Nikon D800 shows us its dark left side

This Nikon D800 image was sent to me anonymously without any further explanations. Some of the camera design details are consistent with the previous D800 images but I have no idea if this is real or fake. For comparison, here is a side image of the Nikon D700:

What do you guys think - real or fake?

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  • Mark

    I give it a 50/50 chance that it is real. 😉

    There are a lot of similarities between this photo and the front/back shots published a couple days back.

    But, like the shots of UFOs, it is a bit disconcerting that the image is, well, so UFOish in quality. On the other hand, the earlier front/back shots are great. Odd.

    Keep the photos coming, Admin.


  • DH Kim

    The ‘D800’ mark is seriously declined…

    It is not real thing! Sombody used photoshop… ^^

    • GregS

      I just looked at my D300 from a similar perspective, and the D300 logo angles downward, similarly to the D800 logo.

  • Oliver Kapffer

    F A K E!

    Look at the switch for autofocus selection (no marks for M/S/C). The Pin for mounting the neckstrap is horizontal and not vertical, this is a lot more unpractical.

    • Jay

      The switch for autofocus doesn’t have to have marks for M/S/C if it is similar to the D7000’s…

  • Hm, I don’t see a headphone jack in D800. Maybe it’s from the other side of the camera?

    • Third connector down is headphone jack. (Mic, USB, headphone, HDMI)

      What you don’t see on that image is a DC In indicator. Which may mean we’re moving to another EP-x battery adapter. That’s a curious decision, if true, as it makes the camera vulnerable to loss of power (previous iterations could have a battery in the camera as a backup power source if you accidentally pulled the DC plug).

  • Michael Devonport

    It is 100% fake. My question, why is the side of the camera out of focus and why is D800 no. on the side of the camera not on the front of the camera?
    Maybe someone can in light me.

    • Grey

      If you see the D800 as in perfect focus, then I don’t want to look at the photo you take, it’s clearly not in focus

  • This seems to be an image taken from a printed image…. a brochure maybe???

  • I vote for a mock up or early testmodel.

  • Mat

    Actually this looks simular to the side view of the d7000. Where they changed the design of the csm focus…

  • John Richardson

    If you wanted to see a D800 or D4, my money would be on chasing down (pun intended) Chase Jarvis and his team to see what they are carrying around … my guess is he or someone famous like him, would be making an early user sales video.

    • Eric

      Chase Jarvis has been testing the D90/D7000 line.
      For pro bodies, I’d rather look at Joe McNally.

      • alex

        Or maybe both, depending on what Nikon wants to showcase. If it’s the video capabilities then I would expect them to go to Chase since he’s done both the D90 and the D7000.

  • Neil Coussell

    Definitely Fake, The D800 lettering isn’t even straight!

    • MJr

      Exactly why it’s real. It actually follows the proper curve.

      • floyp

        Indeed. If you look at the other pics you can see that there is no other way for the logo to be, the new designe is curved – there is no flat spot for the logo.

        • photowebbz


    • Grey

      Look at the D700, the lettering is not straight either, instead of going down, it’s going up for the D700

  • Tom

    I think its real when you campare the front part of the previous leaked images
    and the buttons. Check out the U shapped closure with similar U shape view of
    the previous leaked image from the front side.

  • fake, just for the d800 letter not straight, and place everywhere.

  • mircea

    If Nikon would couple the rumord 36MP without AA filter with 16 bit color depth, then THIS would be something really good.

    • Yeah, with tons of moire. I saw some images taken with a 31 mp hassy recently, there was a picture of a cat, she had a rainbow in her fur.

      • rhlpetrus

        The density here would be much higher, thus reducing moire, compared to a 31MP Hassy. Hassy’s sensor is exactly twice the area of FF, you can see the difference.

  • Roman

    Just the fact that “D800” logo is so visible is a bit suspicious to me.
    Sounds like fake, if you face the camera, you barely can see the logo.

  • Peter

    It doesn’t look real to me. It looks like a entry level camera.

  • AS

    The image is real, I bet on it. And the other one Admin posted in the past was also real. So be prepared to meet the new 36 Mpix Nikon camera soon.

    Ad don’t worry, if it is not for you, there are a lot of canon guy who who’d love it 😉

  • feleris


  • Zoom

    I don’t see why people are so obsessed with the D800 logo being visible in the image. The shoulder of the camera body is curved in this new design, as compared to the more boxy look of the D700. You print something on a curved surface, ITS GOING TO BE VISIBLE FROM THE SIDE.
    It’s just plain COMMON SENSE. You people keep cribbing about how its not like the D700, where the logo is not visible from the side. Well..NEWS FLASH…ITS NOT LIKE THE D700, BECAUSE ITS NOT THE D700. Its probably just a new camera design from Nikon for their much anticipated new camera.
    Besides, if the design was just like the D700, then you would be the exactly same people who would be posting comments like..”What? I waited an entire extra year for the same camera body with just few tweaks inside? Fail…”
    Really guys, have some perspective before you post such stupid comments. You are getting to see the image of the D800 here, and nowhere else. You don’t like it, then don’t visit Nikon RUMORS. This is a place where people speculate and anticipate. We don’t come here for your judgment on the authenticity of the pictures posted.

    • If you’re so certain that the D800 emblem printing is so “acceptable”, then can you tell us if Nikon has EVER printed a camera name on such a curved surface before?

      To me, it’s not the angle that looks weird, but the curve and the weird shadows along that curved area.

      Since the image is clearly a fuzzy version of a studio product shot, try to deduce where the lights are placed to create such dramatic illumination. But the more I stare at this D800 image, the more I see minor issues with the lighting that just don’t add up.

      Sure, this could be it. I’m just saying that things look weird and it could still NOT be it. How come you’re allowed to speculate, but we aren’t allowed to make a judgment based on our observations? We’re all exhibiting an equal LACK of scientific soundness to our methods here.



      • Travis

        If someone can create the fake image likevthis then he should join Pixar. This is just too good. And also, have you seen d3100 or d5100? You can see the logo from the side onnthem aswell and in fact, the shape of those cameras are quite similar to this one

      • Zoom

        I reiterate. It’s a new camera design. And it has a curved surface on the shoulder. Nikon wont release a camera without the logo if they cant find a flat surface to print it on. So, I really don’t see what you are talking about.

        “can you tell us if Nikon has EVER printed a camera name on such a curved surface before?”
        Seriously, Matt..? If the D800 does turn out to be a 36MP, then I cant recall if Nikon ever released a camera with such a high resolution. So it would be a first too. Besides I cant recall Nikon releasing a legal notice stating they would never print the camera logo on a curved surface. There is always a starting point for something new. Nevertheless, I would still refer you to the comment made by Travis, and request you to have a look at those cameras.
        And yes, if you are trying to rationalize being judgemental, you clearly don’t know what that word means. Here:-

        Please do look at how the word is used (in blue color)

        • Zeke

          To be fair, Nikon doesn’t need to “find” a surface to place the model name on. They designed the camera in the first place, and wherever the name ended up was designed for it.

          • Zoom

            Fair point. I accept your premise.

          • EnPassant

            That is very correct! The model name is printed on the ridge for which it was designed, just like on D5100!

        • Fair enough that there CAN be a “first” for everything. I just think it is at least slightly suspect. I’m not passing judgment, just saying I have my doubts.

          And unless there’s some serious name-calling or trolling going on that I’m missing, it sounds to me like both sides are being equally judgmental of each other. It’s just an opinion, posted on a RUMOR website. Let people pass their judgment! That’s what the internet is for.


          • Zoom

            If having the last word, rational or not, is all you want, I’ll give it to you. Congratulations.

            • Rational or not? Implying that anything either of us has said could be described as “irrational?” The whole thing sounded pretty simple to me. The closest to “irrational” is your first comment with all the caps and insults.

              You’re welcome to have the last word, by the way. It just deserves a response when someone is being subtly insulting.

            • Zoom

              Accepted. Some of my comments might have not been entirely justifiable in terms of common courtesy. If you felt insulted, then I apologize. That is not what I intended to do. But I still don’t agree with most of what you said.

        • C’est drôle que vous disiez cela dans la langue seule et unique que je connais…

          • Zoom

            Matt, Roman,
            Real mature guys. You know, the people reading this now actually know so much about you.

            You wouldn’t actually be saying all this crap if your mom, with all due respect to her, tought you anything at all. Your very existence should be a matter of utter disappointment for her. I can understand all the foul mouthed shit. People unsatisfied and disappointed with their lives usually do that.

            I dint know you were so disgruntled, and had to actually ask you sidekick to defend your ass. So brave of you.
            Happy holidays guys. And a very happy new year. I hope you learn some manners in the coming one, before someone actually beats them into you.

            • shay

              You’re my hero. So Tough, so awesome.

  • freakout

    The new lineup D800 D4 D400 is scaring me. There are a lot out there for which image quality, speed and high-iso are sufficient with all models, but who just want an affordable FX-body to carry on using their old glass with full potential. With the DX-D400 there is no more ~$2000 FX-body ! the $4000 D800 creates a big hole in the DSLR-line – the used D700-prices will go far over $2500 when this all comes true. FX shooters should buy a D700 now.

  • Zoom

    Besides, if you compare this to the previously posted pictures of the D800, there is very little space on the left shoulder of the camera in the frontal shots. Thats where the logo is printed. And that side is curved in the new design. Its obviously going to be visible from the side. Honestly, cant you guys even see.

    • Zoom


      I did not know that the matter of this picture being real or fake was such a huge issue for you. Calm down, I really dont see the need for such comments. I could say stuff you know, and you wont even have to get it translated, but that would be just childish. Grow up. Get a life.

  • rkas

    Yet again the comments are full with stupid trolls…

    I say, both this and the old pictures are REAL. There really is nothing that proves that theyre fake. Nooooothing! Not even the af-switch (which is the only decent argument against it), just look at how the D7000 af works.

    • To say that there is NOTHING suspect whatsoever is definitely an overstatement. The lighting is weird and difficult to explain in this image. Sure, it looks like a simple overhead light at first glance, but then how are some of the features (pop-up release) seemingly illuminated from below? And that grip rubber along the side, have we ever seen any rubber that looked that bump and knurled? Looks downright bubbly to me, not “flat but textured” like on every other Nikon.

      Anyways all I’m saying is, how is it “trolling” to say you don’t believe a RUMOR? Isn’t it just as fanciful, if not moreso, to say that you DO believe something that cannot yet be proven?

      Personally, it does look to me like this is the real thing. There are many aspects of the camera design that simply could not have been copied from other camera designs. I’m just saying that these images could STILL be faked, or at least doctored in some way. Real or not, a few things still don’t add up for me.


      • EnPassant

        You are not a studio photographer taking photos of small objects, are you? Neither am I. But I have enough imagination to see an explanation for the lighting. Just look at the official photos of D700 or other Nikon cameras. See how the shapes are like sculptured in light. Isn’t that weird? It’s hardly the work of a single or two studiolights. Instead I assume the photographer used reflectors to direct the light exactly where he/she wanted it.

        The photo of “D800” may not have been lighted in such an advanced way. It could be just from a flash in the ceiling that reflects on things around the camera to create the “weird” lighting.

        In fact it could have been shot with no flash or studiolighting at all! A single lamp in the ceiling is enough to create those patterns of light and dark areas on a curved camerabody.
        Why don’t you look at your own camera and see how the light change as you move it. Maybe you learn something! 😉

        • Actually I’ve done a fair amount of studio product photography, for a handful of camera-sized objects, and I make it a point to analyze light in general. The D700 above for example appears to have a very simple clamshell light setup.

          I’ve actually photographed my own cameras a number of times over the years, in dark conditions using a single overhead / side light. It’s pretty fun to goof around with a strobe in a dark room.

          Just looking at this D800 side view, I can say with 100% certainty that if the image is legit, it was shot with quite a lot of attention being paid to the lighting setup. It may have been snapped on a cell phone or something, but it was definitely lit for the purpose of some promotional piece that we will probably see used in D800 advertising soon enough.

          You’re right, there could be an explanation for each and every “weird” light source. I’m just pointing out that the lighting is questionable, period.

  • Pappa_fin

    I think the lens is AF-S Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 VR.

    • Pappa-fin

      Sorry, there is three switches on 24-120mm VR, forget my post 😀

      • Travis

        You are right – light up the image and you will see three switches – it is 24-120mm f4

  • Old Badger

    The AF switch is not a reason for rejecting this as a fake. I’d guess the style of AF mode switch and method of changing AF modes used in the D7000 will be the standard for ALL the new Nikons (D4, D400 and D800). The reason is simple – if you are going to be able to store AF settings for recall in a user mode (which seems to be something Nikon is aiming for in order to match Canon), you can’t have a positional switch which indicates the way the mode is set. The AF mode switch is also missing from the rear of the earlier D800 photos, if you look, and that’s entirely consistent with this side photo. A pity – I liked the old switches.

    That said I’m not convinced – I’d say 70% likely/30% fake.

  • im’crapyinventor’too

    this is real…..the d800 contour is the new design…..I suspect i will be an interchangeable sensor design…he he….rumors rumors, this website is all about rumors anyway…..;)

  • jugger

    I think that this picture is as true as the previous pictures .
    The curve on which the d800 is written is similar to the curve of the first two pictures posted on this site .

  • neversink

    Too hard to tell. It’s possible to photoshop anything. It is hard to conclude much from an out-of-focused shot that is underexposed. This is not my cup of tea. When it comes out we will know. Yes it looks like a cross between a D700 and D7000. If it is,Nikon should call it the D7700, but I doubt they would, although it is catchy.

    We will know one day, hopefully on a cold day in early January, for those of us living in the northeast of the US or the tundra of Alaska, Canada, and Siberia.

  • Joe

    It is definitely a fake. Look where the lettering starts.

  • ShadowDiver

    I hope it is real..
    But I wonder about the now four buttons on the drive-wheel?
    What do you guys think they are?
    – WB
    – ISO
    – (hopefully not again) Quality
    – ????? (what will this be)

    Maybe: HDR, Bluthooth or WLAN, Auto-ISO-Settings (min, max, ratio lens-zoom/ISO), AF-Mode, …


    • Steve

      Look closely at previous leaked pics and you will se…

      – WB
      – QUAL
      – ISO
      – BKT… yes, finely 🙂

      Different people have different preferences and Nikon makes the best to meet all these requirements.

  • I wonder if the reason the D800 may be offered with an option AA filter is to do with the drop off in definition associated with the higher pixel density. I recently switched from a 22mp Sinarback to the 33mp version and noticed a marked drop off in quality beyond f11 on all lenses having been used do using f22 where necessary on product shots on the older chip. I suspect that good quality glass will be required to see the benefit of the large pixel count. Having said that, Nikon Corp are probably a decade or 2 ahead of Sinar on lens development these days.

    • George

      This worries me too. I noticed what I’d characterize as a dropoff in pixel quality between the D7000 and the D700. I haven’t run the math, but I’ve heard (hear) that the pixel density of the D7000 is the equivilent of this mythical D800. I wouldn’t want MORE D7000 pixels on a D800, I’d want BETTER D700 level pixels … or at the very least a blend. D7000 wasn’t bad to shoot with at all, but it was definitely a step down from the D700. I hope the PC-E lenses pair up well with whatever the D800 results in, it’s irksome that they’re an imperfect match with the d700’s long snout.

      • Tony

        Might explain all the the new AFS prime lenses??

    • Mark

      With the pixel density present in a 36 MP FX sensor, the lens becomes a defacto AA filter. Getting rid of the sensor AA filter makes a lot of sense.

      We’ll find out soon enough, but I hope Nikon gives us pixel binning options, so that resolutions of 18, 12, and 9 MP can be selected for those who don’t want to deal with the full 36 MP. In addition to making the files a bit more manageable, pixel binning would improve the high ISO performance considerably (assuming color accuracy and saturation hold together).

  • I love the certainty with which people decide that it’s fake. And some of the spurious reasons, most of which are pure bullshit. I think it’s real. And I thought the other ones were real too. Why? Because I don’t think admin would have posted them if he didn’t think so. And he knows a lot more than any of us. Even if they’re not, some of the reasons people think they’re not are just ludicrous. “It’s not like the Dxxx.” Of course it’s not, it’s a new camera. MY D70 looks nothing like my D300. Hey, one of the must be fake!

    Give me strength…

    • The Manatee


      Some of the comments on here make me question the intelligence of some of these Nikon owners.

  • sjms

    note the Focus mode selector. on all high end nikons its (C)continuous (S)single (M)manual. this one has AF and M which only the lower end cameras like the D7000 and below have.

  • It is Definitly FAKE.

    For the people who can not underestand why it should not be inclined. Please check this image:

    • OsoSolitario

      Maybe you are a good photographer… but definetly you AREN’T Sherlock Holmes at all!!!
      Try to write D3s or D800 on that place you suggest us… but on a D3s like this:
      Could you?
      D800 has literaly no place to write a big (and linear) logo, so it must be small and dinamic like the new shape on this camera!

    • OsoSolitario

      Maybe you are good photographer, but definitely you AREN’T Sherlock Holmes at all!!
      Try to write D3s or D800 at this place you suggest us on a abody like that:
      Could you?
      D800 has rounded shape and full of controls and sockets… obviously there’s no place to write a big (and linear) logo anywhere… reason for this small and dinamic logo!! Simply as that!

    • George

      Right idea but wrong models – the 5100, 3100 and 7000 don’t have pc-sync / flash / remote plug ins there like the D700, D3, etc.

      • The Manatee

        Exactly. Yet another FAIL attempt at attempting to show this as fake. It’s real people, get used to it.

  • sjms

    do i want built in gps? no
    reason: gps is an evolving technology. there is gps (on line), glonass (sorta online), galileo(they finally got one sat in orbit. just 10 years behind schedule), compass (china’s proposed system. gps receivers are getting more sensitive and capable every year. power consumption high

    wireless built in? no
    again an evolving technology 802.11n has gotten more stable and faster. power consumption high

    • ShadowDiver

      That´s why i more hope for buildin bluetooth (although this is also envolving) – over which you can then connect the GPS-mouse hanging on your pocket or your smartphone…
      For my D300s I´ve a aokatec-adapter sitting on the front for BT and a small GPS-mouse in the pocket of my BlackRapid-strap – this works like charm, but the aokatec is sometimes in way when using flash…
      so build in BT would be nice – for me ;o)

    • Do I want Compact Flash/SD/XQD?
      Nah, they will be old too in 10 years..
      Ill just remember the photos myself until then..

      So what if the new current camera does not yet have the technology that is not yet available. There will always be something better on the horizon…
      I for one would prefer a built-in GPS over some weird add-on/separate device…

  • Christian
  • Jean Fotomode

    l think Nikon will have 2 new FX bodies apart the D4. One will be a new entree to the FX bodies. It will be for photographer and student on photography who need a full frame and with a price below on the D700. Nikon have already began a series of f/4 zoom lens and soon, we will see a 70-200 f/4. On this picture, the lens is the AF-S 24-120mm f/4, So presently at Nikon and Canon, we can’t found nothing under $2000 for a full frame body. So that why this body will work like the D7000 with no AF Mode selector on the back and no focus selector (S-C-M) on the side because we will see theses on the replacement of the D700. Nikon will never replace the D700 with out theses selector on the new replacement body.

    So l think this picture could be the body of new line, the “beginner” and l’m not sure if the name will be D800 but may be D600 and about pixels l can’t tell. And finally, we will see the replacement of the D700, with a body that include every thing that the D700 offer to us plus the video.

  • I don’t know if the image is real or doctored, but I do believe a new FX body or two is very close to release.

    • Ron Scubadiver

      No waaay.

      Have you seen the new Sherlock Holmes movie? Apparently it’s a biographical documentary on YOU!

  • im’crapyinventor’too

    base on this pictures, the d800 is taller around 10mm to 12mm and slightly thicker around 3mm to 6mm compared to the d700.

  • nobody

    Admin, aren’t you rolling on the floor laughing about all the people who know the image is fake?

  • Landscape Photo

    Which lens is that? The new 24-120mm or some new compact walkabout zoom?

  • The logo is conveniently sloped to show the numbers 8 and 0. I doubt this image is real,.. simply because its to “conveniently placed. Though i have no idea why anyone would fake it at this point. The image does’nt reveal anything controversial,.. Really does’nt matter if this is fake or real, because all the evidence we’ve seen so far points to Nikon releasing two FX DSLRs early next year. One of them will be the successor to the D700, the other will replace the D3S. The specs we’ve seen so far also allows Nikon to launch two DSLRs with totally different approaches. We’ve also heard rumors about the size of the D800-house for some time, so if its a bit smaller then the D700 thats no suprise.

  • Adrian Oprea

    It’s a photoshopped side view of the D7000

  • If the model name is inclined, this mean that the model name will not be horizontal if see from front.

    It is OK to see the model name from the side but it should not be inclined.

    Check this, it explain what I mean:

    • John

      It seems that the new shape of the body makes the name flow better at that angle. There is no place thats flat and level to put it. Unless they get rid of the stupid focus assist light and put it on the other side like D3 et al.

  • Wayne

    Theres a hump Between the flash and mode dial on d700 but on the d800 it becomes a dent inwards instead of a hump. If this photo is real then d800 would come in a significantly smaller package?

  • PeterO

    Dunno. Don’t care. When the real D800 comes out, it’ll be real.

    As for the photo, I have a sneaky suspicion that Nikon actually leaked it just to keep the interest high and the mouths salivating around Christmas time.

    • Bibifoc

      Nikon “RUMORS” actually leaked it just to keep the interest high and the mouths salivating around Christmas time. 😉


  • shoreline view

    Well, there’s some progress. The overhang on the pentaprism has finally been redesigned in such a way as to allow PC-E lenses to shift up. On that basis, I’d say the image is real, as Nikon’s body designs (D3 excepted) have been almost intentionally hostile to the PC-E lenses until now — and with no D4X expected, the D800 will be the only way to place ultra-high resolution with a PC-E.

  • im’crapyinventor’too

    Its funny, because with the battery grip the d800 is slightly smaller in height compared to the d700 (with grip). Horizontally d700 is wider compared to the d800, but d800 is thicker. With out the battery grip the d800 is taller. Because the battery grip is shorter compare to the battery grip of the d700.
    To sum up:
    D800 (with out the grip) -look slimmer in front view, thicker in side view and taller compared to the d700 (again no grip).
    D800 (with the grip) – look slimmer in front view, thicker in side view and shorter compared to the d700 (because the d700 m-bd 10 grip is bigger).

  • broxibear

    Hi Peter/admin,
    I know you posted you were a certain percentage sure about the D800 spec, but did you get any further information about the sensor ?
    Did we ever get to the bottom of whether the 36MP would be a conventional or foveon type ?

    • No, I have no additional info on the sensor. I think it will be a conventional sensor.

      • PeterO

        Most probably conventional, but fabbed by Sony, Aptina or ???

        • I can’t find the information at this moment, but I’m pretty sure that Sony has already said they were developing a 36 megapixel FX sensor, about a year or two ago.

          I don’t think Nikon has the resources to do more than a single sensor all by themselves, and that’ll be the D4 sensor.

  • Fishy

    That’s clearly one part of the D8000X/D8000S set, the successors of the D7000. Otherwise, why would the name of the camera need to start so deep in the curve? 😀

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