Updated Nikon D800 specs


I am now 99% confident that the remaining unconfirmed specs from this Nikon D800 post and the D800 pictures are real. Here is the updated list:

  • 36 MP sensor (7360x4912)
  • 100% viewfinder coverage
  • Improved AF with face recognition – the D800 will still have 51 points AF point
  • CF+SD memory card slots
  • USB 3.0
  • ISO range: 100 – 6400, ISO LO @ 50 and  ISO HI-2 @ 25600
  • The screen will be larger than 3 inches (probably 3.2 in.)
  • The D800 will not have built-in GPS
  • Expeed 3 processor
  • There will be two different D800 versions/models, one with the antialiasing filter removed
  • 4 fps continuous shooting, about 6 fps in DX mode with optional battery pack
  • Video modes: 1080p/30/25/24 and 720p/60/30/25/24
  • Headphone jack, can input from an external device such as a PCM sound recorder
  • 86k pixels RGB sensor
  • 200,000 shutter cycles
  • Uncompressed HDMI video out (just like the Nikon D4)
Still no idea about the exact D800 announcement date.
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  • Phil

    Because they dropped the ISO from the D700 low of 200 to the D800 of 100, does that mean that the 6400 is more like 12800 on the D800 compared to the D700?

    (if that makes any sense coming from a rookie)

    • JH

      No! The base-ISO won’t tell you anything about the high-ISO performance.

      • Ralph

        I bet it does, if they’d been able to get optimum performance at iso200 they would have. Optimum performance for the D700 is at 200.

        • Yeah, I tend to agree Ralph. I think it’s a telling sign. I would certainly expect poorer iso performance than the D700. Great if it were as good or better, but hey, 36mp guys. Trade offs are gonna happen. Not a happy compromise for me, but I’m no landscape photographer.

    • ys

      The sensitivity of ISO 6400 between any DSLR will be the same. So if you took a picture at f/5.6 1/250 at ISO 6400 with both camera, the exposure is the same.

      What D800 might offer, is less noise at ISO 6400 compared to D700.

      • LGO

        “What D800 might offer, is less noise at ISO 6400 compared to D700.”

        If the 36mp FX sensor on the D800 is simply a scaled-up version of the 16mp DX sensor on the D7000, then it is likely that the D800 will not be able to match the S/N ratio that the D700 can achieve at high ISO. Hopefully, Nikon can improve the performance of the 36mp to yield a S/N at high ISO that is equal to the D700. I doubt however whether it will be better than the D700.

    • Image

      No. ISO 6400 is ISO 6400. They just lowered the native ISO… which they should have done a long time ago.

      Thanks but no thanks, Nikon. I will wait for something closer to a D700. Ya know… the insanely popular FX camera that nailed a winning formula that should have only been improved upon and not abandoned? Yeah, that one. Guess I’ll hold onto my money until you do what is logical.

      • John M

        I suspect the D700 was too popular for it’s own good. Nikon won’t repeat the same “mistake” of making a less expensive version of their flagship camera.

        • The D3 still sold extremely well.

          • John M

            Of course, but how many people chose the D700 because it was mostly the same camera, but smaller and cheaper? It looks like Nikon thinks many of those would have gone all the way up if there wasn’t a stopping point half way to it.

            • enesunkie

              I don’t think Nikon was as worried that the D700 stole some of the market from the D3. I think they are more concerned how it did against the 5DMII.

            • Nicolás

              D3 was aimed at professionals, and they probably got it anyway even if the D700 was cheaper.

        • Ken Elliott

          It is not a mistake. Nikon has done this before. Go read a review of the F100, as an example. Deliver a pro flagship (D3), then deliver an “80%” camera at a lower price (D700). This causes you to choose between two Nikons, rather than a Nikon and a Canon. And that is exactly what happened.

          Had they not produced the D700, I’m have purchased a Canon 5D MkII.

          Also, I like the option of choosing two D700 bodies rather than a single D3. An affordable pro body is critical to growing the pro market. Nikon let Canon leapfrog them in the pro market, and I don’t think they will let that happen again.

          • John M

            Yeah, I know it wasn’t a mistake. But based on the D800 specs Nikon apparently thinks it was.

      • I am surprised nobody commented on the 103mb TIFF file! 103mb from a 36mpx camera? There is definitely something wrong here, the Tiff file is the size of a 17.4mpx sensor! Maybe its not a 36mpx camera, but some new tech that gives 36mpx resolution equivalent…. In fact I believe (hope) it is a different version of the same sensor of the D4 with perhaps true color (no beyer pattern) or some other kind of magic….

    • Banned


      • Michael Devonport


    • Roger

      No, Phil, that’s not correct.

  • Phei

    What about the name? Will it really be D800?

  • Gearoid

    First! Wow Can’t wait. Announce it now Nikon!

    • Mike

      Such a tool…

  • Any price update for the two versions?

    • Brock Kentwell

      Considering parts shortages and a strong yen, it will probably be under $4k, but not by much, I’m guessing.

      $3699.99 and $3799.99 have a nice ring.

  • Mimmo

    Santa Claus is coming to town…… plesa Santa bring me a D800!

  • Well, they took my focus point selector and removed it in favor of a video button.

    Blah. Forget it. Give me a D4. 🙂

    • D700guy

      Screw that.
      Give me both god-damnit!

  • Dana

    Nikon may have pushed me into the arms of Canon with this one
    36mp is just too much. And the 4fps continuous shooting is just too slow. The d90 I was planning on upgrading from is faster than that.

    • Tim

      So a large mp sensor would push into changing over your entire system? Wow, why don’t you just buy a D700 or get a D3s.

      • Dan

        That’s funny, I was just thinking Nikon might have lured me away from Canon with this one. 😉

      • MG

        D3s is too big and expensive.
        d700 has no video.

    • Mike

      Yeah, that seems a bit hasty to consider changing all your lenses for this deficiency, which could also be fixed by REDUCING the picture quality accordingly to reduce processing time. If you change to JPEG and also try a faster CF card you might also get faster FPS.

      • nah

        you have no idea what you are talking about

      • There is no camera (yet) that increases frame rate with a faster cards. The best you can do is increase the number of consecutive shots at the max frame rate. There were a couple pages that claimed otherwise, but their videos proved that what I’m saying is true.

    • Hugh Wish

      Why don’t you just stop being a moron. Your pictures surely suck if your logic so fallacious. You probably couldn’t take a decent picture to save your life. You have no decent glass whatsoever. Hence why you are a flip-flopping dip wad.

    • arizonaSteve

      The D800 is a specialized product.

      They are not making it for people who are upgrading from a D90. If a D90 user wants to upgrade they will have a lot of choices: D700 (until they quit making them), D7000, D300s, D800, D4/D3s. Not to mention the used market.

      No disrespect meant, but frankly at 36mp you aren’t their target with this camera (and depending on the video settings, neither am I).

      • Roger

        Not a specialized product at all. This is a versatile camera that will do everything other than sports. 4fps is there deliberately to push people into buying D4 for sports and journalist assignments.

        I’m talking about D800 *with* AA filter. Model *without* AA filter will not work well for a variety of things, though, depending on how critical you are of image quality.

    • So which Canon would you buy instead? D1X? 5D MKII? MKIII?

  • Troy

    Couldn’t be 4fps!

  • At 36 MP you can forget it. That’s plain stupidity for the prosumers holding off on a D700 purchase.

    • sjones

      It amazes me how many people make decisions about the perceived quality, you say 36MP is too much in 4-5 yrs that will probably be the norm. Why can’t we all wait to see what the image quality is, Nikon will probaly amaze us.

      • arizonaSteve

        Love my D700. A lot of factors go into the decision on upgrading. That being said, I sure would like 36mp.

        If I need high FPS or something, I will reach for a different camera/tool.

    • Roger

      Not stupidity, Steven. It’s called better image quality.

  • Dave

    4fps? Seriously? That kills it for me. I’ll stick with my D300s or get a used D700.

    • Discontinued

      4fps is a killer indeed. Impossible to do anything on location or any kind of studio work with just 4fps. Portraiture, architecture, landscape, advertising, fashion, beauty nothing will work out with 4fps. LOL. WANT, WANT, WANT ! ! !

      • Abraham Collins

        You crack me up, sir! 😀

      • enesunkie

        So basically just about anything but sports. Yea, there might be a market for that camera!

  • Ant

    Any word on if it will have the D7000’s user-specific mode settings? I’d also be interested to see which battery it used.

  • Nice! USB 3.0 is a good standard update. Its too bad the camera won’t do 120 fps, but that’s expecting a lot. The 4/6fpsdoes sound low though…

  • Unfortunately you find the Sony A900 replacement and Canon 5d Mk III will be 30mp+ also. Hope that all 3 will offer pixel binning modes.

  • Rabi

    It seems like this is a spiritual successor to the D3x, not the D700; that is to say, a studio camera. If so, I hope we’re going to see a D300 successor somewhere between the D7000 and the D3 replacement, something that now will be more like a true D700 successor. I’m a serious news shooter, but just cannot afford anything in the D3 line. Even if the D800 is less expensive than the D4, I am not going to buy a camera with 4fps that clearly is going to trade low-light performance for MP.

    • +1

    • Roger

      It’s not gonna trade anything. You’ve read too much dpreview.

  • Hmm, not really the D800 I’d be after, I’d be ecstatic with a D3s sensor in a D700 size body with 5-7FPS

    • Adamski

      True that. Exactly. D3s sensor in D700 body, maybe with a bit better video features and i’m all happy and switching.

      • Better video settings means no video at all. At least for me.
        Any guy with VHS camcorder does video worlds better than DSLR.
        Couple of times I shoot video 720i but video is not about resolution but about specific usability and 30x motor zoom.
        Of course that is true for ocassional video. Full time pro can do it with canon DSLRs but only from tripod.

        • arizonaSteve

          I thought we had been over this a bazillion times: if you don’t want video on your DSLR, don’t use it.

          I don’t like raw peppers, but I still buy the veggie tray at Costco. It is a good deal for semi fresh vegetables. I eat the broccoli, carrots, snap peas, and cherry tomatoes. I leave the peppers untouched.

          • Theo

            Why don’t you shut up and respect other opinions?
            The “too much MP” on the D800 is also discussed over and over and still goes on.

            Since in this world nothing is for free, also video will cost something or might get you some disadvantages or cost saving effects on the still side.
            And all you video-in-DSLR freaks why don’t you have a look at the dpreview test of the Sony A77 with 1080 at 60 frames: even a simple pan looks like shit. Unusable without special video gear. And if you can spent 700 to 1000 bucks on a fluid video head then you can also spent 1000 bucks on a dedicated video body!

        • Dan

          Methinks you may not know what you’re talking about. Scenes from this summer’s Captain America film, as well as I believe the entire season of House were shot on a DSLR. Pretty sure that wouldn’t have happend with a VHS camcorder…

          • arizonaSteve

            Some of the IndyCar racing scenes in Iron Man 2 where done with the 5D II, and a few shots in the upcoming Avengers movie were done with it as well.

      • Axel

        Sure ! At the price of the D300 (not the D300s) !

        No ?

        • Much as it pains me to admit, cheaper price still doesn’t give me the features I’d want in such a camera – it isn’t always about the price.

          I was expecting a D700 replacement with similar ISO range to D3s at the very least but also with a halfway-reasonable FPS (even if it requires a grip). Let’s face it, 4fps is barely quicker than a D40, so not ideal for HDRs.

  • Adamski

    I think these are specs for D4x, not D800.

    • Roger

      D800 = D4x

  • Axel

    Boy, the D3S prices are so NEVER going to go down … Good strategy on their side though (for those having a lot money)

    With the D700 vs D3, Nikon has given the dream to a lot of amateurs that they could have access to the exact same stuff as the pros (if not better) for 3 times less money …

    Seems this time is over …

  • David

    It would be nice to have this much resolution for certain situations. Requires very good lenses and very good shooting conditions to make use of it though. High resolution doesn’t come for free.

  • Sean G

    Is there any word on the controls for the video? Will it be the same as all of the other video models. Nikon’s video controls are forced automatic exposure and composition, where-a Canon’s offer fully manual controls.

    • Grind matthews

      D700 has manual exposure in video mode you moron.

      • Grind matthews


      • arizonaSteve

        I do find it annoying to have to leave video mode to change the aperture though.

        • Discontinued

          I use AIS lenses for video a lot and highly recommend it. Gives you full aperture control in video mode – even while recording. MF is smooth and much nicer too.

  • I just buy the d3s for à amazing price!!!! I’m totaly Happy 😉 so for weeding It’s just perfect 😉 d800 can’t be a solution 🙁

  • Could anyone clarify what the difference would be (in terms of image quality) between a D800 with antialiasing filter and one without?

    I’m thinking of getting the D800 mainly for portrait work, a medium format camera would be way out of my league for me.

    • matgay

      get a Mamiya 7 II. used body with the lens will run less than usd$1500.00

    • Thierry

      It’s hard to answer what the difference between AA filter and no AA filter will be because we don’t know how weak the AA filter will be. If it’s the same as current cameras then it will cut before the Nyquist frequency and remove some fine details. The camera without AA filter will record these missing details, but it will also be more prone to moiré (false colors causes by interference between the Bayer filter and some patterns)

    • Roger

      Model without AA filter will have aliasing, obviously.

      Aliasing is an artifact that newbies confuse with real detail. Aliased images are perceived as sharp by newbies, but they look very unnatural and disturbing. False detail, color aliasing and whatnot. Newbies love it, pros hate it. Moire is one of things that will be most obvious. You shoot portraits? Get ready to delete images when you get moire in hair, fabrics. 😉

      • Aaron Shepard

        Everything you know about antialiasing is probably about to become outdated. The Nikon processors are powerful enough that they can probably eliminate moire in software.

        • Roger


          One, you’re guessing. Two, processor speed has nothing do with it.

  • Levi H

    I’m beginning to think they may announce both the D4 and D800 at the same time. It’s like about the same price range, but just for completely different fields. Then again, if they were to do that the D800 would probably have an integrated battery grip, which it does not. So I don’t know where Nikon is taking us with this, but it sure does turn me off to the D700 replacement from what I’m used to with the D700. It’s a completely different direction.

    Not to say I don’t love my D700! I’ll just keep it till I’m impressed with what’s next!

    • goldaccess

      Don’t agree with “same price range”. D800 will be below $4000 while the D4 will be well above $6000.

      • F119a

        So how about an D4X? I think it cannot be more than $7999…

        • Levi h

          Yeah, I understand that. I guess what I’m trying to say is there is goin to be a huge price gap between D7000 $1,200 camera and the new D800 at $4000. Still got hopes for a smaller low light full frame to fill that gap.

          • Sahaja

            Sooner or later there may be a camera (or cameras) to fill that gap – but they are not going to release them together with the D4 and D800

  • Got to love some of these comments…. I guess the D4 specs are too slow in fps. And it is simple math 36mp sounds right for 4fps. Clearly learn what camera is used for what situation. For commercial shooting 36mp is Great!

  • Sadly for many, this is not a successor to D700. Since I have just tiny D5000, my next camera for several years will be D700. Hoping for price decrease after D800 release.

  • Let’s hope the non AA version is substantially less expensive than $4,000. I wonder if the high ISO noise will be as good as a D700.

    • Ren Kockwell

      You don’t need a new camera. You need to learn how to effectively use your D700. But then again, rich amateurs can do whatever they want. You should prolly get some real glass though. None of this Tokina business.

      • nah

        shut the hell up

      • Ken Rockwell

        Will the real Ken Rockwell in the room please stand up, please stand up…

      • It is amazing how dedicated the trolls are that they would follow me all over the net. I would really appreciate it if Admin would turn over their ip addresses to me so that I could file a complaint with their ISP’s.

        • LOL

          Coming from the guy who (finally!) got banned from Dpreview for routinely threatening violence toward people for not liking his voyeuristic snapshots.

          Allllll righty.

          • None of that is true and you know it.

            • Taymore Photography

              I can vouch that it is, indeed, true. Your rebuttal, is, in fact, false, and you know it.

          • All three of these troll post must be from the same source; I can’t say person. You are too chicken to use the same handle that you use at dpreview and certainly too chicken to post a link to a photo gallery.

            Go ahead and vouch, but nobody will believe you.

            What are your qualifications to make such judgments. You can say anything you like here, but it is all BS without a link to a gallery.

            I am the one receiving threats of violence, not the one making them.

    • Roger

      High ISO noise will be BETTER than D700.

  • 36mp is really too much and 4fps is just ridiculous but I bet the D3x will have a major price drop after this. Lighter body seems like a good idea but why come out with 2 version, the other one with the antialiasing filter removed?

  • 4FPS seems 6YTL – 6 years too late!

    My D70 is at 3FPS – I know there’s no comparison.. but really?

  • OuttaDiskSpace

    Have you heard anything about it supporting less than full resolution RAW files?

  • RN

    I wonder if it’ll have a substantially higher frame-rate at a lower resolution (say, the “small” 12 megapixel image size)? There have been a couple of time I’d like greater resolution than my D700, but a lot more where more FPS to capture action or higher ISO in the woods would have been very useful.

    *Sigh* Two steps forward, one step sideways, a hop up, and a short jig back….. Eventually they will get it perfect for me. 🙂

  • Tim

    I wonder if they will produce another camera that has less mp and be faster shooting with the FX sensor and comparable price to give people the option.

  • Mircea Ciuca

    Estimated price, please.

  • twoomy

    Next year will be exciting, but it will be a sad Nikon Christmas this year. Just about every high-end lens and camera is out-of-stock or out-of-production and it’s been a while since something BIG has been announced. Looking forward to a bright 2012!

    • In Eastern Europe Christmas is always celebrated at 7th of January. Switch on. 😉

  • john

    I can confirm antialaising filter removal=digital Infared shooting.

  • JH

    These specs are very disappointing. Many people including myself switched over to Nikon, because they had the nearly perfect cameras – fullframe, very high FPS, professional grade AF and – the biggest point – truly great noise performance.

    I owned an 5DII Mark II for a few months because it was Canons only option high-ISO capabilites that time… and it was quite aweful with it’s slowness and – compared to Nikon – bad noise performance, due to the 21MP sensor.

    And now? Nikon is building a 5DII clone, lol. I think many D700 users won’t upgrade to this pixelmonster… nobody needs more than 20MP, noise performance is what people want – and I cant imagine this 36MP sensor could even beat the four years old D3/D700. So where’s the sense of this camera? Video mode? Come on…

    I will keep my D3 and hope for a D4 which will be a WORTHY successor.

    • Abo

      well, you will be surprise when seein the images at 6400 from this camera. you forgot the founr years developing new algoritmics and enhancing pixel level and performaces. just wait and see. it is dam amazing.

    • Josh

      LOL at you. YOU may not need this high MP – a lot of people want it and this camera will sell like hotcakes. Your pea sized brain can’t understand that the world does not revolve around you.

      And it’s been 3.5 years since the D700. Do you think that technology has not advanced? I can bet that this camera’s output will exceed that of the D700.

      Now run back into mommy’s arms and learn something about photography.

      • Meh

        “your photography probably sucks” type comments should have to be backed up with at least one photo taken by the person talking trash. Otherwise, it’s such an empty insult.

      • Juergen.

        Josh Posted December 16, 2011 at 4:17 pm
        LOL at you. YOU may not need this high MP – a lot of people want it and this camera will sell like hotcakes. Your pea sized brain can’t understand that the world does not revolve around you.
        (end of cite)

        Ok, so how many “D800” will be sold per month (or year)? And how many DSLRs sells Nikon per month (or year)?

        (cite begin)
        Your pea sized brain can’t understand that the world does not revolve around you.

        Now run back into mommy’s arms and learn something about photography.
        (cite end)
        Strong words – but you as an expert will be able to give a professional answer, won’t you??

    • Ho-ho-ho

      actually, D7000 turned out pretty pretty good, ain’t it ?
      so D800 @ 36mp is the same sensor density just made into fullframe and possible a little bit better considering that D7k came out 1 yr ago.
      Another question is if your lens can resolve so much.

      • Roger

        Not quite correct.

        This will be A LOT BETTER than D7k, 2.25x larger sensor baby. 😉
        Your lenses can resolve so much, and I can say this even without knowing what lenses you own.

        In fact, it would make your head spin if I told you exactly how much can best lenses resolve. 😉

    • Roger


      Noise is what you want? This will have lower noise than D700 and your 5D2.

  • Taras

    Maybe the Nikon logo will be all black as in
    hence the coverup?

    • HO-ho-ho

      Interesting catch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • NikonD800

    Im waiting for the D800 with 100- 25600 native ISO at 18mp
    and 7pfs, no AA filter, with full 1080 HD video. I dont see myself buying the D800 with spec listed above.

    • pabs


    • Roger

      This D800 does everything better than the camera you want, except its 4 fps instead of 7.

    • Roger

      P.S. There’s really no “native ISO”.

  • clemens

    Is anybody able to explain why the on the photos shown camera has a third button besides the on/out-switch and the same camera in the chicago-produced video has that not. What is nonsence of both – or are it both?

  • T.I.M

    Any pictures of the beast ? (I mean real pictures with Nikon and F800/FX written on it)
    Peter, I honestly doubt that your pictures are real, well, only one month before we find out !
    By the way, the 36MP sensor is 3x12MP

    • > By the way, the 36MP sensor is 3x12MP

      I’ll seek and kill you if that would be wrong. 🙂

  • max ISO 6400? can’t be true.

    • Roger

      It can. What ISO it has doesnt tell you anything about quality……. which will be better than D700.

  • USB3? I’m assuming this means that the D4 will ditch ethernet and thunderbolt which is disappointing. I was really looking for them to choose thunderbolt and move forward! I’m still not sure I believe 36mp. I’m also conflicted that they have CF+SD vs. CF+XQD. Not convinced all the details are hammered out. Looking forward to update my D3 though. So let’s get to making these things official, eh?

    • Ken Elliott

      Thunderbolt? Are you suggesting that Nikon dump USB and give us an interface that only exists on the latest models of a single manufacturer? That would be very very stupid.

      Look, USB 3 is way fast – fast enough to do anything the camera can produce. And it works with USB 1, 2 or 3. Thunderbolt might make sense when Intel rolls out the fiber optic version. But for now, USB is a far better choice.

  • NikonD800

    Im waiting for the D800 with 100- 25600 native ISO at 18mp
    and 7pfs, no AA filter, with full 1080 HD video. I dont see myself buying the D800 with spec listed above.
    If the other D800 model had a 24mp ff sensor and 100-12800 native ISO full hd video, 7pfs, No AA filter it would be my perfect camera for years to come and getting two.

  • Newfie

    I’m beginning to wonder if the D800 is actually a replacement for the D3X and we will see a D9000 has a hybrid/replacement for both the D400 and the D700.

    • That’s my thoughts.

    • (Also in D4 thread)

      My thoughts are as follows:

      D7000: 16MP, high performance consumer DX
      D400: 24MP, semi-pro DX. More rugged body and pro controls
      D800: 36MP, pro FX, tailored to shooters that need pixels vs low light performance
      D4: 16-18MP, pro FX, high speed, high performance, high price.

      That would be a fairly complete lineup, and competitive with anyone else out there. Canon has already shown that the high end camera won’t be the megapixel monster as the 5dII already has more pixels than the latest and greatest (not even released yet) D1X. Nikon seems to be following suit if rumours are true. The high end models (D4/1DX) will be high frame rate, high ISO, tech laden flagship models. The step down models will be smaller body, higher pixel, lower priced cameras with good video features.

      I’m not sure if Nikon will use the D3S sensor in a smaller body down the road. It would be nice, but doesn’t seem likely.

      The D4 sounds like a winner in low light, but remains to be seen. We may not get a D4S but possible to see a 48 MP D4X in 18 months?

      Read more on NikonRumors.com: https://nikonrumors.com/2011/12/11/nikon-d4-specs-16-2mp-11-fps-102400-native-iso-xqd-memory-card.aspx/#ixzz1gjeXHZkV

    • Roger

      What do you mean, you’re beginning to wonder if this is a replacement for D3x. I told everyone here that 3 months ago. 😉

  • Sandeep

    Admin..Is there is any news about image files..Means will it have any 16bit images…..

  • Jonny Ray

    86k pixel RGB sensor? That’s crazy. D700 has around 1k and D7000 around 2k. Obviously the 36mp has something to do with it, but that’s still a pretty huge jump. Interesting.

    • jodjac

      86k RGB sensor: I’d say that’s very interesting too. That should have a big impact on image quality and, I suppose, dynamic range. Im excited. Will someone please explain what the extra red button near the shutter release button is and what it’s implications are? Can you record video with the camera at your eye?
      Isn’t that a big deal?

  • chris zeller

    If these specs turn out to be true, I’ll be very pleased with my decision to go with a D7000 now instead. Maybe the ISO performance will be a bit better, but then again maybe not with basically the same ISO range available. Otherwise, the D800 seems worse than the D7000 in everything I care about except viewfinder and wide angle with the 14-24mm. Cost would be too high and 36 MP would only drive me to replace my PC too to handle the unneeded file size.

    Now if the D400 turns out to be the real D700 replacement then that would be very interesting.

    • Jonny Ray

      Which specs is the proposed D800 worse than the D7000? Obviously fps. What else?

  • Jonny Ray

    I do wish the FPS was higher, but 6fps in DX mode is still fairly reasonable and I would be happy to should 6fps at 18mp when shooting wildlife or action shots. I don’t personally need much faster when shooting the landscapes I generally shoot… I’m just hoping the RAW buffer is nice and high for bracketing, panoramas, etc..

  • French Fries

    These specs are still hillarious….. I don’t believe a word of it.

    Hope I am wrong, but what a bummer if this all turns out to be fake

  • kevin

    Im amateur here,trying to understand a few things. Whats the difference between 4 and 7 pfs? isnt it just how many photos you can take at continue shots? Just click the button twice for 8 pfs.

    Would 36MP really make more noise than 12mp at the same ISO range?

    • fps = frames per second. How many exposures the body can take in one second, (shutter speed dependent).

    • goldaccess

      fps means frames per second. Having 4fps and pressing the shutter button 3 seconds long it takes 12 pictures. For 7fps it would mean 21 pictures. That applies as long as the buffer can take pictures. After that the fps rate degrades drastically and depends on the speed of the inserted card.

  • Um, I’m not convinced that the 36mp spec is accurate. Does Nikon make many lenses that have that kind of resolving power? There is a reason why medium format and 4K cinema lenses are so expensive, the manufacturing tolerances required for that kind of spec are pretty insane.

    • I’m sure all of their pro lenses will be fine. The lower end glass may have a problem, but that can be said for any sensor. Better glass means better images, regardless of sensor.

    • Roger

      Yes, they do make those lenses….

      P.S. You’re wrong about medium format lenses

  • Shane

    Will it have built in flash for commander mode setups

    • built in commander is obsolete since PW Flexes are out

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