Only the Nikon SB-910 flash will be announced this week

There is already an empty spot for the SB-910 on Nikon's website

Based on the latest information from today, we will probably have only one product announcement this Wednesday (November 30th) - the new Nikon SB-910 speedlight unit. This is how the new flash unit was described to me:

"The SB-910 differs from SB-900 in refined ergonomics (also 1% lighter, 1% smaller), redesigned menus, improved overheating control and ... that's it. No "bulb mode" or anything similar. And yes, it's supposed to be introduced on October 26th, but was delayed."

This explains why Nikon did not schedule any press events for November 30th - this is not a major product announcement. The rest of the expected products will probably be revealed in 2012. If there will be a surprise this Wednesday, it will be a lens (or two) but not the Nikon D800. I will have a live coverage starting tomorrow - for US readers the announcement will happen around midnight EST tomorrow (Tuesday).

Just to remind you that I still expect the D800 to have 36MP and not 18MP like several websites have suggested in the past few days. I am still standing behind the rumors form early October and as you will see in the next few days they will slowly start to come true.

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  • Anonymus Maximus

    I hope that “improved overheating control” is some kind of cooling or heatpipe.

    • Anonymus Maximus

      PS. That would be totally cool!!!!!

      (couldn’t help it, and firstby the way.)

      • Global

        They need a new SB-400 already!!

        • Global

          Nikon is punking you, Admin.

          An 18MP will appear with leaps and bounds of ISO (I hope).

          • Wilson

            On the d4 there will be 18mp not the d800, why would they kill their pro line of cameras with a second high iso camera, theyve made it so pro photographers have a choice, if they wanna shoot low iso high mp they go with d800 and if theyre all about speed they get d4 and if they got the money theres reason enough to buy one of each. nikon has made a smart decision in my opinion

            • MagicMonkey

              What about all the serious amateurs who want/need high ISO but don’t need a – frankly – completely ridiculous number of pixels (except for dedicated landscape photogs, of course)?! D3S ISO with 18-24 MP and the new AF system from D4/D400 is just the right decision … for the first time, if these 36 MP rumours come true, I will be very disappointed with Nikon.

            • Global

              No offense, but you don’t know what you’re talking about or you are being hypocritical — if the D800 has 36MP it will completely KILL the D4x for MP and kill the D3S for video.

              As for D3S it is already outdated for ISO, the same way that D3X is outdated for megapixels. Re: Not by much, but definitely by enough.

              The problem, I think is that Nikonians need to learn how to fracture our thinking into “3 bodies” (700, 3S, 3X) — but we are not yet certain that Nikon is going to follow the “3 bodies” philosophy.

              It would make FAR more sense (and bring calm to the market) if they announced a D4X and then a D4S and then a D800 (balanced).

              Nikon is creating their own marketing nightmare by not being straight with consumers about what to expect as the lines evolve.

              They should make it clear: 3 pro bodies for the foreseeable future:
              1.) Speed/Unobtrusive Video/High ISO
              2.) High MP/Extra Studio Friendly Functions
              3.) Balanced ISO-MP/Video Features/Removable Handle

              And then build up each generation (at least 3 generations of each).

              They should not go from D3 to D700 to D3X to D3S to D800 as 36MP (a D3X upgrade, IN FACT), without hitting the true D700 (balanced) upgrade.

              Nikon skipped a step, causing, legitimately, many to feel that a 36MP body is not the true successor of a D700. And they will be right to say that.

              A slower D800 than the D700 with huge numbers of pixels and no better ISO is (for many people) a –crippled– D700, not an upgrade.

    • I never had any issues with my SB-900 when using it “normally”. The only time I had any issues with overheating was when I was doing rapid fire testing at higher power levels to see how much I could get it to heat up. With very little time between test burst, the unit did self-protect and shut down for several minutes. However, with a reasonable time between shots, it didn’t pose a problem, even at higher power levels.

      I do think that a slightly lighter, slightly smaller design would be nice. I’d prefer the connector for the SD-900 external battery pack to be somewhere more convenient as well. And better yet, allow it to work with external-only batteries to reduce weight even further and eliminate some of the internal heat sources.

      • IanZ28

        I too have never had any issues with the SB-900 flash.

        I’ve shot events, portrait sessions, and a couple of weddings using this flash.

        The people having issues must be rapid firing the flash with f8+ apertures and likely not even waiting for recycle times.

    • sade

      Perhaps 1% better overheating! 😀

    • Ken

      @ Anonymus Maximus –
      no it´s not a cooling or a heatpipe, but 2 buttons, press the first one when the overheating symbol blinks, press the second one if it still keeps blinking .!!
      blink control it´s called ,!!

  • Willy

    If i am first, i will certainly buy one 🙂

    • IanZ28

      you weren’t first….will you buy a SB-700 instead?

  • T.I.M

    I’ll think about it when it will be on top of my D800….

    • I still hope for D800 with 16-18Mp and clear high ISO so SB-910 is not for me, it’s for people with 36Mp ))

  • Neil

    Any more news on that NX2 2.3 or even more desperately needed NX3?

  • the visible man

    the 900 is HUGE on top of a D700, especially when you combine it with a pocket wizard tt1… plus the d700 is sooo much better than the sb600 and nearly as good as the 900, that im getting rid of my 900’s and replacing with 700’s.

    • suissenikon

      the sb700 is awful, weaker than the sb600 and has exposure issues., i sold 2 different copies after desperately trying to like it

      • chuck

        the sb700 in my opinion is pretty cheaply made too-the battery door broke the first time I opened it and the swivel head doesn’t lock left to right motion.

        • Ken

          no sb700 aint cheaply made at all, if you have all those problems then it´s you,
          eat a bit less of that fastfood junk and drink a bit less of that energy drink crap you consume. too much calories taking over your hand movements mate, that´s it, and that´s all.

          • Rob

            Troll detected.

    • Hhom Togan

      Huge is relative, a potato masher flash is huge and yet a lot of people use them on brackets… let me be more corrosive: Having a Lotus LFA would be huge on your D700 hot shoe, the SB900 is OK unless you have broiled carrot arms.

      • Tony5787

        The LFA is made by Lexus…

  • Zim

    So will the D800 be priced like the D700? I hope under $3,000. Some people are pricing it like a D4. I might be waiting on the D400 if they jack the price up

    • Rob

      Around $4000. Read the previous rumors.

      • Zim

        I did but I find it hard to believe. $4,000 seems high for the D700 replacement

        • Ken Thom

          In case you didn’t notice, the JPY just appreciated again against other major currencies. Price increase is a real possibilities.

          The speculated $4k is a good price to eliminate the unwanted competition and go to those who can truly afford one.

          For those who can’t, this is the site for them to whine about how suck the may-be-introduced-but-not-yet-exist D800/D4 are.

        • Visualiza

          It isn’t that hard to believe. Look no further than the D7000, which replaced the D90. It clocked in at $1200 body only, whereas the D90 was $900. Thats a 30% increase in price, and if the D700 follows this same trend, then it’s replacement will also come it at around $4000.

          The world economony isn’t exactly in a better state than 2007, either.

          • Andrew


            I do not agree with you. The D7000 is more comparable with the D3 and D300s, and is superior to these cameras in many ways. The fact is that many pros are using the D7000. At $1200, the D7000 is a stunning achievement; it could easily have sold for $2,000, but Nikon wanted to shakeup the mass market. I expect Nikon to release a camera in the $1,800 (body only) to $2500 price range that will exceed the performance of the D700. The only remaining question will be the model number.

            • Visualiza

              Well, believe it or not I do agree with you. The D7000 is indeed a stunning achievement, I own one and swear by the camera myself, but saying that the camera could sell for $2000 is a bit of a stretch. Lowlight autofocus is the one area where I feel the camera is a bit lacking, and that is VERY important when you’re talking a $2,000 price point. Using a hotshoe flash w/ AF assist alleviates this somewhat, but even that isn’t a perfect solution.

              In any case, what I was getting at was strictly price trends; I wasn’t trying to insinuate any sort of feature to price correlations.

  • Bob

    Ohh! well looks like will be buying Canon 5D MKII then

    Nikon missing out on the western world xmas\new year holiday spending spree yet again.

    • Anonymous

      Bye bye troll.

    • D7000 Fan

      Happy Autofocusing!

      • ISP

        LOL….. +1 !

    • Yes, go and buy the 5Dmk2. You will be happier off with it. The rest of us will wait for the D800 and smile fondly at the thought of you using a camera with a inferior AF system, maybe when we are using Nikons creative lighting system wonder is you are enjoying the not so good Canon flash system. Maybe we will get jealous of the much vaunted video ability, but then again, probably not.

      • Hey hey! That AF system on the 5dmkii is almost as good as the one on the D2x! I mean, not at good. But almost. And that’s gotta count for something right? I mean, it’s better than nothing…

        • J. Dávid Péter

          I would buy a D700 instead of the 5D mkII if I had the money to replace all my lenses. Image quality is awsome, but the AF and the complete low light usage just sucks. I hate it. However, the new 1D X seems quite pretty…

          • Ken

            what??? 5dmk2 `sucks´ in low light? what the heck are you saying?
            i never thought of 5d2 as a whore !!!… are you sure?

          • Hhom Togan

            I tried to make my 5D MKII to fellate me without success, the same for my D3x and D700… (I misaligned the mirrors…)

            It would have been cheaper to have a hooker to do that rather than literally effing up my cameras…

            But FYI: they don’t suck…

            • IanZ28

              Post of the year?

          • Mock Kenwell

            When Nikon didn’t answer with a D700s, I was forced to buy several 5D Mk IIs for our company. They don’t suck. Our crew would rather have Nikons, and in fact, we kept all our Nikon glass, but business is business and I could not justify the 2-3x cash outlay of a D3s when buying six bodies. We need them for video and stills. If you know what the hell you’re doing, there’s nothing wrong with the Mk II. It’s a bit flimsier, and while the AF is not as good as Nikon, especially on the edges, the whole AF issue is overblown in my experience. In our industry, Nikon is losing business by not answering the Mk II. .

            The upside of Nikon taking so long to update is that by the time the D700s equivalent DOES come out, we may be in a position to upgrade! The rumored $4K tag on the D800 would be a non-starter for us though I’m afraid.

      • D700guy

        Not everyone uses the CLS.
        In fact, I dispensed with it years ago.
        Anyone even worth half his salt would be using manual flash by now.

        • Eric

          I use manual flash 90% of the time, but sometimes I really have to run and shoot. CLS can be really useful when distances/lighting/subjects conditions change every 10 seconds.

          Also, McNally is probably worth “half his salt”, and mostly uses CLS.

          • mooboy

            Plus, CLS can be used in manual mode. It saved my ass other month on holiday when one of my triggers broke.

            Also, that same holiday I met Joe McNally. Coincidence? You be the judge!

        • I different setup for different shoots, the CLS isn’t perfect by any means, but it does a job and is better than the Canon system generally. I don’t use them for everything but they are useful.

        • Hhom Togan

          Awwwww you are so cute, you must post in the strobist forum too? awwww trolls are so dumbie dumb 🙂

    • JMP

      Has the old 5D2 just improved or something?

    • FX DX

      Ha… I am not feeling bad about my this week’s D700 purchase anymore. Still looking forward to D800. Hope it’s in the same price range as D700 and not freaking ~$4K.

      • Benjo

        Every source I’ve read has noted the D800 will come at an increased price, and exchange rates will only make things worse. $3500 is probably a dream, except if they really went cheap on build quality (more D7000, less D700).

        • FX DX

          I think that will be fine with many enthusiasts full frame buyers. I think D7000 is a good balance between price and quality. If D800 is the same quality as D7000 and the same price as D700, I think it will sell better than indestructible D800 at $4K.

          • Andrew

            I agree. The D7000 set the stage for how aggressive Nikon can get with their pricing; at $1,200, the price is stunning.

            Nikon can easily build a FF camera that retails at $1,800. At this price, their sales will be massive, especially if the camera provide a high ISO performance. The specs should be 24MP, full frame sensor.

            For Nikon’s pro line, their FF camera should retail at $2,500 and have an 18MP sensor, thus giving the pros superior ISO performance.

            If Nikon wants to cleanup, they will also come out with a 12MP sensor that takes advantage of the new back-lighting technology that all the newer cameras are sporting. This will provide the ultimate in ISO performance. What is surprising is that at $3,500, these cameras will fly off the shelf. All those who purchased the D700 will immediately sell their camera and trade up.

    • b

      Go ahead and buy the 5d mk 2.
      Who cares, you pathetic little twerp.

      Is your mentality so screwed up that a company releasing an item to a different schedule than your own such a big deal?

      Of course if you really needed something such as a 5d2, you would already have it or a d3x or an a900 or anything similar.

      Instead, here you are crapping on in a forum about nikon gear – obviously taking a break from your usual onanistic websites.

      You wanker.

    • Good thinking…

      …because the 5D mkII is only 3.5 years old.

  • Yeah, not looking good for a D800 tomorrow. It’s gotta happen soon, though. The D800 isn’t far off.

    • chris Zeller

      Had a great time this vacation shooting with the D7000. Not sorry that I broke down and gave up on FX for the time being. The D7000 is such a step up from the D70. Glad not to be waiting for the mythical D800. Ploughed the extra money into FX glass that will be ready if/when a truly affordable Fx body comes along. In the meantime I’ll take the extra pixel density/1.5 crop factor for long distance wildlife.

      • The D7K is a great DX body. You may or may not know this, but I own 2 of them (I’ve been very vocal about my professional use of 2 D7000s). I also ise FX bodies, but when the 1.5x crop factor is needed as well as extra resolution, my D7ks never fail me. They are only about a stop behind the D700 in terms of High-iso noise. Where the D7K really shines is it’s insane DR. 14 fulls stops of DR at base ISO makes the D7K really shine. At $1200 the D7K is a steal and I’m not ashamed to flaunt my use of them at all.

  • Timo

    I’ll get out the popcorn and wait for the comments of those whining kids because “their” D800 will still not be announced. 😛

    • Timo

      Ok, they were faster. But foreseeable.

  • sade

    “The SB-910 differs from SB-900 in refined ergonomics (also 1% lighter, 1% smaller)”

    Then why isn’t it called SB-900.01 ?

    • noreally

      Because 1% better than 900 would be 909 and then they rounded up

      • enesunkie

        Shouldn’t it be called SB-890 then?

  • Victor Hassleblood

    >> The rest of the expected products will probably be revealed in 2012. (…) as you will see in the next few days they will slowly start to come true.<<

    Kind of contradictory, isn't it? At least it generates constantly high traffic on NR and revenue, I guess. I'll be busy slapping my face the next few days, punishing myself for having wasted time coming here.

    • axv

      Thes this is a business and needs to get us back hereover and over even if it’s not really for rumors, like the guest posts and weekly updates… more traffic, more money.

      Still this shouldn’t be charity but still owes us good information.

  • fixxxer

    D800 saga continues…… 😀

    • Yeah! But… we need some very-very good news until 2012 comes…

      • Andrew

        The good news is that there should (sorry “might”) be another announcement by the 4th or 5th of December. I am not holding my breadth though!

  • paul

    So basically the SB-910 is going to work like the 900 was supposed to?

    • IanZ28

      precisely….. isn’t that how all tech companies do it?

  • william

    I have 3 Sb’s 900.. Never had any problem with the overheat, because I never use them at full power for that long!
    I’m kinda happy they didn’t change anything that would matter to me… Now I don’t have to sell my babies!

    Can anybody help me to decide. I have a D300s plus a 24-70, 105 and a 50 1.8, all fx lenses. Should I keep this camera until the D800 comes out do I check if will be good for me, or should I just get the D700.

    I was thinking maybe to keep the D300s and buy a 10-24 dx… But full frame would be nice since I’m working a lot with events.


    • Wait. 🙂 Keep D300s until D800 gets announced. Why?

      Because you will see if its worth getting D800 straight away (it may be pricey for a while).

      And 2, people will start selling D700 to get the latest camera 🙂 Not many but I can bet few. Then eBay and D700 bodies will be cheaper 🙂

      Overall, I would wait. I had D300s and its great camera 🙂

    • rhlpetrus

      If you are doing good with D300, why not wait a bit to see what materializes (but it may take a while, it seems all the rumors so far have not gotten the date right).

    • Why sell the D300s at all? Like Kurnikoff said, its a great camera and you already own it.

      How about this idea… Keep it until you get a good price on D700 when prices drop or you wait for the D800 to hit the street, and THEN if you want to do something cool, check into having a full IR conversion done to the D300s!

      • william

        Thanks, guys! That’s what I tough.. But I’m afraid of these factors if I wait:
        -D300s becomes obsolete (no worries I can use it as a back up)
        -D700 is getting hard to find new, and that’s why it’s 3000us here (when I bought my D300s, the d700 was 2,400us – april/2011)
        -The D800 will be around 4000us if the rumors are right.

        If all this happens, I will end up buying an used D700 for about the same price a new one is now. The D800 probably will be better than a D3s, my dream camera!

        So I’d wait till D800, and save money to buy it after a few months it’s released?
        Thanks for being so kind, guys!

        • @william, it is all about needs if you are a pro and earn money with your photography, otherwise it is all about desire. You should first ask yourself what you are trying to satisfy, a want or a need. I own the older D300 and the D700, and all FX glass. The D300 is great for macro and telephoto work with the right amount of light; but the AF is not quite as accurate/fast as the D700. If I am going after shallow DOF, then I stick with D700. In fact, I use it most of the time. If you need to go wide, the 10-24 dx will serve you well on D300s. The 24-70 is also great on D300, but you lose the wide capability you paid for. You can always buy used from a reputable dealer like Cameta or B&H and save some money. If you can wait, save up money for the next camera, expect to pay $4K. After it is anounced, you can then decide if you should buy it, or a D700 used and another optic to boot.

      • A few years ago when I bought my D300, I decided to keep my D200 and have it converted to full-time IR. I have never regretted it and love the ease that I use it for IR. And with the rate of depreciation of DSLR bodies, I could not have sold the older body for anything like I paid for it.

      • FX DX

        What should be a good price on used D700? They are going on eBay for ~$2000 used with very low shutter count. I don’t expect D700 to be in $1000 to $1500 for another 3 to 4 years. If the rumors of new D800 being $4000 are true, D700 will probably not lose any price at all. To me it was a big charm to go from a crop sensor to a full frame sensor. As I don’t make money with my photography, it is very difficult for me to justify another $2000 for an upgrade, but we will see.

        • @FX DX, if it is less than $2k for low shutter count, say 1500-1800$, that is a good deal and something that shouldn’t be scoffed at. Anything above $2k better have lots of accessories to go with it. The D800 is close around the corner and once it is officially anounced the D700 will drop 10-20% in current value overnight.

    • Ken Thom

      If you really need a camera that can deal with low light to make a living, there is no reason to wait.

      I still have my D300S. My main camera is a D3S and back up is a D700.

      D300S is for wildlife/birds or when I want to travel “light”.

  • rhlpetrus

    Well, not within my interests … .

    Now that I have the V1, I want a faster midrange zoom. The 10mm f/2.8 prime is great, the other lenses a bit too slow, but not bad optically. The camera is the perfect compact carry-around tool.

  • Been there guy

    It’s time to switch to Canon. They have new camera coming 1DX. They video camera C300 for those desperately wanted video and now they are having a lenses and flashes sale going on… don’t miss the chance…

    • Jabs

      Have you checked the prices on the new upcoming Canon FX body?

      Have you checked the prices on that Video body and the lenses?

      Maybe you should!

      Makes a D800 look like a steal too.

  • No more!!!

    Screw this, Nikon, you just lost one of your best customers. No D800 eh? Canon will be glad to have my money. Peace.

    • D7000 Fan

      As I said to a similar post above, happy autofocusing.

      • ISP

        This is so funny ! LOL….. I will use this quote with my Canon user friends… LOL ! I love My D700 and I know I will love My D800…. :))


      As I said to a previous post, happy autofocusing. . . . .

    • Walkthru

      “one of your best customers…..” – PMSL.

      • jodjac

        PMSL? What is that?

    • b

      dickhead “one of your best customers”

      What a tosser

    • Calibrator

      Remember the post on Photo Rumors a few days ago about “some manufacturers paying people to advertise on forums”?

      I for one wouldn’t be surprised if “Been there guy” and “No more!!!” share the same IP…

  • none

    nope you pretty much nailed it.

  • Great. They basically fixed the SB 900 and made it work as it should. I own 6 SB900’s Do they seriously expect me to buy 6 more just because they stopped it overheating?

    • FX DX

      So you knew it had a problem and you still bought 6 of them?

      • axv

        I have 2 and I haven’t even bothered to do the firmware update, couple of time has overheated but no biggie, for power I use my ranger hehehe.

      • Calibrator

        How did you come to this conclusion?
        Nowhere does he write that he knew before purchase.

  • lol, empty spot for a flash.
    You can say the same about DSLRs:

    • T.I.M

      There is 2 empty spots on the DSLR page, one for the D900 and one for the D700s

  • Big deal, a minor upgrade to a flash unit. Useful, but not exciting.

    • T.I.M

      Well if the SB-910 can lower the SB-900’s price I’ll get an other one.

  • I’m going to have to replace my two sb900’s if the overheating really is fixed. The overheating is ridiculous.

    • T.I.M

      Did you upload the new firmware into your SB-900 ?
      It’s on Nikon website.

  • Not going to have a go at you but you know what the site is about. I don’t think the situation is helped, by what has been happening in Japan and Thailand, this year, which is nobodies fault. Everyone has a choice to visit this site, you have made your mind and it would be wrong for anyone to say you are wrong for doing that.

  • Greg

    OMG you people.
    1. If you want to sell your gear and buy Canon, just do it and leave us alone. I really don’t care what you do. You are the type that will complain about Canon when Nikon brings out something new anyway. My guess is that you, who says you are Nikon’s biggest cutomer, are not even known to Nikon. You are just not that important. Great, only in your own mind.
    2. When Nikon brings out a new product, I am sure it will be to the same high standards of their other gear. I have been on the fence for a while about the D700/800 buy, but I will wait. It will come when it comes and not any sooner because someone complains and threatens to go to another manufacturer.
    3. I really honestly didn’t notice the advertisements on this site. I knew they were there but I don’t like them so I don’t pay attention to them. The admin of this site cannot provide everyone with a complaint outlet from the goodness of his heart. He needs some compensation for his time, effort and uncalled for criticisms. Hell, for me to put up with some of this crap, I would charge you to come on to the site.
    4. This is a damn rumor site. It is doing exactly what it is suppose to. Take it for its entertainment value. If you do not like it, leave and don’t forget to close the door behind you. We will not miss you and in fact the only way we will know you are gone is that this site will be more civil.

    • Happy Flasher ;-)


    • John Richardson

      +1 x 1000

  • photdog

    No, I don’t jump ship, I’ll stay with Nikon gear. But I start to feel that Nikon’s information policy has become annoying!!! Having to wait isn’t nice. But having to wait while you don’t even know what you’re actually waiting for is annoying. Why the heck can’t Nikon say we’ll get out this and that camera / lens with this and that specs but don’t expect to get it before March. Then everybody can make or prepare his decisions.
    Like with this flash thing: had people known that there is just change in the 1 % area, I guess quite some people being in the market for a flash would have been satisfied to get the old SB 900 and don’t have to pay MSRP for the 910 with just marginal improvements.

    • I agree.

      I understand there have been set backs due to nature, but the production workers in Thailand are not responsible for the design and marketing for product. There should be nothing holding Nikon back from releasing product announcements with specifications with the caveat of uncertain production dates. It would be a partial relief to know what we are waiting for and maybe we would not have to put up with so much “im jumping ship for brand xxxxx” and we can pass the time debating the decision on number of megapix instead.

      • Andy

        >There should be nothing holding Nikon back from releasing product announcements with specifications with the caveat of uncertain production dates

        Jeesus. Of course there is. It would their inventory.

  • pizza

    SOOOOOOOO excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kyoshinikon

    I Wish they would make the build quality of this one the level of the pro camera bodies and lenses (magnesium alloy and weather s.ealed)..

  • Steve

    Good riddance. The SB-900 was junk and overheated all the time when doing event photography. I ended up selling it and going back to SB-600s which didnt keep making that annoying overheating noise.

    • Hendog

      I do events, rarely have overheating problems with it. Never been a problem on a job where I knew the limitations of the equipment. As a professional, you can’t let the equipment mess you up by not being smart about it. I personally am a big fan of the SB900.

      As for Nikon’s D800 business, what a mess! No word on this gap in the market whatsoever for years and years. And now we are set to get something we don’t want. I’m seriously just gonna settle for a d700 if this $4000 36mp thing is true.

    • Hhom Togan

      Yeah the SB900 with its fucking counter overheating system to avoid me frying a 400 USD flash! I want 2 flashes I can overheat the shit out of them and fry them so I can look cool.

      Also I don’t know about the relationship of ISO and flash output power because I have a dick in my head.

  • LHN,

    I hear what you are saying but I for one am glad to have some kind of radar of what is going on that is not directly Nikon driven. To one extent or another sites like NR and CR keep the companies they report on honest (did I just say ‘honest’? I meant on point) about product releases.

    I also believe that sites like this one are important portals for the corporation to gauge customer sentiment and needs more than they may admit to. Delayed product releases are always frustrating but as you pointed out, its not NR admin’s fault.

    • Another way to look at it is that NR is an ‘ambassador’ in both directions linking customers to Nikon in a way that would not otherwise exist.

  • brec

    I know, different product – but what about if the groundbreaking new feature of the D800 was that it can shoot 18 OR 36 MP. I think we can agree that the sheer file size of a 36mp photo is an overkill for a lot of people and that a small, versatile camera like the D800 should be able to shoot smaller raws as well, 18mp would totally do for most situations. This could be a feature transitioning to compact cameras that are able to shoot raw and most people don’t want 50gig of their last vacation,

  • Kon_head

    S A D

  • JMP

    This talk of going over to Canon is so ridiculous!

    Have Canon suddenly updated their line up? No.

    Have Canon just made an announcement about a new camera to compete with the rumoured D800? No.

    So because Nikon haven’t yet announced the new D800, you want to buy an old Canon model?

  • Rich

    Ron do you work for Nikon rumors? you’re always kissing up to them and defending them. Lately this sight should be Nikon downers. Eveyones waiting for big announcements and we get coolpix and flashes. This is not administrations fualt of course but people are going to voice their frustrations here as well as their compliments.

  • nobody

    Advertisements? What advertisements?

    Using Firefox, I don’t see a single ad on nikonrumors. Have a try!

  • pabs

    Soon we can start speculating about the SB-920! I wonder what cool features will be included!

    • OsoSolitario

      SB-920 will be 1% smaller & 1% lighter that SB-910… maybe will start to see some REAL improvements on the SB4000 (about year 2020.. so,so)
      Wy introduce a new flash only for this two ridiculous improvements?

  • Thom wHO?

    Good Bye Nikon.

    • Ball_Lightning

      Good Bye… wh0?

  • Ralph

    Given that 90% of the comments have nothing to do with the “news” of a minor product change to fix a product problem and more to do with much wanted new cameras the expression “shit or get of the pot” springs to mind.

  • Moth Flopwell

    UR killing us all….What the Freak? How many times? I wish someone would get their act together. A flash? that only .1/2 use? Your killing us. NIKON get your fudge pack right.

    One it is here..the next day not here…….and on and on and on…

    When this freaking thing is finally release….everyone is going to say….NEXT!

    What a big letdown this all is….lame.

    • mooboy

      A flash that only .1/2 use?

      And what percentage use a D700 versus Coolpix/D3100/V1+J1? Seems Nikon is focused on where more of the $$$ and customers are.

      And, when was it here? This is a rumor site. If you can’t handle your expectation, just go to a news site like dpreview. It might help your blood pressure.

  • jb

    OMG, that’s it, bye bye Nikon, hello Canon!!!!

    Oh wait, I just jumped ship from Canon to Nikon a few months ago because Canon didn’t replace their 5DMKII as they were SUPPOSED this year.

    This is all and fault!

    (honestly, some of you guys make me laugh, I quite enjoy reading the silly comments)

    • justtakephotosenjoy

      Cant believe the purile remarks you guys put on here. Im a canon shooter have dont mind nikon equipment have nikon friends and there is a bit of banter. However do all you who complain actually go out and take photos? you have great cameras in the ones you have, D300, D700 etc Im happy with my old 5d camera i go out most weekends and take pictures because I enjoy it not because I sit week in week out winging about the next camera or lens thats coming out.

      I dont think you do yourselves any favours by complaining all the time. Ill switch ill not switch if the d800 comes out. If something different is announced in the next few days (say a D4) what will you do then? will the D800 be forgotten?

  • Damn i am tired of waiting of waiting D800 from August….
    Start looking for D700… ((((

  • Banksie

    Why are people upset at Nikon??? I don’t recall seeing any official announcements by the company that a D800 or any new FX DSLR is arriving soon. You’re reading about it on a ‘rumor’ website. It’s not like Nikon itself is making an announcement about a new camera and then saying, “oh, never mind it really won’t be here until sometime in the future.” Get a grip on reality. Wait until there’s an official introduction and delivery date and then get the camera you assume you need. Otherwise use what you have. Or buy something else if your feelings have been hurt: “Yeah that will teach them, I’ll buy something else. Now they’ve learned their lesson!”

  • I’m grateful I’m not waiting for the D800. It’s making my life much less stressful.

  • 120-300 os

    Well 2012 christmas tree is filled with Nikon goodies however this year not ho ho ho ho.

  • Ruhtard

    Should be called the SB-901 then. It’s a total 1%er and it will likely occupy a spot in my camera bag! 🙂

  • AM

    “If there will be a surprise this Wednesday, it will be one lens (or two).”
    I just hope they are the DX 17-55mm f/2.8 replacement, and the AF-S 80-400mm.

    • Sue

      Praying for the AFS 80-400!

  • Hhom Togan

    He already knows about the D800´s release and he’s just playing dumb so people keep coming and using those referral links to get him money. However the danger of keeping the lid closed too much is that another site get’s the details and the scoop before him and all the traffic deviates to said site, you are gambling too much NR Admin :).

    Expectation is a great bait for blogs (specially this kind of blogs) however NR Admin should be wise to know that too much expectation can be harmful for the image of him as a “reporter”.

    We all know there are no real leaks, it is simple: if leaks really happened it simply means these companies have lost their edge against industrial espionage which it would also means they lost their edge against the competitors in the market…Which in reality it doesn’t happens at all because it would be a freaking disaster for Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Pentax, Sony, etc. These are pre scheduled releases of tiny bits of information done by PR companies: NR Admin is fed through these PR agents (under a disguise of someone saavy -an “insider”- or photographers paid by the PR agency to tip NR Admin) if NR Admin isn’t directly pointed to the information then they release it in a place where it will gain mommentum faking and staging a shot made by a factory worker.

    It is a game to create hype before the product is released, they use it to gauge the interest and keep throwing bones to see what’s the reaction, it is a cheap way to advertise the product before it even is released on the market, having this information going viral and spreading like fire on gasoline without much or any effort at all is the aim so a huge fan base is excited before the product hits the market.

    This is standard PR stuff in these age of virtual information and viral information spreading, it isn’t just for cameras, virtually any new product or service that has a huge potential market receives the same kind of hype too. Smartphones, TV’s, Video Consoles, etc.

    You could just cut the crap NR Admin and throw a larger bone to us 🙂

    • What larger bone do you want – I already gave you pictures and almost full specs of the D800? The release date is still in the air but there is nothing I can do abou it.

      • The Manatee

        You claimed to have photos. Now I know you haven’t post the photos to protect your souce but can you say ANYTHING about the quality of the photos. You can obviously do it in such a way that reveals nothing aboout the content of the photos.

    • Dumb is dumb

      And yet, as a dumb person yourself, you still keep coming back over and over.

  • Admin, when you say “they will slowly start to come true”, does it mean that there will be more accurate rumors in the next few days, or there is a possibility that the D800 will be announced? 😀

    • T.I.M

      It means that soon or later Nikon will release a new FX DSLR, maybe this week, next month, next year….
      It’s like my wishing for my kids to keep their beedroom clean, it may happen, on day in the future….

    • no, I am just saying that what I said two months ago is slowly going to be released

    • I see thanks for the clarification! 🙂

  • Ummm, 1% lighter and 1% smaller? What a joke. I doubt that’s even detectable while holding them. Unless this has new features like a built in video light or radio wireless, I don’t see the point. And I doubt it will have radio as I don’t think Nikon would announce this feature with a flash and not a new camera that would support/ transmit to it.

  • nikonist

    im going for the sb 700

  • pfeitosa_Curitiba-BR

    Blargh, it turned out there’s no fancy dSLR speedlite, but a rather “simple” Nikon 1 system flash, the “SB-N5”. Anyone remember Nikon Nuvis? My guess is no one will remember this system 1 in ten years neither. Is Nikon getting out of the FX game? Canon sure isn’t (check the EOS 1-X).

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