. In situations where you don’t control the light, you can now shoot at faster shutter speeds by using a higher ISO. This is a huge benefit for sports photographers, bird photography, or any situation where you need a faster shutter speed or simply more light. If you are buying faster glass just to collect light, this camera could actually save you lots of money. You could also buy cheaper f4 lenses and still use teleconverters; this is yet another big plus for those that want reach without the weight of a 400mm f/2.8. Take the 300mm f/4, slap the TC2 III on it, and you get a cheap 600mm f/8 that is still very sharp, while maintaining a fast enough shutter speed with high enough ISO to make up in the loss of stops from the TC. PLUS, you maintain the AF capability at f8; something you lose with all of the D3 series.

      One caveat, if you are saying “all practicallity” as in general outdoor photography under sunny conditions, then yes, the D3 series is probably all you will ever need.

  • The new Fuji mirrorless camera also leaked on this website:

    • Paul

      Score, nice catch admin.
      That adds some legitimacy to this original story for the doubters.

      I’m looking forward to the X-Pro1 also. 2012 will be an interesting year for gear.

  • Dormant

    I love this bit: Function buttons are illuminated this year.

    Maybe the author works in fashion, not photography.

    • Haha! That caught my eye as well.

      I also like the idea of a stepless aperture, I hope it also works with AI(-s)/AF(-D) lenses, and for regular photos, not just video. And if they would also add a stepless shutter speed (or at least a finer bulb mode) that would be almost perfect.

  • grayscale

    Want!… Who wants to buy my mint D7000?

    • grayscale

      The video on this will be sickatating!

  • Joshua

    AF module allowing focus with an f/8 lens and faster (up from f/5.6). The AF detection range is now down to EV-2.0.

    All the current / potential owner of AF-S 600mm f/4, 500mm f/4 will have no issue to get it, as now the 2X teleconvertor become usable.

    • Steven Georges

      Don’t forget the Nikon 200-400 f4 AF-S
      The D4 will help sell a ton of those.

      • Also, don’t forget the Nikon 300mm f/4 for $1200, its a steal! Nikon just needs to upgrade it by adding VR!

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