This is it for 2011, something big is coming in January 2012

Nikon is done with the new products announcements for 2011. Something really big is coming in January 2012 - Nikon has bought space for a LOT of ads in big photography magazines for January 2012. I know they use to advertise a lot, but in this case, the extremely high amount of ads next month is a sign that they plan to reveal something big. Since we are talking about professional photography magazines, I can only think of the D800 and maybe even the D4 and not a consumer level camera. On the lenses front, we are still waiting for a new 18-300mm DX lens and a new AF-S 85mm f/1.8 lens. The Coolpix line will also be upgraded, probably in February, with a replacement for the Nikon Coolpix P300 that will have a new 24-100mm f/1.8-2.6 equivalent lens.

Today the French website published an article called "Des annonces produits Nikon début janvier 2012. Et une dispo en février" which translates to something like "Nikon product announcement at the begining of January, 2012". The post is now removed, but you can still see it when you Google it (unfortunately Google did not cache it):

Announcement at the beginning of January makes sense because the PMA show will take place on January 10-13, 2012 in Las Vegas and Nikon can get a lot of publicity for their new products.

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  • Bring it!

    • Just in time for my tax refund too… 😉

      • jodjac

        My thoughts exactly. Just in time for taxes! Do you think Nikon planned it this way? There goes the new furnace I was going to get. I hear that if you rub two sticks together really fast you can start a fire. . .

        • HAHA. Forgoing the furnace for a new camera? You’ll have to snuggle up with your D4 to stay warm this winter/early spring.

          I don’t blame ya. The D4 will be HOT! I know mine will actually stay warm from the constant shooting. 🙂

    • i hope its within my budget 🙁

      • Edward

        Don’t Worry, Those Coolpixes will be just as affordable as they were the past 10 times this rumor of new d800/d4’s being announced. This site has lost it’s credibility, I guess if you keep making the same predictions over and over one day you are bound to get it right. To me, this site has become a case of the boy who cried wolf one too many times. A few days ago there were posts about no new announcements and now here we go again with these claims. I really wish there was more old school journalistic style integrity (don’t even get me started on how terrible journalism is these days in the mainstream) when it came to blogs instead of just posting nonsense after nonsense post.

  • Canon user

    Yeah bring it on!!!

  • KT

    It couldn’t have come fast enough, it’s been over 2 full years since the last FX body was released, the D3s and even that was debatable whether it should be considered a truly new body vs. a small upgrade from the venerable D3. This might be the first real new FX body from Nikon since the coming out of the D3/D300 with everything that came in-between simply a revision of some sort on the D3. No wonder they are buying all this ad space. Here hoping they don’t go wild with the price tag.

    • Art

      They won’t go wild with the price tag. I don’t believe this $4K rumor that has been floating around. It is a rumor with a life of its own — people quoting others on this board but I haven’t ever seen a basis for this rumor.

      Quite frankly, the price will be not set by Nikon but Canon. If Nikon’s prices are too far out of whack, everybody will migrate to Canon no matter how much people may love Nikon. Leica makes great cameras but they don’t sell many cameras either — one of the primary reasons for this is price. (If price weren’t an issue, we would probably all own Leicas — in addition to our Nikons.)

      My prediction is the D800 will have a pricing similar to the D700 +/- 10%. It could go as high as 15% additional but in the end, Nikon has to remain competitive and to do that, Nikon needs to offer a competitive price for its value not just in absolute terms but also in relation to Canon’s prices.

      • iamlucky13

        Except the D800 is not shaping up to be a direct replacement of the D700, but rather a substantially different product.

        It won’t be simply a lower cost full-frame, but Nikon’s new high resolution body. $4000 would not surprise me in the least. This reflects a premium over the $3000 that the D700 was released at, without quite treading into D3 territory and interfering with the positioning of the DX line as the top end in current marketing.

        Nor is there quite a direct competitor on the Canon side. Sure the D5ii is close, but there’s quite a few differences and neither side has shown a clear inclination to close the gap. Nikon’s nearest competitor on resolution at the moment costs over 3 times as much, and they’ve been content with that position so far.

        • PeterO

          Check out Canon Rumors. They’re worried about what Nikon will be coming out with. They’re talking about the 5DII succesor being more than 30MP and the Rebel being 24. Those numbers sound vaguely familiar.

        • studio460

          Precisely my prediction as well. The D800 will likely be spec’d very close to what already has been reported here and elsewhere, and will essentially be a D3x-like offering, but at half the price ($4,000 USD). The expected D4, I’m afraid, will likely top that price at more than current D3s MAP. Perhaps, nearer D3x pricing . . . somewhere between high $5K to mid-$6K range. Hope I’m wrong, though.

        • Andrew

          Makes sense. Studio photographers who don’t care for low ISO and are willing to pay $8,000 for the D3x will consider the D800 a bargain at $4,000. They will not care if Nikon comes out with a 18 to 24 MP full-frame camera (FX) at $2,495 which the rest of us will love.

      • FX DX

        Says market price of 300,000 yen which is roughly $4,000. I hope you are correct and price is sub $3,000.

        • MarcH30

          Camera stuff is almost always more expensive in Japan than it is here. For instance: the 70-300VR in Bic Camera, one of Japan’s largest (and legit) electronics retailers was IIRC ¥75000, equivalent to a US$1000 at current exchange rate, and $750 by my rough guess of the real exchange rate.

          That doesn’t mean that Nikon won’t charge $4000, especially for early adopters. It also desn’t mean that Japan won’t feed its home market while allowing long wait lines outside of Japan.

      • KT

        The D800 will be to the D3x what the D700 was to the D3 when it came out back in 2008. Only difference and it’s a significant one, is that the D800 will have a new and much more capable sensor/processor combination while the D700 was just a mirror image of the D3 at 1/2 the price. According to this formula, if Nikon comes out with the D800 at 1/2 the current price of the D3x then they are actually giving you a really great product at a very reasonable price. People already accepted the $8K price of the D3x so why would they complain when the D800 sells for 1/2 that price and happen to be a much better product. The problem with this argument might come from Canon who will likely release a similarly speced 5D mark III at the current price of say $2700.

      • texajoe

        @Art. Uh… No, not everyone will migrate to canon. I’m not going anywhere even if it’s way out of proportion or not good enough. If its one of those things then I’ll just stick with my D700 and maybe add a second one. I’m a wedding photographer and there’s no need for 36mp in my business.

        • Art

          I wasn’t saying that everybody would migrate to Canon. However, if Nikon’s pricing is too far out of whack, there will be SOME who will migrate to Canon for whatever reason because they were close to migrating anyway, it will prevent new buyers from buying Nikon, and will definitely hurt corporate sales where judgements are not always made by photographers but by accountants. (Try explaining to your boss why you need to buy Nikon for an additional $1,000 when there is a near equivalent Cannon. Sure, Nikon will have better AF but will your boss care about that?)

          Nikon can’t simply charge what they want and expect people not to jump or that new adopters will keep buying. Nikon is part of a global marketplace. Nikon needs to price competitively to ensure their market position otherwise, they will quickly become a small minority player like Leica — no matter how good their products are.

          • So, for the ones with bosses, if that company has Nikon gear, it means it has a lot of lenses too. So smarty pans, nobody will change all the gear. D3s is very good anyway so NO, nobody will switch. Only stupid people maybe. Canon versus Nikon is like Ferrari versus Lamborghini and so on… I will never switch to Canon, because I invested to much in my lens, I don’t like Canon body and menus. Maybe when I’ll have everything I need from Nikon and have some extra money to have fun with, I will buy a Canon body and some lens that Nikon NOW doesn’t has it, like 65mm MPE macro 5:1, or 85 1.2 etc….

            I find it funny that all the mediocre people like you and everybody else is bothering with this nonsense Nikon versus Canon, and switching for some stupid reasons between brands, but no pro is really thinking about it. They are just minding their business and waiting.

  • Craig

    Something has to show soon, because the Olympics is coming. A few copies of whatever is coming will need to get into the pros hands so they can get comfortable with it before August.

    • TaoTeJared

      Nikon has always released just before the Summer Olympics.

      Maybe trifecta? D4, D800, D400?

      Never heard of the 18-300mm DX lens before.

  • Paul

    Hopefully 2012 will be a good year.

    • Not according to Mayan calendar… 😉

      • So then, it would be great for the new Nikon line. Fx, Dx pro, semi etc. And will do everything that we can, to get one, and if the Mayan were right, we’ll die happy, shooting the end of days with the best camera. If nothing happens, then we have more time to “play”with the new best Nikon camera. 🙂

        • happysnapper62

          Dont panic, the mayans got it wrong, they still did a very good job whe one considers when they did the math, but the alignments etc they predicted happened 25 years ago, but 25 years is a very acceptable margin of error under the circumstances…………far better than the rumoured dates we get for product v when they actually materialise. 🙂

      • Art

        I regularly travel to Central and South America and work with various Mayan groups. They certainly do not see the end of the world coming. They see their lives as endless cycles and the end of the Mayan calendar is simply the beginning of the next cycle.

        Actually, this end of the world 2012 bit is all a big joke. (Or a little one — literally.) Mayanist Michael Coe wrote an article some years ago noting that the Mayan calendar ended in 2012. In a footnote, he said: “Perhaps this is the end of the world.” Everybody globbed on to that footnote and that is how the 2012 end of the world rumor got started. So now you know!

        For my part, if the various Mayan groups I work with are expecting me to be around to photograph them with my brand spankin new Nikon D800, I’m not worried one bit.

  • Delacroix

    Well I already read here that something big was coming for 2011 🙂

    • mandrake

      Hope mother nature doesn’t throw another curve ball.

    • Yes, it was coming and it was delayed – remember the Canadian press release for the new SB-910? It said available in November. The flash was released on December 1st… it was supposed to be announced on October 26th together with the 2 lenses and the D800.

  • broxibear

    “Something big is coming”…Is it a Propofol overdose ?

    • Walkthru

      …..another one??

    • AnoNemo

      I think you got right only half of it. Let me rephrase it. Somebody must stop giving Propofol to Nikon! It’s time to wake up. 🙂

  • mark

    I suppose if you just keep saying something really big is coming every single month then your bound to get it right sooner or later. Now you say they are done with 2011 nothing will be getting announced lol, Im not bloody suprised its over in 3 weeks.

    • Sam

      And the earthquake in Japan or the floods in Thailand had nothing to do with the predictions being wrong I’m sure….

      • mark

        The point is they were wrong and almost always are. If you keep saying it every week does it mean you can say look i was right when something finally shows up?

        • Until the images that have been leaked and the specs that are listed pretty much line up with the actual product. Then what’ll all the fair weather friends be sayin’? All the doubters are pretty silly if you ask me.

          And if you think this last year’s weather had nothing to do with the delays from the rumored announcements, then you’re a few cards short…

        • Rob

          You sound fun at parties.

          • 12

            Come to think of it I am not sure where he would be fun? Lol

        • Steve Jones

          This is a RUMOR site moron

    • see my response below, I am really tired of repeating the same thing over and over

      • mark

        The response above you mean? Yes i read it and it doesnt mean anything. You have been saying for god knows how long about a d800. now that you got it wrong you say it should have been released but wasnt. point is it wasnt .
        I could sit here all yes going on about a nikon d5. Its almost certain it will come out one day in the nest 6 years its not even a rumour, its almost certain,

        • If you don’t find to be helpful, interesting, or entertaining, please remember that no one is forcing you to read it and you have the freedom to ignore the website completely.

          • Amen. Go help your mom do the dishes.

            • Rob

              He would but his mom finds him annoying so she doesn’t want him to help.

        • Someone just doesn’t have any common sense it seems, far too ignorant.

        • iamlucky13

          Oh joy! Yet another internet cynic with a bad memory.

          The very reason this site has become so popular despite plenty of other Nikon prognosticators is because the admin has an excellent track record of accuracy and the sense to avoid making predictions he isn’t reasonably confident in.

          If you actually read back through the archives of this site, you will find a few exceptions from generally consistent matching of predictions with eventual reality.

          That includes predicting that previous rumors about releases for 2011 would be affected by both the earthquake and the tsunami.

          But I don’t know why I’m bothering since I’m sure you’ll just do the same thing internet cynics always do and call an earthquake and a tsunami a convenient excuse for changing stories.

          • Rich

            Actually, when it comes to the D800, its kinda been like the mythical Unicorn or Bigfoot. He’s been right about a lot of stuff but If I remember correctly the D800 was supposed to be released last February (even before the natural disasters) Then the big announcement was in August. Feb, turned out to be coolpix and later it turned out to be more coolpix and Nikon J.

            Im ok with this, Im here because its a rumor site and I enjoy the website for what it is. And yes he is right a good % of the time.

            If Nikon bought ads for January then it would be released this month because Popular Photography and other mags ship almost a month early. I’ll receive my photo mags for January in mid december. I believe the ads were bought for the February editions, as the will ship in January. So I believe it will be in Feb. Hope Im wrong though, cant wait!!

            • Rich

              I mean the ads will be in February, The camera I guess would have to be released in January.

            • Andrew

              Rich, actually a rumor site is not only about revealing “secrets” of future product launches that are leaked out, but also about “speculations” on when a new product will be released. If the accuracy of the “rumors” is even 50%, that is a very good record, though I suspect the accuracy of Nikon Rumors is much higher – and I would not be surprised if it is over 85%. Try playing the lottery, your guesses will most likely have an accuracy rating of less than 0.00001%.

            • @ Andrew, I dont what your point is? Did you read my whole comment.

              “Im ok with this, Im here because its a rumor site and I enjoy the website for what it is. And yes he is right a good % of the time.”

              You’re preaching to the choir buddy. RUMORS is the name of the website. And Im cool with that. Rumors and speculation are the same thing. You have to kidding if you don’t think there is some guessing that is based on the rumors. Administration doesn’t have a crystal ball that sees into the future.

        • jb

          Mark, why exactly do you bother coming to this site? If you think you can do a better job, then go do it. If not, then just go.

  • JonMcG

    Well, it’s good to see that we’re finally going to get what we’ve all been waiting for… Hopefully it’s earlier in the month rather than later and I also can wish for (hey it’s Christmas right?) Nikon to actually ship the product within a relative short period of time after announcement rather than the Canon 6-month delay nonsense…

    One can only hope…

  • Now lets just have a nice xmas with that upcoming camera in mind so we dont burn all our cash during the holidays!

  • D4 for Christmas next year sounds like a good present to me. I’ll need a year to save!

    • I checked out your stuff on Facebook. Nice work!

  • Buk lao

    D800 and D4 finally coming out?!?!
    I’m moving to Canon!!!

    Oh wait….

  • König

    Canon ??…why ?… you can not take pictures with a copy printer

    • OMR


    • Greg Schmidt

      Can’t take pictures with a Civil War weapon, either.

    • Andrew

      Actually I am surprised Epson did not enter the camera business. Those guys make printers, copiers, and also movie projectors, so they are closer to the camera business than even they may realize.

      • jodjac

        I thought Epson made a mirrorless/rangefinder type RD-1 digital point and shoot that had some kind of cult like following?

    • Good ONE !!! 😉

  • Well, I guess if you keep guessing that the next big announcement will be the D800, you’ll eventually be right 😉

    j/k – it’s all love, man 😛

    • Andrew

      Guessing? What about product delay because of natural disasters? I guess that does not matter. Well, it seems that you are “guessing” that Nikon Rumors was “guessing”.

  • OMR

    Nice,,, the big announcement will be the Nikon D5100 in red color, “THE BEST NIKON CAMERA”.


    • Andrew

      Wow, this site is all of a sudden attracting a lot of Canon users. Well, this is good news, it shows that Nikon is the real competition.

      • OMR

        Believe it or not (I don’t care).
        The IQ of the D5100 defeat the 7D.

        Because I have the two cameras, now im selling the 7D.

        I have the 7D since the release.

        • OMG

          Both cameras with It’s kit lens. Now I have de 35mm 1.8G. It’s amazing, Image quality like the D700. It’s not a Joke

          The big difference it’s the boy, obvious. But the infortant thing for me it’s the final result, the picture.

          • OMR

            The big difference it’s the boDy, obviously. But the infortant thing for me it’s the final result, the picture.

            Im a Nikon Fan too.

          • It a little much to say IQ like D700, I have the D700 and shot with D7000 from my friends, and it is the best Nikon DX camera from all times, but it can’t compete with the FFs detail, sharpness and iso IQ.

          • It’s a little too much to say that IQ is like D700. I have the D700 and I shot with D7000 from my friends, and it is indeed the best Nikon DX camera till now, but it can’t deliver the same detail, per pixel sharpness, or high iso SNR like the full frame cameras, like D700, D3, D3s.
            D7000 hasn’t got the fully uncompressed raw file setting, that’s why the raw files are smaller than the ones of a D700. So less information retained.

            I was at the point of buying as a second body, the D3s – well then the D700 would of been the second body – but I saved my money to wait for the next generation. Now that Canon throws in the game, the 1Dx, I will defenetly wait for the Nikons replica. They will come eventualy.

            No Pro, will switch sides, Nikon and Canon are both very good, so why bother with the endless fight between brands, and I say this, regarding all the guys here or anywhere else in the world that throw themself in this stupid argument “Nikon/Canon rules, the other on sucks”…

            Let’s wait in a good mood, the new events…

  • Gwen

    “et use dispo en fevrier” means it will be available in february

  • Marcos

    New lenses? Well, when 70-200/4?

  • Carbon43

    Hey NR [Admin],
    don’t sweat the trolls. You’re doing a great job, and it’s clear from your writing that you are passionate about Nikon products. I couldn’t ask for more. Do the best you can, try to remain objective and separate fact from rumor. Chin up, and keep rocking out.


    • Jim W

      Exactly and precisely this!

  • Drew

    Happy Holidays…………

    See you all in the New Year.

  • Tyler durden

    “somethiung Very Big is coming”

    This is what my girl always keeps in mind …

  • Wayne

    The Nikon factory in Thailand plans to be back ‘in full production’ (of exactly what I don’t know) by March, so a January announcement for an April release sounds about right.

  • Moth Flopwell

    The Sky is Falling. One day that will come true. NR…the more you say..and more likely it will come true. Ok..something big 3 weeks ago? what happened? I am beginning to doubt this…Something BIG was suppose to happen many times over…….NOW it is Jan. of 2012…..Then when that fails…How about Feb? March?

    I think everyone got it wrong…..I truly believe it is 3 cameras. D400 OR D800 18MP
    D4 18-24mp and D900 36mp.

    There u go……delete all u want…but I know i am right.

    • gt

      I’d enjoy this site a lot more if you never posted here again

      • jb


      • Moth Flopwell

        OH I c we got some Model Mayhem trolls here….hello mm trolls….

  • sflxn

    Might this just be a huge campaign for the Nikon 1 to keep any momentum going after the holidays?

  • I’m not sure – ad space in Jan issues means people would likely see the mags some time this month – prior to a january announcement. That seems odd – but I hope I’m wrong. I’m ready for a 36MP D800 for landscape work and an 18MP D4, and 24MP D400 for wildlife.

    • Rob

      What about lame hype ads like they’ve done in the past? They could reveal their new pro ad campaign and not reveal the product(s).

      • Andrew

        At this point, anything is good news. After waiting for 3 years, just knowing that Nikon is about to release a new generation of FF and high-end DX cameras is exciting, especially since the announcements will occur in about 30 days from now. The rush to pre-order these new cameras will be great. I wonder what type of new video capabilities Nikon will introduce. The picture quality without question will be awesome.

        • People must understand that “machines” that are specialized to do one thing ONLY, DO IT BEST ! Video on a DSLR is a stupid marketing and money hunting thing. I don’t care about video. If I would I would buy a pro movie camera…

          • david distefano


          • Disagree! I love the video of the D7000. Yes, it’s kinda hard to work with, but so was photography in the not too distant past. Imagine what painters said about wet plates! It’s a process. I think it’s worth a look. Video is much more powerful than stills. That’s why we sit around all evenings looking at the idiot box and not shuffling through photo books. I think it has something to do with sound. Hearing the noises while seeing the image sparks something primal.

            • I understand you. You gave the typical amateur responses. Photography was hard to work with ? In 1850 maybe. If you like video, get a real video camera. Take video with that one and photographs with a DSLR, or film SLR or what camera you like.

              OH ? you want all in one, cause it’s easier and cheaper for you. Bad luck dude.

              It’s like all of those who stupidly repeat that they want small light gear, good performance in a smaller case etc. FUCK OFF ! I don’t care about size as long as of course it’s not a 50 kg (for lbs suckers multiply by 2.2) camera + lenses etc. Commodity and laziness it’s not for real passionate photographers.

              Feel a D3s or a Mark 4 or a Hasselblad in your hand and then let’s see what you think.

              Anyway, you talked about video. I played with video on the D90, on the D3100, on the D7000, on the D3s, I am very very happy that my D700 does not have video, but all of the new DSLR will surely have video, this is marketing, stupid hunt for money from the majority of stupid people, that want everything in one box.

              You can’t have the muscles and the force of a body builder and run 100m in less then 10 seconds like a running athlete. You can have the chance of becoming one or the other. Video or Photo. For top best performance you need dedication.

              Oh, you don’t need pro video, just to play from time to time, then what can I say, management from Canon, Nikon everybody, is counting on you to make more money. That’s why they added video on DSLRs. Remember that most of the people shooting photography or video do not understand electronic. Don’t stress the sensor and the Operational Amps in your camera by using a lot of Live View and video. They heat up, their are not design to work like that. Of course they are getting better and better. The technology is there.

              I end by saying that if we talk DSLR, let’s focus on photography. I want great iso SNR, great defenition, great DR, great per pixel sharpness, I would like diffraction to be less of a problem etc…

              Video…not the first concern…

              Cheers !

    • GregS

      I was about to make the same comment. January magazine issues usually hit the stands in mid to late December. Also, ad space would have been bought a few months ago.

    • John


    • PeterT

      Amazing work, Steve!
      Some beautiful pictures on your website…

  • goose

    oh lord, to buy or not to buy d7000 next week for immediate journal work… ffuuu… need… lowlight… no money for d700… d300s not sure if worth it… which one… ffuuu

    • gt

      if you can’t afford the D700, then your second best option for “immediate journalism” in low light is the D7000. The choice is obvious.

      BTW, if you can’t afford the D700, that means you won’t be able to afford the D800 or D4 when they are released either. Also, don’t expect prices to drop on the D700 overnight when the D800 is released. If the specs are as Peter says, the D700 will continue to be in demand. The D800 that peter predicts is not designed to be a D700 replacement at all — more like a D3x replacement if anything.

      • goose

        sounds like that’s that. uuuugh buuudget and time.

  • Hans

    Something big is coming? Maybe some new CoolPixes. There will NOT be any new DSLR from Nikon before 2014. And then it will be 12 MP.

    • Mark

      Ooops, someone forgot to take their meds.

    • Chill out…don’t loose your last working neuron…

  • 120-300 os

    Well i just bought mi self a nice 300 F2:8 lens so happy for this x mas but even i have to wait it´s in europe so next year getting it here after famly visit to windmill land so body fine wait a little longer.mabe getting it during visiting Holland.

  • F-STOP

    ENOUGH with the theres something big coming….how long have we’ve been hear that?..It just seems we keep hearing something big is coming and nothing ever does…I think we’er just getting tried of waiting Nikon. If something doesn’t come out in January it will not upset me. HA!

  • well I don’t care what anyone says.. 2011 was a FANTASTIC year for me… the year I decided to stop waiting for the D800 and get a D700!!!!

    • Robert Ash


      You are the best, my friend 🙂 Kudos to you.

    • John

      I also got a D700 in 2011. I am going to have a wonderful Christmas with it. I am coming from film, this camera is magical. I love the low light pics. Love FF.

  • You know, we completely understand your frustration.

    Tell you what: leave us your contact info (phone number, home address, email address, etc) and we’ll notify you as soon as the cameras are officially announced.

    Just so you know we’re the ones sending the message, look for one of the following: (a) an email that appears to be selling pharmaceuticals such as v1agra; (b) a call from someone with a thick asian accent who calls himself Jeff Harris inquiring as to whether your carpets are dirty, or (c) an oversized postcard announcing your eligibility to win your choice of a free Dodge Caravan (or a $38,001 check) from your local dealership.

    Pay close attention over the next few months to each and every call, email, and postcard you receive. Our messages only appear to be unwanted spam, telemarketers calls, or junk mail just so we can throw your parents/grandparents/spouse what-have-you off the trail.

    • I shoot Nikon

      Ugh Ron, sometimes less is more. I take it you weren’t the one who wrote the more creative stuff for your website.
      Sorry, but I just love picking on those who try so hard to be funny at the expense of others, but fail so hard.

      • word

      • Ron Scubadiver


      • Rich

        Amen to that!

      • haha. You’re right, not the funniest thing the world’s ever seen. Ah, you can’t win ’em all.

        Hey, thanks for the kind words about the site. I’ll pass that along to our team.

      • axn

        Even the website tries too hard to be “creative”, just as he tried too hard to be funny with the comment.

        • There’s a basic truth to life: even the gutless can be critical when they’re anonymous.

  • Something BIG. An 800mm lens that would be big.

  • Tarepanda

    I just wish……..they don’t put the price too high…………

  • FarbNardExcite


  • TCP

    Cant wait to see what nikons reply to the canon …
    looking forward for some decent full frame camera ..

  • just buy a canon

    get yourself a 5d mk 2 for cheap. better deal than any nikon crap.

    or wait for the 5d replacement or even the 1ds. you will be way ahead

    • Rob Ueberfeldt

      “Don’t feed”

    • Plain stupid ma’ man…you are a sad little elfi…

      A true photographer, and a human with the correct umount of common sence and wisdom, will never treat this two top brands like this….

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Did they buy ad space for the January issues? They would hit the shelves end of this month and usually in Dec. just befor x-mas as a nice little stocking filler. Made some calls but not one of my contacts in the UK has seen any unusual Nikon display ads yet… Is this US only?
    Could it be Nikon is just buying a run of ads at once to secure placement/position? This is very common. Magazines I used to work for would often sell 12 moths worth of DPS’s in advance, but generally around April, not in January
    OTOH January issues are notoriously bad selling issues, not the best choice for a launch.
    My buddy on display sales in Japan has nothing odd on the ledger either.

    • sammys camera

      The timing makes no sense. I think you’re right about securing positioning. Doesn’t mean they’re launching.
      Mr Nikon Rumors is simply trying to bring people to his site. It didn’t pan out this year, so his predictions have to carry on. Next year it is! January! Ohhh…. something BIG is coming!

  • Fox

    Good thinks come to those that wait!!!

  • Nicholas Wojciak

    I would say that I’m going to wait and not buy a new nikon until I see what this is but It looks like I don’t have a choice considering nothing is in stock right now lol

  • HOPE!!!!

  • Coolpux

    I already have something BIG ! And it keeps cumming…

  • henry

    Is it just me or did Nikon just miss the shopping gravy train with later than November release? Might as well, I am sure all will be forgiven when their product delivers the goods. Until then, good luck to Nikon on releasing the next great thing.

  • Richard

    I bought a 7D a few weeks ago. The autofocus was all over the place. I returned it and was researching a replacement.

    Yes yes I should have known better, but now I know. Nikon is far superior with Autofocus.

    Money to spend on glass & body. JANUARY HERE WE COME!

  • FX DX

    I will trust it when it is announced. If I wouldn’t be following the stupid D800 rumor, I would have purchased D700 a long time ago. I guess I have no one to blame but myself.

  • Edit Reject

    I do not understand all of the hostility on here. Rumor sites are all about speculation and fun. Part of the fun is going back after a camera is announced/released and seeing how many of the rumors actually panned out into truth. Have fun with this site.

    • Sammy Camera

      Rumor sites should be fun. They shouldn’t be a site devoted to driving user traffic. Hey, I think I’m going to go shopping at Best Buy tomorrow. Anyone else?

      • I think Admin is honestly passing on the most accurate information he has. It’s us

        • … It’s usually pretty good info. People read into it things that aren’t there and then blame him when they’re disappointed. I’m sure Nikon has been forced to change their plans several times this year.

  • You know each time you say “That’s It” something else gets announced.

    You said no new announcements after the Coolpix, and then the V1 came. Then you said that was it, then the SB-910.

    I’m on to your tricks admin! You probably have the ads for the D800, D4, sitting in an email, showing it off to your in real life friends.

    I am sure they’ll just happen to “leak” the D800 announcement on Dec 18th or something and whatever.

  • Hey readers of NikonRumors..I have tried to use the 24-70m but since it has no VR and I shoot a lot of low light outdoor shots..I’m looking for an alternative Nikon lens that has VR..any suggestions??

    • BartyL

      Buy a tripod or monopod.

    • peterw

      try higher iso
      darkness makes my eyes see a rather dark and noisy image too
      try a 35 F2 or 50 f1,4/1,8 or 85 F1,…. 🙂
      try to put some extra weight to your camera. a batterypack, perhaps with 8 AA rechargable battery’s or screw something even more heavy to your camera.

      It works for me in the dark. 1/20s to even 1/8 s with 50mm or less. A lot of pictures will be blurred, but some will be good.
      (85mm is for one reasson or another very much less allowing. It often takes 1/80s or higher. I don’t understand why I don’t reach 1/30s. technique I guess :(( )

    • the low light kings would rather be the 24 and 35 1.4 and of course the 16-35 VR if shooting Architecture/Landscapes without tripod.

      Don’t know about your budget, but the 16-35 VR makes a nice combo with the 24mm 1.4.

      • Thanks a’s off to the camera store!

  • MarkR

    Is one of those magazines the Nikon ads are coming to PDN mag?

    If so, IF so, then that would lend more credibility to it.

    If not, I don’t know. We’ll see.

  • chuckycheese

    Price, it will be priced at what it is worth not what you silly folks think it should be. Guess what we will all pay too because it will best anything them white lense shooters have.

    • BartyL

      And if we decide it isn’t worth it and don’t buy it, what’s it worth then?

      • peterw

        that looks almost philosofical…

        however, the matter is one of blunt economics.

  • Daniyar

    So what the probability of 85 f1.8 coming to market in the next 6 months?
    I need 85mm prime, but don’t really want to get D version if G will be coming out soon.

  • Bob2

    I’m hoping the something “Big” is not another Blues Traveler concert!

    But, truth be told, NR Admin is doing a great job. Thanks and have a Merry Christmas!

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