Nikon Capture NX 2.3.0 (64-bit) and View NX 2.2.5 released today

The previous rumors about a 64 bit support in Capture NX materialize today with the new version 2.3.0. Nikon also released ViewNX v2.2.5.

What's new in Capture NX 2.3.0:

  • Lens information is now displayed in the Metadata palette for images captured with the Nikon 1 V1 or Nikon 1 J1 using the Mount Adapter FT1 and a CPU lens.
  • Support for images captured with the Nikon 1 V1 and Nikon 1 J1 using the Mount Adapter FT1 has been added.
  • An Astro Noise Reduction option has been added to Noise Reduction in the Camera Settings portion of the Develop section in the Edit List palette. This option reduces the randomly spaced bright pixels that occur in images of stars captured with long exposures.
  • An Auto2 option has been added to New WB under White Balance in the Camera Settings portion of the Develop section in the Edit List palette. This option is available with RAW images taken with the COOLPIX P7100. When white balance is changed to Auto2 and a settings file saved, a white balance setting of Recorded Value will be applied if the settings file is used on a RAW image that does not support the Auto2 white balance setting.
  • When Set Gray Point was selected from White Balance in the Camera Settings portion of the Develop section in the Edit List palette, and the image clicked to specify a portion to use as the grey point, the point selected was sometimes not accurately reflected in the resulting white balance if the image had first been rotated. This issue has been resolved.

Additional modifications to the Windows version:

  • This software now operates as a native 64-bit application under the 64-bit versions of Windows 7 and Windows Vista.
  • An Embed Preview When Saving NEF/NRW item with Thumbnail and Preview and Thumbnail only options has been added to the General panel of the Preferences accessed from the Edit menu. In addition, preview images can later be added to NEF/NRW files saved without embedding them using the new Update Preview option in the Browser palette context menu and File menu.
  • The default setting for the Use Image Cache option in the Cache Settings panel of the Preferences, accessed from the Edit menu, has been changed to off (not checked). When Capture NX 2 Ver. 2.3.0 is installed with the Use Image Cache option enabled (checked) with the previous version of Capture NX 2, Use Image Cache will be disabled (unchecked) and cached data will be deleted.
  • An issue that resulted in inconsistent display of images in the Browser palette and images inside the folder selected in the Folders palette has been resolved.
  • When a batch process was run for images captured with simultaneous RAW + JPEG recording by selecting Run Batch Process from the Batch menu with a new naming convention applied to the RAW and JPEG images, new files were not always created for the selected images. This issue has been resolved.
  • An issue that caused the Folders, Browser, and Metadata palettes to be shifted down when Windows was set to display the taskbar at the top of the desktop has been resolved.
  • When Set as Default Printer was applied to some printers with Windows, a Capture NX 2 stops working error message was displayed when Capture NX 2 was exited. This issue has been resolved.
  • When tone curves were edited using Adjust menu>Light>Levels & Curves, Adjust menu>Color>LCH, or Quick Fix in the Develop section of the Edit List palette, positions of anchor points changed unexpectedly. This issue has been resolved.

Additional modifications to the Macintosh version

  • This software now operates as a native 64-bit application under Mac OS.
  • An Embed Preview When Saving NEF/NRW item with Thumbnail and Preview and Thumbnail only options has been added to the General panel of the Preferences accessed from the Capture NX 2 menu. In addition, preview images can later be added to NEF/NRW files saved without embedding them using the new Update Preview option in the Browser palette context menu and File menu.
  • The default setting for the Use Image Cache option in the Cache Settings panel of the Preferences, accessed from the Capture NX 2 menu, has been changed to off (not checked). When Capture NX 2 Ver. 2.3.0 is installed with the Use Image Cache option enabled (checked) with the previous version of Capture NX 2, Use Image Cache will be disabled (unchecked) and cached data will be deleted.
  • When the selection brush was used to edit an image with the image window displayed at a large size (1980 × 1080, 1512 × 1008, etc.), Capture NX 2 sometimes quit unexpected. This issue has been resolved.

What's new in ViewNX 2.2.5:

  • Auto 2 is now available for selection from the list of White Balance settings in the Adjustments palette for RAW images captured with the COOLPIX P7100.
  • An issue that prevented display of Exposure mode in the Metadata palette for images captured underwater in Easy Auto mode with the COOLPIX AW100/AW100s has been resolved.
  • An Event box has been added under Description in the Metadata palette.
  • Lens information is now displayed in the Metadata palette for images captured with the Nikon 1 V1 or Nikon 1 J1 using the Mount Adapter FT1 and a CPU lens.

Additional modifications to the Macintosh version:

  • Support for Mac OS X version 10.7 has been added.

Additional modifications to the Windows version:

  • An issue that prevented the editing of metadata, application of labels and/or ratings, or image rotation on some systems has been resolved.
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  • John

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    • WoutK89

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      Such a worthless comment, I thought this hype was over (being first and having nothing to say)

      • neversink

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        Who Cares if someone writes they are first????

        • John

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          • peterw

            Hopefully you will cure your own dissease first John.

            I am not really looking forward to seeing you as a physician, a nurse, a scientist in pharmacy…

  • I might try this version for 64 bit.

    • Maddog

      I just installed 64 bit and I can say that files open way faster and render much faster than before. Can’t say if everything else works as well as I am just getting started but that was worth doing just for that…

      • Cristian

        Just installed the 64bit version. I’ve found it to be a little faster than the previous version, but with a strange behaviour with an old Wacom tablet: with the previous version when I selected “strength and dimension” as option the response to the pen was fast and smooth. Now it seems to be a little slower (it seems to be blocked for a moment when I touch the tablet with the pen) and “mouse click” like (it seems not to take properly in consideration the pen pressure).
        Anyone else with this problem??

        • PiotrAF

          Yes, I can confirm although worse. In my Win7 64-bit – in both versions of 2.3.0 i.e. 32/64bit the Bamboo Touch&Pen stopped working in the field of pressure based opacity|size|opacity/size and acts as if selected ‘none’. The Nikon Support to which I reported the fact claim that is caused by 32-bit driver of wacom on 64-bit system, but to me it’s nonsense since it runs fine in previous versions and other software.

  • Martin

    AFAIR last version of NX1 was modified deeply just before NX2 was launched. So IMO we are just before NX3 release…

    • I agree. Looks like NX 3 will be released soon, possibly with the D4.

  • wassup with this feature ” Astro Noise Reduction “? seems interesting .

  • “application of labels and/or ratings, or image rotation on some systems has been resolved” – that’s good news.

    Unfortunately View NX 2.2.5 is still on 32-bit only.

    However, I will install the new version ASAP.

  • Dweeb

    Oh the horror ….

  • Andrew

    Shame if you use Nik Color Efex 3 you have to install the 32-bit version of Capture NX…

    However looking forward to see to how the 64-bit version performs…

    • alvix

      … I now contact Nik team to have some info…

      • Martin

        It looks, that there’s already an answer on NIK’w site:
        “This product is not available anymore!”

        • Zon

          ya, disappointing. I’d love 64-bit support, but I love my Color Efex Pro plugin … 🙁 and it looks like Color Efex Pro 4 doesn’t support Capture NX at all….

    • If you are running Color Efex, you need to make sure to install the latest update – 3.003. If you have that version installed, there is a prompt on the installation of Capture NX2 2.3 that will allow you to choose between the 32 bit version or 64 bit version. The default is the 32 bit version if you have Color Efex 3.003 installed.

      Jason O’Dell has a nice writeup on the speed improvements.

      Even the 32 bit version is considerably faster and less buggy.

  • Not my favorite raw converter. I wonder if someone can find “D800” and “D4” in there somewhere.

    • Ninpou

      strings _path_2_binary_ | grep “D4” (^_^)

  • alvix

    life is a beautiful thing

  • D.K.

    oh lets see if nikon capture now gets the date right on the images when copying the images on the disk and not using the current date for that, what a shameful error and makes this tool totally useless

    • D.K.

      oops meant nikon transfer…

    • D.K.

      oh great, the installer just quits, very nicely done, again…

      • peterw

        strange things happen to you, since about three years these kind of problems don’t occur when I install Nikon software.
        And transfer doesn’t ever have any problem adding the correct date en time, starting from? when did transfer start? Is your camera date set on the correct date and time?

        • JED

          Agreed. Transfer uses the date/time of the shot – not the download time.

          • D.K.

            I does, not version 1.5.2 but the newer versions (2+), at least for mac and tested on 2 different computers with 2 different cameras (D300s and D90).
            and btw. when I transfer with some other program, it works just fine…

    • Ninpou

      Right. Why do you care about when you copied the files off your card? Capture time is the important info.

  • I really want Nikon to step up with their software because as much as I love LR, I feel silly having features like picture controls, active d-lighting and them not really being used at all.

    • You should feel silly if you don’t know how to use the controls in LR to surpass the quality of output achievable from NX! (provided you’re working from raw files that is)

      If you’re frustrated that you can’t apply these setting automatically in LR, then blame Nikon for not sharing their code with Adobe and anybody else who asks. They’re a camera company, not a software company. If they dropped their R&D budget for this crap and put it into things we actually use like cameras and lenses, we’d only benefit from better gear that works better with mainstream software.

      • Neil

        Not quite correct. Nikon provides an SDK that anyone can use to read the NEF as Nikon does. Adobe, probably rightly, chooses not to use it and instead uses their own engine. But whether Lightroom can surpass NX is a matter of personal preference. I personally haven’t seen any LR processing that surpasses NX. Very darn near approaching it but not surpassing it.

        • If you are truly proficient you can create the same high quality result with either program. Capture is a little easier for selective edits. Lightroom is better with 3rd party plugins and presets if that is important to your workflow.

          As far as pure RAW conversion is concerned, Capture does the best job of rendering as shot in the camera. Where you go from there – or even if you want that result is a matter o personal choice.

  • FOG

    Dont Update if you need Color Efex Pro for capture NX.
    I´ts run only on 32bit in Windows and OSx. I use OSx, Color efex only works in 32bit. My Capture NX Crashed in 32bit mode with Color Efex.


    • Michael

      Setup will ask you if you want to install 32 or 64 bit when color efex pro for capture NX is installed on your system – So why should we not update ??


    • tullsta

      mine also crashed on Windows XP 32bit
      after upgrading Color Efex Pro to the latest version ( => things work smoothly again.

  • WTFrilly wotsits is going on? it’s 32 bit not 64 bit. please advise!

    • alvix

      from the NIK website:

      Q: Are the Color Efex Pro 3.0 Standard or Select Editions 64-bit compatible?

      A: Only Color Efex Pro 3.0 Complete Edition is compatible with 64-bit host applications. If you currently own the Standard or Select editions and are using a 64-bit host application, please contact our contact our customer service team for upgrade options.

      • Martin

        They meant PS_64 only. I do have complete, and it doesn’t work with 64NX2.

      • PiotrAF

        You read FAQ “Color Efex Pro™ 3.0” instead of “Color Efex Pro™ 3.0 for Capture NX 2” 🙂

  • Sobolll

    What about camera control pro for 10.7?

  • Tim

    Just installed it and it’s running VERY fast on my computer (Windows 7 64-bit). Obviously not put it properly to work yet. It does shudder as it opens images – hoping it’s just going too fast for itself and not a potential stability issue 🙂

  • Fuzz

    Gave it a quick thrashing on Windows 7, looks good so far. I was on the end of an RDP link so difficult to judge speed at the moment but I can get it to consume more than 1.3GB of RAM which was always the magical sticking point for the 32bit version.

    No problems with the upgrade, I had to re-enter my serial number but it took that no problem and I was warned that would happen.

  • Femke

    I’ve been running Caputre NX1 (that i got with my D300) on my windows 7 64-bit computer succesfully for a few months now. No problems at all…

  • Wow, it’s about time! OSX Lion was released 5 months ago to the day (July 20). And with this latest release, they are finally supporting Lion 10.7.2. I was still able to use the 2.8 version of NX2, although it crashed everytime I did too many edits using the Auto Retouch Brush. Hopefully things will be a little more stable now. Regardless, I still love NX2 and think it’s one of the best editing programs out there. Of course, hoping NX3 will have a more user-friendly interface.

  • pabs

    There are so many digital image editors/processing software; it doesn’t seem practical to use all. I love nikon but don’t see what capture NX offers beyond Lightroom 3.6 with or without Photoshop CSx. I get the ease of Nik filters which work well with 64bit LR and PS. I would love to hear from those who really use Capture NX why to use it instead of LR. I have nothing against NX just don’t want multiple editors.

    • alvix

      I like the slow pace ..I dont think in large is like a old man…you have to take care of it..(him..whatever..)

    • peterw

      I use it primarely for the colorprofiles that nikon puts in it. I am not very good at editing, and these profiles do the trick in 95% of my pictures, combined with lighting (ETTR) and colortemperature corrections.
      The few extra possibilities color points, brush, dust -removal stamp are enough for 99,9% of my editing.
      The fact that you can save the changes, but change all of these later on helps too (but this feature is also offered by Lightroom and Aperture and Capture One, and ….)

      The colorprofiles are the reason why I want to use the programme, and the other aspects are the reason why I still use it.

      I like the fact that Nikon is improving the working of the software. Capture nx1 wasn’t very stable and very slow. Capture NX2 to my memory always has been OK, but has some strange things in handling windows and very basic things like the position of the mouse on screen is different from the position of the effect in the picture (hope I make my self clear).

      What Capture misses most in respect to Lightroom and Aperture is a DAM, a photo database. iView/Expression media used to offer that. I think now ID-imager is the DAM of choice for Nikon.

      • studio460

        Yes, I’m becoming very interested in IDimager with its SQL and voice capabilities. It’s Windows-only, and one of the reasons I’m now building an i7 Win7 machine (switching from OS X).

      • studio460

        Yes, the Nikon-specific profiles seemed to be one of NX’ main selling points for me as well. I tried the demo a while back, and did like using it; albeit a bit clunky and slow. Will be interesting to see how the 64-bit version performs on a newly provisioned Win7 machine. Still deciding on my RAW converter of choice, but NX has always been in the running for that reason.

      • peterw

        its about twice as fast opening and saving files. Just a feeling. Rather fast.

        Handling of windows is still rather clumsy, the right bar with editing list remains on screen when you move to another application while capture is saving a file. It looks foolish and a bit annoying, but it is not a real issue.

        It only asked for my Capture NX2 license code, not for the Capture NX license.

        • peterw

          Batching JPEGs from NEF’s in background is about ten times as fast. Might also be fifty times as fast. Incredible.

          • peterw

            … however, several of the older problems are not solved. Communication with windows 7 is not perfect…

    • Lightroom is an excellent program. However, NX2 is extremely user friendly to use. No need to learn layers and all that jazz. Just drop the control point where you want it and adjust the sliders. Within minutes, you’re done. Also, NX2 retains all in-camera adjustments. So you can adjust things like picture controls and exposure as if you were doing it in-camera at the time of capture (assuming you’re shooting NEF/Raw).

      The NX2 interface is slightly ill-designed and it’s not without its issues. But it is much more powerful and intuitive than most people give it credit for. Of course if NX2 went belly up, Lightroom would be my second choice. NX2 is perfect for those who value shooting rather than editing. Also, I wish that Nx3 had clone tools. It does have a retouch brush which is good for dust bunnies. Does about 95% of what Lightroom does. Much easier to use IMHO.

  • Curt

    Your link is for the euro site. I couldn’t install that version with my N.American install of ViewNX. So, folks need to make certain that they get from the site that supports their region.

    • Nikon US is always few days late with the announcement of software updates. Europe gets them first – that’s why I linked to them. Check Nikon USA tomorrow.

  • Vhm

    Does anyone have the links for download?

    • Fabio27

      Just open the cirrent NX. Go to the help in the menu. The last voice is “update”. Press it, and you’ll know wether the update is ready in your version. Mine is Italian, and it’s not available yet. Usually takes a few days to become available world wide.

  • hmmm this site

    ive looked around. im sticking to ken rockwells site

  • Posts about Capture NX always fascinate me. I like reading comments from people who *actually* use this buggy-and-always-behind software.

    Capture NX was the best solution if splitting IQ hairs was paramount, but ever since Lightroom 3 was released, it’s just not worth it.

    • Daniel

      LOL. And you are arrogant enough to belittle people who use this software. Let people use what they want to use. Love it when Nazis like you come along telling people what they should or shouldn’t use. Capture NX beats the pants off lightroom etc., if you know how to use it. Obviously you don’t. Maybe you need to concentrate on improving your rather mediocre photography than dispensing advise to others about what software they ‘must’ use! Moron Alert!

      • pabs

        are you for real? you need to grow up

      • Well said. I have CS5 & Lightroom but use Capture NX as my main NEF editor as the first part of my NEF processing work flow always, its the best and as you said quite correctly most of its critics dont knnow how to use it.

      • Cristian

        I use Capture NX2 as main software for nef processing and retouch and I love the way I can do that with capture: modifications, control points and masks can be added, removed and modified how and when I want, without losing anything in save and reload operation.
        A thing it should have? A tool like the clone stamp in Photoshop.
        If Nikon will add it and a Color Efex set filters in a NX3 release I think Capture could remain the only software I will use for image processing.

    • peterw

      Be happy to have your own very best line of software.

      I tried the evaluation version of LR3 and was not impressed. Probably I would have needed more time to get the colors the way I want them. But, why would I try to learn how to do that, when in Capture the colors are good right away?

      Capture 2 works fine on a nice 2005 laptop, and it is fast on a win7, i7, 8G ram machine. It is not fully stable as software (handling of windows, cache, mouse, …) but it is improving almost every update.

      I would recommend Lightroom/Aperture to all photographers as a first choice, except for Nikonians with a slight aversion to processing… :).

  • Gary H

    Have they improved the retouch tool in NX2?

    I really hate how it works. Is there some plugin for NX2 that allows me to have finer control over what I clone/heal like Photoshop?

  • Just installed it and seems faster than the 32bit version .

  • alvix

    mmh..activity monitor in OSX doesnt seem to be aware of NX2 as a 64 bit application…mmhh…

  • jonnie

    Just given NX2.3 a brief look over. WOW! The speed is very impressive!
    Thank you Nikon!

    • studio460

      Good to hear! What processor and how much system RAM is in your system? Anyone?

  • alvix

    ok, just tried this: opened a photo, I did sorta 100 to 150 spot corrections with the healing /clone tool…then 12 steps of Efex Pro 3,0 random ..noise reduction…filters ..the more the merrier…and : the program seems to use the ram in a efficient way: it doesnt rise until 3 gb like the 2.2.8 version…crashing after that…instead it uses just 1.2- 1.4 gb …but is stable..and when I saved the image…just 4 seconds..more or less..not 10sec to infinite…until now seems a nice update…but I shall try to crash it ..someway to see where is the point of no return…eheh..

  • Keith W

    For some strange reason it doesn’t work right on my MacPro MacOS 10.7.2 system. Must be some legacy library out there conflicting with it. Will not open any files at all. I also installed it on a MacBook Pro running the same OS and it works fine. Seems to work fine with Windows 7 x64 as well. Hopefully Nikon/Nik will figure out what’s conflicting and let me know.

    • alvix

      I did a clean install, removing the 2.2.8 first…because i didnt know what was my previous version (geographically speaking)

  • paul

    The irony is that years ago the Knoll bothers went to Nikon for support of their new software (Photoshop) and were turned away by Nikon. After all of these years, Nikon is still trying to get on board with Digital editing

  • Andre

    The only reason I want to use this software is that it recognises D-lighting settings – which in my opinion are unreal. I tried about a year ago to switch from LR to Capture NX, but I lasted about 30 minutes before giving up. It’s definitely way behind the 8-ball. A big shame cause i still wanna play with the D-lighting in post…

    Anyone found any LR plugins for D-lighting?

    • pabs

      Why does that matter when working with RAW files in post-processing? Isn’t the software editing beyond where D-lighting settings matter? I could be wrong but it doesn’t seem like an issue.

  • Marcel

    I just installed Capture NX2 version 2.3.0 on win7 64 bits, and man it is a BIG improvement!!! Much faster, and hopefully more stable too.

    I was still evaluating CNX2 and was put off by its speed, but now I am definitely going to buy a licence!

    • nrb


      Renders several times faster than the prior version.

    • studio460

      All of you Win7 users finding 2.3 running “so much faster,” would you mind sharing your processor and system RAM specs, please? I’m buying/building two new 64-bit Win7 systems, and would love to hear some current NX benchmarks. System one, will be a compact, off-the-shelf desktop with a modest Intel i3 dual-core with 8 GB of RAM, plus an added $100 GeForce video card. System two I’m not worried about (an i7 quad-core with 16-32GB of system RAM).

      • nrb

        admin, isn’t “I told you so” the whole point of this site. 🙂

        studio460, it’s nothing special by today’s standards. A two year old AMD Phenom II x4 (3.0GHz) wtih 12GB of RAM.

        • yes, but I take a lot of sh*t when I post something, so I take every opportunity to prove my point – just take a look at some of the old posts

          • studio460

            Yes, and quite undeservedly so. The reporting on NR is often so spot-on, it’s scary (scary-good!). Keep up the great work, Admin!

        • studio460


  • KnightPhoto

    Mac users what say you – should I upgrade to Lion (OSX 10.7) first and then install the new Capture NX and View NX onto that?
    (Regardless it sounds like I should uninstall 2.2.8 first just in case)

    Installing OSX Lion first may be preferred because I have something corrupt on my Snow Leopard OSX 10.6 system that prevents my main user account from starting up Capture NX 2.2.8 (my current situation is I had to create a completely separate new user account just so I can run Capture NX 2.2.8 and do photo editting).

  • nrb

    For people on the other side of the pond:

  • Joel

    Anyone notice that ViewNX2 on the us site downloads 2.2.3 and 2.2.5?

  • alvix

    OMG: tried astro noise reduction: 95% of my hot colored pixels are gone !!!! this is great !

  • Daniel Foster

    I can’t believe the update won’t read my 2.25 license automatically. I still had the older version on another HD and I thought I’d just take my license # off of that and re-register the new version – but the format has changed! My old license is in the format xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx and the new format has FIVE boxes to enter numbers. WTF?

    • peterw

      the code that is listed in the ‘about’ window of capture itself doesn’t show the last box.

      You should check the papers/emails/licence as was given to you when you bought it. On my versions (capture nx, and capture nx2) it is on the cd box.
      (allways a bit of stress, where did I leave those boxes).

    • PedroS

      Don’t upgrade if you don’t have the V2 and V1 code Keys, because it will ask for them.
      Hopefully I have them well keeped.

    • Cristian

      I’ve bought the NX2 version and the code is on the CD box and it has five groups of numbers

  • Ed in Sacramento

    Own NX and NX2, updated nx2.3 but it will not accept key code. Will not run under trial period either. Sent Nikon tech support images of key codes and error screen and they said “an upper level support person will get back to you in a day or two”


    oh yea, can’t run older version

    OSX 10.7.2

  • BJ

    Just loaded NX2 v2.3 and had to remove my older version first, ok after loading 2.3 ran a bunch of images through and it really seems faster, But it can’t find my Nik CEP plugins, and OBTW when I try to reload CEP 3.0 it says it can’t find NX2. hope this is an easy fix, anybody have any ideas, I’ll call nik in the morning.

  • Andrew

    If you’re a Windows 7 x64 user and upgrading a x32 NX/CEP3 insatallation to NX2.3 x32 to hold onto CEP3, ensure you have CEP3.003 installed (downloadable from Nik’s website). Previously I had CEP3.002 installed and had long opening times with NEFs where I’ve used CEP3 or application crashes when adding CEP3 steps to newly opened NEF.

  • marc

    damn, finally 64bit, after years to come….worst thing is, even this 2.3.0 64bit is slow as hell ever! WTF is CaptureNX2 such a old slow hag, whereas ViewNX2 is much faster! Nikon, are you listening? sigh.

    • peterw

      are you aware that View nx(1/2) is a viewer, and capture nx a raw-convertor?
      Or do you use the editing mode of View NX 2?

      Compare the images these programs show in fine detail, and you have an answer as to why the viewer could be faster.

      (by the way, I don’t like the way View nx2 ‘plops’. First you see a blurry view, and then ‘plop’ the detailed image, not so fast at all in my opinion. Likewise Lightroom, also a plopping programme. I prefer View nx version 1. Much quieter in appearence, and thus a joy to for fast first selection. )

      ‘after years to come’
      3/4 of the software I use is still 32 bit.
      people are waiting much much much longer for 80-400 AF-S and 300 F4 VR… 🙂

  • Michael

    CEP3 for Capture NX, quote from the website: This product is not available anymore! What does that mean? Maybe there is a CEP4 for Capture NX coming and compatible to NX2 64bit???

  • marc


    i use view nx2 only for editing purposes, ev, white balance, coloring, sharpening, etc…not
    for viewing usage – so much for that.

  • Thom Hogan wrote:
    ”…and an option for disabling full resolution JPEGs in NEFs.”
    Is that some kind of Nikon sRAW?

    • Neil

      When you save a NEF in NX previously it would always render a complete jpeg representation in high quality to embed in the NEF to replace the previous preview. The option is to only render a thumbnail and not the full preview saving a bit of time on save/export operations. Works great for me.

  • j45

    It has been said that NX2 does not run well or doesn’t like Intel i7 in particular.

    Will be very interested in users specific comments on performance on i7 machines of this new upgrade

    I am about to get into photo editing seriously and am shopping for a new machine which I will probably build or have built

  • neversink

    I had tried NX and liked what it did. but it was sooooooooooooooooooooo soooooooooooooooo

    Because of its tardy behavior I jettisoned it immediately in favor of Aperture and Phase One Capture One. I would like to use PS but I find PS more of chore and less fun (not that digital editing is fun — it has no magic of the darkroom.) Of the two – Aperture and Capture One, I prefer Aperture just because of the simplicity. Aperture 3 is a big improvement over the previous versions and after the initial bugs, which were many, were fixed, it is running flawlessly.

    I would like to give Nikon’s NX raw processor a try again, but will wait until the reviews.

    I wish Nikon would open up their source code or at least team up with the software engineers at Apple to produce a better product. Oh well, with our luck they would team up with Adobe and put out an over bloated, system-resource hog that would work but would be ridiculously complicated and tiresome to use.

    • peterw

      “I wish Nikon would open their source code…”

      It is to be expected that Nikon wants as much money for their R&D effort as Adobe and Apple want for theirs.
      It is the selling point for Nikon Capture, and as a matter of fact, also a selling point in respect to other camera brands. Opening means anybody can use these profiles.
      Only Fuji will not be interested, because they have even better profiles.

      The question might be: which brand has opened their source code to the world, and why did they do that.

  • Zerocool

    Installed on i5 Late 2011 27″ imac with OS X Lion… Just rename some files and you will notice the difference! This is not a clean version however, as I have already run into a couple of minor issues:

    – Previews of tif files saved from Silver Efx 2 do not display as B/W but color in the File Browser Tab
    – Renaming menu, no NEW NAME + ORIGINAL NAME… WTF!!!! Give us an unlimited character string and it wouldnt matter, but you still have a max character limit.

    Capture NX is my editor of choice, no other software gets as good results with Nikon NEFs. Period. This update feels like a tease for NX3, but I am thankful to find out that they have 64bit support, which has been my main concern. Still looking forward to NX3… Still glad they released this version, I will be able to edit over the holidays in 64 bit, hallelujah!!

  • D300

    Performance on my i7-920
    open a nef file out of Nikon view (til rendering is finished)
    Capture 2.28
    NEF from D300 7.6s
    NEF from D7000 13.2s
    Capture 2.3.0 (64-bit)
    NEF from D300 4.8s
    NEF from D7000 7.0s
    OS: Windows 7 (Enterprise) 64-bit

  • TimK

    For those who want to use Color Efex 3 for NX, just make sure you run NX2 2.3 at 32 bit mode and your Color Efex 3 is version 3.003

    Even at 32 bit mode, 2.3 is running much much faster than 2.28. My Color Efex 3 is running great with 2.3. With 64 bit without Color Efex, it is faster than 32bit for sure, but not much. I rather keep my Color Efex.

    Note that if you don’t have the latest version of Color Efex 3, you need to download it from Nik Software. You won’t find Color Efex 3 for NX on their regular product list anymore. You can search it in their site using search box or go to this link

    Also, here is a comprehensive review of 2.3

    Hope it helps!

    • TimK

      Forgot to mention, I tested it on my Mac running Lion 10.7.2

  • Brian

    I wondering if anyone has heard if Nikon has fixed the problem with the Nikon Capture NX 2.3.0 (64-bit) update, yet.

    I was told yesterday, albeit, in Canada that they would be releasing a fix for the serial number hiccup today but as of yet I have’nt seen an update.

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