Nikon D4 specs: 16.2MP, 11 fps, 12,800 native ISO, XQD memory card

I was able to collect some specs from several sources for the upcoming Nikon D4 camera. The [NR] rating on those specs is 90% which means this is the real deal with maybe some small details being wrong possibly due to wrong translation.

Nikon D4 specs:

  • 16.2 MP
  • 11 fps
  • Correction: 100-12,800 102,400 native ISO range, expandable to 50 and 204,800
  • CF + XQD memory card slots! That's right, the Nikon D4 will have the new Compact Flash XQD memory card slot.
  • Compatible with the new Nikon WT-5 wireless transmitter
  • Integrated Ethernet in the camera
  • Face detection/recognition function that will be working in the viewfinder (maybe some type of a hybrid viewfinder? Nikon had several related patents)
  • Improved video, I have no other details on that but my guess is 1080p/30/25/24 and 720p/60/30/25/24 similar to the Nikon D800
  • Uncompressed video out through the HDMI port
  • Ability to assign the two buttons on the front of the camera to smooth aperture control during video recording
  • Improved 51 AF points
  • AF detection range will go down to EV-2.0 (the D3s went to EV -1)
  • Autofocus system: 9 cross-type sensors that are operational up to f/8

The Nikon D4 is clearly made to compete with the Canon EOS 1Dx. I will stay conservative on the announcement date, but there is a very good chance that the Nikon D4 will be announced right before or during the PMA show in Las Vegas (January 10-13, 2012).

With the next round of pro DSLR cameras I think Nikon will make a clear separation of the D800 and D4. This is why they will probably announce both cameras around the same time in 2012. The D4 will have low MP count, high fps, high ISO. The D800 will have high MP count, low fps, lower ISO. This is a clear differentiation from the previous D3/D700 offering that shared the same sensor/technology.

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  • Jon

    I wonder how many people can really afford a camera like this. As amazing as I’m sure it will be, it’s likely to cost twice as much as the D700. It begs the question, is a D4 or 2x D700 bodies better value?

    The rumoured D800 specs look interesting though. I think that may compliment my D700 more than the (rumoured) D4.

    • TSY

      the D_ series was never meant as a consumer camera, therefore the price of the camera does not reflect what a typical consumer budgets for in a camera. The d3s is already over double the cost of the d700 (before the disasters) and the d3x is almost 3 times that price.

      Having had the D700 and now the D3s, i would say that the value is really in the eye of the beholder. Sure, the d700 is an AMAZING camera but do i regret spending that much on a d3s? no, the d3s is something you have to experience to really see the value in. Its not something you can quantify with specs and numbers alone.

      • JamieParent

        I agree 100% with this statement. I own the D700 and the D3s. The D3s is something you need to experience on an assignment. It’s something else.

        I’m really looking forward to the D4.

      • mikils

        I second that: I bought a D3s 2 years ago assuming D700 was close to its retirement and since then I was so awestruck with D3s I never regretted the extra money.

        • Ryan

          Word! I had always thought that new lower end models would be better than the old flagship models of 4-5 years ago. Man was I ever wrong! I bought a D7000 after holding out for years, love the camera, but then I tried my old mans D3… Dude, I’d trade that D7000 and cough up a good $1000 to have a D3. The AF is beyond anything I have ever used before, it is bang on all the time, you never miss a shot. I will never buy a camera with anything less than D3 AF… Man it will change your life. I’d trade my GF for a D3, because once you get that camera, you are gonna get laid like a mother trucker! Ohhh YEah!

          • Jon

            That’s it, I’m getting one!!!

            Ryan wins! 😀

      • Jon

        Interesting. I’ve never shot with the D3s so maybe I should give it a try 🙂

        • Hom Thogan

          Even when there will be trolls saying that I’m lying: there’s a perceptible difference in how responsive the D3s is versus the D700, if the D700 is great the D3s is even better, as an example AF: the AF is much more responsive in the D3s (mind you the D700 AF is almost perfect) even when they share the same AF module they don’t share the same computing power and the D3s has more power under the hood.

          Once you have used a D3s you will know another world and I am dead serious about it.

        • TSY

          If you ever get a chance to try one out, I say go for it! However, be warned that after experiencing and using a D3s, it will be hard to go back!! 🙂

          • Jon

            Yeah, that’s what I’m worried about!

      • Bip

        I bought a D3S because D700 is out of stock and I can’t get a sense of date from the retailers (all the major ones) as to when it will be back on the shelf. I bit the bullet and bought the D3S even thought it was more than twice the price of a D700.

        I never regretted it.

        My friend had a D700 for two years and after he tried my D3S in a photography trip, he bought one the following week.

    • Ralph

      …and a D700 isnt 5 times as good as a point and shoot. Whats your point? Its called diminishing returns of technology. There is always a big premium for the current state of art products.

      • Jon


        I wasn’t trying to make a point. I understand there is always a premium for top of the range products and I was raising a question regarding price v performance.

        I can’t see how anyone could possibly get confrontational over that.

      • FM2Fan

        sure? consider you own lens for FF already: then there is no other path. So either you use the gear at its capabilities OR simply choose the equipment as the situation allows to do – price is not the key – it is the usefulness as perceived by the owner/user – all the rest is less important.

      • zoetmb

        Actually, I think a D700 is most certainly five times better than a P&S. I think even my D200 is still at least five times better than any P&S available today.

        • Ninpou

          Heh, my D700 is > 5X my D200 POS (^_^)

          • 120-300 os

            Oke 5 times better than D200 oke then nice for me i just bought sigma 120-300 os nikon mount and wauw what a difference Nikon 300 Vr was out of reach and no zoom 200-400 Vr price and still F4 but waiting for next gen D series too my D200 still serves but af sometimes laking and iso clean 400 max somes better but general.

      • Ronan

        D700 sure is 5 times better than a P&S… Idiot.

        You can’t even compare them… it’s like a bicycle vs a mustang. Just because both have wheels, doesn’t make them the same.

        • Rob

          Take a pill dude.

      • SG

        Snarky bastard. Why can’t you keep it positive?

    • Marco Antonio

      Depends on what you do. If I did wildlife, celebrity, concert or professional sports photography for a living, I’d want this yesterday because some of its features – both those listed and the intangibles – will give me an edge over the competition, or at least keep me up with them. For other forms of professional photography the need is less compelling.

      And for people who don’t make significant income off of photography, they’ll have to consider their needs carefully. Off of my decidedly middle class income I could afford this, plus even a 400 f/2.8 if I budgeted this and focused on it (i.e. bought this with a carefully chosen array of no more than 5 lenses that I’d take at least 2000 pictures with per lens per year, and kept this as my only camera for at least four years. To my mind this means at least 500 photos per year that I’d say is equal to the average professional output in that chosen field. This also means not annually upgrading to the latest and greatest consumer cameras. Or getting a Nikon system with redundant, little used lenses, and then an m4/3 system with redundant little used lenses……). But the opportunity cost would be enormous, even only in terms of photo trips not taken.

      And besides, as a business expense, it’s not that much. I doubt it’ll be much more expensive (at the most 20% more) than the D3 was when it came out. Again, for certain pros, not for pros who are making plenty of money with their D300 or D2X, to say nothing of amateurs.

      • Jon

        Yeah, good points, well made, Marco.

        The problem for me would be that, though it would be a business purchase, I’m only semi-pro. I do the occasional wedding and studio shoot but it all fits in around my main job. It would definitely pay for itself over time, I just need to decide if I stick at the D700 level or make the step up.

        Based on everyone’s (very helpful) feedback, I’ll definitely give a pro body a go.

        • Marco Aurelio

          Realize this is 2+ weeks late and Jon may well not see it….

          ….but from a strictly business perspective, I’d stick with the D700 or even go with the rumored D800 for your studio shoots. Unless you want to push to higher ISOs at your weddings.

          But, “I want it and it will pay for itself” is compelling logic. 😉

    • Jesus_sti

      And do you know this : Some guys shoot with Phase One and Hasselblad ….

  • wojciech

    x) preety nice joke with xqd ;D
    but it would be nice camera…

  • CAT

    Should satisfy the D3/s crowd!

  • kyoshinikon

    Well this sucks! If you were to compare the D3s to the 1Dx the D3s is only slightly lesser (less mpx) Nikon should really take advantage of this because it would take little to leapfrog the 1Dx in terms of specs

    • sirin

      except Nikon AF does EV -2.0 and Canon’s AF is a joke. doesn’t matter how much MPs a camera has – if it can’t focus, it’s garbage.

      • Doug

        I like you. You shoot straight and you make sense.

      • FX DX

        So all the white lens photographers at Olympics are using garbage? Grow up dude. I know you are a Nikon user but you don’t have to trash Canon to make your argument. Only time will tell how 1DX compares to D4(s).

      • Justify

        How stupid you are 1D X does -2 EV and seem to have better AF then the D4.

        • Tom

          How stupid are you?

          Not only do not know how to use punctuation, but you also possess a crystal ball? I haven’t seen a D4 or out there to compare them.

        • How would you even know that if they’re not even available yet?

  • 1dx

    these are good specs about 2 years ago

    • Hugh Wish

      SO sick of reading retarded people like this.

      What part of (on-paper) 1 stop better than 1DX don’t you get? Better AF? Better ergonomics? Etc. Nothing about the 1DX clearly beats the D4. Opposite, besides the meaningless 2Mps.

      Idiot x10000. Go back to Canonrumors with the rest of people people that buy a camera just because 4 out of 5 of their friends also use that brand.

      • mikils

        Well, this is true, and yet I was expecting D4 to widen the gap with Canon, not to stay just there…

  • bikerglen

    Bought my D700 last year. Very happy with it. I’m looking for video now. I’ll wait to see what Nikon announces in the next three months and if it does video well I might get it; otherwise, there are lots of good video choices already on the market.

  • R!

    Like the D90 for the last generation, the D 7000 is going to be the best from nikon the next 3 or 4 years!!!!!!!

    • I have a D90, but certainly don’t consider it the best. Are you talking DX only? If so, there are arguments to say the D300/D300S are better than a D90.

    • That’s an outrageous statement. I owned a D90 for 2 years and have owned a D700 and D300s combo for the past 2 years. Both are very clearly in a totally different class than the D90. Just holding a D90 now is weird. and going back to a D90 from my current combo would likely send me spiraling into depression.

  • ralf

    All This old specs !!

    since Nikon is 1 year late, with all there pro camera !
    this has nothing to do right know with what needed !

    if nothing better is coming the D7000 will be the best choice for sure, and this is not a good choice for pro

    • Tom

      A pro would know better than to say something that stupid. You’re not a “pro” by virtue of the fact you put up with “Bridezilla’s” at weddings. I shot a wedding better than a “pro” did the first month I had a camera because he didn’t understand anything.

      The camera doesn’t make the pictures, the photographers does.

  • fff94

    If you compare the D4 with the 1DX (at least on the sheet) you can see that they are very similar and both seem to be great cameras!

    Good AF, High ISO, enough MP (I don’t care if it has 16 or 18), and both are very fast!

    And both are very expensive 🙁

    I use Canon, but I hate this Canon-Nikon war!
    Both have great cams!

  • alan young

    Nikon please make a D4 Lite, in a smaller package like the D700.

    • Ninpou

      Nikon, please make cameras that are tailored to each customer’s specific whims and then go out of business! 😉

      • Fortuny

        It’s not asking for a personally tailored camera to ask for something they’ve done before with the D3 D700 combo, they should have done that already with the D3s and a D700s, in my opinion at least that’s not asking for a lot.

  • As both a video and photographer this is exactly what I was hoping for from Nikon.
    I switched from the 1D mk iv, preferring nikon glass and the D7000 as a stopgap to this new camera. If it’s true that the D4 will offer uncompressed video via HDMI you will see many people who can’t justify the RED scarlet starting to switch over to Nikon. Canon has prevented clean HDMI out on their DSLR’s because it threatens their pro-line of cameras. I’m sure it will be one heck of a tool for photos as well!

    • John

      I was pretty excited leading up to the RED Scarlet announcement. It turned out to be a little more than I could swing and am sticking to Nikon for now. There will be a Nikon mount for Scarlet soon and I will get one in the future.

  • Chris

    Well – Sounds all good and interesting, but the af-system… ? If I remember right, there was a rumors about a ‘stunning new af-system in the next dslr’s ‘ somewhere around 7 month ago… I’ll be a bit of a shame if the keep it the same (or nearly) with next gen of dslr’s . At least they should relocate the points (more spreaded) and bring in more crosstypes. And hope for Bluetooth (connection to gps etc)mand more options for auto-iso.
    Now waiting for DATES!!!

  • AE

    it’s really a pity that Nikon went to the direction of more pixels in a light (and more affordable) body and less pixels but more sensitivity in a heavy (and 7K) body

    none of them looks like a proper replacement for d700((

    • EnPassant

      D800 IS the replacement for D700! It uses a similar type of body according to the leaked photos here. Having a FX-version of the D7000 sensor ISO-performance will be about a stop better or at least about the same as in D700! That the D700 got the same sensor as D3 was an exception as at that time there was no other affordable sensor avialable. Also at that time Nikon was already developing the even better sensor for D3s! So for those wanting D3s, D4, or for that matter 1DX ISO-performance the answer is easy; Buy one of those cameras!

      • Dchino

        “So for those wanting D3s, D4, or for that matter 1DX ISO-performance the answer is easy; Buy one of those cameras!”

        Huh. So what is easy about dropping an *extra* $3000 on a camera?

        Or does your bank balance not factor into any of your decisions when you make purchase?

        • TheInconvenientRuth

          So, basically what you are saying is (if these were cars, not cameras):
          -I want the 0-60mph in 5 sec. from the BMW M3
          -I want it’s 155mph top speed, preferably without the limiter.
          -I want the chassis, the great handling
          -the brakes and tires that go with it

          But I don’t have the money, so you HAVE to put all these specs in a BMW 1-series hatchback diesel. At a third of the price. If you can’t do that, your brand TOTALLY sucks and….
          ….I’m switching to Audi!!!!

          Getting sick of all these moaners here… If you can do SO much better and you know what EVERYBODY absolutely wants or needs, go start your own camera company, you’ll make billions with your unparalleled insight and foresight.

          • Mock Kenwell

            No. What he is saying is he wants an affordable full frame with video. A D700s. Why is that moaning? Neither the D800 nor the D4 seem to be the logical successor to the D700. It appears Nikon has chosen not to answer this camera. Instead, it’s a simple hi-ISO or hi-MP choice, both with pro price tags.

            It’s quite a leap from $1100 (D7000) to $4000+ (D800). There’s a niche in between that Nikon appears to be discontinuing in FX. A $2500 FX. I’m not interested in a D300 successor.

            • EnPassant

              Ah! Don’t we all want an affordable FX-camera! 🙂 I want one too! To be more specific a FX sensor in a D7000 type body because: A) A smaller body with less controls will make it cheaper, B) A smaller body have less weight, good for us who are not that strong but still want to enjoy FX with nice, old prime lenses, C) A smaller camera fit my small hands better. D700 is too big for me.

              The pixelsize of the sensor on that camera is not a big deal for me. 12Mp, although good enough is yesterdays FX resolution and will propably not be made anymore. But I would take anything from 16-36 MP.

              However I do not think we ever will see a kind of budget D700s having the sensor from D4 or for that matter D3s. First because these sensors are developed by Nikon and produced in smaller numbers only for their Pro-cameras and would be too expensive for a budget FX-camera. Secondly it would be foolish from Nikon to cripple the D4-sales with a camera having the same ISO-performance at third the price.

              It is much more likely a Sony-made FX-sensor will be used for the budget FX-camera. And as it happens rumors say Sony have a NEW 24MPFX- sensor they themselves will be using.

              But with D4 and D800 being presented in beginning of next year we can’t expect to see a budget FX-camera at the same time. If we who want that camera are lucky we will be able to buy it before Christmas next year. But it could last until 2013 before we see that camera. We just have to be patient and understand Nikon had a couple of devastating natural disasters to deal with during this year!

              I agree about the price gap. There is a place for a budget FX.
              Please also read my post on the previous page!

              By the way D800 IS the logical successor to D700 because now it will take up the fight with Canons coming D5MkIII! D700 how good and better it was in other areas compared to 5DMkII basically was giving Canon a walk-over win in the high MP and video for the masses departement. Nikon will not let that happen again!

            • Jim W

              I am totally with you on this. D700 users want a replacement for the D700 at a similar price point, without trying to deal with 36MP we don’t need. It’s not about getting insane value, it’s about having the upgraded camera that follows the D700. It’s not really the D800 by these specs. I guess we’ll just gave to wait and see.

            • Mika

              True. I’m too hoping / waiting for a FF in a D700 body with movie. For me MP isn’t that important, nor is fps. But slightly better than a 4 year old camera is exspected. Looks like this camera isn’t coming anywhere soon. I don’t remember how long in between D3 and D700 was released, but I think something will come in that gap. I actually would’ve paid for D700 with a D3s sensor. I think if these specs are true they look fantastic although not targeted at my needs. Might be that all problems for Nikon this year made them focus on the Olympics. Maby next q4 there will be something exciting for us prosumers…

            • Fortuny

              Agreed, what is this issue people have with us not wanting a 36Mp monster to replace the D700, it’s only natural to want a small body and high ISO camera to replace the same type of high ISO specks on the D700.

          • TheInconvenientRuth

            Sorry, this was NOT a direct response to EnPassant or Dchino, it was a general fed-up-ness that ended up in the wrong column.
            I blame my tiny iPhone screen!

            It is aimed at those who keep moaning that Nikon should just ram their top sensor tech in a cheap small body and sell it at a near loss. What all those people seem to forget is that along with a great sensor you’ll need the matching computing power in the body; with 11fps your shutter needs to be a hell of a lot more durable (and more expensive) than with ‘just’ 5fps.

            Sure, a D4 or D3x is exensive, but you claim back taxes, write the thing off as an asset over 3 years and actually USE it to EARN money with rather than endlessly to compare 100% crops of your cat’s whiskers at 1600ISO on the internet – suddenly they’re quite affordable. A Ford Transit van costs in excess of GBP 10,000 but that’s acceptable as it is a ‘tool’. So are these cameras. They’re professioanl tools, not toys or gadgets.

            • The problem is that when people have got used to having something really good (the D700) then taking it away, which is what seems to be happening, is always going to cause upset.

              The great selling point of the D700 was its ISO perf and autofocus, in a relatively compact body and with CLS thrown in as a bonus. The natural successor to the D700 would be the D4 sensor spec (or even the D3s with better video) in a D800 body. I would very much like good video. Great ISO performance is also important. If the D800 isn’t at least as good as the D700 in ISO performance I won’t buy it (why would I trade in my D700 and spend extra money on top to trade down?).

              The D4’s bulk makes it less practical for small female people, at least as an everyday camera, and sure to attract even more unwelcome attention than the D700 does now.

              I am sure both the D800 and D4 will be wonderful cameras in all sorts of ways. Maybe I will end up buying one of them once I’ve seen the tests and reviews. Unlike the D700, nothing I have heard so far makes me inclined to rush out and buy one soon after it is announced – too many potential compromises. For me at least, I suspect everything will turn on the D800’s ISO performance.

  • D3S

    I am sure that NR will come will more accurate specs 🙂 Just be patient guys the above is only the first (released/unretained) rumor…don’t feed the beast to fast we need to wait until January.

  • Andrew Snider

    If the D4 is as described it’s everything I want. I do a lot of bird and other wildlife photography. The ISO range and fps make it the ideal tool. I have held off buying a D3s waiting for this camera. The pain of the price will be off-set many times over by the pleasure of the results.

  • kyoshinikon

    Put a wireless internet connection into it and it will sell faster than hot dogs do at Pinks

    • Is Pink’s any good? I live in SoCal and have never been there.


    Wow is everyone on here rich? What are your secrets?

    • secrets

      The secret is charge your clients more. For a lot of people, just one extra job would offset all new equipments.

    • Doug

      Drug dealers……every single one of them.

      • BartyL


    • Joseph

      Cameras and photography in general are cheap compared to other industries. I’m a recording engineer and many of my microphones cost $4000 a piece. And you need a lot more mics than a photographer needs cameras.

  • van

    I’ve been reading and following rumours for years now. Whatever, the heck it is going to be…let’s just release it already and work on the D5 and D900!

  • rhlpetrus

    Michel Lammerse is saying 18MP at DPR. He also says D800 is like NR has posted.

    • lolly

      Maybe there’s a 16mp D4 prototype floating around too … the question is which pro body will be announced first – D800(D700s with 18mp) or D4 ?

    • Craig

      Interesting. I wonder what this all means for the D400?

      Are they going to use that 24mp sony sensor or come up with something else?

      18mp would be ideal for me but there’s no way I’ll be able to afford a D4, so the D400 specs become more and more important.

  • shall i sit down before you tell me the price??

  • Gary

    The Story on the D4 is interesting but I doubt from what I read the D4 will an XQD card slot. Here is my logic… Nikon usually does not announce something that will not be available within 30 days of announcemnet. From what I have read the XQD is not suppose to be announced until February. If this holds true, Nikon cannot announce the D4 in January and have XQD in it. A more likely scenerio is that the D4 will be announced in January and the D800 and its 36 MP will be announced with the XQD announcement in February timeframe for March Delivery. it is the 36 MB that need the fast card not the 16MP D4. Just my 2 cents

    • Licencing

      This is the licencing starting in Feb, D4 will not be on the market before the summer presumably in Sept at Photokina.

    • FM2Fan

      as long as you don’t expect 5fps, the CF is good enough. D3X writes 50MB/RAW – the key question is rather: how many RAW images fit into the buffer, BEFORE writing to the memory card(s). If that number is sufficiently high, then I don’t see any problem with stills. The real challenge is uncompressed video.

    • Ren Kockwell

      Dude, 16.2Mp raw images at 102,400 ISO are gonna be huge. 40+ megs. 11 fps would be a gig in a couple seconds. And with the Olympics starting late July they’re definitely gonna have these out before then. I think the announcement is right as is the XQD with it. Spring release just like the 1DX. Just makes sense. And with a 90% from admin, my money’s on the table

    • zoetmb

      Nikon doesn’t announce something until they can release it within 30 days??? Are you kidding? Nikon has announced lenses that haven’t shown up in the marketplace (at least not in the U.S.) for a YEAR after they announced.

      At first I thought the comments that if this is including the XCD card slot, it’s coming later rather than sooner, were correct, since licensing doesn’t start until February. The question is whether that licensing date is relevant to camera makers as well as memory card makers. If the slot and interface architecture is already known and locked in, Nikon can certainly start manufacturing cameras with that slot even if the cards themselves won’t be ready until later in 2012, especially since the camera is also supposed to have a CF slot.

      Not that I’m a target for the D4 anyway, but I agree with those who wonder whether this 16-18MP highest-end camera and the supposed D800, with a much higher pixel density, but lower overall performance, is the right combination of products. Looks to me like I’m going to wait for the D400, assuming there will be one. I think I’m in for a long wait, which is too bad. I would have been much happier if I could have spent the money in the 2011 tax year, but if Nikon is going to put out the D4 and the D800 first, we could be waiting until 2013 for the D400.

  • D3S Guy

    I would like to know how many D3S users are willing to upgrade to D4? I’m really very very happy with my D3S. I’m just hoping that Nikon will give us some cheaper (something like f4 or non-VR) telephoto glasses along with the D4 announcement.

    • Roger Dvorak

      I am also very happy with my D3s. What more can you ask of a camera.

      • DFive

        Agree !! “IF I get a D4 CLASS Camera it will be as an upgrade like a D4S and not till 2013 for me.

        My D3S is perfect for me !!

    • broxibear

      Hi D3S Guy,
      It’s an interesting question. I use the D3, it does everything I ask from it and more. The extra stop you get with a D3s has never been an issue for me and I don’t use video (actually I like the fact that my D3 doesn’t have video, it feels like the last great pure stills camera)…I don’t see anything in this D4 spec that makes me think I need to buy one straight away. When my D3 starts to show it’s age I’ll look at the options then…I’m more interested in the new lenses.
      Another interesting question would be, if you’re thinking of a FF body you could buy a D4, or a D3s and high end lens for less than the price of the D4 ?

      • D3S Guy

        Same here, broxibear. I would only update when my D3S would start to show its age. If I were a D700 user and looking for an update…I would have bought D4 instead of D3s iif D4 could offer significantly better dynamic range than D3S.

    • secrets

      I have a D3s and would get a D4 or D800 depends on which one comes out first. I like the D4 specs better, but prefer D800’s smaller body. But if D800’s high ISO is not as good as D3s, it is not in consideration. Once one gets used to the D3s it’s hard to go back. The only exception would be the Fuji bodies for their good colors.

    • Joel

      You’d upgrade because you could do with the bump in ISO.. right? If you’re quite happy shooting at ISO 12,800 and below then theres really no reason to look at replacing your D3S with the D4..

  • Wasn’t this supposed to be revolutionary? These specs are all evolutionary

    * 1080p60 [or QHD!] without the jello effect <-D3s really sucks, even on a glidecam
    * Internal radio flash TTL (ditch the flaky CLS infrared)
    * Internal GPS (standard tech now)
    * A stop or two more DR. If RED can do it… Heck, they can hit 18 in 2k raw video mode! You don't always need it, but it seems the D3s is always just a bit too narrow.
    * AF Assist Illuminator similar to the SB-910 for those of us that run around in the dark w/ off-camera lighting (radio) <-at least offer a hotshoe AF assist slave with hotshoe pass-through

    • zoetmb

      RED can do it? Maybe it can, but it’s $25,000 for the body and required components.

    • Roger

      * A stop or two more DR = D800.

    • ODE

      I think a revolution would be a lens on a stick.
      CMOS/CCD will always be evolutionary.

  • Ansel Adams

    I may be the only person left who doesn’t give a shit about video capabilities. It’s ruining the art of photography. And every blowhard on here could try and contradict me but it’s true. It’s a consumer mentality, and I see it’s all a money game. But I can’t be too mad, because it’s those same consumers that will never make a dent on history. They’ll never know what it’s truly like to move the world with a still photo, that took less than a second to capture, that will out live themselves.

    • Me

      Hey Mr Adams! How’s Elvis? 🙂

    • audrey s.


    • Tero

      Hey Ansel Adams, I know it’s been long since you were gone, but you need to get updated… Nah, just kidding. You know, I share the same ideas with you partially. I’ve never used too much the video capabilities of my camera, I consider it a nice extra “just in case”. Anyway, the introduction of video in SLR cameras has made it cheap (in comparison with video cams) to make professional looking films (in my case they’re just clips) with SLR cameras. Being able to use long lenses and swallow depth of field on a normal camera at a modest price has been a revolution among amateur filmmakers (even professionals). And believe me, many will buy these cameras with filmmaking in mind.

    • Jerm

      Completely agree. Whoever wrote that, kudos. I mean, thanks, Ansel Adams. Long live the king.

    • Too funny, Ansel. Spoken truly as a man from the 40’s.

    • Marco Antonio

      I agree with this stentiment, but you’ve got to look at the bigger picture from Nikon’s corporate perspective.

      First, I’m told a lot of pros in the intended primary markets (wildlife, professional sports, celebrity, concert) do take video because their clients demand it. Obviously for them the better the video ability the better they stay on top of the competition. Nikon has to cater to this market, not only in its own right but also due to the trickle down effect (i.e. enthusiast sees D4 on the sidelines of a football game, he thinks better of the D7000. Average dude sees enthusiast with D7000 and he buys a D3100 or Nikon 1 because the enthusiast takes great pictures with it. This works very well for years through the full spectrum of Sony video systems)

      Second, still cameras are a mature market, and Canon has a strong start in the video/still segment and is getting better day by day. Thom Hogan wrote well on this somewhe in his Google+ comments. Bottom line, over ten years, Nikon seriously risks losing market share and eventual decline from a big company to, at best, a niche equipment provider for still photo obsessives it doesn’t follow this trend. Its board members, institutional investors, and the other components of Mistubishi (of which it’s a part) won’t go for this.

    • zoetmb

      “I may be the only person left who doesn’t give a shit about video capabilities. It’s ruining the art of photography. ”
      IMO, that’s a ridiculous statement although the same thing was said about digital still cameras. While one may make a personal decision not to shoot video, there is just as much capability of creating art in motion as there is in still photography. Much of it may indeed be crap, but much of still photography is crap as well.

      If you’re a pro, many of your customers are going to demand video. If you’re an amateur, no one is forcing you to hit the video button, although IMO, there are some interesting worlds to explore in video, especially when using pro still lenses at short depth of fields.

      Personally, I think most of the people who hate the video capability are scared of it.

    • Scott McLeod

      I think the only thing that would make me use the video function on my DSLR would be a UFO landing… though I did turn it on accidentally once when I was going through the user manual, but never actually recorded anything 🙂

    • Jhase Carvis

      You were probably the kid of guy who didn’t want to edit in photoshop when it came out, or shoot digital over film when it first came out. You are extremely closed minded if you think combining two different mediums for not only convenience, but for groundbreaking opportunities. My team and I, for example, use these cameras to shoot both pictures and video at weddings which is less hassle for the bride, for profitable fr us, and expands creativity and style. It’s not for everyone. If you dont like it, don’t use it! That simple. Don’t hate it because it’s there

      • Ansel Adams

        On the Contrary, J.ass Careless. My methods in the dark room inspired men like John Knoll to create the pivotal program photoshop. The very foundation of what’s considered a beautiful tool in today’s modern world and I have no qualms about it’s development. My only fear for the future is Wedding photographers like you who claim creativity and style and are so blind you don’t realize you’re easily replaceable because of your apparent lack of creatively and style.

        • ben flockwell

          ahaha, Ansel! You can’t except any ground breaking photographs from wedding photographers. I surely don’t. There in the fast food business.

          • Fortuny

            Haha, you probably think you’re a fine-art photographer and you are better then other photographers, or are you a war photojournalist like Capa, risking your life everyday. Maybe you just think having a few friends with cameras at your wedding is enough, don’t ditch on wedding photographers man! You might think it’s no big deal, but it is for the people getting married, and you might not make 1 picture in your life that means anything to anyone else than yourself, while photographing wedding you’re making precious memories that people will cherish for ever.

  • Miguel Reznicek

    I don’t see how a 16 MP camera could be a threat to anything out there today. Certainly not to the 3Dx, and only marginally better than a 3Ds. 1 Stop is nothing. I would have expected more – much more megapixels because in a studio one can add more light, but not more resolution, and resolution is king when post processing details. The question is why Nikon would take a step backward from the D3x?

    • D3S Guy

      On the resolution issue, are you aware of D800 rumour?

    • Roger

      Dont bet on a 1 stop noise improvement. ISO204,000 is there cause of marketing.

      I have to agree, Miguel, it’s not blowing me away either. I still think this rumor isnt right

    • Don

      Not sure what you are shooting in the studio, but I shoot people and they generally don’t want more detail in the shots (especially the women 🙂 ). If you are shooting something that needs resolution, the D800 should be an obvious choice.

  • Tero

    I don’t need no 30+ mp and I don’t want to pay the price of no damn 10+ fps! Who’s with me?

    What I’d like to see is a FX camera under 2000€. Drop megapixels to whatever is reasonable. Drop fps again to whatever is profitable to Nikon on that price tag, but keep the killer ISO performance and shadow detail of the FX line! Make it fit into a little less space than the current D700 and it would so make my day.

    16-18mp, 5-6fps would be so nice for me. I don’t really need more.

    I really hope that what is announced is the D4 (high fps) and the D4X (high mp count), and that they reconsider the D800.

    Anyway, because it’s almost impossible to happen, I think I’ll wait for you guys to sell your D700’s. I’m open to suggestions =)

    • Ya

      I agree. I’d LOVE to get the D7000 sensor in a D2x body! Sign me up BIG TIME.

    • Tero

      Oh, and leave the GPS unit, I ain’t no National Geographic photographer.

    • mikils

      I’m with you; it’s almost impossible to happen. reason is, Nikon wants to make profits, not lose money.

    • Electrical Engineer

      Maybe you guys should sit in one of their engineering meetings. Then maybe you’ll find out why do what they do. 75% overhead, how much does it cost to produce the first unit, circuit board design, locking in IC manufactures.

    • Jack o. Trades

      Have you heard of the Nikon D3? Still an amazing camera. After the D4 comes out you’ll see them for around 2200. Low light performance, good resolution, and “only” 9fps…

    • Roger

      If you want shadow detail, then D3x is the only FX for you.

      Listen, there’s not gonna be a cheap FX. Mikils called it right, Nikon isnt interested in losing money on cameras. The way to get FX on the cheap is buying used 😉

  • John duarte

    I think it would be really amazing if both canon and nikon started making pro cameras with all the tech of a D4 but the body size of an F3 or FE. Now that would be revolutionary.

  • Hugh

    What about the D4s-IIxt? Why don’t we hear about that?

  • GeofFx

    I’m not the target customer for this camera, so it doesn’t really effect me, but I find the specs a bit underwhelming.

    I’m sure it will take amazing pictures, and have great ergonomics, and be really fast… I was just expecting something to really blow everyone away. Something really different, or a whole new feature, not just small changes to existing features.

    Anyways, like I said, it doesn’t really effect me, I’m just a little underwhelmed and surprised.

  • I bet that in the right hands, the D4 could make nice landscape images. Night shots, aerials, oh my…

    • Jeff

      “I bet that in the right hands”…
      So does a box with a pinhole.

  • Andrew Snider

    If you’ve seen the results the D3s produces in low light at high shutter speeds and ISOs of moving subjects, anything that exceeds it can’t possibly be underwhelming.

  • Arthur

    God f*cking hell, I jizzed my pants. Even better high ISO than the D3s of course, but I’m very happy with the ISO50 as well! And all the rest is great.

    But more important, his means I can get a D3s for a reasonable price soon! 😀

    • Rob

      Since the D4 will probably be at least $6500, I don’t think you’ll see much of a drop in the price of the D3s, used or new. The new ones will continue to sell at MSRP until they are gone, and that will keep the used prices pretty stable.

      If Nikon boldly prices the D4 at $6000, then you might see a several hundred dollar drop in D3s prices.

  • bluesky

    i doubt there will actually be a D4. 4 in Japanese sounds very similar to the Japanese word of “death” and is considered as an unlucky number…

    • Marco Aurelio

      So that’s why there was never an F4. Or a Coolpix with 4 in the number. Or, for that matter, a word よん you can use instead of し. Or, for that matter, why there are no western products with the number 13.

      • CX

        hahahahaha, rarely do I think “owned,” and mean it so sincerely….. “So that’s why there was never an F4″…. Could have even just left it at that.

        • Marco Aurelio

          Yup, it was overkill. The “4 is death” thing is real, but many people take it too far. There are plenty of buildings with 4 floors in Japan, and it obviously didn’t stop them from making the F4.

      • Thanos

        This is the most wise comment I read so far!!!
        They even avoid having floors in the buildings with the number 4 (4, 14, 24, etc) (

      • Daniel

        But there was a D40…?

        • Thanos

          Well noted. But we all remember how that was like :p
          (just kidding) Good memory!

          • rhlpetrus

            And F4 …

      • Andrew T.M.

        Uh 14-24mm ring a bell?

  • Kevin

    One of the obvious traits I’ve noticed on NR is that the posts regarding high-end cameras like D3, D4, D700, D800, etc. are the ones with the most explosive amount of comments. I’d never comment in them, except to chime in on this particular one.

    I noticed the very first post of this ridiculously huge (even for NR standards) comments list from Jon, and it always brings back my speculation that the vast majority of these viewers are either 1) trolls that simply daydream about owning such a high-end camera or 2) pros that own them all. I’m siding with the latter.

    I’m one of the D90 owners, yes, impoverished compared to the vast majority of NR readers, and whenever a post about a DX lens crops up, the comments list is scarce, hah. The comments for the D90 successor are decent sized, but nowhere close to the love (or rate of love) the higher end models get – even when the posts are quite rudimentary or speculative! It’s all so funny. Hell, even this D4 post got me, a D90 user to comment (and I’ve never commented on anything before, barring those giveaways). Well, that apparently makes me a member of the trollish #1 group. Ok, I will go shut up and crawl back under the bridge.

    • mrjirey

      Well I wouldn’t feel bad about your D90. It still hold up well to many of the cameras today.

      Besides, it doesn’t matter if you are shooting a $150 point and shoot or a $50K plus mid format camera, it is still just the tool you are using. If you don’t have talent, your not going to get good photos.

      I still remember, many years ago a photographer that was shooting most of the big name fashion mags. And what did he use???? A Fuji disposable camera. he would show up with a box of them, probably costing less then the tripod that most pro’s used. He would run around the set taking pictures, and when the camera was out of film, he would toss it to his assistant who would toss him a new one.

      No big name brand on the camera and no $2,000 8o mm f1.2 lens, just a simple camera and a whole lot of talent.

      • BartyL

        Yep. Friend of mine makes his living doing cutting-edge fashion shoots for hairdressers & hair-care products. Produces huge posters for display in shop windows and sells his work into glossy fashion mags.

        Founded his business and ran the first few years using a Sony P&S. Recently upgraded to a … wait for it … second-hand D300.

        Went for a ‘wander around’ shooting session with him a few months ago. Him with his D300 and D-type kit lens, me with a D300s and a swathe of primes. We exchanged the best 3 images from the day’s shoot. Mine were OK, but you could immediately see that his were a class or several above. The difference is his experienced eye.

        I can gaurantee you my friend won’t be trawling this or any other site for news about the forthcoming Pro bodies. He’ll be busy making images with his ‘uselessly outdated piece of crap’ and doing handsomely from it too.

  • Hhom Togan

    Right now what’s hindering Nikon is their legacy and prime lenses price, while some may argue they perform better than Canon lenses in reality they don’t perform much better than the price difference you see which in turn makes things hard for Nikon.

    For those of us who bought or legacy lenses before the price increases then it is fine and dandy but for those tempted to switch from Sony or Canon to Nikon things get a bit hard, you can grab an used 1DS MKII and f/4L lenses (which I have to admit they perform beautifully specially the 70-200mm f/4 non IS version) and be happy with it, Nikon doesn’t has that kind of option right now and even if they introduced it the problem is that they haven’t been able to be competitive in prices.

    Sony’s problem is that their lens roadmap is still so-so, tons of holes which have to be filled by third party brands and their Carl Zeiss lenses aren’t full breed Carl Zeiss lenses (my guess is that they are Cosina lenses with a CZ badge on them) but they would be more tempted to switch to Canon than to Nikon.

    • ben

      your right, some times nikon does cost more, but Nikon is better. you get what you pay for.

      you may say you want the cheepest fx camera but you end up with a cheep camera that way.

      • Hom Thogan

        It is an investment not a love story, you have to separate both appart: you invest according to the ROI not only because of “love”. Do you buy versace jeans? those are $245 a pair but that doesn’t means they are any better than a $35 Levis 501.

        With the 1D MKIII fiasco Nikon was better, but with the 7D and 1D MKIV things are again pretty much tied again, as said before the price of glass is something to consider we are amidst an economic crisis and if a brand offers good quality legacy lenses cheaper than the competition that could be an option for many business.

        Now don’t take me wrong I like Nikon and all my camera gear is Nikon however that doesn’t means I think Nikon is perfect (there’s no perfect brand).

    • CX Roads

      Well the price differences go both ways. Compare the Canon 85mm f/1.2L to the Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 G, or even the 85 f/1.4D. I ended up buying the AF-D because it’s everything that I want and then some, plus it has an aperture ring for easy use on my NEX-3. The Canon 24 f/1.4L is quite a bit more attractively priced than the Nikon equivalent though. Sony CZ lenses are not true Zeiss? Interestingly, photozone rates the Sony Alpha CZ 85 f/1.4 better than the Zeiss 85mm f/1.4 ZF/ZE. I also wish Nikon made a 24mm f/2 with as high quality as the Sony CZ for around $1200, and that CZ 135mm f/1.8 gets absolutely stellar reviews…

      • Hom Thogan

        Consider this: the 85mm f/1.2 L is only 100 bucks more expensive than the Nikon 85mm f/1.4 G. The AFD sooner or later will be discontinued and relying in 2nd hand market (like you have to do with Sony getting minolta lenses) doesn’t seems like a steady option at all.

        Well it would be like buying a Ferrari done in a Toyota plant, it is a Toyota with a Ferrari logo on it… To tell you I’m a bit skeptical of their reviews is an understatement, the truth is most of Photozone’s conclusions are always odd, you get to see the graphs and numbers and they seem to contradict themselves a lot which is kinda of WTF.

        Are you a Sony camera fan? It isn’t bad to be a fan of a brand at all, but it is bad to be blind fan though… If I am able to recognize the bad spots in Nikon it would be cool if you were going to do the same with Sony because having 2 or 3 good primes doesn’t makes for a comprehensive lens roadmap (compared to Nikon and Canon legacy lenses lineup).

  • ben

    when can we buy xqd memory cards.

    • ben

      Amazon has no XQD cards, does any one?

      • zoetMB

        No, because they haven’t even started licensing manufacturers to make them yet. You won’t see cards until April 2013 at the earliest.

        • zoetmb

          Sorry, I meant April 2012

  • Mr. Wang

    Damn! I spill coffee read this. That’s it! I’m switching to Canon.


  • iamnomad

    Two words: Dynamic range.
    Give me deep luscious detailed shadows,
    and bright creamy highlights without blowing out.
    I want platinum tones out of these ‘revolutionary’ digital sensors.

    • air

      “Give me deep luscious detailed shadows, and bright creamy highlights without blowing out.”


      This should be paramount, one of Nikon’s top goals. I’d love to see 16-bit RAW files, too. It’s all about the image.

      • tom

        shoot film then, idiot.

        • R R

          why call him Idiot.. there was no need for that, your opinion on film is respected, but trolling is not.

    • Roger

      Wait for D800. Sony sensor = dynamic range.

      • NO Name


        Nikon homemade sensors are for ISO.

  • Ken Rockwell

    Well, I’ve just finished my review of the D800 & D4. I will post it in a couple of weeks. I think you will find it very interesting reading.

    Now that this job is done, I can’t wait to actually see, hold, and maybe take a picture with the D800 & D4!


    • googly shmoo

      nice one. nice one.

    • mikils

      Shouldn’t you add something on the line of being funded to support your growing family, and how an iPhone is really the only camera you will ever need?

  • David

    I hope that the new D4 and D800 come out soon, as hopefully that will flood the market with used D3s’s and D700’s so I can get one in good condition cheaply. Still great cameras after several years of being on the market, and would be a good upgrade from my current D300.

    • Semipro

      You took the words right out of my mouth

    • doudou

      Same with me!

    • Hhom Togan


  • Twoomy

    Woot for the D4! Hope we get more juicy info soon. (And yay for me… I’m the 666’th comment.)

  • Jason

    What’s the chance that the D4 will be a non-grip body like they did with the F6? Any chance they’ll just go with one pro body, and have different sensors and digital guts for the different models, maybe even make the cameras upgradable? Would that be revolutionary enough? Maybe I’m dreaming, but as an amateur mostly-travel photographer who often isn’t allowed to use tripods indoors, I wouldn’t hesitate today to spend US$2800 for a D700-sized FX camera with D3s quality, 5-6 FPS, and some video. Much more than that makes me think I need my head examined. And until there’s something like that I’ll keep enjoying my D300, and keep wishing I could get high quality shots at ISO 6400. Like I’d guess many others are, I’m on the D70 to D300 to D700s upgrade path. Oh, and in case Santa or Nikon is reading this, I’d also really, really like a 70-200 f/4 pro-quality FX lens. I haven’t bought the f/2.8 because I know I wouldn’t want to carry it.

  • Been there guy

    My only Christmas wish it that there will be a version of D800 does NOT have video.

    It is not fair for us to pay for something we will NEVER use! Let the video guy pay for their own toys!

    • Twoomy

      That is an argument from 2008. While I’m primarily a stills photographer, the video option is quite handy for occasional use. You’ve already paid for Nikon’s R&D and you’re free to ignore movie mode on every camera you buy.

  • Rabi

    I’m hesitant about face-detect. It’s nice to have, but I want the ability to turn it 100% off. On the D7000 in liveview, face-detection highlights faces even in manual focus – which can obscure what you’re trying to focus on and make zooming in impossible. It’s a ridiculously stupid firmware issue that Nikon should have already fixed and hasn’t.

  • cirtap

    oh here we go again. all these ups and many downs. You still have not told us when on D800. But since the clue..of the memory card will not be avail till April. I guess April is when Nikon D4 will be released.

    Google Translate …it works. use it…to translate your Japanese to English.

    Soooo when is the D800 going to be announced? released?

    There is one more camera you have NOT talked about…D900? D400?

    • Mangaka

      D400 will not be announced before the end of 2012 (propably by Oct) and D900 does not exist.

      D800 will be announced the 2 week of January and D4 will probably be announced at the same time but there is no information at the moment.

      So first in line is the D800 for which 36MP is confirmed.

  • Nikku

    that’s it i/m start saving from my lunch now

  • robert kaufman

    Are you not confusing face recognition with phase detection?


  • Joel

    Is it just me, or does there seem to be a great number of people here who don’t quite understand the whole concept of sensitivity and noise control, but rather preferring for whatever reason, to base a the camera’s entire worth on the megapixel count alone.

    • Canon User

      yes it’s just you!
      we want 36MP.
      16MP is a joke.

      • R R

        typical Canon User, lots of MP , and white shinny lenses..

        maybe Canon should start including big mirrors with their cameras, so Canon users could see them selves using them, such an ego boost, they would love that accessory.

  • DX2FX

    Obviously, the 16.2 MP sensor in the D4 would be a lot cheaper than the 36MP one used in the D800. So does that mean the D4 won’t be that much more expensive than the D800 ? In other words, the price gap between the two should be smaller as it is off balanced by the two different sensors.

    • BartyL

      No. The D800 sensor is simply 6 D50 sensors joined with sticky tape, so they are quite cheap.

    • rhlpetrus

      Why is it cheaper?

    • Rob

      Obviously the 16MP sensors we see in some phones are cheaper to make than the D3s sensor.

  • NikonFanBoi

    The D4 specs look pretty impressive and I’m sure it’ll be a fantastic camera, a little disapointed in the lack of mega pixels, would of liked at least 18mega pixels, as agencies are asking for higher and higher resolution images and I’d like a little room for croppage when required (don’t get in a mood sometimes cropping is needed, obviously you should aim for great composure to start with but its not always possible).

    More importantly though is the pricing, I read somewhere, maybe here that Nikon was intending to focus on profitability instead of mass market sales, and with the recent price increases I wonder what the pricing point is going to be ? I’m not arguing that pro cameras should be within consumer budgets because they shouldn’t and it would make even more competition in the industry but I do worry about affordability. Almost every client I have is cutting outward expenditure, and trying to get more for less and this ultimately has to have an effect on photographers and what we can afford. Although I would love to upgrade if the price exceeds £4500 or $7021 then although I won’t be selling all my Nikon kit just yet, future upgrades will be Canon only until my exsisting Nikons die and then I’ll be canon only.

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