Nikon press conference on January 6th, 2012 in Thailand

Nikon will have a press conference in Nikon's headquarters in Thailand on January 6th, 2012 under the slogan "The image you are waiting for". I already mentioned that Nikon will announce the D4 and a new AF-S 85mm f/1.8G lens on January 6th, 2012. There is also a chance that some of the other upcoming Nikon products on this listΒ might be announced for the 2012 PMA show.

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  • First! Can’t wait for the D4… Let’s gooooooooooo already………!!!

    • Terry B

      D4 will not be announced 6th January

      • broxibear

        Hi Terry B,
        What do you think might be announced if anything, the D7100 maybe ?. The complete closure of all Thailand production and relocation to an even cheaper third world country with no labour laws to speak of ?…oh wait a minute, they did that already with the mirrorless cameras being made in China ?
        Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to wait and see×250/9803312.jpg

      • I am pretty sure the D4 will be announced in either January or February. Certainly around that time because Nikon won’t want to have Canon getting the jump on them when it comes to the actual production of the camera.

  • JB

    Still waiting on the D800, but glad they are starting to make some announcements after a tough year.

    • 120-300 os

      Yes and the D400 as back up dx sensor but hopefully same battery pack and hopefully same lock dorr as on the d3 and d200 type even would be nice and looks more pro too me

      • Paul

        No more EN-EL3e batteries anymore. It’s EN-EL-15 from here on out.

      • Andrew

        Didn’t we all agree that the D400 will use a fx sensor?

        • I think D400 will have DX sensor. It’s a big market for DX cameras.

          It’s another market for affordable FX cameras, but I think Nikon will not be the first on under 1000 $/€ camera market (D90 size).

  • T.I.M

    I’m not holding my breath again this time, I don’t want to die !

    • ISP


    • You’re invisible, so who cares? πŸ™‚

    • Mark

      But by your photo, you would have another 8 lives to go.

      It will be the D4. It is, after all, an official launch, not lunch. And, they have to get on to preparing for the Olympics.


      • Mark

        But then again, why a Thailand and not a Japan launch? Now I am not so sure.


        • this is just one of the many press events on Jan. 6th

  • why?

    The image we are waiting for is D800 πŸ˜€

    • Axel

      The D800 with 36 MP, D700-like ISOs and D60-like FPS ? That’s what you are waiting for ?

      • JB

        No, I want it to have better specs of course. And we will see what those are when it’s announced. Which is why I am waiting for it. Of course, almost any specs will be better than my D3100, so…

      • Cristian

        Ok, ok. Based on the last announcements by Nikon… we will see another Coolpix!!
        (Anyway I’m keeping my fingers crossed for this won’t happen…)

      • NoFunBen

        the d800 with better then D3x MP, D700 ISO’s, and video better then any nikon before it.

        • ich bins

          than… than … than…

        • Andrew

          Most likely the D4 with its superior ISO will outperform the D800 in the video department, though overall I am sure the D800 will have impressive video performance.

  • PeterO

    Kudos to Nikon for launching the D4 in Thailand. Keep those new products coming…

    • Great observation, Peter, that would be very significant show of confidence and encouragement by Nikon for Thailand given what’s happened in Thailand.

      • PeterO

        Love the whale tail in your Gallery Robert.

        • Thanks, Peter, much appreciated πŸ™‚ And thanks again for that very cogent observation pointing out Nikon making this announcement event in Thailand. Didn’t notice that, and it’s very cool!

    • Andrew

      Initially my reaction was – oh no, not Thailand! But your statement changes that perspective. It shows that Nikon is not holding the entire country accountable for an act of God (figuratively speaking!).

  • Axel


    Now let’s see the pricetag ! The specs seems fabulous up to now !

    • MJr

      I’m guessing the people who will be buying the D4 won’t flinch from a $K more or less. (probably ‘more’)

    • Andrew

      You know it is going to cost US $5,000. If only Nikon could put all of its internals in a D7000 size body. Oh, I would gladly pay $3,000 for such a camera.

  • RR

    Great! is all I have to say πŸ™‚

    • Andrew

      I can hardly wait, that is all I have to say. But we need one more piece of news, and that is its video specs.

  • pointyhead

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    • Mimmo

      Yesss! I’m too.

    • T.I.M

      The use of cocaine if forbidden on NR forum.

      • I.C.U.

        Whaaat? Since when??

  • Hopefully DR of D4 will be Fuji S5 or D3X like or better.

  • Batuhan Uslu

    I’m still hoping for more advanced video recording capabilities. 60frame recording at 1080p and focusing options would be a good start.. microphone inputs would also be great.. that’s why I hope for later d800 announcement.

    • Decent video would be good but I am hoping the just improve the way that they compress the video in H.264. I doubt they will go over to P Frame like Canon but if they can B Frame well, which has been the biggest problem for Nikon. It will have 1080p but I am not sure at 60fps and hopefully they will have phase or phase/contrast AF system which works well.

      • nik

        I hope the feed delivered through the D4’s HDMI is 10-bit and lacks any codec or overlay.

        I’d love to take no-codec, no-overlay D4 full frame CMOS sensor video and run it through an Atomos Ninja or Samurai.

        • I read this a couple of weeks ago. It would be good if true. Compressing to ProRes 442 will make FCP owners happy. I might even be tempted to go back into video.

  • Adnan

    I am just worried about the price tag of the D4 and D800(especially),NR admin is anything confimed yet??
    Also, do you think they will take the D700 out of stock? I’m thinking of getting that otherwise if the D800’s price is too steep.

    • DavidB

      I can tell you the pro shops in DC are concerned with the rumored MSRP for the D800, feeling that if it comes in at $4000 it will be too pricey to be competitive with the offerings from Canon.

      • 700geek

        I wouldn’t be surprised if the price for the D800 will come beyond the $4k. Sensor and processors are expensive. The 24MP Nikon goes for $8k over the counter in the moment.

  • Azmir

    Sweeeeeet! Finally!

  • John Richardson

    I wonder what’s for lunch?

  • T.I.M

    Let’s hope for no heavy rain in Thailand before the 6th !

    • davis

      Don’t worry, it’s on the 31st floor.

  • Spooky

    The “Nikon 2”, fiiiinaaaaally!

    • T.I.M

      LOL !!!!!!!
      (and I thought I was the funny one !)




  • Great to see Nikon rebounding from a disastrous year! Please give us affordable FX – the D4 specs are awesome.

  • FX DX

    Come on Nikon Thiland. I expected a better slogan than “I am coming” for this launch. How about something like “I am huge”?

    • danpe

      Does it have to make you think about porn? :/

      • kyoshinikon

        I am cumming?

  • frAnk

    Why Thailand?

    Does that mean the D4 will be produced in Thailand? I hope not.

    What if there were a big earthquake in Thailand on New Years’s day? I am just saying. wouldn’t it be safe to be in china?

    • T.I.M

      I don’t care if the D800/D4 are not made in Japan, it’s just assembly.
      But I want my pro lenses to be made in Japan, make a lens request very high qualified workers.

      • PeterO

        Bonjour Tim, Leica used to make lenses in Canada. High quality labour can be had in more countries than just Japan.

        • broxibear

          Hi PeterO,
          Hypothetically, Nikon decide to make the D4 in it’s Japanese plant and it’s Chinese plant. You walk into your local photographic retailer, he says yes Mr PeterO we have the D4 in stock, we’ve got one made in China and one made in Japan. Exactly the same camera, same price and according to Nikon made to the same standard, which one are you going to buy ?… yeah, exactly ?
          Perception can have a strong pull.

      • PeterO

        Thanks for that T.I.M. I’m astounded that my Kodak Brownie was fussed over so much πŸ˜‰

      • D

        Just assembly? You must be joking.

    • PeterO

      um frAnk, China gets plenty of earthquakes.

  • Eric Calabros

    the image we are waiting for is a clean image at ISO 25,600
    come on Nikon, unveil His Majesty the King D4

    • Cristian

      Based on my experience you can get a usable image when you use an ISO value that is the half of the maximum. Your request means to me a 51200 ISO sensor. Non so fantascientific!!! Come on Nikon!

    • T.I.M

      @Eric Calabros
      If you need 25,600 ISO to take pictures you need to go back to school for some photography lessons.

      • nah

        obviously you don’t shoot for a living

        • T.I.M

          You’re right, I don’t shoot ghosts for a living but mostly brides with bright white dresses and studio items that don’t need 25,600 ISO to be shoot !

          • nuno santacana

            The fact that you don’t need 25k ISO does not mean that someone who nedds it has to take lesons. I do a lot of astrophotography and a clean 25k ISO would ease my life considerably.

          • Ren Kockwell

            I shoot brides too, and being able to shoot at 25k with clean images would be amazing. That means the entire wedding I can shoot with available light, even low lit receptions.

            With a 5d mkii you can get clean images at 3200, it’s max being 3 stops higher. So, if this is better on the D4, which it will be, you can expect extremely clean images at ISO 25k! Equal, or more than likely better than the 5D’s 3200 ISO!!!

            • kyoshinikon

              You can get clean shots from a D7000 at 3200… Ever tried a D3s?

            • rs

              I have several friends with 5D M2 and they say iso 800 is about tops for them noise wise. I’ve taken comparable shots with my D700 at iso 2000 and their shots are much much noisier than mine. My friends with 7D’s don’t even try iso 800.

          • Sorry, T.I.M., but I completely disagree with you. I have been in plenty of situations where clean 6k, 12k, and 25k ISO would be more than welcome and extremely valuable for commercial clients. I imagine this guy might agree with me. I guess he needs to go back to photo school for more lessons, too? πŸ˜‰

            You may not be in situations where you could personally capture great images at those higher ISOs, but some of us have found great opportunities shooting in darker settings, and we are quite pleased with any advancements Nikon can offer in that area.

        • nuno santacana


        • frAnk

          What were you doing when we had only film with ISO 1600?

          • bobby

            this is really an ignorant comment

          • daves

            pushing 4 stops…duh! here’s a sample image:


          • chuck

            Why do you need to dwell on film when there’s new digital technology. Surely people also wished for better/faster film as they do now with sensors.

        • “Obviously you don’t shoot for a living”


          I’m tired of people dictating how others should shoot!

          Hey, if you like to blast your brides with a thousand watts of strobe light all day long, go for it. But I prefer a good full-frame sensor and a few fast primes. And that’s what Nikon’s flagship FX series is all about, like it or not. Many of the best wedding and photojournalism photographers in the world also shoot this way.

          Just glance at the work of wedding photographers such as Jeff Ascough or Sephi Bergstrom, two photographers off the top of my head who prefer to shoot almost entirely with ambient light.

          I’m not saying that flash is a sin. I’m a huge strobist geek and I love to play around with wireless and bounced flash. But does that mean I can’t hope for (AND PUT TO GOOD USE) a cleaner ISO 12800 or 25600? Nope, the two are 100% mutually exclusive.

          Oh and regarding the comment about “what did you do in the days of ISO 1600 film?” …I freely admit that I wasn’t in business then, and I wouldn’t have survived as a professional if I had to shoot on film. I’m 28 years old and my style of wedding photography depends entirely on recent technology. There, I said it! Happy now?

          But you know what? Wedding photos were pretty “blah” back then, anyways. To me, the day the D3 came out was the day a clear message was sent: It’s time to retire that ridiculous flash bracket and Q-monster.

          So, please let us wish for whatever we want in the latest cameras. You’re welcome to wish for whatever YOU want!


          • T.I.M

            I fully understand that there is people who don’t know how to use a flash and need very high ISO.
            I only have fast lenses and when using them with a SB900 I achieve excellent results.

            • I fully understand that SOME people don’t know how to use flash too, but my point is: are you saying that EVERYONE who wishes for a usable 25600 simply does not know how to use flash, period?

              I don’t think this is what you mean. Yes, there are PLENTY of people out there who are afraid of learning flash, and I think they should tackle their fears, learn how to rock an SB900 or a few wireless flashes, especially if they’re going to call themselves a professional wedding photographer.

              I will go so far as to say that a professional wedding photographer who does not know how to use flash is downright irresponsible. Even if it’s not your style, you should KNOW how to tackle anything. That’s why you’re a professional.

              But, sometimes ambient light is best. And sometimes, ISO 3200 or 6400 just doesn’t cut it. For those photographers who have never needed to go higher than 1600 or 3200, well, I believe you! But some of us push the envelope even further, and I’m just surprised to think that others would dismiss it entirely as “don’t know how to use flash”. That’s just not always the case.


            • Eric Calabros

              the situations that flash cant help, is countless
              but, even for you guys who know how to use flash, a clean image at ISO 25,600 means much higher dynamic range at base ISO. ok?

          • In the days of 1600 speed film, I shot 1600 speed film and laughed at whiners who complained about the graininess of 1600 speed film. And I often pushed it a stop. Ahh, Fuji HG. Sometimes I couldn’t get it and had to use PJ 800 pushed a stop (two didn’t look very good, but one was nice. Different, but nice.)

            I think I did ok with my 50/2 Pentax kit. Even though a “pro” shop in Portland (the only one in this one horse town) talked down to me about how I wasn’t using a “pro” brand (cause the 67 and 645 Pentaxes weren’t pro gear?!)

            It’s easy and understandable to have a knee jerk reaction of “WHAT COULD YOU POSSIBLY NEED THAT FOR?!”, when you don’t know why somebody is doing something different. The best response is to show some work. Most of my event work starts around 1600, even when I used a D2x. Shooting raw gives you the tools to process things for whatever output size you like and use the latest software to do so. My D2x shots look better with the latest processing. Heck, even some of my film stuff from back in the day does.

            Anyway, higher ISO lets you use faster/more reasonable shutter/aperture settings and get shots you couldn’t have otherwise. Sometimes you can’t push drunk wedding guests into the best plane of focus, and being able to stop down and use a higher ISO gets you a shot you might have otherwise missed. I absolutely welcome a clean 102,400 ISO if/when we see it.


            • Amen, Micah. I don’t know about others, but I’ve personally profited thousands in print sales alone, from images made at ISO 3200 and 6400. Much of that is private work for theaters, but the rest of my portfolio should stand for itself…


          • david distefano

            “Wedding photos were pretty β€œblah” back then, anyways.” what a pompous ass. my father and his circle of friends were shooting weddings with their trusty hasselblads and film and their work runs circles around most of the work being done today. if they were alive today i am sure they would have moved to digital and their work would still be at the top. its not the equipment you twirp, its the eye. maybe you couldn’t do it with film because you don’t have it.

            • Hey David, I’m definitely not talking about people with talent. Talent is timeless.

              I’m just talking about the mainstream standards, and what was “popular”. Take a glance at the average wedding album from the 70’s-90’s, and most of it is pretty boring and traditional. Sure, it’s properly lit and well posed. But the gorgeous candid moments made in dimly lit conditions are few and far between, compared to today.

              Bottom line- I would have rather had James Nachtwey or Steve McCurry photograph my wedding, if I got married the day I was born.

              BTW many, if not most, of my favorite images and favorite photographers were from the film days. I still shoot it in my spare time. I wouldn’t be so pompous as to say that I have “the eye”, but I at least know good stuff from other photogs when I see it. And all I’m saying is, there’s a lot of good stuff being made lately that just wasn’t possible back then. To argue the opposite, to say that there has been ZERO improvement in the art of low-light photojournalism in the past 20-30 years, …would be silly.


            • Again, I would like to stress that I’m not trying to insult an older generation of people. My goal is to point out that the art has dramatically improved in recent years, in many ways. My point is that all this hype about extreme ISO’s is not wasted on pixel-peeping camera geeks. It is put to good use, and just because people “did okay” with ISO 1600 film 10-20 years ago, doesn’t mean we should all keep shooting that same way.

              I hope that makes sense. I know it’s hard to not sound like an ass when making this argument; I have a lot of respect for SOME photographers from that “era”, and I have plenty of rants about the terrible drop in standards that we put up with today in other respects. LOL!


          • Andrew

            Nice comment. In fact, if given the choice of ISO 1,000,000 or Flash, I would go without Flash. I would rather take all my pictures without Flash if the sensor can capture light the same way the human eyes can. The only exception is if all the lights go out and one is operating in complete darkness. I love it how movies have mastered the art of filming scenes with nearly no ambient light. Oh if only we could get a full frame 12 MP camera with the new back-illuminated sensor.

            • Andrew

              This is a reply to Matthew Saville.

            • Thanks Andrew, I was able to follow the reply tree all the way back, lol.

              I agree that ISO brings us closer to the human vision. Flash is fun and even essential sometimes, but the human eye is an amazing thing and I would love to see camera makers continue to put more effort into DR and ISO capabilities.

              Not that it isn’t “fun” to make do with what we’ve got. I enjoy the challenge of performing under a set of limitations. I enjoy the feeling I get when I know I’m pushing my camera to it’s limits. I’m just always interested in seeing what comes next… πŸ™‚

          • Andrew

            Matthew, I thought you will find this post by Johnny B on Dec 10, 2011 on Nikon Rumors interesting [nikon-d800-commercial-was-filmed-in-chicago.aspx]:

            “If the D800 support β€œPixel-Binning*” these kind of shots will be no problem.

            *Combining multiple pixels to get fewer and bigger pixels(pixel-groups). When multiple (actual) pixels share their recorded electrons to one single pixel well, we get more current to measure. The downside is the obvious reduction of resolution. The method has earlier mostly been used in scientific equipment, but it is now entering the consumer market. If the D800 is to have a 36Mp sensor, Pixel Binning will be like this:

            (a) 1Γ—1=36.0Mp, light amount /pixel=1 (no pixel binning)
            (b) 2Γ—2=9.00Mp, 4x more light or 1/4 exposure required relative to 1Γ—1.”

            What I find interesting about the above post is that if this is the case – that the D800 supports Pixel-Binning, then that holds surprisingly high ISO performance for the D800. Expanding the light by 4x moves us closer to the holy grail, which is essentially the ISO performance of the human eye. I do not have enough technical insight into what the ISO of the human eye is. Also, if the D800 performs at ISO-6400, what ISO are we talking about if each of the combined pixels receives 4 times the light? Down converting a 36MP image to 9MP to get 4 times the light is totally acceptable if one does not need to blow up the size of the picture.

            • Andrew

              A related post by Kurt stated that “Binning like that works best on monochromatic sensors. Because of the bayer filter, there are problems involved in binning. There is little that will be improved by doing it in camera that you won’t get just by properly resizing the file down in post.” I need to spend more time to study the issue and do some research, but the possibilities are endless if binning can be achieved with the current DSLR sensor technology and in addition, done in-camera as opposed to post processing.

            • I will definitely look forward to the D800 if it allows for a down-sized RAW file that 1.) doesn’t forfeit per-pixel resolution, and yet 2.) increases high ISO image quality.

              I would prefer NOT to have to take a step down to 9 megapixels from 12, so if they “bin” they’d better do it slightly differently, but yeah. I’m betting that the D800 will probably have a few surprises up it’s sleeve, surprises that shut up all the low-megapixel whiners (like myself) who just want an updated D700. πŸ™‚


  • I’m curious to see if we’ll get any more leaks between now and January 6th.

  • sniffling fool

    Will the announcement come after 11:00pm EST on January 5th? Is that correct?

  • Ole

    Nikon D3200 ?

    • Boing Wronkwell


      The COOLPIX D3sx

      245MP and a tiny small sensor.

      It’ll fit in your pocket and vibrate when an iPhone comes within range (which has nothing to do with photography, but it’ll sell a load).

  • Jetfire70

    Thailand? D7000 replacement ? Isn’t that what were waiting for Nikon? Lol

    I sure hope it’s the D800

  • if the d800 comes with a mere 6 fps, they can keep it. unless it’s medium format, there is no excuse that current processing technology can’t handle at least 8 fps, if not more through their gimicky battery grip accelerator.

    • Josh

      Waah, Waah, Waah! Finished crying? Don’t buy it then. Love the way losers threaten to not buy stuff if their ridiculous demands aren’t met. You are a tiny, tiny amoeba in the larger scheme of things. You don’t matter. Now shoo!

      • Herve

        Hehehe… I love that answer!

        • Jef3frey

          hahaha @josh

    • Well If rumours are right you will be buying a different camera, 4fps is probably the speed it will shoot. 36mp is a lot to process, which is one of the many reasons a lot of people a not happy about the massive sensor size. We will see, what happens when it is released, until then its all speculations.

      • WoutK89

        “which is one of the many reasons a lot of people a not happy about the massive sensor size”

        I thought people liked the size (FX), but not the massive output?

    • kyoshinikon

      6fps is great… 4 however is a little crummy seeing how the sony does 12fps at 24mpx and has half the power of an expeed 3 processor…

      • WoutK89

        But doesnt that camera lose AF during 12fps? And dont you prefer to keep AF while shooting action?

        • WoutK89

          Sorry, that was outdated, I see the A77 does 12fps with AF

  • Zim

    Cameras like the D200 or D300s (not sure about the D300) came out of Thailand. Unless you (NR) know they hare moving production of the expensive models there. What are the chances we will see the D400 announced?

  • SZ

    IMHO, Nikon waited until Canon announced their latest (1D-X) so they can tweak thier design to one-up Canon!

    Don’t get me wrong. I like Nikon’s cameras (I own a D700 and 3 Pro lenses), but if Nikon bests Canon, they’ll have the lead for at least the next 3 years.

  • I guess this is it. The Thailand location is not necessarily indicative that the product is a DX body. The 85mm f/1.8 (if that is what it turns out to be) would likely be made in Thailand. Nikon could also combine this with some politicking over what is going on with the repair of the Thailand factory.

    • Steve Starr

      Ya. I have this odd fear it might be a just a lens, some Coolpix, and maybe even a Nikon cellphone with some fancy camera on board, and a big congratulations party on getting the factory up to 100% capacity. Cellphone are doing enough damage to the pocket cam market so Nikon might jump onboard with them too. Tablet?

      I would not be surprised if no FX cameras are announced there either.

      If Canons big new FX camera thing is to happen in March, Nikon may announce something in February or early March on FX bodies.

      Hope I’m wrong, but Thailand doesn’t seem to be the place for the FX body announcement. Maybe Malaysia or Japan.

  • Nikon WTF

    I will be the first to LMFAO if this doesn’t occur…first it was the D800, now the D4…as many said I’ll believe it when I see it…

    • T.I.M

      @Nikon WTF
      I’ll believe it when the UPS guy will ring my door’s bell….

      • frAnk

        or, the Fedex guy throught it over the fence.

        • The Fedex guy NEVER throught anything. Never!

  • shane

    waiting for the d800 its been too long

    • WoutK89

      how come it is too long, was it announced and not yet released?
      Or you just can’t wait to see the announcement?

      You should be glad you are not waiting for Sigma, they announce and 1 year later you are still waiting πŸ˜‰

  • Zoot

    The venue is the meeting room on the 31st floor.

    Maybe they’re going to drop a D4 from the balcony to demonstrate that it’s even more robust than the D3s.

    If I was in the vicinity, I’d stay clear of Sathorn Road from 11am onwards.

    • WoutK89

      Stay clear, or wait with a bag to catch this beauty?

    • Calibrator

      this means you don’t need to bring rubber boots…

    • bratvlad

      This is funny πŸ˜€

  • morg

    nice to see new cameras but D4 out of my price range so I want to see D400/800 my old d200 is long in the tooth!

    • Daniel

      Don’t worry, you can’t afford the D400/ D800 either.

      • Zim

        D400 will be $1999

        • Charly

          More like $2499.- according to the lastest ripoffs .. eh .. I mean the lastest increases like the ripoff .. eh .. I mean like the great SB-910.

          • PeterO

            I don’t think so Charly, Nikon needs to be competitive on price with the Sony A77 and the Canon 7D. I suspect that the D400 will be positioned above the 7D which is currently selling for $1,350 Cdn. Unless it’s a babyFX, $2,499 would be ridiculous for DX.

  • dgs

    Any rumors about which refreshments they serve???

    • Zoot

      I did hear that Sushi and Saki would be there, but they may well be the hosts.

  • frAnk

    Ladies and gentlemen,

    The TRUE image you have been waiting for is ………..the new factory facility in Thailand
    Please pay close attention to our architectural design… each and everyone of the brick is made out of the fat profit from Nikon1

    Keeping buying Nikon1 ladies and getlemen…

    • Calibrator

      Each brick “is” a Nikon 1.


  • broxibear

    And remember, if you’re invited to Thailand for this event, all those stunning looking woman with amazing legs…some of them aint women lol.

    • frAnk

      Speaking from first-hand experience?

      • broxibear

        It’s the only way frAnk, it’s the only way.

      • Tiger1050Rider

        Well, the BBC had an article about some flight crew for a Thai airline called PC-Air a week or so back.
        I’ll leave you to look it up.

    • Calibrator

      Where’s Ron when we need him?


  • hans

    D4 on January 6th? Never ever!

    Before Nikon comes out with a D4 there will be frost in hell. And when there is frost in hell, Nikon will blame exactly this frost for any delay…

    • frAnk

      They will blame the battery manufacturers not having the proper working temperature range.

  • as usual from Nikon more coolpix cameras… ):

  • No Nymous

    Please, Mr Canon, unveil your 5D+ !!!!

    • I am sure they will, probably just before or just after the D800. The question is will it be available with 5 months of that time. like the 1DX isn’t.

  • Shawn Y

    Re: the lens: why do we think it’s an 85mm 1.8, instead of an (anything else)? I understand there are 1.8G at 35 and 50mm, so there might be some progression there, but why not (anything else) instead? Many lenses haven’t been updated since early 90s, for instance.

    Not saying the 85mm 1.8 call is wrong, just wondering why that’s the betting as opposed to anything else.

    • I’ve been wondering that too. I don’t know if NR has had specific intel about an 85mm, or if we’re just going off the fact that a patent was filed for an 85 1.8 recently.

      Pretty much ANY new (semi-affordable) prime lens is going to be very welcome for me, though. I don’t care if it’s a 20 f/2.8, 24 f/2, 35 f/2, 85 f/1.8, 105 f/2, …or a 135 f/2.

      • david distefano

        i want to compliment you on you eloquent reply about wedding photography done with film. you are not the tech snob that i made you out to be. i am so tired of hearing how the past can’t stand up to the present technology and your comment finally sent me over the top. yes todays technology can produce more resolving power, greater dynamic range, etc but as ansel adams said or some say edward weston told ansel, “there is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.” dan burkholder has made moving images with an iphone. the camera-lens combination is only a tool. a nikon fm with a 50mm 1.4d lens and velvia film drum scanned in the hands of a craftsman will produce museum quality images that a person using a nikon d3x and a 50mm 1.4g lens who has no eye will ever produce. it just seems that the majority of people that write on this forum believe that this new nikon d_00 will be the one that makes their images turn from god awful to wall hangers and that just is not the case. if your not a wall hanger now, a new camera will not turn you into a wall hanger no matter what hype nikon puts out there. just like golf, if you are a 30+ handicap there isn’t a legal ball or club out there that will help your game the next round out.

        • David,

          You know, very time I see a high quality print of Ansels’ work I shed a tear knowing just how LOST that level of vision and skill is becoming (among the masses) these days.

          I shoot and edit weddings at a studio for a living, but my passion is landscape and adventure photography, and my hero is still Galen Rowell with his Velvia 50 and Kodachrome 64.

          That’s not to say that digital isn’t being used for great things by those with enough talent to push today’s gear to it’s limits and produce results that just weren’t possible before. Tom Lowe is one great example, with his “TimeScapes” project shot on 5D mk2’s and RED equipment. Also, the D3 time lapse that was filmed from the ISS is a *BREATHTAKING* example of what is possible when you give a simple thing like “extreme ISO” a chance to shine…

          I can only imagine what crazy concepts the next generation of “creatives” will think up when they have cameras that more closely mimic human eyesight.

  • Digital or Die

    Finally at long last, something wothwhile.

  • Whatever it is I’m excited! I even welcome a new Coolpix! Just something new! The V1 despite the grumblings of the internet seem to actually be a good product if the FredMiranda forums are to believed.

    All I know is the only Nikon I want is the D400 and I’ll be set for a couple of years unless the D7100 adds anything. I love my D7000 but damn do I want a bigger buffer!

    Also I hope Nikon surprises us and does a huge announcement.

    D4, D800, D400, 85mm f/1.8, 10-55mm f/2.8

    • WoutK89

      15-50/2.8 (DX) would already be a good gain, and I bet if Sigma wont do it in time, Nikon will, a DX 50-150/2.8

  • MJr

    I hope we’ll see a nice D7100 + Nikkor AF-S 16-85mm f/4G DX kit also.

  • T.I.M

    The D800 will show up the day my 3 daughters will brush their teeth without having to yell at them 10 times.
    That will happen in…….2041

    • Josh

      So it will then arrive in 2070, when your daughters have dentures. They will still need to be yelled at – of course you will be long dead and gone by then!

  • fritzzzzzz

    “The image you are waiting for”
    is the unveiling of the restored Thai factories.

  • Jman

    I’ll get the first two D4 bodies from my local pro dealer. Looking forward to be one of the first people to use it.

    • TC213

      Yes & you will be trading them both in for a D4s by the end of the year… πŸ˜‰

  • D700guy

    What I am now curious about is; now that we know of the D4 and the alleged announcement, when might it be assumed that pre-ordering or, ordering of this unit be available?

    • Tiger1050Rider

      Unless you are an approved snapper for the London Olympics or Euro Footie I would guess you will be at the back of the queue.

  • steve

    “Image you have been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting….” lol you guys have fun when they finally announce. I’m waiting to see what the 85mm 1.8 lens tests out.

  • nobody

    “The image you are waiting for” would be the D800, rather than the D4, isn’t it?

  • The News

    the coolpix fa-mi-ly! ta dadada (snap, snap), tadada da, ta da da daaa. πŸ˜›

  • JonMcG

    What’s with all the doubt about [NR] Admin’s post on the D4 not really being launched on the 6th? He has given it nearly his highest degree of confidence, he already gave us the Jan 6th date awhile back and here Nikon is announcing that date as the announcement date.

    D4 will be here Jan 6th, enjoy and quit doubting..

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