Need a display calibration system? Win this Spyder 3 Elite!

The giveaway is now closed - I will announce the winner in the next few days.

What can I win?

In this giveaway you can win a brand new Datacolor Spyder 3 Elite display calibration system valued at $179.95 (plus a $30 mail-in rebate).

How do I win?

The rules are simple:


If you already "liked" both Facebook pages or you are already a follower on Twitter, you just need to leave a comment to this blog post. One comment per person please. Don’t forget to add your email address in the provided field (it will not be visible to the public and it will only be used to notify you in case you are the winner). I will close all comments in one week and will randomly pick the winner.

The best part?

This giveaway is open to anyone and is not restricted to US residents only, everyone is welcomed to participate. This contest is void where prohibited by law. All taxes are the responsibility of the winner. The price cannot be shipped to countries embargoed by the United States.

Good luck!

I am running the same giveaway also on PhotoRumors - you are welcome to enter both giveaways. For further discussion on monitor calibration software, check this thread on the [NR] Forum. Special thanks to Datacolor for sponsoring this giveaway.

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  • azboricua

    I would like to win please!

  • Renato Salles

    I need one!

  • Steve Brown

    Maybe if I used a Spyder, my photos wouldn’t look so much like the surface of Mars on my monitor.

  • I would love a Spyder. I am sure my colors will be on point with this devise

  • Yuri

    This is interesting!!!

  • ivo radoichev

    Nice idea! Everyone needs Spyder!

  • Gabi I

    Super contest…as always….thanks again NR

  • Mark

    Oh man I’ve been wanting one of these for years!

  • Mike

    international giveaway!!!! sweet!!!! =]

  • Yes please! i have to get one of these soon 🙂

  • Adam

    I am in need of one of these but alas i am a poor student.

  • Would love to win. I could really use this. I liked both pages on facebook

  • Michael Ye

    Would love to win and I do really like this. Loved both FB pages.

  • Saverio Cantoni

    Wow spyder 3 would be great…colours wold be great!

  • Thomas Beierlein

    Where do I need to live to win the Spider3?


  • Brett

    I’ll say it again – those of us who don’t tweet or use facebook are being shut out of all the contests. I visit this site weekly – don’t I get a chance to win something anymore?

  • Dave

    Great timing, I’m in need of a display calibrator.

  • Sune Kaas

    Oooh I really need that Spyder for the web. Gimme gimme gimme 😉

  • Victor Hoffmann

    I’m about to get a new display (Dell U2412M), so it would be awesome to win the Spyder!

  • Jonathan Walls

    I’ve been wanting to get something to calibrate my monitors for a while. This would do just fine.

  • Well I was about to buy the Pro version, If I can get the Elite for free, that would be awesome!!!

  • Oooh, especially handy for this colorblind photographer. Graycards would move down from my best, to second best friend. Thanks! Randy

  • Markus Yajima

    I always needed a display calibrator. Hope I can win this thing!!!

  • Stephen

    I want one.

  • Danny Kim

    I am here to win <3 Best early christmas for a beginner photographer aye?!

  • Jean-François

    Great Tool for Great results!!!

  • Hey my birthday is December 24th and Christmas is the 25th. I’ve got cheated EVERY year of my life. Please make up for all those years. Pick me as the winner of this great unit!

  • Joe Hong

    Pick me …pick me…

  • Steve Vandervelde

    Maybe this is why my prints never match what the picture looks like on the screen? I’d love to try this out.

  • Paulo Cesar M Moura

    I would love a Spyder. I am sure my colors will be better.

  • I’ll be graduating in April, which means no more access to calibrated monitors and calibrators at my fingertips. This would be a sweet graduation present.

  • TK

    100% sure my monitor calibration is off lool

  • Jed

    I would love a Spyder but I can’t afford it.. Sure thing this equipment would help me bring out the right colors in our world through my photos.

  • Sub-par daemon

    me, me, and meeeee! need this! 🙂

  • jgyoung

    awesome product to have once in my lifetime.

  • Kjetil

    I really need and want a Spyder 3 Elite!

  • agormog

    Who wouldn’t want a Spyer 3 Elite?

  • crisguidi

    My husband would love a Spyder

  • SamuelHTC

    I want one!!! 🙂

  • I really need one. Pick me, pick me 🙂

  • Antony

    Dear Nikon Rumors, I promise that I am not afraid of Spyders! They are a colorblind photographer’s best friend.

  • nice one! 🙂

  • great stuff! Thanks for what you do on nikonrumors!!!

  • I hate spiders but would love a Spyder.

  • Emil Åslund

    Wow! NR once again stands in contrast to others, offering crispier and more colourful photo news!

  • Alex

    Such a tool is necessary for working on computers!

  • Leo

    To calibrate is to be passionate about all the intended wavelengths.

  • Iris Chrome

    Don’t mind if I do 😀

  • Vitaliy

    I’ve used Spyder 2 system a few years ago and I liked it. It will be great to test spyder 3.

  • Brett hall

    Just entering the contest.

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